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Beat-Era Group Rosters/Solo’s/Discographies
Alpha: M thru N

Rosters and solo artists from the “Invasion” Era with discographies for those who had releases in the U.S. Also some Invasion-Era groups from other European countries who did not have U.S. distribution.

Macchie (Italy)


Mack Crash (Germany)


The Mad Classix (Germany)


The Madmen (Sweden)


Marion Maerz (Germany)

Beat singer from the later 1960’s – real name Marion Litterscheid

The Maggots (Germany)


The Magic Bubble (Canada)


Brian Kirkwood
Buzz Robertson
Frank Rondell
Rita Rondell
Sonny Milne
Wade Brown

The Magic Herb (Germany)


The Magic Lanterns

The Magic Lanterns: 1966 – 1971- All members were formerly with the Sabres (1962)

Jimmy Bilsbury – Guitar
Peter Shoesmith – Guitar
Ian Moncur – Bass
Allan Wilson – Drums

1966 – DJPSO/X

1966 – O

1968 – DJX/O

1969 – DJX/O

1969 – XX

LP – Atlantic

The Magic Mixture


Jack Collins – with The Five Day Work Week Straw People
Melvyn Hacker
Stan Curtis
Terry Thomas – with Charlie

The Magics (Germany)


The Magna Carta


Alan Eden – with Mr. Fox; The Golant Pistons; The Mechanics
Chris Simpson – with Chris and Forbes; The Paul Stewart Movement
Davey Johnstone – with China; The Elton John Band; Fire Inc., The Warpipes
Doug Morter – with The Gathering; The Albion Band
Glen Stuart
Lee Abbott
Linda Simpson
Lydell Tranter
Spike Heatley – with Frog; The Be-Bop Preservation Society
Stan Gordon – with The Laurie Jay Combo
Tom Hoy – with The Natural Acoustic Band
Will Jackson

Magnet (France)

A late 1960’s band

Magnus Kvintett with Lars Waldefeldt

LP – Philips PY 842 554 – 1966 – Sweden

Maite (France)


The Majestiks (France)

The Majority

The group also performed as Black Label, Majority One and Cabbage


Barry Wigley – with Jo Ann and Barry
Ian Sutherland – with The Panics
Ken Smith
Peter Mizen – with Rocky Cabbage; The Panics
Robert Long

Mak Les Soeurs (Sweden)


Sim Malmquist

Cash Box November 28th, 1964

Mama Betty’s Band


Peter Hold


Man formed in 1968 evolving from The Bystanders


Bob Richards – with Buck & Evans; Deke Leonard’s Iceberg; Son of Man
Clive John – with Home; The Bystanders
Deke Leonard – with Deke Leonard’s Iceberg; The Force
George Jones
James Beck – with Omigosh
Jeff Jones – with The Bystanders; Wild Turkey
John Cipollina – with Copperhead; Dinosaurs; Fish N Chips; Problem Child; Quicksilver Messenger Service; Terry & The Pirates; Nick Gravenites & John Cipollina Band; Thunder and Lightning; Zero
John McKenzie – with Global Village Trucking Co.
John Weathers – with Big Sleep; Eyes of Blue; Gentle Giant; Peter Brown & Piblokto!; Wild Turkey
Josh Ace – with Omigosh
Ken Whaley – with The Archers; Deke Leonard’s Iceberg; Duck’s Deluxe; Help Yourself, The Green Ray, Tyla Gang
Malcolm Morley – with Help Yourself
Martin Ace – with Deke Leonard’s Iceberg; Omigosh; The Flying Aces, The Motors
Micky Jones – with The Attack; The Bystanders
Phil Ryan – with Big Sleep; Eyes of Blue; The Neutrons
Ray Williams
Rene Robrahn – with Cole and the Gang; The Soul Society
Terry Williams – with Celia and the Mutations; Dire Straits; Larry Wallis’ Psychedelic Rowdies; Love Sculpture, Nick Lowe’s Last Chicken in the Shop; Rockpile
Tweke Lewis – with Wild Turkey
Will Youatt – with Alkatraz; Deke Leonard’s Iceberg; The Neutrons

1969 – DJPSO/X

1969 – XX

LP – Philips 600-313 – Revelation – 1969

The Manchesters (Invasion Novelty)

David Gates was a member of this group – He would go on to Bread

1965 – O

Mandala (Canada)


Not much of an Invasion group – hailing from Canada – but having landed a U.S. recording contract. Formed in 1967 as Mandala.

Dominic Troiano – L Guitar Formerly with Canada’s Rogues/Five Rogues; Performed with US band The James Gang and later with The Guess Who (70s)
Joseph Chirwoski – Organ Formerly with Canada’s Rogues/Five Rogues; Later with Crowbar
Don Elliot – Bass Formerly with The Five Rogues; later with Milestone
Pentti Glan – Drums Formerly with Canadian band Whitey and The Roulettes; later with Bush
George Oliver – Vocals Later with The Soul Children; and Natural Gas; then George Oliver & Friends Later Members
Roy Kenner – Vocals Formerly with Canada’s RK and The Associates; then the Five Rogues; Later with The James Gang
Henry Babraj – Keyboards
Hugh Sullivan – Keyboards Formerly with Mr Paul & The Blues Council; later with Merryweather

1967 – O

1967 – XX b/w From Toronto – 67 (Need Image)

1968 – XX b/w Mellow Carmello Palumbo (Need Image)

LP – Atlantic 8184 – Soul Crusade – 1968

The Mandrake Paddle Steamer/Mandrake


Brian Engel – with Limey; The Liverpool Echo; The Loudspeakers; Prowler; The Shambles; Starbuck; The New Seekers; True Adventure
Martin Briley – with Greenslade; The Ian Hunter Band; Starbuck; True Adventure
Paul Riordan – with Bravada; The Gizmo Geeks

Mandrake Root

The original group formed in September until Ocotber 1967.

Matt Smith – Piano Formerly with The Crusaders (67)
Ritchie Blackmore -L Guitar See The Crusaders for a complete group listing
Ricy Munro – Drums

Manfred Mann

See the Manfred Mann U.S. Discography Page

Manfred Mann: 1963 – 1969 – All five original members were previously with the Mann Hugg Blues Brothers band from 1962 until 1963.

Manfred Mann – Keyboards Formely with Manfred Mann & the Manfreds (61); then The Mann Hugg Blues Band (62); , Later with Manfred Mann Chapter III (69-70), Manfred Mann’s Earth Band (72), The Manfreds (73)

Mike Hugg – Drums Formerly with Manfred Mann & the Manfreds (61); then The Mann Hugg Blues Band Later with Manfred Mann Chapter III

Mike Vickers – Guitar Departed Oct 1965 – Formerly with Manfred Mann & the Manfreds (61); then The Mann Hugg Blues Band (62)

Paul Jones – Vocals Formerly with The Mann Hugg Blues Band (62); Departed Jul 1966 – Formerly with Powerhouse (66), and Alex Korner’s Blues Incorporated – Later with The Bluesband (1979)

Dave Richmond – Bass Formerly with The Mann Hugg Blues Band (62); departed Jan 1966 – Formerly with Manfred Mann & the Manfreds (66)

Tom McGuiness – Bass Arrived Jan 1964 – Formerly with The Roosters (63); then with Casey Jones & the Engineers, Later with The Bluesband (79), McGuiness Flint

Henry Lowther – Trumpet Arrived Nov 1965 – Departed Jul 1966 – Also with the Graham Bond Organisation, John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers and the Keef Hartley Band

Lyn Dobson – Sax Arrived Nov 1965 – Departed Jul 1966

Pete Burford – Bass Arrived Nov 1965 temporarily then departed

David Hyde – Bass Departed late 1965

Jack Bruce – Bass Arrived Dec 1965 – Departed Jul 1966 to Cream – Formerly with John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, Powerhouse, Alex Koerner’s Blues Incorporated, The Graham Bond Quartert/Graham Bond Organisation (64), – Later with Ginger Baker’s Air Force, Lifetime (70-71), West, Bruce and Laing (72), Ringo’s All Star Band (98) – Also with Blind Faith – the Jack Bruce Band, Ringo’s All Star Band, the Johnny Burch Octet, the Roosters

Mike D’Abo – Vocals Arrived Jul 1966 – Formerly with A Band of Angels – Later with Smith D’Abo (76)

Klaus Voorman – Bass Arrived Jul 1966 from Paddy Klaus & Gibson; also with The Eyes – Later with The Plastic Ono Band, The Manfreds

Manfred Mann – August, 1964

Manfred Mann September, 1964

The Maniacs (Sweden)


The Mann-Hug Blues Band

Mann Hugg BB

The original group formed in December 1962 until May 1963.

Manfred Mann – Keyboards Early band was called Manfred Mann & the Manfreds (62), then Manfred Mann (May 63); Later with Manfred Mann Chapter III (69-70), Manfred Mann’s Earth Band (72), The Manfreds (73)
Paul Jones – Vocals Went to  Manfred Mann (May 63); also with Powerhouse (66), and Alex Korner’s Blues Incorporated – Later with The Bluesband (1979)
Mike Hug – Drums Went to  Manfred Mann (May 63); also with Manfred Mann & the Manfreds (62), Later with Manfred Mann Chapter III
Mike Vickers – Guitar Went to  Manfred Mann (May 63); earlier with Manfred Mann & the Manfreds (61)
Dave Richmond – Bass Went to  Manfred Mann (May 63); earlier with Manfred Mann & the Manfreds (66)
Ian Fenby – Trumpet
Tony Roberts – Sax
Don Fay – Sax

Manou (France)


The Mansfields

The original group formed in 1962 until August 1965.

Ric Lee – Drums Went to The Jay Birds (65); then to Ten Years After (66); later with Chicken Shack (80)
Stuart Lane – Guitar
Mick Hodgkinson – Bass
Keith Williams – Guitar

Manuela (Germany)


Char Marain (Germany)


The Marauders (Midland, Kent)

The Marauders – September, 1963

Bry Martin (lead guitar. vocals), Ken Sherratt (bass, vocals), Barry Sergeant (drums) and Danny Davis (guitar , vocals)

The Marbles


Graham Bonnet – with Alcatrazz; Anthem; Blackthorne; Forcefield; Graham Bonnet Band; Impellitteri; Rainbow; The Michael Schenker Group
Trevor Gordon – died January 9th, 2013

1969 – XX

1969 – XX

1969 – XX

1968 – Germany

The March Hare (Spain)


Gary Sulsh
Peter Skellern
Stuart Leathwood

Janie Marden

Was with Janie Marden and the Europeans – She was also a British actress

Jamie Marden October, 1962

1964 – XX

1965 – XX

Ernie Maresca (Invasion Novelty)

1964 – O

Margherita (Italy)


Margo & The Marvettes (Ireland)


Margo Burns
Ron Chimes – keyboards
Trevor Burns – guitar
Carson Boyd – drums
Brian Hudlestone – sax
Les McSheffrey – bass

1964 – XX

Maria (France)


The Marionettes

1965 – XX b/w Nobody But You (Need Image)

Marisol (France)


The Mark Four

Mark Four

The original group formed in 1963 until May 1966.  Groups origins were in the Blue Jacks.

John Dalton – Bass Went to The Kinks (66)
Mick Thompson – R Guitar
Eddie Phillips – L Guitar Went to Creation (66); Departed 1966
Jack Jones – Drums Went to Creation (66)
Kenny Pickett – Vocals Went to Creation (66)
Norman Mitham – L Guitar Formerly with Cliff Richard & The Shadows

Markan (France)


The Marmalade (Scotland)


Alan Whitehead – with Cops n Robbers; The Attack
Dean Ford – with Dean Ford and the Gaylords
Douglas Henderson  – with The Poets
Garth Watt-Roy – with Steamhammer; The Greatest Show on Earth; The Living Daylights; The Q Tips
Graham Knight – with Dean Ford and the Gaylords
Hugh Nicholson – with Blue; Radio Heart; The Poets; The Scots of St. James
Junior Campbell
Pat Fairley – with Dean Ford and the Gaylords
Sandy Newman –
Thomas McAleese – with Dean Ford and the Gaylords

1967 – DJO/X

1967 – XX

1968 – XX

1968 – Epic

1968 – XX

1968 – XX

1969 – XX

The Maroons (Germany)


The Marquees (Netherlands)


Beryl Marsden

1965 – Capitol – Who You Gonna Hurt?/Gonna Make Him My Baby

Gerry Marsden

Gerry was from Liverpool and headed up Gerry and the Pacemakers – He was with The Crowd; The Justice Collective

1967 – XX

Lena Martell (Scotland)

Real name Helen Thomson – recorded starting in the mid 60’s

George Martin

Martin was the fifth, sixth and seventh Beatle

1964 – United Artists – Ringo’s Theme/And I Love Her

1964 – XX

1965 – XX

1967 – XX

United Artists  3377 – “Off the Beatle Track” – Charted September 5th, 1964 – #111 – 10 Weeks on Hot 200



United Artists 3383 – “George Martin Plays A Hard Day’s Night” – Released 1964 – Did Not Chart



United Artists 3420 – “George Martin Scores Instrumental Hits” – Released 1965 – Did Not Chart


United Artists 3448 – “George Martin Plays Help” – Released 1965 – Did Not Chart



United Artists 3539 – “George Martin Salutes The Beatle Girls” – Released 1966 – Did Not Chart



United Artists 3647 – “London By George” – Released 1967 – Did Not Chart


Millicent Martin

1963 – XX

Seth Martin

Cash Box June 8th, 1968

Martinelli (France)


The Martinis

The original group formed in 1963 until May 1966.  Groups origins were in the Blue Jacks.

John Dalton – Bass Went to The Kinks (66)
Mick Thompson – R Guitar
Eddie Phillips – L Guitar Went to Creation (66); Departed 1966
Jack Jones – Drums Went to Creation (66)
Kenny Pickett – Vocals Went to Creation (66)
Norman Mitham – L Guitar Formerly with Cliff Richard & The Shadows

Mary-Christine (France)


Marvo and the Marvettes

1964 – XX

Mary Lee (France)


The Mascots (Sweden)


Anders Forsslund
Gunnar Idering
Kjell Jeppsson
Rolf Adolfsson
Stefan Ringbom


The Maskers (Holland)

Ador Otting
Alewijn Dekker
Bob Bouber
Hans De Hont
Jaap De Groot
Jan De Hont
Jan Otting

Massiel (Spain)


1968 – Bell – He Gives Me Love (La La La)/La La La

Bonnie Jo Mason – Cher (Invasion Novelty)

Image result for young cher bono

1964 – XX

Mandy Mason (alias Sandra Alfred)


Massot (Spain)


The Master Singers

1966 – PSO/X

Canada 1966

The Masterminds

The original group formed in Early 1964 until 1966.

Joey Molland – Guitar Formerly with The Assasins; and The Profiles; went to The Fruit Eating Bears (65-66); Gary Walker and the Rain;  then to Badfinger
Chris Findley – Keyboards went to The Fruit Eating Bears (65-66)
George Cassidy – Bass went to The Fruit Eating Bears (65-66);
Jay Rathbone – Drums went to The Almost Blues (64-69); later on with reformed Terry & The Cruisers
Dougie Meakin – Guitar

The Masters (France)


The Matadorerne (Denmark)


Tommy Pederseb
Urik Hansen
Frank Sveidahl
Irving Waldorff
Johnny Bjorn
Bobby Winson

The Matchmakers

1970 – O

Susan Maughan (Country Durham)

Susan Maughan – December, 1964

Was a member of the Ray Ellington Quartet

Mireille Mathieu

Mireille was 19 years old when she recorded this long play – She appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show in the U.S.

Cash Box April 27th, 1968

Atlantic 8127 – “The Fabulous New French Singing Star” – Released 1966 – Did Not Chart



LP – Barclay BLY 80.330 – En Direct De L’Olympia – 1966

LP – Barclay NO 80421 – Mireille Mireille – 1969

The Mat’s (Denmark)


John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers

See the John Mayall and Bluesbreakers U.S. Discography Page

Mayall's Bluesbreakers

Hold on to your seat belts – This group is a virtual who’s who in British rock and roll from the early days.   This group formed in early 1963 and continued into the 1980’s.

John Mayall – Blues Harp and more Formerly with Blues Syndicate (1962) and the Powerhouse Four (sometime Five)

Ricky Brown – Bass Departed soon after the band formed in 1963 – Formerly with Cyril Davies All Stars – The Rising Suns, Sean Buckley & the Breacrumbs; Later with Steampacket – Also with Georgie Fame & Blue Flames, Brian Auger & Trinity, Screaming Lord Sutch & His Savages

Sammy Prosser – Guitar Departed mid 1963

Davy Graham – Guitar Filled in for Sammy on occasion – Departed 4-63

Sam Stone – Drums Departed early 1963

Pete Bruford – Bass Arrived early 1963 and then promptly departed

John McVie – Bass Arrived in 1963 after Bruford – Formerly with the Powerhouse Four – Later to Fleetwood Mac

Brian Myall – Drums Arrived early 1963 after Stone – Departed 4-63

Keith Robertson – Drums Arrived 4-63 – Departs suimmer 63

John Gilbey – Guitar Arrives mid 1963 – Departs 7-63 to Screaming Lord Sutch & Savages

Bernie Watson – Guitar Arrives 7-63

Peter Ward – Drums Arrives 7-73 – Departs shortly afterwards

Martin Hart – Drums Replaces Ward in 63 – Departs 4-64

Hughie Flint – Drums Arrives 4-64 – Departs summer of 1966 or fall – Later with McGunnis-Flint; also with Free at Last

Roger Dean – Guitar Arrives 4-64 – Departs 1965 for Ronnie Jones & the Blue Jays – Formerly with The Powerhouse Four and The Nu Notes

Eric Clapton – Lead Guitar Arrives 4-65 – Departs 8-65 – Returns 11-65 – Departs summer of 1966 for Cream – Formely with The Roosters, Casey Jones & the Engineers, The Yardbirds – Also performed with Powerhouse (66) Blind Faith,  Delaney Bonnie & Friends, Derek & the Dominoes, the Eric Clapton Band,  the Greek Loon Band,

Jack Bruce – Bass Arrives late 1965 – Departs summer of 1966 for Cream – Formerly with The Powerhouse Four, Alex Koerner’s Blues Incorporated, The Graham Bond Quartet/Organiszation, Mandred Mann – Later with Aynsley Dunbar’s Retaliation, Ginger Baker’s Air Force – Also with Blind Faith, Cream, the Johnny Burch Octet, Ringo’s All Star Band, the Roosters, West-Bruce-Laing

Peter Green – Guitar Arrives summer of 1966 – Departs 5-67 to Fleetwood Mac – Formerly with Shotgun Express, Peter B’s Looners

Aynsley Dunbar – Drums Arrives summer of 1966 – Departs in early 1967 for The Jeff Beck Group – Formerly with Rory Storm & the Hurricanes, The Mojos, the Tridents – Later also formed Aynsley Dunbar’s Prescription and Aynsley Dunbar’s Retaliation – Also in American groups Journey and Jefferson Starship

Mick Fleetwood – Drums Arrives 4-67 – Formerly with Peter B’s Looners, Shotgun Express, The Bo Street Runners and The Cheynes – Fleetwood Mac

Mickey Waller – Drums Arrives mid 1967 – filling in for Fleetwood a few times

Mick Taylor -Guitar Arrives fall of 1967 – Departs 5-69 to Rolling Stones – Formerly with Danny Cannon & the Ramrods, The Gods, and Herbie’s People

Chris Mercer – Sax Arrives fall of 1967 – Departs 8-68

Keef Hartley – Drums Arrives Jun 1967; Departs 4-68 forms Keef Hartley Band; Formerly with The Ice Blues (64) also with The Artwoods; and Rory Storm & the Hurricanes

Rip Kant – Sax Arrives 6-67 – Departs fall of 1967

Terry Edmonds – Rhythm Guitar Arrives in June 67 – and departs after one month to The Ferris Wheel

Henry Lowthar – Trumpet Arrives 9-67- Departs 8-68 to Keef Hartley Band – Formerly with Manfred Mann – Also with the Graham Bond Organisation

Dick Heckstall-Smith – Sax Arrives 9-67 – Departs 9-68 to Colosseum – Formerly with The Graham Bond Organisation – Also with Alex Korner’s Blues Incorporated, the Graham Bond Quartet, the Johnny Burch Quartet

Paul Williams – Bass Arrives fall 1967 – Departs 4-68 – Formerly with Zoot Money’s Big Roll Band – Alex Korner’s Blues Incorporated

Keith Tillman – Bass Replaces Williams and soon departs 2-68

Andy Fraser – Bass Replaces Tillman – Departs 4/67 to join Free

Jon HIseman – Drums Arrives 4-68 – Departs to Colosseum 9-68 – Formerly with the Graham Bond Organisation

Tony Reeves Bass Arrives 4-68 – Departs 9-68 to Colosseum

Steve Thompson – Bass Arrives 8-68

Colin Allen – Drums Arrives 6-68 – Departs 5-69 to Stone the Crows – Formerly with Zoot Money’s Big Roll Band – later with Dantalion’s Chariot

Jeff Kribbeii – Guitar Arrives sometime in 1965 then departs

Alan Skidmore – Horns Arrives and departs in 1967

Ray Warleigh – Drums Arrives and departed in 1967 – Formerly with Wynder K. Frog

The Maze


Rod Evans (vocals) – with Captain Beyond; Deep Purple; The MI5
Ian Paice – with Deep Purple; Dick Pimple; The Green Bullfrog; Paice Ashton & Lord; The MI5; Whitesnake
Roger Lewis (guitar)
Chris Banham (keyboards)
Jack Keene (bass)

David Mc Callum (Scotland)

David was a Scottish actor who most prominently starred in “The Man From U.N.C.L.E”

LP – Capitol 2432 – Music A Part of Me – 1966 – Did Not Chart

LP – Capitol 2498 – A Bit More of Me – Released 1967 – Did Not Chart

Capitol 2748 – “Mc Callum” – Released 1968 – Did Not Chart



Peter McEnery

Peter Mcenery – February, 1965

McGregor’s Engine

The original group formed in January 1967 until November 1967.

Andy Pyle – Bass Went to Blodwyn Pig (68); later with Savoy Brown (71); Juicy Lucy (71); back and forth to Savoy Brown and Blodwyn Pig; finally to Chicken Shack (80)
Pete Fensome – Vocals Departed in 1967
Clive Bunker – Drums Went to Jethro Tull (67); later to Blodwyn Pig (74); then to Aviator (74)
Mick Abrahams – Guitar Went to Jethro Tull (67); then to Blodwyn Pig (68)

Val McKenna

1968 – XX

Senator Everett McKinley (Invasion Novelty)

Image result for senator everett mckinley

The Senator passed away on September 7th, 1969

1965 O

Pete McLaine & The Dakotas

MacLaine & Dakotas

The original group formed in 1962 until 1963.

Pete McLaine – Vocals Departed for Pete McLaine and The Clan (63)
Mike Maxfield – L Guitar To Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas (Jan 63)
Robin McDonald – R Guitar To Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas (Jan 63)
Tony Mansfield – Drums To Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas (Jan 63); Departed Aug 1966
Ray Jones – Bass To Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas (Jan 63); Departed 1964

Ross McManus & The Joe Loss Blue Beats

1964 – XX

Ian McShane

Ian McShane – November, 62

David McWilliams

Deceased January, 2002

The Measles

A Manchester Band formed in 1964


Paul Young with Gyro, Mike and the Mechanics, Sad Café, The Toggery Five, The Young Brothers
Stan Hoffman

The Mec Op Singers (France)


The Mecki Mark Men (France)


The Meddy Evils


Don Shinn
Roy Roberts

The Medium (Canada)



Alan Williams – with Baskin & Copperfield; The Rubettes
John Richardson – with Baskin & Copperfield; The Gass Company; The Medium; The Rubettes
Mike Gower

The Medium (Canada)


James Solkin
Neil Malott
Pierre Latreille
Robert Ellis
Steve Blackwell

1969 – LP – Gamma 503 – “The Medium”

The Mediums (France)


Gurwan Quinia
Herve Geneau
Phillippe Madd
Yves Botomisy

Melody (Italy)


The Melvis Gentlmen (Denmark)


The Memphis Three

The original group formed in 1962.

Gibson Kemp – Drums Formerly with The Night People; then to Rory Storm & The Hurricanes (Sep 62); then to Kingsize Taylor & The Dominoes (Feb 63); then The Eyes (Jul 64); next Paddy Klaus & Gibson (Mar 65)
Brendan McCormack – Guitar Later with The Harlems
John Bancroft – Bass

The Memphis R&B Combo

The original group formed in April 1964 until 1964.

Tommy Murray – L Guitar To The Kinsleys (64-65); then to The Krew (65)
Pete Orr – Drums Formerly with The Secrets (63-64)
Allan Collins – Bass
Eddie Forte – Guitar
Marion Hill – Vocals To Tiffany’s Thoughts (64)

Max Merritt & The Meteors (New Zealand)


Bob Bertles
Bruno Lawrnece
Peter Williams
Max Merritt

The Merry Boys (France)


The Merrymen (Sweden)


The Mersey Lads


The original group formed in December, 1960.  Orignally known as The Mavericks. The group was formerly known as the Mavericks and then the Pacifics.  Some members later became The Merseys (1966).

Billy Kinsley – Bass Departed for The Kinsleys (64-65); and returned to the group 1964; then to The Fruit Eating Bears/Merseys (66)
Tony Crane – Vocals Also with The Fruit Eating Bears
Dave Elias – R Guitar Departed 1962 to The Nocturns
Frank Sloane – Drums Departed 1962 to  The Nocturns
Billy Butler – Vocals Departed 1962 to Billy Butler & The Tuxedos (63-64)
Aaron Williams – R Guitar Arrived 1962
John Banks – Drums Arrived mid 1962
Johnny Gustafson – Bass Formerly with Cass & the Casanovas 1959; then to The Big Three 1961; then the Seniors 1963; Arrived Feb 1964; Departed 1964 to form The Johnny Gus Set Jan 1965
Bob Garner – Bass Arrived 1964; Departed 1964; went to The Kinsleys (Jun 64); then to Lee Curtis and The All Stars
Irene Hughes – Vocals Arrived 1962

Cash Box August, 1964

1964 – Fontana – I Think Of You/Mister Moonlight

1964 – O

1964 – Fontana – Last Night/See Me Back

1965 – XX

1965 – O

Arc International 834 – “England’s Best Sellers” – Released 1964 – Did Not Chart



1966 – DJO/X (The Merseybeats)

The Mersey Beats – October, 64

The Merseyboys

Vee Jay 1101 – “The 15 Greatest Songs Of The Beatles” – Released November, 1965 – Did Not Chart



The Messengers

1964 – MGM

1965 – MGM 13346 – When Did You Leave Heaven b/w More Pretty Girls Than One (Need Images)

The Meteors (Italy)


Andrea Mingardi
Daniele Guidazzi
Dodi Battaglia
Gilberto Faffioli
Marco Villotti

The Metro Blues Quintent (See Yardbirds)

Anne Michael (France)


Michael & the Firebirds (Germany)


The Mickey Finn

Recorded from 1965 until 1967


Alan Mark
Bernard Jory
Danny Peyronet with The Heavy Metal Kids, The Blue Max, Tarzen, UFO
Mickey Waller with The Heavy Metal Kids

Mighty Baby

Mighty Baby

The original group formed in October 1968.

Bam King – Guitar Formerly with The Boys; The Action (68); then went to Ace (72); Juice on the Loose
Mike Evans – Bass Formerly with The Action (68); then to Habibiyya (71)
Roger Powell – Drums Formerly with The Action (68); then to Habibiyya (71)
Ian Whiteman – Piano Went to Habibiyya (71)
Martin Stone – L Guitar Formerly with Savoy Brown and The Action; Later with Chilli Willi (72); then The Pink Fairies (75)


Mighty Baby - Head - Mighty Baby 69

The Migil 4 (Migil 5)

The group rose out of North London

1964 – XX

1964 – XX

1965 – XX

1965 – Hickory 1292 – Boys and Girls b/w Your Cheatin’ Heart (Need Images)

1963 UK

1964 UK

Mike & The Runaways (Spain)

Also known as the Beat-Mixers


Mike Kennedy – with Los Bravos

Mike & The Thunderbirds

The original group formed in 1961 until 1962.

Mike Byrne – Bass Then to Them Grimbles (64); then The Roadrunners (65-66)
Denis Aspinall – R Guitar
Clive Smith – Drums
Roy McDonald – L Guitar

Christa Miller (Germany)


Eva Miller (France)


Pete Miller

Was with Big Boy Pete and Offbeats Skiffle Group; The Magic Lanterns; Peter Jay and the Jayhawks; Shig & Buzz

Rex Miller (Invasion Novelty)

1964 – XX – b/w The Ballad of the Boss Bug

Garry Mills

Came out of Kent England

1960 – O

1960 – XX

1961 – XX b/w Treasure Island (Need Image)

Haley Mills

Haley Mills – September, 62

Johnny Milton & the Condors

Image result for johnny milton and condors

Also known as the Symbols


Mick Clarke
Johnny Milton
Rikki Smith
Clive Graham

Mina (Italy)

Cash Box August 7th, 1965


The Mindbenders

See the Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders Page

The Mindbenders: 1966 – 1968 – All three members backed Wayne Fontana earlier.

Eric Stewart – Guitar Later with 10CC and Hotlegs in the 1970s – Also with Wayne Fontana the Jets, Wayne Fontana & the Mindbenders
Bob Lang – Bass Also with Wayne Fontana & the Mindbenders, Wayne Fontana & the Jets
Rick Rothwell – Drums Also with Wayne Fontana & the Jets & Wayne Fontana & the Mindbenders
George Roberts – Drums Formerly with The Excheckers
Jimmy O’Neil – Keyboards Formerly with The Uglys (67)

The Ministry of Sound


Mickey Keen – with Sparrow; The 4 Instants
Robin Shaw – with First Class; The Flower Pot Men; White Plains

Minou & Pierre (Germany)


The Missiles (French)


Bernard Algarra
Manu Gonzales
Mickey Segura
Robert Suire

The Mission Belles (Germany)

1965 – XX

The Misunderstood (American Invaders)

Started off as a California surf band “The Blue Notes”. They migrated to London in 1966


Chris Mercer
David O’List
George Phelps
Glenn Ross Campbell
Greg Treadway
Guy Evans
Nic Potter
Rick Moe
Steve Hoard
Steve Whiting,
Tony Hill

Valerie Mitchell

U.K. singer who began  recording in 1965

The Mixed Bag


Bryan Watson
John Cook – with Kestrel; Midnight Flyer; Octopus; Slack Alice; Mungo Jerry
Malcolm Parry

The Mockingbirds

Group Members:

Bernard Basso
Graham Gouldman – The Graham Gouldman Thing; 10 cc; Common Knowledge; Frabjoy and Runcible Spoon; GG/06; The Crowd; The Mindbenders, The Whirlwinds; Wax
Kevin Godley – with 10cc; GG/06; Godley & Creme; Hotlegs; The New Wave Band; Yellow Brick Room Boom
Steve Jacobsen

1965 – XX

The Modern Sounds

Formed around 1964

The Mods (Germany)


The Mohawks


Alan Hawkshaw – with Bullet; Bizarre; Collage; Emile Ford & The Checkmates; Love De-Luxe; The Shadows
Graham Hawk
Harry Palmer – with The Palmer Brothers
Jeff Palmer – with The Palmer Brothers
Les Hurdle – with Bullet; Magician; Spaghetti Head; Graham Walker Sound; The Troll
Sidney Rodgers – with The Sidney Rogers Fighters

The Mojos

The Mojos – June, 1964

The original group formed in August, 1963.  Later in 1964 became Stu James & the Mojos.

Stu James – Piano/Vocals (Stu Slater) Formerly with The Nomads 1962
Keith Karlson – Bass Formerly with The Nomads 1962
John Kondrad – Drums Formerly with The Nomads 1962
Adrian  Wilkinson – Guitar Formerly with The Nomads 1962; Departed 1963 to The Mastersounds
Terry O’Toole – Piano Arrived Nov 1963; Departed Oct 1964
Nicky Crouch – Guitar Formerly with The Ravens (59-61); then Faron’s Flamingos (61-Nov 63); Arrived Nov 1963
Lewis Collins – Bass Arrived Dec 1964 from The Georgians

Aynsley Dunbar – Drums Arrived Dec 1964; Later with John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers (1966); Also in early 1967 for The Jeff Beck Group – Formerly with Rory Storm & the Hurricanes,  the Tridents – Later also formed Aynsley Dunbar’s Prescription and Aynsley Dunbar’s Retaliation, Also in American groups Jefferson Starship and Journey

1963 – XX

1964 – XX

1964 – XX

Mojos – September, 1964

Mojos – October, 64

The Moles (Scotland)

They also performed as Simon Dupree and The Big Sound, as well as Gentle Giant


Derek Shulman
Phillip Shulman
Ray Shulman

Olivia Molina (Denmark)

She recorded starting in 1965.

Bob Moline (Invasion Novelty)

1964 – O

The Moments


The Moments were formerly The Frantiks and came to be called Steve Marriott and the Moonlights – They also performed for a brief time as the Wondering Ones.

Steve Marriott – vocals and guitar Went to The Small Faces Then with the Apostolic Intervention, the Little People (65) – Later with Humble Pie; Syd Banger’s Wally Smashing Big Roll Band
Johnny Herve
Tony McIntyre
Colin Green
Dennis Thompson
Barry Hewitt – bass
Johnny Weider – guitar Formerly with Johnny Kidd & Pirates Also with The Animals; Family; Gulliver; Moonrider, Ro Ro; Stud
Allen Ellett – keyboards

1964 – XX (Need Image)

Zoot Money’s Big Roll Band

For a time – Zoot Money was backed by members of The Mike Cotton Sound


George Bruno (Zoot Money) – Organ Later with the Alex Korner’s Blues Incorporated, the Animals, the British Blues Quintet,
Andy Somers – Guitar Later with the Animals – and the Police (1980s)
Colin Allen – Drums Later with the British Blues Quintet – John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, Stone the Crows, Dantalion’s Chariot
Roger Collis – Guitar
Johnny Almond – Flute Later with Mark-Almond
Nick Newell – Sax
Mike Montgomery – Bass
Pete Brooks – Drums
Johnny King – Bass
Kevin Drake – Sax

1966 – DJO/X

Epic -“The All Happening Zoot Money’s Big Roll Band” – Released 1967



Monika & The Samurays (Germany)

Monique & The Tridents (Germany)


The Monks (Germany)


The Monotones

1964 – XX

1965 – Hickory 1306 – When Will I Be Loved b/w If You Can’t Give Me All (Need Images)

1966 – ABC-Paramount 10796 – Crystal Ball b/w A Thousand Faces (Need Images)

The Montanas

The Montanas: 1964 – 1968 – Perfomed into the 1980’s.

Bill Hayward – Guitar
Graham Crew – Drums Departed 1967
Ralph Oakley – Bass Departed 1967
John Jones – Vocals Departed 1968
Terry Rowley – Keyboards Arrived 1966
Jake Elcock – Bass Arrived 1967 – Departed 1968; formerly with The Sounds of Blue (64-65)
Graham Hollis – Drums Arrived 1967
Ian Lees – Bass Arrived 1968
George Davies – Vocals Arrived 1968

Cash Box April 22nd, 1967

1966 – XX

1967 – XX

1967 – XX

1967 – O

1967 – XX

1968 – XX

1968 – XX

1968 – O

1969 – Independence 93 – Heaven Help You b/w Round About (Need Images)

1967 UK

The Moody Blues

See The Moody Blues U.S. Discography Page

The Moody Blues formed in 1964 and ran forever – Denny Laine was an original member – Anchor band members John Lodge and Justin Haywood both arrived in 1966 after the departure of Laine who would join “Balls” and then “Wings” and finally “Denny Laine’s Electric String Band


Clint Warwick – Bass Departed Nov 1966
Denny Laine – Guitar Departed late 1966 – Formerly with the Johnny & the Dominators, Denny Laine & Diplomats, Later with Balls, and Wings – The Denny Laine’s Electric String Band
Ray Thomas – Flute Formerly with El Riot & the Rebels, the Krew Kats
Graeme Edge – Drums Formerly with Gerry Levine & the Avengers
Mike Pinder – Keyboards Formerly with El Riot & the Rebels, the Krew Kats
John Lodge – Bass Arrived Nov 1966 – Formerly with El Riot & the Rebels
Justin Hayward – Guitar Arrived Nov 1966 – Formerly with Marty Wilde & The Wilde Three
Rod Clark – Bass Arrived and Departed in 1966

The Moody Stones (France)


The Moonjacks (Sweden)


The Moonlighters  (Sweden)


The Moonlights (Germany


Harv Moore (Invasion Novelty)

1965 – XX

The Moquettes

MGM 4306 – “British Go-Go” – Released 1966 – Did Not Chart



Metro 577 – “Mickie Most Presents English In-Groups” – Released 1966 – Did Not Chart
(This is a budget release of MGM 4306)



Van Morrison

Van started off with Ireland’s Monarchs before joining mainstream group Them. He departed and for a short time did perform with a reassembly of Them before permanently going solo.

Cash Box December 23rd, 1967

1967 – Brown Eyed Girl/Goodbye Baby

1967 – Ro Ro Rosey/Chick-A-Boom

1967 – Flexi Hip Pocker – XX

1969 – XX

Bang – “Blowin’ Your Mind” – Charted October 7th, 1967 – #182 – 7 Weeks on Hot 200

Morrison, Van - Bang - Blowin Your Mind


Columbia Special Products 13698 – “Superstars/Superhits No. 2” – Released 1967 – Did Not Chart
(Contains track “Brown Eyed Girl”)


Warner Bros. 1768 – “Astral Weeks” – Released 1968 – Did Not Chart




LP – Bang BLP-222 – The Best Of Van Morrison – 1970

LP – Warner Bros. WS 1836 – Moondance – 1970

The Mortiferos (Italy)


The Mosquitas (Argentina)

Gene Moss (Invasion Novelty)


1964 – LP – RCA Victor 2977 – “Dracula’s Greatest Hits”

Mickie Most (& The Gear)

Was a member of Mickie Most & His Playboys; The Most Brothers

Cash Box December 26th, 1964

Cash Box August 14th, 1965

Cash Box July 3rd, 1966

Cash Box July 6th, 1968

1964 -XX b/w It’s A Little Bit Hot (Need Image)

The Motherlode (Canada)

The Motherlode formed in 1969 in London, Ontario Canada – They evolved out of the Canadian band “The Soul Searchers” and then “Grant Smith and the Power”

Original Members:

William Smith
Ken Marco
Steve Kennedy
Wayne Stone

1969 – LP Buddah 5046 – “When I Die”

The Motions (Holland)

Gerard Romeyn
Henk Smitskamp
Jan Vennik
Leo Bennink
Robbie van Leeuwen
Rudy Bennett
Sieb Warner

Cash Box December 17th, 1966

1969 – LP Philips 600-317 – “Electric Baby”

The Motions (Invasion Novelty)

1964 – DJO/X

The Motowns – Italy

Group formed in the mid 1960’s


Dave Sumner – with Camel, Godfather, Camaleonti, Rocking Horse, Sopworth Camel, The Primitives
Douglas Meakin – with Blizzard, The Crazy Gang, F.M. 2, Godfather, I Drago, Rocking Horse, Superband, Superbots, Tortuga
Lally Stott – with Four Just Men, The Lovebirds
Michael Brill – with Blizzard, Godfather, I Pepper, Rocking Horse, Thane Russal & Three
Mike Logan – with Bonaventura, Dhuo, Slot Machine

Mott the Hoople

This group formed in the late 1960’s

Blue Weaver – with Amen Corner; The Bee Gees; Fair Weather; The Strawbs
Mick Ronson – with David Bowie; Friends; Ronno; Spiders from Mars; The Rats; The Hunter Ronson Band; The Treacle
Morgan Fisher – with The British Lions; Morgan; Punky and Porky; The Burtons; The Cage; The Incestors; The Paper Bags; The Love Affair; The Pipettes
Ian Hunter
Mick Ralphs – with Bad Company; Mick Ralphs Blues Band

Geoff Mott & The Mottoes


Clive Welham – Drums Formerly with The Hollerin’ Blues (62); Went to The Ramblers (62); then The Joker’s Wild (63); departed 1966
Geoff Mott – Vocals Went to The Boston Crabs
Nobby Clarke – Guitar
Roger Waters – Bass Went to Sigma 6 (63); then to Leonard’s Lodgers (64); the The Pink Floyd (64)
Syd Barrett – Guitar
Tony Sainty – Bass Went to The Joker’s Wild (63)

Nana Mouskouri

LP – Fontana SRF 67594 – Nana Mouskouri Sings Over and Over – 1969 (Canada)

The Move


The original group formed in February 1966 until 1971.


Ace Kefford – Bass Formerly with Carl Wayne & The Vikings (64-65); formed the Ace Kefford Stand (68)
Carly Wayne – Vocals Formerly with Gerry Levene & The Avengers (63-64); then Carl Wayne & The Vikings (64-65); departed in 1970
Roy Wood – Guitar Formerly with Mike Sheridan & The Nightriders (66); then later to ELO; Roy Wood’s Wizard; and The Wizzo Band
Bev Bevan – Drums Formerly with Denny Laine & The Diplomats (62); then  Carl Wayne & The Vikings (64-65); later with ELO
Trevor Burton – Guitar Formerly with Danny King & The Mayfair Set (64-66); later on with Balls; then The Steve Gibbons Band
Richrad Tandy – Keyboards Arrived 1968; went to The Uglys (68); then later to ELO

1967 – Night of Fear/The Disturbance

1967 – XX

1967 – Flowers in the Rain/The Lemon Tree

1968 – Fire Brigade/Walk Upon the Water

1968 – XX

1969 – XX – Side 2: Curly/Blackberry Way (Need Image)

1969 – Blackberry Way/Something

A&M 4259 – “Shazam” – Released 1969 – Did Not Chart

Move - A&M - Shazam 69

The Moving Finger

This Norwich group was initially known as The Anglians


Ken Elliott
Kieran O’Connor – with The Seventh Wave; Arthur Kay & the Originals; Chillum; Diz and the Doormen; Second Hand

Mrs. Brown’s Lovely Daughter Carol (Invasion Novelty)

1965 – DJO/X

Zeke Mullins (Invasion Novelty)

Image result for zeke mullins musician

1964 – XX b/w Hootenanny Polka (Need Image)

Mitch Murray

1966 –

The Musical College (Germany)


The Mustang (Spain)


The Mustard/Teargas

Tear Gas

The original group formed in 1968 until August 1972 as Tear Gas.

Andy Mulvey – Vocals Formerly with The Poets (68)
Chris Glen – Bass Later to Sahb (72); then Zal (77); MSG (80)
Zal Cleminson – Guitar Later to Sahb (72); Zal (77) then Nazereth (78)
Eddie Cambell – Keyboards
Richard Monro – Drums Formerly with Mandrake Root (67)
Gilson Lavis – Drums
David Batchelor – Keyboards

The Mystery Tour (Invasion Novelty)

1969 – O

The Namelosers (Sweden)

Formed in 1962 then changing their names to The Beatchers


Anders Lagerlöf
Christer Nilsson
Johnny Andersson
Per Arnkull
Tommy Hansson (3)


Nanette (France)


The Nashmen (Sweden)


The Nashpool Four

The original group formed in July 1963.
Eric Savage – Bass Went to The St Louis Checks (Jun 64)
Syd Edwards – L Guitar Formerly with The Ventures
Eddie Edwards – Drums
Ian Ferguson – Guitar

The Nashville Five

Studio-only band made up from the cream of London session musicians:

Big Jim Sullivan – guitar
Eric Ford – guitars
Reg Guest – keyboards
Alan Weighell  – bass
Andy White – drums

1962 – O

The Nashville Teens

The Nashville Teens original members had all been in the “Cruiser’s Rock Combo” before forming the Nashville Teens in 1962.

Arthur Sharpe – Vocals
Ray Phillips – Bass
John Hawken – Piano Formerly with The Cruiser’s Rock Combo – Later with Renaissance (70), the Strawbs (70s)
Mick Dunford – Guitar Departed 1963 – Formerly with The Cruiser’s Rock Combo, Later with the Plebs, Renaissance
Pete Harris – Bass Formerly with the Cruiser’s Rock Combo
David Maine – Drums Departed 1962 – Formerly with the Cruiser’s Rock Combo
Pete Shannon – Guitar
Roger Groome – Guitar Arrived 1962 – Departed 1963 – Returned 1966 – Played with the Animals (66)
Barry Jenkins Formerly with Don Adams & the R&B Trio (62-63); Arrived 1963 – Departed 1966 – Later to the Animals – Later with Heavy Jelly
Terry Crowe – Vocals Arrived 1963 – Later with the Plebs, Renaissance
John Allen – Guitar Arrived 1963
Neil Corner – Bass Arrived 1963 – Formerly with the New Vaudeville Band

1964 – Tobacco Road/I Like It Like That

1964 – DJO/X

1965 – DJX/O (Need Image)

1965 – This Little Bird/What You Gonna Do

1965 – XX b/w Soon Forgotten (Need Image)

1966 – DJX/O

1967 – XX

London 3407 – “The Nashville Teens – Tobacco Road” – Released 1964 – Did Not Chart



The Nashville Teens – August, 1964

Natcha & Harvey (France)


The Naturals

This group was known as the Blue Beats (not the Johnny & Blue Beats group) – and also The Cossacks

1964 – XX

1965 – Liberty 55758 – It Was You b/w Look at Me Now (Need Images)

Vackay Neckar

1968 – Czechoslovakia

NEMS Enterprises (Brian Epstein British Groups)

Cash Box March 7th, 1964

Nero & The Gladiators

The original group formed in January 1960 until April 1964.

Mike O’Neill (Nero) – Piano Went to Tony Colton & The Crawdaddies (Aug 64); then The Ivy League (Feb 65)
Boots Slade – Bass Went to Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames (61); then to The Alan Price Set (Nov 65)
Laurie Jay – Drums Formerly with Russ Sainty & The Nu Nutes (58-59); then to Chris Wayne & The Echoes (May 61)
Colin Green – Guitar Went to Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames (61
Don Adams – Guitar Arrived 1961; Departed 1961 to form The Don Adams Group
Keith Charles – Guitar Departed 1961
Tommy Brown – Drums Arrived May 61
Tommy Frost – Drums Arrived 1961; Departed 1962
Tony Harvey – Guitar Arrived 1961; went to Vince Taylor & Noise
Buddy Monroe – Guitar Arrived 1961; Departed 1962
Diz Disley – Guitar Arrived 1962 and departed soon after
Mick Jones – Guitar Arrived Oct 1962; later on with Foreigner
Jim Cannon – Bass Arrived 1962
Ralph Banks – Guitar Arrived 1962;  went to Vince Taylor & Noise
Alan Bugby – Bass Arrived 1962;  went to Vince Taylor & Noise

Neros Blue Sounds (Germany)


The Nerve

The Nerve were from Hampshire forming around 1966.

Ian Day
Robb Duffy
Steve Taylor
Barry Satchelle
Robin Hirst

1969 – XX

New Dada (Italy)


Ferruccio Sansoni
Franco Jadanza
Giandomenico Crescentini
Gilberto Ziglioli
Maurizio Arcieri
Renato Vignocchi

The New Formula

The New Formula formed out of Northampton in 1967 and lasted about two years.

Ricky Dodd
Martin Fallon
Mike Harper
Bruce Carey
Tommy Guthrie

1968 – XX

The New Faces


Marie Gordon Price

1965 – O

1965 – Dot 16777 – Never Gonna Love Again b/w You’ll Be Too Late (Need Images)

1966 – Dot 16858 – Like a Man b/w Shake Up the Party (Myra) (Nee Images)

1968 – DJX/O

1968 – XX

The New Inspiration (Belgium)


Danny Sinclair
Eddy Vanderlinden
Guido Wolfaert
Yves De Vriendt

The New Trolls (Italy)


The New Vaudeville Band

The New Vaudeville Band: 1966 – 1967

Henry Harrison – Drums Formerly with Cops n Robbers
Bob Kerr – Sax Formerly with the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band – Later with Bob Kerr’s Whoopee Band
Alan Klein – Vocals
John Carter – Vocals Formerly with The Ivy League, Carter-Lewis & the Southerners, and the Flowerpot Men
Neil Corner – Bass Later with The Nashville Teens
Geoff Stevens
Mike Wilsher – Guitar
Stan Heywood – Keyboards
Hugh Watts – Horns
Chris Eddy – Bass

Cash Box November 19th, 1966

Cash Box March 18th, 1967

1966 – Winchester Cathedral/Wait For Me Baby

1966 – XX

1967 – Peek A Boo/Amy

1967 – DJPSO/X

1967 – XX

1968 – O

1968 – XX

Fontana 67560 – “Winchester Cathedral” – Charted December 10th, 1966 – #5 – 31 Weeks on Hot 200



Fontana 67568 – “On Tour” – Released 1966 – Did Not Chart



Fontana 67570 – “England’s Greatest Hits – Released mid 1960’s – Did Not Chart
(Contains “Winchester Cathedral” by The New Vaudeville Band)



RCA 4080 – “The Bliss of Mrs. Blossom” – Released 1968 – Did Not Chart
(Contains “I Think I’m Beginning to Fall in Love” by The New Vaudeville Band)






The New York Public Library


Sam Clark
Topper Clay
Pete Morrison
Karl Rylander
Dave Bower
Tez Stokes
Brian Morris – with Badger; Parrish & Gurvitz; The Knack; The Londoners


1966 – XX (Need Image)

The New Seekers (Australia)

Formed on the break up of The Seekers in 1969


Brian Engel – with Limey; The Liverpool Echo; The Loudspeakers; Mandrake Paddle Steamer; Prowler; The Shambles; Starbuck; True Adventure
Roger Potger – with The Seekers
Lyn Paul – with The Nocturnes
Caitriona Walsh
Marty Kristian – with Peter Paul and Marty
Eve Graham – with The Nocturnes; Viva
Nicola Kerr – with The Chips; The Swarbriggs Plus Two

The Newcomers


The original group formed in early 1960’s. until about 1962   Also called Margo and the Newcomers.

Dave Gilmour – Guitar Went to The Ramblers (62); then to Bullitt (67) and then to Pink Floyd (68)
Ken Waters – Vocals To The Louis Prokovsky Seven
Peter Ellerton – Guitar
Eric Laycock – Drums
Margarette Ellerton – Vocals (Margo)

The News

A Norwegian Beat Group who began as The Continentals
Andy Fields – keyboards
Ivan Zagni – guitar
Harvey Platt – bass
Denny Royal – drums
Peter Miller – guitar Earlier with Peter Jay & the Jaywalkers; Performed as a solo act as “Big Boy Pete”

The Nice

The Nice formed in 1967. Most noted member was Keith Emerson who went on with Emerson, Lake, & Palmer in the 1970’s.

PP Arnold – Vocals Departed to form own group (67)
David O’List – Guitar Departed 1968; later to Roxy Music; Jet
Lee Jackson – Bass Later to Refugee (73)
Keith Emerson – Organ Later to Emerson Lake & Palmer (70-78)
Ian Hague – Drums Departed 1967
Brian Davison – Drums Formerly with The Habits & Attack – Later to Refugee (73)

1968 – XX

1968 – XX

1968  – XX

Immediate 52022 – “The Nice” – Released 1967 – Did Not Chart

NIce - Immediate - The Nice

NICE 01 - NIR NICE 01 - NIR_0001

Immediate 52004 – “The Thoughts of Emerlist DavJack” – Released 1968 – Did Not Chart

Nice - Immediate - The Thoughts of Emerlise Dau Jack


Immediate 52020 – “Ars Longa Vita Brevis” – Released 1969 – Did Not Chart

NICE 03 NICE 03_0001

Immediate 52022 – “Everything’s As Nice As Mother Makes It” – Released 1969 – Did Not Chart

Nice - Immediate - Everything's as Nice as Mother Makes It

NICE 04 NICE 04_0001

LP – Columbia Special Product

LP – Germany

Billy Nicholls

Was later in White Horse

Nicky & The Shouts (Netherlands)


Nico (Germany)

Nico was German-born Christa Paffgen who performed with “The Velvet Underground” in New York City.  She died on July 18th, 1988 from a heart attack following a bicycle ride.

1967 – LP – Verve 5032 – “Chelsea Girl”

1968 – LP – Elektra 74029 – “The Marble Index”

Jimmy Nicol and the Shudubs

British drummer, born in London August 3rd 1939, he played some live shows with The Beatles in Europe and Australia in June 1964 having already learned the parts playing Beatles cover versions with music director Johnny Harris.


Jimmie Nicol (drums),
Quincy Davis (tenor sax)
Bob Garner (bass)
Roger Coulam (organ)
Johnny Harris (trumpet)
Tony Allen (vocals)

1964 – Humpty Dumpty/Night Train

1965 – XX

Sue Nichols

Recorded on Pye in 1968

The Night Rockers (France)


Armand Massaux – with Blue Rock

The Nightsounds

The original group formed in October 1962 until November 1962.

Albert Lee – Guitar Formerly with The Blackheath Three (60); then with Bob Xavier & The Jury;(61-62); then to Don Adams & The R&B Trio (62-63); Neil Christian & The Crusaders (late 1963); Mike Hurst & The Method (64); Chris Farlowe & The Thunderbirds (64); and Country Fever (68); later on with Poet and The One Man Band (69); Heads Hands and Feet (70-72); The Crickets (73-74); Joe Cocker & The Cock n Bull Band (73); The Albert Lee Band (75); Emmylou Harris & the Hot Band (76-78); The Eric Clapton Band (79 and on).
Tony Middleton – Drums
John Puddy – Sax
Ricky Barnes – Sax
Pat Donaldson – Bass Formerly with Bob Xavier and The Jury(61-62); went to Dantalian’s Chariot; then  Country Fever (68); later with Poet and The One Man Band (69); and Fotheringay

The Nightimers


Junior Marvin – with Bob Marley & The Wailers; The Keef Hartley Band
Ronnie Jones – with The Band of Jocks; Tour De Force
Herbie Goins – with Blues Incorporated; The Soultimers
John McLaughlin – with The One Truth Band; The Trio of Doom
John Perry
John Baldwin – with Led Zeppelin (he is John Paul Jones) – with Minibus Pimps’ Them Crooked Vultures

The Nimrods

They backed French singer Johnny Hallyday


Mick Jones – with Foreigner; Spooky Tooth; State of Micky and Tommy; The Leslie West Band; Wonderwheel
Tommy Brown – with State of Micky and Tommy; The Blackburds; The J & B

Nina & Frederick (Denmark)



Formed in early 1967 as a duo but recruited others in order to make live appearances. These guys started off as a duo in 1967 and then expanded to a full-size progressive band. Neither of these LP’s show up very often!

Alex Spyrpoulis – Vocals
Patrick Campbell-Lyons – Guitar
Ray Singer – Guitar
Brian Henderson – Bass
Sylcia Schuster – Cello Later to the BBC Symphony Orchestra
Michale Cole – Horns

1968 – XX

1968 – XX

1968 – XX

Bell 6015 – “The Story of Simon Simopath” – Released 1968

Nirvana - Bell - Story of Simon SimopathNIRVANA 01 COV A


Bell 6024 – “All of Us” – Released 1969

Nirvana - Bell - All of UsNIRVANA 02 COV


The Nite People

Recorded in 1968 into the 1970’s

Nives (Italy)

She was Nives Gazziero – Italian Beat Girl

LP – MGM 4584 – Nives

Patsy Ann Noble (Australia)

Patsy Ann Noble – January, 64

Patsy Ann Noble – Capitol 1965

The Nocturnals (Canada)

The Nocturnes


Eve Graham – with The New Seekers; Viva
Lyn Paul – with The New Seekers
Ross Mitchell

The Nocturns

The original group formed in May 1963 until 1964.

Steve Aldo – Vocals Departed for The Griff Parry Five; also with The Challengers; and The Dominoes; Also with The Krew; and later with The Fix
Frank Sloan – Drums
Dave Foley – Bass
Keith Draper – L Guitar
Brian Cox – R Guitar
Dave Wilcox – Vocals
Dave Elias – R Guitar

1965 – XX b/w Sha-La-La (Need Image)

Daniel Noel (France)


Marjorie Noel

Real name Francoise Nivot began recording in 1964

Nomadi (Italy)

Formed in 1965

The Nomads

The original group formed in May 1963 until 1964.

Steve Aldo – Vocals Departed for The Griff Parry Five; also with The Challengers; and The Dominoes; Also with The Krew; and later with The Fix
Frank Sloan – Drums
Dave Foley – Bass
Keith Draper – L Guitar
Brian Cox – R Guitar
Dave Wilcox – VocalsDave Elias – R Guitar

Nora Nora (Germany)


Normanni (Italy)


Caroline (North)

From Germany

Pavel Novak

1968 – Czechoslovakia

N.S.U. (Scotland)


John Pettigrew
Ernest Rea
Peter Nagle

The Nursery Rhymes (Sweden)


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