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Beat-Era Rosters/Discographies
Alpha: R thru Shakers

Rosters and solo artists from the “Invasion” Era with discographies for those who had releases in the U.S. Also some Invasion-Era groups from other European countries who did not have U.S. distribution.

The Rabble (Canada)

Members: John Pimm, Mike Haris, Teddy McMahon and Tim Charbonneau.

LP – Roulette 42010 – “The Rabble Album” – 1967

Mike Rabin & The Demons

1964 – XX

The Rackets (Germany)


Donny Rae and the Defiants (Invasion Novelty)

1964 – XX

Genevieve Raffoux (France)


Ragazza Del Clan (Italy)

Name: Anna Milena Cantu – started off as a singer and then moved into song composition.

Ragazitti (Italy)


Rainbow Folly


Jonathan Dunsterville
Richard Dunsterville
Roger Newell
Stewart Osborn

The Rainbows (Invasion Novelty)

1964 – XX

The Rainy Daze (Germany)


The Rainbows

LP – CBS S62 625 – Four Boys In Music – 1968 (Germany)

The Rajahs (Australia)


The Ramblers

The Ramblers – November, 63

The Rangers (Germany) 1967

Raphael (Spain)

Cash Box April 30th, 1966

Rare Bird

Formed in 1969


Andrew Curtis – with The Fruit Machine
Andy Rae
Dave Kaffinetti – with Fresh, Spinal Tap, The Linda Imperial Band
Fred Kelly – with Thundermother
Graham Field – Fields
Mark Ashton – with Ashton, Headstone, The Turnstyle
Paul Karas – with Stackridge
Steve Gould – with Runner, The Alvin Lee Band, The Fruit Machine

45 – Probe 477 – “Sympathy” b/w “Beautiful Scarlet” – 1969

LP – Probe 4514 – “Rare Bird” – 1969

The Rats

1964 – XX

1965 – XX


The Rattles (Germany)


The Rattles are from Germany, but appeared often with Invasion groups from the UK.  They formed in about 1962. This group was the most known during the Invastion Era – 1964.  Over the years they had many members including the following from the Invasion period:

Joachim Reichel – Guitar
Herbert Hildebrandt – Bass
Hans Joachim Kruezfield – Guitar
Deiter Dadlowski – Drums

Bernd Schulz (keyboards, 1967-68) Dieter Sadlowsky (drums, 1960-63) Hans Joachim “Hajo” Kreutzfeld (guitar, 1961-65) Herbert Hildebrandt (bass, vocals, 1960-68) Hermann “Rugy” Rugenstein (guitar, vocals, 1965-68) Kurt “Zappo” Lüngen (bass, 1968) Peter “Peet” Becker (drums, 1968) Rainer Degner (guitar, vocals, 1967-68) Reinhard “Dicky” Tarrach (drums, 1963-67) Volker Reinhold (guitar, vocals, 1960-61)

1965 – XX b/w Someone Who is Just Like You (Need Image)

1965 – XX Mercury 75268 – Que Sera b/w Dance (Need Images)

1966 – O

1970 – DJX/O

Mercury 60994 – “The Searchers Meet The Rattles” – Released 1965 – Did Not Chart

Searchers & Rattles - Mercury - Meet


Mercury 61127 – “The Rattles’ Greatest Hits” – Released 1967 – Did Not Chart


The Raven Cult

The original group formed in the mid 1960’s.

Roger Pinner – Drums (Roger Truth) Formerly with Buddy Britten & The Regents (64-65); then to Johnny Kidd & The Pirates (66); played with Jerry Lee Lewis (66) and back to The Pirates
Nick Simper – Bass (Kid Freedom) Formerly with Buddy Britten & The Regents (64-65); then to Johnny Kidd & The Pirates (66); later with Deep Purple
Buddy Britten – Guitar (Simon Raven) Formerly with Buddy Britten & The Regents (64-65)
Richard Honour – Keyboards

The Raving Texans

Raving Texans

The original group formed in January 1957 until July 1959.

Rory Storm – Guitar Formed Rory Storm & the Hurricanes (Aug 59 thorugh 1967)
Johnny Guitar- Guitar Went to Rory Storm & the Hurricanes (Aug 59)
Paul Murphy – Guitar Departed to Ritchie and The Galvinisers (59); also with The Banshees; The Onlookers
Jeff Truman – Tea Chest Bass Depparted 1958
Reg Hales – Washboard
Spud Ward – Bass Arrived 1958 from The Bluegenes

Chris Rayburn

1968 – XX

Julie Rayne

Julie Rayne – November, 1963

The Real Original Beetles (Invasion Novelty)

1964 – XX

The Rebbels (Germany)


Rebelli (Italy)


The Rebels

Submitted by Blog visitor Afyer Afyer September, 2017:

(Also see Tony Bart and the Rebels and Tony Bart and the Revels)

(Formed) 1960? – Jan 1961

Richard John ‘Charlie’ Whitney – Lead guitar (Fender Stratocaster), vocals
Roderick ‘Rod’ Moore – Rhythm guitar
Graham Potterton – Bass
John ‘Ent’ Entwhistle – Drums

The Rebs

LP – Fredio 6830 – “Break Through 1968 A.D.” – 1968

The Red Caps


The original group formed in 1958 until 1959 as The Red Caps then until 1961 as Cuddley Duddley & The Red Caps.  The following listing is extracted from Pete Frame’s excellent book “Rock Family Trees”.  If you are British Beat enthusiast, you just have to obtain Pete Frame’s amazing series of books on the subject.

Frank Farley – Drums Went to Johnny Kidd & The Pirates (62); then Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas (Jul 64); and to The Cliff Bennett Band in 1968; back to a reunion of Pirates (76)
Johnny Spence – Bass Went to Johnny Kidd & The Pirates (62); then back Jerry Lee Lewis (66); then to Julian Covey & The Machine (6)
Johnny Patto – Guitar
Rudy Lewis – Vocals Departed 1959
Mick Green – Guitar Departed 1959; went to Johnny Kidd & The Pirates (61);  then Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas (Jul 64); later to The Cliff Bennett Band (68); then to Shanghai (75) and later version of The Pirates (76)
Vic Cooper – Organ Arrives 1959;  to Johnny Kidd & The Pirates (64); backed Jerry Lee Lewis (66); later with Tomorrow
Cudley Dudley – Vocals Arrived 1959

The Red Devils (Austrian)


Ernest Kellermann
Friedrich August Potmesil
Josef Storch

The Redcoats

1964 – DJO/X

The Red Squares (U.K.)

A Beat group who came together somewhere round 1964 out of Lincolnshire in the U.S.  They garnered a following in Denmark.

David Garriock – vocals
Ronnie Martin – guitar
Dave Bell – guitar
Pete Mason – bass
Andy Bell – drums
Howie Gee – vocals
Mick Rothwell – guitar
Howard Goldman – drums
Mick Moloney – drums
Steve McGhee – guitar
Dennis Hastings – bass

Cash Box May 27th, 1967


Tawny Reed

1965 – b/w I Got a Feeling (Need Image)

1966 – XX

The Regents

The Regents were from Liverpool


Nick Simper – with The Flower Pot Men; Blagards & Cowboys; Johnny Kidd & The Pirates; Lord Sutch; Quartermass II; Warhorse; The Good Old Boys; Deep Purple
Roger Pinner
Tony Lost
Buddy Britten

Terry Reid

Image result for terry reid singer

Terry Reid had been a member of The Red Beats, Peter Jay & The Jay Walkers, then becoming Terry Reid & The Jay Walkers.  Later he joined Procol Harum.

Epic – “Bang, Bang You’re Terry Reid” – Charted December 21st, 1968 – #153 – 8 Weeks on Hot 200

Reid, Terry - Epic - Bang You're Terry Reid


Epic 26477 – “Terry Reid” – Charted October 18thm 1969 – #147 – 5 Weeks on Hot 200

Reid, Terry - Epic Terry Reid


45 – Epic 28 – Stay With Me Baby b/w Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace – 1969 (need images)

45 – Epic 10498 – Super Lungs b/w May Fly

The Relampegos (Spain)


Keith Relf

Keith Relf was with Armageddon; Medicine Head, Renaissance, The Yardbirds, Together

He died May 14th, 1976 a victim of an electrocution.

1966 – XX – b/w Knowing (Need Image)

1966 – O

Cindy Rella (Invasion Novelty)

1964 – XX

The Remo Four/Johnny Sandon & The Remo Four/Tommy Quickly & The Remo Four

The original group formed in 1959 starting off with Skiffle – evolved into Beat music and continued with various lead singers until March 1968. They became The Searchers’ replacement to back singer Johnny Sandon.  Then later they backed Tommy Quickly.

Colin Manley – L Guitar
Don Andrews – Bass Departed in 1965 for The Blue Mountain Showband, later years with The Mersey Cats
Keith Stokes – Guitar Departed in 1962 for Group One
Harry Prytherch – Drums Departed in 1961 and later joined  Group One
Bill Buck – Drums Arrived Sep 61; Departed in late 1961 for Dale Roberts and The Jaywalkers
Roy Dyke – Drums Arrived Nov 61; Formerly with Karl Terry and The Cruisers: later on with Ashton-Gardner-Dyke
Johnny Sandon – Vocals Arrived Feb 62 from Johnny Sandon and The Searchers
Phil Rogers – R Guitar Arrived Feb 62
Tommy Quickly – Vocals Arrived Dec 63; Formerly with The Challengers
Tony Ashton – Keyboards Arrived Mar 65; Formerly with the John Barry 7; Mike Hurst & The Method (64); also with Carter-Lewis; later on in Ashton-Gardner & Dyke



Keith Relf and Jim McCarty departed The Yardbirds for this group which formed in 1969.  Keith Relf died shortly after the formation of Renaissance.


Keith Relf – Vocals Formerly with the Metropolis Blues Quartert – The Yardbirds, later with Together, and briefly with Illusion before passing away
Jim McCarty – Drums Formerly with the Country Gentlemen (60), Metropolis Blues Quartet, The Yardbirds – Later with Together, Illusion. Shoot, Armageddon (76)
Louis Cennamo – bass
John Hawken – piano
Jane Relf – vocals

Elektra 74068 – “Renaissance” – Released 1969 – Did Not Chart



John Renbourn

Renbourn was in Renbourn & Grossman, John Renbourn’s Ship of Fools; The Pentangle; The John Renbourn Group – He passed away on March 26th, 2015

Reprise 6344 – “Sir Jon Alot of Merrie Englands Musyk Thyng & Ye Grene Knyghte” – 1969



LP – Transatlantic TRA 135 – John Renboroun – 1966

Rene & His Alligators (Netherlands)

Recorded on Fontana records in the U.K. in 1967

Members: Cesar Zuidewijk
Leo Bennink

Rene and the Ten Less Five (Germany)


The Renegades

The original group formed in 1961.


Dave Myers – L Guitar Departed for The Pawns (Feb 64)
George Peckham – Guitar Departed for The Lee Curtis All Stars (Jun 63); then The Pawns (Feb 64); then to Earl Royce & The Olympics (early 63); then The Fourmost (65)
Bob Evans – Drums Formerly with The Five Shillings; then The Undertakers (60); Arrived 1961; Departed for Dixie Walker & the Daredevils; then The Night Walkers
Derek Peckham – Bass Departed 1962
Jimmy McManus – Vocals Arrived 1962; Formerly with The Undertakers (60-64)
Don Alcyd – Drums Formerly with Earl Preston & the TTs; Departed for The Lee Curtis All Stars (Jun 63); then to The Delmont Four (64)
Mushy Cooper – Bass Formerly with The Undertakers (60-61); with  Faron’s Flamingos Also with The Pawns In Jun 63 to Lee Curtis All Stars : Departed to Vauxhalis; The Fruit Eating Bears

1965 – Cadillac/Bad Bad Baby

1965 – XX

The Retreads (Germany)


Digger Revell & the Denver Men/Australians (Australia)

1963 – O

1966 – XX

Reverendes (France)


The Rhythm & Blues Inc.

The original group formed in 1963 until September 1965

Barry Womersley – L Guitar To The Big Three (Sep 65); then to The Clayton Squares (Feb 66); earlier with The Mersey 4
Pete Kelly – Vocals
John McCaffrey – Bass
Alan Menzies – Drums
Mike McKay – R Guitar

The Rhythm Checkers (France)


Catherine Ribeiro (France)


Cliff Richard & The Shadows

See the Cliff Richard and Shadows Page

Cliff Richard & the Shadows – 1959 into the 2000’s – Original members were all with the Drifters 1958 until 1959

Hank Marvin – Lead Guitar Formerly with the Five Chesternuts (58), The Vipers, the Railroaders, Hank Marvin & the Crescents – Later with Marvin, Welch & Farrar (69)
Tony Meehan – Drums Departed 196 – Formerly with the Vipers, later with Harris & Meechan (63), the Tony Meehan Combo (64)
Jet Harris – Bass Formerly with the Most Brothers (59), the Vipers, Later with Harris & Meehan, the Jeff Beck Group (67)
Bruce Welch – Guitar Formerly with the Five Chestnuts, the Railroaders, Later with the Jeff Beck Group, Marvin-Welch-Farrar
Cliff Richard – Vocals
Brian Bennett – Drums Arrived 1961- Formerly with Marty Wilde & Wildcats, Neville Taylor & the Cutters (61)
Liquorice Locking – Bass Arrived Apr 1962 –  Formerly with Marty Wilde & Wildcats – Departed Oct 1963
John Rostill – Bass Arrived Oct 1963 – Formerly with the Interns, the Zoot Money Band
Alan Hawkshaw – Keyboards Arrived 1968 – Formerly with the Checkmates
Derek Fell
Norman Mitham – L Guitar Went to The Mark Four (66)

Cliff Richard – 1963

Cliff Richard and the Shadows – September, 1964

Richard and the Young Lions


Bob Freedman
Fred Randall
Louis Vhalakes
Mark Greenberg
Richard Tepp – with T.I.M.E.

1966 – O

1966 – XX

1967 – XX

Ben Richmond

Ben Richmond – January, 63

The Richmond Group

Capitol 2544 – “Liverpool” Where It All Began” – Did Not Chart



 Rick and Sandy

Sandy recorded with Neil Diamond and worked as a producer and manager in the recording industry.


Sandy Robertson

1966 – XX

Ricky & The Beatmen (German)



Recorded on Page One Records 1968 – His real name was Ed Furst

The Ringos (Invasion Novelty)

1963 – DJX/O

The Rinter’s Boys (France)


The Riot Squad

The original group formed in 1962 until February 1965.  They then became Rita & the Squad in February 1965, and lasted until August 1965. Evolved into a studio band in later stages.

Billy Ennis – L Guitar Went to Mark Peters & the Method (Aug 65); then to The Corsairs (Jun 66)
Alan Noone – Drums Went to Mark Peters & the Method (Aug 65)
Pete Ritson – Bass Went to Mark Peters & the Method (Aug 65)
Bob Reece – R Guitar
Rita Mather – Vocals Arrived Feb 1965
John (Mitch) Mitchell – drums Went to Jimi Hendrix Experience
Ron Ryan – guitar
Graham Bonney – vocals
Mike Martin – bass
Mark Stevens – organ
Brian Davies – bass (formerly with The Raiders from Wales – and Mike Stevens & The Shevells)

1965 – DJO/X (Need Image)

1966 – XX b/w How Is It Done (Need Image)

1966 – XX (Need Image)

Rip Van Winkle & The Rip Ups

The original group formed in 1962 until late 1964.

Ginger (Jimmy) Geary – Vocals

Additional Members Howard Morris – Bass Arrived May 1963; later to The Chuckles

Terry McCusker – Drums Arrived May 1963 from Gus Travis & The Dymonds/Four Dymonds ; Went to The Valkyries (Apr 65)
Geoff Brown – L Guitar Arrived May 1963 from Gus Travis & The Dymonds/Four Dymonds
Keith Nixon – L Guitar Arrived May 1963

Tony Ritchie

Ritchie was a member of The Society

1968 – XX

1968 – O

Ritchie and The Galvinisers/Galvinisers

The original group formed in 1960 and became The Galvanisers in December 1962.

Ritchie Galvin – Drums Departed for Earl Preston & the TTs (Aug 61)
Roy Morton – L Guitar
Norman X – R Guitar Departed Aug 61
Bobby Packham – Bass Departed Aug 61
Chris Wilson – Guitar Arrived in Dec 62 with newly formed Galvinisers
Paul Murphy – Bass Arrived in Dec 62 with newly formed Galvinisers; Formerly with The Raving Texans (59); also with The Banshees; The Onlookers
Derek Cumbsledge – Drums Arrived in Dec 62 with newly formed Galvinisers

The Rivals

From Hanstead, London



Tony Rivers & The Castaways


Geoff Swettenham – with Grapefruit
John Perry – with Grapefruit; The Nightimers
Kenny Rowe – with Capability Brown; Harmony Grass, The Fifth Avenue
Martin Shaer
Peter Swettenham – with Grapefruit
Tony Rivers – with Harmony Grass; The Top of the Poppers

1964 – XX (Need Image)

The Rivals


Peer Frost
Per Oluf Hansen

The Rivets (Germany)


The Roaches (Invasion Novelty)

1964 – XX (Need Image)

1964 – XX

The Roadrunners

The original group formed in 1961 until 1966.  Originally The Teen-a-Beats.

Dave Percy – L Guitar
Mike Hart – Guitar Departed 1965; later in The Liverpool Scene
Dave Boyce – Drums Departed 1965
John Peacock – Piano
Pete Mackey – Bass
Johnny Phillips – Sax Arrived 1964; Also with The Eyes (65)
Bob Harrison – Trumpet Arrived June 1964
Nick La Grec – Sax Arrived June 1964
Mike Byrne – Vocals Arrived July 1965; also with Mike & The Thunderbirds (61-63); and Them Grimbles (64-65)
Terry McCusker – Drums Arrived July 1965; formerly with The Valkyries; later with The Fruit Eating Bears
Mike Kontzle – Guitar Arrived July 1965

The Roaring Sixties

Submitted by Blog visitor Afyer Afyer September, 2017

(Formed) Mid Aug 1966 – Early Sept 1966

James ‘Jim’ King (Alec Woodburn) – Lead vocals, harmonica
Richard John ‘Charlie’ Whitney – Lead guitar (Fender Stratocaster), vocals
Richard ‘Harry’ Ovenall – Drums
Ric Grech (Richard Roman Grechko) – Bass
Roger Maxwell ‘Chappo’ Chapman – lead vocals

Dale Roberts & The Jaywalkers

The original group formed in October 1959 until February 1962.

Bill Buck – Drums Departed for The Remo Four (Sep 61); then returned to The Jaywalkers in 1962
Phil Rogers – Bass Departed for  The Remo Four (Feb 62)
Dale Roberts – Vocals Later with The Four Originals (Oct 64)
Dave Williams – L Guitar Later to Group One (Feb 62); then onto The Four Originals (Oct 64)
Terry Willet – R Guitar Arrived Nov 61

Roby & The Hippies (Italy)


Johnny Rocco & The Jets

The original group formed in June 1960 until June 1961.

Mike Nicholson – L Guitar To Steve Day & The Drifters (Jun 61)
Phil Duggan – L Guitar To Steve Day & The Drifters (Jun 61); then to Gus Travis & The Rainchecks (May 63) and then The Rainchecks (May 63)
Derek Bond – Bass To Steve Day & The Drifters (Jun 61); then to Gus Travis & The Rainchecks (May 63) ;Then to Derry Wilkie & The Others (Jan 64)
Spike Sherratt – R Guitar To Steve Day & The Drifters (Jun 61); then to Gus Travis & The Rainchecks (May 63) and then The Rainchecks (May 63)
Johnny Rocco – Vocals Went to Frank Knight & The Barons

Jenny Rock (France)


Rock Ready & the Raves (Germany)


The Rockers (France)


The Rockin’ Berries

Rockin Berries 2

The group emerged in about 1961 out of Birmingham  and ran through the mid 1960’s.  They backed American Brit-based rocker P.J. Proby in appearances around Europe.

Chris Lea (Vocals)
Geoff Turton – (Guitar) Became Jefferson – a solo UK Star 1969
Chuck Botfield (Guitar)
Roy Austin (Bass)
Terry Bond (Drums)

1964 – O

1965 – XX

1965 – XX

1965 – Reprise 0400 – You’re My Girl b/w Brother Bill (The Last Clean Shirt) (Need Images)

1966 – XX

The Rockin’ Berries – October, 1964

The Rockin’ Devils (Mexico)


James Gonzalez Castellanos

The Rockin’ Shades (Spain)


Alan Ross

The Rocking Ghosts (Germany)


The Rocking Stars (Germany)

The Rockin’ Vickers

Rockin Vickers

The original group formed in 1963 out of Blackpool.


Harry Feeney – Vocals
Ian Holdbrook – guitar
Ciggy Shaw – Drums Went to Solomon King (67)
Steve Morris – Bass
Nod – Bass Arrived 1966
Ian Kilminster (Lemmy) – L Guitar Formerly with The Rainmakers; The Motown Sect; went to Sam Gopal’s Dream (68); Hawkwind (71); Motorhead (75)

1966 – XX

Rocky & The Tornadoes

The original group formed in July 1959 until November 1960.

Pete Bateman – Vocals
Mike Smith – Sax
Stan Tofield – Drums
Rocky Prior – Guitar Went to Chris Trent & The Whispering Four (Nov 60)
Noel Payne – Guitar Went to Chris Trent & The Whispering Four (Nov 60)
MIke Ward – Bass Went to Chris Trent & The Whispering Four (Nov 60)

Clodagh Rodgers (Ireland)

1969 – XX

1969 – XX

1969 – XX

Virginie Rodin (Switzerland)


The Rodys (Netherlands)


Jan Rohde & The Adventurers

The Rokes

This group appears as an Italian band but were actually a British band who fled to Italy and found a decade of huge fame.


“Shel” Shapiro
Mike Shepstone
Bobby Posner
Johnny Charlton

Cash Box July 2nd, 1966

Cash Box December 9th, 1967

1967 – XX

1968 – XX

RCA International 185 – “Che Mando Strano” – Released 1965 – Did Not Chart

Seems like these guys would be Italian but they were indeed British.  They went to Italy to gain fame which they did – for a full decade!

Rokes - RCA - Che Mondo Strano

ROKES 01 ROKES 01_0001

Mike Roger and His Machine Guns (German)


Julie Rogers

Julie Rogers – January, 1965

The Rolling Stones

Visit the Rolling Stones U.S. 45 Discography Page Here

They had their roots in many groups from the early 1960’s in Great Britain including Long John Baldry, Alex Korner, Little Boy Blues Band and more – Only one familiar Rolling Stone was present in the original “loose” lineup – and that was Brian Jones – That was around 1962 when the group often appeared without a formal name.  Jaggers and Richards arrived in late 1962 and Wyman and Watts the following year.  Do I dare say the rest is history?


  • Brian Knight – Vocals Went to Blues By Six (Jun 62); then to The Original All Stars (64-65)
  • Geoff Bradford – Guitar Departed 1962 -Went to  Blues By Six (Jun 62); later in the Long John Baldry & Hoochie Coochie Men – Also with the Cyril Davies All R&B All Stars, Long John Baldry’s All Star Band, the Rising Suns,  The Original All Stars
  • Brian Jones – Guitar Formerly with the Danny Cannon & The Ramrods (61), The Undertakers, later with the New Church
  • Ian Stewart – Keyboards Departed 1962
  • Andy Wren – Vocals Departed 1962
  • Tom Kennedy – Drums Departed 1962
  • Paul Farmer – Drums Departed 1962
  • William Robinson – Bass Departed 1962
  • Mick Jagger – Vocals Arrived June 1962 Formerly with  Little Boy Blue & Blue Boys (59), sang with Alex Koerner’s Blue Incorporated
  • Keith Richards – Lead Guitar Arrived June 1962; Formerly with Little Boy Blue & Blue Boys (59), sang with Alex Koerner’s Blue Incorporated
  • Dick Taylor – Bass Arrived June 1962 from early rendition of what would be The Rolling Stones; Departed 1962 for The Pretty Things
  • Bill Wyman – Bass Arrived Jan 1963
  • Charlie Watts – Drums Arrived Jan 1963 – Formerly with Alex Koerner’s Blues Incorporated, the Cliftons, Blues by Five
  • Mick Avory – Drums Arrived June 1962; Also with The Cuckoo’s Nest, The Maple Oak (1966), and the Kinks
  • Mick Taylor -Guitar Formerly with Danny Cannon & the Ramrods, The Gods, and Herbie’s People – John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers
  • Tony Chapman – Drums Arrived July 1962; Departed 1962 – Later with The Herd
  • Bill Perks – Bass Arrived Jan 63 from Dave Harvey & the Cliftons


The Rolling Stones – August, 1964

The Rolling Stones – September, 1964

The Roman Empire

The original group formed in December 1966 until April 1967.

  • Ritchie Blackmore – L Guitar See The Crusaders for complete group listing
  • Johnny Bedder – Guitar Formerly with The Savages (Dec 66)
  • Tony Dangerfield – Bass Formerly with Tony Dangerfield & The Thrills (Jun 64); thenThe Savages (Jul 66); went to The Crusaders (Apr 67)
  • Carlo Little – Drums See The Savages for complete group listing
  • Mathew Fisher – Organ Later with Procol Harum
  • Joel James – Sax
  • Lord Sutch – Vocals From and back to  The Savages

Tony Ronald & His Kroner’s (Spain)


Tony Ronald

The Roosters

The original group formed in December 1966 until April 1967.

Ritchie Blackmore – L Guitar See The Crusaders for complete group listing
Johnny Bedder – Guitar Formerly with The Savages (Dec 66)Tony Dangerfield – Bass Formerly with Tony Dangerfield & The Thrills (Jun 64); thenThe Savages (Jul 66); went to The Crusaders (Apr 67)
Carlo Little – Drums See The Savages for complete group listing
Mathew Fisher – Organ Later with Procol Harum
Joel James – Sax
Lord Sutch – Vocals From and back to  The Savages

Nita Rossi

1965 – XX (Need Image)

1966 – XX

The Roulettes (also see Adam Faith)


Bob Henrit
Brian Parker

1964 – XX

1966 – XX

1963 UK


The original group formed in 1968.

Chris Curtis – Vocals Formerly with The Searchers
Bobby Woodman – Drums Formerly with Dave Curtis & The Tremors; later with Bodast
Nick Simper – Bass Formerly with Buddy Britten & The Regents (64-65); Johnny Kidd & The Pirates (66); also with Screaming Lord Sutch’s Savages; went to Deep Purple; later with Warhorse, and finally Fandango (78)
John Lord – Keyboards Formerly with Bludd’s Bluesicians; and The Artwoods; later with Deep Purple; Paice-Ashton & Lord; the White Snake
Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar See Deep Purple for all group listings

The Rover (France)


Normie Rowe

John Rowles (New Zealand)

John Rowles was sborn in 1947 in Whakatane, New Zealand

1968 (Need Images)

Kapp 950 – “Say Goodbye b/w Hus.. Not a Word to Mary



LP – Kapp 3597 – “The Exciting John Rowles” – 1968

Roy & Millie


Millie Small
Roy Panton

Earl Royce & The Olympics

Royce, Earl & Olympics

The original group formed in February, 1963.

Pete Cook L Guitar Formerly with Dee & the Dynamites (60-61); The Kansas City Five (62); Groups Inc (62); Departed (65)
Brian Dee – Bass
Earl Royce (Billy Kelly) – Vocals
Jimmy Jordan – Drums
Kenny Hazard – R Guitar
George Peckham – L Guitar Arrived Apr 1965; Formerly with The Pawns (64-65); The Renegades (61-63); Departed for The Fourmost (Dec 65)
Frank Bowen – L Guitar Arrived Dec 65; Formerly with Lee Curtis & The All Stars (62-63), The Original All Stars (64); also had been with Pathfinders, Beachcombers, Mike & the Merseymen, The Trends
Rita Hughes – Vocals Formerly with Jeannie & The Big Guys
Pete Cook – Guitar

1965 – O

James Royal

London singer who started off in the mid 1960’s

1967 – XX

1969 XX

The Royal Four (Germany)

Lita Roza

1961 – XX

1966 – XX

Christel Ruby (France)


Rupert’s People

Rupert's People 2

Rupert’s People: 1967 – 1968

Rod Lynton – Lyrics Formerly with Les Fleur de Lys
Chris Andrews – Vocals Departs 1967 – Formerly with Sweet Feeling – Also with  Les Fleur de Lys
Gordon Haskell – Bass Departs 1967 – Formerly with Sweet Feeling
Keith Guster – Drums Departs 1967 – Formerly with Sweet Feeling
Bryn Haworth – Guitar Departs 1967 – Formerly with Sweet Feeling
Pete Solley – Keyboards Departs 1967
Steve Brendell – Drums Arrives 1967 – Formerly with  Les Fleur de Lys
Ray Beverly – Bass Arrives 1967
Tony Dangerfield – Bass: Also appeared in Tony Dangerfield & Trills; Circles, the Roman Empire, Neil Christian & Crusaders; the Houseshakers; Crispian St. Peters, Episode Six, Alan Bown, and Screaming Lord Sutch & His Savages
John Tout Arrives 1967
Dal Jenkins Arrives 1967
John Banks – drums Merseybeats
Adrian Curtis – guitar Formerly with the Knack
Paul Gurvitz – bass Later with Gun and Baker-Gurvitz

1967 – DJO/X

1967 – XX Bell 696 – A Prologue to a Magic World b/w Dream On My Mind (Need Images)

Barbara Ruskin

1965 – XX

1965 – XX

1966 – XX

Thane Russal & Three


Bob Johnson – with Steeleye Span
Martin Fisher – with East of Eden, Sopworth Camel
Michael Brill – with Blizzard, Godfather, I Pepper, Rocking Horse, The Motowns
Pete Huish – with Sopworth Camel, Camel
Thane Russal – with Thane Russal and the Big Bang Band

Declan  Ryan

1965 – O

Paul & Barry Ryan (and the Majority)


A twin brother group – Paul and Barry Ryan started off in 1965.  They released several singles in the U.S. but only Barry managed to reach the charts with his solo release of Eloise a very minor hit peaking at number 85 in after their break-up.  Barry passed away in 1992.

Paul Ryan
Barry Ryan

1966 – O

1966 – O

1966 – XX

1966 – XX – MGM 13609 – b/w I’ll Tell You Later (Need Image)

1967 – XX

1968 – XX

1968 – DJ/O

1969 – XX MGM PS36 – The Colour of My Love b/w My Mama (Need Images)

1968 – UK

1969 – Germany (PS ONLY)

Bobby Rydell (Invasion Related)

Bobby becomes one the first American Artists to release a Lennon/McCartney composition

1964 – O

John & Anne Ryder

A couple of British folk singers who were both solo acts until they married

1969 – DJX/O

1969 – XX

Decca 75167 – “I Still Believe in Tomorrow” – Released 1969 – Did Not Chart



Mal Ryder & The Spirits


Mal Ryder
Paul Bradley Couling – with The Primitives
Peter Relton
Mick Charleton
Vode Chequer

Johnny Saint & The Travelers

The original group formed in 1960 and lasted until June 1962.

Roy Creswell – Drums Went to Mark Peters & the Cyclones (Oct 61); then The Cyclones (Apr 63); Next to The Few (Apr 64)
Johnny Saint – Vocals
Bernie Rogers – R Guitar Went to Lee Curtis & The All Stars (1962)
John Kirpatrick – L Guitar Went to Karl Terry & The Cruisers (Jul 62); then to Lee Shondell & The Boys (Dec 62)
Fred Ennis – Bass Went to Karl Terry & The Cruisers (Jul 62); Next to The Few (Apr 64)
Eddie Houlihan – R Guitar


Real name Priscilla Mitchell

The Safari (France)


The Saints/Andy & The Saints/Heinz & The Saints

The original group formed in March 1963 as The Saints & Andy Cavell until August 1963.  They became Heinz and The Saints in August 1963 until April 1964.

Ricky Winters – Drums
Tab Martin – Bass Went to The Peddlers (Apr 64)
Roy Phillips – Guitar Went to  The Peddlers (Apr 64)
Andy Cavell – Vocals Departed August 1963
Heinz Burt – Vocals Formerly with The Outlaws (62-63); then The Tornados (61-63); formerd Heinz & The Wild Boys (Apr 64)
Ricky Winters – Drums Arrived August 63

Rusty Sainty & The Nu Notes

The original group formed in August 1958 until March 1964.

Laurie Jay – Drums Went to Nero & The Gladiators (Jan 60); then to Chris Wayne & The Echoes (61)
Rhet Stoller – Guitar Departed 1959
Roy Toft – Guitar
Mel Miller – Bass
Russ Sainty – Vocals
Bernie Martin – Drums Arrived Jan 1963
Big Jim Sullivan – Guitar Arrived Jan 1962
Roger Dean – Guitar Arrived Jan 62; later to John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers (Apr 64)
Nigel Menday – Drums Arrived Jan 1962 from Chris Trent & The Whispering Four (60-62); Departed Dec 1962 to Pam Cordell & The Whispering Four; then to Tony Colton & The Crawdaddies (Aug 64)

Russ Sainty – September, 1962

Sally & The Alleycats



Sallyangie was sister and brother act Mike and Sally Oldfied. Mike found later fame with his instrumental “Tubular Bells”. He composed the tune while 19 years of age and still part of Sallyangie. It became a hit four years later in 1973 when it was included in the movie “The Exorcist”.

Mike Oldfield Later with Barefoot; then The Whole World
Sally Oldfield

Warner Bros. 1783 – “Children of the Sun” – Released 1968 – Did Chart


Sam Apple Pie


Dave Charles
Gary Fletcher

Sam’s Friends

1966 – b/w I Feel (Need Image)



Joe Dunnet – with The Renegades
John Redfern
Mike Walker – with Filthy McNasty
Tetsu Yamauchi – with Faces; Tetsu and the Good Times Roll Band
Yujin Harada – with The Far East Family Band

Billy Sanders (Germany)


Gary Sanders (Invasion Novelty)

1965 – DJX/O

Chris Sandford and the Coronets

1965 – XX

Sandro (Argentina)

The Sands


Ray Cook – drums (left after one gig)
Bob Freeman – rhythm guitar, vocals – with High Noon; Sun Dragon; The Cruisers; McLintock; The Others
Ian McLintock – bass, vocals – with High Noon; McLintock; Sun Dragon; The Cruisers; The Others
Pete Hammerton – lead guitar, vocals – with The Others
Paul Stewart – vocals – with The Others
B.J. Wilson – drums – with Liquorice John Death; Procol Harum; The Paramounts

The Sands of Time

1966 – XX

Sandy Coast (Netherlands)


Samantha Sang (Australia)

Samantha hit it big time in the late 1970’s.

1969 – b/w Lonely People (Need Image)

1969 – XX

The Saphires (Germany)


Sandy Sarjeant (U.K.)


Mike Sarne & The Innocents (with Wendy Richard)

1962 – XX

1966 – XX

Mike Sarne – 1963

Mike Sarne & Billie Davis – September, 1962

Peter Sarstedt

Peter Sarstedt was born in December of 1941 in India immigrating to the U.K.  He died on January 8th, 2017 at the age of 75.





LP – World Pacific – “As Though It Were a Movie” – 1969

LP – World Pacific – “Where Do You Go To My Lovely” – 1969

The Satin Bells (Three Bells)

1965 – b/w Softly in the Night (Need Image)

1968 – XX

The Sauterelles (France)


Heinz Ernst
Roberto Carlotto
Rolf Antener
Peter Steffen
Werni Frohlich

Mike Savage & The Wild Cats

The original group formed in 1960 uintil June 1961.

John State – Guitar Departed 1963; Later with Sonny Web & The Cascades (Jun 61)
Roger Wilcox – Drums Later with Sonny Web & The Cascades (Jun 61); Departed for Brian Newman & The Topics (Jun 63)
Billy Duncan – Bass Later with Sonny Web & The Cascades (Jun 61); Departed Aug 1962
Jerry Gilbertson – Guitar Departed Aug 1962
Mike Savage – Vocals
Joe Butler – Bass Arrived from The Country Four Sep 1962; to The Hillsiders (Sep 64)
Brian Redman – Drums Arrived Feb 1963; Formerly with The Fourmost, and The Dominoes

Savage Rose (Denmark)

The Savoy Brown Blues Band/Savoy Brown

They started in 1966 as The Savoy Brown Blues Band. Band member Martin Stone had been a member of The Action and then went on to Mghty Baby, Chilli Willi and finally The Pink Fairies.

Brice Portius – Vocals Departed 1967
Bob Hall – Piano Formerly with The John Dummer Blues Band (68); Departed 1969 for the Sunflower Blues Band
Kim Simmonds – Guitar
Martin Stone – Went to The Action; then went to Mighty Baby Later with Chilli Willi (72); then The Pink Fairies (75)
Ray Chappell – Bass Departed 1967
Leion Mannings – Drums Departed 1967 for The Sunflower Blues Band
Dave Peverett – Guitar Arrived 1967; Later to Foghat (70)
Roger Earl – Drums Arrived 1967; Later to Foghat (7)
Chris Youlden – Vocals Arrived 1967
Tone Stevens – Bass Arrived 1967; Later to Foghat (70)
Rivers Jobe – Bass Arrived 1967

1968 – XX

1969 – XX

1969 – XX

1969 – DJX/O

Parrot 71024 – “Getting To the Point” – Released 1968 – Did Not Chart

Savoy Brown - Parrot - Getting to the Point


Parrot – 71027 “Blue Matter” – Charted April 12th, 1969 – #182 – 2 Weeks on Hot 200

Savoy Brown - Parrot - Blue Matter


Parrot 71029 – “A Step Further” – Charted September 13th, 1969 – #71 – 14 Weeks on Hot 200


Savoy Brown (and others)

Immediate 52006 – “An Anthology of British Blues” – Released 1968 – Did Not Chart



The Saxtons (Invasion Novelty)

1964 XX – Regina 305 – The Beatle Dance b/w I’m Sittin on Top of the World (Need Images)

The Scaffold


Paul McCartney’s brother Mike ‘McGear’ was a member of the Scaffold. Andy Roberts was a member for a while – later of Pink Floyd, Grimm and Plainsong.

Roger McGough Later with Grimms (73) – became a children’s author and playwright
Mike McGear Later with Grimms – Paul McCartney’s Brother
John Gorman – with Grimms
Andy Roberts Later with The Liverpool Scene also with Pink Floyd, Grimm, Plainsong

1968 – DJX/O

1968 – DJO/X

1968 – DJO

1969 – DJO

1969 – XX (Need Image)

1968 UK (OR)

Bell 6018 – “Thank U Very Much” – Released 1968 – Did Not Chart

Scaffold - Bell - Thank U Very Much



The Scarlets (Denmark)


Jan Pedersen
John Friis
John Reimar
Lecia Jonsson
Steen Larsen

Ingrid Schoeller (Italy)


The Science Poption (Sweden)

The Scorpions

The original group formed in March 1962 until June 1962.

Alen Key – Guitar
Francis Rossi – Guitar Went to The Spectres (62); to Traffic Jam (May 67); to Status Quo (Aug 67)
Alan Lancaster – Bass Went to The Spectres (62); to Traffic Jam (May 67); to Status Quo (Aug 67)

The Scotland Yardleys

1966 – DJX/O

Christopher Scott

LP – Decca 75141 – “Switched-On-Bacharach” – 1969

Simon Scott & The Leroys

Scott, Simon 01

Scott Simon & the Leroys: 1964 – 1965

Scott Simon – Vocals Also with Scott Simon & the All Night Workers

Don’t know who the LeRoys were

1964 – DJX/O (Need Image)

1965 – XX

Simon Scott – August, 1964

The Scots of St. James

The original group formed in 1967.

Alan Gorrie – Bass Went to The Average White Band (72)
Onnie McIntyre – Guitar Formerly with The In Crowd (67); Went to The Average White Band (72)
Hamish Stuart – Vocals Formerly with The In Crowd (67); then to The Dream Police (68); then to Berserk Crocodiles (70); went to The Average White Band (72); then Easy Pieces (87); then The Paul McCartney Band (87)
Graham Maitland – Organ Formerly with The In Crowd (67); went to Glencoe (68)
Stuart Francis – Drums Went to Glencoe (68)
Hugh Nicolson – with Blue; The Poets; Radio Heart; The Marmalade
Norrie Maclean – with Picadilly Line; The Poets

The Scooters (Germany)


The Scorpions (U.K.)


The Scramblers (Invasion Novelty)

1965 – XX


Recorded in 1968 and 1969


Henry Spinetti with Hustler, Lazy River, Gerry Rafferty, Procol Harum
John Kongos with Johnny and the G-Men, The Floribunda Rose

1969 – XX

The Sea-Ders (Lebanon)


Albert John Haddad
Joe Shehadeh
Raymond Azoury
Zad Tarmush

Sea Train (Recorded In the U.K. with George Martin)

LP – A&M SP 4171 – Seatrain – 1969

LP – Capitol SMAS 659 – Seatrain – 1970

The Searchers

See the Searchers U.S. 45 Discography Page

Searchers 01

The Searchers: 1957 as a skiffle group thru 1970’s in various forms – Group was known as the Searchers, and for brief periods Tony & the Searchers, and Johnny Sandon & the Searchers

John McNally – Guitar
Big Ron – Vocals Departed 1959 or so
Brian Dolan – Guitar Departed 1959 or so
Joe West – Bass Departed 1959
Joe Kennedy – Drums Departed 1959
Chris Curtis – Drums Arrived 1960 – Later with Roundabout
Mike Pender – Guitar Arrived 1960, Later with Mike Pender’s Searchers
Tony Jackson – Bass Arrived 1960 – Formerly with the Martinis (59) – Departed Jul 1964 for Tony Jackson & the Vibrations
Johnny Sandon – Vocals Arrived 1960 – fronted the group for a while – Departed Feb 1962 to front Johnny Sandon & the Remo Four
Frank Allen – Bass Arrived Jul 1964 – Formerly with Cliff Bennett & Rebel Rousers
Billy Adamson – Drums Arrived sometime in 1966
John Blunt – Drums Replaced Adamson in 1966


The Searchers – August, 1964

The Searchers – September, 1964

Second City Sound

Birmingham beat band


Alan Nicklin
Ken Freeman

Second Hand


Arthur Kitchener – with The Originals; The Balham Alligators; The Cho-Zen; The Last Resort; The Next Collection; The Warriors
Bob Gibbons
Ken Elliott – with Chillum; The Lunatics; Jonesy; The Seventh Wave; The Moving Finger; The Vulcans
Kieran O’Connor – with The Seventh Wave; Second Hand; The Originals; Chillum; Diz & The Doormen
Nick South
Rob Elliott
George Hart – with Chillum; Seb Pipe’s Life Experience

The Secrets

Original Group The original group formed in July 1963 until February 1964.

Denny Alexander – Guitar Formerly with The Aarons; Went to The Kinsleys (Feb 64); then to The Clayton Squares (Feb 66)
Peter Orr – Drums Formerly with Danny Havoc & The Ventures; went to The Memphis R&B Combo
Vic Grace – L Guitar Formerly with The Cyclones; The Hi Cats; and Danny Havoc & The Ventures
Dave Collins – Bass
Danny Havoc – Vocals Formerly with Danny Havoc & The Ventures
Dave Preston – Drums Formerly with The Cascades; and The Harlems;  then Danny Havoc & The Ventures; Went to The Kinsleys (Feb 64); then to Crispian St. Peters (65)

The Seekers

See the Seekers U.S. Discography Page

The Seekers came from Australia: 1962 – into the 2000’s

Athol Guy – Bass
Keith Potger – Guitar Later with the New Seekers (68)
Bruce Woodley – Guitar
Ken Ray – Vocals Departed 1962
Judith Durham – Vocals Arrived 1962 – Departed 1968 – Formerly with the Jazz Preachers (61)
Margaret Roadknight – Vocals Arrived 1968

Marian Segal with Silver Jade

This British folk group started off in the mid 1960’s as a duo with Marian and Dave Waite. They were joined later by multi-instrument player Rod Edwards.

DJM – “Fly on Strange Wings” – Released 1969 – Did Not Chart

Segal, Marian & Silver Jade - DJM - Fly on Strange Wings


The Senate (Scotland)

The Senate group was a Scottish Beat Era group with a soulful sound.  They performed in the mid to late 1960’s.

Sol Byron
Dave Agnew
Alex Ligertwood Later worked with Santana
Bob Mather
Tony Rutherford
Robbie McIntosh Later to the Average White Band

Senator Bobby (Invasion Novelty)

1966 – O

Senator Bobby  Senator McKinley

1967 – XX

The Senders (France)


The Sensations of London

1967 – XX

The Session Trio

The original group formed in 1964.


John Carter – Vocals Formerly with Carter Lewis & The Southeners (61-64); went to The Ivy League (Feb 65)
Ken Lewis – Vocals Formerly with Carter Lewis & The Southeners (61-64); went to The Ivy League (Feb 65)
Perry Ford – Vocals went to The Ivy League (Feb 65)

The Sessions


Chas Hodges – with Black Claw; Cliff Bennett & Rebel Rousers; The Green Bullfrog; Heads Hands and Feet; The Oily Rags; The Outlaws
Mike Dallon
Nicky Hopkins – with Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers; Lord Sutch & His Heavy Friends; The Climax Blues Band; Sweet Thursday; The Jerry Garcia Band
Ritchie Blackmore – with Deep Purple; The Green Bullfrog; Heinz & The Wild Boys; The Chaps; The Lancasters; The Trip

The Settlers


Cindy Kent
John Fyffe
Mike Jones
Andie Sherman
Mansel Davies
Geoff Srdzinsk

1967 – O

LP – London – Sing Out – 1964

Denny Seyton & The Sabres


Danny Seyton

The Shadows

See the Cliff Richard & Shadows U.S. Vinyl Page

Great Britain’s quintessential Beat instrumental group – So many imitated the fabulous Shadows who were the backing group for Cliff Richard – They were third in success on the U.K. charts all-time behind only Elvis Presley and Cliff Richard! Their roots were in skiffle with members coming together from skiffle groups The Railroaders and The Vipers in the late 1950’s.


Alan Hawkshaw – Bizarre; Bullet; Collage; Emile Ford & the Checkmates; Geodave Baralnek; Hawk & Co; Hawkshaw’s Discophonia; Love De Luxe; Rumplestiltskin; The Checkmates; The Graham Walker Sound; The Mohawks; The Rhythm Section
Alan Tarney – with The Tarney Spencer Band
Brian Bennett – with Brian Bennett Band; And Strings; Collage; Heat Exchange; Les Play Boys; Marty Wilde And His Wildcats; The Krew Kats; Thunder Company
Brian Locking – with Les Play Boys; Marty Wilde & His Wildcats; Vince Eager and the Vagabonds
Bruce Welch – with Marvin Welch & Farrar; The Drifters
Cliff Hall
Hank Marvin – And Strings, Marvin, Welch & Farrar; The Drifters; The Five Chesternuts; The Vipers
Jet Harris – with And Strings; Jet Harris & Tony Meehan; The Drifters; The Vipers
John Farrar – with Marvin Welch and Farrar; The Strangers
John Rostill
Mark Griffiths – with 3 Boxes; Harsh Reality; Mathew’s Southern Comfort; Plainsong
Tony Meehan – with And Strings; Jet Harris & Tony Meehan; Les Play Boys, The Drifters; The Vipers

The Shadows – 1963

The Shadows – October, 64

Bobby Shafto

Real name is Robert Farrant. British beat, rock’n’roll singer very famous during early 1960’s
Discovered by musician Lionel Bart when he was working in his offices, was supposed to make a million quid/pounds within a few years.

1964 DJX/O

1964 – XX (Need Image)

1965 – XX b/w Baby Then (Need Image)

1966 – XX

1966 – XX

Bobby Shafto – November, 1962

The Shain’s (Spain)


Enrique Ego Aguirre
Gerardo Rojas

The Shake Spears (Rhodesia)


Alan Escombe-Wolhuter
Calvin Coleman
Chris Kritzinger
Chris Stone
Gene Latter
Johnny Kreuger
Perry Jordaan
Ron Patton

The Shakers (Liverpool)


Dave Woods (sax)
Howie Casey (sax)
Ken Shalliker (bass, vocals)
John Frankland (guitar)
Gibson Kemp (drums)
Kingsize Taylor (vocals, guitar) – with The Brotherhood of Rock N’ Soul; The Dominoes; The Beat Brothers
Geoff Bethell (piano).

The Shakers (Los Shakers – Uruguay)

The group is from Uruguay and consider an Invasion band. They formed in 1963.


Hugo Fattoruso- L Guitar
Osvaldo Fattoruso – Guitar
Roberto “Pelín” Capobianco – Bass
Carlos “Caio” Vila – Drums

1966 – XX

Audio Fidelity 6155 – “The Shakers Break It All” – Released 1966 – Did Not Chart




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