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Beat-Era Group Rosters/Solo’s/Discographies
Alpha: Beggars Opera thru Bystanders

Rosters and solo artists from the “Invasion” Era with discographies for those who had releases in the U.S. Also included are many Euro-Beat groups, numerous “Ye’Ye” girls from the Beat era and a few extras thrown in just for kicks.

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The Beggars Opera (Scotland)

This group formed in 1969 in Glasgow


Alan Park – with McCulloch Park, The Bliss BandFblue
Colin Fairley – with The String Driven Thing
Gordon Neville – with The Alan  Bown Set; Dragonfly; The New London Chorale; The Projection
Gordon Sellar – with The Retros
Linnie Paterson – with Writing on the Wall
Marshall Erskine – with Friends Roadshow
Martin Griffiths
Raymond Wilson
Ricky Gardiner
Virginia Scott

The Belfast Gypsies

Original Members Formed in 1965 and performed until 1967

Ken McLeod – Guitar
Jackie McAuley – Keyboards Previously with Them and later with The Freaks of Nature
Patrick McAuley – Drums Previously with Them
Mark Scott – Bass

July, 1966 – DJO/COMX

October, 1966 – DJX

August, 1966 – France O

Alexander Bell (1967)

The Bobby Bell Rockers

The original group formed in 1956 until 1957.

Charlie Flynn – L Guitar Next to The Dominoes (Sep 57); then to Ian and The Zodiacs (61)
George Watson – Guitar Next to The Dominoes (Sep 57); then to The Blackhawks
Billy Gough – R Guitar
Joe Healan – Accordian
The Baron – Snare
Bobby Crawford – Vocals – (Bobby Bell)
Wayne Bickerton – Guitar

Gary Bell (1966-1967)

Madeline Bell (American Invasion Transplant)

Madeline was also with Blue Mink, The Bradford Singers, The Midnite Ladies and The Power and Glory.  She was born in New Jersey and made her way to Great Britain.

August, 1964 – XX

1965 – XX

1967 – XX

January, 1968 – DJX/O

June, 1968 – O

December, 1968 – XX

Philips 600-271 – “I’m Gonna Make You Love Me” – Released 1968

Bell, Madeline - Philips - I'm Gonna Make You Love Me


Bella and Me (Sweden – 1967)

Peter Belli & The Rivals (Denmark)


The Bell-Tones (1962)

Bobby Bennett (1960-1974)

Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers

The original group formed in 1959 until 1968.

Cliff Bennett – Vocals Formed the Cliff Bennett Band in 1968; later with Toe Fat (69); then Shanghai (75) – Later formed Cliff Bennet’s Rebellion

Sid Phillips – Piano Departed in 1962 and returned later the same year; departed in 1965 to Redwing

Mick King – L Guitar Departed in 1962 to James Royal & The Hawks

Mick Currel – R Guitar Departed 1962

Ricky Winters – Drums Went to The Saints

Ben Jordan – Bass Departed 1961

Frank Allen – R Guitar Arrived 1960; departed 1964 to The Searchers;

Moss Groves – Sax Arrived 1962; later with The Roy Young Band (68)

MIck Burt – Drums Arrived 1962; went to The Roy Young Band;  later in Black Claw (70); then Chas & Dave (73)

Nicky Hopkins – Piano Departs 1963 – Formerly with Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers (62); Neil Christian & the Crusaders, Chris Farlowe & the Thunderbirds, thePretty Things – Also with the Jeff Beck Group, also with Screaming Lord Sutch & the Savages; Quicksilver Messenger Service (US), the Steve Miller Band (US)

Bernie Watson – Guitar Went to Cyril Davies All Stars (62); also with John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers ; and Screaming Lord Sutch & His Savages

Dave Wendells – Guitar Arrived 1962; departed 1965 for Lulu & The Luvvers

Roy Young – Keyboards Arrived 1963; formed the The Roy Young Band (68)

Bobby Thompson – Bass Arrived 1965; Formerly with Kingsize Taylor & The Dominoes;  then to Rory Storm & The Hurricanes (Mar 62)

Chas Hodges – Bass Arrived June 1965 from The Outlaws; then to The Roy Young Band (68); then Black Claw (70); and Chas and Dave (73)

John Golden – Trumpet Went to The Roy Young Band (68)

September, 1961 – XX

December, 1963 – XX

November, 1964 – XX

July, 1965 – XX

September, 1966 – XX


Lee Bennett & The Sunliners (1964)

Steve Bennett & The Syndicate

The original group formed in July, 1961

Comment from Martin Trigg (U.K.):

“You have missed out Charlie Mitchel who was also drummer for this group.  I do have photos of this group and a few more. Please amend. I have downloaded some photos onto my face book. Martin Trigg”

Paddy Chambers – L Guitar Departed for Faron’s Flamingos (62); then to The Big Three : Later to The Krew (Oct 64); then to Paddy, Klaus & Gibson, Also with The Dominoes; also with The Wolfgang Combo (1962); The Eyes

Steve Bennett – Vocals
Brian McNally – Drums
Owen Clayton – Bass
Wayne Bickerton – R Guitar Departed to The Lee Curtis All Stars (Jul 62)
Charlie Mitchel – Drums

Benny & The Bedbugs (Invasion Novelty)

May, 1964 – XX

Brian Bentley and The Bachelors (1960-1962)


Alan Holmes – with Sounds Incorporated; The Kinks
Brian Bentley

Monika Berg (France)


Merv Benton (Australia)

Berkeley KItes 1968-1969)

Milton Berle (Invasion Novelty)

1968 – O

Kenny Bernard (and the Wranglers 1965-1975)

Kenny was in The Cats Pyjamas in 1968

1967 – XX

Dave Berry (and the Cruisers)

Dave Berry September, 1969

Dave was born David Holgate Grundy

April, 1964 – XX

September, 1964 – XX

September, 1965 – XX

January, 1967 – XX

May, 1968 – XX

Mike Berry and the Outlaws

Real name Michael Bourne from Northampton

November, 1962 – DJX/O

April, 1963 – XX

April, 1966 – DJX/O

Berti (Germany)



Brad Berwick (Invasion Novelty)

1965 – XX

Karen Bessy (France)


John Best (1965)

The Pete Best Four

Best, Pete Group

The original group formed in September 1963 until January 1965. They beclame the Pete Best Combo in January 1965 until 1966.

Pete Best – Drums Formerly with The Beatles (60-62); then to Lee Curtis & The All Stars (Aug 62); next The Original All Stars (Jun 63)
Tony Waddington – L Guitar Formerly with Gene Day & the Jango-Beats; next to Lee Curtis & The All Stars (Jun 62); next The Original All Stars (Jun 63)
Wayne Bickerton – Bass Originally with Steve Bennett & The Syndicate (Jul 61); next to Lee Curtis & The All Stars (Jun 62); next The Original All Stars (Jun 63)
Tommy McGurk – R Guitar Formerly with Gene Day & the Jango-Beats; later with The Aarons
Trevor Browne – Bass Arrived Jan 1965; formerly with Them Grimbles
Bill Burton Arrived 1965

1965 – XX

1965 – XX

September, 1965 – XX

Mr. Maestro – Casting My Spell b/w I’m Blue (Need Images)

November, 1965 – O

Savage 72 – Best of The Beatles Pete Best” – Released 1964

Best, Pete - Savage - Best of the Beatles


The Beta (Spain)

Betty & Karen (Germany)


Johnny Bev

May, 1963

May, 1965

Beverly and Mike

July, 1964 – O

Deram – Museum/A Quick One for Sanity

Muriel Bianchi (France)


The Big Six (Germany)


The Big Three

Big Three

The original group formed in January, 1961.

Johnny Gustafson – Bass Formerly with Cass & Casanovas; Departed Nov 1963 for The Seniors; 1965 To The Johnny Gus Set

Johnny Hutchinson – Drums Formerly with Cass & Casanovas; Back with reformed Group 1965

Adrian Barber – Guitar Formerly with Cass & Casanovas; Departed Jul 1962

Brian Griffiths – Guitar Arrived Jul 1962 from Howie Casey & the Seniors; Departed Jan 1965 to The Johnny Gus Set; also in The Griff Parry Five (1964)

Faron – Vocals and Bass Arrived Nov 1963 from Faron’s Flamingos; Departed 1964 to form new Flamingos band

Paddy Chambers – Guitar Arrived Mar 1964 from Faron’s Flamingos; Previouslywith Steve Bennett & the Syndicate; Departed 1964 to join the Dominoes; Also with The Krew (1964); later with Paddy, Klaus & Gibson; The Wolfgang Combo (1962); The Eyes

Paul Pilnick – L Guitar Formerly with Lee Curtis All Stars (63); Arrived Jun 63; Later with The Fix; Stealer’s Wheel and Deaf School – Tony Jackson & the Vibrations

Barry Marshall – Bass Reformed group 1965; from Rhythm & Blues Inc (63-65); also with The Mersey 4

Barry Womersley – L Guitar Formerly with The Mersey 4; then Rhythm & Blues Inc (63-65); also with The Clayton Squares (Feb 66)

Bim and Sam (Germany)


The Bin’s (France)


The Birds

The original group formed in 1964 until November 1966.

Kim Gardner – Bass Went to Creation (66); later to Ashton, Gardner & Dyke; later on to Badger
Ron Wood – Guitar Went to  Creation; later on joined The Rolling Stones (74) – The Jeff Beck Group – The Faces
Ali McKenzie – Vocals
Pete McDaniels – Drums

Tony Munroe – Guitar

Birds of a Feather (1969-1972)

Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg (France)

Born Jane Mallory Birkin – Later performed with the Noel Ensemble and Les Enfoires

Serge was born Lucien Ginsburg (died March 2nd, 1991)

September, 1965 – DJX-O

LP – Fontana 67610 – Je T’Aime (Beautiful Love) – 1969

Tommy Bishop’s Richochets (1965)

The Bit-Nik (Italy)


The Bittersweet

The original group formed in 1967 until 1968.

Tony Kaye – Organ Went to Yes (68); later to Badger (71)
Willie Wilson – Drums later went to Cochise
Tim Steele – Guitar
Bruce Thomas – Bass To Bodast (68); then backed Elvis

Bjorn & Okay (Denmark)


Cilla Black

Visit the Cilla Black Discography Page

Born Priscilla Maria Veronica White – She died on August 2nd of 2015. She previously had performed with the groups The Fourmost & The Big Three

Roy Black (Germany)

Terry Black (Canada)

Was in the duo Black and Ward with Laurel Ward in the mid 1970’s

October, 1964 – DJX/O

January, 1965 – DJX/O

July, 1965 – XX

September, 1966 – XX

Roy Black (Germany)

LP – Polydor 249 154 – Roy Black – 1967

The Black Berries (Germany)


The Blackbirds (Germany)


Black Cat Bones

This group formed in 1966


Paul Kossoff
Stuart Brooks
Derek Brooks
Paul Martin
Paul Tiller
Frank Perry
Simon Frederick St. George Kirke
Terry Sims
Robert Weston
Roderick Price
Phil Lenoir
Brian Short

The Black Cats

Black Cats

The original group formed in 1956.   The following members most likely were not original members.

Alan Stratton – Bass 1962 member – Departed for The Kansas City Five (Feb 62)
Benny Page – Vocals 1962 member
Pete Dobson – Sax 1962 member
Mal Thory – Drums 1962 member: Departed to The Johnny Templer Hi-Cats (62)
Dave Moore – L Guitar 1962 member
Gary Stewart – Sax

The Black Dyke Mills Brass Band

The Black Jacks

The original group formed in September, 1959

Pete Best – Drums Departed for The Beatles (60-62); then to The Lee Curtis All Stars (62); then The Original All Stars (63); then The Pete Best Four (Sep 63); and to The Pete Best Combo (Jan 65)
Chas Newby – Bass Played a couple of time with the Beatles
Bill Barlow – L Guitar
Ken Brown – Guitar Formerly with The Quarrymen
Peter Rice

The Black Knights


Ken Griffiths

Black & The Canons (Germany)

LP – Polydor 237-317 – Die Sptizenreither – 1965 (with other artists)

The Blackhawks


Zoot Money -with The Portchester Road Jazz Band; Johnny King and the Raiders; Zoot Money’s Big Roll Band
Roger Collis
Pat Sheehan
Roger Bone

The Blackburds (France)


Gérard Fournier
Gérard Pisani
Jacques Ploquin
Jean Tosan, Luis Fuentes
Mick Jones
Pierre Ploquin
Raymond Donnez
Tommy Brown

The Blackheath Three

The original group formed in 1960

Albert Lee – Guitar Later with Bob Xavier & The Jury (61-62); The Nightsounds (late 1962); Don Adams & The R&B Trio (62-63); Neil Christian & The Crusaders (late 1963); Mike Hurst & The Method (64); Chris Farlowe & The Thunderbirds (64); and Country Fever (68); later on with Poet and The One Man Band (69); Heads Hands and Feet (70-72); The Crickets (73-74); Joe Cocker & The Cock n Bull Band (73); The Albert Lee Band (75); Emmylou Harris & the Hot Band (76-78); The Eric Clapton Band (79 and on)
Buggs Waddell – Bass Later with the Don Adams & The R&B Trio (62-63); then with Chris Farlowe & The Thunderbirds (64)
Lord Anton – Drums

The Black Stars (Germany)


The Black Stivers (France)


Tony Blackburn (1965-1985)

The Blackjacks (1963)

The Black Knights – (1969-1975)

The Blackwells

The group started off as The Ravens in the early 1960’s in Liverpool and then became the Blackwells

Albie Gornell rhythm (guitar)
Francis Gornall
Tex McDermott (lead guitar)
Roy Little
Dave Trimhall (bass)
Roy Little (drums)
Later Members
Jimmy McManus (rhythm guitar)

The Blazers with Frankie Tucker (1958)

Blind Faith

Blind Faith followed on the heels of the Cream break-up in 1968.  Cream members Ginger Baker and Eric Clapton joined up with Stevie Winwood (Spencer Davis Group) and Ric Grech who had been in several groups including Danny Storm and The Strollers and The Farinas.  The young girl nude cover was quickly censored in 1968 and replaced with the group cover.

Atco 304 – “Blind Faith” – Charted August,1969 – Peaked #1 – 37 weeks

Blind Faith - Atco - Blind Faith GBlind Faith - Atco - Blind Faith R


The Blinkers (1969)



Andy Pegg
Martin Berry
Roger Hurn

The Blizzards (Germany)


Horst George

Blodwyn Pig

Blodwyn Pig

The group formed in 1968 and ran until 1974.  Two members – Andy Pyle and Ron Berg moved on to form the blues band Savoy Brown.

Andy Pyle – Bass Formerly with McGregor’s Engine; went to Savoy Brown (71); Juicy Lucy (71); back to Savoy Brown (72); back to Blodwyn Pig (74) and to Chicken Shack (80)
Ron Berg – Drums To Juicy Lucy (71); Savoy Brown (72); then to Network (74)
Jack Lancaster Later to Aviator (74)
Mick Abrahams – Guitar Formerly with McGregor’s Engine (67); with Jethro Tull

A&M 4210 – “Ahead Rings Out” – Charted December,1969 – Peaks #149 – 5 weeks

LP – Island ILPS 9101 – Ahead Rings Out – 1969 (UK)

Blond (Sweden)

Group Members:

Anders Nordh
Anders Töpel
Björn Linder
Danne Larsson|
Göran Lagerberg
Lasse Svensson

September, 1969 – DJX-O

LP – Fontana 67607 – Blond

LP – Fontana ST 5515 – The Lilac Years – 1970 (U.K.)

Blonde on Blonde


David Thomas
Gareth Johnson
Graham Davies
Leslie Hicks
Richard Hopkins

Roger Bloom’s Hammer (1967)

With Rick Kemp and Rod Temperton

Blossom Toes

Members were from The Gravediggers and The Ingoes

Brian Godding – Guitar Later with B B Blunder; Centipede; Full Monte; GLS; Magma; The Mike Westbrook Band; Mirage; The Other Routes; The Solid Gold Cadillac; The Dance Band; The Ingoes
Brian Belshaw – Bass Later with B B Blunder; Centipede; The Ingoes
Jim Cregan – Guitar Joined Family; then Cockney Rebel; and Faces; Family; Farm Dogs; Julien Covey and the Machine; Mike Batt and Friends; Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel; Stud; The Ferris Wheel; The Rod Stewart Group
Kevin Westlake – Drums – with B.B. Blunder; Ronnie Lane & Slim Chance; The Frankies
Barry Reeves – with Geodave Barainek (deceased 2010)
Poli Palmer – with Deep Feeling; Eclection; Family; The Hellions, The Short List

The Blossoms (1968)

The Blue Aces (UK)

July, 1964 The Land of Love

November, 1965 – All I Want

The Blue Beaters (Errol Dixon & The Blue Beaters) (UK)

February, 1964 & June, 1964

The Blue Chips (Germany)


The Blue Chips (UK)

October, 1965

The Blue Diamonds (Netherlands)

Cuddley Dudley Helsop, Iggy Quail, Clyde Davies

Duo of Riem De Wolff and brother Ruud De Wolff (deceased December 18, 2000)

1959 – XX

October, 1960 – O

1961 – London 1974 Have I Told You Lately That I Love You b/w I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles (Images Needed)

August, 1961 – XX

March, 1962 – O

LP – London LL 3235 – The Blue Diamonds – February, 1961

August, 1963 – London International 10032 – XX (images needed)

1961 – Germany

Babbity Blue (1965)

Barbara Clark with The Tremeloes

Blue Mink


Alan Parker
Ann Odell
Barry Morgan
Herbie Flowers
Madeline Bell
Ray Cooper
Roger Cook
Roger Coulam

Philips 600-323 – “Melting Pot” – Released 1969 – Did Not Chart




The Blue Orchids

They formed out of Coventry in the early 1960’s

Group Members

Georgina Oliver
Pamela Jarman
Valerie Jones

1964 – XX

1964 – London 9669 b/w Oo-Chang-a-Lang – (Need Image)

The Blue Rondos

Group Members:

Mick Stubbs – with Home
Roger Hall

Parkway – Little Baby b/w Baby I Go For You (Need Images)

The Blue Splendor (Chile)

Formed in 1966


Angelo Macchiavello
Rafael Palacios

Pamela Blue

Pamela Blue – November, 1963

The Bluebells (UK)

December, 1961

The Blueberries (UK)

January, 1966

Blues Anon

The original group formed in 1961

Barney Barnes – Keyboards
Ivan Carling – Guitar
Alan Sizer – Guitar To Those Without (63)
Nigel Smith – Bass
Chris Culpin – Drums
Geoff Pike – Guitar
Bob Klose – Guitar Went to Leonard’s Lodgers ((64); then to The Pink Floyd (64); departed July 1965

Blues By Six

Blues by Five

The original group formed in June 1962 until November 1964

Art Theman – Sax Departed 1963
Keith Scott – Piano Went to Cyril Davies All Stars (Jul 63)
Geoff Bradord – Guitar Formerly with The Rolling Stones (62)
Dave Gelly – Sax Departed July 1963
Andy Hogenboom – Bass Formerly with Blues Inc (62); Departed 1963
Brian Knight – Vocals Formerly with The Rolling Stones (62)
Charlie Watts – Drums Formerly with Blues Inc (62); Departed for the The Rolling Stones (Jan 63)
Del Manfredi – Drums Arrived 1963 and departed 1963
Laurie Scott – Piano Arrived Sep 1963
Pete Willis – Guitar Arrived  1963; Went to Long John Baldry
Tom Connor – Bass Arrived 1963; Went to Long John Baldry
Mick Elliman – Drums Arrived 1963

The Blues Gang (Italy)


The Bo Street Runners

The original group formed in April 1965 until February 1966

Mick Fleetwood – Drums Formerly with The Cheynes (63-65); then to Peter Bs Looners (66); Shotgun Express (66) John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers (67); and Fleetwood Mac (67)
Tim Hinkley – Organ
John Dominic – Vocals

The Boasters

This group became The Liverpool Five


David McCumiskey
Jimmy May
Ken Cox
Ron Henley
Steve Laine

Bobby and Laurie (Australia) – and the Rondells


Bobby Bright – with Australia Too
Laurie Allen – with Australia Too

The Bobcats

This group formed in 1958


Chuck Botfield – with The Rockin’ Berries
Tim Munns – with The Swinging Chimes; The Rockin’ Berries
Robert Bates
Barry Taylor
Christine Perfect

Bocky & The Visions (Invasion Novelty)

July, 1964 – XX

July, 1964 – XX



The original group formed in May 1968 until December 1969

Steve Howe – Guitar Formerly with The Syndicats (63); The Inn Crowd (65); Tomorrow (67); then to Yes (70); Asia (81)
Bobby Woodman – Drums
Dave Curtis – Bass Later to Curtis-Maldoon (69)
Clive Maldoon – Guitar Later to Curtis-Malsoon (69)
Bruce Thomas – Drums Formerly with The Bittersweet (67); Backed up Elvis Presley
Clive Skinner
David Atkins
Bobby Clarke

The Boll Weevils (Invasion Novelty)

1964 – O

Bolle Beatet Bestes (Germany)


The Bon Bons (Invasion Novelty)

March, 1964 – XX

The Graham Bond Organisation


Another British blues oriented band formed initially as a trio in 1963 before evolving through the various formations.  Grahame played with Alex Koerner and later with Initiation and Ginger Baker’s Air Force.  The Organisation featured some blues all stars including Ginger Baker, Jack Bruce, John McLaughlin, and Dick Heckstall-Smith. They also performed later as part of  “The Who Orchestra”

Graham Bond – Vocals/Sax Formerly with the Don Rendell Quintet, Alex Korner’s Blues Incorporated (62) – Later with Initiation and Ginger Baker’s Air Force, Initiation (71), Magick (71), Bond & Brown (72)

Jack Bruce – Bass Departs 1965 – Formerly with the Roosters, Powerhouse, the Johnny Burch Quartet/Quintet, Alex Korner’s Blues Incorporated, John Mayall’s Bluebreakers (65) – Later with  Manfred Mann (65) and onto Cream – Also with Blind Faith, Ginger Baker’s Air Force, the Jack Bruce Band, Ringo’s All Star Band, West-Bruce-Laing

Ginger Baker – Drums Departs Oct 1965 – Formerly with The Roosters, the Johnny Burch Quartet/Quintet (61/62), then Alex Koerner’s Blue Incorporated (6/62) – Later to Cream, Ginger Baker’s AirForce & the Baker-Gurvitz Army

John McLaughlin – Guitar Departs Sep 1963 – Later with Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames, Brian Auger & the Trinity,  the Mahavishnu Orchestra

Becomes Graham Bond Organisation

Dick Heckstall-Smith – Sax Formerly with Johnny Burch Quartet/Quintet (61-62), Alex Korner’s Blues Incorporated (62-63) –  Later with John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, Colosseum – Also with the Graham Bond Quartet

Jon Hiseman – Drums Also with Colosseum, John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers

Henry Lowthar Also with the John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, the Keef Hartley Band

April, 1966 – XX

1969 – XX

February, 1969 – XX

July, 1969 – XX – Pulsar 2415 (images needed)

Pulsar 10604 – “Love is the Law” – Released 1969

Bond, Graham - Pulsar - Love is the Law 69

Pulsar 10606 – “The Mighty Grahame Bond” – Released 1969

Bond, Graham - Pulsar - the mighty - 69

Jacki Bond


Ronnie Bond

A member of the Troggs

Joann Bon & The Coquettes

Jacki Bond

1965 – Roulette 4643 – Now I Know b/w My Sister’s Boy (Need Images)

Nai Bonet (Germany)

Had to throw this one in!


Graham Bonney

His real name is Graham Bradly born in 1943 in London.

April, 1966 – XX

August, 1966 – XX

June, 1968 – DJX/O

The Bonnies (Germany)


The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band

The Bonzo’s formed in London in 1966.  They released four 1960’s era LP’s non of which charted in the U.S.  Band member Bob Kerr was formerly with Cops n’ Robbers

Sam Spoons – Bass
Vivian Stanshell – Trumpet
Vernon Dudley Bohay-Nowell – Bass
Neil Innes – Keyboards
Roger Ruskin Spear – Props
Larry Smith – Drums
Bob Kerr – Formerly with Cops n Robbers

December, 1968 – XX

Imperial 12370 – “Gorilla” – Released 1968

Bonzo Dog Do Dah - Imperial - Gorilla


Imperial 12432 – “Urban Spaceman” – Released 1968

A Sunset “budget” release also shown here next to the Imperial original.

Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band - Imperial - Urban Spaceman



Imperial 12445 – “Tadpoles” – Released 1969

Bonzo Dog Do Dah - Imperial - Tadpoles


Imperial 12457 – “Keynsham” – Released 1969

LP – Sunset SLS 50350 – I’m The Urban Spaceman – 1969 (UK)

Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band - Sunset Urban Spacemen


The Boogaloos – 1969

The Boomerangs (Ireland) – 1969

The Bootles (Invasion Novelty)

February, 1964 – XX

The Boots (Germany)


Bob Bresser
Heinz Hoff
Jörg Schulte-Eckel
Ulli Grün
Werner Krabbe

Muriel Boreen (France)


The Boston Crabs

Boston Crabs

Formed in the mid 1960’s in Cambridge

Fred Dreidin – Vocals Guitar
Geoff Mott – Guitar
Simon Jones – Bass
Alan Taylor – Drums

September, 1965 XX

September, 1967 – XX

The Boston Dexters

Boston Dexters

Formed in Edinburgh around 1963

Johnny Turnbull – Guitar Went on to Form the Buzz (66)
Tam White – Vocals Went to The Buzz (66)
Toto McNaughton – Drums
Alan Coventry – Bass

Boston Pops (Invasion Novelty)

June, 1964 DJX/O

The Bow Bells

November, 1965

David Bowie (and the Lower Third)

Bowie was formerly a member of The Conrads, The King Bees, The Manish Boys and The Lower Third.


David Robert Jones (Bowie)
Denis Taylor
Graham Rivens
Phil Lancaster

May, 1966 – XX

June, 1967 – XX

September, 1967 – XX

June, 1969 – XX

April, 1967 – UK

June, 1967 – UK

Deram 18003 – “David Bowie” – Released 1967 (stereo/mono)



Mercury 61246 – “Man of Words Man of Music” – Released 1969

Bowie, David - Mercury - Man of Words - 69IMG_2036



The Bowlers (France)


The Alan Bown

Bown, Alan

Formed in London in 1966

Alan Bown – Trumpet with The John Barry Seven
Gordon Neville  – with Beggars Opera; The New London Chorale; The Projection; Dragonfly
Dougie Thomson – with Supertramp
Geoff Bannister – Keyboards – with A Band Called O; The Swinging Blue Jeans; The John Barry Seven
John Anthony – Sax
Stan Haldane – Bass
John Helliwell – with Creme Anglaise; Supertramp
Jess Roden – Vocals – with Bronco; The Butts Band; The Jess Roden Band; The Rivits
Tony Catchpole – L Guitar
Robert Palmer – with Dada; The Power Station; The Vinegrettes; Vinegar Joe
Vic Sweeney

January, 1968

March, 1968 X

September, 1968 X

July, 1969

November, 1969

LP Deram 18032 – The Alan Bown! – 1969

LP Music Factory MFS 12,000 – The Alan Bown – 1969

LP Verve FTS 3062- The Alan Bown – 1969

LP UK – The Alan Bown! – 1969

Brendan Bowyer & the Royals (Ireland)

May, 1963

Billy Boyle

Billy Boyle – September, 1969

The Boys (UK group 1)

May, 1963

The Boys (UK group 2)

November, 1964

Boys Blue

May, 1965


“Boz” was Boz Burrell real name Raymond Burrell.

In 1971 he joined up with King Crimson.  He was also with Bad Company, Centiped (1971) and Snape (1972)

November, 1966 – O

Liz Brady (France)


The Brain



Formed in May of 1967 in Bournemouth – The Giles were both previously with The Trendsetters, Fripp had been in A League of Gentlemen

Michael Giles (drums) Went to Giles, Giles and Fripp; then King Crimson (69) later McDonald & Giles and then Foreigner
Peter Giles (bass) Went to Giles, Giles and Fripp; then King Crimson (70)
Alan Azern (piano)
Michael Blakesley (trombone)

Later Members:

Robert Fripp – Guitar Went to Giles, Giles and Fripp – Went to form King Crimson (69)
Judy Dyble – Vocals From Fairport Convention; Went to Trader Horn
Pete Sinfield – Lyricist

Brainbox (Holland)

Formed in Holland in the late 1960’s until about 1972


Andre Rejinen
Cees Van Der Laarse
Frans Smit
Herman Meyer
Jan Akkerman – with Focus, Johnny & His Cellar Rockers, The Hunters
John Schuusma
Kaz Lux
Michael Van Dijk
Pierre Van Der Linden
Robert Verwey
Rudy De Queljoe
Shell Schellekens

1969 – xx

The Brand

November, 1964

Brandy Boys

March, 1965

The Brass Tacks

June, 1968

The B.R.A.T.T.S. (Invasion Novelty)

September, 1964 – DJX/O

Bread, Love and Dreams


Angie Rew
Carolyn Davis
David McNiven

1969 UK

The Breakaways


Vicki Haseman
Margo Quantrell
Betty Prescott (also a member of The Carefrees )
Jean Ryder.

1964 – XX

1964 – XX (Need Image)


From Birmingham formed in 1967


Bill Hunt – with Blessings in Disguise; The Electric Light Orchestra; Hannibal; The Move; Wizzard
Bob Booth
Frank Farell – with Supertramp
Gary Affalo
Keith Abindon – with Frank N’ Stein; Gnasher

November, 1968

Brett & Terry (Invasion Novelty)

1968 UK

February, 1964 – XX

Steve Brett & The Mavericks

December, 1965

The Brighton Horns


The Brincos (Spain)

Formed in 1964


Fernando Arbex
Manuel González
Miguel Morales
Oscar Lasprilla
Ricky Morales


The Brisks (Spain)

Formed in 1954


Julian Granados
Pedro Ruiy-Blas

Buddy Britten & The Regents

Britten & Regents

The original group formed in 1961 Below are band members from November 1964 until September 1965

Roger Pinner – Drums (Roger Truth) Departed to The Simon Raven Cult (Sep 65); then to Johnny Kidd & The Pirates (66); played with Jerry Lee Lewis (66) and back to The Pirates
Nick Simper – Bass (Kid Freedom) Departed to The Simon Raven Cult (Sep 65); then to Johnny Kidd & The Pirates (66); later with Deep Purple
Buddy Britten – Guitar (Simon Raven) Departed to The Simon Raven Cult (Sep 65)
Tony – Piano

April, 1963

The Britain Brothers

August, 1965 – O

The British Casuals

The band based itself in Italy


Alan Taylor – Was later with Bingo (1979), Bulldog (1975), The Nuggets(1979)  and Ping Pong (1971)
Bob O’Brien – Later with The Easy Connection (1976), and The Mirror (1973)
Christoper Robin Evans
Howard Newcombe
John Tebb

September, 1968 – XX

January, 1969 – XX

The British Casuals

LP – Mainstream S 6124 – Hour World – 1969

British Invasion Groups

Cash Box July, 1966

Cash Box – April, 1965

Patti Brook & The Diamonds

November, 1960

Tony Brook & The Breakers

April, 1964

Bonnie Brooks (Invasion Novelty)

March, 1964 – DJX/O

Elkie Brooks

Bonnie was born Bonnie Bookbinder in Lancashire – She was in Dada (1970), The Anti-Heroin Project (1986), The Vinegrettes (1972) and Vinegar Joe (1972)

October, 1964 – XX

The Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers – November, 1962

1964 – XX

The Brothers Grimm

November, 1965 – XX

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown

Brown would go on to form “Arthur Brown’s Kingdom Come”.  Band members Carl Palmer and Vincent Crane would form Rooster.  And Carl would go on to join Emerson, Lake & Palmer.

Group formed in 1967 and broke up mid 1969

Arthur Brown Later formed Arthur Brown’s Kingdom Come
Android Funnel
Dennis Taylor
George Khan
Nisar Ahmad Khan
Tony Awin
Jonah Mitchell
Sean Nichols – Guitar Departed 1968
Drachen Theaker – Drums Departed 1967
Vincent Crane – Organ Went to Atomic Rooster 6-1969
Nick Greenwood – Bass
Carl Palmer – Drums Joined 1967 Formerly with Chris Farlowe & Thunderbirds (1962); Went to Atomic Rooster 6-1969, then to Emerson Lake & Palmer 6-1970, next to P.M. in 1979 and finally to Asia in 1981
Bill Davidson – Organ Filled in for Vincent Crane during 1968

Cash Box August, 1968

Atlantic – The Crazy World of Arthur Brown – Charted Number 2 – Rest Cure – September, 1968

November, 1968 – DJX/O

This LP was released on both Atlantic and it’s subsidiary Track – both carrying the identical catalog number.  The LP was highly successful reaching number 7 on the LP charts on the strength of the hit single “Fire”.

Track – 8198 – “The Crazy World of Arthur Brown” – Charted September, 1968 – Peaks #7 – 24 Weeks

Brown, Arthur - Track - Crazy World Of


Atlantic – 8198 – “The Crazy World of Arthur Brown” – Charted September, 1968 – Peaks #7 – 24 Weeks

Brown, Arthur - Atlantic - Crazy World Of


Friday Brown

Real name was Marian Stockley from Manchester

April, 1968 – DJO/COM-X

Joe Brown & The Bruvvers

The Bruvvers were a backing band for skiffle star Joe Brown – who enjoyed impressive success in the U.K. but failed to dent the U.S. charts despite being signed at various times to Cameo, Hickory, Warner Brothers, Dot and the Jamie labels.  Band members included Micky Brady – Tony Oakman & Pete Oakman among others.  The Oakmans had both previously been members of The Spacemen and The Echoes.

Joe Brown – guitar & vocals
Mick Brady
Tony Oakman Formerly with The Spacemen and The Echoes
Pete Oakman Formerly with The Spacemen and The Echoes
Mick Waller

Joe Brown – 1963

Cash Box December 28th, 1963

March, 1962 – XX

July, 1962 – London International 10517 (images needed)

November, 1962 – London International 10522 (images needed)

January, 1963 – DJO

January, 1965 – Stellar 1504 (images needed)

April, 1965 – XX

August, 1965 – DJO

Jamie – Sea of Heartbreak/Mrs. O’s Theme – 1966

1967 – XX

December, 1969 – XX

Pentagon 120 “England’s Fab Sound” – Released February, 1964


Pye Golden Guinea GGL.0146 – A Picture Of You – 1962 (UK)

Pye Golden Guinea GGL 0179 – Joe Brown & Mark Wynter – 1963 (UK)

LP UK – A PIcture Of Joe Brown – 1962

LP UK – Joe Brown – 1968

Kent Brown & The Rainbows

Rock Soul 1968

Pete Brown & His Battered Ornaments

Brown was with The Interoceters; Pete Brown & Piblokot – He was a composer and worked with Jack Bruce of Cream

Pete Brown and Piblokot


Pete Brown
Dave Thompson
Ed Spevock – with Babe Ruth; The Alan Ross Band; The Amboy Dukes
Jim Mullen – Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express; Gail Thompson’s Big Band; Kokomo, Mike Carr And His Trio; Morrissey Mullen; Perfect Pitch; The Mike Carr Quartet
John Weathers – with The Big Sleep; Eyes of Blue; Gentle Giant; Man; Wild Turkey
Rob Tait
Roger Bunn – with Roxy Music

Ray Brown & The Whispers (Australia)

Formed in 1964


Al Jackson
John Manners
Lawrie Barclay
Pat Jeffrey
Ray Brown

Duncan Browne

Duncan John Browne was born in 1947 and passed away on May 28th, 1993 – Browne was in the groups Metro and Public Zone

October, 1968 – XX

Immediate 52 012 – “Give Me Take You” – Released 1968

Browne, Duncan - Immediate - Give Me Take You


Victor Brox and Annette

February, 1965

Jack Bruce

Jack Bruce performed with many U.K. groups over the years including with Graham Bond, Johnny Burch, Alex Korner’s Blues Incorporated, Cream, Blind Faith, Ginger Baker and more.

Atco 33-306 – “Songs For a Tailor” – Charted October, 1969 – Peaks #55 – 11 weeks


Heidi Bruhl (Germany)

She was a member of the group The Dolly-Sisters

LP – United International 15529 – In Love Like You and I – 1967

The Bruins

August, 1964 – XX

December, 1964 – XX

January, 1965 – XX

The Brumbeats


Formed in 1963 or so in Birmingham – This group released a rare LP on VJ records as the Merseyboys – performing Beatle songs

Norman Haines – Guitar Later with Locomotive
Buddy Ash – Vocals Formerly with The Plazents; The Eko’s; The Diplomats; Formed The Bobby Ash Sound
Paul Carter – Sax
Graham Gallery – Bass Formerly with Bobby & The Dominators; The Rockin Berries; The Midland Light Orchestra; later The Move (70s)
Alan Eastwood – Drums
Roger Hill – Guitar Formerly with Bobby & The Dominators; Later with The Uglys; The Exception
Tony Carter – Guitar
Dave Mountey – Drums Formerly with The Beachcombers

1964 – London 9664 (images needed)


1966 – XX

The B.S.  (Germany)


Bubbles and Co.

1966 – XX (Need Image)

Buchanan & Greenfield (Invasion Novelty)

The Buckinghams

1964 – XX

The Sean Buckley Set (Germany)


The Buddies (Invasion Novelty)

February, 1964 – O

The Buena Vistas

July, 1966

The Bug Men (Invasion Novelty)

February, 1964 – XX

The Bugs (Invasion Novelty)

1964 – XX

1964 – XX

1964 Hit Record – Anyway You Want Me (Need Image)

The Buggs (Invasion Novelty)

This is not the Coronet group – who were in fact New Jersey’s Coachmen V/Pacers on Coral (see next entry)

1964 – XX

The Buggs


Gary Wright (of later “Dream Weaver” fame and also with Spooky Tooth)
Frank Zillitto
Bill Omolski
Steve Bogue

The Buggs were a real group out of New Jersey called the Coachmen V – They were approached by the powers behind Coronet Records to record an LP which they believed would be released under their name – Instead a plethora of LP releases came out under the name “The Buggs” not citing the Coachmen V or even showing them on the covers.

(Source for all of the above is Brian McFadden in his excellent book “Rock Rarities For a Song – Budget LPs That Saved the Roots of Rock ‘n’ Roll”)

LP – Coronet 2112



The Buggs – Coronet 212 – “Boots A-Go-Go” (same LP as above – different cover)

Coronet Records found many opportunities to squeeze the Buggs’ output onto other LP releases including the next several illustrated here.



The Buggs – Coronet 244 – “At the Hop Featuring the Four Seasons Also Featuring The Buggs”



The Buggs – Coronet 283 – “The Young Rascals Also Starring The Buggs”



Buggs – Premier 9052 – “Frankie Valli Also Starring The Buggs”



The Buhos (Argentina)

Formed in 1964 in Buenos Aires


Jaun Merlo
Augusto Merlo
Jorge Rodriguez
Jorge Tacconi

The Bull Dog Breed

October, 1967 – XX

February, 1968 – DJX/O

1969 – Balboa 024 (images needed)

The Bulldogs (Invasion Novelty)

May, 1964 O


Original Group The original group formed in 1967 until December 1967

Willie Wilson – Drums Formerly with Jokers Wild (67), later with Cochise (69); then Southerland Brothers and Quiver
Ricky Wills – Bass Formerly with Jokers Wild (67), later with Cochise (69); then Foreigner
Dave Gilmour – Guitar Formerly with The Ramblers (62); then Jokers Wild; then to Pink Floyd (68)

The Bumblies


The original group formed in October 1963 until October 1965

Brian Norris – Bass Went to Earl Preston & The Realms (64-67); Later with The Cryin’ Shames

Joey Kneen – Vocals
John Bain – Vocals
John Bennett – L Guitar
Charlie Gallagher – Drums

The Bunch


John Pantry – with Fresh Air; Peter and the Wolves; Sounds Around; Wolfe

The Bunch of Fives


Dave Stewart – Arzachel; Bruford; Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin; Egg; Hatfield and the Norht; Khan; National Health; The Anti-Heroin Project; The Bunch Of Fives; Uriel
Mick Wayne – with Junior’s Eyes; The Pink Fairies; The Tickle
Viv Prince – with Chicago Line; Denny Laine’s Electric String Band; The Bambis; The Pretty Things; Vamp

August, 1966

The Bunnies

March, 1966

The Johnny Burch Quartet

The original group formed in 1961 until April 1962 then The Johnny Burch Octet May 1962 until June 1962

Dick Heckstall (Smith) – Sax To John Mayall’s Blues Incorporated (62-63); to The Graham Bond Quartert/Organization  (62-65); to Colosseum (65)

Ginger Baker – Drums Also with John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers;  The Roosters, The Johnny Burch Quartet/Quintet/Octet (61/62), then Alex Koerner’s Blue Incorporated (6/62), The Graham Bond Quintet (2/63), Graham Bond Quartet, The Graham Bond Organisation (9/63) – Also to Ginger Baker’s AirForce & The Baker-Gurvitz Army
Johnny Birch – Piano
Maurice Salvat – Bass
Jack Bruce – Bass Arrives 1962; Also with Graham Bond Quartet/Organisation  – Later with Cream – Also with the Roosters, Powerhouse, Alex Korner’s Blues Incorporated, Blind Faith, Ginger Baker’s Air Force, the Jack Bruce Band, John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, Manfred Mann, West-Bruce-Laing
Graham Bond – Sax Arrives 1962; also with John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers; with Graham Bond Quartet/Organisation

The Burglars (Denmark)


Jan Burnette

Jan Burnette – 1963

1963 – Kapp 535 – The Boy I Used To Know b/w Unimportant Things (Need Images)

Jackie Burns & The Belles

April, 1964

Ronnie Burns (Australia)

Cash Box November, 1968

Tony Burrows

Tony was a member of The Brotherhood of Man, Edison Lighthouse, First Class, The Flower Pot Men, The Ivy League, The Kestrels, The Pipkins, White Plains and The Hit Squad and sang lead with most of them

May, 1970 – O

Burt & The Gentlemen (Germany)


The Buskers

A group of London Street Musicians

LP – RCA Victor LSP-4426 – Buskers – 1970

Billy Butler & The Tuxedos

The original group formed in August 1963 until October 1964

Billy Butler – Vocals Formerly with The Merseybeats
John O’Brien – R Guitar
Alan Crowley – Bass Departed 1963
Les Williams – L Guitar Onto The Dimensions (Oct 64); later on in The Pendulum Additional Members
Geoff Craven – Drums Arrived 1964
Dave Percival – L Guitar Arrived 1964
Ronnie Myers – Drums
Billy  Kinsley – Bass
Kenny Parry

Daws Butler (Invasion Novelty)

December, 1964 – O

The Buzz

This was not David Bowie’s band of the same name

Johnny Turnbull – Guitar Peviously with The Boston Dexters;
Tam White – Vocals Peviously with The Boston Dexters;
Brian Henderson – Bass
Mike Travis – Drums

August, 1966 – XX

August, 1966 – XX

The Bye Laws

March, 1968

The Bystanders

The band formed in 1962 in Merthyr Tydfil


Jeff Jones – With Wild Turkey (1969)
Clive John – With Man
Deke Leonard – With Deke Leonard’s Iceburg, Man and The Force
Micky Jones – With The Attack

June, 1967 – DJX/O

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