From the Land of Band Box Records

Band Box Musician Promotional Gallery

Following are publicity photos and extracted photos of Band Box artists and groups.

(NOTE:  All photos are copyright protected and the property of Band Box except those unmarked)

Stanley Anderson

Gar Bacon

Leigh Barron

The Blue Rhythms

Bob – Shirley & The Valiants

Bob & Sylvia

The Boltz Family Five

The Capriccios

Cee Cee Carol

Dean Carr (& The Corvettes)

Stephen Chandler


Walt Conley

Gale Day

Jimmy DeKnight

The Dixieland Chain Gang

Chuck Dockery

The Fabulous Cyclones

The Fabulous Fremonts

Little Joey Farr

Ray Ford & The Echo Valley Boys

The Four M’s

Leo Frazier

Freddie & The Hitchhikers

Reva Gardner

Steve Gibson & The Red Caps

The Gigolos

Bill Goodwin & The Country Tunesmen

Dean Hayden

The Ink Spots

Dave Jackson

Buster Jenkins

Joann & Avel

Rachel Jordon

Ronny Kae

Ernie Kemm

Dick Kinard

Randy King

Dewey Knight

Tony Rodelle Larson

Carlin Lark & The Traildusters

Sue Leban

The Mandarans

(Different spelling than on their Band Box 45)

Vicki Martin

Jim McGraw & The Western Sundowners

Jerrolyn Meers

Buddy Miller & The Hi Ho’s

The Monarchs (with Chuck Mills)

George Moss

The New Mobile Strugglers

Orlie & The Saints

Dolores Osborne

Bob Perry

The Prickly Pair

Marvin Ross

The Saints

Terri Sawyer

Fritz Schmutz

Sandi Scott


(Reference – Vicky Morosan Family identifies this musician as most likely “Scotty” featured on the Monarchs’ single “Scotty & Bobo” – If so this is the musician who was murdered in the town of Pueblo, Colorado)


The Shook-Parker Singers

Lee Simms

The South Denver Pentecostal Choir

Penny Starr

The Rocky Starr Trio

Chuck Thomas (of the Four Chevelles)

Van Trevor

The Jim Trumbo Trio

Duncan Tuck

Joe Valino

The Valley Men

(Vicky Morosan’s family believes that these two are “The Valleymen” who recorded “Nut Brown Maiden” & “The Wind” on Band Box label cat #254 – They are R. Carter and C. Forney – left-to-right)

Jimmy Walls

Jim Watson & Joel Cowan

Sonny West

Ronny Whyte

Ulla Wolter

The following Band Box artists are unknown – Looking for their identities!

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