From the Land of Band Box Records

Enter into the wonderful world of Invasion & Rock & Roll Links featuring chart info – discographies – histories – label information – and just about everything you would ever want to know!


Australian Charts

Beat Sessanta
Italy Beat Groups

Beatle Links
A Directory with tons of Beatle Links – Tons

Beatle Net – by expert Bruce Spizer

Beatle Novelty Songs
Index to the many wacky and wackier Beatle related

Beatles Collectors Store
Beatles on this page – but other artists on site

Beatles For Me
Another Beatles collectibles site

Beatles Help in the World
Links to Many Countries

Beatles in Manchester

Beatles Internet Album – Extensive and Impressive

Brighton Beat
Groups of The Sixties

British Beat Boom
Large index of Beat Groups

British Blues
Sort of a Blog type format – but rather static but good

British Invasion Bands
Profiles of the mainstream groups and artists

British 60’s & 70’s Chart Busters (includes Charts – Band Bios and More)

British Sound
Beat Blog

Center of Beat
Star Club Bands

Chart Histories
Broad listing of world Charts (US and UK)

Cumbrian Beat Groups

Cuxhaven Beat
Germany Beat Groups

Dakotas Web Site

Dave Derman’s Beatle’s Singles
Lots of illustrations

Every Hit
Research UK Hit Records here – Very large database

Fab Collectibles
High End Stuff

Grimsby Beat Groups

Internet Beatles Album
Sort of a Beatles Search Engine

Jessie’s Beatles
Beatle U.S. Picture Sleeve presentation

Kent Music Biz
Beat Bands

Kinema Ball Room
A listing and bio of the UK groups appearing at this venue

Lanky Beat
Beat Bands of Lancaster

Liverpool Beat
A forum with amazing Beat Group Posts and information

Making Time
A Guide to the 60’s Beat Groups

Beat Groups and everything else imaginable

Marmalade Skies
Psychedelic British

McBeatle De
A German Beatle search engine type site

Mersey Beat A to Z
Index of Artists from this publication

Mersey Beat Nostalgia
Many mainstream and second tier but great groups

Mersey Beat
“Mersey Town’s entertainment paper”

My Beatles Collection Mark Lackey
A nice little cataloged site with nice vinyl pictures – and other formats

Obscure Bands (Beat) of the 50’s & 60
Actually this is a Beat Blog

Pirate Radio
Hall of Fame (offshore DJs and stations)

Rare Beatles dot Com

Rare Beatles Store
Lots of stuff for sale – Newer items – CDs and sets etc

Rockaway Records
Beatles High End Items for Sale

Rocking Scotts
Scotland Beat Groups

Ryde Beat

Scunny Beat Groups

Shakin’ All Over
Germany Beat Groups

Sounds of the Sixties
UK Groups and UK stuff

Ultimate Beatles Collection
A sort of Beatle Collection Museum

Liverpool group

Vintage Sixties Live
Beat Groups

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