From the Land of Band Box Records

The Lidos on Band Box Records

The Lidos from Aurora Central High – Colorado

The Blog Site – “Garage Hangover” – provides the most comprehensive information I have located regarding the Band Box artists – The Lidos.  A visitor to the Blog expanded with this valuable information:

“Yes, the band was from Aurora, Colorado(suburb of Denver). All 4 original members attended Aurora Central High School and included bandleader Gary Nale on vocals,lead and rhythm guitar, Gary Fick on vocals and bass guitar, Dwight Silvis on vocals, keyboards, lead and rhythm guitar and Robert Sauner on drums.

I myself was in the studio on West 41st. Ave. in late 1964, as a fan, semi-roadie and friend of the band when they recorded both sides in what now would be considered primitive conditions. The band paid for the studio time and were finished in at most an hour or two at the outside(roughly 2 takes). This would explain the rather poor recording quality of the record(I still have an autographed copy of this, the only single recorded by the group). The 2 songs were primarily written by Gary Nale(“Trudi” being, I believe a dedication to a former girlfriend), I suspect, somewhat inspired by Oh! Donna.

These were four really cool and talented 15, 16, and 17-year-old musicians who got caught up in the British Invasion, gave it a shot, did several gigs and had a good time over about a two-year period and then as most bands do, grew up and went their separate ways. At least that’s the best of my memory.”

Aurora Central was also the high school attended by national folk singer/composer Bob Lind, who did have a brief association with Band Box Records prior to hitting it big with “The Elusive Butterfly”.  Lind did not release any singles or long plays on Band Box.

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