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“Guardians of the Groove” Feature Denver’s Band Box Recording Artists

This past Sunday morning, September 24th, 2017 beginning at midnight, radio station WWOZ (the “Guardians of the Groove”) on their massive 100,000 watt frequency, featured Denver, Colorado’s own Band Box Records as the feature on it’s “Blues In The Night” program hosted by jock Jamie Dell’Apa.

Information sent from Dell’Apa:

“I was born in Denver and graduated U.N.C. (Greeley, Colorado)  and C.U. (Boulder, Colorado) before I left our home state for a lowlands career. 

“I have a broad range of listeners with about half of them consisting of Australian/Pacific Rim or Europe listeners who are in their Saturday afternoon or Sunday mornings.  Think of them as record collector types – they like the curation of Americana esoterica.  Listening to WWOZ in New Orleans certifies them as “hipper than thou” amongst their peers.  The other half are local New Orleans (late nighters) on their way home.  A handful are some surprisingly serious music and radio types who listen every week and set the bar very high. 

“I keep the sound up-tempo to keep the Americans awake and to match the Australian/Pacific Rim afternoon’s pacing.  I try to soften the sound with a minority of girl groups and doo wop songs for the morning people in Europe. 

“My show’s catchphrase is, “music you’ve never heard by musicians you’ve never heard of…”   It is a challenge for the serious listeners that make up the public radio’s paying membership.  However, a record collector’s presentation is often too stodgy so I keep my show whimsical and overly-personal as that works in radio.  If I can hook the casual listeners into paying attention long enough to experience unfamiliar music, it works for them. 

WWOZ’s Original Location in New Orleans 1980

 “Listeners like a narrative to tie their experience into a familiar touchstone.  They understand the obvious that I wasn’t at Band Box or inside Vicki’s (Band Box founder) head so my narrative is (should be) understood as a dramatic presentation device.  I also avoid the standard and now overused music biography narrative (wonderfully satirized in “The Dewey Cox Story”).   Instead, I’ll take a geographic, business or personal cut even if it introduces fictions.  Something, anything to bring listeners into the many inherent dramas represented by Band Box.”

Jamie selected, for the most part, the true rockers from the Band Box diverse catalog, in the first hour of his program alone presenting Freddie and the Hitch-Hikers, Dave and Saints, Dean Carr and the Corvettes, The Shelltones, Orlie (and the Saints again with Orlie Trujillo), Chuck Mills and the Monarchs and more.

Dell’Apa’s interspersed narrative is nothing short of fabulous – setting the stage for the feel of the days back then, the challenges of a small independent (and isolated) record label pioneer – and a female to boot, and the all of those rockers who believed in rock and roll!

Band Box Founder Morosan

Click on the WWOZ logo above or here to proceed directly the archived show and enjoy!

Band Box Rocks On

Some of the Band Box musicians featured on the “Blues in the Night” program, September 24th, 2017:

Band Box - Orlie and Saints

Early Edition of The Saints!

Hitch-Hikers 01

Freddie and The Hitch-Hikers

Early Monarchs Group

Early Chuck Mills Group

Band Box - Ronny Kae

Denver’s Drummer – Ronnie Kae

Valiants 01

Blue Rhythms Before (left) Lee Pickett (right)


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