From the Land of Band Box Records

Beat-Era Group Rosters/Solo’s/Discographies
Alpha: W thru Z

Rosters and solo artists from the “Invasion” Era with discographies for those who had releases in the U.S. Also some Invasion-Era groups from other European countries who did not have U.S. distribution.

The Wake


Bill Hurd – keyboards
John Edmonds – guitar
Chris Weeks – bass
Tony Miles – drums

The Walham Green East Wapping, Carpet Cleaning Rodent and Boggit Exterminating Association

Late 1960’s group

The Walker Brothers
Walker, Gary & Rain

Visit the Walker Brothers Discography Page (includes solo singles by the group members)

The original trio formed in 1964 in America and then moved to the U.K. in 1965.  After the break-up of the Walker Brothers – Gary Leeds continued to hold on to the namesake in 1967.

Original Members:

Scott Engel (Scott Walker – Bass) – formerly with The Routers – bogus Surfaris; Alec Noel; The Fumblers; The Ginos; The Playboys; The Strangers
John Maus (John Walker – Guitar) – formerly in duo with sister “John & Judy”; bogus Surfaris
Al “Tiny” Schneider (Drums) – departs to be replaced by Gary Walker

Later Members:

Gary Leeds (Gary Walker -Drums)  Formerly with the Standells, performed with P.J. Proby – the Assassins, the Masterminds, the Profiles; The Biscaines; Gary Walker and the Rain
Joey Molland – guitar Formerly with the Assasins, Fruit Eating Bears, The Masterminds – Later to Badfinger
John Lawson – bass Formerly with The Universals – Later with Lace
Paul Crane – guitar Formerly with The Cryin Shames

Walker Brothers – December 65

The Graham Walker Sound


Alan Hawkshaw – with Bullet; Love De-Luxe; The Shadows; The Mohawks
Byron Davis
Clive Hicks – with  Moody
Graham Walker
Les Hurdle – with The Mohawks; Bullet; Spaghetti Head; Troll

1969 LP UK

The Walkers (Sweden)


The Wallace Collection


The Wallace Collection formed in late 1968 out of Belgium and then relocated to the U.K.  Some members were formerly with Sylvester’s Team.

Sylvain Vanholme (guitar, vocals)
Freddy Nieuland (drums, vocals)
Marc Hérouet (keyboards)
Christian Janssens (bass)
Raymond Vincent (violin)
Jacques Namotte (cello)

Capitol 350 – “The Wallace Collection” – Released 1969 – Did Not Chart



Gordon Waller

See the Peter & Gordon U.S. 45 Discography Page

The Wards of the Court (Germany)


Warm Sounds


Barry Husband (was with Hapshas and the Coloured Coat and The Open Road)
Denny Gerrard (was with The Fifth Avenue)

1967 – XX

The Warriors

The original group formed in 1962 until 1967.

Jon Anderson – Vocals Went to Mabel Greer’s Toy Shop (68); then to Gun and onto Yes (68)
Tony Anderson – Vocals
Rod Hill – guitar
Mike Brereton – guitar
David Foster – bass
Derek Thornhill – drums
David Foster – Bass
Brian Chattan – Keyboards
Ian Wallace – Drums Later with King Crimson

Geno Washington And The Ram Jam Band (American UK Transplant)

Geno (sometimes spelled “Gino”) Washington was from Indiana in the U.S. The Ram Jam Band evolved from a British group called The Continentals. They got together in 1964 in London.

Geno Washington – Vocals Formerly with Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers (63-68)
Pete Gage – Gutar
Lionel Kingham, saxophone
Buddy Beadle, saxophone
Geoff Pullum aka Jeff Wright, organ
John Roberts, bass
Pete Carney, bass
Herb Prestidge, drums
Clive Burrows, saxophone
Paul Turner, bass guitar

1964 – XX

1964 – XX

1964 – XX

1965 – b/w Romeo (Need Images)

1968 – XX

1970 – PSO/X (Need Images)

Kapp 1515 – “Hand Clappin’, Foot Stompin’, Funky Butt…. Live” – Released 1965


Atac – “Geno Washington & The Ram Jam Band – Golden Hits” – Released 1969 – Did Not Chart

The Washington D.C’s (France)


Barry Fitzgerald
Brian Hillman
Roger Saunders
Walt Monaghan

The Watersons

The Waterons come from Hull in England – a 60’s folk group. They started off as a skiffle group and were briefly known as The Folksons.

Norma Waterson – with Blue Murder; Matin Carthy & Family; The UK Group; The Folksons; The Waterdaughters
Lal Waterson – with Blue Murder; The Folksons; The Waterdaughters
Mike Waterson – with Blue Murder; The Folksons
John Harrison
Bernie Vickers Arrived in 1972
Martin Carthy – with Band of Hope; Blue Murder; Brass Monkey; Martin Carthy & Family; Martin Carthy & The UK Group; Steeleye Span; The Imagined Village; The Three City Four

Elektra 321 – “Frost & Fire” – Released 1967 – Did Not Chart



Carl Wayne & The Vikings

Wayne, Carl & Vikings

The original group formed in 1963 until 1965.

Johnny Mann – Guitar
Ace Kefford – Bass Went to The Move (66); formed the Ace Kefford Stand (68)
Carl Wayne – Vocals Went to The Move (66)
Bev Bevan – Drums Formerly with Denny Laine & The Diplomats (62); Went to The Move (66); later on with ELO (72)
Terry Wallis – Guitar

1965 – b/w Shimmy Shammy Jangle (Need Image)

We 4 (Sweden)

Christer Hedin
Hans Edler
Jan Högberg
Olle Landsell

Roger Webb & His Trio (Invasion Related)

Roger passed away on December 19th, 2002 in London

1964 – XX

Sonny Webb & The Cascades

Webb & Cascades

John State – Guitar Formerly with Mike Savage & The Wild Cats (Jun 61) Departed 1963
Roger Wilcox – Drums Formerly with Mike Savage & The Wild Cats (Jun 61); Departed for Brian Newman & The Topics (Jun 63)
Billy Duncan – Bass Formerly with Mike Savage & The Wild Cats (Jun 61); Departed Aug 1962
Jerry Gilbertson – Guitar Formerly with Mike Savage & The Wild Cats (Jun 61); Departed Aug 1962
Kenny Johnson (Sonny Webb) – Vocals formerly with The Country Three/Four (Jun 61); Later to The Hillsiders (Sep 64)
Joe Butler – Bass Arrived from The Country Four Sep 1962; to The Hillsiders (Sep 64)
Brian Redman – Drums Arrived Feb 1963; Formerly with The Fourmost, and The Dominoes; Later to The Hillsiders (Sep 64)
Frank Wan – L Guitar Arrived Feb 1963;  Later to The Hillsiders (Sep 64)

Columbia 2172 – “The Exciting New Liverpool Sound – The Authentic Mersey Beat” (with others) – Released 1964 – Did Not Chart



The Weedons (Germany)


The Weekends with the DJ’s (Invasion Novelty)

1964 – XX

Wenche (Norway)


Dodie West

1965 – XX

Keith West

Keith was Keith Alan Hopkins – He was in the groups Tomorrow

1967 – DJX/O

What’s New (France)


The Wheels

The Wheels were an Irish group that migrated to Blackpool in England.  They formed in the early 1960’s evolving from The Golden Eagles, and performed into the mid 60’s.

Herbie Armstrong Later with Fox; Yellow Dog
Victor Catling
Tito Tinsley
Brian Rossi – keyboards
Rod Demick – guitar/vocals Later with Bees Make Honey; King Snakes; Alias Ron Kavana; The Strawbs; The Bucks; The Yardbirds
Erick Wrixen – organ Formerly with Them
Brian Rosbotham

1966 – XX




Eddie Young
Steve Harris
Terry Penn
Wayne Ford

The Whiskers (Holland)


Jan Stam – Singer
Andre Janning – Gitar
Ger Dijkshoorn – Bas
Lou Kalk – Piano
Pim de Boer – Drums

Ian Whitcomb & Bluesville

See the Ian Whitcomb U.S. Discography Page

Whitcomb, Ian & Bluesville

Ian Whitcomb and Bluesville: 1962 – 1966

Ian Whitcomb – Keyboards/Vocals Formerly with The Ragtime Suwanee Six (60); and  Bluesville
Barry Richardson – Bass Formerly with Bluesville, the Alpine Seven
Mick Molly – Guitar
Deke O’Brien – Guitar
Ian McGary – Drums
Gerry Ryan – Bass
Peter Adler – Sax
Bill Somerville-Large – Organ

White Plains

They formed in 1969 and recorded “My Baby Loves Lovin'” late the same year – More or less a studio group lead singer Tony Burrows provided the lead on the early tracks and then departed the group


Brian Johnson – Angel; Mark and John; Octopus; Pebbles; Philadelphia Brown; Vanity Fare
Ian Baldwin – with Infinity; No Flies On Us But; The Flies; In-Sect
Peter Nelson – with The Flower Pot Men; Pete Nelson & The Travellers; Peter’s Faces
Robin Shaw – with First Class; The Flower Pot Men; The Ministry of Sound
Roger Cook – with David and Jonathan; Blue Mink; CCW; Cook-Greenway; The Kestrels
Roger Greenway
Steve Rickard
Tony Burrows

Deram 18045 – “My Baby Loves Lovin’ – Recorded 1969 – Charted August 22nd, 1970 – #166 – 4 Weeks on Hot 200



The Who

Visit the Who Discography Page

The Who: 1963 to Present – The group briefly performed as the High Numbers in early days of the Who

Roger Daltrey – Guitar Formerly with the Scorpions (63)
Pete Townshend – Lead Guitar Formerly with the Detours, the Confederates, the Scorpions
John Entwhistle – Bass Formerly with the Confederates, the Scorpions – Later formed John Entwhistle’s Ox (70s)
Doug Sanden – Drums Departed 1964 (poor guy)
Keith Moon – Drums Arrived 1964 – Formerly with the Detours; and with the Beachcombers


Why Not (Sweden)


Wild Silk

A late 1960’s British band.

The Wild Harks

The original group formed in 1957 until November 1959.

Mike Harkess – Vocals Went to The Connoisseurs (62-65)
Baz Davies – Guitar Went to The Connoisseurs (62-64); then to Kingsize Taylor & The Dominoes (Oct 64)
Dave Owen – Guitar

The Wild Ones (Sweden)


A Wild Uncertainty


Gordon Barton (also with Andwella’s Dream then Razar);
Tony Savva (also with The New Breed); Samuel Prody; Thee
Eddie Hardin (later with Hardin and York); with Axis Point; Eddie Hardin’s Wizards; Roger Glover & Guests; The Crowd; The Murgatroyd Band; The Spencer Davis Group; Wizard’s Convention

1966 – b/w Broken Truth (Need Image)

The Wilde Flowers

The original group formed in June 1963 until June 1967.

Richard Sinclair – R Guitar Departed in 1965 and returned 1967; Went to Caravan (68); Camel; Matching Mole; Polite Force, Richard Sinclair’s Caravan of Dreams
Brian Hopper – Guitar – with Zobe
Hugh Hopper – Bass Later with The Soft Machine (69); Anaid; Bone; Brainville, Clear Frame; Daevid Allen Trio; Dave Willey & Friends; Gilgmesh, The Glass Cage; The Hugh Hopper Band; Mashu; North & South; Pip Pyle’s Equipe Out, Short Wave, Soft Bound; Soft Heap; Soft Mountain; Soft Works, The Carla Bley Band
Robert Wyatt – Drums Went with The Soft Machine (66); later with Matching Mole (71); Centipede; Daevid Allen Trio; Symbosis; The Amazing Band; The Keith Tippet Group; WMWM
Graham Flight – Vocals Departed 1963 – with Baby n’ the Monsters; Polite Force; The Happy Accidents
Kevin Ayers – (deceased February, 2013) – Vocals Arrived 1963; Went with The Soft Machine (68); later with Kevin Ayers & The Whole World (70); then Kevin Ayers & Archibald (72); then Kevin Ayers and Decadence (72); Kevin Ayers & 747 (73); Kevin Ayers & The Soporifics (74) and The Kevin Ayers Band (76)
Pye Hastings – Guitar Arrived 1965; Later with Caravan (68)
Richard Coughlan – Drums Arrived 1965; Later with Caravan (68)
David Sinclair – Keyboards Arrived March 1967; Later with Caravan (68); then to Matching Mole (71); then Hatfield & The North (73); Camel; The RSVP Band
David Lawrence Arrived March 1967

Marty Wilde & The Wild Three (and Wildcats)

(Also see “Shannon”)

Earl UK Pioneer Rocker – These three were known as the Wilde Three – Later he was backed by The Wild Cats.

Marty Wilde – Vocals (Reginald Smith)
Justin Hayward Later with The Moody Blues;
Joyce Baker
Big Jim Sullivan – L Guitar – with The Big Jim Sullivan Band; Charles Blackwell; The Green Bullfrog; Square Four, The Krew Kats; The Nashville Five; Tiger
Brian Locking (Liquorice) – Bass Went on to The Shadows
Brian Bennett – Drums Went on to The Shadows; The Brian Bennett Band; Collage; The Heat Exchange; The Krew Kats; Thunder Company; Wally Asp
Keith Allen –

1958 – XX

1960 – Epic 5-9356 – Bad Boy/Teenage Tears – 1960

1960 – XX

1960 – XX

1962 – Philips 40041 – Come Running b/w Ev’ryone (Need Images)

1965 – XX

Epic 3686 – “Bad Boy” – Released 1960 – Did Not Chart



Epic 3711 – “Wild About Marty”Released 1960 – Did Not Chart



Epic 575 (Reissue Series) – “Wilde About Marty” – Released 1961 – Did Not Chart



LP – UK Fontana SFL 13147 – Wilde About Marty – 1961

Bobby Wilding (Invasion Novelty)

Real name Bobby Weinstein

1964 – XX

Derry Wilkie & The Others/The Pressmen/The Seniors

Image result for derry wilkie and the pressman

Original Group This group in it’s many forms – ran from 1959 on. Some members were also from the group The Hytones

Derry Wilkie – Vocals Formerly with Howie Casey & The Seniors; then to Derry Wilkie & The Pressmen (Apr 63)
Howie Casie – Sax Formerly with Howie Casey & The Seniors;
Billy Hughes (Lead Guitar)
Brian Griffiths (Lead Guitar)
Stan Johnson (Rhythm Guitar)
Jimmy O’Connor (Bass/Vocals
Stan Foster (Piano)
Derek Gill (Drums)
Ernie Hayes – L Guitar
Mike Holmes – Drums
Derek Bond – Bass Formelry with Johnny Rocco & The Jets (Jun 61); then Steve Day & The Drifters (May 63); then Gus Travis & The Rainchecks (Jan 64)
Phil Kenzie – Sax Later played with Rod Stewart
Paul Whitehead – Bass
Jeff Wallington – Drums
Freddie Starr – Vocals
Frank Wibberley – Drums
Lu Walters – Bass
Frank Bowen – Bass
John O’Hara – Bass
Kenny Hardin – Drums
Ritchie Prescott – Lead Guitar
Bob Pears – Bass
Phil Kenzie – Tenor Sax
Dave Roberts – Baritone Sax
Tommy Bennett – Drums
Dave Carden – Lead Guitar
Aynsley Dunbar – Drums
Ad Flowerday – Lead Guitar
Wille Van Geffen – Lead Guitar
Howard Morris – Bass
Ernie Hayes – Lead Guitar
Bob Montgomery – Bass
Derek Bond – Bass
Mike Holmes – Drums
Billy Adamson – Drums

Roek Williams & the Fighting Cats (Netherlands)



Rick Beekman
Roek Williams
Will Luikinga

Wimple Witch

Wimple Witch evolved out of a group called Four Just Men from LIverpool.  They formed around 1966 and performed into 1967.

Johnny Kelman – guitar Formerly with Freddie Starr & The Midnighters (63); Four Just Men); and Pete Mclaine & The Clan
Barry Ashell – bass
Demetrius Christopolus – guitar Formerly with Four Just Men
Lawrence Arendes (King) – drums Formerly with Four Just Men

Jimmy Winston’s Reflections/Fumbs

Winston's Fumbs

They formed in 1965 after his sudden exclusion from The Small Faces.   For one session they recorded as “Winston’s Fumbs” and the line-up below features that group. They faded from sight in 1967 after releasing one single.

Jimmy Winston – Organ/Guitar Departed Oct 1965 – Formerly with the Moments, the Muleskinners – Later with Winton’s Fumbs (67) and The Small Faces;  formed Jimmy Winston & the Reflections
Tony Kaye – Keyboards Later with Yes and then Badger
Alex Paris – bass
Ray Stock – drums Formerly with The Shevelles

Wishful Thinking

The group was first known as the Emeralds


Brian Allen – with Dusty Springfield
John Franklin – with The Maniax
Roy Daniels
Kevin Finn – with Prima Donna; The New Seekers; The Time; Viva
Richard Taylor
Roger Charles
John Redpath
Tony Collier – with The Strangers
Terry New (deceased October, 2010) – with The Lively Set
Pete Ridley
John Redpath

The Wolfgang Combo

The original group formed in June 1962 until late 1962.

Nicolette Moran – Vocals
Geoff Caddick – Bass
Karl Terry – Guitar and Vocals Formerly with Karl Terry & the Rockin’ Cruisers from 1959 until June 1962; Later reformed the Cruisers (Jul 62); then to The Delameres
(Dec 63); and back to the Cruisers (Oct 64)
Gordon Templeton – Drums Formerly with Karl Terry & the Rockin’ Cruisersw; back to the reformed Cruisers (Jul 62); Did a brief stint with Rory Storm & The Hurricanes; Departed for the Valkyries (Dec 63)
Paddy Chambers – L Gutiar Formerly with Faron’s Flamingos; aslo with Steve Bennett & the Syndicate (1962); The Big Three Nov 1963; later to The Krew (64); then to Paddy Klaus & Gibson; Also with The Dominoes

Allison Wonder

1969 – XX

Wonderland (Germany)



Achim Reichel
Claus-Robert Kruse
Dicky Tarrach
Frank Dostal
Kalle Trapp

The World of Oz

They formed in 1968 and were short lived

David Kubinec – with Mainhorse; The Rats
Christopher Robin – with American Jam Band; Kansas Hook; The Casuals
Tony Clarkson
David Reay
Geoff Nicholls – with Principal Edwards Magic Theatre
Peter Beckett – with Bandana; The Little River Band; Paladin; Player; Riff Raff; The Sky Band; The Thoughts; Think Out Loud; Whip; Winston G and the Wicked

1968 – Deram 45-85029 – The Muffin Man/Peter’s Birthday – July, 1968

1968 – XX

1969 – XX

The Worrying Kynde


John Lamb
Lawrence Fagan
Peter Pavli – with Hazchem; Deep Fix; The Rustic Hinge; Stravinski’s Shoe
Ray Bartrip
Roland Rees
Eddie Lamb

Writing on the Wall (Scotland)

Later 1960’s progressive band


Jake Scott
Willy Finlayson – with The Meal Ticket
Bill Scott
Jimmy Hush

Wump & His Warbles

Wump & Warbles

Original Group The original group formed in March 1960 until February 1961.

John Cochrane – Drums Went to Gus Travis & The Midnighters (May 62); then Freddie Starr & The Midnighters (Nov 62); and The Chuckles (May 63)
Jim Mellor – Bass
Nev Humphries – R Guitar
Dave Georgeson – L Guitar To The Chuckles (May 63)
Steve Day – Vocals To Steve Day & the Drifters (Jun 61)

Bill Wyman

(See the Rolling Stones Discography)

Wynder K. Frog

Wynder K. Frogg was headed up by Mick Weaver of Traffic.


Alan Spenner – with Charge; Kokomo; Spooky Tooth; The Christ Stainton Band; The Grease Band
Bruce Rowland – with Fairport Convention; The Grease Band
Chris Mercer – with Charge; Gonzalez; John Mayall; Juicy Lucy; The Misunderstood
Mick Weaver – with The Butts Band; Taj Mahal and the Phantom Blues Band; Ten Years Later; The Fairies; The Frankie Miller Band
Neil Hubbard – with Bluesology; Charge; Juicy Lucy; Kokomo; The Chris Stainton Band
Rebop Kwaku Baah – with Can; Randy Weston’s African Rhythms; Traffic

1967 – XX

1968 – United Artists 50320 – b/w I’m a Man (Need Image)

1968 – XX

United Artists 6695 – “Out Of the Frying Pan” – Released 1968 – Did Not Chart


Marc Wynter

Mark Wynter 1963

Real name is Terence Lee Lewis

1965 – XX

Mark Wynter September 62

Bob Xavier & The Jury/The Jury

The original group formed in 1961 until 1962.

Albert Lee – Guitar Formerly with The Blackheath Three (60); then with The Nightsounds (late 1962); Don Adams & The R&B Trio (62-63); Neil Christian & The Crusaders (late 1963); Mike Hurst & The Method (64); Chris Farlowe & The Thunderbirds (64); and Country Fever (68); later on with Poet and The One Man Band (69); Heads Hands and Feet (70-72); The Crickets (73-74); Joe Cocker & The Cock n Bull Band (73); The Albert Lee Band (75); Emmylou Harris & the Hot Band (76-78); The Eric Clapton Band (79 and on)

Pat Donaldson – Bass Went to The Nightsounds (late 1962); then Dantalian’s Chariot; then  Country Fever (68); later with Poet and The One Man Band (69); and Fotheringay
Roy Mills – Drums Departed September 1962
Bob Xavier – Sax Departed 1962

The Yankees (Germany)

Founded in Bremen in 1961


Frank Bartelt
Gerd Adamowsky
Gunther Saalbach
Harald Blenke

The Yardbirds

See the Yardbirds U.S. 45 Discography Page

The Yardbirds: 1963 – 1968 – Jimmy Page would briefly front the New Yardbirds with Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and John Bonham and we know what that led to.

Paul Samwell-Smith – Bass Departs Jun 1966 – Formerly with the Metropolis Blues Quartet (62)

Keith Relf – Vocals Formerly with the Metropolis Blues Quartert – Later with Together, then  Renaissance – Briefly with Illusion before dying

Jim McCarty – Drums Formelry with the Country Gentlemen (60), Metropolis Blues Quartet – Later with Together, Renaissance, Illusion. Shoot, Armageddon (76)

Chris Dreja – Rhythm Guitar Formerly with the Metropolis Blues Quartet

Tony Topham – Lead Guitar Departs Oct 1963; later on played with Christine McVie

Eric Clapton – Lead Guitar Arrived Oct 1963 – Departs Mar 1965 – Formerly with Casey Jones & the Engineers, John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, Powerhouse, and The Roosters – Later with Cream – Also appeared with Blind Faith, Delaney Bonnie & Friends, Derek & the Dominoes, the Eric Clapton Band, the Greek Loon Band

Jeff Beck – Lead Guitar Arrived Mar 1965 – Departs Nov 1966 – Formerly with the Bandits, the Crescents (60), Him & Others, Kerry Rapid & the Blue Stars, the Night Shift, the Tridents (64) – Later formed the Jeff Beck Group

Jimmy Page – Lead Guitar Arrives Jun 1966 – Departs Jul 1968 – Formerly with the Zephyrs (mid 60s), Carter Lewis & the Southerners, the Cyril Davies Rhythm & Blues All Stars, Heinz, the Lancastrians, Micky Most & the Gear, Neil Christian & the Crusaders, the Pickwicks, the Primitives, Sean Buckley & the Breadcrumbs, the Talismen, the Untamed – Later with the New Yardbirds (68), Led Zeppelin



Yes was more of a group for the 70’s but they formed in 1968 and ran up until 1980. They were an interesting assemblage including Tony Banks who went to Badger, Bill Bruford who joined King Crimson and vocalist Jon Anderson.

Pete Banks – Guitar Formerly with Mabel Greer’s Toy Shop (68); Departed 1968 to Blodwyn Pig
Tony Kaye – Organ Formerly with Winston’s Fumbs, Went to Badger (71)
Bill Bruford – Drums Went to King Crimson (72); The UK (77); Bruford (78)
Jon Anderson – Vocals
Chris Squire – Bass Formerly with Mabel Greer’s Toy Shop (68)
Alan White – with Balls; Circa; Narita; The Paul Williams Set; The Alan Price Set; The Plastic Ono Band; White
Benoit David
Billy Sherwood
Jay Schellen
Jon Davison – with The Glass Hammer
Rick Wakeman
Steve Howe – with Asia; Bodast; Canto; GTR; The Steve Howe Trio; Steve Howe’s Remedy; The In Crowd; The Syndicats, Tomorrow
Patrick Moraz
Oliver Wakeman
Geoff Downes – with Aisa; Chromium; The Downes Braide Association; Isotope; Rock and Armenia; The Buggles; The Gang; Trapeze; White
Tervor Horn – with Art & Act; Big A; Chromium; Image of a Group; The Producers; The Art of Noise; The Buggles; The Gang
Trevor Rabin
Tom Brislin – with Camel; Renaissance; Spiraling; The Syn

1970 – XX

Atlantic 8243 – “Yes” – Released 1969 – Did Not Chart



Yes Indeed (Denmark)


The You Know Who Group (American Invaders)


John Piemonte
Robert Esposito
Vinny Pollimini
Frank D’Avino

1964 – XX

1965 – Casual 94725 – Don’t Play It (No More) b/w Run (I Wanna Be Free) (Need Images)

1964 – DJX/O2V

1965 – O

1965 – O

nternational 420 – “First Album” – Released 1965 – Did Not Chart



Kapp 1431 – “Shindig” – Released 1965
(contains “My Love” by the You Know Who Group)



Yong (Vietnam)


Karen Young

She also performed as “Minnie” – She was from Sheffield England

1969 – b/w You Better Sit Down, Kids (Need Image)

The Young Idea


Tony Cox – with The Bunch
Douglas MacRea-Brown

1967 – XX

1967 – XX

1968 – XX

The Young Savages (Invasion Novelty)

1967 – b/w (Some Day) A Very Special Day (Need Image)

The Young World Singers (Invasion Novelty – Australia)

Image result for the young world singers

1964 – Decca 31660 – Ringo For President/A Boy Like That – August 15th, 1964

The Roy Young Band

Young Band, Roy

The original group formed in July 1968 until December 1969.

Roy Young – Keyboards Formerly with Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers (63-68)
Moss Groves – Sax Formerly with Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers (61-68)
Chas Hodges – Bass Formerly with The Outlaws (65); then with Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers (68); later with Black Claw (69); then Chas & Dave (73)
Mick Burt – Drums Formerly with Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers (61-68);  later with Black Claw (69); then Chas & Dave (73)
Havey Hinsley – Guitar Later with Black Claw (69); then to Hot Chocolate
John Golden – Trumpet Formerly with Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers (68); departed 1968

Zanni (France)



1970 – O

The Zephyrs (Scotland)

The Zephyrs: 1965 – 1966 – Orginally called the Clee-Shays out of London.

John Hinde – Bass
John Peely – Guitar
Mike (Mark) Lease – Organ – with Freedom; The Studio G’s Beat Group
John Carpenter – Drums
Pete Gage – guitar Later with Vinegar Joe; Dada; Gene Washington & The Ram Jam Band; The Vinegrettes

1965 – DJX/Ov1 (Need Image)

Danny Zip (Germany)


The Zipps (Netherland)




The Zombies

See the Zombies U.S. 45 Discography Page

They formed in 1959 and included Colin Blunstone and Rod Argent as two of their more famous members.  Zombie Paul Arnold would go on to join The Overlanders.  Two Roulettes came into the band – Bob Henrit and Russ Ballard – who as also with Unit 4 Plus 2


Colin Blunstone – Vocals
Rod Argent – Keyboards Later with Argent
Paul Atkinson – Guitar
Hugh Grundy – Drums
Paul Arnold – Bass Departed 1963 – Later with the Overlanders
Christ White – Bass Arrived 1963
Bob Henrit – Drums Formerly with Adam Faith & the Roulettes,  Unit 4 Plus 2 – Later with Argent
Russ Ballard – Also with Unit 4 Plus 2 – Argent, Adam Faith & the Roulettes

The Zombies September 64

The Zombies November 64

Zouzou (France)


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