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Beat-Era Group Rosters/Solo’s/Discographies
Alpha: A thru Beetle

The Aarons (Liverpool)

Abraham & His Lot (Liverpool)

The Adabs

Rosters and solo artists from the “Invasion” Era with discographies for those who had releases in the U.S. Also included are many Euro-Beat groups, numerous “Ye’Ye” girls from the Beat era and a few extras thrown in just for kicks.


Formed in early 1960’s as Sigma Six, then the T-Set, The Screaming Abdabs and then the  Abdabs – & eventually morphed into  Pink Floyd

Rick Wright – Keyboards Formerly with The Sigma 6 (64) – Pink Floyd
Roger Waters – Bass Formerly with Geoff Mott & The Mottoes (62); then The Sigma 6 (64); next Leonard’s Lodgers (64)  Pink Floyd
Nick Mason – Drums Formerly with  Leonard’s Lodgers (64)
Syd Barrett – Guitar Formerly with The Hollerin’ Blues (62); then with Geoff Mott & The Mottoes (62); next Those Without (63); next Leonard’s Lodgers (64);  Departed 1968 – Pink Floyd – ; Later on with The Stars (72)
Bob Klose – Guitar Formerly with Blues Anonymous (61);  next Leonard’s Lodgers (64); Departed 1965
Chris Dennis – Vocals Formerly with The Redcaps; departed 1965
Dave Gilmour – Guitar Arrived 1968; formerly with The Newcomers (61); then to The Ramblers (63); next The Joker’s Wild (63-67); then Bullitt (67) – Pink Floyd

The Acads (South Africa)


Hank Squires – with Johnny & The G-Men
Louis McKelvey – with Influence; Our Generation
Richard Laws – with The Couriers
Sam Evans


The Accent

Formed in London in 1966 – Earlier the group as the backing band for Sandra Barry – and performed as Sandra Barry and The Boys.

Reg King – Vocals
John Hebron – Guitar
Rick Birkett – Guitar – with Jellybread; The Zombies
Alan Davies – Bass
Pete Beetham – Drums

November, 1967 X

The Aces (1963-1964)

Johnny Patterson – Brian Gatie – Adrian Gatie

The Aches and Pains  (Canada – 1966)

They were also “The Thunderbolts” recording in 1965

Achilles & His Heels  – 1961

The Acid Gallery (1969)

Alan Ross – with Contrast; The Rockin’ Shades – Jeff Christie – Mike Blakley – Vic Elmes


Acoustic Blues

David Anthony Brock
Pete Judd

Seph Acre and the Pets – (1958)

The Action

The original group formed in 1963 until October 1968.  Group was formerly was known as The Boyfriends and then The Boys. They later became Azoth before forming Mighty Baby.

Reggie King – Vocals Departed 1967
Pete Watson – L Guitar Departed 1966
Alan Bam King – Guitar Went to Mighty Baby (68); to Ace (72)
Mike Evans – Bass Went to Mighty Baby (68); formed Habibiyya (71)
Roger Powell – Drums Went to Mighty Baby (68); formed Habibiyya (71)

Additional Members

Martin Stone – Guitar From Savoy Brown ;  then to Mighty Baby – Later with Chilli Willi (72); then The Pink Fairies (75)
Ian Whitman Arrived 1967

June, 1967 X

The Actress (1969)


Alan Barry – with King Harry; Fields – Stanley Levy – Tino Licinio – with King Harry

The Acts (Sweden)

Adam & Eve (Germany)


Adam, Mike & Tim

Adam Mike Tim

Formed in Liverpool 1962

Adam Sedgewick
Mike Sedgewick
Tim Saunders

February, 1965: O

Adam & The Sinners (Liverpool)

Don Adams & The R&B Trio

Adams, Don Band

The original group formed (as a trio)  in December 1962 until February 1963.

Albert Lee – Guitar Formerly with The Blackheath Three (60); then with Bob Xavier & The Jury (61-62); The Nightsounds (late 1962) then; Neil Christian & The Crusaders (late 1963); Mike Hurst & The Method (64); Chris Farlowe & The Thunderbirds (64); and Country Fever (68); later on with Poet and The One Man Band (69); Heads Hands and Feet (70-72); The Crickets (73-74); Joe Cocker & The Cock n Bull Band (73); The Albert Lee Band (75); Emmylou Harris & the Hot Band (76-78); The Eric Clapton Band (79 and on)

Bugs Waddell – Bass The Blackheath Three (60); then Chris Farlowe & The Thunderbirds (64)
Barry Jenkins – Drums Went to The Nashville Teens (62); later to The New Animals; later with Heavy Jelly
Don Adams – Vocals

Adam’s Recital (Belgium)


Adamo (Belgium 1964-1972)

Danny Adams & The Challengers (1964)

Billy Adams – Ian McLaren

Gladstone Adams (1964-1969)

Glen Adams (1968 – 2013)

Ray Adams (1962 – 1969)

The Addicts (1964)

Adele (France 1966)

The Adlibs (1965)

The Admirals  (1965)

From Manchester

Dale Adriatico (1966-1967)

Dale came from the Philippines to the UK where he worked with with Hurricane Smith as producer

The Afro Cuban Combo (Wales)

This group formed in 1962 in Cardiff and evolved into The Shevells when they migrated to London and signed with Oriole Records.

Brian Davies – bass (Raiders, The Shevells, The Riot Squad)
Eddie Lace – lead guitar (The Shevells)
Mike Stevens – guitar (The Shevells)
Trevor Lewis – piano (The Shevells)
Bob Jones – drums (The Shevells)

After Tea (1967 – 1975)


Ferry Lever – Hans Van Eijck – Ilja Gort – Polle Eduard – Ray Fenwick – Ulli Grun


The Agraos (Spain)


Ahab & The Wailers (1963)

The Aiglons (France)


The A-Jaes (1964)

The Alamos (Liverpool)

The Albatros (France)


Alberto & Richard

Alberto and Richard – January, 1964


Alby & The Sorrels (Liverpool)

Alby & Sorrells

The original group formed in 1961 through 1963.  The group was previously called The Cadillacs.

Alby Ellis – Vocals
Maurice Daniels – Drums Went to The Coins
Dave Foley – Bass Went to The Nocturns (63)
Keith Draper – L Guitar Went to The Nocturns (63)
Brian Cox – R Guitar Went to The Nocturns (63)
Pete Dobson – Sax Formerly with The Black Cats;
Rod Long – L Guitar
Frank Dudley – Bass
Brian Johnson – R Guitar

Alfa Centauri (Germany)


The Alibis (Liverpool)

Aline (France)


The All (Germany)

Chad Allan & The Expressions (The Guess Who)

This Canadian group started off fronted by guitarist Chad Allan.  Burton Cummings would arrive late in 1965 to become the new front man and the group would be known as The Guess Who.  Randy Bachman was another original Expression who would go on with his brother in the Bachman-Turner-Overdrive.

Scepter – “Shakin’ All Over” – Released 1965

Allan, Chad & Expressions - Scepter - Shakin All Over


Dave Allen & The Exotics (Liverpool)

Al Torino – with The Beat Boys
Robert Hopkins
Ray Faulkner
Robert Hopkins

The Michael Allen Group

Liberty 2544 – “Liverpool Today – Where It All Began” – Did Not Chart



Richard Allen (1960)

The Allisons


An early 1960’s duo.  They had one charting single in the U.S. “Are You Sure” #102 in 1962.

Bob Day
John Alford

The Allisons – September, 1962

March, 1961

May, 1961 X

March, 1962

allisons-smash-1749_0001 allisons-smash-1749

Johnny Almond

1969 – XX

UK LP 1961 – Are You Sure

UK LP 1965 – Inside and Out

The Almost Blues

Almost Blues

The original group formed in 1964 until 1969.  The following listing is extracted from Pete Frame’s excellent book “Rock Family Trees”.  If you are British Beat enthusiast, you just have to obtain Pete Frame’s amazing series of books on the subject.

Alan Peters – Vocals Later on to Supercharge; 29th & Dearborn; Lawnmower
John Beasley – Bass
Bernie Kelly – Organ
John Weston – Drums
Mike Haralambos – L Guitar Additional Members
Jay Rathbone – Drums From The Masterminds (64-66); later on with the reformed Karl Terry’s Crusiers
Colin – Aryeety – Vocals Arrived 1965; Went to The Denninsons (Mar 65)

Ronnie Wilson – Ray Fowls – Eddie Williams – John Hodson – Barry Robinson – Peter Harvey – Derek Mart – Mike Hucknall – Martin Smith – Tony Doyle – Tony Dolman – Mike Nelson – Brian O’Donnell

Almost There (Liverpool)

The Ambassadors (Liverpool)

The Ambitieux (France)

The Alphas (Liverpool)

The Amboy Dukes (1967-1968)

Ambrose Slade

Ambrose Slade

Formed in about 1968, the group was formerly called The N Betweens – Later some members formed Ambrose Slade

Dave Hill – Guitar Formerly with The Young Ones; The Vendors
Don Powell – Drums Formerly with Steve Brett & the Mavericks; then The Vendors
Dave Jones – Bass
Mick Marson – Guitar
John Howells Later to The Blues Ensemble; then The Wellington Kitch Jump Band
Later Members Noddy Holder – Guitar Formerly with Steve Brett & the Mavericks; Later with Slade
Jim Lea – Bass

LP – Fontana 67598 – “Beginnings” – 1969

The Amen Corner

Amen Corner

Formed in London in 1966

Andy Fairweather Low – L Guitar
Dennis Byron – Drums
Clive Taylor – Bass
Alan Jones – Sax
Blue Weaver – Organ
Mike Smith – Sax
Neil Jones – L Guitar

Deram – Gin House Blues/I Know – August, 1968

October, 1967 X

Deram – High in the Sky/Run, Run, Run – 1968

October, 1968

February, 1969 X

July, 1967 UK – O

Deram 18014 “Round Amen Corner” – Released 1967

Amen Corner - Immediate - Round Amen Corner


LP  – UK Decca 33 – The World of the Amen Corner – 1968

The American Beetles (Invasion Novelty)

1964 X

1964 X

May, 1964 X

July, 1964 O/X

1965 X

Micky Amline (France)

With the group Les Satellites



Formed in about 1966 and later became The Scratch Orchestra in 1967.

Cornelius Cardew
Lou Gare
Eddie Prevost
Keith Rowe
Lawrence Sheaff

Anan (1968)

(From 45cat:) Anan were proteges of the mysterious showbiz lawyer / fixer David Jacobs, whose suicide in December 1968 presumably put paid to their career.


An early 1968/69 Britain heavy metal band.

John DuCann – Guitar Formerly with Attack; Went to Atomic Rooster; then Bullet which morphed into Hard Stuff
Mick Hawksworth – Bass
Ian McLane – Drums

Chris Andrews

Atco – Yesterday Man – Charted Number 94 – Too Bad You Don’t Want Me – 1965

May, 1966 – X

June, 1969

November, 1965 – UK – O

January, 1966 Germany – O

Andwella’s Dream (Ireland)

Marian Angel

July, 1965 – XX

The Angels (Invasion Novelty)

March, 1964 – X/O

Angie & The Chickletts (Invasion Novelty)

February, 1965 – XX

The Animals

See the Animals U.S. Discography Page

The group formed in 1962. In 1968 the group became Eric Burdon & the New Animals with an all new lineup and dissolved late in the year.

Eric Burdon  Previously with The Alan Price Rhythm & Blues Combo, The Pagans (1960), 1970’s – formed Eric Burdon & War – Also with Alex Korner’s Blues Incorpoated

Alan Price Departed 1965 to Alan Price Set, and Electric Blues Company, Alan Price & Friends (68) – Previously with the Frank Headley Five (50s), The Alan Price Rhyrthm & Blues Combo, The Pagans, The Black Diamonds (late 1950’s) – also with Unit 4 Plus 2

Hilton Valentine  Departed 1967- Previously with Alan Price Rhythm & Blues Combo –

John Steel Departed 1967 – Previously with The Kondors (late 1950’s), & Alan Price Rhythm & Blues Combo

Bryan Chas Chandler Previously with The Kondors, The Wild Cats, & Alan Price Rhythm & Blues Combo

Mickey Gallagher – Keyboards Joined 1965 and departed 1965

Dave Rowberry – Keyboards Joined 1965 and departed 1966 – Formerly with The Unknown (64)

The Animals broke up sometime in 1967.  Then in 1968 reformed as the Eric Burdon and the New Animals, including:

John Weider – Guitar Departed 1968 – Later to Family

Barry Jenkins – Drums Departed 1968 – Went to Heavy Jelly; Formerly with Nashville Teens; and Don Adams & The R&B Trio (62-63)

Danny McCullough – Bass Departed mid 1968 – Also with Screaming Lord Sutch and His Savages

Vic Briggs – Guitar Departed mid 1968 – Formerly with Steampacket – Later with the New Animals – Also with Brian Auger and Trinity

Andy Somers (or Summers) – Guitar Arrived mid 1968 – Departed late 1968; Went to Kevin Coyne Band (75), then to Kevin Ayers Band (76), then to Strontium 90 (77), then to Police (mid 77) – Also with Zoot Money’s Big Roll Band

George Bruno (Zoot Money) – Keyboards Alex Korner’s Blues Incorporated, the British Blues Quintet, Zoot Money’s Big Roll Band, Kevin Ayers Band, Kevin Coyne Band

Roger Groome – Guitar Also with the Nashville Teens

Animals – November, 1964

Anna-Lena (Sweden)

March, 1962 – OPS/XRec/XDJ


Annaabee-Nox (Sweden)


Annie & The Orphans (Invasion Novelty)

March, 1964 – XX

Andwellas Dream (Ireland – 1969-1971)

Dave Lewis – Nigel Smith and Gordon Barton

Johnny Angel (1960-1963)

Marianne Angel (1965-1966)

Angela & The Fans (1966)

Lead singer is Alma Cogan (deceased)

Angelina (1965)

This is Jacqueline Mumford out of Essex

Jerry Angelo (1959-1962)

Angel Pavement (1969-1970)


The original group formed in 1965 until December 1966.

Rivers Job – Bass Formerly with The Spiders; Went to The Savoy Brown Blues Band
Richard MacPhail – Vocals
Rob Tyrell – Drums
Anthony Phillips – R Guitar Formerly with The Spiders; then to Genesis (67)
Michael Rutherford – R Guitar  then to Genesis (67- and on

The Answers

The Anonymes (France)


Richard Anthony (France)

Richard Anthony – June, 1964

Antoinette (France 1964-1966)

Real name Marie Antoinette Daly

Philips – Rain & Tears/Don’t Try to Catch A River – August, 1968

January, 1969 – O

aphrodites-child-philips-40587 aphrodites-child-philips-40587_0001

Apostolic Intervention

This group was originally RAF and formed in 1965 as The Little People

Angus Shirley – Guitar
Peter Dines – Keyboards Later with Little Women; Wages of Sin; then The Keef Hartley Band
Bob Argent – Bass
Jerry Shirley – Drums Later with Little Women; Wages of Sin; Later with Humble Pie

Additional Members
Steve Marriott – vocals and guitar Also with The Small Faces the Little People (65) – The Moments – Later with Humble Pie

Apple (Wales – 1968)

Apple was from Cardiff, Wales

Rob Ingram – Dennis Regan – Jeff Harrad – Charlie Barber – Dave Brassington

The Applejacks

The Applejacks – June, 1964

From 1961 – 1967: All four original members were previously with The Jaguars and then The Crestas.  They charted in 1964 with “Tell Me When” which peaked at #135.

Martin Baggot – Guitar
Philip Cash – Guitar
Megan Davies – Bass
Gerry Freeman – Drums

Additional Members
Don Gould – Keyboards Arrived 1961
Al Jackson – Vocals Arrived 1962

April, 1964 – O

June, 1964 – (NL – X) – London 9681 – Like Dreamer’s Do b/w Everybody Fall Down

London – I’m Gonna Send My Love/You’re The One For Me – November, 1964

Helen April – (France)




Allan Ellwood
Graham Best
John Parker
Miguel Sergides
Robert Ellwood


Archimedes Deal

Group formed in 1959


Doug Thompson – with The Rocking Berries
Mark Johnson
Paul Hewitt
Terence Bond – with The Rockin Berries

Argosy (1969)

Elton John accompanied Roger Hodgson on the 45 below

Ariane Et Les 10-20 (France)

Jaques Nelissen

The Aristocrats (Liverpool)

The Aristocrates (France)

Gerard Fournie

Deke Arlon and the Off-Beats (1964-1965)

Armas (Sweden)


France Arnell (France)


P.P. Arnold

Before making her way to Britain she was in the Ikettes then The Family Dogg

July 1967 – XX

March, 1968 – XX

September, 1969 – XX

Immediate 52016 – “Kafunta” – Released 1968



UK LP – The First Lady – 1968

Paul Arnold (1967-1968)

Paul Arnold was a member of England’s “Overlanders”


Formed in the mid 1960’s

Group Members:

Dyan Birch – vocals (born 25 January 1949, Liverpool, Lancashire
Carroll Carter – vocals (born 10 June 1948, Liverpool)
Frank Collins – vocals (born 25 October 1947, Liverpool)
Lloyd Courtenay – drums (born 20 December 1944, Wallasey)
Don Hume – bass (born Donald Hume, 31 March 1950, Watford, Hertfordshire)
Paddy McHugh – vocals (born Patrick McHugh, 25 August 1946, Allerton, Liverpool)
Tony O’Malley – vocals, keyboards (born Anthony O’Malley, 15 July 1948, Bushey, Hertfordshire)
Glen LeFleur – drums, percussion
Raphael Pereira – guitar
Lee Sutherland – bass

January, 1970 – DJO/X

May, 1970 – O

The Arrivals (also Kevin Kane & The Arrivals (1969)

The Arrows (Liverpool)

Art (UK)


The Art Movement (1967-1970)

Art Nouveaux (1967)

The Artwoods/Artwood Combo


The original group formed in 1963 until 1967.  The group eventually morphed into The St Valentine’s Day Massacre.

John Lord – Keyboards Formerly with Bludd’s Bluesicians; went to The Flowerpot Men (67); then to Deep Purple (68); later with Paice, Ashton & Lord (76); finally White Snake (78); The Great Organ-Ised
Derek Griffiths – Guitar Formerly with Bludd’s Bluesicians; The Great Organised; St. Valentine’s Day Massacre
Art Wood – Vocals Formerly with Bludd’s Bluesicians; The Great Organ-Ised
Malcolm Pool – Bass Later with Colosseum; The Great Organised; St. Valentine’s Day Massacre
Keef Hartley – Drums Formerly with The Ice Blues (64); and Rory Storm & the Hurricanes; Went to John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers; later formed The Keef Hartley Band



Steve Hillage – with 777; Clearlight; Groovy Intent; Khan; Loophead; Mirror System; Nik Turner’s Sphynx; Paragong; Retribution; The Steve Hillage Band; System; Uriel
Clive Brooks – with Egg; Four X; Liar; The Groundhogs; Uriel
Dave Stewart – with Bruford; Egg; Hatfield & the North; Khan; National Health; The Anti-Heroin Project; The Bunch of Fives; The Ghoulies; Uriel
Mont Campbell – with Egg; Gilgamesh; National Health; Uriel



Bob Weston – with Ashman Reynold; Black Cat Bones; Fleetwood Mac
Ron Bending
Steve Bailey
Terry Sims

Ashton, Gardner & Dyke

Image result for ashton gardner and dyke

The group evolved out of the Remo Four


Kim Gardner – with Badger; Garwood Pickjon; The Birds; The Creation
Mick Liber – with Blerta; Medicine Head; Python Lee Jackson; Third World War
Roy Dyke – with The Remo Four; B. Sharp; Badger; Bauer Garn & Dyke
Tony Ashton – with Broken Glass; Chicken Shack; Family; Green Bullfrog; Paice Ashton & Lord, Roger Glover & Guests; Stan Webb’s Chicken Shack; The Remo Four; Wizard’s Convention

Associated Artists – UK Artists – 1964

Astronaut Alan & The Planets


Mark Witz


At Last The 1958 Rock and Roll Show (1968)

With Freddie Lee & Chris Mayfield

The Athenians (1964-1965)


Ian Orr
Ally Black
Keith Henderson
Ricky Alcorn
Arthur MacKay
Stuart Tosh – with Camel; Pilot; The Alan Parsons Project


Atlantic Ocean (Sweden)


Atlantis (Hungary)


Béla Neményi
László Sankó
Béla Radics
György Rozsnyói
István Pintér

Atlas (France)




Formed in 1966.

Richard Shirman – Vocals
Gary Henderson – Bass
Bob Hodges – Organ
Alan Whitehead – Drums
David John (David O’List) – L Guitar Formerly with The Habits – Went to The Nice; then Whitehead; Marmalade
John DuCann – L Guitar Went to Andromeda; Atomic Rooster; then Bullet which morphed into Hard Stuff; special project band Five Day Week Straw People
George Watt – Organ
Chris Allen – Drums
Geoff Richardson – Guitar
Kenny Harold – Bass
Jim Pitman-Avory – Bass Later with Thunderclap Newman; Third World War

April, 1967 – X

The Attraction (1966)

Brian Auger & The Trinity

First formed in 1963 becoming the Brian Auger Group in February 1964 until October 1964, then back to the original name from November 1964 until July 1965. the group broke up for Steampacket in 1965 – then reformed in 1966 as Julie Driscoll/Brian Auger and The Trinity – This lasted until August of 1970

Brian Auger – Keyboards Went to Steampacket 1965, reformed Trinity in 1966 – then later to Oblivion Express and The Roland Kovc New Et
Rick Laird – Bass Departed 1965 – later on with The Mahavishnu Orchestra (70s)
Phil Knorra – Drums Departed Oct 1964 for The Julian Covey Machine
Rod Stewart – Vocals Previously with the Soul Agents, the Raiders (60), The Shots (63), Jimmy Powell & the Dimensions – Later with The Faces (6/69), Jeff Beck Group, Shotgun Express, Long John Baldry’s Hoochie Coochie Men
Ricky Brown – Bass Arrived 1964; Formerly with Cyril Davies R&B All Stars – The Rising Suns, Sean Buckley & the Breadcrumbs; Later with Steampacket, and John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers – Also with Georgie Fame & the Blues Flames,  Screaming Lord Sutch & His Savages; Later on with Georgie Fame’s Big Band
Mickey Waller – Drums Arrived 1964 – Formerly with Cyril Davies R&B All Stars – Georgie Fame & Blue Flames, Mickey Finn & Blue Men, the Mickey Finn- Later with Steampacket, and Jeff Beck Group; Later on with Steamhammer
Glenn Hughes – Sax Arrived Feb 1964 and departed the same year; went to Georgie Fame & Blues Flames
John McLaughlin – Guitar Arrived Feb 1964 – Departed in 64 for The Night Timers – Formely with Georgie Fame & Blue Flames, Later with Graham Bond Organisation, then Mahavishnu Orchestra
Julie Driscoll – Vocals Arrived 1966 – Formerly with Steampacket
Vic Briggs – Guitar Arrived 1966 – Later with Eric Burdon & New Animals – Also with Steampacket
Gary Boyle – Guitar Arrived 1966 – Later with Isotope
Roger Sutton – Bass Arrived 1966, Departed 1967 – Later with Marc-Almond
Clive Thacker – Drums Arrived 1966 – Formerly with The Blue Jays; later on played with Georgie Fame & Alan Price
Dave Ambrose – Bass Arrived 1967 – Later with Peter B’s Looners

Cash Box August 3rd, 1968

June, 1968 – O

September, 1968 – X

November, 1968 – X

November, 1968 – X

March, 1969 – XX

June, 1969 – XX

Atco 33-258 – “Open” – Released 1968

Auger, Brian - Atco - Open


Atco 33-273 – “Definitely What!” – Released 1969


Atco 2-701 – “Streetnoise” – Released 1969

Auger, Brian - Atco - Streetnoise



Brian Auger & Julie Driscoll

Capitol 136 – “Jools & Brian” – Released 1969



LP – RCA Victor LSP-4372 – Befour

LP – RCA Victor LSP 4540 – A Better Land


LP UK – Open – 1967

LP UK – Streetnoise Volume 1 – 1969

Cliff Aungier (1968-1970)

The Australian Playboys/Playboys

Brian Peakcock – with Homer; Procession; The Librettos
Mick Rogers – with Aviator; Manfred Mann’s Earth Band; Procession, The Renee Geyer Band


Alan Avon and the Toyshop

Maurice Cope – Alan Avon – Tony Todd – Roger Jones

The Avons (1959-1964)

The Avon Sisters (1958-1959)

The Aztecs (Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs (Australia)

Formed in the mid 1960’s – Group Members:

Billy Thorpe
Col Baigent
John “Bluey” Watson
Valentine Jones
Vince Maloney
Tony Barber

August, 1964 – XX

LP UK – Parlophone PMCO-7525 – Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs – 1965

The Aztecs (not the Australian group with Billy Thorpe

World Artists 2001 – “Live At The Ad-Lib Club” – Released 1964



Ann-Marie Azzopardi (France)


Babbity Blue

1965 – XX

Alice Babs (Sweden – 1963)

The Baby Bugs (Invasion Novelty)

May, 1964 – O – BLK X

The Baby Dolls (1960)

Babylon (1969)

The Bachelors

See the Bachelors U.S. Discography Page

Became the Bachelors in 1962, and performed into the 1980’s.

This group, while not remotely even close to being a British “beat” group, would more correctly be categorized as an Invasion Tagalong.  But because of their amazingly strong presence on the U.S. charts as well as their popularity in the U.K. for several years I went ahead and included them with the the invaders.

Conleth Cluskey Formerly with The Harmonichords (57)
Declan Cluskey Formerly with The Harmonichords (57)
John Stokes Later with The New Bachelors (80s), then Stokes & Coe (80’s)

Bachelors – September, 1963

The Baci (Italy)


The Backbeats (Liverpool)

The Bad Boys (1964)

The Bagnini (Italy)


Burr Bailey & The Six Shooters (1963)

Billy Bain & The Phantoms

Group formed in 1962


Micky Gallagher – with The Click; The Hi Fi’s; The Chosen Few; The Cresters; The Wreckendykes; The Unknowns; The Wayfarers; Skip Bifferty
Alan Hull – with Dean Ford and the Crestas; The Wreckendykes; The Hi Fi’s; The Click; The Clique; The Chosen Few; The Cresters

The Bain Didonc (France)


Bakerloo/Bakerloo Blues Line


The original group formed in 1968 until 1969.

Keith Baker – Drums To Uriah Heep (70)
Terry Poole – Bass Went to Graham Bond (69); then Vinegar Joe
Dave Clempson – Guitar Went to Colosseum (69); then Humble Pie (71); Strange Brew (75); Steve Marriott’s All Stars (76); Rough Diamond (76-77); and Champion (77-79)

Long John Baldry & The Hoochie Coochie Men

Baldry_Long John

Long John Baldry – Vocals Previously with The Five Dimensions, Alex Koerner’s  Blues Incorporated, Cyril Davies & the Rhythm & Blues All Stars (63/64) – Went to The Long John Baldry All Star Band in Dec 64 – Then to Steampacket (7/65) – next to Bluesology in Fall 1966

Rod Stewart – Vocals Departed 10/64 for Soul Agents – Previously with The Raiders (60), Jimmy Powell & the Dimensions, the Shots (63) – Later with The Faces (6/69), Jeff Beck Group, Brian Auger and Trinity, Shotgun Express

Cliff Barton – Bass Departed 11/64 for Original All Stars, then to The Alan Price Set Previously with Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames, and Cyril Davis R&B All Stars (63/64), Free at Last

Geoff Bradford – Guitar Departed 11/64 for The Original All Stars, then to The Long John Baldry Band (12/64) – Formerly with Blues by Six (63), then Cyril Davies R&B All Stars (63/64) – Also with the Rolling Stones, the Rising Suns

Johnny Parker – Organ Departed 10/64 – Previously with Cyril Davies R&B All Stars (63/64)

Ernie O’Malley – Drums Departed Fall 1964

Billy Law – Drums Arrived Fall 1964 – Departed 11/64

Ian Armpit – Keyboards Arrived 10/64 – Later with Long John Baldry Band

Johnny Spooner – Drums Arrived 10/64 – Departed 11/64 to Original All Stars

Al Gay – Sax Arrived 10/64 – Departed 11/64 to Original All Stars

Art Themen Arrived 10/64 – Departed 11/64

Pete Willis – Guitar Arrived 11/64

Tom Connor – Bass Arrived 11/64

Barry Martin – Sax Arrived 11/64

Eddie Taylor – Drums Went to Long John Baldry Band 12/64


June, 1968 – XX

November, 1967 – DJX/O

Warner Bros. – Let the Heartaches Begin – Charted Number 88 – April, 1968

January, 1968 – DJO/DJV-X

baldry-ascot-d2236v baldry-ascot-d2236v_0001

April, 1968 – XX

September, 1968 – O

April, 1969 – XX

Ascot 13022 – “Long John’s Blues” – Released 1964 Mono/Stereo


Sunset – “Looking at Long John” – Released 1968

I believe this LP was released initially in the U.K. on United Artists.  This one appears to be a Liberty Records on budget label “Sunset”.  Let me know if you know anything further about this LP.

Baldry, Long John - Sunset - Looking at Long John

UK LP – Unart – Long John Baldry and the Hoochie Coochie Men – 1968

The Bambis


Johnny Worth – with The Raindrops; Chicago Line; The Pretty Things; The Bunch of Fives; Vamp; Electric String Band

The Bambis (Austria)


Hannes Schlader
Konrad Fuchsberger
Mandy Oswald
Peter “Gary” Holzer

A Band of Angels

This British group formed in 1964

Mike D  Abo – Vocals Went to Manfred Mann;  Later with Smith D’Abo (76)
John Baker – Guitar
Christian  Gaydon – Guitar
James Rugge-Price – Bass
David Wilkonson – Drums

The Bandits

Image result for the bandits beat group


Original Lineup:

John Groome – with The Electric Blues Band
John Dearden
Terry Howard
Mike Lynch – with The Electric Blues Band; Lazy Tiger; Wolf Tickets; Reptile

The Banshees (Liverpool)

Chris Barber’s Jazz Band

December, 1958 – O

1959 – XX

February, 1959 – O

1956 – UK – O

barber-chris-nixa-7006-7_0001-copy barber-chris-nixa-7006-7_0001

1956 – UK – O

Colpix 404 – “Chris Barber Plays Trad” – Released 1959

Barber, Chris - Trad 1959


Atlantic 1292 – “Here Is Chris Barber” (The Chris Barber Band) – Released 1959



LP – Everest Records FS-224 – Christ Barber Guest Lonnie Donegan – 1968

Barclay James Harvest

Formed in 1966 in Oldham England

Group Members:

John Lees
Craig Fletcher
Kevin Whitehead
Jez Smith
Les Holroyd
Colin Browne
Steve Butler
Michael Byron-Hehir
Louie Palmer

1969 – XX

1969 – Sire 4112 – Brother Thrush b/w Poor Wages (Need Images)

Barden (UK)

Dot – July, You’re A Woman/Do You Remember – February, 1969

Rikky Baron (1960-1961)

The Baronets (Denmark)


The Barons (1961)

The Barritas (Italy)

Antonio Albano – Benito Urgu – Mario Paliano – Guido Cocco – Antonio Salis – Guido Cocco

The Barrier

Formed in 1968


Alan Brooks with Downliners Sect
Del Dwyer
Eric Francis

The Barron Knights

The group evolved from “The Knights of the Round Table” in 1959 out of Bedfordshire

Group Members:

Duke D’Mond
Barron Anthony
Butch Baker
Dave Ballinger
Don Ringsell
Bill Sharky
Peter Langford
Len Crawley
Lloyd Courtenay
Micky Groome

August, 1965 – XX

June, 1967 – XX

LP UK – Columbia 33SX 1648 – Call Up The Groups (with Dick D’Mond – 1964

LP UK – The Barron Knights – 1966

LP UK – Columbia SX 6176 – “Scribed” – 1967

The Barron Knights – October, 1964

The Barrow Poets (1967-1968)

John Barry (John Barry Seven)

The band formed in 1957 – Barry went on to compose many famous soundtracks – many among the James Bond genre

Early Group Members:

John Barry (vocals and trumpet)
Mike Cox (tenor saxophone)
Derek Myers (alto sax)
Ken Golder (drums)
Fred Kirk (bass guitar)
Ken Richards (lead guitar)
Keith Kelly (rhythm guitar)
John Aris

(selected U.S. singles only)

May, 1959 – XX

July, 1965 – O

May, 1969 – DJV1/DJ Other X-COM OO

Kay Barry (1961-1965)

Sandra Barry & The Boys

“The Boys” later became “The Action” – “Sandy” was Mandy Mason

January, 1965 – XX

Barry & Tony (1965)

Tony Bart & The Rebels

Submitted buy Ayfer Ayfer September, 2017:

Group started off with its roots as “The Rebels” in 1960 and evolved into “Tony Bart and the Revels”

(Formed) Jan 1961 – Summer 1961

Tony Bart (Anthony Frederick James Bartholomew) – Lead vocals
Richard John ‘Charlie’ Whitney – Lead guitar (Fender Stratocaster), vocals
Roderick ‘Rod’ Moore – Rhythm guitar (from Jan 1961) Bass – (from 1961)
Graham Potterton – Bass (till 1961)
John ‘Ent’ Entwhistle – Drums (till 1961)
Peter ‘Pete’ Davies – rhythm guitar (from 1961)
Richard ‘Harry’ Ovenall – Drums (from 1961)

Tony Bart and the Revels

(Formed) Summer 1961 – Late 1962

Tony Bart (Anthony Frederick James Bartholomew) – Lead vocals
Richard John ‘Charlie’ Whitney – Lead guitar (Fender Stratocaster), vocals
Peter ‘Pete’ Davies – rhythm guitar
Richard ‘Harry’ Ovenall – Drums

Bartholomew Plus 3 (Canada)

Group Members:

Barry Albert – guitar
Corky Lang – drums
George Gardos – bass
Gary Ship – keyboards

June, 1965 – XX

1966 – XX

July, 1966 – XX

September, 1967 – XX

Eva Bartok (UK – 1967)

Ria Bartok – Oct, 1964

Ria Bartok (Germany)

Died in March of 1970

Shirley Bassey

November, 1964 – O

LP – United Artists 5117 – Goldfinger Sound Track – 1964

Shirley Bassey – 1963

The Bats (Germany)

oni Cavanaugh – Waldemar Kropp – Peter Bosch

March, 1967 – XX

HBR 445 – Big Bright Eyes b/w Nothing at All (Need Images)

Mike Batt (1968-1990)

Was a member of “The Wombles” and “Anderson, Harley and Batt”

The Battered Ornaments


Butch Potter – with Solid Gold Cadillac
Chris Spedding – with The Frank Ricotti Quartet; The Casual Gods; King Mob; Mike Batt & Friends; The Necessaries; Nucleus; The Sharks; The Stax Pistols; The Wombles; Trigger
George Khan – with Mirage; The Peter Lemer Quintet; The Solid Gold Cadillac; The Crazy World of Arthur Brown; The People Band
Nisar Ahmad Khan – with The Mike Westbrook Brass Band; The Crazy World of Arthur Brown; The Mike Westbrook Brass Band
Rob Tait – with ARC; Arthur Brown’s Kingdom Come; Bell & Arc; Gong; The Owl; The People Band; Vinegar Joe

LP – Harvest SKAO-422 – Mantle Piece – 1969

LP – Harvest SHVL 752 – A Meal You Can Shake Hands With In The Dark – 1969 – UK

The Beagles (Invasion Novelty)

July, 1965 – XX

Bean & Loopy’s Lot (1966)

The Beasts (Invasion Novelty)

1964 – XX

The Beat Boys

Beat Boys

The original group formed in 1959.  There is another Beat Boys that was originally called the Dominoes.

Ray McVay – Sax
Clem Catini – Drums Went to Johnny Kidd & The Pirates (60); then Colin Hicks & The Cabin Boys (61); then The Tornados (61); then play for The Ivy League (65)
Brian Gregg – Bass Went to Johnny Kidd & The Pirates (60); then Colin Hicks & The Cabin Boys (61); then The Tornados (63); then to The Pack (63)
Kenny Packwood – Guitar

The Beat Brothers

Not to be confused (how could they be) with the other Beat Boys who had a few hit records…..

1963 – MGM Nick Nack Hully Gully b/w Lantern Hully Gully (Need Images)

The Beat Buddies (German)


The Beat Chics (1964)

The Beat Merchants

Formed in about 1962 in Horsham Sussex and known at the Hustlers – They were around until 1966.

Chris Boyle – Vocals Departed 1965
Ralph Worman – Guitar Departed 1965
Geoff Farndell – Bass
Gavin Deneski – Guitar
Les Rogers – Drums
Vic Sendall – Drums Formerly with The Texans
Peter Toal – Vocals
Rick MacEvoy – Guitar Arrived 1965 – departed same year
Alan Piggot – Guitar Arrived 1965

April, 1965 – O (Flip side by Freddie and the Dreamers)

The Beat Oma (Germany)


The Beat Stalkers


From Glasgow Scotland forming about 1965 until 1969

Alan Mair – Bass To The Only Ones (70s)
Ronnie Smith – Guitar
Davis Lennox – Vocals
Tudge Williamson – Drums
Eddie Campbell – Organ To Tear Gas (69)
Jeff Allen – Bass
Joe Gaffney – Drums

The Beatcombers (Liverpool)

The Beathovens (Liverpool)

The Beatin Path

April, 1967 – XX

Press 5001 – Left Right Left b/w You’d Better Get a Better Hold On (Need Images)

The Beatle-Ettes (Invasion Novelty)

February, 1964 – XX

Jamie – Dance Beatle Dance b/w We Were Meant to Be Married (Need Images)

Les Beatlettes (France)


Helene Duguay
Mimi Jourdan
Denis Payette
Claudette Faubert
Claire Fugure

The Beatles

Ever heard of these guys?

Visit their entire series of Discography Pages year-by-year

The Beat Brothers/Tony Sheridan & The Beat Brothers


Howie Casey – with Howe Casey & The Seniors; Rockestra; Wings
Johnny Watson – with The Star Combo
King Size Taylor – with The Dominos; The Shakers; Brotherhood of Rock N Sou; King Size Taylor & The Dominos
Tony Sheridan – with Carole & Tony; Les Play Boys


The Beatmen (Czechoslovakia)


Dežo Ursiny
George Eperjessy
Marián Bednár
Miroslav Bedrik
Peter Petro

The Beatmen – Sep, 1963

The Beatniks

Submitted by Blog visitor Ayfer Ayfer September, 2017:

(Formed) ca. 1961? – ca. 1965

Gus Turner – Lead vocals, piano
Brian Lee – Lead guitar
John Iliffe – Bass (Burns Tri-Sonic)
Robert ‘Rob’ Townsend – Drums (Ludwig)
Johnny Davis – Bass
Female Singer – Lead vocals (now & again)

The Beatstalkers

Group Members:

Dave Lennox
Alan Mair (Later in “The Only Ones”)
Ronnie Smith
Eddie Campbell
Jeff Allan (was also in “East of Eden”)

1966 – XX

Beau (1969)

Beau Brummel and The Castle Five/Beau Brummel & His Noble Men


Beau Brummel

April, 1959 – DJ-O

The Beazers (1964)

Chris Farlowe was a one time member of this group

Becky Lee Beck (Invasion Novelty)

December, 1964 – XX

The Jeff Beck Group

Beck Group, Jeff 1

Formed 1967 – Performed until 1978: Certainly these guys were not a beat group, but pretty much R&B with a little flair.  They have to be considered the most marginal of “invaders” due to have only one record chart during the time period 1963-68 in the U.S. and that was “Hi Ho Silver Lining” which broke into the charts on May 20th, 1967 for an amazing two week run peaking at number 123 – Talk about a ‘squeaker’!

Jeff Beck – Lead Guitar Formerly with The Yardbirds, Kerry Rapid & Blue Stars (62), Night Shift, The Tridents (62), The Bandits, The Crescents, Him & Others

Rod Stewart – Vocals Departed mid 1969 – Went to Faces (69); Formerly with Small Faces, Jimmy Powell & Dimensions, the Raiders, the Shots, Long John Baldry’s Hoochie Coochie Men, Soul Agents, Steampacket, Shotgun Express, Brian Auger & Trinity, Faces

Ron Wood – Guitar Departed mid 1969 – Went to The Faces (69)

Viv Prince – Drums Departed early 1967 to Denny Laine String Band – Formerly with the Pretty Things (64-65)

Jet Harris – Bass Departed early 1967 – Formerly with the Most Brothers, Cliff Rirchard & the Shadows, Harris & Meechan, the Vipers

Anysley Dunbar – Drums Arrived Feb, 1967 – Departed Nov 1967 to form Aynsley Dunbar’s Retaliation, later Aynsley Dunbar’s Prescription – Formerly with The Mojos (64), Rory Storm & the Hurricanes, The Tridents, the Mojos, and John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers;  and later with American groups Journey and Jefferson Starship

Rod Combes – Drums Arrived Nov 1967 – Departed soon after – Later in Stealer’s Wheel, The Strawbs

Ray Cook – Drums Arrived to replace Rod Combes – Departed November 1967 – Formerly with The Tridents

Mickey Waller – Drums Arrived November 1967 – Departed 1969 – Formerly with The Mickey Finn, Georgie Fame & Blue Flames, Steampacket, Brian Auger & Trinity

Nicky Hopkins – Piano Arrived late 1967 – Departed late 1969 – Performed later with the Steve Miller Band, Quicksilver Messenger Service – Formerly with Chris Farlowe & the Thunderbirds, Neil Christian & the Crusaders, the Pretty Things, and Cyril Davies R&B All Stars

John Woods Jr – Drums Arrived 1968

Bruce Welch – Guitar Also with Cliff Richard and the Drifters/Shadows, the Five Chestnuts, the Railroaders – Later with Marvin-Welch-Farrar


March, 1967 – DJX – O

August, 1967 XX

May, 1969 XX

Epic 26413 – “Truth” – Charted August, 1968 – Peaked #15 – 33 weeks

Beck Group, Jeff - Epic - Truth


Epic  26478 – “Beck-O-La” – Charted July, 1969 – Peaked #15 – 21 weeks

Beck Group, Jeff - Epic - Beck Ola


Columbia Musical Treasuries 624 – “Top of the Rock” – Released 1960’s – Did not Chart
(Contains “Spanish Boots” by Jeff Beck)


LP – UK – The Most of Jeff Beck – 1969

The Bedrocks (1968- 1970)

Bedrocks 2

Formed in about 1968 – Members were from West India

Trevor Wisdom – Vocals
William Hixon – Organ
Owne Wisdom – Guitar
Reg Challenger – Bass
Paul Douglas – Drums
Leroy Mills – Horns

March, 1969 XX

Edwin Bee & The Protection Racket (1968)

Edwin Bee – Rob Jones – Bonny – Froot – Pricey

The Bee Gees

See the Bee Gees U.S. Discography Page

Formed in 1962 and continued into the 1990s, the Bee Gees were Australian but migrated to the UK to get their career under way.

Barry Gibb Formerly with The Blue Cats
Robin Gibb Formerly with The Blue Cats
Maurice Gibb Formerly with The Blue Cats
Colin Peterson – Drums Joined 1967
Vince Melourney – Bass Joined 1967
Johnny Dick – Drums Formerly with Billy Thorpe & Aztecs (Australia)

The Beefeaters (Denmark –


The Bees (1967-1968)

The Beetle Bugs (Invasion Novelty)

1964 – XX


  1. Steohen bennett and the Sydicate, You have missed out Charlie mitchel who was also drummer for this group.i do have photos of this group and a few more. Please amend. I have downloaded some photos onto my face book. Martin Trigg

    • Thanks! Will get that updated and look for some photos – We were always at quite a disadvantage over here in the States – not being on top of the huge Beat Scene in the U.K.!

    • can i see your SB and the Synd. pics martin? Im a liverpool lad with a merseybeat youtube channel, keen to learn and find out as much as possible about the 60s mersey bands of the time

  2. The Brain were Michael Giles (drums, vocals) his brother Peter Giles (bass, vocals), Alan Azern (piano, vocals) and Michael Blakesley (trombone, vocals). May 1967.

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