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The Beach Boys Beyond Sunny California

Selected Concert Appearances – 1963

(Visit the Wonderful “BeachBoys Gigs” Page listing all known appearances here)

The site host, Ian Rusten, also co-authored the book “The Beach Boys In Concert” which can still be purchased

April 25th, 1963 – The Val-Air Ballroom – Des Moines, Iowa

April 26th, 1963 – YWCA Teen Canteen – Rockford, Illinois

April 27th, 1963 – Danceland Ballroom – Cedar Rapids, Iowa

April 28th, 1963 – The Terp Ballroom – Austin, Minnesota

Johnny and the Dynamics had one known 45 release on PDQ Records in 1959

April 30th, 1963 – The Arkota Ballroom – Sioux Falls, South Dakota

The Eddie Skeets Orchestra released three singles

May 3rd, 1963 – Excelsior Amusement Park – Excelsior Park, Minnesota

May 5th, 1963 – The Surf Ballroom – Clear Lake, Iowa

June 14th – June 22nd, 1963 – The Show of Stars – 10 Shows at 8 Locations in Hawaii

June 29th, 1963 – The Las Vegas Convention Center – Nevada

July 19th, 1963 – Indiana Beach – Monticello, Indiana

July 20th, 1963 – The Danceland Ballroom – Cedar Rapids, Iowa

July 23rd, 1963 – The Roof Garden Ballroom – Arnold’s Park, Iowa

July 24th, 1963 – The Shore Acres Ballroom – Sioux City, Iowa

July 27th, 1963 – The Hollyhock Ballroom – Hatifield, Minnesota

July 28th, 1963 – The Peony Park Ballroom – Omaha, Nebraska

July 30th, 1963 – The Coliseum Ballroom – Davenport, Iowa

July 31st, 1963 – Indian Crossing Casino – Waupaca, Wisconsin

August 1st, 1963 – The Surf Ballroom, Clear Lake, Iowa

The venue of the late Buddy Holly, Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens final performance

August 2nd, 1963 – The Prom Ballroom – St. Paul, Minnesota

August 3rd, 1963 – The Terp Ballroom – Austin, Minnesota

August 6th, 1963 – The Electric Park Ballroom – Waterloo, Iowa

August 13th, 1963 – Gilchrist’s Fifth Annual Back To School Fashion Hop – Boston, Massachusetts

The Beach Boys accompanied by Jan and Dean, Tony and the Del-Fi’s & Myles Connor

August 14th, 1963 – The Palace Ballroom – Old Orchard, Maine

August 16th, 1963 – The Mountain Top Ballroom – Holyoke, Massachusetts

With Eddie Rambeau and March Jo

Marcy Jo

August 17th, 1963 – The Wayne County Fair – Homedale, Pennsylvania

August 18th, 1963 – The Lakewood Ballroom – Barnesville, Pennsylvania

The Beach Boys with local group The Magics

August 20th, 1963 – Auction Hall – Transfer, Pennsylvania

August 21st, 1963 – West View Park – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

August 22nd – The Wheeling Downs Roller Rink – Wheeling, West Virginia

August 23rd, 1963 – Stardust Gardens – Le Sourdsville Lake Amusement Park – Middletown, Ohio

August 29th, 1963 – The Avalon Ballroom – Lacrosse, Wisconsin

August 30th, 1963 – The Fox Theater – Murry the K’s Greatest In Person Show Ever – Brooklyn, New York

The Beach Boys were way down on the bill – playing for the first time with a major star-studded lineup and a tough East Coast audience

September 4th, 1963 – Lakeside Amusement Park – The Moonight Gardens Ballroom – Denver, Colorado

This was the first appearance of the Beach Boys in my home State of Colorado – The group came to Denver and appeared for a record signing engagement at the Cherry Creek Shopping Center in the Woolworth’s Department Store in southeast Denver – then it was out to the west side of Denver for two performances at Lakeside.

September 6th, 1963 – Back To School Dance – Elitch Gardens – Trocadero Ballroom – Denver, Colorado

Colorado’s Astronauts were also on the bill

September 7th, 1963 – The Lagoon – Farmington, Utah

December 27th and 28th, 1963 – The Terrace Ballroom – Salt Lake City, Utah

January 17th and 18th, 1964 – Sydney Stadium – Sydney, Australia

The Surfaris joined the Beach Boys for these appearances

January 21st and 22nd, 1964 – Festival Hall – Melbourne, Australia

January 27th and 28th – Theatre Royal – South Island, New Zealand

January 30th, 1964 – Founders Hall – Hamilton, New Zealand

Australia’s Joy Boys appeared at this concert

February 1st, 1964 – Town Hall – Auckland, New Zealand

February 21st, 1964 – Hoquiam High School – Hoquiam, Washington

Beach Boys with The Chandells, the Beachcombers and others

February 23rd, 1964 – Spokane Coliseum – Spokane, Washington

May 16th, 1964 – The Municipal Auditorium – San Antonio, Texas

With the Rel-Yea’s

June 12th and 13th, 1964 – The Lagoon – Farmington, Utah

With the Rooftop Singers and the New Christy Minstrels

July 3rd thru the 5th, 1964 – The Million Dollar Party – International Arena – Honolulu, Hawaii & Bloch Arena in Honolulu, Hawaii

Big bill here which included future Beach Boy Bruce Johnston with duo of Bruce and Terry

July 6th, 1964 – The University of Arizona – Tucson, Arizona

The Kingsmen and Jimmy Griffin were among the lineup

July 7th, 1964 – Civic Auditorium – Albuquerque, New Mexico

July 9th, 1964 – Spring Lake Amusement Park – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

July 12th, 1964 – Municipal, Auditorium – Kansas City, Missouri

With “Freddie” Cannon among others

July 17th, 1964 – Indiana Beach – Shafer Lake, Monticello, Indiana

July 21st, 1964 – Coconut Lounge – Urbana, Ohio

July 23rd, 1964 – Madison, Wisconsin

Now with Eddie Hodges, the Novells and the Dynastics joining the lineup

July 28th, 1964 – The Auditorium Theater – Denver, Colorado

Sponsored by Denver’s KIMN Radio

KIMN 1964 - 07-22-64 - F

July 29th, 1964 – The Lagoon – Farmington, Utah

August 6th, 1964 – The Convention Center – Las Vegas, Nevada

August 21st, 1964 – Euclid Beach Amusement Park – Cleveland, Ohio

August 22nd, 1964 – The Syria Mosque – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

August 23rd, 1964 – Memorial Coliseum – Evansville, Indiana

August 24th, 1964 – The Gene Kaye Dance Party – Agricultural Hall – Allentown, Pennsylvania

August 25th, 1964 – The Lakewood Ballroom – Lakeside Park – Barnesville, Pennsylvania

August 28th and 29th, 1964 – Spring Lake Amusement Park – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

September, 5th, 1964 – Bushnell Memorial – Hartford, Connecticut

September 11th and 12th, 1964 – The Lagoon – Farmington, Utah

September 13th, 1964 – Boise High School – Boise, Idaho

Dick Cates and the Chessmen appeared at this concert

September 18th, 1964 – The Alabama State Coliseum – Montgomery, Alabama

The Chartbusters shared the bill – They recorded as “The Manchesters” for some Invasion sound alike recordings

September 20th, 1964 – City Auditorium – Atlanta, Georgia

September 22nd, 1964 – Municipal Auditorium – Nashville, Tennessee

September 24th, 1964 – Loew’s State Theater – Providence, Rhode Island

September 26th, 1964 – The West Orange National Guard Armory – West Orange, New Jersey

The Ubans appeared with The Fairlanes, The Creations and Carol Summers

November 21st, 1964 – Stockholm, Sweden 

Sweden’s Mascots shared the bill

November 27th, 1964 – Cleveland Arena – Cleveland, Ohio

Ivan and the Sabers from Centerville, Ohio and The Shangri-Las were on this ticket with many others – lots of good local bands!

November 28th, 1964 – Olympia Stadium – Detroit, Michigan

Jay and the Americans shared the bill with Gino Washington and The Shangri-Las

November 29th, 1964 – Cincinnati Gardens – Cincinnati, Ohio

The KRNT Theater – Des Moines, Iowa

December 29th, 1964 – Indiana State Fairgrounds Coliseum – Indianapolis, Indiana

December 31st, 1964 – The Coliseum – Charlotte, North Carolina


















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