From the Land of Band Box Records

Hawaiian Music Rocky Mountain Style

The Boltz Family Five were from the west Denver suburb of Lakewood. Members included Earl Boltz Jr., Kelsey Lua Boltz, Jon Boltz, Paula Boltz and Earl Boltz Sr. The senior Boltz had already played Hawaiian music for nearly 40 years by the time the group recorded their Band Box LP in the mid-1960’s. According to the liner notes on their only Band Box album “Hawaiian Masterpieces” he “appeared on many radio programs, spent time on the Islands studying native songs and their rhythm.”

I contacted the group through their Facebook page and asked if they had indeed recorded in the Band Box studio located on 41st Avenue in Denver. They assured me that they indeed did!   The son of Earl Boltz Jr., contacted me and informed me that all members of the group with the exception of Paula – have since passed away.

Band Box LP 82343 – Hawaiian Masterpieces – 1965

Band Box LP 1007 F - Blotz Family Five - Hawaiian Masterpieces

Band Box LP 1007 - Boltz Family Five - Hawaiian Masterpieces 1  Band Box LP 1007 - Boltz Family Five - Hawaiian Masterpieces 2

45 – Band Box (unreleased) – Tahitian Twist b/w Mauna Kea – 1965 – (One off picture sleeve shown owned by the Band Box family)


  1. Hi! The Boltz Fanily Five were my grandparents, father, aunt and two uncles! Amazing you have documented them here. Thx!

    • Thanks for getting in touch! Would love to have some update of the Boltz family – photos etc to add to their site listing!
      All the best!

    • The Boltz Family Five were my great grandparents, uncles, and grandpa. A Boltz is actually my aunt. 😆

    • Hello. You don’t know me but I have these records. My father, Homer Eidson, played with your grandfather, Earl Sr, back in Springfield, Oh. I was so sorry to hear about Kelsey’s death. Paula wrote to me after he passed away.
      Rebecca Eidson Salvato

  2. This is great. Earl Boltz JR was my father. Who knew this was out here. All have passed away except Paula.

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