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Beat-Era Group Rosters/Solo’s/Discographies
Alpha: O thru Q

Rosters and solo artists from the “Invasion” Era with discographies for those who had releases in the U.S. Also some Invasion-Era groups from other European countries who did not have U.S. distribution.


A late 1960’s U.K. band


Paul Griggs – with Guys n Dolls; The Cortinas
Rick Williams
Tim Reeves – with II Baritz; Mungo Jerry; The Ain’ts; The Fox
Brian Glascock – with Captain Beyond, Carmen; Head Machine; The Favourite Sons; The Gods; The Hi Numbers; The Motels
John Cook – with Kestrel; Midnight Flyer; Mungo Jerry; Slack Alice; The Mixed Bag
Malcolm Green – with The Split Enz; The Mal Green Sound
Nigel Griggs – with II Barritz; Khan; Noel’s Coward; Split Enz; The Cortinas

Odin’s People


Elaine Thompson
Derek Thompson
Larry Johns

Esther & Abi Ofarim (Israel)

Cash Box November 11th, 1966

Cash Box March 3rd, 1966

1968 – Cinderella Rockafella/

O’Hara’s Playboys

Formed in 1966 or so in Sheffield

John O’Hara – Vocals
Dave Bowker – Bass – with ABC; Eclection, Limey
Dave McHarg – Drums
Tony Prosser – Guitar
Bill Simpson – L Guitar

45 – Fontana 1572- Start All Over b/w I’ve Been Wondering (Need Images) – 1967

LP – Fontana 67581 – “Get Ready” – Released1968 – Did not Chart



Ola & The Janglers (Sweden)

Ola & Janglers

Ola & The Janglers were from Sweden and formed in 1962 and had a long run.

Ola Hakansson – Vocals
Chester Idering – Guitar
Johnny Ludin – Guitar
Claes Geijerstam – Guitar
Johannes Olsson – Organ
Lennart Gudmundsson – Bass
Ake Eldsater – Bass
Leif Johansson – Drums

Cash Box October 8th, 1966

1967 – I Can Wait/Eeeny Meeny Miney Moe

1969 – O

1969 – XX

GNP 2050 – “Let’s Dance” – Released 1968 – Did Not Chart

Ola & Janglers - GNP - Let's Dance


Andrew Loog Oldham

Andrew was a British record producer most notably working with The Rolling Stones. He fronted “The Andrew Oldham Orchestra” on occasion for recording purposes. He also produced for Gene Pitney, Dick and Dee Dee and Marianne Faithfull.

Cash Box December 26th, 1964

Cash Box August 14th, 1965

Cash Box July 2nd, 1966

Cash Box September 23rd, 1967

LP – London – “The Rolling Stones Songbook” – Released 1965 – Did Not Chart
(Instrumental Versions of the Rolling Stones Biggest Hits)



LP – Parrot 71003 – “East Meets West” – Released 1966 – Did Not Chart
(Famous Hits of The Beach Boys and Four Seasons)



Oliver’s Heavenly Nest

1967 – O

Olivia (France)


The Olympians (Greece)

Formed in 1965

Olympic (Czechoslovakia)

Formed in late 1960’s

The Ombres (Belgium)

This group became The Klan


Luc Hensill

Omega (Hungary)

This group formed in 1962

One In a Million (Scotland)

U.K. group formed in 1967


Alan Young
Jack McCulloch – with Andromeda; Bent Frame; Andwella’s Dream; Thunderclap Newman
Jimmy McCulloch – with Bent Frame; John Mayall; The Small Faces; Stone The Crows; The Dukes; Thunderclap Newman; Tundra; Wild Horses; Wings
William Scenters

The Op’ 4 (France)


The Open Mind

U.K. group started off as The Apaches and then became the Drag Set


Mike Brancaccio
Philip Fox
Terry Schneider
Timothy Du Feu



Jamie Rubinstein – with Byzantium
Julian Diggie – with The Movies
Robin Sylvester – with Rat Dog; Steve Seskin and Friends

The Orange Machine (Ireland)

Formed out of Dublin in 1967


Jimmy Greally
Robin Crowley
Ernie Durkan
Tommy Kinsella

The Orient Express (Belgium)


Bruno Giet
Farshid Golsorkhi
Guy Duris

1969 – LP Mainstream 6117 – “The Orient Express”

The Original All Stars

Original All Stars

The original group formed in June, 1963.

Frank Bowen – L Guitar Formerly with Lee Curtis & the All Stars (62-63); Later with Earl Royce & the Olympics (65-66); also had been with Pathfinders, Beachcombers, Mike & the Merseymen, The Trends
Tony Waddington – Guitar Formerly with Gene Day & The Jango-Beats (60-62); then to Lee Curtis & The All Stars (62-63); Later with The Pete Best Four (63-65); then to The Pete Best Combo (65-66)
Wayne Bickerton – Bass Formerly with Steve Bennett & The Syndicate (61-62); then to Lee Curtis & The All Stars;(62-63); Later with theThe Pete Best Four (63-65); then to The Pete Best Combo (65-66)
Pete Best – Drums Formerly with The Black Jacks (59-60); the to The Beatles (60-62); next to Lee Curtis & The All Stars (62-63); Later with The Pete Best Four (63-65); then to The Pete Best Combo (65-66)
Cliff Barton – Bass Formerly with Cyril Davies R&B All Stars and The Alan Price Set, Long John Baldry’s Hoochie Coochie Men, Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames later with Free at Last
Geoff Bradford – Guitar Witn The Long  Long John Baldry’s Hoochie Coochie Men (12/64) – Formerly with Blues by Six (63), then Cyril Davies R&B All Stars (63/64) – Also with the Rolling Stones, the Rising Suns

The Original Beachers (Sweden)


The Original Blue Moons (Germany)

The Original Caste (Canada)

They formed in 1966 and went through many members


Bruce Innes – with Josh White
Bliss Mackie
Peter Brown – drums
Joe Cavendor
Dixie Lee Tone
Graham Bruce

1968 – XX

1968 – XX

1969 – O (Need Image)

LP – TA 5003 – One Tin Soldier – 1969

The Originells 4

1965 – XX

Orme (Italy)


The Os Claves (Spain)

The Other Two

Both were in the New Order


Gillian Gilbert
Stephen Morris

1965 – XX

The Others


Nigel Baldwin – drums
Bob Freeman – rhythm guitar, vocals – with High Noon; McLintock, The Sands; Sun Dragon, The Cruisers
Ian McLintock – bass  – with High Noon; McLintock; Sun Dragon; The Cruisers
John Standley – lead guitar
Paul Stewart – vocals

1964 – Fontana 1955 – Oh Yeah! b/w I’m Taking Her Home (Need Images)

Our Generation (Canada)

Recorded in 1967


Bob Burgess – with The Haunted
Gary Marcus – with The Haunted
Jean Pierre Lauzon
Louis McKelvey – with The A Cads; Influence
Nick Farlowe – with The Haunted
Tim Forsythe

The Outer Limits

The Outer Limits emerged from Leeds around 1966 and ran into the early 1970s

Jeff Christie Later with Christie
Stan Drogle
Gerry Smith
Gerry Layton

1967 – XX

The Outlaws

The original group formed in September 1961 until June 1965.

Mike Berry – Vocals Departed to form Mike Barry & The Innocents (62)

Chas Hodges – Bass Formerly with The Stormers (60); went to Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers (65); then to The Roy Young Band, and then Black Claw, later on in Heads Hands and Feet

Reg Hawkins – R Guitar Formerly with The Stormers (60); departed September 1961

Billy Kuy – L Guitar Formerly with The Stormers (60); departed September 61 for Mike Berrry & The Innocents; later on with The House Shakers

Bobby Graham – Drums Formerly with The Stormers (60); departed Sep 61

Heinz Burt – Bass Went to The Tornados (61); back to the Outlaws (62); formed Heinz & The Saints (Mar 63); then Heinz & The Wild Boys (Apr 64)

Don Groom – Drums Arrived 1961; Departed 1962 for Mike Berry & The Innocents

Ken Lundgren – R Guitar Arrived Sep 61

Roger Mingay – L Guitar Arrived Sep 61 from Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages

Lorne Greene – L Guitar Arrived 62; also with Carter-Lewis & the Southerners; and the Lorne Green Trio

Ritchie Blackmore – L Guitar Arrived 1962  from Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages; (See this listing for complete group bio); departed April 1964 for Heinz & The Wild Boys; then to The Crusaders (65); back to The Savages (Feb 65); then the Three Musketeers (Dec 65); back to The Crusaders (66); then The Roman Empire (Dec 66); back to The Crusaders (67); next to Mandrake Root (Sep 67) and finally to Deep Purple (68)

Mick Underwood – Drums Formerly with Jet Harris & The Jet Blacks;  also with The Herd (Jun 65); Episode Six (Jul 68); Quartermass (69); Peace (71); Sammy (72); The Strapps (74); Gillan (79)

Harvey Hinsley – L Guitar Formerly with The Crescents (62); then The Roy Young Band; then Black Claw (70); Later on with Hot Chocolate

The Outsiders (Sweden)


Oven (Sweden)


Frank Thomas

A Swedish group who performed this music from the movie.

Canyon 7700 – “Theme from Fanny Hill” (motion picture soundtrack) – Released 1968 – Did Not Chart


OVEN 01 OVEN 01_0001


The Overlanders

Overlanders 2

The Overlanders: 1963 – 1968

Paul Arnold – Guitar Departed 1965 – Also with the Zombies
Laurie Mason – Vocals/Piano
Peter Barthelome – Guitar
Terry Wildlake – Bass Arrived 1965 – Departed 1968
David Walsh – Drums Arrived 1965
David Banks – Drums
Dave Kip Stewart – Guitar
Ian Griffiths – Guitar Arrived 1966
Mike Wedgewood – Bass Arrived 1968 – with Caravan; Curved Air; The Kiki Dee Band, The Wedgewood Band
Paul Friswell

Cash Box May 2nd, 1965

1963 – XX

1964 – O

1964 – O

1965 – O

1965 – O

1966 – XX Hickory 1362 Michelle b/w Cradle of Love (Need Images)

1966 – XX

1966 – DJO/X

The Overlanders – October, 1962

Owen & Millie

The “My Boy Lollipop” Girl with Owen who was with The Duke Reid Group; Owen Gray & His Big Brother; The Jets; The Clan


Millie Small
Owen Gray

The Owl



J. Vincent Edwards – with The Original London Cast of Hair; The Answers
Pierre Tubbs – with Our Plastic Dream; The Jeeps
Rob Tait – with ARC; Arthur Brown’s Kingdom Come; Bell and Arc; Gong; The Battered Ornaments; The People Band; Vinegar Joe

The Packabeats


Gary Unwin
Malcolm Lenny

The Pacers (Invasion Novelty)


Gary Wright (of later “Dream Weaver” fame and also with Spooky Tooth)
Frank Zillitto
Bill Omolski
Steve Bogue

The Pacers were a real group out of New Jersey called the Coachmen V – They were approached by the powers behind Coronet Records to record an LP which they believed would be released under their name – Instead a plethora of LP releases came out under the name “The Buggs” not citing the Coachmen V or even showing them on the covers.  See “The Buggs” listing.

(Source for all of the above is Brian McFadden in his excellent book “Rock Rarities For a Song – Budget LPs That Saved the Roots of Rock ‘n’ Roll”

1964 – DJO/X

Paddy, Klaus & Gibson

Paddy Klaus Gibson

The original group formed in March 1965 until May 1966.

Klaus Vormann – Bass Formerly with The Eyes (64-65); then to Manfred Man (66); also with The Plastic Ono Band and The Manfreds
Gibson Kemp – Drums Formerly with The Eyes (64-65); also Kingsize Taylor and The Dominoes (63-64); and Rory Storm & The
Hurricanes (62-63)
Paddy Chambers – L Guitar Formerly with The Eyes (64-65); Formerly with Steve Bennett & The Syndicate (Jul 61); also with the The Escorts (May 66), then to Sinbad; The Eyes; The Big Three; Faron’s Flamingos

1966 – XX Chess 1956 – No Good Without You Baby b/w Rejected (Need Images)

The Painted Ship (Canada)

Formed in the mid 1960’s


Ken Wain – with The Anvil Chorus
Robert Roden
William Hay


From Kent – they were first known as The Pandas


Bob Ponton – with Thoughts and Words
Martin Curtis – with Thoughts and Words
Mick Glass
Steve Chapman – with The Coast Road Drive; Distant Jim; Iron Maiden; Junior’s Eyes; Poco

The Panthers (Sweden)


The Paper Blitz Tissue

They recorded on RCA Victor in 1967


Bernie Lee with Cupid’s Inspiration, The Orange Bicyle, The Onyx, The Vineyard
Dave Dufort with Angel Witch, The Rock Island Line, Tylan
Miller Anderson with Broken Glass, Dog Soldier, Hemlock, Jon Lord Blues Project, Karl Stuart and the Profiles, Savoy Brown, T. Rex, The Dukes, The Keef Hartley Band, The Voice

The Paper Bubble

Formed out of Shrewsbury in 1969


Brian Crane
Neil Mitchell
Terry Brake

The Paper Dolls


Susie ‘Tiger’ Mathis
Pauline ‘Spyder’ Bennett
Sue ‘Copper’ Marshall

1968 – XX

1969 – XX

The Papyvores (France)


The Paramounts


The original group formed in 1961 until 1966. The group occasionally backed Sandie Shaw and Chris Andrews

Mick Brownlee – drums
Chris Copping – Bass Went to Procol Harum in 1967
Robin Trower – Guitar Went to The Jam (66) then to Procol Harum in 1967; to Jude (71); then Robin Trower Band (72)
Gary Brooker – Keyboards Went to Procol Harum in 1967
Diz Derrick – Bass Arrived 1963
B.J. Wilson – Drums Went to George Bean & The Runners; then to Procol Harum in 1967

1964 – XX b/w Feel Good All Over (Need Image)

The Paramounts – December, 1963

The Parisiennes (France)


Elena Parker (Germany)


The Parry Five

The original group formed in April 1964 until May 1964 – then becoming Kingsize Taylor & The Griff Parry Five from May 1964 until September 1964.

Steve Aldo – Vocals Formerly with Kingsize Taylor & The Dominoes (1963); later to The Krew (1964); also with The Fix; and The Nocturns
Brian Griffiths – L Guitar Formerly with The Big Three xx; went to The Johnny Gus Set (Jan 65); also in Howie Casey & The Seniors
Ron Parry – Drums went to The Johnny Gus Set (Jan 65)
Vinny Parker – Organ went to The Johnny Gus Set (Jan 65)
Fran Galloway – Bass Later to Kingsize Taylor and His Band
Ted Taylor – Guitar Arrived 1965 from Kingsize Taylor & The Dominoes; Formerly with The James Boys (56-57

Don Partridge

Partridge was with the groups Accolade and The Brotherhood

1968 – O2V’s

1968 – O

1969 – O

Capitol 197 – “Street Busker” – Released 1969 – Did Not Chart



Sylvia Patart (France)


The Pathfinders



Malcolm Garrett – with Assorted Images
Roger Cleghorn

The Pathfinders

This group came from Birkenhead, England


Tom Earley
Tony Aldridge
Billy May
Roy Brockhurst
Frank Hopley

The Bobby Patrick Big Six

Also known as The Beat Brothers when they backed German singer Tony Sheridan

Patrizia (Portugal)

Beat girl from the mid 1960’s

Patty (France)


The Patty-Cakes (Invasion Novelty)

1964 – DJX/O

The Paupers (Canada)


The Paupers are a Canadian group who started off as The Spats before becoming The Paupers in 1966.

Skip Prokop – Drums Formerly with The Riverside Three; departed to form Lighthouse in 1968
Bill Marion – R Guitar Departed for The Last Words
Chuck Beal – L Guitar
Denny Gerard – Bass Later with McKenna-Mendelson Mainline; later with Luke & The Apostles; then Tranquility Base
Adam Mitchell – R Guitar Formerly with The Common Folk
Brad Campbell – Bass Formerly with The Last Words; went to Janis Joplin’s Cosmic Blues Band
Peter Sterbach – Keyboards formerly with BTB4
John Ord – Keyboards From The Fraser Loveman Group; and The Nuclear Tricycle
Roz Parks Formerly with Edward Bear; Magic Circus; later in Tranquility Base
James Houston Later with Houston; and Tranquility Base

Cash Box June 10th, 1967

1966 – XX b/w Copper Penny (Need Image)

1967 – DJO/X

1967 – Magic People/Black Thank You Package

1967 – XX

1968 – XX b/w Cairo Hotel (Need Image)

Verve 3026 – “Magic People” – Released 1967 – Did Not Chart


Verve 3051 – “Ellis Island” – Released 1969 – Did Not Chart

Paupers - Verve - Ellis Island


The Pavliks (Czechoslovak)


Rita Pavone (Italy)

Little Rita Pavone was from Italy where she was “Big”.  She hit the charts in the U.S. with “Remember Me” which peaked at #26.

Cash Box April 25th, 1965

Cash Box May 9th, 1964

Cash Box May 16th, 1965

Cash Box November 11th, 1966

1963 – XX

1964 – Remember Me/Just Once More

1964 – O

1965 – XX

1965 – XX

1966 – XX

LP – RCA Italiana 10350 – Rita Pavone – 1963

RCA 2900 –

RCA 2996 – “Rita Pavone” – Charted June 20th, 1964 – #60 – 14 Weeks on Hot 200
(German import discs shown)


RCA 2996 – “Small Wonder” – Released 1964 – Did Not Chart

The Pawns

The original group formed in February, 1964.
George Peckham – Guitar Formerly with The Pawns (64-65); The Renegades (61-63); Departed for The Fourmost (Dec 65); later with Earl Royce & The Olympics
Mushy Cooper – Bass Formerly with The Undertakers (60-61) Then with  Faron’s Flamingos; Then to the Renegades (62-63); Next in Jun 63 to Lee Curtis All Stars : Departed to Vauxhalis; then to The Fruit Eating Bears
Dave Myers – L Guitar Formerly with The Renegades (61-63)
Syd Knapper – Drums
Howie Casey – Sax Arrived Jul 1964; Formerly with The Dominoes; Later with The Krew (Oct 64)

Patty Pay (France)


The Peanuts (Japan)

The Pebbles

Pebbles as “Angel”

Formed in 1967


Brian Johnson – with Angel; Mark and John; Octopus; Philadelphia Brown; Vanity Fare; White Plains
Adrian Baker – with Gidea Park
Joe Ryan – with Angel
Martin Kemp – with Angel; Mark and John
Roy Morgan – with Mike Batt and Friends; Stackridge
Steve Rickard – with Angel; White Plains
Trevor Mee – with The Late; Unicorn

The Peddlers

The Peddlers formed in 1968 – Their drummer Trevor Morais was previously with “Faron’s Flamingos” as well as “Rory Storm and the Hurricanes” (he replaced Ringo) – and their keyboard player Roy Phillips had been with “The Saints”, “The Tornadoes”, and “The Soundtracks”.

The original group formed in 1968.

Roy Phillips – Keyboards
Tab Martin – Guitar
Trevor Morais – Drums

1965 – XX Philips 40302 – Whatever Happened to the Good Times b/w Song For the Blues (Need Images)

1967 – XX

1969 – DJX/O

1969 – XX

Epic 26458 – “Three in a Cell” – Released 1969 – Did not Chart


Epic 26529 – “Birthday” – Released 1969 – Did not Chart

Peddlers - Epic - Birthday


The Peeps


Martin Cure – with Chevy; Cupid’s Inspiration; Still Life

1965 – XX

1969 – XX

The Peggy Sisters (Germany)


The Pekenikes (Spain)


Alfonso Sainz
Luis Sainz
Alvara Serrano
Pablo Argote

Cash Box December 12th, 1967

LP – UA Latina 31003 – The Silken Thread

The Penny Peeps


Denny Alexander – with The Clayton Squares; The Thoughts
Malcolm Tomlinson – with Rhinoceros; The Stone City Band
Martin Barre – with Fat Mattress; Jethro Tull; The VCF Band

The Pentangle


The Pentangle formed in 1967. The following listing is extracted from Pete Frame’s excellent book “Rock Family Trees”.  If you are British Beat enthusiast, you just have to obtain Pete Frame’s amazing series of books on the subject.

Jacqui McShee
Bert Jansch
Terry Cox Formerly with Alex Korner’s Blues Incorporated
John Renbourn
Danny Thompson Formerly with Alex Korner’s Blues Incorporated

Cash Box December 7th, 1968

Cash Box February 15th, 1969

1968 – XX

1969 – Reprise 0843 – Once  I Had A Sweetheart b/w I Saw An Angel (Need Images)

Reprise 6315 – “The Pentangle” – Charted December 21st, 1968 – #192 – 3 Weeks on Hot 200

Pentangle - Warner Reprise - The Pentangle


Reprise  6334 – “Sweet Child” – Released 1969 – Did Not Chart

Pentangle - Reprise - Sweet Child



Reprise 6372 – “Basket of Light” – Released 1969 – Charted January 31st, 1970 – #200 – 2 Weeks on Hot 200

Pentangle - Reprise - Basket of Light


People (Invasion Novelty)

1978 – XX

Lincoln Peps (Sweden)


Jacqueline Perez (France)


Perkins (France)


Nellie Perrier (France)


Pesky Gee!

This group formed in the late 1960’s and later became Black Widown


Bob Bond
Clive Box – with Agony Bag
Clive Jones – with Agony Bag
Kip Trevor – with Big A; Christopher J. & The Gnasher Brothers
Zoot Taylor

The Petals

May, 1963

The Petards (Germany)


November, 1967

Peter & The Headlines

This group would evolve to become The Summer Set – They evolved from The Javelins and Count Down and the Zeros


Dave Green
Peter Senior

Peter & Gordon

See the Peter and Gordon U.S. 45 Discography Page

Peter & Gordon

Formed in 1964 meeting through Peter Asher’s sister and Paul McCartney girlfriend.  Beatle Paul McCartney wrote four of their hits although Lennon/McCartney were credited on the songs.

Gordon Waller (deceased)
Peter Asher

Guila Petrarca (Italy)


Peter B’s Looners (The Peter B’s)

Peter Bs Looners

The original group formed in October 1965 until May 1966.  The group was also known as The Peter Bees.

Dave Ambrose – Bass Went to Shotgun Express (May 66); then to Brian Auger & Trinity (May 67)
Peter Bardens – Keyboards (Peter B) Went to Shotgun Express (May 66); then to Love Affair
Mick Fleetwood – Drums Went to Shotgun Express (May 66); then to John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers (Feb 67); also with The Bo Street Runners and The Cheynes – Fleetwood Mac
Mick Parker – Guitar Departed 1966
Peter Green – Guitar Arrived 1966; Went to Shotgun Express (May 66); then to John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers (Feb 67); then 5-67 to Fleetwood Mac

Mark Peters & The Cyclones/Cyclones (Silhouettes)

Peters, Mark & Cyclones

The original group formed in April, 1961 running through April, 1963 – The group continued as The Cyclones in April, 1963 until April, 1964.

Frank Dudley – Bass Formerly with Karl Terry & the Rockin Cruisers; Later to the St. Louis Checks
Mark Peters – Vocals Departed May 1963 for Mark Peters & The Silhouettes; next to Mark Peters and The Method (Aug 1965)
Steve Fleming – Piano Formerly with Karl Terry & the Rockin Cruisers; Departed May 1963 for Mark Peters & The Silhouettes, next to Mark Peters and The Method (Aug 1965)
Les Watkins – Drums Departed to Lee Shondell & The Boys (Dec 1962)
Kenny X – L Guitar Formerly with The Teenbeats; Departed 1961
Vic Grace – L Guitar Arrived 1961; Later to The Hi-Cats (also 1961)
Frank Bowen – L Guitar Arrived 1961; Formerly with The Lonely Ones (1961); Departed in 1961 for Howie Casey & the Seniors
Tony Webster – L Guitar Arrived June 1962; Later with The Few (Apr 1964)
Roy Cresswell – Drums Arrived April 1963; Later with The Few (Apr 1964)
Bill Burton – Sax Arrived April 1963; Later with The Few (Apr 1964); then to The Pete Best Combo

Columbia 2172 – “The Exciting New Liverpool Sound – The Authentic Mersey Beat” (with others) – Released 1964 – Did Not Chart



Anne-Marie Peysson (France)


The Phaetons (Invasion Novelty)

1964 – XX

The Phantom Brothers (Germany)


Annie Philippe (France)


Warren Phillips & The Rockets

This group performed in the late 1960’s

UK – 1969 LP

Gregory Phillips

U.K. singer from mid 1960’s

Picadilly Line

Formed in about 1967.  They recorded on CBS records in the U.K.


Ken Hodge – with Deke Leonard’s Iceberg; The Attack
Norrie Maclean – with The Poets; The Scots of St. James
Rod Edwards – with The Handed Down
Roger Hand – with Edward’s Hand; The Handed Down

The Pickwicks

1964 – XX (Need Image)

1964 – XX

Piera (France)


Pig Iron


Ben Ash – with Carcass; Desolation; Liquified Skeleton
Johnny Ogle
Dan Edwards – with Sons of Merrick
Hugh Gilmour
Joe Smith

LP – Columbia 1018 – Pig Iron

Christie Pilzer (France)


Pink Floyd

See the Pink Floyd U.S. Discography Page

Pink Floyd or “The Pink Floyd” got their start in 1964.  They took their name from two bluesmen – Pink Anderson and Floyd Council.  Members came from the British group The Abdabs.

Rick Wright – Keyboards Formerly with The Sigma 6 (64) and The Abdabs
Roger Waters – Bass Formerly with The Abdabs;  Geoff Mott & The Mottoes (62); then The Sigma 6 (64); next Leonard’s Lodgers (64);
Nick Mason – Drums Formerly with  Leonard’s Lodgers (64)
Syd Barrett – Guitar Formerly with The Hollerin’ Blues (62); then with Geoff Mott & The Mottoes (62); next Those Without (63); next Leonard’s Lodgers (64);  Departed 68 –  The Abdabs ; Later on with The Stars (72)
Bob Klose – Guitar Formerly with Blues Anonymous (61);  next Leonard’s Lodgers (64); Departed 1965
Chris Dennis – Vocals Formerly with The Redcaps; departed 1965
Dave Gilmour – Guitar Arrived 1968; formerly with The Newcomers (61); then to The Ramblers (63); next The Joker’s Wild (63-67); The Abdabs, then Bullitt (67)

Pinkerton’s Assorted Colours

Pinkertons Assorted

Pinkerton’s Assorted Colours ran from 1965 until 1968.  They also were known as The Pinkerton’s and Pinkerton’s Colours.

Tom Long – guitar
Tony Newman – guitar
Barnie Bernard – bass
Dave Holland – drums
Samuel Kemp – vocals
Ian Colman – bass

1966 – XX (Need Images)

1966 – Don’t Stop Lovin’ Me Baby/Will Ya!

The Pipelines (Germany)


The Plastic Ono Band

1969 – O

1969 – O

The Plastic Penny

The original group formed in 1967 until 1968.

Brian Keith – Vocals
Paul Raymond – Organ Later with UFO
Tony Murray – Bass Went to The Troggs
Mick Grabham – Guitar Later with Procol Harum (72)
Nigel Olsson – Drums Went to The Spencer Davis Group (68); later with The Elton John Band
Howard Mansfield Also with The Troggs

1968 – XX

The Playboys/Normie Rowe & The Playboys (Australia)


Normie Rowe
Mick Rogers

The Players (France)

Members: Christian Martin
Herve Roy
Jean-Pierre Prevotat
Michel Libretti


The Pleazers (Australia)


Bruce Robinson
Dennis Gilmore
Peter Newing
Ron Peel
Shane Hales

The Plebs


Daniel McCulloch – guitar with Danny McCulloch’s Friends; Animals; Screaming Lord Sutch & Savages; Frankie Reid & The Casuals
Terry Crowe – vocals – with The Nashville Teens
Mick Dunford – bass – with The Nashville Teens; Weybridge; The Surrey Band; The Cruisers Rock Combo
Chris Dennis – keyboards
Derek Simon – drums – Screaming Lord Sutch; Frankie Reid & The Casuals; The Conchords; Mike Dee & the Jaywalkers

1965 – XX

The Plommons (Sweden)


The Plus Four (Germany)


The Poets

This Scottish group got together in 1963 and lasted until about 1967/68.

George Gallagher – vocals
Tony Myles – guitar
Alan Weir – drums
Hume Paton – guitar
John Dawson – bass
Frazer Watson – drums (replaced Myles) – went to The Pathfinders which evolved into White Trash
Ian McMillan – guitar – with Blue
Norrie McClean – bass
Jim Breaky – drums
Andi Mulvey – vocals Went to The Pathfinders which evolved into White Trash

1964 – XX

The Poisons (Denmark)


The Pollux


Bernard Kermarrec
Bernard Ancinon
Brian Burd
Christian Riegler

Michel Polnareff (France)

Cash Box November 11th, 1966

1966 – Kapp – No No No No No/Love Me Please Love Me

1967 – 4 Corners – Time Will Tell/Under What Star Was I Born?

LP – 4 Corners of the World 4240 – “French Rock – Blues”

Encarnita Polo (Spain)


The Pooh (Italy)


Michel Polnareff (France)

Brian Poole (and the Tremeloes)

See The Tremeloes U.S. 45 Discography Page

The Poor Souls


Phil Borgia – vocals
Rick Grande – guitar
Mark Hansen – bass
Vinny Prainito
John Kucich – drums
Joe Macaluso – guitar

1964 – UK

The Pop Tops (Spain)


Tony Obrador
Luis Fierro
Phil Trim
Ray Gomez


Adrienne Poster (Adrienne Posta)

1965 b/w When a Girl Really Loves You (Need Image)

Adrienne Poster – 1963

Keith Powell & the Valets

A mid 1960’s Brum Beat group


Keith Powell

Keith Powell and Valets – Steller – 1964

Keith Powell and the Valets – October, 1964

Marilyn Powell

Marilyn was from Kennington and was a radio and TV personality as well as a singer – She was a member of the early 1970’s duo Eastwood and Powell

1965 – XX

Jimmy Powell & The Five Dimensions

Jimmy Powell was a solo singer who started off in 1964 and then formed the Dimensions in 1965.  After their break-up he put together several make-shift Dimension line-ups for various recording projects.  Many members were from the London area.  At one time members of a group called The Puzzle made up a temporary Dimensions line-up.

Jimmy Powell – vocals Formerly with The Rockin Berries
Rod Stewart – Vocals Did a brief stint with the group , Formerly with the Raiders, the Soul Agents, the Shots – Later with the Jeff Beck Group, Brian Auger & Trinity, Shotgun Express, the Faces
Martin Shaw – guitar
Tim Munns – bass Formerly with The Rockin Berries
Rod Goodwin Formerly with Varsity Rag and later Cathedral
Long John Baldry – Vocals Previously with, Alex Koerner’s  Blues Incorporated, Cyril Davies & the Rhythm & Blues All Stars (63/64) – Formed Long John Baldry & Hoochie Coochie Men; Went to The Long John Baldry All Star Band in Dec 64 – Then to Steampacket (7/65) – next to Bluesology in Fall 1966

1962 – XX

Mike Powell & the Valets

Recorded in 1963 and 1964 on Columbia Records in the U.K.

1964 – Stellar 1503 – Tore Up b/w You Better Let Him Go (need images)

Duffy Power

London singer who was with Blues Incorporated and Duff’s Nucleus – Passed away in February, 2014

May, 1963

August, 1964

Jamie Power

1965 – XX

1966 – XX

Patty Pravo (Italy)


The Preachers

Briefly together in the mid 1960’s


Peter Frampton – with The Herd, Frampton’s Camel, Humble Pie
Peter Gosling – with The Chorale, Moon’s Train, Nevada, Peter Gosling’s Harmonic Hooligans, Peter Gosling’s Underwater All Stars, Renaissance, The Preachers
Tony Chapman – with The Herd, The Rolling Stones

The Pressmen

Wilkie & Others

The original group formed in 1959 until April 1963.  They became Derry Wilkie & The Pressmen from August 1963 until January 1964, then The New Pressmen from March 1964 until 1965.

Ritchie Prescott – L Guitar Departed in 1963
Bob Pears – Bass Later with The Flamingos (Jan 64); then with Freddie Starr & The Flamingos (May 64); then onto The Chuckles
Dave Roberts – R Guitar Later with The Flamingos (Jan 64); then with Freddie Starr & The Flamingos (May 64)
Nick Arnott – Drums Departed in early 1960s
Tommy Bennett – Drums Arrived Sep 1961; Departed in 1965
Phil Kenzie – Sax Arrived Sep 1961; Later played with Rod Stewart
Derry Wilkie – Vocals Arrived Apr 1963; Later with Derry Wilkie & The Others (Jan 64); Also appeared with Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages
Aynsley Dunbar – Drums Arrived 1963 (SEE Dunbar)
Dave Carden – L Guitar Arrived Aug 1963; Later with The Flamingos (May 64)

Earl Preston & The T T’s

Preston & TTs

The original group formed in August 1961and continued until April 1963.  They then became Vic & the TTs from January until June 1964.  Next they were called Amos & the TTs (June 1964) and in October 1964 became The TTs with Amos and Karl – until July 1965.

Lance Railton – L Guitar Previously with Johnny Tempest & the Tornadoes (also called Faron & the Tempest Tornadoes) until July 1961; He remained with the group through all incarnations until the end.

Wally Shepherd – Bass Previously with Johnny Tempest & the Tornadoes (also called Faron & the Tempest Tornadoes) until July 1961; Departed in Oct 1964

Earl Preston – Vocals (Gene Day) Formerly with Gene Day & the Jangobeats (60-61); Departed for Earl Preston & the Realms (Feb 64)

Cy Tucker – Guitar Departed for Cy Tucker & The Friars (Jan 64)

Dave Gore – R Guitar Previously with Johnny Tempest & the Tornadoes (also called Faron & the Tempest Tornadoes) until July 1961; Departed in 1962 and rejoined in November 1962; Departed Apr 1963

Ritchie Galvin – Drums Departed in 1962 and rejoined in November 1962

Wendy Harris – Vocals Arrived April 1962; Departed Oct 62 for Groups Incorporated

Don Alcyd – Drums Arrived Apr 1962; Formerly with Faron & the Tempest Tornadoes; Departed for The Renegades (Oct 62)

Vic Wright – Vocals Arrived Jan 1964; Departed Jun 1964; later with The Scripts

Amos Bonney – Vocals Arrived Jun 1964

Karl Terry – Vocals Arrived Oct 1964; Formerly with Karl Terry & The Rockin’ Cruisers (59 – 62); then to The Wolfgang Combo (Jun 62); then reformed Karl Terry & the Cruisers (Jul 62); next to The Delameres (Dec 63); Also with The Talismen; The Squares; Capricorn and Shooby Doo

Gordon Loughlin – Bass Arrived Oct 1964

Columbia 2172 – “The Exciting New Liverpool Sound – The Authentic Mersey Beat” (with others) – Released 1964 – Did Not Chart



Earl Preston’s Realms

Preston, Earl & Realms

The original group formed in .  The following listing is extracted from Pete Frame’s excellent book “Rock Family Trees”.  If you are British Beat enthusiast, you just have to obtain Pete Frame’s amazing series of books on the subject.

Earl Preston – Vocals (Gene Day) Formerly with Gene Day & the Jangobeats (60-61); and Earl Preston & the TTs
Tony Priestly – Guitar
Tommy Kelly – Drums
Dave Tynan – Organ
Tommy Huskey – Sax
John Caufield – Bass
Brian Norris – Bass Formerly with The Bumblies (65)

Capitol 2544 – “Liverpool Today – Where It All Began” – Released 1965 Did Not Chart



Mike Preston

1958 – XX

1959 – XX

1960 – London 1903 – Till Tomorrow b/w An Ordinary Couple (Need Images)

1961 – O

1963 – O

The Pretty Things

This band started off in 1963 and with early Rolling Stone member Dick Taylor.  Viv Prince would arrive in 1965.  In 1968 they were fronted by vocalist Twink Adler.

Dick Taylor – L Guitar Was with an early rendention of The Rolling Stones; Departed 1968
Phil May – Vocals
John Stax – Bass Departed 1967
Brian Pendleton – R Guitar Departed 1967
Viv Prince – Drums Arrived 65; Departed 65; also with Carter-Lewis & The Southerners Also with The Bunch of Fives
Peter Kitley – Drums Arrived 1965
Skip Alan – Drums Arrived 1965; later on with Metropolis (76-77)
Wally Allen – Bass Arrived 1967
John Povey – Keyboards Arrived 1967
Twink Adler – Guitar Arrived 1968 ; formerly with Tomorrow; Later to Aquarian Age – Also with the Pink Fairies

1964 – XX (Need Image)

1964 – Don’t Bring Me Down/We’ll Be Together

1965 – XX

1965 – XX

1965 – XX

1966 – XX

1968 – XX (Need Image)

1969 – Rare Earth 5005 – Private Sorrow b/w Balloon Burning (Need Images)

Fontana 67544 – “The Pretty Things” – Released 1965 – Did Not Chart



Rare Earth – “SF Sorrow” – Released 1969 – Did not Chart

The Pretty Things were one of three British groups to be signed by Motown – joining Kiki Dee and Love Sculpture.

Pretty Things - Rare Earth - SF Sorrow

LP – Germany – EMI Columbia 1C 062-04-004 – S.F. Sorrow – 1968

Pretty Things – November, 1964

Pretty Things – February, 1965

The Alan Price Set

Alan fronted the Alan Price Set but went solo on this LP.  Alan was formerly with The Animals and performed with many Beat-Era groups including The Pagans, The Black Diamonds, and The Frank Headley Five.

Alan Price – Keyboards Invasion Group: The Animals Departed 1965 to Alan Price Set, and Electric Blues Company, Alan Price & Friends (68) – Previously with the Frank Headley Five (50s), The Alan Price Rhyrthm & Blues Combo, The Pagans, The Black Diamonds (late 1950’s)
Clive Burrows – Sax
Steve Gregory – Sax
John Walters – Trumpet
Rod ‘Boots’ Slade – Bass Formerly Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames, Nero and the Gladiators
‘Little’ Ray Mills – Drums
Pete Kitley – Guitar Arrived 1966
Cliff Barton – Bass Also with the Cyril Davies R&B All Stars, Long John Baldry’s Hoochie Coochie Men, Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames – Later with Free at Last, the Orginal All Stars
Eric Burdon Invasion Group: The Animals: Previously with The Alan Price Rhythm & Blues Combo, The Pagans (1960), 1970’s – formed Eric Burdon & War – Also with Alex Korner’s Blues Incorpoated
Hilton Valentine  Invasion Group: The Animals; Departed 1967- Previously with Alan Price Rhythm & Blues Combo –
John Steel Invasion Group: The Animals: Departed 1967 – Previously with The Kondors (late 1950’s), & Alan Price Rhythm & Blues Combo
Bryan Chas Chandler Invasion Group: The Animals: Previously with The Kondors, The Wild Cats, & Alan Price Rhythm & Blues Combo

1966 – DJX/O

1966 – DJO/X

1967 – DJX/O

1967 – XX

1967 – XX

1968 – Not Born To Follow/To Ramona

1969 – XX

Parrot 71018 – “This Price is Right” – Released 1968 – Did Not Chart

Price Set, Alan - Parrot - The Price is Right


LP – UK – Decca LK 4907 – The Alan Price Set – 1967

The Principal Edwards Magic Theater

Formed out of Exeter in 1968

The Primitives

From Oxford – the group was formerly called The Cornflakes that formed in 1964 and ran until about 1966.  Jimmy Page worked with the group in the studio.  They briefly performed as Mai & the Primitives.

Jay Roberts – vocals
Geoff Eaton – guitar
John Soul – guitar
Roger James – bass
Mike Wilding – drums
Mai Ryder – (Paul Couling) – vocals
Stuart Linnell – guitar
Mick Charleton – drums
Dave Sumner – guitar
David Withers – drums Later with Man, Rockpile, Dire Straits

The Problemes (France)


Donald Rieubon
Gerard Fillippelli
William Olivier
Luis Rego
Gerard Rinaldi
Jean Sarrus


P.J. Proby (American UK Transplant)

Visit the P.J. Proby U.S. Discography Page

Sort of a Texas/Brit Elvis – Proby like the Walker Brothers and others found his mojo in Great Britain where he racked up the hits.  He barely made a squeak however in the U.S. – Real name James Marcus Smith

P.J. Proby – September, 1964

Procession (Australia)

Procession was Brian Peacock, Craig Collings, Mick Rogers, Ross Wilson and Trevor Griffin.

LP – Smash 67122 – “Procession” – 1969

Procol Harum

Procol Harum formed in 1967.  Robin Trower came into the group in later 1967 from The Paramounts along with band mate B.J. Wilson.


Gary Brooker – Vocals/Piano Formerly with the Paramounts
Mathew Fisher – Organ Departed 1968 – Formerly with Screaming Lord Sutch & Savages, the Downliner’s Sect – Also with the Roman Empire
Dave Knights – Bass Departs 1968 – Later with Freedom
Bobby Harrison – Drums Departed Jun 1967 – Formed Freedom
Ray Royer – Guitar Departed Jun 1967 – to Freedom
B.J. Wilson – Drums Arrives Jul 1967 – Formerly with the Paramounts
Robin Trower – Guitar Arrives Jul 1967 – Formerly with the Paramounts – Later with Jude (71), the Robin Trower Band
Jim Dewar – Rhythm Guitar Formerly with the Gleneagles, Lulu and the Luvvers – Later with the Robin Trower Band

Cash Box June 24th, 1967

1967 – O

1967 – DJX/O

1968 – O

1969 – XX Promo EP – A&M AM-X2 – Homburg/Pilgrim’s Progress b/w Magdalene/A Salty Dog (Need Image)

1969 – XX

1969 – XX

1972 – DJX/O

Deram 18008 – “Procol Harum” – Charted September 23rd, 1967 – #47 – 16 Weeks on Hot 200


A&M 4151 – “Shine On Brightly” – Charted October 12th, 1968 – #24 – 20 Weeks on Hot 200

Procol Harum - A&M - Shine On Brightly


A&M 4179 – “A Salty Dog” – Charted May 10th, 1969 – #32 – 20 Weeks on Hot 200

Procol Harum - A&M - A Salty Dog



The Profeti (Italy)


The Profiles

The original group formed in 1963 until August 1964.

Peter Feldman – Vocals Continued with a newly formed group of Profiles (not documented – 1964)
Paul Eker – Bass
Carl Stephenson – R Guitar
Jimmy Lacey – Drums Went to Chick Graham & The Coasters (Oct 64)
Dave Williams – L Guitar
Gary Leeds (Gary Walker) – drums formerly with the Standells, performed with P.J. Proby – the Assassins, the Masterminds, the The Walker Brothers; and Gary Walker and the Rain



The Pros (France)


Public Enemies (Norway)

A mid 1960’s Norway beat band


Peter Holm
Arild Boman
Hans Marius Stormoen
Bjorn Johansen
Thomas Berg Monsen
Jan Lie

The Puppets

From Lancashire forming in about 1962


Des O’Reilly drums, vocals – with The Rebels, Bob Johnson & The Bobcats
Dave Millen lead guitar
Jim Whittle bass
Don Parfitt organ

The Puppets – September, 63

The Purple Gang

Purple Gang

Started off as a jug band and then formed as The Purple Gang in late 1965 out of Cheshire, England.


Gerry (Dee Jay) Robinson – Harmonica
Peter Walker – Vocals
Geoffrey Bowyer – Keyboards
Christopher Joe Beard – band organizer and Guitar
Tony Moss (bass)
Robert Corff (probably came into the group after 1967 – Starred in the motion picture “Gas-s-s!

Sire 97006 – “The Purple Gang Strikes” – Released 1969 – Did Not Chart

Purple Gang - Sire - Strikes


LP – Air 1038 – “GAS-S-S-S!” (Soundtrack) – Recorded 1969
(Purple Gang later member Robert Corff performs in this release)




Out of Hertfordshire forming in the late 1960’s – at first called The Creepers


Barry Clark – with Fortes Mentum
Danny Beckerman – with Fortes Mentum
Dek Boyce
Jez Turner
Peter Whiteman
Steve Townsend

Pussy Cat (France)



The Pussyfoot were originally The Rare Breed.  They formed in the mid 1960s and enjoyed a short run.

Terry Barfield
Terry Goodman
David Townend
John William
David Osborne – guitar

1966 – London – Freeloader/Things That Still Remind Me

Pye Artists

Cash Box March 7th, 1964

Q 65 (Netherlands)


Christine Quaite

1964 – Tell Me Mama/In The Middle of the Floor

1965 – DJO/X

1965 – XX


Image result for quatermass band london

Original members were Peter Robinson, John Gustafson and Mick Underwood.

The Quartet

1970 – O

The Quests (Singapore)

Were also known as The Quests


Henry Chua
Reggie Verghese
Jap Chong

The Quik (Germany)

Tommy Quickly

1964 – XX

1964 – The Wild Side of Life/Forget the Other Guy

Tommy Quickly – December, 1964


A 1969 progressive group out of Nottingham


Sambhu Babaji : Bass
Dave Codling : Guitar
Shiva Shankar Jones : Keyboards, Vocals
Jake Milton : Drums
Alan Mostert : Guitar
Raja Ram : Flute, Piano, Vocals

The Quotations

This group worked along side the Walker Brothers serving often as their back-up musicians.


John Goodson – with Johnny B. Great



  1. The picture used for The Outlaws is a wrong one, it isn’t the U.K. group that you mention having worked with Joe Meek & backed Mike Berry.
    I believe this is the American band known as The Outlaws, (who made it big in the late 70’s and still performing today), I Think this is them in their early incarnation back in the 60’s.
    I t certainly isn’t the U.K. group as I know Mike berry & The Outlaws (all original 60’s member) very well, and this certainly isn’t them.
    I have show this photo to them & they concur it isn’t them.
    I just thought you ought to know, otherwise this is a great site.

    • Thanks for this update – This feedback really helps keep thing more accurate – Can you possibly locate a photo of the Outlaws and send it in? Thanks

    • PS – If you have any lineup or factual updates relating to the group as well I would appreciate that. Thanks

  2. Any photos of O’Hara’s Playboys when Tom Anderson was The Drummer?

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