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Beat-Era Group Rosters/Solo’s/Discographies
Alpha: C thru Cupids

Rosters and solo artists from the “Invasion” Era with discographies for those who had releases in the U.S. Also included are many Euro-Beat groups, numerous “Ye’Ye” girls from the Beat era and a few extras thrown in just for kicks.

The Cadets

The original group formed in May 1962 until September 1962

John Coghlan Went to The Spectres (Sep 62); then to Traffic Jam (May 67); to Status Quo (Aug 67)
Johnny Bush – Bass
Wally Rogers – Guitar

Simon Caine

LP – RCA Victor – 4410 – Simon Caine – 1969

Louise Harrison Caldwell

Image result for louise harrison caldwell

Sister of George Harrison enjoyed a moment in the Fab Four Sun

Recar 2012 – “All About The Beatles” – Released June, 1965

George Harrison's Sis - Louis


Calum Bryce


Dave Mumford
Tim Posford
Mel Wayne
Derick Horn
Geoff Coxon

The Camaleonti (Italy)


The Camel Drivers (Germany)


Hamilton Camp

Birth name is Hamid Hamilton Camp – born in 1934 in London – He was a member of The Skymonters in the early 1970’s.  Hamilton Camp passed away on October 2nd, 2005 in Los Angeles

Warner Bros. – Here’s To You/Leavin’ Anyhow – March, 1968

May, 1968 – XX

August, 1969 – XX

LP – Elektra 278 – Paths of Victory – 1964

LP – Warner Bros. 1737 – “Here’s To You”

LP – Warner Bros. 1753 – Welcome to Hamilton Camp – 1967

The Ian Campbell Folk Group

A Birmingham group formed in 1962


Brian Clark
Dave Pegg – with The Dave Peace Quartet; The Fairport Convention; Jethro Tull; The Dylan Project; The Exception; The GP’s; The Ugly’s
John Dunkerley – with 1812; The Crown Folk
Ian Campbell
Lorna Campbell

Jean Campbell & The Blenders

The Canadian Beadles

Canadian Beadles - Tide - Three Faces North

Formed in 1968

Vic Miller – R Guitar Formerly with The Blue Echoes; The Mojo Men
Paul Case – Drums
Bruce Pollard – Bass

July, 1964 – XX

Tide 2005 – “Three Faces North” – Released 1968

Canadian Beadles - Tide - Three Faces North


The Canaponi (Italy)


The Canarios (Spain)


The Candies (Germany)


The Capitols (France)


The Caps (Netherlands)


Dick Aknersmit
Hans Van Hemert
Ron De Boer
Ron Ombach
Roy Beltman

The Capstones (Denmark)


The original group formed in January 1968 until forever

Richard Sinclair – Bass Formerly with The Wilde Flowers (67); then Hatfield & The North (Oct 72)
Richard Coughlin – Drums Formerly with The Wilde Flowers (67)
Pye Hastings – Guitar Formerly with The Wilde Flowers (67)
David Sinclair – Keyboards Formerly with The Wilde Flowers (67); later with Matching Mole (71); then Hatfield & The North (72); back to Caravan (73)
Steve Miller Later to Delivery (70s)
Doug Boyle
Dek Messecar
Geoffrey Richardson
Mark Walker

1969 – Verve Forecast 5102 – Place of My Own b/w Ride (Need Images)

LP – Verve Forecast 3066 – Caravan – 1969

Caravelle (Sweden)


The Caravelles

Formed in 1963 in London

Lois Wilkinson – Vocals
Andrea Simpson – Vocals
Lynne Hamilton – Vocals (joined in the 1970’s)

October, 1963 – O

January, 1964 DJO – X

May, 1964 – XX

December, 1964 – XX

February, 1965 – XX

December, 1965 – O

Smash 27044 – “You Don’t Have to Be a Baby to Cry” – Charted February 1964 – Peaks #127 – 4 weeks

Caravelles - Smash - You Don't Have to Be a Baby to Cry


LP UK – The Caravelles – 1963

The Caravelles – Sep, 1963

The Carefrees (Invasion Novelty)


The Carefrees leaned toward the novelty side of the Invasion – basing any fame on their tribute the Beatles “We Love You Beatles”

Lyn Cornell Formerly with the Vernon Girls
Betty Prescott Formerly with the Vernon Girls
Barbara Kay
Johnny Evans – sax
John Stevens – drums
Don Riddell – keyboards Formerly with the Don Riddell Quartet

London – We Love You Beatles/Hot Blooded Lover – March, 1964

May, 1964 – XX

London 3379 – “The Carefrees from England – We Love You All” – Released March, 1964

The Caretakers (Sweden)


Patricia Carli (France)


Roberto Carlos (Brazil)

Cash Box April, 1964

The Carnaby Street Set

Ronnie Carroll

Ronnie Carroll – Dec, 1962

Johnny Carson

Johnny Carson – Oct, 62

Carter-Lewis & The Southerners

Carter Lewis

The original group formed in the Summer 1961 until February 1964 and then became The Carter Lewis band in February 1964 until June 1964


John Carter – Guitar Went to The Session Trio (Aug 64); and then to The Ivy League (Feb 65)

Ken Lewis – Vocals Went to The Session Trio (Aug 64); and then to The Ivy League (Feb 65)

Lorne Greene – Guitar Went to The Outlaws (63); then to form The Lorne Greene Trio

Ron Prentiss – Bass Formerly from Terry Dene & The Dene Aces; Departed 1963

Jimmy Page – L Guitar Formerly with the Zephyrs (mid 60s); the Cyril Davies Rhythm & Blues All Stars, The Crusaders; Lord Sutch & the Savages; Heinz, the Lancastrians, Micky Most & the Gear,  the Pickwicks, the Primitives, Sean Buckley & the Breadcrumbs, the Talismen, the Untamed – Later with the New Yardbirds (68), and Led Zeppelin (68)

Viv Prince – Drums Arrived 1963; went to The Pretty Things (64)

Rod Clarke – Bass Arrived 1963; Departed Feb 1964

Dave Winter – Bass Arrived Feb 1964; then to Tony Colton & The Crawdaddies (Aug 64); then to The Ivy League (Feb 65)

Micky Kreene – Guitar Arrrived Feb 1964; then to Tony Colton & The Crawdaddies (Aug 64); then to The Ivy League (Feb 65)

Bobby Graham – Drums Arrived Feb 1964; formerly with Joe Brown; and John Barry Seven

Tony Ashton – Keyboards Formerly with the John Barry 7; also with Mike Hurst & The Method (64); then The Remo Four; later on in Ashton-Gardner & Dyke

Carter-Lewis – Dec 62

Joe E. Carter’s Group (Denmark)

Formed in 1965


Originally from Scotland – Cartoone made their way to England.  “Mr. Poor Man” from this LP reached #143 in the U.S. in February of 1969.


Derek Creigan – bass (also with The Chevlons)
Michael Allison – guitar (also with The Chevlons)
Mo Trowers – rhythm guitar
Charlie Coffilis – drums

Atlantic – Mr. Poor Man/Knick Knack Man – January, 1969

May, 1969 – XX

Atlantic 8219 – “Cartoone” – released 1969 Mono/Stereo

Cartoone - LP


Alexxandra Casaccia (Italy)


Caterina Caselli (Italy)

Cash Box September, 1966

Howie Casey & The Seniors


Brian Griffiths – with The Big Three; The Johnny Gus Set
Derry Wilkie – With Derry Wilkie & The Pressmen
Freddy Fowell
Howie Casey – with Rockestra; Tony Sheridan & The Beat Brothers; Wings

Cass & The Casanovas

Cass & Cassanovas

The original group formed in December, 1959.

Johnny Gustafson – Bass Went The Big Three; Departed Nov 1963 for The Seniors ;Later years with Roxy Music; Also with The Merseybeats
Johnny Hutchinson – Drums Departed Dec 1960 for Big Three
Andrian Barber – Guitar Departed Dec 1960 for Big Three
Brian Casser – R Guitar (Cass) Departed Dec 1960 for Casey Jones & Engineers

Lalla Castellano (Italy)


The Casuals

Formed in 1961 and ran until the mid 1970s – There were other Casual groups in the UK including Liverpool – They recorded on Mainstream in the United States as “The British Casuals” – See that entry – They also were “The Climate”


Howard Newcombe – Guitar (with American Jam Band, The World of Oz)
Alan Taylor – Bass (with Bingo, Bulldog, The Nuggets, and Ping Pong)
Johnny Tebb – Keyboards
Robert O’Brien – Drums (with Easy Connection and Mirror)
Christopher Robin Evans

September, 1968 – O

May, 1968 – UK

September, 1968 – Germany

Cat & Maxim (France)


The Catinos (Spain)


The Cats (Holland)

Cash Box December, 1968

Cats Eyes


Dave Busby
Roger Banning
Roy Banks
William Filby

The Cats (Holland)


Arnold Mühren
Cees Veerman
Jaap Schilder
Piet Veerman

Cats Pyjamas

A South London Band


Colin Pullen
Roy Manderson
Alan Griffin
Kenny Bernard – with The Wranglers
Phil Lanzon
Malcolm Rudkin

The Cavalcados (Germany)


The Cedars (Lebanon)

1968 UK

Cedric & Cleo (France)


The Cell Block Five

(from Garage Hangover)

Cell Block Five

This band evolved from The Hamilton Movement

Cliff Cenneth & The Lights (Germany)


Chad & Jeremy

See the Chad & Jeremy U.S. Discography Page

The Chantelles

1968 – GNP Crescendo 415 – Out of My Mind b/w More to Love Than Starlight (Need Images)

The Rob Charles Combo

Rob Charles Combo – Dec 63

The Chants

The Chants were from Liverpool England forming around 1963


Joe Ankrah

October, 1963 XX

January, 1964 – XX

July, 1964 – XX

The Chapters


Mike Lynch – with Money; The Bandits
Dave Webb – with The St. Louis Union
John Brennan – with Life n Soul
Alex Kirby – with The St. Louis Union
Pete Kenny
Ady Edelston

1967 – XX

Don Charles

1964 – XX

Les Charlots (France)


The Charms (Greece)

Cash Box September, 1967

Band formed in 1964

The Chasers

Formed in Romford about 1964

Roger Pincott – Vocals
Bobby Rio Formerly with The Revelles
Len Tuckey Later with The Suzi Quatro Band, also with The Attack and The Riot Squad
Tony Wadlow

The Cheetahs

Formed in 1963


Carl Baron
Euan Rose
Nigel Wright
Ray Bridger
Rodney Wright

October, 1964 – XX

The Chemises Rouges (France)


The Cherokees

The Cherokees September, 1964

March, 1965 – XX

December, 1965 – XX


LP – MGM 4306 – “British Go-Go” – Released 1965 – Did Not Chart



Metro 577 – “Mickie Most Presents English In-Groups” – Released 1966 – Did Not Chart
(This is a budget release of MGM 4306)



The Cheers (Sweden)


The Cheetahs (UK)


Cherie (France)


The Cheries (France)


Cherry Mash

Group from Hampshire England


Graham Hunt
Mark Tuddenham
John Curtis

The Cherry Stones (Sweden)


The Cherubini (Italy)


Claire Chevalier (France)


The Cheynes

The original group formed in July 1963 until 1965

Eddie Lynch – Vocals
Peter Bardens – Organ Went to Peter B’s Looners in 1966; and then Shotgun Express (May 66); With Them – And Love Affair – Camel
Roger Peacock – Vocals Went to The Mark Leeman Five
Mick Fleetwood – Drums Went to The Bo Street Runners (65); then to Peter B’s Looners;  then Shotgun Express (May 66); John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers; and Fleetwood Mac (Jul 67)
Peter Hollis – Bass
Phil Sawyer – Guitar Later with  Shotgun Express; (66); then to The Spencer Davis Group Also with Les Fleur de Lys

The Chic (France)

Formed in 1965

The Chicago Line


Louis Cennamo – with Armageddon; The Chicago Line; Colosseum; The Herd; The Illusion; Jimmy Powell and the 5 Dimensions; Renaissance; The Stairway; Steamhammer
Mike Fellana
Mike Patto – with The Bo Street Runners; Boxer; Centipede; Patto; Spooky Tooth; Timebox
Tim Hinkley – with  Beckett; Bo Street Runners; Chicago Line; Jody Grind; Snafu; The Crowd; The Riffburglars; The Shortlist; Vinegar Joe
Viv Prince – with The Chicago Line; Electric String Band; The Bambis; The Bunch of Fives; The Pretty Things; Vamp

The Chicago Sect (Germany)

Chicken Shack

Chicken Shack

The original group formed in April 1965 until 1967 Formerly The Sounds of Blue, Chicken Shack had a ton of members pass through the band most notably Christine Perfect who would join Fleetwood Mac as Christine McVie.  Other notables included Andy Sylvester of  Traffic and Dave Bidwell of Savoy Brown.

Stan Webb – Guitar Formerly with The Sounds of Blue (Mar 64); later with Savoy Brown (74)
Andy Sylvester – Bass Formerly with The Sounds of Blue (Mar 64); later with Savoy Brown (74)
Dave Bidwell – Drums Departed 1966 Additional Members
Al Sykes – Drums Arrived 1966; formerly backed BB King (65)
Christine Perfect – Vocals (Christine McVie) Arrived 1967 from The Sounds of Blue; Later with Fleetwood Mac (70’s)

Cash Box 1969

November, 1968 – O

1969 – XX

Epic 26414 – “Forty Blue Fingers Freshly Packed & Ready To Serve” – Released  1968


Blue Thumb 7706 – “100 Ton Chicken” – Released 1969

Blue Thumb 9 – “OK Ken” – Released 1969

LP – Blue Horizon 7-63209 – O.K. Ken? – January, 1969 – UK

The Chicks (New Zealand)

Formed in 1965


Judy Donaldson
Suzanne Lynch

The Chimes


Little Frankie

The Chipmunks

October, 1964 – XX

LP – Liberty 3388- The Chipmunks Sing The Beatles’ Hits – 1964

The Chosen Few


The original group formed in 1962 until 1965.

Mickey Gallagher – Keyboards Formerly with The Wayfarers; then the Unkowns; The Cresters; Wrekendykes; Hi Fis; Billy Bain & The Phantoms; The Clique; Then to Skip Bifferty (66); then Arc (70); Bell & Arc (71); Parrish & Gurvitz (72); Loving Awareness (74); Ian Dury & The Blockheads (77) – also played briefly with The Animals
Tommy Jackson – Drums Formerly with The Wayfarers; then to Skip Bifferty (66)
Alan Hull – Guitar Later with Lindisfarne
Bumper Brown – Bass Departed 1965
Rod Hood – Vocals Departed 1965 Additional Members
Ernie Bell – Vocals Arrived 1965
John Turnbull – Guitar Arrived 1965 from The Primitive Sect; went to Skip Bifferty (66); Arc (70); Bell & Arc (71); Glencoe (72); Loving Awareness (74); Ian Dury & The Blockheads (77)
Colin Gibson – Bass Arrived 1965; to  Skip Bifferty (66)
Mickey The Veg – Sax Arrived 1965

Hans Christian (Germany)

Real name is Hans-Georg Christian Reumschussel

He was also in A Drop in the Gray, The Ira Stein Group and Rasa

1968 – XX

Neil Christian

RCA Victor – That’s Nice/She’s Got The Action – April, 1966

Chuck and Gideon (Scotland)

March, 1963

The Chuckles


The original group formed in May 1963 until February 1966

Ian McQuair – Bass Departed mid 1960s
John Cochrane – Drums
Dave Georgeson – Guitar Formerly with Wump & His Werbles (60-61) Additional Members
Bob Pears – Bass Arrived 1963 from Freddie Starr & The Flamingos; Formelry with Derry Wilkie & The Pressmen/The Pressmen
Howard Morris – Bass Arrived 1964 from Rip Van Winkle & The Rip It Ups

The Chucks

January, 1963

February, 1964

Maria Cinta (France)


The Circles


Bill Parkinson – with The Squires
Carlo Little – with Little Allstars, Casey Jones And His Engineers, Cyril Davies And His Rhythm And Blues All Stars, Lord Sutch And Heavy Friends, Screaming Lord Sutch And The Savages (Deceased August, 2005)
Tony Dangerfield – with  Screaming Lord Sutch And The Savages, The Circles (2), The Universals (2), Tony Dangerfield & The Thrills (Deceased July, 2007)


1968 – XX

The City Preachers (Germany)


The Dave Clark 5

See the Dave Clark Five Discography Page

Clark 5, Dave

The Dave Clark 5 formed in 1958 and continued into the 1970’s.

Dave Clark – Drums
Rick Huxley – Bass
Chris Walls – Guitar Departed 1961
Mick Ryan – Lead Guitar Departed 1961
Mike Smith – Keyboards Arrived 1961 – Later with Smith-d’Abo
Lenny Davidson – Guitar Arrived 1961- Formerly with The Off Beats and Impalas (both early 1960s)
Denny Payton – Sax Arrived 1961- Formerly with The Mick Jones Combo

DC 5 – Dec 64

Petula Clark

See the Petula Clark U.S. Discography Page

Petula Clark – Nov 62

Les Classels

Actually a Canadian release complete with French liner notes – but just weird enough that it had to be included

Trans-Canada 353 – “Et Maintenant” – Released 1967 – Did Not Chart

The Classmates

The Classmates – Jan 64

The Clayton Squares

The original group formed in 1963 until February 1965

Brook Williams – Guitar

Mike Evans – Sax Later on to The Liverpool Scene

Bobby Scott – Drums

Pete Dunn – L Guitar Formerly with The Flintstones (61-62); Departed Feb 1966

Megs Meggeson – Bass Departed 1965

Terry Hines – Vocals Departed Feb 1965 to form The Terry Hines Sextet

Geoff Jones – Bass Arrived 1964 from The Georgians;

Albie Donnelly – Sax Also with The Terry Hines Sextet

Arthur Meskell – Bass

Billy Strand – L Guitar

Eddie Caness – R Guitar

Les Smith – Sax

1965 – XX

The Clayton Skiffle Group

The original group formed in 1957 until 1958

Ringo Starr – Drums Went onto Rory Storm & The Hurricanes (Aug 59); then to The Beatles (1962)
Ed Miles – Guitar
Roy Trafford – Tea Chest Bass
John Dougherty – Washboard
Frank Walsh – Guitar

The Clefs (Australia)

Also known as Levi Smith’s Clefs


Bruce Howe – with Fraternity
Pat Aulton – with The Aulton Mob
Tweed Harris – with The Groop; The Groove

Cleo (France)


Julian Cleric (France)


The Click

Members: Alan Hull – with The Cresters; The Wreckendykes; Dean Ford and The Crestars; The Hi Fi’s; Billy Bain & the Phantoms; The Chosen Frew
Terry Morgan – with Dean Ford & The Crestas; The Hi Fi’s
Kenny Anderson; Dean Ford & The Crestas; The Hi Fi’s
John Coleman

1967 Australia

The Clidows (Denmark)


Johnny Cliff & His Conquerors (Germany)


The Cliffters (Denmark)

45 – 1962 – Denmark

45 – 1962 – Denmark

The Clifftones

The group performed as the Merrymen briefly in 1963 then became The Fortunes Rhythm Group and finally The Fortunes: 1963 into the 1990’s

Barrty Pritchard – Guitar Later with The Fortunes
Glen Dale – Guitar Later with The Fortunes
Rod Allen – Bass Later with The Fortunes
Andy Brown – Drums Formerly with The Lawmen – Later with The Fortunes

Bill Clifton (Invasion Novelty)

1964 – XX

The Clinger Sisters (Invasion Novelty – American Group


Debra Clinger
Jeanette Clinger
Leesa Clinger, Melody Clinger
Patsy Clinger
Peggy Clinger

1964 – XX

The Clockwork Oranges (Germany)


Clothilde (France)


The Clouds (Scotland)


Billy Ritchie
Harry Hughes – with Caledonia; Coney Island
Ian Ellis – with The Atlantic Soul Machine; The Mick Clarke Band; Savoy Brown

The CMJ Trio


Christopher John Cook
John “Muff” Murfin
John Haithwaite

The Coachmen

Group Members:

Brian Kirk
Rod Kent
Roger Drew
Stuart Bradbury

1967 – DJX – O

Joe Cocker’s Grease Band

This group formed in the Spring of 1966 and continued as Joe Cocker & the Grease Band until 1970.

Joe Cocker – Vocals Group started as Joe Cocker’s Big Blues until 1965 – Later with the Mad Dogs & Englishmen tour – 3/70, nex to The Chris Strainton Band 1972, to The Joe Cocker Band (Summer 74), to Joe Cocker & the Cock n’ Bull Band (Summer 74), to Joe Cocker & Stuff (Jan 1976), to Joe Cocker & Kokomo (Dec 1976), and Joe Cocker & the American Standard Band (Sep 1978)
– Deceased December 22nd, 2014)

Chris Stainton – Bass Went with the Mad Dogs & Englishmen Tour band, next the Grease Band (6/70),  then The Chris Stainton Band
Vernon Mash – Piano Departed 4/68
Dave Memmott – Drums Departed 4/68
Frank Myles – Guitar Departed 4/68
Mickey Gee – Guitar Arrived 4/68 – Departed 9-68
Tommy Reilly – Drums Arrived 4/68 – Departed 9-68
Tommy Eyre – Keyboards Arrived 4/68 – Departed 1/69 – Went to Aynsley Dunbar’s Retaliation
Kenny Slade – Drums Arrived 10/68 – Departed 1/69
Henry McCullough – Guitar Arrived 10/68 – Departed 2/70 – Later in The Grease Band 6/70, and The Joe Cocker Band

Cash Box December, 7th, 1968

1965 – XX

1968 – DJX – O

1968 – DJX – O

1969 – O

1969 – DJO – X –

A&M 4182 – “With a Little Help From My Friends” – Released 1969

Cocker, Joe - A&M - With a Little Help

COCKER JOE - 01 A_0001 COCKER JOE - 01 B

A&M 4224 – “Joe Cocker” – Released 1969

Cocker, Joe - A&M - Joe Cocker



The Cockroaches

The Cockroaches Oct 63

Leonard Cohen (Canada)

Columbia 9533 – “Leonard Cohen” – Released April, 1969 – #83

LP – Columbia CS 9767 – Songs From A Room – 1969 – #63

Columbia Special Products – 486 – “The Columbia Sound” – Released 1960’s – Did Not Chart
(Contains the track “So Long, Marianne” by Cohen)



Coke (Denmark)


The Collectors (Canada)

The group was first known as the C-Fun Classics next Canadian Classics and then The Classics


Bill Henderson – with Chilliwack; UHF
Claire Lawrence – with Chilliwack; The Hometown Band; The Claire Lawrence Band
Glenn Miller – with Chilliwack
Howie Vickers
Ross Turney – with Chilliwack

45 – Valiant 760 – Looking at a Baby b/w Old Man – 1967

45 – Warner Bros. 7059 – Fisherwoman b/w Listen to the Words – 1967

45 – Warner Bros. 7159 – Make it Easy b/w Fat Bird – 1968

45 – Warner Bros. 7194 – Lydia Purple b/w She (Will-O’-The Wind) – 1968

45 – Warner Bros. PRO 282 – The Collector’s Spots – 1968

45 – Warner Bros. PRO 315 – Radio Spots for the Collectors for Grass and Wild Strawberries – 1969

45 – Warner Bros. 7300 – Early Morning b/w My Love Delights Me – 1969

Warner Brothers 1746 – “The Collectors” – Released 1968

Collectors - WB 1746 - The Collectors


Warner Brothers 1774 – “Grass And Wild Strawberries” – Released 1969

Ombretta Colli (Italy)


Glenda Collins (London)

1965 – XX

Glenda Collins Nov 63



The original group formed in September 1968 until October 1971

Dave Greenslade – Keyboards Formerly with Chris Farlowe & The Thunderbirds (64-67); later on with The Ram Jam Band; Later formed Greenslade (71)
Dick Heckstall-Smith – Sax Formerly with John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers; – Also with The Graham Bond Organisation ;  Alex Korner’s Blues Incorporated; the Graham Bond Quartet ;the Johnny Burch Quartet
Jon Hiseman – Drums Formerly with John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers; – Also with The Graham Bond Organisation ;
Tony Reeves – Bass Formerly with John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers;
James Litherland – Guitar Later to Thrash (70)
Jim Roche – Guitar
Malcolm Pool Formerly with The Artwoods

1969 – XX

1969 – XX

LP – Dunhill 50062 – Those Who Are About to Die Salute You – 1969

LP – Dunhill 50079 – The Grass is Greener

LP – Vertigo VO 1 – Valentyne Suite – 1969 (UK)

Tony Colon & The Crawdaddies

The original group formed in August 1964 until February 1965

Stever Gregory – Sax Went to The Alan Price Set (Nov 65)
Tony Colton – Vocals Formed The Big Boss Sound (65)
Nigel Menday – Drums Formerly with Chris Trent & the Whispering Four; then Russ Sainty & The Nu Notes (Jan 62); back to The Whispering Four (Aug 63);
Mike O’Neill – Keyboards Formerly with Colin Hicks & The Cabin Boys (1959); then to Nero & The Gladiators (60-64); then to The Ivy League (Feb 65)
Dave Winter – Bass Formerly with Carter Lewis Band (64); then The Ivy League (Feb 65)
Micky Keene – Guitar Formerly with Carter Lewis Band (64); then The Ivy League (Feb 65)

Tony Colton (& the Big Boss Band)

1963 – XX

1965 – XX

1966 – ABC-Paramount 10792 – You’re Wrong There Baby b/w Have You Lost Your Mind (Need Images)

Colours (U.S. Group Posing as Invaders)


Carl Radle with Asylum Choir, Delaney & Bonnie, Derek and The Dominoes, Eric Clapton
Chuck Blackwell with Asylum Choir, The Shindogs
Gary Montgomery
Jack Dalton
Rob Edwards

45 – 1967 – Dot 17060 – Brother Lou’s Love Colony b/w Lovin’

Dot – Love Heals/Bad Day at Black Rock, Baby – 1968

1968 – XX

1969 – XX

Dot 25854 – “Colours” – Released 1968



Dot 25935 – Atmosphere – Released 1969


COLOURS - DOT 25935 A COLOURS - DOT 25935 A_0002

Ray Columbus (and the Invaders) – New Zealand


Bill Kristian with Filthy McNasty, Max Merritt & The Meteors, Nucleus, The Keil Isles, Pacific Eardrum
David Russell – with Max Merritt & The Meteors, The Layabouts
Jimmy Hill – with Headband, Max Merritt & The Meteors
John Harrison with Max Merritt & The Meteors, The Brew, The Zodiacs
Puni Soloman – with The Brew, The Keil Isles
Ray Columbus – with The Art Collection, The Stargazers
Wally Scott

1964 – XX

1965 – Philips 40326 b/w She’s Back Again (Need Image)

1965 – XX

1967 – XX

1967 – XX

1967 – XX (Ray Columbus and the Art Collection)

1968 – XX

Common Market

This is the Liverpool Five

RCA 47-9302 – I Love My Dog/Wings  – September, 1967

Bobby Comstock (Invasion Novelty)

1964 – O

The Concords (Scotland)


Douglas Watt
Gordon Webster
Ian Ramsden
Leslie Mitchell

The Connoisseurs


The original group formed in June 1962 until August 1965

Baz Davies – L Guitar Formerly with The Wild Harks (Nov 59); Departed to Kingsize Taylor & The Dominoes (Oct 64);
Kenny London – Drums Departed Oct 1964
Joe Bower – Bass Formerly with The Four Jays (Jun 62)
Mike Harkess – Guitar Formerly with The Wild Harks (Nov 59)
Dave Kent – L Guitar Arrived Oct 1964
Les Mason – Drums Arrived Oct 1964
Colin Fabb – Bass Arrived Oct 1964
Vince Earl Arrived 1966 from Rory Storm & The Hurricanes; formerly with Vince Earl & The Zeros; also with Vince Earl & The Talismen
Charlie Flynn – Bass
Pete Wallace – L Guitar
Jimmy Tushingham – Drums

LP UK – Soul Purpose – 1966

LP UK – A Turn For the Better – 1967

Jess Conrad

Jess Conrad – Sep 62

Colin Cook (Australia)

Cash Box December 26th, 1964

Peter Cook & Dudley Moore

1967 – XX

LP – Decca 4703 – Not Only But Also – 1965 (UK)

LP – Decca 4722 – Peter Cook Presents the Misty Wisty – 1965 (UK)

The Cool Cats (Norway)


The Cool Three

Formed in 1956


Michael O’Donnell – with The Allisons; The Vigilantes; The Downliners
Robert Dilley
Duncan Holden

The Copains (France)


Suzy Cope

1966 – Jet Set 766 – And Now I Don’t Want You b/w You Can’t Say I Never Told You (Need Images)

Cops n Robbers

From Watford – and formed around 1965

Brian Smudger Smith – Vocals
Terry Fox – Keyboards
Henry Harrison – Drums Went to The New Vaudeville Band
Steve Smith – Bass
Dane Stevens

1964 – XX

1965 – XX

1965 – XX

The Copycats/Johnny & The Copycats (Germany)


Coraline (France)


Corby & the Champagne

1967 – XX

Jason Cord with The First Chapter

Jason Cord was Derek Gibbs

1968 – XX

Louise Cordet

1962 – XX

Louise Cordet Sep 62

Noelle Cordier (France)


Gene Cornish & the Unbeetables

Image result for gene cornish singer

Yes, Gene Cornish of The Starliters and The Young Rascals

1964 – O

The Corrie Folk Trio with Paddie Bell

Formed in 1966

Paddie Bell – Vocals
Ronnie Browne
Bill Smith
Roy Williamson

They were a Scottish group headed up by vocalist Paddie Bell, along with Ronnie Browne, Roy Williamson and Bill Smith.

LP – Elektra 291 – The Corrie Folk Trio with Paddie Bell – 1965 (Need Images)

Elektra 304 – “The Promise of the Day” – Released 1966

LP UK – The Corrie Folk Trio And Paddie Bell – 1963

LP UK – The Hoot’Nanny Show – 1964

The Corsairs

The original group formed in March 1965 and lasted until May 1966

Ray Dale – R Guitar
Pete Bowden – Bass
Colin Sayers – Drums
Tony Coates – L Guitar Later with Mark Peters & The Method (Jun 66) Additional Members
Billy Ennis – Guitar Arrived May 1966; Formerly with The Riot Squad (62-65); then Later with Mark Peters & The Method (65-66)

The Bob Cort Skiffle Group

1957 – O

LP – London 1774 – Ain’t It A Shame – 1957

Cosette (France)


The Corsairs (And Others)

LP – Columbia Record Club 127 – “Top Hits Vol. 2 Recorded In England”



The Mike Cotton Sound/Jazzmen


Dave Rowberry – with Shut Up Frank, The Animals
John Beecham – with Satisfaction, The Kinks
Micky Moody with Juicy Lucy, The Moody Marsden Band, Snafu, Snakecharmer, The Company of Snakes, The Snakes, The Young & Moody Band, Tramline, Whitesnake
Mike Cotton – with Acker Bilk, Andy Cooper, Satisfaction

LP UK – The Mike Cotton Sound – 1964

Mike Cotton Jazzmen – Nov 63

The Cougars

They formed in 1963 after performing in a talent contest in the U.K.


Dave Tanner
Keith Owen
Adrian Morgan
Dave Hack
Chris Collins

Marie-Claire Courcel (France)


The Couriers (U.K.)


Alan Turner
Pete Fairweather
Richard Laws
William Kimber

Courriers (Canada)

Group was formerly known as The Folklores.


Cayla Mirsky
Jean Price
Mark Max
Pam Fernie – with The Travellers
Russell Kronick

Mercury 29772 – “The Courriers Carry On” – Released in 1959



Country Fever

The original group formed in May 1968 until April 1969

Albert Lee – Guitar Formerly with The Blackheath Three (60); then with Bob Xavier & The Jury (61-62); The Nightsounds (late 1962); Don Adams & The R&B Trio (62-63); Neil Christian & The Crusaders (late 1963); Mike Hurst & The Method (64); Chris Farlowe & The Thunderbirds (64); later on with Poet and The One Man Band (69); Heads Hands and Feet (70-72); The Crickets (73-74); Joe Cocker & The Cock n Bull Band (73); The Albert Lee Band (75); Emmylou Harris & the Hot Band (76-78); The Eric Clapton Band (79 and on)

Pat Donaldson – Bass Formerly with Dantalain’s Chariot; later in Poet and The One Man Band (68-69); then Fotheringay
John Derek – Guitar
Jed Kelly – Drums
Gerry Hogan – Steel Guitar

1969 – XX

The Country Three

The original group formed in 1959.  They became Sonny Webb & The Country Four in late 1959 until June of 1961

Kenny Johnson – Vocals (became Sonny Webb) Formerly with The Black Cats; later with Sonny Webb & The Cascades (Jun 61); then to The Hillsiders (Sep 64)
Joe Butler – Guitar Later with Sonny Webb & The Cascades (Jun 61); and then The Hillsiders (Sep 64)
Brian Evans – Guitar Formerly with The Black Cats; Departed in 1959 Additional Members
Pete Melling – Guitar Arrived after originals and departed soon after
Dave Stevens – Bass Arrived late 1959|
Freddie Caine – Drums Arrived late 1959
Tony Evans – Banjo Arrived late 1959; later with Sonny Webb & The Cascades; and then The Hillsiders (Sep 64)

The Cousins (Belgium)


Julian Covey & The Machine

Covey, Julian

The original group formed in 1966

Johnny Spence – Bass Formerly with The Red Caps (59); then to Johnny Kidd & The Pirates (61); backed Jerry Lee Lewis (66); to a later version of The Pirates (76)
John Morshead Formely with Shotgun Express; and Aynsley Dunbar’s Retaliation
Pete Solley Later with Chris Farlowe & The Thunderbirds
Keith Webb Later with Paladin; later with Terry Reid
Phil Kinorra – Drums (Julian Covey) Also with Brian Auger & The Trinity

1967 – XX


Birmingham based group who started off as The King Bees and before that The Castaways


Richard Pannell
Len Cox
Geoff Brown – with Galliard; Muscles
Carl Palmer – with Emerson Lake and Palmer; Asia; Atomic Rooster; Chris Farlowe and the Thunderbirds; Qango; The Crazy World of Arthur Brown

Don Craine’s New Downliner’s Sect

They recorded for Pye Records in 1967 in the U.K.


Arthur Keith Evans
Matthew Fisher – with The Green Bullfrog, Peter Jay and the Jaywalkers, Procol Harum, Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages, The Gamblers
Michael O’Donnell

The Crazy Boys (Italy)


Crazy Horse (France)



Visit the Cream U.S. Discography Page

Cream formed in July 1966 and broke up in late 1968.

Eric Clapton – Lead Guitar Previously in The Roosters (1963), then Casey Jones & the Engineers (9/63), then The Yardbirds (10/63), next John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers (4/65), then a short stint with The Greek Loon Band (8/65), back to John Mayall in November 1965 prior to Cream – After Cream: to Blind Faith, Also with Powerhouse (66), Delaney Bonnie & Friends (1/70), Derek & the Dominoes (5/70), and onto The Eric Clapton Band 1974

Ginger Baker – Drums Previously with The Roosters, The Johnny Burch Quartet/Quintet/Octet (61/62), then Alex Koerner’s Blue Incorporated (6/62), The Graham Bond Quintet (2/63), Graham Bond Quartet, The Graham Bond Organisation (9/63) –  Blind Faith. Also to Ginger Baker’s Air Force & The Baker-Gurvitz Army

Jack Bruce – Bass Replaces Spike Heately mid 1962 – Departs Feb 1963 to Graham Bond Quartet/Organisation –  Formerly with the Johnny Burch Octet (62) – Later with Cream – Also with The Roosters, Powerhouse, Alex Korner’s Blues Incorporated, Blind Faith, Ginger Baker’s Air Force, the Jack Bruce Band, John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, Manfred Mann, West-Bruce-Laing


The Creation

The original group formed in March, 1966

Kenny Picket – Vocals Formerly with The Mark Four 63-66); then with The Five Shillings; Departed 1961 to the Renegades
Bob Garner – Bass Formerly with The Tony Sheridan Band; and then The Birds (64-66); later with The Ice Blues (64); then Lee Curtis & the All Stars (65); Departed 65
Jack Jones – Drums Formerly with The Mark Four 63-66)
Eddie Phillips – Guitar Formerly with The Mark Four 63-66); Later with The British Invasion All Stars
Kim Gardner – Bass Arrived 1965; Later with Ashton, Gardner & Dyke, later on with Badger; formerly with The Birds
Ron Wood – Guitar Arrived Mar 1968, later with The Rolling Stones (69)
Dave Preston – Drums Arrived 1966
Ronnie Wood – Guitar Arrived 1968 from The Birds

1966 – XX (Need Image)

1966 – XX

1967 – XX

1967 – XX

LP UK – We Are Paintermen – 1967

The Creatures (Australia)

The group were first known as The Beagle Boys


Herman Marcic
Rudolph Marcic
Eric Marcic
Keith Matcham
Richard White
Greg Lawrie – with Carson

The Creatures (Ireland)

An Irish Beat Group – forming in 1965 and running until 1967.

Liam McKenna – R Guitar Later with The Real McCoy; The Memories
Brian Harris – L Guitar Ditch Cassady & the News (67); The Cotton Mills Boys; The Gentry
Frank Boylan – Bass Ditch Cassady & the News (67); Mellow Candle; Gary Moore Band; Chips
Ray McDonald – Drums Formerly with The Hootenannys – departed 1966; formed Ditch Cassady & the News (67) Additional Members
Frank Byrne – Drums Formerly with The Chosen Few; also with Rockhouse; later with The Sands

1966 – O

1966 – DJO/OX

1966 – XX

1967 – XX

The Cremation


Bob Fripp – with The Ravens; The Douglas Ward Trio; The League of Gentlemen; Giles-Giles & Fripp
Howard Pettridge

The Creoles

The original group formed in 1961 and disbanded the same year

Paddy Chambers – L Guitar Went to Steve Bennett & The Syndicate (Jul 61); with The Dominoes (64); next to The Eyes (Jul 64); next to Paddy, Klaus & Gibson (Mar 65); then The Escorts (May 66), then to Sinbad
Owen Clayton – Bass Steve Bennett & The Syndicate (Jul 61)
Michael Dunn – Vocals

The Crescendoes (Germany)


Harry Gee
Jack Peters
Joe Martin
Kenn Westwood
Terry Squires

The Crescents

The original group formed in 1960 until July 1962

Mick Underwood – Drums Went to The Outlaws (Oct 62); then to The Herd (Jun 65); Episode Six (Jul 68); Quartermass (69); Peace (71); Sammy (72); The Strapps (74); Gillan (79)
Harvey Hinsley – Guitar Went to The Outlaws (May 63); then to The Roy Young Band (68); then Black Claw (70); then to Hot Chocolate
Dave Wendells – Guitar Went to Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers (Dec 62)
Ray Halsey – Bass
Pat Creswell – Vocals Went to The Crestas (62) Additional Members
Johnny Dell – Vocals Arrived 1962; formed The Johnny Dell Band (62)

The Cresters

The Cresters – Jan 64


Richard Harding

1964 – O

Bernard Cribbins

Bernard was primarily a British actor

1965 – XX

1967 – DJO-OX

The Cricca (Italy)


The Crickets (Ireland)


The Crickets Five (Germany)


Bobby Cristo (and the Rebels)

1967 – O


The Crocheted Doughnut Ring

They formed in 1967.


Bert Pulham – with Force Five
Brett Pulham
Dave Skates – with Force Five
George Bird – with The Fingers
John Chapel – with The Fingers
Richard Mills – with The Fingers

The Crossbeats

Members Eddie Boyes
Eric Knowles
Johny Boyes
Sam Pennington
Tony Mathias

The Crown Folk



Derek Craft
Geoff Bodenham
John Dunkerley – with 1812; The Ian Campbell Folk Group
Maureen Kennedy Martin – with 1812
Ron Chesterman

The Crusaders/Christian’s Crusaders (with Neil Christian)

Christian & Crusaders

The original group formed in 1959 until May 1967

Neil Christian – Vocals

Tornado Evans – Drums Went to The Savages (Feb 65); then The Three Musketeers (Dec 65) – back to The Crusaders; departed 1966

Jumbo Spicer – Bass Departed 1962

Jimmy Page – L Guitar Formerly with the Zephyrs (mid 60s), Carter Lewis & the Southerners, the Cyril Davies Rhythm & Blues All Stars, Heinz, the Lancastrians, Micky Most & the Gear,  the Pickwicks, the Primitives, Sean Buckley & the Breadcrumbs, the Talismen, the Untamed – Later with the New Yardbirds (68), Led Zeppelin

Albert Lee – Guitar Arrived 63); formerly with The Blackheath Three (60); then with Bob Xavier & The Jury (61-62); The Nightsounds (late 1962); Don Adams & The R&B Trio (62-63); went to Mike Hurst & The Method (64); Chris Farlowe & The Thunderbirds (64); and Country Fever (68); later on with Poet and The One Man Band (69); Heads Hands and Feet (70-72); The Crickets (73-74); Joe Cocker & The Cock n Bull Band (73); The Albert Lee Band (75); Emmylou Harris & the Hot Band (76-78); The Eric Clapton Band (79 and on)

Tony Marsh – Piano Arrived 1963; departed to The Savages (64); back to The Crusaders (Apr 66), then back to The Savages (Jul 66)

Avid Anderson – Bass Arrived 1963; departed for The Savages (Feb 65); then to the The Three Musketeers (Dec 65); back to The Crusaders (Apr 66); departed July 1966

Phil McPill – Guitar Arrived 1963; departed 1964

Jimmy Evans – Drums Arrived 1963; departed 63

Andy Anderson – Vocals Arrived 1963 – Departed 63

Ritchie Blackmore – L Guitar Arrived January 1965 from Heinz & The Wild Boys; Formerly with Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages; (62); departed back to The Savages (Feb 65); then the Three Musketeers (Dec 65); back to The Crusaders (66); then The Roman Empire (Dec 66); back to The Crusaders (67); next to Mandrake Root (Sep 67) and finally to Deep Purple (68)

Mick Abrahms – Guitar Arrived March 1965; departed for The Toggery Five; later with Jethro Tull

Dave Cakebread – Bass Arrived March 1965 and probably departed the same year

Graham Hall – Drums Arrived March 1965 and probably departed the same year

Stan Thomas – Sax Arrived March 1965 and probably departed the same year

Graham Waller – Keyboards Arrived June 1965; departed October 1965; (Check to see if with The Toggery Five)

Carlo Little – Drums Arrived June 1965; then to The Circles (Jul 66 – sometimes performing with The Savages simultaneously) – See Savages for complete group listing

Alex Omchowski – Bass Arrived June 1965 – later with Aynsley Dunbar, and John Mayall

Matt Smith – Piano Arrived April 1967; went to Mandrake Root (Sep 67)

Tony Dangerfield – Bass Arrived April 1967; Formerly with The Savages (64); then to Tony Dangerfield & The Thrills (Jun 64); also with The Roman Empire (66); later on with The Houseshakers

Nicky Hopkins – Piano Also with Lord Sutch & The Savages

Crveni Koralji

1964 – Yugoslavia

The Cryin’ Shames


The original group formed in Hyne 1966 until November 1966

Ben Bennett
Paul Crane – Vocals Went to Gary Walker and The Rain , with Paul and Ritchie and The Crying Shames
Brian Norris – Bass Formerly with The Bumblies (63-65); then Earl Preston’s Realms (67)
Mike Espie – Guitar
Pete Byrne – Keyboards
Paul Comerford – Drums Went to The Escorts (66-67); then Tangerine Dream (67)

Additional Members

Ritchie Routledge – Vocals with Blackwater Park, Paul and Ritchie and The Crying Shames

1966 – XX

The Cry’n Strings (Germany)


Cuby & The Blizzards (Holland)

They formed in the late 1960’s


Dick Beekman
Eelco Gelling
Erwin Java
Frank Nuynes
Hans Lafaille
Harry Muskee
Helmig Van Der Vegt
Herman Brood
Herman Deinum
Lourens Leeuw

LP – Philips 600-307 – “Live” – 1968

Cupid’s Inspiration

The group formed around 1968 out of Stamford – originally known as The Ends.  They stayed together with various lead vocalists through 1971.

Terry Rice-Milton – vocals
Laughton James – bass
Garfield Tonkin – keyboards
Wyndom George – guitar
Bernie Lee – lead guitar with The Orange Bicycle, Paper Blitz Tissue, The Onyx, Vineyard
Gordon Haskell – bass
Martin Cure
Bob Poole with Chevy

1968 – XX

1968 – XX

1969 – XX

1969 – XX

1968 – Italy

LP – Date 4020 – Cupid’s Inspiration – 1969

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