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Keyboard 703 - The Wonderland Singers - ShineValerie 2003 - Fast Brothers - Shadows on the WallRustique 711 - Sims, Lee & Ronnie Steele Trio - Indian Tears RBand Box 237 - Larson, Tony - Bear Hug R

SPICY 500 (2)Farr, Little Joey - Band Box 286 B Band Box 300 - Kae, Ronny - Warsaw Conerto Band Box 253 K - Orlie & Saints - King Kong

chuck-mills-and-the-monarchs-who-was-the-fool-band-box-2Band Box bobbie KayeBAND BOX 380 (1)Band Box 338 - Conley, Dave - The World You Live In

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Jimmy Lake & The Colorado Playboys

They were obviously another country oriented band with one release on Band Box – catalog number 380 which is a duplicated catalog number with another release by Sandi Scott.  I have not seen a copy of this 45 – Help me by sending a scan of the record.

Band Box 389 – Where Will It End b/w She Awoke – 1968

BAND BOX 380 (1) BAND BOX 380 (2)

Steve Laneer

Country artist Laneer recorded one single on the Band Box subsidiary label Rustique – one of two known 45’s on that label.  He also recorded with his backup group The Stetson Brothers on the local label Golden West based in – where else – Golden.  His Golden West release was produced by Lee Simms who recorded for Band Box subsidiary label Keyboard (2 singles) as well as releasing an LP on the Rustique label.  Steve Laneer joins 9 other Band Box artists in the Colorado Country Music Hall of Fame!

45 – Rustique 712 – Convicts Guitar b/w What Made Milwaukee Famous – 1970

RUSTIQUE 712 (1) RUSTIQUE 712 (2)

45 – Golden West – “Honky Tonk Girl” b/w “Last Thing I Wanna Lose” – 1975


Carlin Lark and the Trail Dusters

Carlin was both a country and a lounge music artist who released two singles on the Band Box label – both in 1963.  The flip side of Band Box 346 below is “You’ll Never Walk Alone” by Leigh Barron (see entry above for that artist).

45 – Band Box 333 – A Song That You’ll Remember b/w Go Home and Cry On Your Pillow

Band Box 333 - Lark, Carlin - A Song That You'll RememberBand Box 333 - Lark, Carlin - Go Home and Cry On Your Pillow

45 – Band Box 346 – In Dear Old Denver b/w You’ll Never Walk Along (by Leigh Barron)

Band Box 346 - Lark, Carlin - In Dear Old DenverBand Box 346 - Barron, Leigh - You'll Never Walk Alone

Tony Larson (with The Saints)

Tony “Rodelle” Larson was a Denver radio station KTLN disc jockey back in the mid 1960’s.  He was backed on one side of his only Band Box release (a novelty effort) by Band Box artists The Saints in 1968.

45 – Band Box 237 – Cool Yule b/w Bear Hug

Band Box 237 - Larson, Tony - Cool Yule

Band Box 237 - Larson, Tony - Cool Yule R Band Box 237 - Larson, Tony - Bear Hug R

Bobby Latin

Bobby released a 1963 single on Band Box.  The B side “The Rug Merchant” was penned by Jimmy DeKnight (Myers) – composer of the rock anthem “Rock Around The Clock”.  DeKnight also released one single on Band Box. Chances are Latin was an East Coast performer.

45 – Band Box 338 – The Rug Merchant b/w Wanted

Band Box 328 - Latin, Bobby - The Rug MerchantBand Box 328 - Latin, Bobby - Wanted

The Laughing Lady (Laughing Sal)

The Laughing Lady was a star performer at Denver’s Lakeside Amusement Park, perched high atop the Fun House – now long gone.  Nationally her makers deemed her likeness as “Laughing Sal”.  Rumors have it that the Laughing Lady is still in mothballs and available for a rebirth but it just doesn’t seem to happen.  At any rate – she is listed here for a reason.  A Band Box insider revealed to me that the Laughing Lady’s laugh track was actually recorded at – yes – Band Box studios! Recently met with Vicky’s granddaughter – Valerie Jean – (May, 2018) and she clarified this a bit – the actual “Laughing Lady” did not come into the Band Box studio to laugh – but instead a Lakeside Amusement Park representative came over to the Band Box Studio because it was just blocks from Lakeside – and brought a tape of the voice track asking Vicky to record it on a vinyl long playing record.  And so she did – and the Laughing Lady – laughed on!


Sue Leban

Pretty Sue Leban had one 45 release on the Band Box label “It’s All Over” b/w “Forgive Me” in 1962.  She had earlier recorded for the Promo label also releasing one single in 1960 “Here’s to the Boy” b/w “Slave Girl”.  Promo was best known for being Jimmy Charles’ label home of his big hit “A Million To One” also in 1960.

45 – Band Box 295 – It’s All Over b/w Forgive Me – 1962

Band Box 295 - Leban, Sue - It's All Over RBAND BOX 295 LEBAN, SUE (2)

45 – Promo 6112 – Here’s to the Boy b/w Slave Girl – 1960


Smokey Len (Salida)

45 – Band Box Custom 102 – Loser’s Club b/w Hometown Rodeo

Len, Smokey - Band Box Custom 103 - Loser's Club Len, Smokey - Band Box Custom 103 - Hometown Rodeo

The Lidos

This was a group of Aurora (Colorado) Central High School students who recorded on Band Box in 1964.  Read this Blog Post to learn more.

60’s Artist Bio


Lidos vs Status Seekers

45 – Band Box 359 – Since I Last Saw You b/w Trudi – 1965

Band Box 359 - Lidos - Since I Last Saw You R Band Box 359 - Lidos - Trudi R

Bob Lind

Some time back I was in contact with Colorado musician and former Band Box recording artist Duncan Tuck.  In our exchange of emails he told me that he was pretty sure that Bob Lind had recorded at the Band Box studios.  I contacted Lind through his spokesman and was told that Band Box was a sore subject for Bob but that if I explored further on-line I would quickly learn why.  The stories I picked up referenced a collection of tracks recorded at Band Box and then tucked away – and then eventually being apparently sold to Verve-Folkways records after “The Elusive Butterfly” hit on World Pacific records for Lind – rising all the way to number 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts in early 1966.  Bob would chart two more times on the Hot 100.  World Pacific would also release two LP’s in 1966.

Verve-Folkways followed close behind with “The Elusive Bob Lind” also in 1966 and this did not set well with the artist and doesn’t to this day.

My visit to the Colorado Music Hall of Fame placed solid evidence in my hands as shown here – a Band Box test pressing LP with some of those Verve-Folkways tracks!  There must have been more than 12 tracks recorded at Band Box as several on the side displayed at the CMHOF are not included on “The Elusive Bob Lind”. And so Bob Lind officially joins the roster of Band Box artists.


Little Banana Boy

The Little Banana Boy lived in the early 1950’s residing, as far as is known, for a time in Longmont, Colorado and then apparently living in Greeley.  Little else is known about him or his Band Box session.

Band Box 244 – “Naughty Prayers” b/w “Howdy Doody Mr. Dindin” – 1958
(This is a duplicate Band Box Catalog number – same as a single by the Echoes – That record has not surfaced and so this may be the only tracks released on Band Box 244)

bb-244-b bb-244-a

Little Gracie

She cut one Band Box single with “Rock Around The Clock” composer Jimmie DeKnight contributing one side “Sixteen Teens” and another Band Box artist Gar Bacon contributing the other “You’re My Tarzan”.  Gracie’s release was in 1961. Yet another James Meyers (Jimmie DeKnight) composition and most likely Little Gracie was recorded back on the East Coast as were several artists via DeKnight landing on the Band Box label.

Band Box 268 – Sixteen Teens b/w You’re My Tarzan – 1961 (a label variation shown in 3rd set)

Band Box 268 - Little Gracie - Sixteen Teens DJBand Box 268 - Little Gracie - You're My Tarzan DJ

BAND BOX 268 (1) BAND BOX 268 (2)


The Lollipops

This group’s Band Box tracks were most likely not released.

45 – Band Box 255 – The Letter b/w Someday Baby – 1961

45 – Band Box 256 – The Warrior b/w Lonesome – 1961

Nicky Love

He record one single on Band Box in 1961.  The publisher on the single is “Myers Music Inc.” which is certainly a Jimmy De Knight venture – composer of “Rock Around The Clock” and himself an artist featured on Band Box.

45 – Band Box 283 – Darling b/w The Shake – 1961

Band Box 283 - Love, Nicky - Darling DJBand Box 283 - Love, Nicky - The Shake DJ

Jackie Lowell with Duane Diamond & the Astronauts

Jackie Lowell’s backing group was not the famed Boulder, Colorado Astronauts who would record on RCA.   Lowell released one Band Box single in 1961.  His sought after release of “Rocket Trip” can be heard on You Tube.  The genre is rock-a-billy all the way.  His song has been bootlegged on Cactus Records – and curiously released on a label purporting to be “produced for Record Mart by Band Box Records” (see below – notice the P.O. Box address in place of the Reed Street address.)

Listen to Jackie Lowell perform “Rocket Trip” on YouTube:

45 – Band Box 266 – Rocket Trip – b/w Warpath – 1960

Band Box 266 - Lowell, Jackie w Duane Diamond & Astronouts - Rocket TripBand Box 266 - Lowell, Jackie w Duane Diamond & Astronouts - Warpath

Band Box 266 - Lowell, Jackie & Duane Diamond & Astronauts - Rocket Trip Band Box 266 - Lowell, Jackie & Duane Diamond & Astronauts - War Path

Band Box 266n DJ - Lowell, Jackie & Duane Diamond & Astronauts - Rocket Trip - CopyBAND BOX 266

45 – Cactus 003 – Rocket Trip – 2011


45 – AM 37845 (United Kingdom) – Rocket Trip – 1977


Gary Lynne

Speculation is that Gary – like another Band Box artist – Duncan Tuck – won a free recording session at the studio.  But the picture sleeve distributed with this single casts some doubt on that theory.  His one release came in 1964.

45 – Band Box 346 – Blues Stay Away From Me b/w Why Did You Leave Me – 1964

Band Box 349 - Lynne, Gary - Why Did You Leave Me PS

Band Box 349A - Lynne, Gary - Blues Band Box 349B - Lynne, Gary - Why Did You Leave

The Manderins/Mandarans

The Manderins released one single on Band Box in the early days of the label’s founding – 1960.

The Manderins were a Denver-based Hispanic group featuring a very soulful sound – “Let the Bells Ring” is reminiscent of tracks by the Band Box group The Chevelles.


45 – Band Box 236 – Let the Bells Ring b/w Going Away – 1959

BAND BOX 236 (1) BAND BOX 236 (2)

Vicki Martin (Vicky Martin)

I finally located information about Denver recording artist – Vicki/Vicky Martin.  She recorded for Jim Ward’s Finer Arts label and now I am quite sure also released one single on the West Denver label, Band Box.  I obtained a copy of her long play – Finer Arts #202 “A Handful of Dust”.  Most of the compositions on the LP were penned by Finer Arts label owner Morrie (“Morey”) Bernstein.  (Read my full Post on Vicky Martin)

45 – Band Box 272 – Roller Coaster Blues b/w What Is There To Say

Band Box 272 - Martin, Vicky - Roller Coaster Blues Band Box 272 - Martin, Vicky - What is There to Day

Band Box 272 - Martin, Vicky - Roller Coaster Blues black Band Box 272 - Martin, Vicky - What is There to Day black

45 – Finer Arts FA-2008 – “A Handful of Dust” b/w “Beware My Love” – 1963

The Mastertones

The Mastertones were fronted by Milt Watson who also fronted Milt Watson’s Wildest Clan – another Band Box recording act.  Sonny Covington also recorded on Band Box as a solo artist and was also backed on one recording by “The Original Valiants”.  Jessie Garcia – is “Bobo” on the recording “For The Rest of My Life”.

The graphic sleeve for this recording contains a tribute on the back to J. D. Scott (Scotty) who was gunned own outside a nightclub.  Larry Higgins – drummer for both Milt Watson’s Wildest Clan and Freddie & the Hitch-Hikers thinks that the shooting may have occurred in Pueblo, Colorado.  They released three Band Box singles – all in 1960, one backing Elaine Taylor.

Mastertones 01

The late J.D. Scott

Mastertones 60’s Band Bio

45 – Band Box 226 – Fannie Mae b/w Crazy Little Ol’ Feelin’

Billboard May 2nd, 1960 Ad

Mastertones - Band Box 226 - 60s B Mastertones - Band Box 226 - 60s A

45 – Band Box 238 – Mamcita Mia b/w For The Rest of My Life

Band Box 238 - Mastertones - For the Rest of My Life PS Band Box 238 - Mastertones - Mamacita Mia PS

Band Box 238 - Mastertones - Mamacita Mia Band Box 238 - Scotty & Bobo & Mastertones - For the Rest of My Life

Band Box 238 PSred- Scotty & Bobo & Mastertones - For The Rest Of My Life 400Band Box 238 PSrd - Scotty & Bobo & Mastertones - Mamacita Mia 400

This graphic sleeve (pink) is most likely a bootleg.

Unreleased tracks by The Mastertones recorded at Band Box:

  • Willy’s Ghost
  • Yahoo Mountain Dew

Don May and The Gigolos (The 4 Gigolos)

Gigolos 03

Gigolos 01 Gigolos 02

Group Members:

Don May – guitar (The Valiants – with The Venusares)
Larry Higgins – drums (Freddie & The Hitch-Hikers – The Valiants – The Saints – Daleks – Pete Tracy Trio)
Joe Lopez – sax
Hank Lovato – bass

45 – Band Box 296 – Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying/Twist Around The Clock – 1962

Band Box 296 DJ - May, Don & 4 Gigolos - Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying Band Box 296 DJ - May, Don & 4 Gigolos - Twist Around the Clock

45 – Band Box 297 – Dark Shadows/Blues In J – 1962 (Not Released)

45 – Band Box 318 – The Limbo Dance b/w Waiting (Not Released)

The Following acetate test pressings were provided by drummer Larry Higgins

45 Band Box Acetate – Around the World in 80 Days b/w Summertime – 1962


45 Band Box Acetage – Blues In J b/w Don’t Let the Sun Catch You Crying – 1962


Jim McGraw & The Western Sundowners

Jim released four singles on Band Box backed most often by his western Sundowners band from 1961 through 1965.  Jim McGraw is yet another inductee into the Colorado Music Hall of Fame – joining nine other Band Box country artists.  These may be the same Sundowners who backed Stanley Anderson on Band Box single 257.

Courtesy of Lisa Wheeler - North of Pueblo

Courtesy of Lisa Wheeler – North of Pueblo

45 – Band Box 288 – Crazy Dreams b/w Miles and Miles of  Texas

Band Box 288 - McGraw, Jim & Western Sundowners - Crazy DreamsBand Box 288 - McGraw, Jim & Western Sundowners - Miles and Miles of Texas

45 – Band Box 319 – Wild Fire b/w If I Could Only Stay Asleep (Unreleased)

45- Band Box 318 – Limbo Dance b/w Waiting (unreleased)

45 – Band Box 321 – Back Roads b/w Crying in the Chapel

Band Box 321 - McGraw, Jim & Western Sundowners - Back Roads Band Box 321 - McGraw, Jim & Western Sundowners - Crying in the Chapel

45 – Band Box -351 – Cotton Fields b/w Timber Trail

Band Box 351 - McGraw, Jim & Band - Cotton Fields Band Box 351 - McGraw, Jim & Band - Timber Trail

Unreleased Jim McGraw Tracks Recorded at Band Box:

  • “Quick Relief”
  • “Shadows On the Wall”
  • “Tips Of My Fingers”

45 – Double 808 – “A Letter to the President” b/w “Medicine Hat” – 1980

45 – Gold Standard 175 – “I Was the One Falling In Love With You” (both sides) – 1966

45 – Gold Standard 226 – I’m the One Accused b/w My Love – 1967


45 – Gold Standard 246 – “Hummingbird” b/w You’ve Got Me Runnin’ Again” – 1968

45 – Gold Standard 255 – Don’t Mix Your Bitter Tears With Mine b/w You Got Me Runnin’ Again – 1968

45 – Au Standard 265 – “I’ve Had It” b/w “My Mistakes” – 1968

45 – Gold Standard GS 270 – “Can’t Tell The Do’s From The Don’ts” b/w “Too Many Places” – 1970

45 – Happy Tiger HT 565 – “Just A Girl I Met Along The Way” b/w “I Don’t Know Anymore” – 1970

45 – Jemkl 4000 – “Hind Ends and Elbows” b/w “Cassie” – 1974

45 – Jemkl 4002 – “I’d Love You To Want Me” b/w “If You’re Lonely” – 1974

Jerrolyn Meers and Mike Daniels (Denver)

Not familiar with Mike Daniels but I have learned (December of 2017) that Jerrolyn attended Denver West High School graduating with the Class of 1965.  I hustled off to locate her photo and came up with this one – from her Junior year – (I was with the Class of ’64).  I think Jerrolyn or “Jerri” maintained a low profile – but I did learn that she was much involved with music singing in the school chorus, performing on the nationally known “Singing Christmas Tree” at West and playing violin in the school orchestra.

The Singing Christmas Tree was started in at Denver West in 1941 and is the oldest such indoor human singing tree in the nation – continuing on during this 2017 Holiday Season.  The structure for this newest version was shipped in from another State and reassembled for this year’s concert.  Participants are a combination of West High Alumni and current students.

From Leticia Lynn Taylor on FB February 4th, 2020:

“I remember her, always wondered what happened to her. She was so talented. Remember going horseback riding with her in about 1961. If anybody knows where she is, please let me know. She was also in some of the wonderful plays put on by the thespians department at West”

Jerri With Bud Poindexter

Jerri performed later on with the late pianist John “Bud” Poindexter who led his own jazz combo The Bud Poindexter Trio/Four.  He passed away in August of 2007.  The LP shown above was recorded in 1962 and reissued in 1994.

I contacted several classmates from Jerri’s class and no one knows of her current status or whereabouts.  She recorded at Band Box just one year after her graduation.

UPDATE: February 3rd, 2020:  Jerri Meers was born Jerrolyn Meers.  She attended Denver West High School graduating in 1964.  Jerrolyn or “Jerri” apparently came to West and enrolled for her senior year.  She was a good student – a member of the Spur Honor Society, and she entrenched herself in the musical facets of the West High Cowboys with participation in the famed Singing Christmas Tree; the student chorale and band, the folk singing society and more.

Jerri remained in the Denver area into the early 1970’s at a minimum, as evidenced by her recording for the Band Box subsidiary, Keynote.

Jerri Meers at the Senate Lounge in Denver in 1970

Apparently Jerrolyn would marry a fellow musician, Dean Babcock, moving to California, then to Nevada and finally back to California in the town of Culver City where they most likely reside today.  The couple would record a couple of recordings released on cassette tape in 1980 and 1981 respectively (listed below).

Jerri Meers – West High Singing Christmas Tree

45 EP – Keyboard KEP 705 – “It Could Happen to You” – “I’m in Love Again” – “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off” b/w “If I Love Again” – “I’ll Never Say Never, Again, Again” – “The Party’s Over” – 1966.Doc Krieger recently (November 2017) located this obscure graphic sleeve issued with the Keyboard extended play.

keyboard-records-1 keyboard-records-2

Cassette – Sonic Light by Jerrolyn and Dean Babcock – 1980

Cassette – Cosmic Dance by Jerrolyn and Dean Babcock – 1981

Buddy Miller (and The Hi Ho’s)

Buddy Miller recorded for the Felsted and VEM labels before switching over to Band Box in 1962 where he released three singles into 1963 before dropping out of sight.  His two cuts on Band release 335 “Walking Slowly From You Darling” b/w “With Tears In My Eyes” were both produced by music legend Conway Twitty – probably recorded in Nashville – but who knows?  He was occasionally backed by the Hi-Ho’s – and down the road I will display a photo of that group!

45 – Band Box 311 – Teen Twist b/w Those Two Brown Eyes – 1962

BAND BOX 311 (1) BAND BOX 311 (2)

45 – Band Box 322 – Little Bo Peep b/w Sincerely Your Friend – 1962

Band Box 322 - Miller, Buddy & Hi Lo's - Little Bo Peep Band Box 322 - Miller, Buddy & Hi Lo's - Sincerely Your Friend

45 – Band Box 335 – Walking Slowly From You Darling b/w With Tears In My Eyes – 1963

Band Box 335 - Miller, Buddy - Walking Slowly from You Darling PS Band Box 335 - Miller, Buddy - With Tears in My Eyes PS

Band Box 335 - Miller, Buddy - Walking Slowly from You Darling Band Box 335 - Miller, Buddy - With Tears in My Eyes

45 – Felsted 45-8557 – (I’ve Been) Thinking It Over b/w Buddy Boy

45 – VEM 2226 – Teen Twist b/w Those Two Brown Eyes – 1960


45 – VEM 2228 – I Found My Love b/w Little Bo Peep – 1960

45 – GEM 102 – Little Bo Pete

45 – Moonglow 5124 (Belgium) – Teen Twist b/w Those Brown Eyes

Chuck Mills & The Monarchs

Chuck was closely aligned with his group The Monarchs as well as two other Band Box recording groups – The Mastertones and Milt Watson’s Wildest Clan. Mills was a member of the Mastertones (see above) and later the Nu-Sett.  If anyone knows of Chuck’s whereabouts please let us know!

Chuck’s Monarchs were one of the first local Denver groups to record on Band Box – associated with the label when it was located on 220 Broadway in what was referred to as “The Band Box Building”.  In the early days the artists would record in downtown studios most likely leasing studio time.

Band Box - Chuck Mills

Monarchs Profile Page

45 – Band Box 221 – Who Was The Fool b/w She’s Mine – 1959

chuck-mills-and-the-monarchs-who-was-the-fool-band-box-2 chuck-mills-and-the-monarchs-shes-mine-band-box

45 Band Box 227 – Ding Dong b/w Who Was The Fool

Band Box 227 - Mills, Chuck & Monarchs - Ding Dong Band Box 227 - Mills, Chuck & Monarchs - Who Was the Fool

45 – Band Box 230 – Angel Eyes b/w Johnny Rondo – 1959

Band Box 230 - Mills, Chuck & Monarchs - Angel Eyes Band Box 230 - Mills, Chuck & Monarchs - Johnny Rondo

Embert Mishler & The Unwanted Boys

Embert Mishler, another country artist, was born in Iowa.  Embert migrated to the Denver area in the early 1950’s and was part of a group called The Riders of the Rockies.  They appeared often on local television (KFEL) and then onto radio (KLAK). Embert had a long fascinating career which is thoroughly outlined on the Blog site Hillbilly Music.  Mishler is shown above with the Riders – kneeling with guitar.  Mishler released two Band Box singles in 1961.  Embert joined nine other Band Box artists in the Colorado Country Music Hall of Fame.

Embert passed away in 2104.  This comment from Embert’s family January 22nd, 2015: “The family of Embert Mishler appreciate the kind memento posted on the site. Cissy”

Band Box - Mishler, Embert 02

Courtesy of Lisa Wheeler - North of Pueblo

Courtesy of Lisa Wheeler – North of Pueblo

45 – Band Box 252 – All of Your Love b/w I’m Unwanted – 1961

Band Box 252 - Mishler, Embert & Unwanted Boys - All of Your Love Band Box 252 - Mishler, Embert & Unwanted Boys - I'm Unwanted

45 – Band Box 274 – Paper Heart b/w My Heart Is Crying

BAND BOX 274 (1) BAND BOX 274 (2)

45 – Studio 40 #44 – “I’ll Love You Forever Today” b/w “Nursery Rhyme Rock”

Studio 40 644 - Mishler, Embert - I'll Love You Forever Today Studio 40 644 - Mishler, Embert - Nursery Rhyme Rock
45 – Big M 101 – “Crickets” b/w “My Mama Spank Me”

45 – Drum City 2857 – “One Mile High” b/w Two Little Shoes”*

Drum City 2857 - Mishler, Embert - A Drum City 2857 - Mishler, Embert - B

Drum City was a music store owned by Band Box artist Ronny Kae.  The store is still open today in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.  Interesting to note that national country recording artist Wynn Stewart produced both sides of this record.

Drum City today - 44th Ave in Wheat Ridge

Drum City today – 44th Ave in Wheat Ridge

Clifford Mitchell (Band Box Label Logo/Cover Designer)

Spicy 5001 V - Watson & Cowan - Party Timespicy-5002-f-bob-sylvia-ma-pa-snort-blasterSpicy 5001 CVF - Jim and Joe - Party TimeBand Box 1008 - Jenkins, BusterBAND BOX 289 KAE RONNIE PS

KEYBOARD 700 (2)SPICY 500 (2)Valerie 2004 - Johnson, Larry & Dakota Territory - Do Your Own ThingDINGES, HERMAN - BAND BOX 1010 - BEETOPPERS 2RUSTIQUE 711 (1)

I love the Band Box label and LP cover art.  Sort of distinguishes it from all others.  Here is what the granddaughter of Vicky Morosan (Band Box owner) Terri Hale relates regarding Clifford.
“I spoke to my aunt and asked about the Band Box logo.  She said that it was designed by a man by the name of Clifford Mitchell, a Denver designer/artist that did all of the design work for Band Box.  She said that she could not remember if he came up with the name (Band Box) or my Grandmother or if it was a collaboration of efforts.”

And this comment was received from Dick Dedrick who composed the “Children’s Tales and Tunes” on Band Box LP 1018 (see entry above):

“(I was) also was a friend of Cliff Mitchell.  He was the artist for Channel 2 when I worked there in the 50′s.  A classic style:  He also did movie posters for Atlas Theaters.  He was fast and fabulous!”

Dick Dedrick further reports “In the early days, Cliff was Lawrence Welk’s ‘manager’ of sorts.  He helped him book dates and come up with promotional ideas.  He said that Welk once told him “We to come up with some stunts.”  Doesn’t sound like Lawrence does it?”

Robert Mondragon (Roberto)

Roberto Mondragon2 (cropped).jpg

Robert Mondragon recorded one single for Band Box in the mid 1960’s.  He was backed by the Gonzalez Brothers Orchestra.  This may very well be Representive Roberto Mondragon who ran for Governor in New Mexico in 1994 nominated by the Green Party and also served as Lt. Governor on two different occasions.  But not sure – trying to find out.

BAND BOX 103 (1) BAND BOX 103 (2)

Jim Moore

Band Box LP 1008 – Rocky Mountain Jamboree – “What Would You Give”

Bob Moran

Bob Moran recorded one single for Band Box in 1967.

Band Box 382 – Monkey on My Back b/w You Married Too Young – 1967

BAND BOX 382 (2) BAND BOX 382

Vicky Morosan (Owner – Band Box)

Band Box - Vicky Morosan - Early

Aurelia Victoria Morosan was the inspiration and the driving force behind Denver’s “big” little label.  For nearly two decades she would sign musical artists representing genres ranging from country to jazz, polka, pop, rhythm & blues and rock ‘n roll.  While she wasn’t fond of rock music she never turned her back on it consistently releasing records by local groups and solo singers.  She served as label manager, administrator, often-times engineer, promoter and distributor and even composer- and all this at a time when you could count the female record label executives nationally on a few fingers.  Visit the Band Box overview page to read more about Vicky and Band Box Records.

George Mosse

George was a lounge music entertainer in Denver often appearing at the Chalet Supper Club in Denver.  On this Band Box LP (1005) he entertains as a member of two groups “The Dixieland Chain Gang” and “The George Mosse Quartet” on side 2.  The Quartet included more than four members:

  • Howard Stafford (piano)
  • Dick Shadburne (trumpet)
  • Dale Hampton (trombone)
  • Dave Reynolds (drums)
  • Jim Clement (bass)
  • George Mosse on clarinet.

This LP was apparently recorded in Dallas, TX at the Chalet Supper Club – but may have actually been done in studio.  The recording pre-dates the Band Box 41st and Sheridan Blvd., studio location.

Band Box LP 1005 – “The Two Sides of George Mosse”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMosse - Band Box 1005 LPC1 - Mosse, George (2)

Band Box 1005 LPR1 - Mosse, George - Copy Band Box 1005 LPR2 - Mosse, George - Copy

The New Mobile Strugglers

The New Mobile Strugglers released a very scare LP on Band Box – catalog number 1016.  They may have taken their name from a country blues and folk  group called the Mobile Strugglers who formed back in the 1940’s.  George Krieger from the Colorado Music Hall of Fame located this photo from a Loveland High School reunion page.   All three members were 1967 graduates of Loveland High School.  They recorded this Band Box LP shortly after graduation.  Still trying to contact them for input.  Band Box LP images provided by Doc Krieger.


Band Box 205 –  “Satisfy Your Mind” b/w “Wait For The Door To Swing Back” – Early 1960’s

We have not seen a copy of this 45

LP – Band Box 1016 – New Horizons



New Mobile Strugglers Bio Page

John O’Brien

Not sure who this is but he shows up on the “B” side of this obscure Band Box single

45 – Band Box 395 – Soldier’s Lament (by Johnny Rose) b/w Old Sarge by John O’Brien

Orlie & The Saints

Orlie Trujillo teamed up with Band Box recording group The Saints – to release “Twist and Freeze U.S.A. and released it in multiple U.S. city markets with slightly different lyrics.  Read the entire story on Orlie’s biography page.  The group backed him as well on a second Band Box release.  There were probably 19 city versions of “Twist and Freeze” released.  Below are the images I’ve managed to locate to-date.

Orlie & Saints Biography Page

Band Box 253 – Twist and Freeze U.S.A b/w King Kong – 1960

Band Box 253-A - Orlie & the Saints - Twist and Freeze U.S.A Band Box 253 - Orlie & Saints - King Kong

Band Box 264 – All Part of Growing Up b/w Annette – 1960

Band Box 264 - Orlie & Saints - All Part of Growing Up Band Box 264 - Orlie & Saints - Annette

The Ortega Brothers (Pueblo)

This group included Tony and Jose “Martin” Ortega.  The Pueblo Chieftan wrote this extended obituary in 2001 on the death of Martin.  Jose was also a member of Pueblo groups The Fabulous Fremonts, Burnt Mill Road, The Chevelles, and The Soulmen.  During his career Martin performed with Ray Charles, Bobby Vee and Taj Mahal according the the Chieftan.

Dolores Osborne

Recorded with Gale Day

Pat Peale with Will Graves & His Rhythm Rangers

Band Box 220 78 RPM – A Side: – “You’re Gonna Be Sorry” (Bernie Wingert lead singer) – B Side: – “There’s A Star In The Sky”
(The only 78 RPM I have located to date)

BAND BOX 220 70 - PEALE & GRAVES (1)

BAND BOX 220 70 - PEALE & GRAVES (2) BAND BOX 220 70 - PEALE & GRAVES (3)

Band Box 220 45 RPM – A Side: – “You’re Gonna Be Sorry” (Bernie Wingert lead singer) – B Side: – “There’s A Star In The Sky”


Bob Perry & The Sundowners

Band Box was certainly receptive to recording country and western artists.  Bob Perry released one single on Band Box in 1960.  He was the composer for both song tracks.  Perry is an inductee in The Colorado Country Music Hall of Fame.  Perry was born in North Carolina – Some additional information on Perry from the Ace Records web site:
“…….Despite the lack of success with the first release, Perry cut a second session for Bandera in Nashville in 1959, but soon after was snapped up by Top Rank. That company released just one single ‘Juke Box’ / ‘Blue Tears’, the latter written by Jay Miller. Other one shot deals followed for Cool Records and Bandbox…..”  Read the entire account of Bob Perry’s career at Ace Records.

Perry would go on to play with another Band Box artist Randy King (and Colorado Country Hall of Fame Inductee) in King’s Country All Stars.

Band Box 248 – I Dreamed I Kissed An Angel b/w It’s All Over Now – 1959

Band Box 248 - Perry, Bob & Sundowners - I dreamed Band Box 248 - Perry, Bob & Sundowners - It's All Over Now

45 – Bandera 1301 – Can’t Hardly Wait b/w Two Tiny Rings – 1958

45 – Bandera 1303 – “Weary Blues Goodbye” b/w “The Rest of My Life” – 1960

45 – Bandera 1305 – Don’t Say Those Things b/w That’s The Way Things Are – 1960

45 – Top Rank – Juke Box b/w Blue Tears – 1960

Jim Perry & The Hesitations

The Hesitations were one of several Band Box recording acts to attempt to cash in on the twist craze in the early 1960’s.  To top it off they combined their effort with a shot at the surf music craze with “Surfside Twist Part 1” and Part 2.   Dick Gentile – who recorded for the Band Box subsidiary label Valerie, penned the A side of this record which was cut back in 1962.

Band Box 310 – Surfside Twist b/w Part 2 – 1962

BAND BOX 310 (1) BAND BOX 310 (2)

Artie Picozzi

A gospel singer – Picozzi released one Band Box single in 1961.

Band Box 273 – He Guides My Way b/w Standing in the Moonlight


Band Box 273 - Picozzi, Artie - He Guides My WayBand Box 273 - Picozzi, Artie - Standing in the Moonlight

Barney Plotkin

Band Box Custom Pressing 1002 – “If Santa Claus Could Bring Me You For Christmas” – 1963

Barney is shown below accepting civic service awards from Colorado Governor John Love.

The Prairie Wranglers

Band Box 376 – Tears On Your Picture b/w Nickel, Dime and a Hundred – 1967

BAND BOX 376 (1) BAND BOX 376 (2)

The Preps

This large musical ensemble were all high school students from Colorado Academy.  They recorded “Big Band Swing” which was released on Band Box 1014 – a number which appears twice in the BB catalog.

Band Box LP 1014 – Big Band Swings



Marion Price

Band Box 336 Vanity Pressing – Oh Holy Night b/w Musetia’s Waltz – 1967


The Prickly Pair/Valley Men

They released one Band Box Single in early 1960.  The Band Box official catalog listing – according to Lisa Wheeler the Colorado music Blogger – contains a sticker placed over another entry for catalog number 254 – a group called the “Bravados” from whom there are no known Band Box related releases.  In addition – the Band Box recording log also contains the name “Bravados” for this release.  However – a visitor to the site – Chris sent me a couple of scans of Band Box 254 – without the sticker – and it reveals the artists as being “The Valley Men”.

The Valley Men/Prickly Pair are most likely R. Carter and C. Forney as identified by Vicky Morosan’s family members

(Also see “The Valley Men”)

Band Box 254 – Nut Brown Maiden b/w The Wind – 1960

BAND BOX 254 V (1) BAND BOX 254 V (2)

Private Bo

The private was another single recording for Keyboard – a Band Box subsidiary label in early 1961.  There were only a handful of Keyboard releases.

45 – Keyboard 703 – All Alone to Cry b/w Johnny Be Good – 1961

Warren Robbe

We re fortunate to have an interview from 2011 by “Pueblo City Limits” blogger Lisa Wheeler to document this country artist.  Robbe grew up in the south Colorado town of Pueblo and found his way onto the Band Box label for a 1963 recording session, apparently recording four tracks – two not released.  The label states that he was accompanied by Bill Goodwin’s backing group The Country Tunesmen.”  Goodwin – another Colorado artists who realized some degree of national success, penned both sides of the Band Box single for Robbe.  After departing Colorado Robbe would go on to pen songs for country artists Gene Watson, Slim Whitman and Ray Price.

Band Box - Warren Robbe 02

45 – Band Box 330 – I’ve Had My Chance b/w Life’s Not Worth Living

Band Box 330 - Robbe, Warren - I've Had My Chance Band Box 330 - Robbe, Warren - Life's Not Worth Living

Unreleased Tracks by Warren Robbe recorded at Band Box:

  • “Roll River Roll”
  • “A Stranger Came to Town”

45 Mystic – 730 – “My Chicken Pen” b/w “My Heart Disagrees”

Mystic 730 - Robbe, Warren - My Chicken Pen R Mystic 730 - Robbe, Warren - My Heart Disagrees R
45 Mystic – 811 – “If I Had My Dreams to Build Over” b/w “Single Man”

Mystic 811 - Robbe, Warren - If I Had My Dreams to Build Over R Mystic 811 - Robbe, Warren - Single Man R

45 – Great 1072 – Pick Of The Week b/w I’ve Got Nothing – 1967

45 – Starday 815 – I Can’t Stand the Light b/w Before the Past Destroys Me – 1967

45 – Starday 832 – Push-Ups From the Ceiling b/w Temporarily Mine – 1968

45 – Starday 856 – Pretty Pictures In Your Mind b/w More Woman Than You – 1968

45 – Starday 865 – (How Long Does It Take) A Memory To Die b/w Magical Light Of Love – 1969

Produced by Thomas Wayne of “Tragedy” fame

45 – Starday 880 – Wild Seed In The Wind b/w The Face of Love – 1969 (shown by Warren Robb)


45 – Starday 900 – A Better Way to Die b/w Everybody’s Got a Little Evil On Their Mind – 1970 (shown by Warren Robb)


The Rockets

Jerry Thomas and The Rockets recorded one polka oriented release on Band Box records in 1961.  Nothing else is know of these guys.

Band Box 279 – Rocket Polka b/w Buona Notte

Band Box 279 - Rockets - Rocket PolkaBand Box 279 - Rockets - Buona Notte

Johnny Rose (“Rose”) Rosenberg

During Reed’s stay in Hollywood and while on Capitol Record’s roster he would come to meet another young musician from Nebraska. The singer was Johnny Rosenberg who learned that Reed often visited the Harmony Guest Ranch in Estes Park on visits back to Colorado. Rosenberg and a musical partner loaded up some tapes and headed for Colorado.

Dean listened to their tapes and took an interest. On a return trip to the Harmony he contacted Johnny and told him the good news – Capitol was interested. In rather quick order Rosenberg would relocate to California where he signed a contract and joined Reed in Canoga Park as his roommate. Rosenberg would release a couple of singles for Capitol using the name “Johnny Rose”.

Band Box 395 – “Soldier’s Lament” b/w “Old Sarge” – 1970 (“B” Side by John O’Brien

This single popped up suddenly on March 4th, 2018 in the possession of the Band Box owner’s family in Denver, Colorado.

Capitol 4381 – The Last One To Know b/w I Pray – May, 1960


Capitol 4455 – Linda Lea b/w Choir Girl – October, 1960


Columbia 4-42243 – When Gabriel Blows His Trumpet b/w With Just The Touch of Your Hand – November, 1961


45 – Capitol 45-CL15166 – Linda Lea b/w The Last One To Know (UK) – November, 1960

Marvin Ross & The Blue Rhythms

Marvin stepped up to front The Blue Rhythms on this Band Box single from 1961.  Ross penned both sides of the single.  The Blue Rhythms included Lee Chandler and Paul Jennings.

Blue Rhythms Biography


Band Box 243 - Ross. Marvin & Blue Rhythms - The Roll Band Box 243 - Ross. Marvin & Blue Rhythms - Ebony

The Royal & the Shades

Little known of this group but they did appear on the bill with Paul Revere and the Raiders back in May of 1966 as advertised on this KIMN May 16th, 1966 Survey along with Denver’s Moon Rakers and the Boenzee Cryque!

KIMN Radio Survey – May 16th, 1966

45 – Band Box 358 – Once Upon a Time b/w Tightin Up – 1964

BAND BOX 358 V (1)BAND BOX 358 V (2)

The Ruff Family

Band Box 200 – Lonesome and Blue b/w Brown’s Ferry Blues – 1958

BAND BOX 200 (1) BAND BOX 200 (2)

Sonny Russell

Sonny Russell’s “50 Megatons” is much sought after by rock-a-billy fans and can easily fetch nearly $200.  This Band Box release was recorded in 1963.  As with Band Box artists Little Joey Far and Jackie Lowell, Sonny’s “50 Megatons” has been re-issued most notably by the U.K. Magazine “Record Mart” in a series of rock-a-billy obscurities in 1980.

Known members included Sonny Russell and Jim Fenley

Band Box 332 – 50 Megatons b/w Mud Boat – 1963

Band Box 332 - Russell, Sonny - 50 MegatonsBand Box 332 - Russell, Sonny - Mud Boat

45 – Record Mart 1012 – Fifty Megatons b/w Mud Boat – 1977 – U.K.


Sonny Russell Blog Post

The Saints (Dave & The Saints)

The Saints were a Band Box main-stay and probably recorded on the label more than any other artist or group including drummer Ronny Kae.  The North Denver group was started by guitarist Dave Barhite who was joined by noted lead guitarist Joe Holenbek (a Colorado Country Music Hall of Fame inductee).  I met with Joe for a stroll down memory lane and he told me that he decided to join a rock and roll band and play guitar because “I was seeing all these guitar players out there who were making it in Denver and I thought – ‘I can at least play that good!”  And so he did.  See the “Saints Biography Page” for a full account of this great group.

Band Box - Saints Sm

45 – Band Box 235 – Playboy b/w Rockin’ Siam

Band Box 235 - Saints - Playboy Band Box 235 - Saints - Rockin Siam

45 – Band Box 262 – Goin’ Home b/w Watch Out For That Last Step

Band Box 262 - Saints - Goin Home Band Box 262 - Saints - Watch Out for That Last Step

Band Box 262 DJ - Saints - Goin' Home Band Box 262 DJ - Saints - Watch Out for That Last Step

45 – Band Box 341 – Fever b/w Leavin’ Surf City

Band Box 341 - Dave & Saints - Fever Band Box 341 - Dave & Saints - Leavin Surf City

Saints Biography Page

Orlie & The Saints Biography Page
Saints 60’s Band Bio

Terri/Terry Sawyer

Terry was yet another Band Box artist under the agency of James Myers (‘Rock Around The Clock’ De Knight) with his one 1963 release.  So most likely this artist was also recorded somewhere back east and then released on Band Box.

Band Box 327 – Too Late b/w Corner of My Heart

Band Box 327 DJ - Sawyer, Terry - Too Late Band Box 327 DJ - Sawyer, Terry - Corner of My Heart


Fritz Schmutz

Visit the Fritz Schmutz Page Here

Band Box 400 EP – Fritz Schmutz – From Flims Switzerland to Colorado/After a Day of Powersnow Skiing at Taos Skivalley, New Mexico b/w At the Opening of 4 New Chairlifts at Waterville Valley, New Hampshire/Sounds of the Moosehead Lake Party, ME


Band Box 401 EP – Fritz Schmutz – “Continental Divide” & “Move Across in 3/4 Tack” b/w “A Skisaison at Mt. Snow, MT” & “The Charlift Ride at Squaw Mt., ME”


 Sandi Scott

Visit the Sandi Scott Band Box Page


Binx Selby

The “Music of Northern Morocco” is quite a departure for Band Box if there is such a thing for the Band Box catalog.  Released on “Band Box Ethnological Music Series” (the only released in that series that I know of) this album narrates the Islamic celebration of Ramadhan.  It is not known where this was actually recorded (most likely Band Box studio) and nothing is known of Binx Selby.

Images provided by Doc Krieger.

Band Box 15351 – Music of Xauen




The Shelltones

Here is a highly collectible surf-sounding group from the 1960′s.  Not too much is known about them.  They one known single.  A You Tube post states they attended Adams City High School in Commerce City a suburb on the east side of the Denver metropolitan area.  Learn more about the Shelltones at Office Naps.   Guitarist Mark Bretz departed the Shelltones to join Denver’s Wild Ones. The Wild Ones performed often at Clancy’s in Fort Collins around 1966-67.  Bretz did a short stint in 1967 with Boulder’s Astronauts until some members formed the short-lived Sunshine Ward.

I received this note from a relative of Shelltone band member Cary Theil:  “Cary Theil passed away a few years ago. He had lived with me and my family in the months leading up to his death. Cary was the father in law of my middle son who was once married to Cary’s daughter Tobie.”

Group Members included Cary Theil – bass, Mark Bretz – guitar (Wild Ones – Astronauts – Sunshine Ward)

Shell Tones at The Baja

Band Box 355 – Blue Castaway b/w Mark’s Blues – 1964

Band Box 355 - Shelltones - Blue Castaway RBAND BOX 355 (1)

Shelltones 60’s Band Bio

The Shook Parker Gospel Singers

The Shook Parker Gospel Singers came together in the 1950’s from the Akron, Colorado area which lies on the northeastern plains of the state.  The group initially was comprised of five members – Don and Alvera Parker along with David, Dillon and Bea Shook.  (The Band Box Label scan below was furnished by Lisa Wheeler – Blogger for “Pueblo City Limits” as well as “North of Pueblo”.  David Shook continues to perform today making his music available on his web site.

LP – Band Box 1012 – The Shook Parker Gospel Singers



LP – Pleasant Valley Church 35153 – The Singing Shook Family


LP – John Law 710101 – Shook Family


LP – SF 30807 – Holy is Thy Name


Kay Silvey

Band Box LP 1008 – Rocky Mountain Jamboree – “Black Mountain Rag”

The Lee Sims Country Trio

Country singer Lee Sims appears on two Keyboard single releases – a Band Box subsidiary label.  He is backed by The Country Trio on Keyboard 709.  Both compositions on this release were written by Denver personality and Band Box artist Buster Jenkins.  The Ronnie Steele Trio backs Sims on Keyboard 711 with Buster Jenkins producing.  Both singles were most likely cut in the Band Box studio on the same day.  Lee is an inductee in the Colorado Country Music Hall of Fame and among other recognition was being selected Colorado Entertainer of the Year in 2001.  Lee has the distinction of being the only Band Box artist to release records on three family labels – Band Box, Keyboard and Rustique!  Visit my Lee Sims biography page.

Keyboard 707 – Truckin Drivin’ Man b/w Marie – Mid 1960’s

KEYBOARD 707 (1) KEYBOARD 707 (2)

Keyboard 708 – Denver County Jail b/w If You Don’t Know, I Ain’t Gonna Tell You – Mid 1960’s

Keyboard 709 – Husbands and Wives b/w Paralyze My Mind – Mid 1960’s

Keyboard 709 - Sims, Lee - Husbands & Wives Keyboard 709 - Sims, Lee - Paralyze My Mind

Rustique 711 – Indian Tears b/w Married to Wine – Mid 1960’s

RUSTIQUE 711 (1) RUSTIQUE 711 (2)

45 – Timberline 79 x 06 – Cash and Carry Love Affair b/w The Silverton (with the Platte River Band)


Lee Sims Biography Page
Lee Sims Web Site

Other Colorado Local Recordings:

LP – Rustique (Band Box Subsidiary) 7000 – “The Fabulous Lee Sims” – mid 1960’s


This rare Rustique LP by Sims features Ronnie Steel on lead guitar, Burt Sims on drums, Ron Cook on bass, Ken Richardson on acoustic guitar – and helping out Lee with vocals.  Doc Krieger provided these images.  The LP was sealed so I did not obtain label scans.

Ossie Sladek & The Paratroopers

Ossie was a Czech citizen who with his family took refuge during the German occupation of World War II.  He was an accomplished musician on multiple instruments and served in the Israeli army.  Ossie toured both South and North America extensively.  How he came to release one single in 1958 on Band Box is unknown but perhaps he had Eastern European ties indirectly with Romanian-born Band Box Owner Vicky Moroson (Victoria Pasca maiden name.)  In more recent times, Ossie has made appearances at Denver’s Mizel Museum, honoring survivors of the World War II Holocaust.

The Paratroopers were Regis Malloy, Frank Mastroianna, John O’Donnell, John Pullman – all vocalists – and band members Alan Cito, Owen Herman, Peter Hodgson, John Mitaras, Ossie and Harry Woodland.

45 – Band Box 204 – Song of Laughter b/w Paradise

Band Box 204 - Sladek, Ossie & Paratroopers PS - The ParatroopersBand Box 204 - Sladek, Ossie & Paratroopers PS - Song of Laughter

Band Box 204 - Sladek, Ossie & Paratroopers - Song of Laughter Band Box 204 - Sladek, Ossie & Paratroopers - The Paratroopers

LP – Sight And Sound 1002 – Mickey Sherman Presents Folk Festival at the Exodus – 1960 (from the Denver 1960 Folk Festival)

This LP was recorded at Denver’s Folk gathering place The Exodus and includes “Dodi Li” and “Melody of Horas” by Sladek.  Others appearing on the LP are Denver’s Judy Collins, Ed McCurdy and Don Crawford.



Smokey Len

This custom recording carries catalog number 103 which is redundant with Robert Mondragon’s release on Band Box


The South Denver Pentecostal Choir

Choir: Carole Stevens – Freda Comstock – Mary Parsons – Joy Kelly – Cynthia Sims – Dorothy Parsons – Alice Loudermilk – Joan Satterwhite – Gwendole Hayman Glaser – Vonda Hayman – Sam Kelly (trumpet) – Ronald Z. Hayman – Lawrence W. Kelly (trumpet) – James Glasser – David Bradbury – Glenn Clark – Master Sgt. W. C. Brown – J.L. Doiron – Ronald Z. Haymon (trumpet) – W.C. Haymon Jr. (piano)

Directed by Elga A. Haymon – Church minister family: Rev. and Mrs. Donald E. Haymon

LP – Keyboard XCTV 84864/84865 – “Jesus The Light”

Very hard to find – with only a couple of copies known.

Shirley Spacek & Ray Ellen Gillis

Band Box Acetate – Vanity Pressing

The Spirits of Joy

Nothing is known of this gospel group who recorded one extended play release on the Band Box subsidiary Keyboard in the mid 1960’s.

Keyboard 702 Extended Play – Organ Music by Reva Gardner

Keyboard EP 702 - Spirits of Joy - Side 1 Keyboard EP 702 - Spirits of Joy - Side 2

The Star Tones

The Star Tones were Regis University students (Denver, Colorado) who appeared often at Sam’s Nightclub on Lookout Mountain – high above Golden, Colorado – just west of Denver.  According to a friend who danced often to the sounds of the Star Tones, they were in it for college money.  The Band Box title sleeve shown above is a hard one to find!

45 – Band Box 354 – Harlem Nocturne b/w The Chase

Startones - BB 354 - PS

Band Box 354 - Star Tones - Harlem Nocturne Band Box 354 - Star Tones - The Chase

Star Tones 60’s Band

Curly Starr

It was thought for a time that western singer/songwriter Curly Starr’s Band Box single “Here I Am Drunk Again” b/w “House Without Love”  was pressed but copies are extremely hard to find but luckily Curly’s nephew sent in the images below.

Here is a 45 Cat response from a relative of Curly’s:

“Hi I am Curly’s nephew he was from Memphis and two of his 3 sisters still live there. My mother his youngest sister passed away June 5 2013 curly pass some years ago in Nashville. After his mother passed in 1977 he took of and never came back to Memphis. He use to sing I saw the light to me when I was 3. And the man who put the video on YouTube gave the record to my mom. The record is now with me. Her sister has a master record of other songs.”

Country artist Lattie Moore released the song on the King label in 1960 and others would follow including Becky Richard, Clyde Beavers, and most recently, Moe Bandy.

45 – Band Box 366 – Here I Am, Drunk Again b/w A House Without Love

Pat Starr of Ragtime

Do not know if this record had a picture cover or not and I don’t know anything about Pat Starr of Ragtime.

Extended Play – Keyboard 701 Extended Play – Pat Starr of Ragtime

Keyboard 701 EP - Starr, Pat - Ace in the Hole Keyboard 701 EP - Starr, Pat - Charmaine

LP – Toll-Gate 201 – “Souvenir Recording Of Central City’s Honky Tonk Piano Man”



Penny Starr/Penny DeHaven

Penny Starr would released three singles on Band Box – two solos and a joint release with Van Trevor and Johnny Dollar.  I suspect that Penny, Van and Johnny recorded their band box sides in 1966 and 1967 – probably all in a single session and probably in Nashville or another country strong hold.  Penny was very young while recording with Band Box.  She would become “Penny Dehaven” in short order and realize some national success over the years both in movies and recording. “A Grain of Salt” on Band Box 372 would chart on the Billboard Country charts in January of 1967 and reach #69.  She would chart 16 more times from 1967 through 1984.  An acetate pressing is displayed below for Band Box 372.  The sleeve below was released out of Nashville in 1974 after her name change.

The following was posted by an EBay vinyl seller: Country entertainer Penny DeHaven was born May 17, 1948, in Winchester, VA. DeHaven is known as a dynamic and vivacious country singer, and was the first female country artist to tour combat zones in Vietnam. She sang and performed on local shows as a child, but moved to WWVA’s Wheeling Jamboree during the mid-’60s after high school. Using the stage name Penny Starr, she became a favorite and recorded “A Grain of Salt” for the Band Box label in late 1966. The single placed modestly the following year, and after spending two years in Wheeling, she moved to Nashville to sign with Imperial in 1969. Two of her recordings hit the Country Top 40 that year: “Mama Lou” and “Down in the Boondocks.” After a change of labels to United Artists, Penny DeHaven’s biggest hit came later that year when “Land Mark Tavern” hit number 20. Though DeHaven never re-entered the Top 40 again – “The First Love” and “Don’t Change on Me” came closest in 1971 – she continued to record for United Artists and later Mercury, Starcrest and Main Street. She appeared in several films in the early ’80s, and sang “Bayou Lullaby” for the soundtrack to 1982’s Honkytonk Man. DeHaven has also guested on the Grand Ole Opry several times and recorded a duet album with Porter Wagoner.”

Penny passed away after a bout with cancer in February, 2014.


45 – Band Box 372 – A Grain of Salt b/w A Thing of Pleasure

Band Box 372 - Starr, Penny - A Grain of Salt Band Box 372 - Starr, Penny - A Thing of Pleasure

Band Box 372 TP - Starr, Penny - A Grain of Salt Band Box 372 TP - Starr, Penny - A Thing of Pleasure

45 – Band Box 375 – One More Like You b/w You’ve Taken All The Woman Out of Me

Band Box 375 - Starr, Penny - One More Like You Band Box 375 - Starr, Penny - You've Taken the Woman Out of Me

45 – Band Box 373 – Holiday Driving Public Service Message (with Van Trevor and Johnny Dollar)

BAND BOX 373 (1) BAND BOX 373 (2)

Band Box Unreleased Tracks by Penny Starr

“Beat it Baby”

Penny Starr Biography Page

Rocky Starr (Rocky Starr Trio)

Rocky Starr (birth name John Edward Ratkowski)  was born in Butte Montana, migrated to Canada, later served in World Word II serving in the U.S. Army and became a local radio performer in Spokane, Washington.   This led a job offer at Denver radio station KOA performing daily on the station and touring in his available time.  Most likely it was during his KOA days that he entered into the Band Box studios in 1961 to cut four sides for two single releases.  Read Rocky’s story on the Southern Idaho Living web site.  He is pictured above while performing on the “Western Stampede” radio show at KOA in Denver.  Rocky passed away in 2013 at the age of 89.

Rocky StarrAA STARR

Rocky Starr – 1976 Denver Post

45 – Band Box 277 – Baby Doll b/w The Wanderer – 1961

Band Box 277 - Starr, Rocky - Baby Doll Band Box 277 - Starr, Rocky - The Wanderer

Band Box 277 C - Starr, Rocky - Baby Doll Band Box 277 C - Starr, Rocky - Wanderer

45 – Band Box 278 – Cannonball Boogie b/w Stanley Polka – 1961

Band Box 278 - Starr Trio, Rocky - Cannonball Boogie Band Box 278 - Starr Trio, Rocky - Stanley Polka

45 – Mercury 70192 – Rock-A-Bye Boogie b/w Lonesome Childhood

Rocky Starr Web Story Page
Rocky Starr Obituary

Bill Stephens


Band Box LP 1008 – Rocky Mountain Jamboree – “Raw Hide”

Elaine Taylor & The Mastertones

I have not located anything on Elaine.  She cut one 1960 single on Band Box apparently backed by who I assume to be Chuck Mills’ Mastertones.

Band Box 233 – Baby Won’t You Please Come Home b/w Yes Sir, That’s My Baby – 1959

BAND BOX 233 (1) BAND BOX 233 (2)

The Patti Taylor Singers

45- Valerie 2005 – “Tiger in the Closet” b/w “Tomorrow Is a Long Time”

valerie-2005-taylor-singers-a valerie-2005-taylor-singers-a_0001

Chuck Thomas (With Johnny & The Hitchhikers)

Chuck Thomas released two singles on Band Box one crediting his back-up group as “Johnny & The Hitch-Hikers”.  This citation is in doubt.  I checked with Larry Higgins drummer for the Band Box group “Freddie & The Hitch-Hikers” and he has no knowledge of his group backing Chuck Thomas.  Chuck Thomas penned releases for Band Box recording artists – The Four Chevelles and I suspect he may have been a member of that group.  See the Four Chevelles Bio Entry.

Cash Box – October 18th, 1965

Recently I located the song “Why Baby” on the Band Box master log of tracks and it is listed with The Four Chevelles.

45 – Band Box 360 – Why Baby b/w Let Our Hearts Be Our Guide

chuck-thomas-with-johnny-and-the-hitchhikers-why-baby-band-boxBand Box 360 - Thomas, Chuck with Johnny & Hitchhikers - Let Our Hearts Be Our Guides

45 – Band Box 365 – What Can I Do (To Make You Care) b/w What Happened Baby

Tommy Thompson & The W Bar A Rhythm Masters

Thompson released one single on Band Box.

Band Box 269 – Let’s Make Amends b/w I Wish I Could Forget – 1962

BAND BOX 269 (1) BAND BOX 269 (2)

Van Trevor

Van – like Penny Starr – broke onto the national country scene after his Band Box days.  He cut four singles on the Denver label – one in combination with Penny Starr and Johnny Dollar “Christmas Driving” b/w “Holiday Driving” which was a curious public safety announcement. Two of his Band Box releases charted on Billboard’s Country Hits charts – “Born to Be In Love With You Again” reached #22 in 1966 and “Our Side” peaked at number 27 in the same year – making them the two top national hits from the Band Box label.  Van Trevor charted six additional releases on the Country Charts.  Van is deceased.

Van Trevor appears on the Band Box Christmas release Band Box 373 which is backed with a public safety message from Van, Penny Starr and Johnny Dollar entitled “Holiday Driving/Holiday Safety”.

The following note was sent in by Van Trevor’s daughter:  “I enjoyed reading this article as this is my dad. I did not know a lot about his music career due to by the time I was born he had stopped singing. Thank you for sharing his history with the world.” – Monica L. Boulanger-Williams

Band Box - Van Trevor 06

45 – Band Box 367 – Born to Be In Love With You b/w It’s So Good To Be Loved

Band Box 367 - Trevor, Van - Born to Be In Love With You Band Box 367 - Trevor, Van - It's Good to Be Loved

45 – Band Box 371 – Our Side b/w When You’ve Lost Your Baby

Band Box 371 - Trevor, Van - Our Side Band Box 371 - Trevor, Van - When You've Lost Your Baby

45 – Band Box 374 – A Fool Called Me b/w He’s Losing His Mind

Band Box 374 - Trevor, Van - A Fool Called Me Band Box 374 - Trevor, Van - He's Losing His Mind

Band Box LP 1001 – “Come On Over to Our Side”

This carries the same catalog number as Leigh Barron’s LP so – but most likely this was released sometime after the Barron release.  Read more about the late Van Trevor.

Band Box LP - Van TrevorTrevor - Band Box LP 1001 - Van Trevor - Come On Over to Our Side F (2)

Trevor - Band Box 1001 SD1 - Trevor, Van - Come On Over to Our Side (2) Trevor - Band Box 1001 SD1 - Trevor, Van - Come On Over to Our Side (1)

Van Trevor Bio Page

Van Trevor, Penny Starr & Johnny Dollar

Band Box 373 – 1966

BAND BOX 373 (2) BAND BOX 373 (1)

The Jim Trumbo Trio

Duncan Tuck

Denver South High student Duncan Tuck was the winner of a 1968 talent contest sponsored by KOA. His prize was a “recording contract” with Band Box records.  And so he entered into the studios while on break from college in 1969.  Duncan continues to perform and tour today.  Read the entire Duncan Tuck interview on the Duncan Tuck Page

Denver's Own Ducan Tuck - 1969 Artists with Band Box

Denver’s Own Duncan Tuck – 1969 Artist with Band Box

Band Box 391 – Cold and Dusty Morning b/w Waterside – 1969

Band Box 391 - Tuck, Duncan - Cold and Dusty Morning Band Box 391 - Tuck, Duncan - Waterside

Duncan Tuck Long Play Tracks (Unreleased)

The following tracks were slated for a Band Box LP but may not have been recorded)

Dianne’s Song – Where People Do Live by Trees – Distance Cannot Escape the Sound – A New Feeling – All Around Me – Together When Alone – Flamenco Child – Leavin’ On a Jet Plane – The Poet – Sunshine – I Think It’s Going to Rain Today – Tomorrow – Octover

Here’s Duncan on the Gong Show in 1977 on YouTube: (WOW!! – ALL TENS!!! AND THE WINNER)

Duncan Tuck Interview Page
Duncan Tuck Web Site (bio and booking)

Joe Valino

Joe had his big moment of fame with the success in 1956 with “The Garden of Eden” which went all the way to number 12 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.  Although he recorded many more tunes through the years, this was to be his only charting record!  He joins a few other national artists having released a Band Box 45 (Ink Spots, Steve Gibson & the Red Caps, Van Trevor).  His was released in 1961.  The apparent connection with Joe and Band Box is his association with Jimmy DeKnight who penned “Now” and recorded for Band Box as well – probably back East.  Joe ‘s real last name was Paolino.  He was originally from Philadelphia.  Joe passed away in December of 1996.

Cash Box – October 27th, 1956

Cash Box – March 2nd, 1957

Cash Box – November 23rd, 1957

Cash Box – October 31st, 1959

Band Box 261 – Now b/w Turn Back the Dawn – 1960

BAND BOX 261 (1) BAND BOX 261 (2)

Band Box 261 - Valino, Joe - Turn Back the Dawn Band Box 261 - Valino, Joe - Now

45 – Vik 4X-0226 – Garden Of Eden b/w Caravan – #12 Billboard 1958

Joe Valino Obituary

The Valley Men/The Prickly Pair

This is R. Carter and C. Forney (first names unknown)

(Also see Band Box listing for The Prickly Pair)

Band Box 254 – Nut Brown Maiden b/w The Wind


The Vidal Trio

Band Box 203 – Valley High b/w They Call The Wind Mariah – 1967

Nick Vitale & The Echo’s

Band Box 241 – The Engagement Waltz b/w Behind The Bamboo Curtain – 1959

BAND BOX 241 (1) BAND BOX 241 (2)

Jimmy Wallis

Jimmy was another country/gospel singer recording one extended play on the Band Box subsidiary label Keyboard in 1967.  The photo here is assumed to be of our Jimmy Wallis but obviously from his days somewhere other than on Keyboard

45 – Keyboard 700 – Gospel Extended Play – 1967

KEYBOARD 700 (1) KEYBOARD 700 (2)

Jim Watson & Joel Cowan

Jim and Joe were an unlikely team of a  “bawdy” comedian paired with an establish R&B musician who performed for a time at The Tropics nightclub.  Their Band Box subsidiary release on Spicy Records was a short-lived effort to provide LPs in the genre by Band Box, joining three other acts with Spicy releases.  The “Party Time” LP was released with two different sets of cover art and back liner notes.  The 2nd variation back cover was also used on other Spicy comedy act releases.  Jim Watson and Joel Cowan also recorded on Band Box long play 1002 as part of George Holmes’ Ink Spots.  Cowan was a Denver resident and worked around town in various venues and also at Simmons Music Store in Denver.  Holmes brought his version of the Ink Spots to Denver apparently for a time in the mid 1960’s.  Band Box artists Dave Barhite and Joe Holenbek – both members of The Saints – recall seeing the group perform around the Denver area.  Visit the “Ink Spot” Band Box Page to learn more.

Spicy - Joel Cowan

LP – Spicy 5001 – Party Time (1st Variation)

Spicy 5001 V - Watson & Cowan - Party Time WATSON BACKS (2)

Spicy 5001 DJ - Watson & Cowan - Party Time Spicy 5001 DJ2- Watson & Cowan - Party Time

LP – Spic 5001 – Party Time (2nd Variation)

Spicy 5001 CVF - Jim and Joe - Party TimeWATSON BACKS (1)

Spicy LP 5001 - Jim and Joe - Party Time 2 Spicy LP 5001 - Jim and Joe - Party Time 1

Further – Cowan may have established his liking for performing on “bawdy” comedy type recordings with his participation on this Dooto LP:

Cowan, Joel - Dooto 285

Visit the Jim Watson & Joel Cowan Biography Page

Milt Watson’s Wildest Clan

This Band Box group was comprised of members of The Monarchs, including Jessie Garcia, Milt Watson and Chuck Mills.  The released one Band Box single in 1965.

Milt Watson

45 – Band Box 363 – Would You Believe That? b/w Ya Hoo Mountain Dew – 1965

Band Box 363 - Milt Watson's Wildest Clan - Would You Believe That 

See the Wildest Clan Bio Entry

Dick West with the Hymntones

Hazel Hedges provides organ support here – She also appeared on Daddy Ed’s children’s recordings on Band Box – Band Box founder Vicky Morosan is the composer of “Merry Christmas” here

45 – Band Box 223 – Merry Christmas b/w Trimming My Christmas Tree with Dreams

Sonny West

Sonny was a rock-a-billy singer with one 1961 release on the Band Box label.  Sonny’s lasting fame will be his two compositions both recorded by Buddy Holly “Rave On” and “Oh Boy” which firmly establish his rock ‘n roll credentials for all time.  Sonny is an inductee into the Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame.  Sonny mailed a tape to Band Box with the tracks shown below for consideration – No immediate action was taken but a year or so later Band Box 276 was released.

Sonny is not to be confused with Elvis entourage member West.  Sonny was also inducted into the West Texas Music Hall of Fame for his composition of “Oh Boy”.

45 – Band Box 27 – Maybe You’re the One b/w Wasted Days and Wasted Nights – 1961

BAND BOX 276 (1) BAND BOX 276 (2)

45 – Nor-Va-Jak 1956 – Sweet Rockin’ Baby b/w Rock-Ola Ruby – 1956

45 – Atlantic 45-1174 – Rave On! b/w Call On Cupid – 1958

45 – Brunswick 55035 – Oh, Boy! (composer) 1957

45 – Coral 61985 – Rave On (composer) -1958

45 EP – Cultures of Soul COS 009-7 – Jam Up Twist – 2014
(Includes “Rock-Ola-Baby” by West)

45 – RM Deluxe 2000 – Sweet Rockin’ Baby b/w Rock-Ola-Baby – 1978 (U.K.)
(Shown as by “Sonee West”)

Sonny West Wikipedia Entry
Sonny West Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame

Ed Whatley and The Hummingbirds

Ed Whatley was involved in two Band Box releases – one fronting the Hummingbirds in 1960 also accompanied by The Mile Hi Trio.  His second release was also in 1960 as part of The Hummingbirds.

Band Box 246 – Bingo b/w No Love – 1959

Band Box 246 - Whatley, Ed & Hummingbirds - BingoBand Box 246 - Whatley, Ed & Hummingbirds - No Love


Ronny Whyte

He was an easy listening music provider with one LP release on the Band Box label (1015) titled “The Songs & Piano of Ronny Whyte”.  Linear notes indicate that Ronny served in the Air Force and migrated from the Seattle area.  On his Band Box LP he was backed by Roy Francis on bass and Dick Sheridan on drums.  Ernest Kemm or “Ernie” is the producer on the LP.  Ronny migrated away from Colorado and found fame on the East Coast recording for many labels and releasing many long plays including Audiophile and MES.



Allen Jay Wilder

Band Box BBLP7-900 (7-inch single) – Thoughts of Comfort (both sides

Jimmy Wilkins & The Blue Falcons (Vocals by The Sarands)

These guys released two Band Box singles one in 1964 the other in 1965.

Band Box 356 – 1964

Band Box 356 - Wilkins, Jimmy & Blue Falcons - Goodby BabyBand Box 356 - Wilkins, Jimmy & Blue Falcons - It's All Right

Jimmy Wilkins & The Sarands

Band Box 364 – 1965

BAND BOX 364 (1) BAND BOX 364 (2)

Bernie Wingert with Will Graves & His Rhythm Rangers/
Pat Peale & Will Graves

Bernie and Pat shared this Band Box release from 1958 – one of the very first on the Denver local label.

Band Box 220 – 1958

BAND BOX 270 (1) BAND BOX 270 (2)

Ursula Wolter

Ursula released two singles on Band Box – one in 1962 and another in 1964.  The B side of Band Box release was co-penned by Norman Petty along with an unidentified “A. Wilder”.  This is interesting because Petty penned the hit single by The String-a-Longs “Wheels” but Wilder is not credited on that release.  Wilder could possibly be Alec Wilder who composed a series of hits for artists such as Johnnie Ray, The Mills Brothers, Anthony Newley, Roger Williams and The Brass Ring.  Wolter may have had a connection to Alec due to both sides of her Band Box 364 release being penned by him.  His Wikipedia entry does not cite either of these two compositions.

Band Box 347 – 1964

Band Box 347 - Wolter, Ursula - Run Before He Breaks Your HeartBand Box 347 - Wolter, Ursula - Wheels

The Wonderland Singers

This is another gospel recording group released on Keyboard – the Band Box subsidiary label in 1967.

Keyboard 703 Extended Play – 1967

Keyboard 703 - The Wonderland Singers - Hide Me Keyboard 703 - The Wonderland Singers - Shine

Earrell Yarns

Valerie 2004 – Mid 1960’s

Valerie 2004 - Yarns, Earrell - Don't Leave Me R Valerie 2004 - Yarns, Earrell - I'm Going to Tell The Truth R


  1. I found an obituary for Bruce Michael “Sonny” Russell which says “He had recorded records at the Norman Petty Studios in Clovis, and always loved playing music.”.
    Perhaps this is the person who recorded “50 Megatons and “Mud Boat”?
    Here’s the obituary:

    • Thanks! This is definitely the Sonny Russell of 50 Megatrons fame – highly collectible by the way – Nice to have this obit to bring up his Band Box listing!

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