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Beat-Era Group Rosters/Solo’s/Discographies
Alpha: E thru Foundations

Rosters and solo artists from the “Invasion” Era with discographies for those who had releases in the U.S. Also some Invasion-Era groups from other European countries who did not have U.S. distribution.

Vince Eager & The Vagabonds


Brian Locking – with The Shadows; Les Play Boys; Marty Wilde and His Wildcats
Vince Eager

The Eagles

This Bristol group formed in 1958 and continued until 1964.


Terry Clarke (lead guitar, vocals)
Rod Meacham (drums) with The Hot Springs
Michael Brice (bass) with The Ivy League, The Hot Springs
Johnny Payne (rhythm guitar)

1962 – XX


Colpix 477 – “Nothing But the Best” – Released 1968 – Soundtrack – Did Not Chart – Two Cuts by the Eagles




Vance Earl & The Zeros

Earl & Zeros

The original group formed in 1961 until September 1962.

Brian Hilton – R Guitar Went to Group One – (Oct 62); then to The Hillsiders (Sep 64)
Vince Earl – Vocals Went to Vince Earl & The Talismen; later with Rory Storm & The Hurricanes; and The Connoesseurs ;Also with The TTs with Amos and Earl
Barry Erza – L Guitar Went to Steve Day & The Drifters; also with Gus Travis & The Rainchecks (May 63) then to The Rainchecks
Raymond Whitehead – Bass Formerly with The Rivermen
Mike Oldham – Drums Formerly with The Rivermen
Bob Atherton – R Guitar Formerly with The Rivermen
Harry Rimmer – L Guitar Formerly with The Rivermen

The Earth

A Plymouth U.K. group formed in 1968.


Dave Bolithe

1969 UK

East of Eden

This band formed in 1967 in Bristol and were known as “The Pictures of Dorian Gray”  – They were a solid progressive U.K. ensemble – Member Geoff Britton was one of the more noted musicians.  He would go on to join Wings and then Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – This one’s hard to locate in the U.S. version

LP – Deram 18023 – Mercator Projected – Released 1969

Deram 18043 – “Snafu” – Released 1969 – Did Not Chart

EAST OF EDEN (1) Stitch


The Easybeats

Group: From 1963 until 1969 – Formed in Sydney Australia – They arrived in London in 1966.

Steve Wright – Vocals
Harry Vanda – Lead Guitar
George Young – Rhythm Guitar
Dick Diamonds – Bass
Snowy Fleet – Drums
Tony Cahill – Drums

1966 – PSO/X

1966 – DJX – O

1967 – UA Silver Spotlight 1664 – Friday on My Mind b/w Made My Bed Gonna Lie In It (Need Images)

1967 – DJX/O

1967 – XX

1968 – XX

1969 – DJX/O

United Artists 3588 – “Friday on My Mind” – Charted June 10th, 1967 – #180 – 5 Weeks on Hot 200

United Artists 6667 – “Falling Off the Edge of the World” – Released September, 1968 – Did Not Chart


Katja Ebstein (Germany)

1969 – XX

The Echo Sounds (Scotland)


The Eclection


Original Group The original group formed in August 1967 until October 1969.

Trevor Lucas – Guitar Formerly with Alex Korner; Later with Fotheringay (70); Fairport Convention (Aug 72)
Gerry Conway – Drums Formerly with Alexis Korner; Later with Fotheringay (70); Mick Greenwood Band (71)
George Hultgren – Bass Went to Sailor (69)
Mike Rosen – Guitar Went to Mogul Thrash (69)
Kerrilee Male – Vocals Formerly with Dave’s Place Group; Departed Oct 1968 Additional Members
Poli Palmer – Keyboards Arrived Oct 1968; went to Family (69)
Dorris Henderson – Vocals Arrived 1968

1968 – XX

Elektra 70423 – “Eclection” – Released 1968

Eclection - Elektra - Eclection.ECLECTION 01 B


The Eclipses (France)


Jim Economides

His Tower LP was yet another effort to cash in on the Fab Four craze – and worked to a degree by including a photograph of the group on the cover which marked it as a future collectible. Jim was an American and a producer for several other recording acts such as Bobby Darin, The Bishops, Wayne Newton, Marc Bolan, The Lettermen, Johnny Burnette and others.

Tower 5000 – “Sing Along with The Beatles” – Released 1965

Economides, Jim - Tower - Sing a Song with Beatles


The Eddysons (Netherlands)


Edna (Germany)


Edward’s Hand

Edward’s Hand was Rod Edwards and Roger Hand formerly known as Piccadilly Line. They shared a link to The Beatles via producer George Martin’s involvement with their LP session.

1969 – xx

edwards hand

GRT 10005 – “Edward’s Hand” – Released 1969

Edwards Hand - GRT - Edwards Hand - 1969


E E & C (Germany)


The Egg

The original group formed in July 1968 until May 1972.

Mont Campbell – Bass Went to National Health (75)
Clive Brooks – Drums Formerly with Uriel (68); Went to The Groundhogs (72)
Dave Stewart – Organ Formerly with Uriel (68); Went to Khan (71); then to Hatfield and The North (73); then National Health (75)

Eileen (Germany)


Eire Apparent

Eire Apparent

Eire Apparent formed in 1967 evolving from an Irish group called Tony and the Telstars and later The People.  The band survived until 1970.

Henry McCullough – guitar Formerly with The Skyrockets, and Gene & the Gents, Later with Sweeney’s Men
Ernie Graham – vocals
Davy Lutton – drums
Chris Stewart – bass
Eric Stewart
Other Members Mick Cox – guitar Formerly with The Alleykatz, The End
David Tiger Taylor – guitar
Steve Jolly – guitar Formerly with Sam Apple Pie

1968 – xx

Buddah 5031 – “Sunrise” – Released 1969

Eire Apparent - Sunrise


Ekseption (Holland)

The group had it’s roots in a group called “The Jokers”


Cor Dekker
Dennis Whitbread
Dick Remelink
Hans Hollestelle
Hans Jansen
Huib Van Kampen
Jan Vennik
Michel Van Dijk
Peter De Leeuwe
Rein Van Den Broek
Rick Van Der Linden
Rob Kruisman
Tim Griek


1969 – DJX/O

1969 – France

Philips 600-334 – Ekseption – 1969

El Riot & The Rebels

The original group formed in the late 1950’s until 1963.

Ray Thomas – Harp Went to The Moody Blues (64); formerly with The Krew Cats
Mike Pinder – Keyboards Went to The Moody Blues (64); formerly with The Krew Cats
Mickey Herd – R Guitar
Brian Betteridge – L Guitar
Bobby Dhure – Drums
John Lodge – Bass Went to The Carperbaggers and then  The Moody Blues (65)

Elaine & Derek (Ireland)

Later in the 1960’s  they were members of the Irish group Odins People

1961 – XX

1964 – XX

1964 – XX

The Elastic Band


Andy Scott – with Andy Scott’s Sweet; The Ladders; Mayfield’s Mule; The Sweet
Gus Eadon – with Fat Chance; The Love Affair; Zzebra
Sean Jenkins – with Mayfield’s Mule

The Electric Banana

Group formed in 1967 all coming out of The Pretty Things


Dick Taylor – with The Pretty Things; The Yardbird Blues Band; The McKons; The Rolling Stones
Gordon Edwards – with Metropolis; Sunshine; The Firm; The Kinks; The Only Ones; The Pretty Things (deceased February, 2003)
John Charles Alder/Twink – with Aquarian Age; Bevis and Twink; The Santa Barbara Machine Head; The Pink Fairies/Fairies; The Pretty Things; The Rings; Tomorrow
Phil May – with Phil May and the Fallen Angels; The Pretty Things; The Yardbird Blues Band
Wally Waller with The Charlie Flake Band; The Bexley Brothers; The Fenmen; The Pretty Things; The Walley Waller Band
John Povey – with The Bexley Brothers; The Fenmen; The Pretty Things
Skip Alan – with The Pretty Things

The Electric Elves/The Elves

1967 – XX

electric elves

The original group formed in 1967 until 1970.

Gary Driscoll – Drums then to Elf (70-75); then Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow
Ronnie Dio – Bass Formerly with The Vegas Kings (1957-1961); then to Ronnie Dio & The Prophets (61-67); then to Elf (70-75); then Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow (75-78); and Black Sabbath (79)
Nick Pantas – Guitar Formerly with The Vegas Kings (1957-1961); then to Ronnie Dio & The Prophets (61-67)
Dave Feinstein – Guitar Went to Elf (70); then to David Feinstein’s Funk (74)
Doug Thaler – Keyboards Went to Elf (70)

The Ralph Ellis Skiffle Group

The original group formed in 1957 until 1958.

Ralph Ellis – Giutar Went to The Bluegenes (mid 58) (later becoming the Swinging Blue Jeans)
Rae Owen – Guitar

Bern Elliott & the Fenmen


Bern Elliott
John Povey with The Bexley Brothers; The Electric Banada, The Pretty Things
Wally Waller with Charlie Flake Band; The Bexley Brothers; The Electric Banana, The Wally Waller Band, The Pretty Things


19645 – XX

Bern Elliott & The Fenmen – Nov 63

Elmer Gantry’s Velvet Opera

Leader “Elmer Gantry” found some pseudo fame by later performing in a bogus Fleetwood Mac assembly. Other members sought out a legitimate route joining The Strawbs.


Dave Terry with Legs; Stretch
John Ford with The Monks, Hudson-Ford; The Strawbs
Richard Hudson with Hudson-Ford; The Strawbs; The Monks
Elmer Gantry

1968 – Epic 10419 – Flames b/w Salisbury Plain (Images Needed)

Epic 26415 – “Elmer Gantry’s Velvet Opera” – Released 1968

Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera - Epic - Velvet Opera


Elsa (France)


Carol Elvin

1965 UK

The Emeralds

This group became Wishful Thinking


Brian Allen
Roger Charles
Roy Daniels
Terry New

The Emeraudes (France)


The End

End, The

Formed in 1962 and quickly broke up. They united as below in 1963 with new members

Colin Griffin – Guitar Formerly with The Innocents
Dave Brown – Bass Formerly with The Innocents
Nicky Graham – Organ
John Horton – Sax
Roger Groom – Drums
Hugh Atwooll – Drums
Gordon Smith – Sax
Terry Taylor – Sax

1965 – XX


London “Introspection” – Released 1969 – Did Not Chart

END - 01 A END - 01 B

END - 01 C END - 01 D

Scott Engel (American Invader)

See the Walker Brothers Discography Page

The Epics


Bill Fifield with The Legend
Mike Blakley with The Acid Gallery, Christie
Vic Elmes with The Acid Gallery, Christie

1966 – XX

The Entertainers (Netherlands)

Formed in 1964 and continued on well into the 70’s

Episode Six


The original group formed in October 1963 until July 1969.

Roger Glover – Bass Formerly with The Madisons; then The Lightenings; went to Deep Purple (69)
Tony Lander – L Guitar Formerly with The Madisons; then The Lightenings
Graham Carter-Dimmock – Guitar
Sheila Carter=Dimmock – Organ
Harvey Shields – Drums Departed 1965
Andy Ross – Vocals Departed 1965
Ian Gillan – Vocals Arrived 1965; Formerly with The Moonshiners (62); then The Javelins (63); The Hickies (64); then Wainwright’s Gentlemen (64); then went to Deep Purple (69); then The Ian Gillan Band (75-79) and finally Gillan (78)
John Harrison – Drums Arrived 1967 and departed 1968
Mick Underwood – Drums Arrived 1968; formerly with The Outlaws; and The Herd; Jet Harris & The Jet Blacks; later to Quartermass
John Kerrison – Drums Arrived 1967 from Johnny Kidd & The Pirates

1966 – XX

1967 – XX

(Need Image)

1967 – XX

1968 – XX

The Equals

Image result for the equals band

Equals: Formed 1963 in North London – Disbanded about 1971

Eddie Grant (of “Electric Avenue” fame)
John Hall
Derv Gordon
Lincoln Gordon
Pat Lloyd

1966 – President 103 – I Won’t Be There b/w Fire (Need Images)

1967 – XX

1967 – XX (Need Image)

1968 – XX

1968 – DJX/O

1968 – DJX/O

1969 – President 110 – Michael and the Slipper Tree b/w Honey Gum (Need Images)

1969 – President 111 – Viva Bobby Joe b/w I Can’t Let You Go (Need Images)

1969 – Germany

Laurie 2045 – “Unequaled” – Released 1967 – Did Not Chart



President 1025 – “Equals Supreme” – Released 1968 – Did Not Chart



RCA 4078 – “Baby, Come Back” – Released September 7th, 1968 – Did Not Chart




Equipe 84 (Italy)

Alfio Cantarella
Franco Ceccarelli
Maurizio Vandelli
Mike Shepstone
Victor Sogliani

The Escorts

The original group formed in October 1962 until April 1965

John Foster – Drums Later with The Dions (Jun 64)
Ray Walker – Vocals Formerly with The Del Renas (Oct 62)
Mike Gregory – Bass Later with The Swinging Blue Jeans (Jul 67)
Terry Sylvester – Guitar Departed for The Swinging Blue Jeans (Feb 66) – Next to the Hollies
John Kinrade – L Guitar
Pete Clarke – Drums Arrived Apr 63; Departed January 1966; also with Them Grimbles
Kenny Goodless – Drums Arrived Oct 64; later with The Fruit Eating Bears
Tommy Kelly – Drums Arrived early 1966; Departed November 1966
Frank Townsend – Guitar Arrived Feb 1966 and departed same year
Bruce McCaskill – R Guitar Arrived Feb 1966; in later years worked with Eric Clapton
Paddy Chambers – Guitar Arrived Mar 1964 from Faron’s Flamingos; Previously with Steve Bennett & the Syndicate; Departed 1964 to join the Dominoes; Also with The Krew (1964); later with Paddy, Klaus & Gibson; The Wolfgang Combo (1962); The Eyes Later with Sinbad
Paul Comerford – Drums Arrived Nov 1966; later with Tangerine Dream

1964 – XX

1965 – XX

David Essex

David was a member of David and Rozaa, M.O.D.; The Us and in the original casts of the London version of Godspell and Mutiny

1967 – XX

Eva (France)


John Evan’s Smash

The original group formed in 1966 until November 1967

Glenn Cornick – Bass Went to Jethro Tull (68); later to Wild Turkey (69); later on Kathargo
Ian Anderson – Vocals Went to Jethro Tull (68)
Tony Wilkinson – Sax
John Evan – Keyboards Later to Jetho Tull (70)
Chick Murray – Guitar
Barriemore Barlow – Drums Later to Jethro Tull (71)

Maureen Evans (Wales)

1963 – XX

1963 – XX (Need Image)

1964 – XX

1965 – XX

Eve (Czechoslovakia)


The Everly Brothers

Warner Bros. 1646 – “Two Yanks In London” – Released 1966 – Did Not Chart

Had to include this one because of the Brit’s love of the U.S. founding Rock and Rollers – The LP shown below is from Germany



Everything Is Everything

A U.K. funk oriented band forming in the late 1960’s


Chico Waters – with Madcliff Durock
Chris Hills – with Madcliff Durock; The Free Spirits; The Players Association
Columbus Baker – with The Free Spirits
James Zitro
Jim Pepper – with The Gordon Lee Quartet; The Jim Pepper Trio; The Mal Waldron Quartet; The Paul Motian Quartet
Lee Reinoehi

The Evil Eyes (Sweden)


Evy (France)


The Exceptions

Flair 810 – Lord Have Mercy b/w Holy Holy Holy (EP – Need Images)

The Excheckers

The original group formed in August 1963 until 1965

George Roberts – Drums Formerly with Jeannie & The Big Guys (Jan 64); Also performed with The Mindbenders
John Pickett – Bass
Pete Johnson – Guitar
Phil Blackwell – Piano Later with The Black Abbots
Aynsley Dunbar – Drums Apparently with the group for a few appearances (See Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation for more)
John Bell – Drums

The Executives


A Blackpool England group


Glenn Cornick – with Jethro Tull; Karthago; Paris; Wild Turkey (deceased August, 2014)
Roy Carr
Tony Williams – with Jethro Tull; Stealers Wheel; The Tony Williams Band

1964 UK

The Exterminators (Invasion Novelty)

1964 – XX

The Eyes


The original group formed in July 1964 until March 1965.

Lewis Collins – Bass Went to The Georgians (64)
John Frankland – Guitar Formerly with Kingsize Taylor & The Dominoes (61-64)
Gibson Kemp – Drums Formerly with Rory Storm and The Hurricanes (62); then to Kingsize Taylor & The Dominoes; Next to Paddy Klaus & Gibson (65-66)
Paddy Chambers – L Guitar Formerly with The Dominoes; also with  Steve Bennett & The Syndicate (Jul 61); also with Paddy, Klaus & Gibson (Mar 65); then The Escorts (May 66), then to Sinbad
Klaus Vorman – Bass Arrived 1965; Went to Paddy, Klaus & Gibson; (65) – then to Manfred Mann; Later on with The Plastic Ono Band; and The Manfreds
Johnny Phillips – Sax Arrived 1965; Formerly with The Roadrunners
Beryl Marsden – Vocals (appeared with group)

The Eyes of Blue

Wyndham Rees – vocals
Ray Williams – guitar
Byron Phillips – drums (departed 64)
Ritchie Francis – bass – with Big Sleep
Melvyn Davies – guitar (departed 64)
David Thomas – drums
John Weathers – drums – with Big Sleep, Gentle Giant, Man, Pete Brown & Piblokto; Wild Turkey
Phil Ryan – keyboards formerly with The Smokestacks – with Big Sleep; Man; The Neutrons
Gary Pickford-Hopkins – vocals with Tetsu & The Good Times Roll Band; Wild Turkey; Big Sleep

1966 – XX

1967 – XX

1968 – XX

1969 – XX

Mercury 61184 – “Crossroads of Time” – Released 1968

Eyes of Blue - Mercury - Crossroads of Time  


Mercury 61120 – “In Fields of Ardath” – Released 1969

Eyes of Blue - Mercury - Fields of Ardath


Renza Fabbri (France)


Fabienne (France)


The Fabulous Jokers (Belgium)

Monument 8059 – “Guitars Extraordinary” – 1966

The Factotums

The group formed in the mid 1960’s and also performed as Barley-Bree

The Factory


Ian Macleod
Ian Oates
Jack Brand – Meat Ticket

A Fair Set (1965)

The Fairies

The group formed in 1964 – they were originally Dane Stephens and the Deepbeats.

Dane Stephens – Vocals – with Cops n Robbers; Dane Stephens & the Deep Beats
Fred Gandy – Guitar – with Bluesology; Hookfoot; Sam Gopal
John Acutt – Guitar
Wimp Weaver – Bass – with The Butts Band; Taj Mahal and the Phantom Blues Band; Ten Years Later; The Frankie Miller Band, Wynder K. Frog
John Twink Adler – Drums Went on to The In Crowd, Tomorrow and The Pretty Things; also The Aquarian AGe; Bevis and Twink; The Santa Barbara Machine Head, The Electric Banana, The Rings
Nick Wymer – Drums with The Nix Nomads

Fairport Convention


The original group formed in November 1967 into the 1980’s.  The band was originally The Blue Reeds, then Still Waters and next Dr K’s Blues.

Simon Nicol – Guitar Later with The Albion  Country Band (72); the Sour Grapes (74); The Etchingham Steam Band (74-75); the Albion Dance Band (75) and back to Fairport Convention (1976)
Richard Thompson – Guitar
Ashley Hutchings – Bass Formerly with The Blue Reeds; Still Waters; Dr K’s Blues Band; Later with Steeleye Span (70); then the Albion Country Band (72); The Etchingham Steam Band (74); the Albion Dance Band (75)
Martin Lamble – Drums
Ian Matthews – Vocals Later formed Matthew’s Southern Comfort (70); then to Plainsong (72)
Judy Dyble – Autoharp Departed in 1969 Went to Giles Giles and Fripp
Sandy Denny Formerly with The Johnny Silvo Four (67);  arrived from The Strawbs

1969 – A&M 1108 – I’ll Keep It With Mine b/w Fotheringay (Need Images)

1969 – XX

A&M 4185 – “Fairport Convention” – Released 1969

A&M 4206 ‘ “Unhalfbricking” – Released 1969

A&M SP 4265 – Full House – 1970


A&M SP-4257 – “Liege And Lief” – 1969

Cotillion 9024 – “Fairport Convention” – Released 1969 – Did Not Chart


The Fairytale

This group formed in 1967 in Lancashire


John Weston
Malcolm Rabbitt
Chiddy Penketh
Billy Fogg
John Ryan

Adam Faith & The Roulettes

See the Adam Faith U.S. Discography Page

Faith, Adam & Roulettes

Roulettes: Formed 1963 – Until about 1967

Adam Faith – Vocals
Russ Ballard – Guitar Later with The Zombies, Unit 4 Plus 2 and Argent (70s)
Pete Salt – Guitar
John Rodgers – Bass Departed 1964
Bob Henrit – Drums Later with Unit 4 Plus 2 the Zombies, and Argent
Mod Roger – Bass Arrived 1964
Peter Thorp – Guitar

Adam Faith Nov 62

Marianne Faithfull

See the Marianne Faithfull Discography Page

Marianne Faithful September, 1964

The Falcons


Mike Lynch
Harry Allington
Pete Kenny
Eddie Rodgers
Pete Knight
Ady Adelston
Glen Oakley

1963 UK

The Falcons (France)


The Falling Leaves

The Fallouts (Netherlands)


Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames/Billy Fury & The Blue Flames

See the Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames U.S. Discography Page

Fame started off with Billy Fury as a member of Fury’s back-up group – The Blue Flames – He had also been with The Blackjacks and later with the Harry South Big Band in 1967 0- There were many Blue Flames through the years including guitar player John McLaughlin – Mitch Mitchell who joined Jimi Hendrix’s Experience, and Jimmy Nicol who filled in briefly with the Beatles for an ailing Ringo Starr.

Georgie Fame – Piano Previously with Billy Fury & the Blue Flames – Also was with Rory & the Blackjacks – Later performed with Harry South Big Band in 1967
Tex Makins – Bass Departed Fall 62 and returned Oct 63- Departed again 1965 for The Sidewinders
Red Reece – Drums Departed Spring of 1964
Colin Green – Guitar Departed about May 62 – Rejoined Fall 1964 -Formerly with The Beat Boys, Nero & the Gladiators
Al Watson – Sax Departed 1961 – Joined The Migil Five
Speedy Acquaye – Congas Arrived May 1962 – Departed April 1963 then rejoined Oct 1963 – Departed again July 1965 – Formerly with Herbie Goins & the Night Timers
Mick Eve – Sax Arrived May 1962 – Departed July 1964 to form Ronnie Jones & the Night Timers – Formerly with Herbie Goins & the Night Timers
Joe Moretti – Guitar Arrived May 1962 – Departed July 1962 – Later played withNero & the Gladiators, Herbie Goins & the Night Timers
John McLaughlin – Guitar Arrived May 1962 –  Departed April 1963 to The Graham Bond Organisation – Later played with Brian Auger & Trinity – also The Mahavishnu Orchestra
Johnny Marshall – Sax Arrived July 1962 – Departed Spring 1964 for the Sidewinders
Bob “Boots” Slade – Bass Arrived October 1962 – Departed late 1963 – Also with Nero & the Gladiators – Later with The Alan Price Set
Eddie Thornton – Trumpet Arrived October 1963 – Departed April 1964 – Returned March 1965
Peter Coe – Sax Arrived Spring 1964
Jimmy Nicol – Drums Arrived Spring 1964 and departed soon afterward – Actually played for a short time with The Beatles – Previously with Jimmy Nicol & Shudubs
Phil Seaman – Drums Arrived after Nicols and departed two months later 1964 – Also with Cyril Davies R&B All Stars
Mickey Waller – Drums Arrived Summer of 1964 – Departed later the same year – Formerly with Steampacket – the Mickey Finn, Mickey Finn & the Blue Men – Later with Brian Auger & Trinity – The Jeff Beck Group – Later with Cyril Davies R&B All Stars
Bill Eyden – Drums Arrived November 1964 – Departed December 1965 for the Stan Tracey Band
Glen Hughes – Sax Arrived November 1964 – Later with Brian Auger & Trinity
Mitch Mitchell – Drums Arrived December 1965 – Formely with The Riot Squad – The Pretty Things – The Things – Screaming Lord Sutch & Savages – Later with The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Noel Redding – Bass To Jimi Hendrix Experience (1966); Formed Fat Mattress (1968); Noel Redding Band (1975)
Cliff Barton – Bass Arrived December 1965 – Departed mid 1966 to Free at Last – Formerly with Cyril Davies R&B All Stars and The Alan Price Set, Long John Baldry’s Hoochie Coochie Men, Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames – and with the Orginal All Stars
Ricky Brown – Bass Arrived July 1966 – Formerly with Cyril Davies R&B All Stars, the Rising Suns, Sean Buckley & the Breadcrumbs, Screaming Lord Sutch & His Savages,  John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers – Later with Steampacket – Brian Auger & Trinity


Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames – Jan 65


The original group formed in 1966 until 1969.

Ric Grech – Bass Formerly with The Exciters; then Danny Storm & The Strollers; then with The Farinas (62-67); Later with  Blind Faith; then Ginger Baker’s Air Force (70); Traffic (71); and KGB (72)
Roger Chapman – Vocals Formerly with The Farinas (62-67); Later with The Streetwalkers (74)
Charlie Whitney – Guitar Formerly with The Farinas (62-67); Later with The Streetwalkers (74)
Harry Ovenall – Drums Departed
Jim King – Sax Went to The Ring of Truth (69)
Rob Townsend – Drums Formerly with Buzz Ford & The Classics; and The Beatniks; then Broodly Hoo; Later with Medicine Head; then The Blues Band
Jim Cregan – Bass Formerly with Blossom Toes

(The following lineup information submitted by Ayfer Ayfer – September, 2017:

Early Sept 1966 – Oct 13, 1973

James ‘Jim’ King (Alec Woodburn) – tenor & soprano sax, harmonica, tin whistle, piano, backing & lead vocals (till Early? Nov 1969)
Richard John ‘Charlie’ Whitney – 18 string-twin necked lead & lap steel guitar, sitar, organ, piano, vocals (till Oct 13, 1973)
Richard ‘Harry’ Ovenall – Drums, percussion (till Late Sept 1967)
Ric Grech (Richard Roman Grechko) – Bass, electric violin, cello, backing & lead vocals (till Late? Apr 1969)
Roger Maxwell ‘Chappo’ Chapman – lead & backing vocals, harmonica, tenor sax, percussion (till Oct 13, 1973)Robert ‘Rob’ Townsend – drums, percussion, harp (from Late Sept 1967) 

1968 – XX

1969 – Reprise 319 – Promotional Radio Spots (Need Images)

1969 – XX

1969 – XX

Reprise 6312 – “Music in a Doll’s House” – Released 1968


FAMILY 01 FAMILY 01_0001

Reprise 6340 – “Family Entertainment” – Released 1969

Family - Reprise 6340 - Entertainment

FAMILY 02 FAMILY 02_0001

The Family Dogg


Albert Hammond – with Hammond-Hazelwood
Christine Holmes
Ireen Sheer – with Wir Fur Euch
Michael Hazelwood with Hammond-Hazelwood
P.P. Arnold with The Soul Sisters – The Ikettes
Steve Rowland

1969 – XX

1969 – XX

The Famous Crew (Netherlands)

They formed in the late 1960’s


Arnold Van Moorleghem
Freddy Batsie
Hubert De Decker
Jos Genbrugge
Raf Meire
Roland Van Poucke
Rudy De Clerq

The Famous Cure

Formed in 1967


Dave Brock
Pete Judd
John Ellington
Boy Van Delden
John Illingworth
Dave Brock
Michael Slattery
Humphrey Eltingh

The Fancy Goods (France)

The Fans (Invasion Novelty)

1964 – O

The Fans (Germany)


The Fantones

France 1963

Don Fardon

Indian Reservation – rose to number 20 on the Billboard charts in 1968 – a song that America’s Raiders with Mark Lindsay would re-release in the early 70’s. – Don was born Donald Maughn in 1940 – He started off with The Sorrows

1968 – DJX/O

1968 – DJO

1969 – OO

GNP – “The Lament Of The Cherokee Indian Reservation” – Released 1968

Fardon, Don - GNP Crescendo - Indian Reservation 


The Farinas

From Ayfer Ayfer (September 25th, 2017): ”

“The Farinas name came about thanks to Harry Ovenall who looked in a library book at Leicester College, put his finger in it and came up with the name of an Italian car designer. The Farinas grew out of Tony Bart and the Strangers and when Bart left the group to join Johnny Taylor and the Strangers he was replaced by James ‘Jim’ King, who influenced the band to change their music as he was heavily into Rhythm & Blues, while Bart was a bit of a Elvis Presley/Cliff Richard type singer. When he joined Johnny Taylor and the Strangers they changed their name to Tony Bart and the Strangers.”

(Also see James King and the Farinas)


(“The Farinas photo is from Leicester Mercury of Saturday, April 13, 1963 with Jim King, Charlie Whitney, Harry Ovenall and Tim Kirchin” – Afyer Afyer)

Roger Maxwell ‘Chappo’ Chapman – Vocals Formerly with The Exciters; then Danny Storm & The Strollers; then Family (67); onto The Streetwalkers (74)
Richard John Charlie Whitney – Guitar Went to Family (67); onto The Streetwalkers (74)
Pete Davies – Rhythm Guitar (til 1963)
Jim King (Alec Woodburn) – Sax Went to Family (67); then later to The Ring of Truth (69)
Rich Grech (Richard Roman Grechko) – Bass Went to Family (67); then to Blind Faith (69); Ginger Baker’s Air Force (70); to Traffic (70); then KGB (72)
Richard ‘Harry’ Overnall – Drums
Tim Kirchin – Bass (until 1965)

Chris Farlowe & The Thunderbirds

Farlowe, Chris & Thunderbirds

The original group formed in the early 1960’s.

Albert Lee – Guitar Formerly with The Blackheath Three (60);  Bob Xavier & The Jury (61-62); The Nightsounds (late 1962); Don Adams & The R&B Trio (62-63); went to Mike Hurst & The Method (64); then with Country Fever (68); later on with Poet and The One Man Band (69); Heads Hands and Feet (70-72); The Crickets (73-74); Joe Cocker & The Cock n Bull Band (73); The Albert Lee Band (75); Emmylou Harris & the Hot Band (76-78); The Eric Clapton Band (79 and on)

Chris Farlowe – Vocals
Dave Greenslade – Organ Went to Colosseum; then The Ram Jam Band; later formed Greenslade
Johnny Wise – Drums
Ricky Charman – Bass
Pete Solley Arrived 1967; formerly with Julian Covey & The Machine (66); to Paladin (68)
Buggs Waddell – Bass Formerly with The Blackheath Three (60); Don Adams & The R&B Trio (62-63); Arrived November 1964; departed 1967
Ian Hague – Drums Arrived 1964; departed 1967
Ricky Charman – Bass Arrived 1964; departed 1967
Carl Palmer – Drums Arrived 1967; Crazy World of Arthur Brown (68); Atomic Rooster (69); Emerson Lake & Palmer (70); PM (79); Asia (81)

Cash Box September 6th, 1966

1965 XX

1966 – O

1967 XX

1967 – O (WITH OTHERS)

1968 – XX

1968 XX

Columbia 9399 – “The Fabulous Chris Farlowe” – Released 1967

Farlowe, Chris & Thunderbirds - Columbia - Fabulous


Immediate 52010 – “Paint It Farlowe” – Released 1968

Farlowe, Chris & Thunderbirds - Immediate - Paint it Farlowe 


Johnny Farnham (Australia)

Cash Box April 13th, 1968

Farnham was later with The Little River Band

1968 – DJX/O

Faron’s Flamingos

Faron's Flamingos

The original group formed in September, 1961.

Faron – (Bill Ruffley)  Vocals Formerly with the Tempest Tornadoes; Joined the Big Three Nov 1963
Nicky Crouch – Guitar Formerly with The Ravens (Sep 1961); Departed Nov 1963 for The Mojos – later Stu James & the Mojos (1964)
Trevor Morais – Drums Departed Nov 1963 for The Peddlers
Billy Jones – Guitar Formerly with The Ravens (Sep 1961); Departed 1962
Eric London – Bass Formerly with The The Ravens (Sep 1961); Departed 1962
Pam Connelly – Vocals Arrived and Departed May 1962
Paddy Chambers – Guitar Previously with Steve Bennett & the Syndicate (1962); Arrived Jul 1962; Departed for Big Three Nov 1963; later to The Krew (64); then to Paddy Klaus & Gibson; Also with The Dominoes; The Eyes
Barbara Harrison – Vocals Previously with Johnny Templer & the Hi-Cats; Arrived Jul 1962 – Departed in 1962 for The Ventures; Later with The Kansas City Five (Feb 63)
Mushy Cooper – Bass Formerly with The Undertakers (60-61); Also with The Pawns Then with  Then to the Renegades (62-63); Next in Jun 63 to Lee Curtis All Stars : Departed to Vauxhalis; The Fruit Eating Bears

1964 – XX (Rory Storm on side Two)

Columbia 2172 – “The Exciting New Liverpool Sound – The Authentic Mersey Beat” (with others) – Released 1964 – Did Not Chart



Gary Farr & The T-Bones

Farr & T-Bones

Formed in Richmond in 1963


Gary Farr – Vocals Formerly with The Lion & The Fish
Lee Jackson – Bass Later with The Nice
Dave Cyrano Langston – Guitar
Keith Emerson – Organ Later with The Nice
Winston B. Weatherhill – Guitar Went to The Fox

1965 – Epic 9832 Give All She’s Got b/w Don’t Stop and Stare (Need Images)

Fats and His Cats (Germany)

Formed in early 1960’s


Otto Ortwein ‘Fats’
Herbert Zimmer (Sax)
Arthur Frohwein (Sax)
Arno Neumann (Schlagzeug)
Ferry Radics (Gitarre)
Horst Müller (Sax)


Bill Fay

1967 – XX

Fearns (Brass) Foundry


Steve Fearn+

1968 – XX

The Federals

The group was from Watford in the U.K.


Brian Hawkins
Frank Milne
Guy Sheppard
Michael Bush
Tony Bolton
Tony Selvidge – with Badfinger; Badger; Circa; Detective; Flash, Yes, Yoso, Winston’s Fumbs


1965 O

Felders Orioles

1965 – XX (NEED IMAGE)

Mike Felix

1966 – XX

The Fellows (Germany)


The Fennecks (France)


Shane Fenton (and the Fentones )

1963 XX

Shayne Fenton – Jan 63

Shayne Fenton & The Fentones – Jan 63

Tina Ferra (Invasion Novelty)

1964 XX

Felius Andromeda

Also known as Andromeda and The Unidentified Flower Objects


Alan Morgan
Denis Couldry
Peter Parks with Blagards & Cowboys; Nick Simper’s Fandango; The Good Old Boys; Warhorse

The Feminine Touch

They formed in the late 1960’s


Maureen Chapman – with The Dollies



Jerry Raye
Keith Knighter
Pat Robinson – with Back Pocket
Patrick Maroshek

The Ferrari’s Of Canada

1964 – O

1965 XX

Garry Ferrier (Invasion Novelty)

1964 XX

The Ferris Wheel

The Ferris Wheel formed in 1966.


Dennis Elliott – with Foreigner
Diane Ferraz
Jim Cregan – with Blossom Toes; Farm Dogs; Julien Covey & The Machine; Mike Batt and Friends; Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel; The Rod Stewart Group
Keith Field
Linda Lewis – with the Electricity All Stars; The Lewis Sisters
Michael Snow – with The Rockin’ Horse; The Blue Aces; The Checkmates. the West Five

1968 – XX

The Few

The original group formed in April 1964 continuing until January 1965.

Roy Cresswell – Drums Formerly with Mark Peters & The Cyclones (later the Cyclones) – 62-64
Tony Webster – Guitar Formerly with Mark Peters & The Cyclones (later the Cyclones) – 62-64
Bill Burton – Sax Formerly with The Cyclones (63-64); Later with The Pete Best Combo (65)
Fred Ennis – Bass Formerly with Johnny Saint & The Travellers (60-62); then to Karl Terry & The Cruisers (62-63)

The Fifth Column


Gerry Rafferty – with Stealer’s Wheel; The Humblebums
Joe Egan – with Stealer’s Wheel

The Finders (Spain)


Finders Keepers

This group was from Wolverhampton


Alan Clee
Dave Holland – with Judas Priest; Pinkerton’s Assorted Colours, Trapeze
David Williams
Glenn Hughes – with the Black Country Communion; Black Sabbath; The California Breed; Deep Purple; The Hughes Turner Project; Phenomena, Trapeze, Voodoo Hill
Ian Lees – with The Moving Pictures
Mel Galley – with Phenomena; Trapeze; Whitesnake
Phil Overfield

1968 – XX (Need Image)

The Fingers

A very early psychedelic British band


Alan Beecham
Bob Clouter – with Legend; Lew Lewis & His Band
Dave Grout
George Bid – with The Crocheted Doughnut Ring
John Bobin – with Legend
John Chapel – with The Crocheted Doughnut Ring
Mo Witham – with Legend; The Mo Witham  Band
Richard Mills – with The Crocheted Doughnut Ring

Les Fingers (France)

A Beat and Surf band formed around 1963.


Jean-Claude Olivier (solo guitar)
Marcel Bourdon (rhythm guitar)
Yvon Rioland (bass guitar)
Jean-Marie Hauser (drums)
Hermès Alesi
Hadi Kalafate
Jean-Marie Hauser

Mickey Finn & The Blue Men

Mickey Finn was with Dib Cochran & The Earwigs, Hapsash & The Coloured Coat, T-Rex

1964 Chattahoochee 663 – Reelin’ and Rockin’ b/w I Still Want You (Need Images)

1964 XX

Larry Finnegan (Invasion Novelty)

1964 DJX/O



Bob Voice – with Paul Brett’s Sage
Dave Lambert – with The Acoustic Strawbs, King Earl Boogie Band, The Strawbs
Dick Dufall – with Paul Brett’s Sage
Paul Brett – with Paul Brett’s Sage, Tintern Abbey, The Velvet Opera

The Firebeats Inc. (Norway)

Formed in the mid 1960’s


Yngve Bjerke
Walther Bjerke
Øystein Bråthen
Aage Mjøs
Arild Hansen

The Firemen (France)


The First Gear

They formed in 1963 and strove to emulate the Fab Four vocals


Dave Walton – vocals
Ian Colling – drums

1964 – XX

Fitz & Startz

1965 – XX

Ella Fitzgerald (Invasion Novelty)

1964 – XX

The Five Bells

Polydor – Dimensions – Billboard 1969

The Five Day Week Straw People

Formed in 1968

John DuCann – L Guitar Also with Andromeda; Atomic Rooster; then Bullet which morphed into Hard Stuff; with Attack simultaneously while with this studio experiment group
Mick Hawksworth – Bass with Andromeda; Fuzzy Duck; Ten Years Later
Jack Collins – Drums with The Magic Mixture

1968 LP

The Five Del Este (Spain)

A long-running group who formed in 1962


Joan Fons
Tomeu Oliver
Toni Fons
Martí Gomila
Jose Alba
Toni Garcia.

The Five Dops (Germany)

The Five Dorados (Switzerland)

Formed in 1962


Bruno Schwarz
Chris Juwens
Franco Bussmann

The Five Gentlemen (Germany)


The Five Latinos (Spain)


The Five Man Electrical Band (Canada)

Members: Mike Belanger, Brian Rading, Les Emmerson, Rick Belanger and Ted Gerow

Capitol 165 – “Five Man Electrical Band” – 1969

The Five Raygilmon (France)


The Five Strangers

1964 – O

Five’s Company


Bob Brunning – with Brunning Sunflower Blues Band; Fleetwood Mac; The Blueshounds; The De Luxe Blues Band; Tramp
Colin Jordan –  Brunning Sunflower Blues Band
Eddie St. John

1966 UK

The Fix

The original group formed in November 1965 until 1968.

Abie Donnelly – Sax Formerly with The St. Louis Checks (64-65); Also played with The Clayton Squares; also The Terry Hines Sextet (Feb 65); went to Sinbad (68); the later on Supercharge
Terry Kenna – L Guitar Formerly with The St. Louis Checks (64-65); also The Terry Hines Sextet (Feb 65); departed 1966
Pete Newton – Bass Formerly with TLs Bluesicians (64-65); also The Terry Hines Sextet (Feb 65); went to Sinbad (68)
Bob Hardy – Guitar Formerly with TLs Bluesicians (64-65); also  The Terry Hines Sextet (Feb 65)
Dave Irving – Guitar Formerly with The Terry Hines Sextet (Feb 65); went to Sinbad (68); later on with Sad Cafe
Geoff Workman – Organ Formerly with The Feelgoods; came from The Terry Hines Sextet (Feb 65); went to Sinbad (68)
Terry Hines – Vocals Formerly with The Clayton Squares (63-65)
Eddie Cave – Vocals Departed 1966
Paul Pilnick – Guitar Arrived 1968
Steve Collins – Trumpet Arrived 1968
Steve Aldo – Vocals Arrived 1968 -(need more on this guy)
Dave Higgs – Guitar Arrived 1966; later on with Eddie & The Hot Rods (74)
Wilko Johnson – Guitar Arrived 1966; Formerly with The Flowerpot Men (66); later on with Dr Feelgood, and The Wilko Johnson Band
Richie Coombes – Bass Arrived 1966
Laurence Bindoff – Drums Arrived 1966

The Fizz (France)

Formed in 1964


Danielle Licari
Jackie Castan

Flametta (Italy)


The Flaming Youth (U.K.)

Members: Brian Chatton, Gordon Smith, Phil Collins (later to Genesis) and Ronnie Caryl

UNI 73075 – “Ark 2” – 1969

The Flamingos/Freddie Starr & The Flamingos

Starr, Freddie & Flamingos

The original group formed in January 1964 until April 1964 then became Freddie Starr & the Flamingos from May 1964 until November 1964.

Dave Roberts – Guitar Formerly with The Pressmen/Derry Wilkie & The Pressmen (59-64)
Bob Pears – Bass Formerly with The Pressmen/Derry Wilkie & The Pressmen (59-64); then to The Chuckles (mid 60s)
Aynsley Dunbar – Drums See Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation; Departed for The Mojos (Dec 64)
Dave Carden – L Guitar Formerly with Derry Wilkie & The Pressmen (64) Additional Members
Freddie Starr – Vocals Arrived May 1964 from Freddie Starr & Midnighters (Apr 64); Later with Freddie Starr & The Delmonts (Jul 65); Earlier with Howie Casey & The Seniors

The Flash (France)


The Flee-Rekkers

The Flee-Rekkers – Sep 63


Mick Waller with Georgie Fame & Blue Flames; Jeff Beck Group; Joe Brown & Bruvvers, Pilot, Silver Metre and Steampacket
Peter Fleerackers
Victor Briggs with Brian Auger & Trinity; Eric Burdon & Animals; Peter’s Faces, The Augmented Echoes and Steampacket

Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac:  July 1967 – until the 1980s when they became half American
Peter Green – Guitar Formerly with  Peter B’s Looners (66-67),  Shotgun Express, John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers
Mick Fleetwood – Drums Formerly with the The Cheynes (63-65), Bo St Runners (65-66), Peter B’s Looners (66); Shotgun Express  (66-67) – John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers
Jeremy Spencer – Guitar Later with the Children of God (71)
Bob Brunning – Bass Departs 1967 Later with the Sunflower Brunning Blues Band, and Brunning-Hall
John McVie – Bass Arrived Sep 1967 – Formerly with John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers – Also the Powerhouse Four
Danny Kirwan – Guitar Arrived 1968

Cash Box November 9th, 1968

1968 XX

1968 – XX

1969 XX (with Gun)

1969 O

1969 – XX

1969 XX

1969 XX

Epic 26402 – “Fleetwood Mac” – Released 1968 – Charted #198 – 3 Weeks on Hot 200



Epic 24446 – “English Rose” – Released 1968 – Charted #184 – 6 Weeks on Hot 200

Fleetwood Mac - Epic - English Rose


Reprise 6368 – “Then Play On” – Released 1969 – Charted #109

Fleetwood Mac - Reprise - Then Play On



Les Fleur De Lys

Fleur de Lys

The group ran from 1965 until about 1968

Frank Smith – guitar
Alex Chamberlain – organ
Gary Churchill – bass
Keith Guster – drums
Gordon Haskell – bass Went to King Crimson
Phil Sawyer – guitar Later with Mark II
Pete Sears – keyboards Went to Sam Gopal’s Dream, Stoneground, Silver Mitre, Copperhead, Journey, Jefferson Starship
Chris Andrews – Vocals (not the solo artist) Went to Rupert’s People
Rod Lynton Went to Rupert’s People

The Flintstones/Ogi & The Flintstones

The original group formed in 1961 until 1962.

Pete Dunn – L Guitar Went to The Clayton Squares (63); Departed Feb 1966
Ray Walker – Guitar
Bob Gurney – Bass
Steff Barnes – Drums

The Flippers (Spain)


The Flirtations

All three members were earlier known as The Gypsies in the U.S. They transplanted to the U.K. in the mid 1960’s (Invastion Era singles shown)


Earnestine Pearce
Shirley Pearce
Viola Billups

1968 – XX

1968 – XX

1969 – XX

1969 – Deram 45-85057 – Keep On Searching/I Wanna Be There – 1969

LP – Deram Nothing But a Heartache – 1969

The Floor (Denmark)


The Floribunda Rose (South Africa)

Formed in 1967


John Kongos – with The Dukes; Johnny and The G-Men
Jack Russell
Henry Spinetti
Chris Demetrious

The Flowerpot Men

Flowerpot Men

The original group formed in October 1967 until February 1968.  The group was actually a studio band.

John Lord – Keyboards Formerly with Bludd’s Bluesicians; and The Artwoods; later with Roundabout (68);  Deep Purple; Paice-Ashton & Lord; the White Snake
Nick Simper – Bass Formerly with Buddy Britten & The Regents (64-65); Johnny Kidd & The Pirates (66); also with Screaming Lord Sutch’s Savages; went to  Roundabout (68); then Deep Purple; later with Warhorse, and finally Fandango (78)
Carlo LIttle – Drums Went to Screaming Lord Sutch’s Savages
Ged Peck – Guitar Later with Warhorse
Tony Burrows – Vocals Was the voice behind studio groups White Plains; Edison Lighthouse and more
Pete Nelson – Vocals Went to White Plains
Neil Landon – Vocals Later with Fat Mattress

1967 XX

1969 – O

1967 UK

The Flying Machine


Sam Kempe – with Pinkerton’s Assorted Colours
Stuart Colman – with Pinkerton’s Assorted Colours
Tony Newman – with Pinkerton’s Assorted Colours

1969 – XX

LP – Janus 898-3007 – The Flying Machine – 1969

The Flys


Formed in East London in about 1964 – this group also performed as the In-Sect and The Rebs

Robin Hunt – Drums
John DaCosta – Guitar
Stuart Carver – R Guitar
Ian Baldwin – Bass
Peter Dunton – Drums

The Focal Point

Focal Point was from Liverpool and was the first Apple Records artist signing


Dave Rhodes
Dave Slater
Paul Tennant
Tim Wells

The Focus Three



Larry Steele – with The Derek Lawrence Statement; The Soulmates
Liza Strike – with The Jet Set; The Derek Lawrence Statement; Roger Glover and Guests; The Soulmates
Tony Wilson – with The Derek Lawrence Statement; Hot Chocolate; The Moving Emotion; The Soul Brothers/The New Soul Brothers

Wayne Fontana (& Wayne Fontana and The Mindbenders

See the Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders Discography Page

Fontana, Wayne & Mindbenders 02

Fontana had fronted both The Velfins and The Jets before joining up with the Mindbenders. This solo LP didn’t find much of an audience in the U.S.

Wayne Fontana & the Mindbenders – Band was formerly The Jets: 1963 – 1965

Wayne Fontana – Vocals Formerly with The Velfins – & Wayne Fontana & the Jets
Eric Stewart – Guitar Later with The Mindbenders – 10cc (70s) & Hotlegs (70s)
Bob Lang – Bass Later with The Mindbenders – Also with Wayne Fontana & the Jets
Rick Rothwell – Drums Later with The Mindbendors – Also with Wayne Fontana & the Jets

Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders – Nov 64

The Fool

Formed in 1968 – UK via Holland More of an acting theatrical group than musicians – nonetheless they were part of the scene.

Simon Posthuma
Marijke Koger
Barry Finch
Josie Leeger

1969 -O

1969 – XX

fool-01 fool-02

1969 – XX

Mercury 61178 – “The Fool” – Released 1968



Dean Ford and The Gaylords (Scotland)

Formed in 1966


Dean Ford – with Marmalade
Graham Knight – with Marmalade
Pat Fairley – with Marmalade
Thomas McAleese – with Marmalade

1964 UK

Emile Ford & The Checkmates


Emile Ford – Died April 11th, 2016
John Cuffey
Alan Hawkshaw with Bullet, The Mohawks, The Shadows
Dave Sweetman
Ken Street

1960 – XX

The Force Five

Force Five formed in 1964 and lasted about three years.  They started off in the very early 1960’s using a name that was off limits – The Shadows.  Later they became the Crocheted Donut Ring a far cry from the Shadows.

Ron Gent – vocals
Bert Pulham – guitar
Pete Gosling – guitar
Dave Osbourne – bass
Dave Skates – drums

1966 – XX

Buzz Ford and the Classics

Contributed by Ayfer, Ayfer in Septmeber, 2017:

1961? – 196?

Buzz Ford – Lead vocals, lead guitar
Robert ‘Rob’ Townsend – Drums (Ludwig)
Johnny Davis – Bass
A. N. Other – Drums

Dean Ford & The Gaylords/The Gaylords

Ford & Gaylords

Formed in 1963 in Glasgow – Band became The Marmalade in 1966

Dean Ford – Vocals (Thomas MacAleese)
William Jr Campbell – Guitar
Pat Fairlie – Guitar
Graham Knight – Bass
Ray Duffy – Drums Departed 1967
Billy Irving – Bass
Alan Whitehead – Drums Arrived 1967

The Foremost Authority (Germany)


Forever Amber

This group started off as The Country Cousins before a name change in 1967


Anthony Mumford
Barry Broad
Richard Lane
Christopher Jones
Michael Richardson
Chris Parren – with J.J. Jackson’s Dilemma; Locust; Midnight Flyer; Rocky Horror Band; The Strawbs

Fortes Mentun

This band formed in 1966


Danny Beckerman with Pussy
Ron Regan
Frank Bennett
Keith Giles with Him and Others
Alan Ward
Barry Clark with Pussy

1968 – XX

The Forthrights (France)


The Fortunes

See the Fortunes U.S. Discography Page

The group performed as the Merrymen briefly in 1963 then became The Fortunes Rhythm Group and finally The Fortunes: 1963 into the 1990’s

Barrty Pritchard – Guitar Formerly with The Clifftones
Glen Dale – Guitar Formerly with The Clifftones – Departed 1966
David Carr – Keyboards Departed 1968
Rod Allen – Bass Formerly with The Clifftones
Andy Brown – Drums Formerly with The Lawmen – then joined The Clifftones
Shel Macrae – Drums Arrived 1966
Rodney Brainbridge – Guitar

Jerry Foster (Invasion Novelty)

1968 – XX

The Foto Fi Four (Invasion Novelty)

1964 – XX

The Foundations

See The Foundations Discography Page

The Foundations: 1966 – 1976

Alan Warner – Guitar Later with Bubastis
Colin Young – Guitar
Tony Gomez – Organ
Pat Bourke – Sax
Eric Allendale – Trombone
Peter MacBeth – Bass Later with Pluto
Tim Harris – Drums
Clem Curtis
Mike Elliott

One Comment

  1. Gus Bull and the Thundercaps used to play at the excellent St Bridgets Youth Club dances at the Church Hall in West Kirby (along with The Rattles, The Swinging Blue Jeans, even the Beatles, I was at school in Liverpool with George and good friends so nice to see him in west Kirby where I then lived). Gus and his brother Nigel lived in a big old house at the bottom of Grammar School Lane in West Kirby. They used to have “open house” R&R parties based on a huge old shed in the back garden as I remember, BYO of course
    I last saw Gus when he was a Tunnel Police Officer in the Mersey Tunnel!

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