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The Rockabilly Hall of Fame!

(Band Box Artists Recognized Nationally)

The Rockabilly Hall of Fame has recognized more than 5,000 rock-a-billy musicians – both solo’s and groups over time – It is taking a lot of time to explore their extensive site – but in doing so – I have identified a bunch of musicians who have made appearances on Denver’s Band Box record label.

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Bob Timmers is the RHOF founder and official curator – launching the Hall in 1997.  Bob was Born in Appleton, Wisconsin in 1941.  Bob was a rocker back in the day and his first group was called “The Jitterbugs” with whom he played upright bass.

Bob Timmers

His next stop was with “Jerry Williams and the Rockets” where he would play guitar.

Bob Timmers – Far left – Jerry Williams and the Rockets

Bob’s next group would be formed in 1968 – “Strings and Things”.

Bob moved on to Nashville and that is where he would establish the offices of the Rockabilly Hall of Fame.

Sometimes the Hall bases their selection on the merit of one or two songs – and quite often they simply induct an artist based on a body of work.

Some of the inductees perhaps only explored rock-a-billy music momentarily during their career and others made it a full-time endeavor.  Many recorded traditional country songs – but often stepped out and let ‘er rock!

Beyond the Hall’s inductions, they feature many great articles, sound bites, photos, a scrapbook, motion picture ads and much more.

The Hall’s very first inductee was Gene Vincent – a great choice.

Band Box in the Hall

Following are the artists who reside in the Rockabilly Hall of Fame and who recorded at least one recording for the Denver-based label which began in the 1950’s and ran into the early 1970’s releasing hundreds of singles and long plays by a diverse range of musicians – many who played and loved rockabilly!

Band Box was slated to enter the Colorado Music Hall of Fame at some point – but this seems to have taken a back seat to inducting artists who still have “box office draw” today – when that is feasible (Earth, Wind, Fire for instance).

Nice to see these artists receiving some recognition for their dedication to living a life of sharing their music with others.

Inductees Shown:
1st Row: Bob & Shirley & the Valiant – Jimmy DeKnight – Little Joey Farr
2nd Row: Bill Goodwin – Ray Hudson – Steve Gibson – Randy King – Jim McGraw – Buddy Miller”
3rd Row: Randy King – Jim McGraw – Buddy Miller
4th Row:  Chuck Mills (Monarchs) – Bob Perry – Lee Pickett (Lee Chandler)
5th Row: Warren Robbe – Rocky Starr – Sonny West
Below: Ray Hudson

Not Shown: Skip Cole – Nancy Kaye – Sonny Covington – Sonny Russell – Buddy Kain – Jackie Lowell

Ray Hudson

Another musician who released a single on Band Box – inducted into the Rockabilly Hall of Fame is Ray Hudson who was from Gardenia, Kansas where he fronted the Ray Hudson Quartet as well as larger country – oriented bands,

Jimmy DeKnight of course was James Myers who co-composed the rock anthem – “Rock Around The Clock” and who also brought several East Coast musicians to the Band Box label.  Sonny West composed many rockabilly songs and will be best remembered for his contribution to “Rave On” and “Oh Boy!” by Buddy Holly and the Crickets.  He recorded Freddy Fender’s “Wasted Days and Wasted Nights” for Band Box.

Two other Colorado inductees into the Rockabilly Hall of Fame are Boulder’s “Astronauts” on the strength of “Come Along Baby” their debut single in 1960.  Also – Lee Pickett (Lee Chandler of the Blue Rhythms) was inducted with “The Screamers” for “Fatty Patty: who were in fact the Blue Rhythms with Marvin Ross and Paul Jennings.

Colorado's Astronauts - Wild On The Beach

Colorado Country Music Hall of Fame

The following country musicians have been inducted into the Colorado Country Music Hall of Fame:

Sammy Cee

CO Country HOF

Joe Holenbek (The Saints)

CO Country HOF

Randy King

CO Country HOF

Dewey Knight

CO Country HOF

Steve Laneer

CO Country HOF

Jim McGraw

CO Country HOF

Embert Mishler

CO Country HOF

Bob Perry

CO Country HOF

Lee Simms

CO Country HOF

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