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Beat-Era Group Rosters/Solo’s/Discographies
Alpha: T thru V

Rosters and solo artists from the “Invasion” Era with discographies for those who had releases in the U.S. Also some Invasion-Era groups from other European countries who did not have U.S. distribution.

The T-Boones (Sweden)


The Tages (Sweden)

Group Members:

Anders Töpel
Danne Larsson
Freddie Skantze
Göran Lagerberg
Lasse Svensson
Tommy Blom
Tommy Tausis

1968 – XX

Jacqueline Taieb (France)

Was lead singer for the Amsterdam Beat Club

Take 5 & 2 (Germany)

A 1969 German group

The Takers (The Undertakers)

The original group formed in February, 1961 and were originally know as The Vegas Five.  They traveled to New York City where some thought they recorded as The You Know Who Group” but that turned out to an American group disguising as British.

Bob Evans – Drums Formerly with The Five Shillings; Departed 1961 to the Renegades
Jimmy McManus – Vocals Departed 1962 to the Renegades
Les McGuire – Sax With group sometime in 60/61; Departed to Gerry & the Pacemakers Apr 1961
Chris Huston – L Guitar
Geoff Nugent – Guitar Became a Country and Western singer
Mushy Cooper – Bass Depart Jan 1962 for Faron’s Flamingos; Then 1963 to Lee Curtis All Stars
Bugs Pemberton – Drums Arrived Sep 1961
Jackie Lomax – Bass Formerly with Dee & Dynamites (60-61); Went solo 1964 – –Signed as an Apple Records  Recording Artist – Later formed The Lomax Alliance
Brian Jones – Sax Arrived Performed later with Gary Glitter’s band
Mike Millward – Guitar Formerly with The Fourmost – Die 1966Beryl Marsden – Vocals Departed for The Lee Curtis All Stars (63)

1964 – Parkway 909 – Just a Little Bit b/w Stupidity (Need Images)

1964 – XX

1965 – b/w Throw Your Love Away (Need Image)

Tales Of Jonathan

MGM – K13727 – Weird Strange Girls/She Ups and Changes Her Mind – April, 1967

Tales of Justine

This London group had one release in 1967


Bruce Hurford
David Daltrey
Paul Locke
Paul Myerson

1969 UK LP

Sharon Tandy (South Africa)

Migrated to the U.K. to pursue her career – Died in 2015

1965 – XX

1965 – XX

1967 – XX

1968 – XX

1969 – XX

Tangerine Peel

Group formed around 1967


Warwick Rose – with Ro Ro



Taste formed in 1966 and most notably included guitar player Rory Gallagher who went on to front his own band in the 1970’s. He died in 1995 at the age of 47.

Rory Gallagher – Guitar Formed the Rory Gallagher Band (71); Mike Batt & Friends
Eric Kittringham – Bass Formerly with The Axels (65); departed 1968 (deceased 2013)
Norman Damery – Drums Formerly with The Axels (65); departed 1968 Additional Members
Charlie McCracken – Bass Arrived 1968; departed for Stud (70) and later backed Spencer Davis; Axis Point; Fastway
John Wilson – Drums Arrived 1968; formerly with Them (68); Stud

Atco 296 – “Taste” – Charted August 16th, 1969 – #133 – 9 Weeks on Hot 200


TASTE 01 R TASTE 01 R_0001

Kingsize Taylor & His Band

Ted “King Size” Taylor front The Dominoes – a long running Beat Band. Female vocalist Cilla Black was part of this band from 1960 through 1962.


Ted Taylor – Guitar (Kingsize) Formerly with King Size Taylor & The Griff Parry Five; also with Kingsize Taylor & The Dominoes; (58-64); and with The James Boys 56-58); Tony Sheridan & Beat Brothers; The Shakers
Cliff Roberts – Drums Formerly with The Sinners (56-57); The Dominoes (57-61); Ian and The Zodiacs (61-64)
Baz Davies – L Guitar Formerly with The Wild Harks (57-59); then The Connoisseurs (62-64)
Kenny Rees – Bass Formerly with The Black Velvets
Bummel Reicher – Sax
Mamoud Haari Sax
Frank Galloway – Bass Formerly with The Griff Parry Five (64)

Midnight 2101 – “Real Gonk Man” – Released 1965 – Did Not Chart

Taylor, King Size & Dominoes - Midnight - Real Gonk Man


Vince Taylor & Bobbi Clarke’s Noise/Vince Taylor & His Playboys

The original group formed in April 1964 until April 1965.

Vince Taylor – Guitar (deceased August, 1991)
Bobby Woodman – Drums
Alan Bugby – Bass Formerly with Nero & The Gladiators (62-64)
Ralph Danks – Guitar Formerly with Nero & The Gladiators (62-64)
Paul Macdowall – vocals

The T-Bones (Gary Farr & the T-Bones)


Andrew Steele – with The Herd, Kid Gloves, Stealers Wheel
Gary Farr – with Lion
Keith Emerson – with Emerson Lake & Palmer, Lake & Powell, The Nice, The V.I.P.s, The Keith Emerson Trio
Lee Jackson – with Blues Incorporated, Jackson Heights, The Nice

The Tea Time Four

Tea Time Four – October 64

Teddie & The Tigers (Ireland)

From 1967

The Teddy Bears (Sweden)

A mid 1965’s Beat Group

The Teenies (Germany)


Teeny (Germany)


The Temperance Seven

A jazz-based combo

1961 – O

1962 – XX

1965 – ABC-Paramount 10648 – Letkiss b/w Tajaeddi (Need Images)

Johnny Tempest & The Tornadoes/Faron & The Tempest Tornadoes

Tempest, Johnny

The original group formed in 1959 until 1960. They then became Faron & the Tempest Tornadoes in 1960 until July 1961.

Johnny Tempest – Vocals Died in 1960
Rod Cameron – Drums Departed to Danny & The Asteroids (60)
Faron Ruffley – R Guitar Later formed Faron’s Flamingos
Lance Ralston – L Guitar To Earl Preston’s TTs (Aug 61)
Wally Shepherd – Bass To Earl Preston’s TTs (Aug 61)
Dave Gore – R Guitar To Earl Preston’s TTs (Aug 61)
Don Alcyd – Drums To Earl Preston’s TTs (Apr 62); Later with The Renegades (Oct 62)

Gerry Temple

Real Name: Keith De Groot

Jerry Temple January 63

Tempus Fugit

This late 1960’s group was first known as The Jensens


Brian Howe
John Horne
Leonard Horne

Ten Years After

They formed in 1966 and reformed for a time in the late 1970’s. Guitarist extraordinaire Alvin Lee fronted Ten Years After.

Alvin Lee – Guitar Formerly with The Jay Birds (66); later with Alvin Lee & Co (74); and the Alvin Lee Band (80)
Leo Lyons – Bass Formerly with The Jay Birds (66)
Ric Lee – Drums Formerly with The Jay Birds (66); later with Chicken Shack (80)
Chick Churchill – Keyboards

1968 – XX

1968 – XX

Deram 18009 – “Ten Years After” – Released December, 1967 – Did Not Chart

Ten Years After - Deram - Ten Years


Deram 18016 – “Undead” – Charted August 10th, 1968 – #116 – 14 Weeks on Hot 200

Ten Years After - Deram - Undead


Deram 18021 – “Stonedhenge” – Charted February 22nd, 1969 – #61 – 18 Weeks on Hot 200

Ten Years After - Deram - Stonedhenge


Deram 18029 – “Ssssh” – Charted August 30th, 1969 – #20 – 23 Weeks on Hot 200

Ten Years After - Deram - Ssssh


The Terrible Enfantes (France)


Darlene Terri (Invasion Novelty)

1964 – DJO/X

Karl Terry & The Rockin’ Cruisers/The Cruisers

Terry, Karl & Cruisers

The original group formed in 1959 and ran until June of 1963.

Frank Dudley Departed to Mark Peters & The Cyclones (Apr 61); then to The St. Louis Checks (Aug 64)
Steve Fleming – Piano Departed to Mark Peters & The Cyclones (Apr 61); then to Mark Peters & The Silhouettes (May 63); then Mark Peters & The Method (Aug 65)
Reggie Coulsting – Drums Departed for Terry & The Tuxedos (1961)
Gordon Templeton – Drums Departed in 1961 but returned Nov 1961; then to The Wolfgang Combo (Jun 62); then briefly to Rory Storm and the Hurricanes in 1962 – then back once again to the Cruisers; then to The Valkyries (Dec 63)
Karl Terry – Vocals To The Delameres (Dec 63); then to The TTs with Karl and Amos (Oct 64); Also with The Talismen; The Squares; Capricorn and Shooby Doo
Dave Hamilton – L Guitar Departed in 1962 and returned July 1963
Don McGough – Bass Arrived Apr 61; Departed 1962
Gerry Clayton – R Guitar Arrived Apr 61; Deprted in 1962 and returned July 1963
Roy Dyke – Drums Arrived Apr 61; Departed to The Remo Four in 1961
Laurie Clark – Guitar Arrived Nov 61; Departed in 1962 and returned July 1963
Eddie Houlihan – R Guitar Arrived Jul 62; Departed for Lee Shondell and The Boys (Dec 62)
John Kirkpatrick – L Guitar Arrived Jul 62; Departed forLee Shondell and The Boys (Dec 62)
Fred Ennis – Bass Arrived Jul 62; Departed for The Few (Apr 64)
Pete Campbell – Guitar Arrived Jul 63


See the Them U.S. Discography Page

Image result for them band

Them: From Belfast – 1964 – 1968

Eric Wrixon – Keyboards Departed mid 1964 – Formerly with the Wheels
Ronnie Millings – Drums Departed mid 1964
Billy Harrison – Guitar Departed Jul 1965
Alan Henderson – Bass Departed August 1965 for Them Again
Van Morrison – Vocals – Sax Departed August 1965 – Formerly with the Monarchs – Later with Them Again
Patrick McAuley – Drums Arrived Nov 1964 – Departed Jul 1965 for the Belfast Gypsies
Jackie McAuley – Keyboards Arrived Dec 1964 – Departed Apr 1965 for the Belfast Gypsies – Later with the Freaks of Nature
Terry Noon – Drums Arrived Jul 1965 – Departed Sep 1965
Peter Bardens – Keyboards Arrived Jul 1965 – Formerly with the Cheynes – Later with Peter Bs Looners Also with Shotgun Express
Joe Baldi – Guitar Arrived Jul 1965 – Departed later in 1965
Ray Elliott – Keyboards Arrived Sep 1965
John Wilson – Drums Arrived Sep 1965 – Departed a few months ; later with Taste (68) – Later with the Misfits and Cheese & Taste
Jim Armstrong – Guitar Arrived Sep 1965 – Formerly with the Mellotones
David Harvey – Drums Arrived Dec 1965
Kenny McDowell – Vocals Arrived Aug 1965 – Formerly with the Cheynes – Later with Peter Bs Looners

Them Grimbles

The original group formed in 1964 until July 1964.

Mike Byrne – Vocals Formerly with Mike and The Thunderbirds (61-63); then with The Roadrunners (65-66)
Chris Hanton – Organ
Rob Little – Bass
Tony Crowley – Drums Departed Feb 1965
Ernie Hancock – Guitar
Trevor Browne – Sax Went to The Pete Best Combo
Pete Clarke – Drums Formerly with The Escorts

Bob Thiele & His New Happy Times Orchestra (Invasion Novelty)

1967 – XX (Need Image)

Tienou (France)


The Third Ear Band


Allen Samuel
Denim Bridges
Glen Sweeney
Lyn Dobson
Mel Davis
Mick Carter
Paul Buckmaster
Paul Minns
Richard Coff
Simon House
Ursula Smith

Jimmy Thomas – U.K.

(Partial Discography shown from 1964-1966 – Invasion Era

1964 – XX

1966 – XX

David Thorn

David Thorn January 63

Gunilla Thorn (Sweden)


Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs (Australia)

See the Aztecs listing on the A-B Page for discography

Thorpe & Aztecs 1

Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs (Australia): 1963 – into 1980s

Billy Thorpe – Vocals
Col Beigent – Drums Departed 1965
Johh Bluey Watson – Bass Departed 1965
Tony Barber – Guitar Departed 1965
Vince Maloney – Guitar Departed 1965
Johnny Dick – Drums Arrives 1965 – Later with the Bee Gees
Jimmy Taylor – Piano Arrives 1965
Col Risby – Guitar Arrives 1965
Mike Downers – Guitar Arrives 1965
Teddy Toi – Guitar Arrives 1965

Thor’s Hammer (Iceland)

Iceland Beat from mid 1960’s

Engilbert Jensen
Gunnar Þórðarson
Pétur Östlund
Rúnar Júlíusson

Those Without

The original group formed in Fall 1963 until the end of 1963.

Alan Sizer – Guitar
Smudge – Guitar
Stephen Pyle – Drums
Syd Barrett – Guitar Went to Leonard’s Lodgers (6-64); then to Pink Floyd (later 1964); later on with Stars (72)

The Thoughts


Alan Hornby
Dave Croft
Denny Alexander – with The Clayton Squares; The Penny Peeps
Peter Beckett – with Bandana; The Little River Band; Paladin; Player; Riff Raff; The World of Oz; Think Out Loud; Skyband; Whip; Winston G and the Wicked
Phil Boardman

Thoughts and Words


Bob Ponton – with Pandamonium
Martin Curtis – with Pandamoniu

The Three Bells (Liverpool)

They were later known as the “Satin Bells” – and were sisters Carol, Sue and Jean Bell.

1965 – b/w Softly In the Night (Need Image)

Three Blond Mice (Invasion Novelty)

1964 – XX

Three City Four


Ralph Trainer
Marian McKenzie
Leon Rosselson – with The Galliards
Owen Hand
Martin Carthy – with Band of Hope; Brass Monkey; The Imagined Village; The Watersons; Steeleye Span

The Three Coins

1966 – O

The Three Elliots

The Three Elliots – September 63

The Three Musketeers

The original group formed in December 1965 until January 1966.

Ritchie Blackmore – L Guitar See The Outlaws for all group listings
Avid Anderson – Bass Formerly with The Crusaders (Feb 65); then to The Savages (May 65); back to The Crusaders (66)
Tornado Evans – Drums Formerly with The Crusaders (Feb 65); then to The Savages (May 65); back to The Crusaders (66)

Three People

1966 – XX

The Thunderbolts


Charles Ward
Kingsley Ward

1963 – XX

Thunderclap Newman


Andy Newman
Jack McCulloch – with Andromeda; Andwella’s Dream; Bent Frame; One in a Million
Jim Avery – with Razar; The Attack; Third World War
Jimmy McCulloch – with Bent Frame; Jimmy McCulloch & White Line; John Mayall; One in a Million; Small Faces; Stone The Crows; The Dukes; Tundra; Wild Horses; Wings (deceased 1979)
John Speedy Keen – with The Muggers (deceased March, 2002)
Ron Peel – with Rockwell T. James & The Rhythm Aces, The La De Das; The Pleazers

1969 – DJX/O

Tidal Wave (South Africa)

Formed in late 1960’s

The Tielman Brothers (Dutch East Indies)


Andy Tielman (deceased November, 2011)
Loulou Tielman
Ponthon Tielman
Reggy Tielman – (deceased March, 2014) with Los Indonesios; The Black Dynamites
Rudi Pieroelie – with Los Indonesios; The Black Dynamites; The Real Room Rockers; The Strangers


Tiffany’s Thoughts

The original group formed in late 1964.

Irene Green From Tiffany’s Dimensions (Oct 64)
Marion Hill From The Memphis R&B Combo (Jun 64)



Danny Barbour
John Glenfield
Kevin Finn – with Prima Donna; The New Seekers; Viva; Wishful Thinking

The Time Breakers (Germany)



Timebox formed in Southport in 1966.  They folded in 1969 and reformed as Patto.

Clive Griffiths – bass
Chris Holmes – piano
Peter Halsall – guitar Later with Tempest; then Boxer
Michael Patto McCarthy – vocals (deceased 1979) Later with Spooky Tooth; then Hinkley’s Heroes; and Boxer
John Halsey – drums Formerly with Felder’s Orioles

1968 – XX

Tintern Abby

This group formed in the late 1960’s and was short lived surviving about a year.

David MacTavish – vocals
Dan Smith – guitar
Stuart MacKay – bass
John Dalton – drums
Paul Brett – guitar (replaced Smith) Formed The Paul Brett Sage

TL’s Bluesicians

Original Group The original group formed in 1964 until February 1965.

Pete Newton – Bass Then to The Terry Hines Quintet (Feb 65); then The Fix (Nov 65)
Bob Hardy – L Guitar Then to The Terry Hines Quintet (Feb 65); then The Fix (Nov 65)
Vic Brunskill – Drums
Chris Lawson – R Guitar
Tony Lavon – Vocals

The Toggery Five

They also performed as The Toggery Soul Band”


Paul Young – with Gyro; Mike and the Mechanics; Sade Cafe; The Measles; The Young Brothers
Frank Renshaw
Graham Smith
Keith Meredith
Kenneth Mills
Alan Doyle

1965 – XX

The Toggery Five – September, 1964

The Tokens

The original group formed in June, 1962.

Chez King – Bass Formerly with Lee Curtis & The Detours (61-62)
Ritchie Gilliam – L Guitar Formerly with  The Delmont Four; also with Lee Curtis & The Detours (61-62); Next to The Detours (65-67)
Stan Davis – R Guitar
Terry McAdams – Vocals
John Gee – Drums Departed to The Secrets
Derek Atherton – Drums

Tom and Mick (Sweden)


The Tomcats (Spain)


Alan James
Chris Jackson
Jon Field
Tom Newman
Tony Duhig


Tomorrow was an evolution of the Beat Band The In Crowd. Future Pretty Thing and Pink Fairy Twink Alder was a member as well.


Steve Howe – Guitar Formerly with The Syndicats (63); then The In Crowd (65); went to Bodast (68); Yes (70); Asia (81)
Keith West – Vocals Formerly with The In Crowd (65)
Junior Wood – Bass Formerly with The In Crowd (65); Later to Aquarian Age
Twink Alder – Drums Went to The Pretty Things (68) Later to Aquarian Age

1967 – XX

Sire 97012 – “Tomorrow” – Released 1968 – Did Not Chart

Tomorrow - Sire - Tomorrow


Tonia (France


The Tonics (Germany)

Out of Hamburg in the mid 1960’s


Benny Bendorff
Hajo Teschner
Herbert Bornhold
Manfred Oberdörffer

Tony & The Velvets

1963 – XX


Real name Chaim Topol

1969 – O

Bernard Topy (France)

Cash Box June 4th, 1966

The Torero’s (Germany)


Hans Hollestelle


The Tornadoes

The Tornados – 1963

They were known as the Tornados in the UK – Though they did not ride along on the Invasion – they did help pave the way with some early US chart records – They ran from 1961 until late 1963 – then regrouping from time to time.

Heinz Burt – Bass Departed Jan 1962 – Formerly with the Outlaws (60-61), the Vikings – Later with Heinz & the Saints (63-64), Heinz & the Wild Boys (64), Heinz
Norman Hale – Organ Departed May 1962
George Bellamy – Rhythm Guitar Departed Aug 1963
Clem Cattini – Drums Formerly with the Beat Boys (59), Johnny Kidd & the Pirates (60-61), Colin Hicks & the Cabin Boys (61) – Later with Division Two (65) – Also was part of the Ivy League (65-66)
Alan Caddy – Guitar Formerly with Johnny Kidd & the Pirates (59-61), Colin Hicks & the Cabin Boys (61)
Roger Lavern – Organ Arrived May 1962 – Formerly with Roger Lavern & the Microns – Departed Aug 1963
Tab Martin – Bass Arrived Jan 1963 – Departed Mar 1963 to the Saints with Andy Cavell, then Heinz & the Saints, the Peddlers (64)
Brian Gregg – Bass Arrived Mar 1963 – Departed Aug 1963 to the Pack – Formerly with Johnny Kidd & the Pirates (60-61), Colin Hicks & the Cabin Boys (61)
Ray Randell – Bass Arrived Sep 1963
Jimmy O’Brien – Organ Arrived Sep 1963
Brian Irwin – Guitar Arrived Sep 1963
Stuart Taylor – Lead Guitar Arrived Sep 1963 – Formerly with Screaming Lord Sutch and Savages
Bobby Graham Formerly with Mike Berry & the Outlaws
Ricky Brown – Bass Also  with Cyril Davies R&B All Stars – The Rising Suns, Sean Buckley & the Breadcrumbs; Later with Steampacket, and John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers – Also with Screaming Lord Sutch & His Savages – Brian Auger & Trinity

Other Members Ray Randall – Bass, Phil Webb – Guitar, Dave Watts – Organ, Brian London, John Davies, Rob Huxley, Pete Holder, Roger Holder

1962 – DJX/O

1963 – O

1963 – O

1963 – XX

1963 – O

1975 – O

London 3279 – “The Original Telstar” – Charted January 5th, 1963 – 45 – 17 Weeks on Hot 200


London 3293 – “The Sounds of the Tornadoes” – Charted January 5th, 1963 – #45 – 17 Weeks on Hot 200



The Tottenhammers

Groovemaster 140 – “The Beat Battle of The World” – Did Not Chart
(Contains “Tear it Up” by The Tottenhamers)




Cash Box January 18th, 1969

Tower Records

Linda Laine and Sinners/Mike Rabin & The Demons/Heinz

Cash Box October 31st, 1964

The Towners (Germany)




Traffic was a super group forerunner which featured Steve Winwood (Spencer Davis Group), Jim Capaldi (The Hellions and Locomotive), and Dave Mason. “Heaven” is a very difficult LP to locate.

Traffic: 1967 – into the 1970s

Stevie Winwood – Guitar Formerly with Powerhouse, the Spencer Davis Group – Later with Ginger Baker’s Air Force,  Blind Faith – Also with Muff Winwood Jazz Band and Traffic
Dave Mason – Guitar Departed 1967 returned and departed again in 1968 – Formerly with Deep Feeling, the Hellions – Also with Mason-Wood-Capaldi-Frog (the Wooden Frog)
Chris Wood – Sax Formerly with Locomotive, the Sounds of Blue – Later with Dr. John – Also with Mason-Wood-Capaldi-Frog (the Wooden Frog)
Jim Capaldi – Drums Formerly with Locomotive, the Hellions – Later with Mason-Wood-Capaldi-Frog (the Wooden Frog)

Cash Box January 6th, 1968

1967 – United Artists UA 50195/Giving to You –

1967 – DJPSO/X

1968 – United Artists UA 50232 – Here We Go Round the Mullberry Bush/Coloured Rain –

1968 – DJX/O

1969 – United Artists UA 50500 – Medicated Goo/Pearly Queen –

United Artists 6651 – “Heaven is In Your Mind” – Released 1967 – Did Not Chart
(Released with two LP cover versions)

Traffic - United Artists - Mr Fantasy


United Artists 6676 – “Traffic” – Released 1968 – Did Not Chart



LP – United Artists UAS 5500 – The Best of Traffic – 1969

United Artists 5175 – “Here We Go ‘Round The Mulberry Bush” – (soundtrack) Released June, 1968 – Did Not Chart




United Artists 6702 – “Last Exit” – Released 1969 – Did Not Chart


Liberty 7625 – “Underground Gold” – Released 1968 – Did Not Chart



Mark Tracey

Mark Tracey – September 62

Traffic Jam

The original group formed in May 1967 until August 1967

Francis Rossi – Guitar Formerly with The Scorpions (62); went to The Spectres (May 67); then to Status Quo (Aug 67)
Alan Lancaster – Bass Formerly with The Scorpions (62); went to The Spectres (May 67); to Status Quo (Aug 67)
John Coghlan – Drums Formerly with The Cadets (May 62); The Spectres (May 67); then to Status Quo (Aug 67)
Roy Lynes – Organ Formerly with the The Spectres (May 67); then to Status Quo (Aug 67)

1960’s – XX


London late 1960’s band


Colin Hodgkinson – with Back Door; Electric Blues Duo; The Jon Lord Blues Project; Ten Years After; The Hofner Bluenotes; The Spencer Davis Group; Whitesnake
John McCoy
Micky Moody – with Juicy Lucy; M3; Snafu; Snakecharmer; The Company of Snakes; The Mike Cotton Sound; Whitesnake
Terry Popple – with McPhee; Radiator; Snafu
Terry Sidgwick

US LP – 1969

Trapeze (Canada)

The original group formed in 1968 until 1976

Terry Rowley
John Jones
Dave Holland – Drums
Mel Galley – Guitar
Glenn Hughes – Bass Formerly with The News; and Finders Keepers

1969 – XX

Trash (Scotland)

They also were known as “The Pathfinders”


Fraser Watson
Ronnie Leahy
Timi Donald
Neil McCormick
Colin Morrison
Ian Clews

1969 – XX

1969 – O

Anita Traversi (Germany)


Gus Travis & The Rainchecks/The Rainchecks

The original group formed in May 1963 and ran into 1965.

Gus Travis – Vocals Formerly with Gus & The Thundercaps (59-62(; Later with Freddie Starr & the Midnighters; then forming Gus Travis & The Dymonds in January 1963

Derek Bond – Bass Formerly with Johnny Rocco & The Jets (Jun 61); then to Steve Day & The Drifters (May 63); Departed to Derry Wilkie & The Others (Jan 64)

Barry Ezra – L Guitar Formerly with  Steve Day & The Drifters (May 63);also with Vince Earl & The Zeros

Spike Sherratt – R Guitar Formerly with Johnny Rocco & The Jets (Jun 61); then to Steve Day & The Drifters (May 63);

Phil Duggan – Drums Formerly with Johnny Rocco & The Jets (Jun 61); then to Steve Day & The Drifters (May 63);

Graham Nugent – Guitar

The Treetops

1968 – XX

The Treffles (France)


The Trembles (Germany)


The Tremeloes

See The Tremeloes U.S. Discography Page

The Tremeloes – First group fronted Brian Poole – 1959 – into the 21st Century

Ricky West – Lead Guitar
Alan Blakely – Rhythm Guitar
Alan Howard – Bass Departed 1966
Dave Munden – Drums
Brian Poole – Vocals Departed 1966
Len Chip Hawkes – Bass Arrived 1966
Mick Clark – Guitar Arrived 1966

The Tremeloes (with Brian Poole) – August, 1964

The Trendsetters (The Trendsetters Ltd/Trend)


Allan Azern – with The Brain
Bruce Turner – with The Loot
Michael Blakesley
Michael Giles – with Giles-Giles & Fripp, King Crimson, McDonald & Giles, Roger Glover, The Brain, Michale Giles Band, The Mike Morton Congregation, The Trend
Peter Giles – with The 21st Century Schizoid Band, Giles-Giles & Fripp, McDonald & Giles, The Brain, The Trend

Chris Trent & The Whispering Four/Pam Cordell & The Whispering Four

The original group formed in November 1960 until January 1962

Nigel Menday – Drums To Russ Sainty & The Nu Notes (Jan 62); back to The Whispering Four; then to Tony Colton & The Crawdaddies (Aug 64)
Chris Trent – Vocals (Jim Harding)
Rocky Prior – Guitar Formerly with Rocky & theTornadoes (59-60)
Noel Payne – Guitar Formerly with Rocky & theTornadoes (59-60)
Mike Ward – Bass Formerly with Rocky & theTornadoes (59-60)
Pam Cordell – Vocals

Jackie Trent

Jackie was Yvonee Ann Burgess – She was married to Brit composer Tony Hatch – The duo together or individually composed hundreds of songs for many U.K. artists.  Jackie was in the group Family Affair. She passed away on March 21st, 2015.

1964 – DJX/O

1964 – XX

1965 – Parkway 955 – Where Are You Now/On the Other Side Of The Tracks – 1965

1965 – Parkway 963 – When Summertime is Over b/w To Show I Love Him (Need Images)

1965 – XX

1966 – XX

1967 – XX

1967 – XX

1968 – Warner Bros. 7178 – 7:10 to Surburbia b/w Stop Me and Buy One (Need Images)

1968 – (with Tony Hatch) – (Need Images)

1969 – XX

The Tridents (France)


The Triks and the Paramounts (The Netherlands)

A mid 1960’s Beat group

The Trippers



James Richard Cliburn – with Smith
Jerry Carter

The Trixies

1963 – XX

The Troggs

See the Troggs U.S. Discography

The Troggs: 1964 – 1969  – Orginally were the Troglodytes – Reformed as the New Troggs

Reg Presley – Vocals
Chris Britton – Guitar Formerly with Ten Feet Five
Pete Staples – Bass Departed 1965
Ronnie Bond – Drums
David Wright – Guitar Departed 1964 – Later with Loot
Tony Newman (Murray?) – Bass Arrived 1965 – Formerly with Pinkerton’s Assorted Colours, the Plastic Penny
Howard Mansfield – Guitar Formerly with  the Plastic Penny

Troublemaker (Sweden)




Frank Aiello
Steve Jameson

1968 – XX

Cy Tucker & The Friars

The original group formed in January 1965 until 1967.

Cy Tucker – Guitar Formerly with Earl Preston’s TTs (61-65)
Paul Doyle – L Guitar
Tommy Hart – Drums
Charlie Smullin – Guitar

The Tudor Minstrels

1967 – XX

Tunis (France)



The recorded in 1968 on the Decca U.K. label


Gus Peters – guitar
Jeff Peters with Jawbone, The Roll-Ups, The Rough Riders, The Brood
Geoff Syrett – guitar
Vic Jansen – bass
Ewan Stephans – drums – with The Brood

Jeanne Turnbow & The Common Bug Combo (Invasion Novelty)

1964 – b/w Summertime (Need Image)

The Twangy Gang (Germany)


The Twangy Guitars (Germany)


Twice as Much


David Skinner
Andrew Rose (real name Andrew Campbell)

Cash Box July 2nd, 1966

1966 – O

1966 – O


Twiggy was Lesley Lawson and also went by Lesley Hornby – and was most noted as a global super model.

1967 – O

The Twilights (Australia)


The Twilights were an Australian band.  They teamed up with members from the Hurricanes to eventually form a six-piece band.

Glenn Shorrock – vocals Later with Fox – and Axiom, The Little River Band in the 70’s and 80’s
Paddy McCartney – vocals
Terry Britten – guitar Later in Homer
Frank Barnard – drums
Peter Brideoake – rhythm guitar, vocals
John Bywaters – bass
Laurie Pryor – drums Formerly with Johnny Broome and the Handels – Later with Chain in 1968

Cash Box August 10th, 1968

1966 – DJO/X


Image result for twink adler

Twink is – of course “Twink” John Adler former member of the Pretty Things and the Pink Fairies.

Sire 97022 – “Think Twink Pink” – Released 1969 – Did Not Chart

Twink - Sire - Think Pink


Twinkle was Lynn Annette Ripley – She passed away on May 21st, 2015

1964 – O

1965 – XX (Need Image)

1966 – XX

1965 – UK

Twinkle – January, 65

Two and a Half


The Two Jays/The Four Jays


The original group formed in late 1950s then became The Four Jays in September 1959 until June 1962.

Brian O’Hara – Guitar Later with The Fourmost (Jun 62)
Joe Bower – Guitar Later with The Connoisseurs (Jun 62); later with Sonny Webb & The Cascades
Billy Hatton – Bass Arrived Sep 1959; then went to The Fourmost (Jun 62)
Brian Redman – Drums Arrived Sep 1959; later with Sonny Webb & The Cascades; then The Hillsiders; also with The Dominoes

Tyrannossaurus Rex

The duo formed in 1967 (Marc Bolan and Steve Peregrine-Took) and shortened the name to T-Rex. Bolan came from the British Band John’s Children. Later the group would add additional band members. Bolan died in 1977 in a car crash.

Blue Thumb 7 – “Unicorn” – Released 1968 – Did Not Chart


T-REX 01 C T-REX 01 D

The Uglys


The original group formed in as the Dominettes in the late 1950’s then became The Uglys around 1962.

Steve Gibbons – Vocals Went later to Balls (69); then later formed The Steve Gibbons Band (72)
Jimmy Holden – Drums Departed in 1967
John Hustwayte – Bass Deaparted in 1965
Bob Burnett – Guitar Departed in 1965
John Gordon – Keyboards Departed in 1965
Dave Pegg – Bass Arrived 1966; then went to The Way of Life; then to The Fairports
Roger Hill – Guitar Arrived 1966; later on with Mongrel (71)
Jimmy O’Neil – Keyboards Arrived 1967; next went to The Mindbenders
Richard Tandy – Keyboards Arrived 1968; later went to Balls; then ELO
Keith Smart – Drums Arrived 1968 from Danny King & The Mayfair Set (66); later went to Balls; then to Youngblood; then Mongrel
Dave Morgan – Bass Arrived 1968; later to Balls (69)
Willie Hammond – Guitar Arrived 1968

1965 – ABC Paramount 10707 – Wake Up My Mind b/w Ugly Blues (Need Images)

1965 – XX

1966 – XX

U.K. Baby

1969 – O

The U.K. Bonds

Mid 1960’s Beat Group out of Birmingham


Michael Allen – Drums
Danny MacGuire – Bass, Vocals  – with The Ghost
Dave Millicheap – Guitar, Vocals
Pete Snipe – Piano

Laura Ulmer (France)


The Unauthorized Version (Unauthorised Version)

Formed in 1968 out of Oxfordshire


Robin Barda
Bill Robison
David Roy
John Saunders
Tony Seddon
Nick Thorne
John Toll

Unit 4 Plus 2

Unit Four Plus 2

Unit 4 Plus 2 – Began as Unit 4 – 1964 – 1967

Tommy Moeller – Guitar
Brian Parker – Guitar Stepped into the background soon after the group formed due to illness.
Pete Moules – Vocals
Howard Lubin – Guitar Later with Satisfaction, Christie
David Meikle – Guitar Departed 1967 – Formerly with Buster Meikle & the Day Breakers, Later with Bill & Buster
Rod Garwood – Bass Departed 1965
Hugh Halliday – Drums Departed 1965 – Later with Jade Warrior (70)
Nigel Spook – multiple instruments Arrived 1964
John Rodgers – Bass Arrived/Died – 1964
Mod Roger – Drums Arrived 1964
Jeff Harbour Arrived 1967
Alan Price Arrived 1967
Russell Ballard Arrived 1965 – Formerly with Adam Faith & Roulettes – Later with Argent – Also with the Zombies
Bob Henrit – Drums Arrived 1965 – Formerly with Adam Faith & Roulettes, and the Zombies – Later with Argent
Tony Duhig – Guitar Arrived and Departed 1967 – Later with Jade Warrior
Glyn Harvard – Bass Arrived and Departed 1967 – Later with Jade Warrior

1965 – XX

1965 – London 9751 – Concrete and Clay/Wild As the Wind – 1965

1965 – XX

1965 – O

1965 – DJX/O

1966 – O

London 3427 – #1 Featuring Concrete & The Clay” – Released June, 1965 – Did Not Chart

TWINK 01 R TWINK 01 R_0001


Unit Gloria (Holland)


Albert Hol
Bonnie St. Claire – with Artiesen Voor Het Ronald McDonald Huis
Gerrit Hol
Marcel Van Hardeveld – with The Black Albinos
Robert Long

1969 – O

1970 – O

The United 5 (Germany)


The United Nations (Sweden)


The Untamed

Formed out of Worthing (Sussex) in 1964, the Untamed were formerly known as The Untamed Four.  They broke up in 1965.

Lindsay – guitar Later with Fox
Ray Jarvis – organ
Jez Loveland – bass
Terry Slade – drums
Lindsay Muir – guitar
Brian Breeze – guitar
Keith Hodge – drums
Alan Moss – organ
Brian Hire – drums
Andrew Dickson – bass
Pete Kelly – keyboards

1965 – Bell 621 – I’ll Go Crazy b/w My Baby Is Gone (Need Images)

1966 – XX

1965 – Bell 621 – I’ll Go Crazy b/w My Baby Is Gone (Need Images)

Nada Urbankova

1969 – Czechoslovakia


The original group formed in November 1967 until July 1968.

Mont Campbell – Bass Went to The Egg (68)
Clive Brooks – Drums Went to The Egg (68); then to The Groundhogs (early 70’s)
Dave Stewart – Organ Went to The Egg (68); then to Khan (71); then Hatfield & The North (72); then National Health (75)
Steve Hillage – Guitar Went to Khan (71); then to Kevin Ayers and Decadence (72); then Gong (74)

Gary Usher (Invasion Novelty)

1964 – XX

Vagabondi (Italy)


Ricky Valance (Wales)

Real name David Spencer – He had a number 1 hit in the U.K. with “Tell Laura I Love Her”

Penny Valentine (Invasion Novelty)

Penny was a British journalist and rock and roll critic. She passed away on January 9th, 2003.

1965 – O

Dana Valery (South Africa)

She was born “Dana Catalano” in Italy

Dana was born in Italy but made her way to South Africa where she commenced her singing career.

1967 – XX

1967 – XX

1967 – XX

1968 – ABC 11138 – The Lamplighter’s Psalm b/w Didn’t We (Need Image)

1968 – b/w A Girl Without Love (Need Image)

The Valkyries

The original group formed in 1962 until March 1965.

John Adams – Drums Departed in 1965
Billy May – R Guitar Departed for The Pathfinders (65)
Alan Burton – Bass
Tony Conway – Sax
Ian Hunter – L Guitar
Gordon Templeton – Drums Arrived in 1963; Formerly with Karl Terry & The Cruisers; also with The Wolfgang Combo (Jun 62); then briefly to Rory Storm and the Hurricanes in 1962
Terry McCusker – Drums Arrived May 1965 from Rip Van Winkle & The Rip It Ups; previously with The Four Dymonds/Gus Travis & The Dymonds (63-64)



Andy Clark – with Be Bop Deluxe; Red Noise; UPP
Mick Hutchinson – with Sam Gopal; Sons of Fred
Pete Sears – with Hot Tuna; Jefferson Starship; Moonalice; Sons of Fred; Silver Metre; Steam Hammer; Zero
Viv Prince – with Bunch of Fives; The Pretty Things; The Bambis, Chicago Line; Denny Laine’s Electric String Band

Van Der Graaf Generator

Formed in 1967 out of Manchester, England with original members Chris Judge Smith, and Peter Hammill.

LP – Mercury 61238 – “The Aerosol Grey Machine” – 1969


Linda Van Dyke (Holland)

Linda was with Boo & The Booboos in the late 1960s and was also an actress.

Nils Van Hill and the Gem (Germany)


The Vanguards (Denmark)


Vanity Fare

The British group formed in 1968.


Barry Landeman – with Kippington Lodge
Bernard Hagley – with I Can Crawl; Jonesy; Tranquility
Brian Johnson – with Angel; Mark and John; Octopus; Pebbles; Philadelphia Brown; White Plains
Dick Allix
Eddie Wheeler
Tony Goulden
Tony Jarrett
Trevor Brice

1968 – XX

1969 – XX


Ornella Vanoni (France)


The Variations (Denmark)


Sylvie Vartan (France)

In the new millennium, Sylvie was part of the group “Noel Ensemble”  – She married French rocker Johnny Hallyday in 1965 and divorced him in 1980.  She was born in Bulgaria.

Cash Box May 11th, 1968

1965 – XX

Frankie Vaughan (England)

Frankie Vaughan 1963

Cash Box December, 64

The Vedettes (Italy)


The Vegas Kings

The original group formed in 1957 until 1961.  . This group was also Ronnie & The Ramblers, then Ronnie & The Red Caps.

Billy de Wolf – Vocals
Ronnie Dio – Bass Went to form Ronnie Dio & The Prophets (61-67); then to The Electric Elves (67-70); then to Elf (70-75); then Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow (75-78); and Black Sabbath (79)
Nick Pantas – Guitar Went to  Ronnie Dio & The Prophets (61-67); then to The Electric Elves (67-70)
Tom Rogers – Drums Went to  Ronnie Dio & The Prophets (61-67)
Jack Musci – Sax

The Velvett Fogg


Frank Wilson – with Warhorse; Wilson Gale & Co
Keith Law
Paul Eastment – with The Ghost
Graham Mullett
Mick Pollard – with Black Sabbath; Earth; Heaven & Hell; Jethro Tull; Mythology; Rock Aid Armenia; The Stonkers; WhoCares

1969 LP

Vency (France)


The Ventes (France)


The Venture Five (Germany)


Marie Blanche Vergne (France)


Paul Vernon & The Riots

Group formed in Bristol in the mid 1960’s.


Rod Meacham (Drums) with The Eagles, Hot Springs
Michael Brice (Bass Guitar) with The Eagles, Hot Springs
Paul Vernon

The Vernon Girls (Invasion Novelty)


Ann Simmons
Maggie Stredder
Samantha Jones
Vicki Brown
Lynn Cornell

1964 – XX

Veronica Lee and the Moniques (Invasion Novelty)

1964 – XX

The Vernon Girls – January 63

Vibele (Italy)


Vic & The Spidermen/The Spidermen

Vic & Spidermen

The original group formed in 1964 until 1965. Known as The Spidermen before arrival of Vic Wright.

Vic Wright – Vocals Left to form Vic & The TTs (Jan 64); Later with The Script
Pete Molloy – L Guitar
Phil Roberts – Bass
Glyn Jones – R Guitar
Ray Binnion – Drums

Vicky (Germany)

1968 – Philips 40546 – Dance With Me Until Tomorrow b/w Give Me Your Hand (Need Images)

1968 –

Jean-Paul Vignon (France)

45 – MGM K13552 – I Wanna Be Free/Another Page – December, 1966

45 – Philips 40502 – Goodbye, Goodbye Colette/Ma Via – December, 1967

The Village

A late 1960’s group


Bruce Thomas – with The Roadrunners; The Wild Flowers; Elvis Costello & Attractions; Moonrider’ Quiver; The Bitter Sweet; Bodast
Peter Bardens – with Camel; Keats; Mirage; Shotgun Express; Solo; The Cheynes; Them

Violaine (France)


The Violents (France)


The Vipers Skiffle Group

A leading early British skiffle group they led the way for many others.


Jean Van Den Bosch
Johnny Martyn
Wally Whyton
Tony Tolhurst

1957 – O

1957 – XX

 The V.I.P.’s


The original group formed in 1966 until about 1967.  They changed their name to Art.  Backed the Art ensemble Hapsash & the Coloured Coat in 1968 as “The Heavy Metal Kids”

Keith Emerson – Guitar Later with Emerson Lake and Palmer; formerly with The VIPs (66); Departed in 1966 after a few weeks
Greg Ridley – Bass Formerly with The Ramrods; formerly with The VIPs (66);went to Spooky Tooth (67); then later to Humble Pie
Mike Harrison – Piano Formerly with The Ramrods; formerly with The VIPs (66);went to Spooky Tooth (67); later on with Junkyard Angel
Mike Kellie – Drums formerly with The VIPs (66); later on with The Only Ones
Luther Grosvenor – Guitar formerly with The VIPs (66); Deep Feeling; Hellions; later with Stealers Wheel; Mott the Hoople

1966 – XX

The Virgil Brothers


Danny Robinson
Malcolm McGee
Peter Doyle
Mick Hadley
Robert John Lovett

1969 – XX

The Virgin Sleep


Tony Rees
Alan Barnes
Keith Purnell
Rick Quilty

1967 – XX


Virginie (France)


Vito & The Salutations (Invasion Novelty)

The Voice


Eddie Hammill
Mick Ronson – with David Bowie; Friends; Mott the Hoople; Ronno; Spiders from Mars; The Rats; The Rolling Thunder Revue; The Treacle
Miller Anderson – with Broken Glass; The Blues Project; Dog Soldier; T. Rex; Savoy Brown; The Dukes; The Keef Hartley Band

Helana Vondrackova

1968 – Czechoslovakia

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