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Beat-Era Group Rosters/Solo’s/Discographies
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Rosters and solo artists from the “Invasion” Era with discographies for those who had releases in the U.S. Also some Invasion-Era groups from other European countries who did not have U.S. distribution.

Victoria Kahn (Sweden)


Eden Kane (and the Dambeats)

Name is Richard Graham Sarstedt – brother of Peter Sarstedt and Robin Starstedt

1961 – XX

1962 – London 9516 – Forget Me Not b/w A New Kind Of Lovin’ (Need Images)

1962 – London 9532 – I Don’t Know Why b/w Music For Strings (Need Images)

1964 – XX

Eden Kane – 1963

Gary Kane and the Tornadoes

1963 – XX

The Kangaroos (Ireland)

Formed in the late 1960’s out of Dundalk

The Kansas City Five

Kansas City Five

The original group formed in February, 1962.

Pete Cook – L Guitar Previously with Dee & the Dynamites 60-61; Arrived Feb 62; Departed to Groups Inc (Sep62); then to Earl Royce & The Olympics (Sep 62)
Bruce McGaskill – Guitar Previously with Gene Vincent & the Blue Caps; Departed to Groups Inc (Sep 62)
Tommy Hughes – Piano
Allan Stratton – Bass
Colin McBrough – Drums Departed 1964
Freddie Starr – Vocals Formerly with Howie Casey & the Seniors; Departed for Groups Inc (Sep 62); then to Freddie Starr & the Midnighters
Robbie Hickson – Guitar
Les Stewart – Guitar Departed to The Long and the Short (62)
Beryl Marsden – Vocals Arrived 1962: Departed to Lee Curtis and the All Stars (Feb 63)
Barbara Harrison – Vocals Arrived Feb 63; Formerly with Johnny Templer & the Hi-Cats; also with Faron’s Flamingos; Later with Groups Inc;also with The Ventures
Mike Liston – Guitar Arrived Feb 63
Colin Middleborough – Drums Arrived 1963; Departed to The Four Originals
Lewis Collins – Drums Arrived 1963; Later with The Eyes

Fia Karin (France)


Karine (France)


The Karlins

Girl sister trio from the mid 1960’s

Casey Kasem (Invasion Novelty)

Kamal Amin Kasem passed away on June 15th, 2014

Katch 22

UK group forming in 1966 – Started off as the Midnite Blues


Keith Wilford – with Paintbox; The Westland Steamboat
Martin Wayne
Mike Eastman – with Paintbox; The Westland Steamboat
Paul Bonner – with Paintbox; The Westland Steamboat


They formed in the late 1960’s.


Chris Gibley
Robert Gold

Katherine & The Firebyrds (Singapore)

Formed in the mid 1960’s

The Kaye Sisters


Carol Lindsey Young
Shirley Palmer
Sheila Jones

1964- XX

Kazama (Japan)

Johnny Keating and the Z-Men


John Keating

The Ace Kefford Stand

Kefford Stand, Ace

The original group formed in April 1968 until 1969.

Cozy Powell – Drums Formerly with Casey Jones & The Engineers; then to The Sorcerers (65-68); Big Bertha (69-71); The Jeff Beck Group (71-72); Bedlam (72-74); Cozy Powell’s Hammer (74-75); Strange Brew (75); then Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow (75 and on)
Ace Kefford – Vocals Formerly with Carl Wayne & The Vikings; then The Move
Dennis Ball – Bass Formerly with The Sorcerers (65-68); then Big Bertha; then Bedlam
Dave Ball – Guitar Went to Big Bertha (69-71); then Bedlam (72-74)

Murray Kellum (Invasion Novelty)

1964 – O

Chantal Kelly (France)


Frank Kelly

Frank Kelly – September 62

Jo-Ann Kelly

Jo-Ann Kelly was a British blues singer. She was involved with several Tony McPhee projects in the 1960’s. She passed away in 1990. She was in The Jo-Ann Kelly Band; The John Dummer Blues Band; and Tramp – Jo-Ann passed away on October 21st, 1990

Epic 26491 – “Jo-Ann Kelly” – Released 1969

Kelly, Jo-Ann - Epic - Jo-Ann Kelly


Liberty 7625 – “Underground Gold” – Released 1968- Did Not Chart (with Traffic & The Spencer Davis Group)



Liberty 12434 – “The Anthology of British Blues” – Released 1968 – Did Not Chart



Johnny Kendall (Germany)


Kensington Market (Canada)

Members were Gene Maretynec, Jimmy Watson, John Mills-Cockell, Keith McKie and Luke Gibson.

LP – Warner Bros. 1754 – “Avenue Road” – 1968

LP – Warner Bros. 1780 – “Aardvark” – 1969

The Richard Kent Style


Austin Verner
Harvey Rose
Harvey Starr
Ian Starr
Neil Levine
Ron Smith

Tommy Kent and the Liverpooler Blue Beats (German)

The Kents (France)

The Kentuckys (Germany)

Anne Kern (France)


Renate Kern (Germany)


Chris Kersen (France)


The Kestrels


Kestrels were active in the late 1950’s – The Rogers would become “David and Jonathan” as well as prolific beat-era composers and Tony was the voice of many groups including White Plains, The Brotherhood of Man, The Pipkins and more.

Roger Cook
Roger Greenway
Tony Burrows

Sajid Khan

Johnny Kidd & The Pirates/The Pirates/The New Pirates

The original group formed in January 1959 until October 1966 as Johnny Kidd & The New Pirates.

Alan Caddy – Guitar Went to  Colin Hicks & The Cabin Boys (61); then The Tornados (61)
Johnny Kidd – Vocals Formerly with The Five Nutters mid 1950’s; died in 1966
Tony Doherty – R Guitar
Ken McKay – Drums
Johnny Gordon – Bass
Mike West – Vocals
Tom Brown – Vocals
Clem Catini – Drums Arrived January 1960; Formerly with The Beat Boys (59); Departed 1961 for  Colin Hicks & The Cabin Boys (61); then The Tornados (61); then play for The Ivy League (65)
Brian Gregg – Bass Arrived January 1960 from The Beat Boys; Departed 1961 for  Colin Hicks & The Cabin Boys; then The Tornados (63); the The Pack
Frank Farley – Drums Arrived July 1961; then offshoot Pirates (66); then to Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas (66); later to The Cliff Bennett Band (69) and back to a later version of The Pirates
Johnny Spence – Bass Arrived July 1961; then offshoot Pirates (66); backed Jerry Lee Lewis in UK (66); then to Julian Covey & The Machine (67)
Johnny Patto – Guitar Arrived and Departed in 1962
Mick Green – Guitar Arrived March 1962; went to Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas (66); later to The Cliff Bennett Band (69); later to Shanghai (75); and later version of The Pirates (76)
Vic Cooper – Organ Arrived July 1964; backed Jerry Lee Lewis (66)
John Weider – Guitar Arrived July 1964; went to The New Animals Also with The Moments
Jon Morshead – Guitar Arrived September 1965; went to Shotgun Express (66)
Mick Stewart – Guitar Arrived May 1966;
Ray Soaper – Keyboards Arrived May 1966 then departed same year
Roger Truth – Drums Arrived May 1966; departed to back Jerry Lee Lewis (66) then back to Pirates
Nick Simper – Bass Arrived May 1966; also with Deep Purple
Johnny Caroll – Organ Arrived Dec 1966
John Kerrison – Drums Arrived Dec 1966; went to Episode Six (67)

1960 – XX

1963 – XX

Johnny Kidd September 63

The Kids Den (UK)


The Killing Floor

A London based beat group forming in 1968.


Buzz Smith – with The Roustabouts; The Bill Fay Group; Family Fodder
Bill Thorndycraft
Lou Martin – with The Gerry McAvoy Jam
Mick Clarke – with the Mick Clarke Band; Salt
Stuart McDonald – with Salt

James King and the Farinas

(Also see “The Farinas)

Submitted by Blog visitor Ayfer Ayfer September, 2017)

The original James King and the Farinas formed in Late 1962 at Leicester Art and Technical College, Leicester until 1963

James ‘Jim’ King (Alec Woodburn) – Lead vocals, harmonica
Richard John ‘Charlie’ Whitney – Lead guitar (Fender Stratocaster), vocals
Pete Davies – Rhythm guitar
Rod Moore – Bass (till 1963)
Richard ‘Harry’ Ovenall – Drums
Terence ‘Terry’ Cowlishaw – Drums (a few gigs in the early days when Ovenall could not play)
Timothy ‘Tim’ Kirchin – Bass (Fender) (1963)
Late 1962 debut gig at Leicester Art and Technical College, Leicester

Jonathan King

Real name Kenneth George King – He was in Sakkarin and The Weathermen

Cash Box October 30th, 1965

1965 – Parrot – Everyone’s Gone to the Moon

1965 – Parrot – Where the Sun Has Never Shone

1966 – O

1966 – XX

1967 – Parrot – Round, Round

1968 – Parrot – 1968 A Message to the Presidential Candidates

1969 – XX

Parrot 71103 – “Or Then Again” – Released October, 1967 – Did Not Chart



Lenore King (Invasion Novelty)

1964 – XX

Olaf King (Germany)


Solomon King

Image result for solomon king singer

1964 – XX (Need Image)

1964 – XX

1965 – XX

1968 – Capitol – She Wears My Ring

1969 – XX

The King Beats (Germany)


King Crimson

King Crimson formed in late 1968 out of London. This was an English progressive group. Four members of this group came from Giles, Giles & Fripp.

Ian McDonald – vocals
Greg Lake – guitar
Judy Dyble – Autoharp also with  Giles and Fripp
Formerly with Giles Giles and Fripp
Peter Sinfield
Pete Giles – Bass Formerly with The Brain (66); and  Giles Giles and Fripp
Robert Fripp – Guitar Formerly with The Brain (66); Went to  Giles Giles and Fripp
Mike Giles – Drums Formerly with The Brain (66); Went to  Giles Giles and Fripp; later McDonald & Giles (70) and later Foreigner
Gordon Haskell – bass Formerly with Les Fleur De Lys

1969 – XX

Atlantic 8245 – “In The Court of King Crimson” – Charted December. 1969 – #28 – 25 Weeks on Hot 200

King Crimson - Atlantic - In Court


The King George Discovery (Sweden)


The King Pins (Germany)


Danny King & The Mayfair Set


The original group formed in 1964 until 1966.

Trevor Burton – L Guitar
Keith Smart – Drums Went to The Uglys, and then to The Lemon Tree; later on with Balls, Youngblood, and Mongrel
Danny King – Vocals
Roger Harris – Keyboards
Dennis Ball – Bass Later with Bedlam

1966 – Mala 524 – Amen b/w Outside My Room (Need Images)

The King’s Boys (Spain)


The King’s Stars (Italy)

This group formed in the late 1950’s


Massimo Zaghini

The Kinks

See the Kinks U.S. 45 Discography Page

The Kinks started off in 1962 as The Ramrods and were for a brief period of time The Ravens”before becoming The Kinks. Both Davies brothers – Ray and Dave had been with The Pete Quaife Four – Pete was also an original Kink – He departed in 1966 – Mick Avory had been with The Cuckoo’s Nest and later went to join The Rolling Stones for a brief time before ending up with The Maple Oak.


Ray Davies – lead and backing vocals, rhythm guitar (1964–1996)
Dave Davies – lead guitar, backing and lead vocals (1964–1996)
Mick Avory – drums (1964–1984)
Bob Henrit – drums (1984–1996)
Pete Quaife – bass, backing vocals (1964–1969; died 2010)
John Dalton – bass, backing vocals (1969–1976, 1978)
Andy Pyle – bass, backing vocals (1976–1978)
Jim Rodford – bass, backing vocals (1978–1996)
John Gosling – keyboards (1970–1978)
Gordon John Edwards – keyboards (1978; died 2002)
Ian Gibbons – keyboards (1979–1989, 1993–1996)
Mark Haley – keyboards (1989–1993)

The Kinks – September, 1964

The Kinsleys

The original group formed in February 1964 until April 1965.  Originally called  Rivals then The Nameless Ones.

Dave Percival – L Guitar Went to The Tuxedos (mid 64)
Billy Kinsley – Bass Formerly with The Merseybeats (62-64); Departed for The Fruit Eating Bears/Merseys (66)
Denny Alexander – Guitar Formerly with The Secrets (63-64); also with The Aarons; Departed for The Clayton Squares (Feb 65)
Dave Preston – Drums Earlier with The Cascades; then The Harlems;  then Danny Havoc & The Ventures; went to The Secrets (63-64); finally to play with Crispian St. Peters
Bob Garner – Bass Formerly with The Merseybeats; Arrived 1964; later with The Lee Curtis All Stars; Departed 1965
George Peckham – Bass Arrivd 1965; later with Earl Royce & The Olympics;  formerly with The Pawns (64-65); The Renegades (61-63); Departed for The Fourmost (Dec 65)
Tommy Murray – L Guitar Arrived 1965; later to The Krew; xx
Tom Dugdill – R Guitar Arrived Feb 65
Mike Pemberton – Bass Arrived Feb 65

The Kinsmen (Australia)

Kippington Lodge

The original group formed in 1965 until 1969.

Pete Whale – Drums
Barry Landerman – Organ Went to Vanity Fare (69)
Bob Andrews – Organ Went to Brinsley Schwartz (69); then Graham Parker & The Rumour (75)
Nick Lowe – Bass Went to Brinsley Schwartz (69); then Graham Parker & The Rumour (75)
Brinsley Schwartz – Guitar Went to Brinsley Schwartz (69); then Graham Parker & The Rumour (75)

1968 – XX

Kathy Kirby

Kathy was born in 1940 in Essex

1962 – XX

1963 – London 9628 – Secret Love b/w Too Bad For Johnny (Need Images)

1964 – London 9645 – Let Me Go Lover b/w Bye Bye Birdie (Need Images)

1964 – XX

1965 – XX (Need Image)

1965 – O

1966 – XX

1967 – XX

Kathy Birby December, 1964

Kevin Kirk

Kevin Kirk – October, 1962

The Kirkbys



Alby Power – with The 23rd Turnoff
Billy Kinsley – with The Liverpool Express; The Rockin’ Horse; The Merseybeats/Merseys
Jimmy Campbell – with The 23rd Turnoff; The Rockin’ Horse
Joe Marooth
John Lloyd
Mervyn Sharpe

Alan Klein (UK)


Hildegard Knef (Germany)

She began her career in Germany as a cartoonist. She was a German actress and singer – who recorded this one-off pop oriented LP where she was depicted almost as a Mod 60’s type even though she was born in 1925 from an entirely different generation – She passed away in 2002.

London 596 – “From Here On In It Gets Rough – Released 1969


The Klubs


John Reid – with Strife

Terry Knight (Invasion Novelty)

1969 – XX

Zsuzsa Koncz (Hungary)

She began recording in the late 1960’s.

Krystyna Konarsk (Poland)

She also performed as beat singer “Cristina”

The Koobas


Liverpool’s Koobas formed in 1962 and ran until 1968 – They were originally The Kubas

Roy Morris – guitar Formerly with The Thunderbirds
Keith Ellis – bass Formerly with The Midnighters – Later with Van der Graff Generator
Tony O’Riley – drums Formerly with The Midnighters
Stu Leatherwood – guitar Formerly with The Thunderbirds – Later with March Hare

1966 – DJPSO/X

1969 – XX

The Koppycats

This was Ian and the Zodiacs

Alex Korner’s Blues Incorporated

Korner, Alex & Blues Inc 01

Alex Korner’s Blues Incorporated or “Blues Inc”: 1962 – 1966. Alex Koerner’s Blues Incorporated was a constantly revolving network of British musicians, coming, going onto other forms of fame.

What I present here are many of the essential members, indicating their origins and immediate destinations as this groups relates to the “Invasion”.  And of course, only a sampling of the many groups that these musicians moved through are represented here.

Alex Korner – Guitar & Vocals Formerly in duo with Cyril Davies (55-61) – Also with the Chris Barber Jazz Band (56) – Later with Free at Last (66),  the New Church

Cyril Davies – Harp Departs Oct 1962 – Fomerly in duo with Alex Korner (55-61) – Formed Cyril Davies R&B All Stars (Nov 1962) – Also with the Southern Stompers, Chris Barber’s Jazz Band

Long John Baldry – Vocals – Harp Departs mid 1962 – Formerly with the Five Dimensions, Later with Cyril Davies R&B All Stars, Long John Baldry & the Hoochie Coochie Men, Steampacket, Bluesology, Long John Baldry’s All Star Banb

Keith Scott – Piano Departs mid 1962 – Later with Cyril Davies R&B All Stars (63-64)

Andy Hoogenboom – Bass Departs mid 1962 – Later with Blues by Six (62)

Paul Jones – Vocals Departs Aug 1962 – Later with Manfred Mann – Also with the Bluesband, Powerhouse

Dick Heckstall-Smith – Sax Departs Sep 1963 to join Graham Bond Quartet – Formerly with the Johnny Burch Quartet (61-62) –  Later with the Graham Bond Organisation (63), Colosseum – Also with John Mayalls Bluesbreakers

Charlie Watts – Drums Departs mid 1962 – Later with the Rolling Stones – Also with Blues By Five, the Cliftons

Eric Burdon Invasion Group: The Animals: Previously with The Alan Price Rhythm & Blues Combo, The Pagans (1960), 1970’s – formed Eric Burdon & War – Also with Alex Korner’s Blues Incorpoated

Art Wood – Vocals Arrives and Departs mid 1962 – Later with The Artwoods

Ronnie Jones – Vocals Departs Feb 1963 – Later with the Herbie Goins and the Night Timers

Dave Stevens – Piano Arrives May 1962 – Departs Aug 1962

Spike Heatley – Bass Arrives and Departs mid 1962

Jack Bruce – Bass Replaces Spike Heately mid 1962 – Departs Feb 1963 to Graham Bond Quartet/Organisation –  Formerly with the Johnny Burch Octet (62) – Later with Cream – Also with the Roosters, Powerhouse, Alex Korner’s Blues Incorporated, Blind Faith, Ginger Baker’s Air Force, the Jack Bruce Band, John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, Manfred Mann, West-Bruce-Laing

Mick Jagger – Vocals Arrives and Departs mid 1962 – Later with the Rolling Stones – Also with Little Boy Blue & the Blue Boys

Brian Jones – Guitar Arrives & Departs mid 1962 – Later with the Rolling Stones

Keith Richards – Guitar Arrives & Departs mid 1962 – Later with the Rolling Stones – Also with Little Boy Blue and the Blues Boys

Paul Williams – Vocals Arrives Jun 1962 – Departs Aug 1962 – Later with Zoot Money Money’s Big Roll Band – John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers

Ginger Baker – Drums Arrives Jun 1962 – Departs Feb 1963 to Graham Bond Quartet/Graham Bond Organisation –  Formerly with The Johnny Burch Quartet, Quintent and Octet (61) – Later with Cream – Also with the Roosters, – Gurvitz Army, Ginger Baker’s Air Force

Johnny Parker – Piano Arrives Nov 1962

Graham Bond – Sax/Organ Arrives Nov 1962 – Departs Feb 1963 to form Graham Bond Quartet – later the Graham Bond Organisation (63), Initiation (66), Ginger Baker’s Air Force, Magick (71), Bond & Brown (72) – He was formerly with the Don Rendell Quartert (early 60s)

Chris Thompson – Bass Arrives Feb 1963

Art Theman – Sax Arrives Feb 1963 – Departs Sep 1963

Phil Seaman – Drums Arrives Feb 1963 – Departs Sep 1963 – Later with Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames

Terry Cox – Drums Arrives Sep 1963

Danny Thompson – Bass Arrives Sep 1963

Trevor Lucas – Guitar Went to Eclection; Later with Fotheringay (70); Fairport Convention (Aug 72)

Gerry Conway – Drums Went to Eclection; Later with Fotheringay (70); Mick Greenwood Band (71)

Herbie Goins – Vocals Arrives Sep 1963 – Later forms Herbie Goins & Night Timers – Alex Korner’s Blues Incorporated

Lee Jackson – Bass Formerly with Garry Farr & the T-Bones – Later with the Nice

Robert Plant – Vocals Made an appearance sometime in 1967 – Later with the New Yardbirds and Led Zeppelin

George (“Zoot Money”) Bruno – Keyboards Also in Zoot Money’s Big Roll Band, the Animals, the British Blues Quintet – Kevin Coyne Band, Kevin Ayers Band; Also with Dantalion’s Chariot

1968 UK

Billy J. Kramer & The Coasters/The Coasters/Chick Graham & The Coasters/Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas

See the Billy J. Kramer & Dakotas U.S. Discography Page

The original group formed in 1960 and continued until Jan 1963 – Then became the Coasters in 1960 and finally evolved into Chick Graham and the Coasters from May 1963 until February 1965.  The following listing is extracted from Pete Frame’s excellent book “Rock Family Trees”.  If you are British Beat enthusiast, you just have to obtain Pete Frame’s amazing series of books on the subject.

Billy J. Kramer – Guitar & Vocals To Billy J. Kramer & the Dakotas (Jan 1963)
Arthur Ashton – L Guitar
Ray Dougherty – R Guitar
Tony Sanders – Drums  To Mark Peters & Silhouettes (Sep 64); then Mark Peters & Method (Aug 65)
George Braithwaite – Bass Departed 1964
Chick Graham – Vocals Arrived May 1963
Arthur (Tommy) Raynor – Guitar Arrived Feb 1964
Jimmy Lacey – Drums Arrived Oct 1964

Billy J. Kramer – September, 1964

Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas – September 63

The Krauts (Germany) 1966

Lottie Krekel (Germany)


The Krew


The original group formed in October, 1964.

Paddy Chambers – L Guitar Formerly with Steve Bennett & The Syndicate (61-62); The Wolfgang Combo (62); Faron’s Flamingos (62-63); The Big Three (63); The Dominoes; Departed to Paddy, Klaus & Gibson (65)
Howie Casey – Sax Formerly with The Pawns (64-65)
Eddie Sparrow – Drums Formerly with The Pawns (64-65)
Brad Bradley – Bass Departed 1965
Tommy Murray – Guitar Arrived Apr 1965
Archie Leggatt – Bass Arrived Apr 1965
Owen Gray – Vocals Arrived Apr 1965
Steve Aldo – Vocals Arrived Apr 1965; Formerly with The Griff Parry 5; Later to The Fix; also with The Nocturns; Also with Kingsize Taylor & The Dominoes

The Krew Kats

Pinder and Thomas were later with The Moody Blues


Big Jim Sullivan – (deceased October, 2012) with Marty Wilde & His Wildcats; Bullfrog; The Square Four; Tiger; The Nashville Five
Brian Bennett – with The Shadows; Collage; The Heat Exchange; Marty Wilde & His Wildcats; Thunder Company; Wally Asp
Mike Pinder
Ray Thomas

Marta Kubisova (Marta)

1968 – Czechoslovakia

The Kytes

They recorded in the U.K. with a release on the Pye label

The Ladybirds

The Ladybirds were prominent performers on British T.V.


Ann Simmons – with The Pearls; The Vernon Girls
Barbara Moore – with The Barbara Moore Singers, The Barbara Moore Sound, Voices in Latin
Gloria George
Kay Garner – with Jon Petersen & Skyliner; The Derek Wadsworth Orchestra
Maggie Stredder – with The Maggie Stredder Singers; The Vernon Girls
Marian Davies
Maureen Kennedy
Penny Lester

1967 – XX

The Lady-Bugs (Invasion Novelty)

1964 – XX

Marie Laforet (France)


Cash Box August, 13 1968

Valerie Lagrange (France)


Denny Laine & The Diplomats

Laine, Denny & Diplomats

The original group formed in 1962.

Jim Onslow – Vocals Formerly with Gerry Levene & The Avengers (64)
Bev Bevan – Drums Went to Carl Wayne & The Vikings (64); then to The Move (66); later on to ELO
Phil Ackrill – R Guitar
Steven Horton – Bass
Denny Laine – Guitar Formerly with Johnny & The Dominators – Went to The Moody Blues (May 64); later on with Balls (69); and then on to Wings – and Denny Laine’s Electric String Band
Mike Hopkins – Guitar Later on with The Idle Race (72); also with The Lemon Tree (68)
Robert Davis
Nicky James – vocals

1967 – XX

Linda Laine (and the Sinners)

1964 – XX


Paula Lamont (Invasion Novelty)

1964 – O

The Lana Sisters

Lana Sisters

Formed in 1958

Mary O’Brien (Dusty Springfield) Later with The Springfields
Riss Chantelle
Lynn Abrams

1962 – 20th Fox 293 – Down South b/w A Heart Divided (by Kenny Colman and the Lana Sisters)

The Lancastrians

They formed in 1963 out of Cheshire.


Barry Langtree
Kevin Heywood
Terry Benson
John Fieury
Steve Wilde

1965 – XX

1966 – XX b/w Not the Same Anymore (Need Image)

Robbie Lane & The Disciples (Canada)

The band was also known as The Butterfingers


Domenic Troiano – with Black Market; The James Gang; Mandala; The Guess Who
Robbie Lane
Sonny Milne – with Little Caesar & the Consuls; The Magic Bubble; Sweet Blindness

Isabella Lannetti (Italy)


The Latin Quartet (Spain)


Christine Laume (France)


Laurencia (France)


The Lazy Bones (Netherlands)


Lea and Step by Step (Denmark)

The Leaders (France)


The League (Germany)

The League of Gentlemen

1966 – Planet 109 – How Can You Tell b/w How Do They Know (Need Images)

Christine Lebail (France)


Lecia & Lucienne (Denmark)

Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin

The original group formed in 1968.

Super group anchored by guitarist supreme Jimmy Page who had played with so many Invasion Era groups that it makes the head spin – Lancastrians, Crusaders, Talismen, Bread Crumbs, Primitives, Pickwicks, Micky Most and the Gear and of course The New Yardbirds. – Led Zeppelin would place 10 LP’s in the Top Ten – including six number 1 LP’s – making them one of the top Brit groups of all time.

Jon Bonham – Drums
Robert Plant – Vocals
John Paul Jones – Bass Formerly with The Graham Gouldman Thing (68)

1969 – XX

1969 – XX

1969 – DJX/O

1969 – XX

Atlantic 8216 – “Led Zeppelin” – – Charted February 15th, 1969 – #10 – 95 Weeks on Hot 200

Led Zeppelin - Atlantic - 1st

LED ZEP 1 LED ZEP 1_0001

Led Zeppelin – Atlantic – “Led Zeppelin II – Charted November 8th, 1969 – #1 for 7 Weeks – 98 Weeks on Hot 200


LED ZEP 1 R LED ZEP 1 R_0001

Brenda Lee

1964 – DJX – O (with Micky Most Producing and Jimmy Page on Guitar- and recorded in England)

Dinah Lee

1964 – O

Lady Lee

Her real name was Audrey Middleton and she was the girlfriend of rocker Billy Fury.

Leapy Lee

Leapy Lee was from Eastbourne. His real name was Graham Pulleybank

1968 – Little Arrows

1969 – Decca – Here Comes the Rain

1969 – XX

1969 – O

1969 – XX b/w Best to Forget (Need Image)

Decca 75076 – “Little Arrows” – Charted January 18th, 1969 – #71 – 12 Weeks On Hot 200



Veronica Lee & The Moniques (Invasion Novelty)

1964 DJX/O

The Left Side (Netherlands)



Information submitted by Blog visitor Afyer Afyer September, 2017

(Formed) July 1965, Leicester – Aug 1969

Roderick Ignatius Read – Lead vocals, guitar (solos)
Robin Pizer – Lead guitar (solos), vocals
David ‘Mac’ Macarthy – Bass, vocals
John Knapp – Electric piano (Selmer Piantron), 12-string guitar (solos), vocals
Legay Rogers – Drums (till Jan 1967)
Robert ‘Rob’ Townsend – Drums (Ludwig) (from Jan 1967)
Dave ‘Moth’ Smith – Drums, percussion (from Aug 1967)



Barney James – with Warhorse
Bill Fifield – with The Epics
Bob Clouter – with Lew Lewis and His Band; The Fingers
John Bobin – with The Fingers
Mickey Jupp – with The Mickey Jupp Band
Mo Witham – with The Fingers; The Mo Whitman Band

Nicole Legendre (France)


The Lemon Tree

The original group formed in 1968.

Keith Smart – Drums Formerly with Danny King & The Mayfair Set (64-66); also with The The Uglys; later on Balls; Youngblood; & Mongrel
Mike Hopkins Formerly with Denny Laine & The Diplomats; later on with The Idle Race (72)
Mick Taylor – Vocals
Gary Wortley – Organ
Derek Arnold – Bass

Lenne & The Lee Kings (Sweden)


Lenne Broberg

The Lennons (Denmark)


Herbert Leonard (France)


Leonard’s Lodgers

The original group formed in Summer 1964 until 1964.

Roger Waters – Bass Formerly with Geoff Mott & The Mottoes (62); then Sigma 6 (63); then Pink Floyd (64)
Nick Mason – Drums Went to Pink Floyd (64
Syd Barrett – Guitar Formerly with The Hollerin’ Blues (62); with Geoff Mott & The Mottoes (62); next with Those Without (63); then Pink Floyd (64), later on with The Stars (62)
Bob Klose – L Guitar Formely with Blues Anonymous (61); Went to Pink Floyd (64)
Mike Leonard – Keyboards Departed 64
Rick Wright – Keyboards Arrived mid 1964 from  Sigma 6 (63); then Pink Floyd (64)

Lalla Leona (Italy)

Also known as beat singer La Ragazza Venerdi

Elsa Leroy (France)


The Leroys

The Leroys – January, 1964

Carl Lertzman & the Bo Weevils (Invasion Novelty)

1964 – XX

Charlotte Leslie (France)


Gary Levene & The Avengers

The original group formed in 1963 until 1964.

Roy Wood – Guitar Went to Mike Sheridan & The Nightriders (63); then to The Move (66); Later with ELO; then Roy Wood’s Wizard (72-75); and then The Wizzo Band (77-78)
Mike Hopkins – Guitar Went to Denny Laine & The Diplomats (62); also with The Idle Race (70)
Jim Onslow – Bass Went to Denny Laine & The Diplomats (62)
Gerry Levene – Vocals
Graeme Edge – Drums Went to the The Moody Blues (May 64)

Mia Lewis

1965 – XX

1965 – b/w The Luckiest Girl (Need Image)

John Leyton (and the Leroys)

Leyton was born in Essex and was also an actor.  His “Johnny Remember Me” in 1961 hit the number one spot in the U.K.  He had nine additional hit records in Britain before returning to acting.

1961 – XX b/w There Must Be (Need Image)

1962 – ABC Paramount 10292 – Son, This is She b/w Six White Horses (Need Images)

1964 – O

1964 – XX

John Leyton 1963

The Librettos (New Zealand)


Brian Peacock – with Homer; Procession; The Playboys
Craig Collinge – with Manfred Mann Chapter Three; The Procession; Shoot; The Third World War
Dave Diver –
Lou Parun
Rod Stone – with The Grove

Life N Soul


Colin Brock
John Brennan – with The Ivy League
Robert Coltart – with Arthur Kay & The Originals; Herman’s Hermits; The Originals

1969 – b/w Dear Paul (Need Image)

Gordon Lightfoot (Canada)

Cash Box May 11th, 1968

LP – United Artists UAS 6587 – The Way I Feel – 1967

LP – United Artists UAS 6649 – Did She Mention My Name – 1968

Lighthouse (Canada)

Arnie Chycoski
Billy King
Bob McBride
Bruce Cassidy
Dale Hillary
Dick Armin
Don DiNovo
Grant Fullerton
Howard Shore
Ian Guenther
Keith Jollimore
Larry Smith
Paul Hoffert
Pinky Dauvin
Ralph Cole
Rick Stepton
Russ Little
Skip Prokop
Terry Wilkins

1969 – XX

1969 – XX

LP – RCA 4173 – Lighthouse – 1969

LP – RCA 4241 – Suite Feeling – 1969

Lil’ Wally & the Venturas (Invasion Novelty)

Lil’ Wally polked his way through Chicago

1964 – XX

Lill and the Ingmars (Sweden)

Katty Line (France)

Johnny Lion & the Jumping Jewels (Netherlands)


Hans Van Eijik
Johnny Lion
Tjibbee Veeloo
Kees Kranenburg Jr.
Frits Tamminga

LP – Philips 6440 120 – De Beste Van Johnny En The Jumping Jewels – 1965 (Holland)

The Lionceaux (France)


Alain Hattat
Bob Mathieu
Gérard Fournier
Herbert Léonard

The Lions (Denmark)

Started off in 1962


Peter Monrad
Tonny Summers

Little Boy Blues

The original group formed in 1957 until April 1962.

Mick Jagger – Vocals Formerly with Alex Korner’s Blues Inc (Apr 62); then to  The Rolling Stones (June  62)
Keith Richards – Guitar Went to The Rolling Stones (June  62)
Dick Taylor – Guitar Went to The Rolling Stones (June  62)
Bob Beckwith – Guitar
Alan Etherington – Guitar

Little Caesar & the Consuls (Canada)

The group formed in Toronto in the mid 1950’s

Members: (from the 1960’s primarily)

Sonny Milne – with The Magic Bubble; Robbie Lane & The Disciples; Sweet Blindness
Robbie Robertson – with The Band, The Hawks
Gene MacLellan
Ken Pernokis
Tom Wilson
Vic Wilson

1965 – DJX/O

1965 – XX

1965 – Mala 525 – Hey Girl b/w You Laugh Too Much (Need Images)

Little Frankie

Little Frankie also performed as “Denise”.  She worked with The Chimes and the Country Gentlemen.

1965 – XX

Little Free Rock


Eric Carboo
Frank Newbold – with Purple Haze
Jon Taylor – with Jodo; Jasper
Paul Varley – with The Arrows; Purple Haze; Streak
Peter Illingworth – with David John & The Mood; Purple Haze

Little Gerhard (Sweden)

Real name is Karl-Gerhard Lundkvist – Known as Sweden’s first rock and roll singer

With Little Gerhard & His Rocking Men; Hans G-Men

1959 – Sweden

Little Tony (Italy)

Cash Box July 30th, 1966

The Liverbirds

An early all-female Liverpool group who were originally called The Debutones, they formed in 1962 and broke up in 1967

Irene Green – Vocals (Tiffany) Went to Tiffany’s Dimensions (May 64); then to form Tiffany’s Thoughts (Oct 64)
Sheila McGlory – Guitar Departed for The Demoiselles
Mary McGlory – Bass Formerly with The Bikinis
Valerie Gell – Guitar
Sylvia Saunders – Drums
Pamela Birch – Guitar

1965 – XX

1965 – Philips 40288 – Peanut Butter b/w Why Do You Hang Around Me (Need Images)

1965 – XX b/w Why Do You Hang Around Me (Need Image)

The Liverpool Five

Related image

The Liverpool Five: 1964 – 1968 – All five original members were formerly known as The Boasters

Steve Laine – Vocals
Ken Knox – Guitar – with The Boasters
Dave Burgess – Bass Departed 1968
Ron Henley – Keyboards – with The Boasters
Jimmy May – Drums – with The Boasters
Freddi Dennis – Bass Arrived 1968
David McCumiskey – with The Boasters

1964 – XX b/w Lum D’ Lum D’ Lum High (Need Image)

1965 – XX

1965 – DJO

1965 – DJO/X

1966 – XX

1966 – RCA Victor New Directions/What a Crazy World

1966 – DJO/X

1967 – XX

1967 – XX (Liverpool Five going by the name “Common Market”)

RCA 3583 – “The Liverpool Five Arrive” – Released 1966 – Did Not Chart



RCA 3682 – “Out Of Sight” – Released 1967 – Did Not Chart



RCA 250 – “Excitement In Stereo Sound” – Released 1967 – Did Not Chart



The Liverpool Five shared 1/2 of this LP with Chet Atkins – Strange Bed Fellows

RCA 251 – “Stereo Festival” – Released 1967 – Did Not Chart

The Liverpool Five have six tracks on this LP – with Colorado’s Astronauts taking the flip side



The Liverpool Scene

The group formed in 1968 – The Scene is primarily Adrian Henry and Roger McGough – an Esoteric undertaking

Adrian Henri
Andy Roberts Formerly with The Scaffold; later with Pink Floyd, Grimms, Plainsong
Mike Evans Formerly with The Clayton Squares
Mike Hart
Percy Jones
Brian Dodson
Louis Ackerman – Bass Joined in 1966

1969 – XX

Epic 24336 – “The Incredible New Liverpool Scene” – Released 1969 – Did Not Chart



The Liverpool Set (Canada)


Dave Donnell
Evan Hunt

1965 – O

1966 – XX

1967 – XX

The Liverpool Spinners (The Spinners)

The Liverpool Spinners started out as a skiffle group and began in Liverpool then moving to London. They recorded over 40 LPs during their career.

Tony Davis – Banjo
Mick Grove – Guitar
Hughie Jones – Guitar
Cliff Hall – Guitar
John McCormick – Double Bass

1967 – Fontana 1574 – Seth Davey b/w All For Me Grog (Need Images)

LP – Fontana 5201 – The Spinners – 1963

LP – Philips International 6382 002 – The Singing City – 1967 – UK

The Livers (Invasion Novelty)

The Livers were from Chicago and also performed as The Chicagoans

1964 – O

Livin’ Blues (Holland)


Andre Reijnen
Beer Klaasse
Cesar Zuiderwijk
Dick Beekman
Henk Smitskamp
Jacob Van Heiningen
John Frederiksz
Johnny Lejeune
Kenny Lamb
Rudd Van Buren

The Living Daylights

From Newcastle


Garth Watt-Roy – with Steamhammer; The Greatest Show on Earth; The Marmalade; The Q Tips
Norman Watt-Roy – with Glencoe; Ian Dury and the Blockheads; Loving Awareness; The Solid Senders; The Blockheads; The Greatest Show on Earth; The Selecter
Curt Cresswell
Roy Heather

1967 Buddah – Let’s Live For Today/I’m Real



Chris Wood – with Traffic
Norman Haines – with The Norman Haines Band
Robert Lamb – with The Steve Gibbons Band; The Dog That Bit People; The Idle Race

1968 – XX

The Lomax Alliance


Jackie Lomax – (deceased September, 2013) See The Undertakers listing
John Cannon – with One
Tom Peters – with The Mersey Lads
Bugs Pemberton – with The Mersey Lads; The Undertakers

London Lee (Italy)


Jack London & The Sparrows (Canada)

LP – Capitol T-6115 – Jack London and the Sparrows (Canada)


Art Ayre
Dennis Edmonton
Jack London
Jerry Edmonton
Nick St. Nicholas

London & The Bridges (Invasion Novelty)

This group was from Great Neck, New York and were “Invasion” only via their name.


Jon Sholle
Richard Weintraub
Mike Levy
Johnny Miller
Marc Freeman
John Waxman

1966 – PSO/X

1966 – XX

1966 – XX

London Records – British Artists

Cash Box March, 1965/January, 1966

Cash Box August, 1964/April, 1964

Cash Box May, 1964/August, 1965

Cash Box March, 1966

The Londonderry Strings (Invasion Novelty)

1964 – O

1965 – XX

1965 – XX

LP – Warner Bros. 1580 – The Londonderry Strings Play The Liverpool Songbook – 1964

The Londoners

This group evolved into “The Knack”


Brian Morris – with Badger, The New York Public Library, Parish & Gurvitz
Gearie Kenworthy
Paul Gurvitz – with The Baker-Gurvitz Army; The Gun; The Three Man Army; The Graeme Edge Band; Rupert’s People

The Lone Stars (Spain)


The Loose Ends


Alan Marshall – with One; Riff Raff; The Happy Magazine; Zzebra
Colin Pullen
Colin James
Philip Lanzon – with Uriah Heep; The Sweet; Grand Prix
Bob Saker – with Ransome Head



Bruce Turner – with Trendsetters Limited
Chris Bates – with The Troggs
Dave Wright
Ian Duck – with Hookfoot; The Mickey Jupp Band; The Soul Agents
Jeff Glover
Roger Pope – with China; Hookfoot; The Kiki Dee Band; The Soul Agents

1967 – XX

Daniele Lopez (France)


Dick Lord (Invasion Novelty)

1964 – DJX/O

Lord Allan & Sir Richard


Alan Abrahams
Richard Tyson

Lord Rockingham’s XI

The group appeared on the British pop show “Oh Boy”.

Members (a few of the XI):

Jack Good
Benny Green – with the Benny Green Quintet
Cherry Wainer
Dougie Wright – with the John Barry Seven
Harry Robinson – with The Robinson Crew (he was “Lord Rockingham)
Reg Weller

1958 – O

1958 – London 1839 – Hoot’s Man b/w Blue Train (Need Images)

The Lords (Germany)


Bernd Zamulo
Lord Knud
Charlie Terstappen
Peter Lietz
Rainer Petry
Ulli Günther

The Los Angeles Negros (Spain)


Juan Camacho

Los Bravos (Spain)

Los Bravos – an Invasion group from Spain – 1964 – 1967

Mike Kegel – Vocals
Tony Matinez – Guitar
Manaul Fernandez – Organ
Miguel Vicens – Bass
Pablo Sanllehi – Drums

Cash Box August 27th, 1966

1966 – DJX/O

1966 – DJX/O

1966 -O

1967 – O

1968 – O

1969 – DJO/X

Press 83003 – “Black is Black” – Charted November 12th, 1966 – #93 – 7 Weeks on Hot 200



Parrot 71021 – “Bring A Little Lovin'” – Released July, 1968 – Did Not Chart




The Losers (Germany)

The Lost and Found (Denmark)


Agnes Loti (France)

Real name Francoise Perotti

Louiselle (Italy)


Jaques Loussier (France)


The Love Affair

The Love Affair began as The Soul Survivors – forming in the late 1960’s.

Steve Ellis – guitar Later formed The Ellis Group and Widowmaker
Morgan Fisher – keyboards Later with The Third Ear Band
Ian Miller – guitar
Warwick Rose – bass
Maurice Bacon – drums
Michael George – guitar
Rex Brayley – guitar
Mick Jackson – guitar


1968 – Date – Everlasting Love/

1968 – Date – Rainbow Valley/Someone Like Me

1968 – Date – A Day Without Love/I’m Happy

1969 – Date – One Road/Let Me Know

1969 – Date – Bringing Back the Good Times/

Love Children

Formed in 1969

The Love Sculpture

Love Sculpture came together in about 1966 from Wales.  Dave Edmunds had the 1970’s hit remake of “I Hear You Knocking”.

Dave Edmunds – guitar Formerly with the Human Beans, later with Rockpile; Larry Wallis Psychedelic Rowdies; Nick Lowe’s Last Chicken in the Shop; Ringo Starr’s All Starr Band; The Crawling King Snakes; The Image
John Williams – bass
Rob Jones – drums

1969 – XX

The Lovers (Germany)


The Lovin’

1967 – UK

Rare Earth 505 – “Blues Helping” – Released 1969 – Did Not Chart

First issues of this LP were die cut with the rounded top

Rare Earth - Rare Earth - Blues HelpingRARE EARTH 505 - LOVE SCULPTURE - WODC


The Loving Hearts (Germany)


The Loving Kind


Jason Knight – with The Nothings
Jim Leverton – with Caravan, Fat Mattress, Juicy Lucy, Shut Up Frank, Ellis
Noel Redding – with Fat Mattress, Lord Sutch and His Heavy Friends, Noel Redding and Friends, The Jimi Hendrix Experience (died May 11th, 2003)
Peter Kircher – with Honeybus, Liverpool Express, The Noel Redding Band, The Original Mirrors, Shanghai, The Status Quo

Lulu & The Luvvers

See the Lulu and Luvvers Discography Page

Lulu and the Luvvers: 1964 – 1966 – Lulu continued on solo into the 1970’s – All original members were formerly The Gleneagles (1963). Lula was Marie MacDonald Laurie.

Marie MacDonald Laurie (Lulu) – Vocals
Ross Nelson – Guitar  Departed 1965
Jim Dewar – Rhythm Guitar Departed 1965 – Later with Procol Harum, the Robin Trower Band (70s)
Alec Bell – Keyboards Later with the Rufus Stone Soul Band (70s – 80s)
Jimmy Smith – Sax Departed 1965
Tony Tierney – Sax Formerly with The Gleneagles
David Mullen – Drums Departed 1965
Henry Wright – Drums Arrived 1965 – Formerly with the Blues Council
David Wendels – Guitar Arrived 1965 – Departed 1966 – Formerly with Cliff Bennett & Rebel Rousers
Billy Bremmer – Guitar Arrived 1965 – Later with Dave Edmunds Rockpile (70s)

Lulu October, 1964

Kenny Lynch

Kenny was from London – was a member of The Crowd

Kenny Lynch – Arlen – 1964

Kenny Lynch – Liberty – 1964

Kenny Lynch September, 1963

Cash Box December 28th, 1963

1963 – XX (Need Image)

1964 – Arlen 750 – Make It Easy On Yourself b/w Monument (Need Images)

1964 – XX

1965 – XX

1965 – XX

1969 – XX


Lynn (France)


Donna Lynn (Invasion Novelty – Canada)

Donna is Donny Lynn Albano

1964 – O

LP – Capitol

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