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Beat-Era Group Rosters/Solo’s/Discographies
Alpha: Shame thru Syn

Rosters and solo artists from the “Invasion” Era with discographies for those who had releases in the U.S. Also some Invasion-Era groups from other European countries who did not have U.S. distribution.

The Shame


Greg Lake – with Asia; Emerson Lake & Palmer; Ride The Tiger; Shy Limbs; The Gods
John Dickenson – with King Harry; Shy Limbs

The Shamrocks (Sweden)


Bernt Ek
Björn Wrangert
Dieter Feichtinger
Jan Granaht
Kent Risberg


The Shanes (Sweden)

Cash Box June 10th, 1967


The Shangaans (South Africa)


Alain Woolf
Bill Muller
Glen Muller
Mark Barry

Shannon (Marty Wilde)

Never one to rest on his laurels – Marty also recorded as Frere Manston and Zappo and as his birth name was Reginald Leonard Smith.

1969 – DJX/O

1969 – XX

Del Shannon (Invasion Related)

Del traveled to the UK early on and saw the up and coming Fab Four – Upon his return he recorded this Lennon/McCartney song – released just before Peter and Gordon in the U.S.  Del took his own life on February 8th, 1990.  Shannon entered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1999.

1963 – DJX/O

Helen Shapiro

Shapiro first hit the British Charts in 1961 and continued to be a pop star into the early part of the Invasion Era. But the hits quit coming after 1964.

1961 – XX

1961 – XX

1961 – O

1962 – O

1962 – O

1963 – XX

1965 – XX

1967 – XX

1961 – Norway

Epic – 26075 – “A Teenager in Love” – Released 1964 – Did Not Chart

Shapiro, Helen - Epic - A Teenager in Love


Helen Shapiro – December, 1962

The Sharks (Germany)


Sandie Shaw

See the Sandie Shaw U.S. Discography Page

Sandie (Sandra Ann Goodrich) was from Essex.  She was with a group called Winjama for one session to raise money for a charitable cause.

Sandie Shaw – November, 1964

The Shazams (France)


Billy Shears (Invasion Novelty)

1969 – DJX/O

The Sheffields

The Sheiks (Germany)


The Sheiks (Spain)


Carlos Mendes
Edmundo Silva
Fernando Chaby
Fernando Tordo
Paulo De Carvalho


Annie Chance was known as Sheila in France where she enjoyed two decades of fame and for a time was their biggest selling artist. She headed up a long line of “Ye, Ye Girls” during the Beat Era. She had total record sales of over 23 million. And she took her name from Tommy Roe’s hit record.

Cash Box September 25th, 1965

1966 – France

Philips 200144 – The Ye Ye Girl” – Released 1964



Doug Sheldon

Doug Sheldon – January 63

Birth name Bernard Bobroff – Bob was also a novelist

1964 – XX

1966 – XX

The Sheratones

The Sheratones October, 62

Mike Sheridan & The Nightriders

Sheridan, Mike & Nightriders

The original group formed in 1963 until 1966.

Greg Masters – Bass Went to The Idle Race (66)
Dave Pritchard – R Guitar Went to The Idle Race (66)
Roger Spencer – Drums Went to The Idle Race (66)
Mike Sheridan – Vocals
Big Al Johnson – Guitar
Roy Wood – Guitar Formerly with Gerry Levene & The Avengers (64); went to The Move (66); later on with ELO; then Roy Wood’s Wizards and then The Wizzo Band
Brian Cope bass guitar
Al Johnson lead guitar
Johnny Mann lead guitar
Jeff Lynne lead guitar, vocals Later with ELO, Wizzard

1964 – XX

Allen Sherman (Invasion Novelty)

Birth name Allan Copelon – Sherman enjoyed a great comedic run on the LP charts in the 1960’s.

1965 – XX

The Shevells

Visit the Shevells Page Here


Susan Singer

Real name Susan Holiday

Susan Singer – October, 62

Susan Singer – London International – 1963

Shirley and Johnny

They were Shirley Bagnail and Johnny Wheeler – Wheeler was in a band called Bobby James and the Clippers before teaming up with Shirley – The sang with the Brit group The Telstars.

1964 – O

1968 – XX

Shirley Ann (Sweden)


Shocking Blue (Holland)


Cornelis Van Der Beek
Fred De Wilde – with Hu & The Hilltops
Klaasje Van Der Wal
Mariska Veres – with The Andrel Serban Enesmble; The Mariska Veres Band; The Bumble Bees
Robbie Van Leeuwen – with Cat’s Eye; Galaxy-Lin; Mistral; The Motions; The Six Young Riders

1969 – O

Lee Shondell & The Boys

Shondell, Lee & Premiers

The original group formed in December 1962 lasting until 1964.

Lee Shondell – Vocals Formerly with The Capitols
Les Watkins – Drums Formerly with Mark Petes & the Cyclones (58)
Harry Scully – Bass Later with The Trends
Eddie Houlihan – R Guitar Formerly with Johnny Saint & The Travellers (60-62);
John Kikpatrick – L Guitar Formerly with Johnny Saint & The Travellers (60-62)

The Shondels (Canada)

Shotgun Express

Shotgun Express

The original group formed in May 1966 until February 1967.

Rod Stewart – Vocals Formerly with the Raiders, the Five Dimensions (60), Soul Agents, the Raiders, the Shots – Later with the Jeff Beck Group, Brian Auger & Trinity, The Faces
Peter Bardens – Organ Formerly with Peter Bs Looners (65-66); then to Love Affair; The Cheynes
Mick Fleetwood – Drums Formerly Peter Bs Looners (65-66); Went to John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers (Feb 67); also with The Bo Street Runners and The Cheynes – Fleetwood Mac
Peter Green – Guitar Formerly with Peter Bs Looners (65-66); Went to John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers (Feb 67); then 5-67 to Fleetwood Mac
Beryl Marsden – Vocals – with She Trinity
Dave Ambrose – Bass Formerly with  Peter Bs Looners (65-66); then to Brian Auger and Trinity
Jon Morshead – Guitar Arrived 1966; Went to Aynsley Dunbar’s Retaliation (67); with Julian Covey & The Machine (66)
Phil Sawyer – Lead Guitar Formerly with The Cheynes & Shotgun Express;  Was also in Fleur de Lys; Arrived 1966; Went to The Spencer Davis Group (67)

1967 – XX

The Shouts (Denmark)


The Showers (France)


(Joey &) The Showmen (France)


The Shy Limbs

From Bournemouth in the U.K. forming in the late 1960’s


Andy McCulloch – with Fields, Greenslade; King Crimson
Greg Lake
John Dickenson
Alan Bowry
Tony Sword
Robert Fripp


Bryn Haworth


Bryn Haworth – with Chocolate Frog; Les Fleur De Lys
Gordon Haskell – with Cupid’s Inspiration; King Crimson; Les Fleur De Lys; Joe; Rupert’s People
Keith Guster – with Chocolate Frog; Les Fleur De Lys

Sight ‘n Sound

The original group formed in 1964 running for a long time.

Grant Kierney – Bass Went to Terry Webster’s Disctionary
Pete Smith – Vocals
Geoff Turton – Vocals Went to The Rockin Berries
Joe Dignan – Drums Went to Light Fantastic
Rick Price – Guitar Later on went to The Move (69); then to Mongrel (71); then to Roy Wood’s Wizard (72); and then to The Wizzo Band (77)
Kelly Groucutt – Bass Later to ELO
Bob Doyle – Bass

The Sigma Six

The original group formed in 1963 until 1964.  The group also went by The Architectural Abdabs, The Screaming Abdabs, and The Megadeaths.

Juliette – Gale – Vocals
Rick Wright – Keyboards – Formerly with The Abdabs –  Went to Leonard’s Lodgers (64); then to Pink Floyd (64) –
Roger Waters – L Guitar Formerly with Geoff Mott & The Mottoes (62); The Abdabs – Went to Leonard’s Lodgers (64); then to Pink Floyd (64)
Nick Mason – Drums Went to Leonard’s Lodgers (64); then to Pink Floyd (64)
Keith Noble – Vocals
Clive Metcalf – Bass


The original group formed in May 1966 until August 1966.  Previously known as The Few (not same as more noted group).

Chris Dawsett – Keyboards
Geoff McLelland – Guitar
Andy Ellison – Vocals Went to John’s Children (66); later to Jet (74); The Radio Stars (77)
John Hewlett – Bass Went to John’s Children (66)
Chris Townson – Drums Went to John’s Children (66)

The Silke

This British folk foursome formed in 1963 while still students at Hull University – They were “discovered” in 1965 while performing at Liverpool’s Cavern and signed by Brian Epstein.  Lennon, McCartney and Harrison all played on the big Silkie hit of the same name as their U.S LP.


Sylvia Tatler – Vocals
Mike Ramsden – Guitar (deceased)
Ives Aylesbury – Guitar
Keven Cunningham – Bass

1965 – O

1966 – O

1966 – DJX/O

1965 – UK

Fontana 27546 – “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away” – Released July, 1967 – Did Not Chart
(released with two cover versions)


SILKIE 01 SILKIE 01_0001

Fontana 67570 – “England’s Greatest Hits – Released mid 1960’s – Did Not Chart
(Contains “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away” by The Silkie)




Silver Metre

Late 1960’s group


Leigh Stephens – with Blue Cheer; Pilot
Mick Waller – with Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames; The Jeff Beck Group; Joe Brown and Bruvvers; Pilot; The Flee-Rekkers; Steampacket
Pete Sears – with Hot Tuna; Jefferson Starship; Moonalice; Vamp; Steamhammer; Zero; Sons of Fred

US LP 1969

The Silver Spoons (Germany)


The Silver Strings (Germany)


Nancy Sinatra

LP – Reprise R 6221 – Nancy In London – 1966


The original group formed in 1968.  The following listing is extracted from Pete Frame’s excellent book “Rock Family Trees”.  If you are British Beat enthusiast, you just have to obtain Pete Frame’s amazing series of books on the subject.

Abie Donnelly – Sax Formerly with The St. Louis Checks (64-65); Also played with The Clayton Squares; also The Terry Hines Sextet (Feb 65); next The Fix;  then later on Supercharge
Pete Newton – Bass Formerly with TLs Bluesicians (64-65); also The Terry Hines Sextet (Feb 65);  next The Fix
Dave Irving – Guitar Formerly with The Terry Hines Sextet (Feb 65); next The Fix;  later on with Sad Cafe
Geoff Workman – Organ Formerly with The Feelgoods; came from The Terry Hines Sextet (Feb 65);  next The Fix
Beryl Marsden – Vocals
Paddy Chambers

The Sinners

The original group formed in 1956 until 1957.

Malcolm Smith – Washboard
Eddie Rowlands – Bass
Brian Hall – Guitar
Cliff Roberts – Guitar Went to The Dominoes (Sep 57); then to Ian & The Zodiacs (61)
George Watson – Guitar Went to The Bobby Bell Rockers (57); then to The Dominoes (Sep 57); then to The Blackhawks (58)

Skaldowie (Poland)

LP – Pronit XL 0393 – Skaldowie – 1967




John Chichester
Kevin Coyne – (deceased December, 2004) with Clague; Paradise Band; Waahnsinn Allstars
Mick Gratton
Nick Cudworth
Tat Meager
Dave Clague – with Clague

US LP 1969

The Sirex (Spain)

Barcelona Beat Group


Antonio Miquel Cervero
Guillermo Rodríguez Holgado
Juanjo Calvo
Luis Gomis

Skip Bifferty

Skip Bifferty

The original group formed in 1966 until 1969.

Mickey Gallagher – Keyboards Formerly with The Wayfarers; then the Unkowns; The Cresters; Wrekendykes; Hi Fis; Billy Bain & The Phantoms; The Clique; Then to The Chosen Few (62); then Arc (70); Bell & Arc (71); Parrish & Gurvitz (72); Loving Awareness (74); Ian Dury & The Blockheads (77) – also played briefly with The Animals

Tommy Jackson – Drums Formerly with The Wayfarers; The Chosen Few (62)
John Turnbull – Guitar Arrived 1965 from The Primitive Sect; went to The Chosen Few (62); Arc (70); Bell & Arc (71); Glencoe (72); Loving Awareness (74); Ian Dury & The Blockheads (77)
Colin Gibson – Bass Arrived 1965 from The Chosen Few (62)
Graham Bell – Vocals Went to Bell & Arc (70)


Colin Gibson – with Heavy Jelly; Ginger Baker’s Air Force; Buick 6; Global Village Trucking Co.; Mark Almond; Snafu; The Movies
Graham Bell – with Bell & Arc; Every Which Way; Heavy Jelly; The Chosen Few


LP – RCA Victor LSP-4457 – Don’t Hold Back – 1970

The Slade Bros./Slade Brothers

The duo also performed as another duo – Harper and Rowe in 1968.


Jack Klaesysen – with Harper and Rowe
Ralph Murphy – with Harper and Rowe

1967 – O

The Sleepy

A late 1960’s group


David Foster with Badger, The Warriors; The Big Sound
Geoff Peach
Ian Wallace with Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, Snape, The Quireboys, The Warriors; The World; King Crimson, 21st Century Schizoid Band; Crimson Jazz Trio; El Rayo-X – also recorded with Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, Bob Dylan and Crosby Stills and Nash
Mike Fowler
Rodney Hill

The Small Faces

See the Small Faces U.S. Discography Page

The Small Faces started off in 1965. Humble Pie’s guitarist Steve Marriott was a member. This band evolved later into Faces in the 1970’s.

Steve Marriott – Guitar Formerly with the Moments, the Moonliters, the Frantics, the Apostolic Intervention, the Little People (65) – Later with Humble Pie
Kenny Jones – Drums Departed 1965; later on The Faces (69-75) then to later version of The Small Faces (76); then late version of The Who (78)
Ronnie Lane – Bass Departed 1965; later on with The Faces; later on with Ronnie Lane & The Slim Chance (73-76)
Jimmy Winston – Organ Departed Oct 1965 – Formerly with the Moments, the Muleskinners – Later with Winton’s Fumbs (67) formed Jimmy Winston & the Reflections
Ian McLagan – Keyboards Arrived 1965 – Formerly with the Boz People, Muleskinners;  later on with The Faces (69-75); back to a late version of Small Faces (76); backed later Rolling Stones

Millie Small (Little Millie Small)

Birth name Millicent Small born in Jamaica – With duo Jackie and Millie; Owen & Millie; Roy and Millie

1964 – DJX/O

1964 – DJO/X

1964 – OR/GX

1964 – DJO/X

1965 – XX

1965 – XX

1965 – XX

Smash 67055 – “My Boy Lollipop” – Charted August 8th, 1964 – #132 – 5 Weeks on Hot 200



Fontana 67570 – “England’s Greatest Hits – Released mid 1960’s – Did Not Chart
(Contains “My Boy Lollipop” by Millie Small)



John Smith & The New Sound (Germany)


Martha Smith

1965 – XX

Truly Smith

1967 – XX


Whistling Jack Smith

Roger Greenway and Roger Cook cooked up this act using The Mike Sammes Singers.  When the record hit, they employed Billy Moeller to tour promoting the song.  He had been a part of a duo called Bill and Buster and with The High (not Graham Gouldman’s group).

1967 – O

1969 – DJX/O

Deram 16006 – “I Was Kaiser Bill’s Batman” – Released April, 1967 – Did Not Chart




Formerly known as The Shots, the Smoke was based out of Yorkshire, and started up around 1965.  The group occasionally backed up American singer P.J. Proby. They also recorded as The Chords Five on one occasion and as The Shots.  As the 60’s drew to a close others would appear on recording but the group faded from the scene.

Mal Luker – guitar – with The Shots
Phil Peacock – guitar
Mick Rowley – vocals -with The Shots
John Lund – bass – with The Shots
Geoff Gill – drums – with The Beaver Brothers; The Fickle Pickle, The Shots

1967 – France

The Snakes (Denmark)

The Sneekers

This group became The Frays and also performed at Brian Howard and the Silhouettes


Barry Gilford
Brian Howard
Johnny Patto

Natacha Snitkine (France)


The Snobs


The Snobs formed in Croydon around 1963 and began recording in the U.K. in 1964.  They were originally known as the Apostles.  They have the distinction of being one of the earliest Invasion groups to visit the U.S. and appear on a major TV program – Ed Sullivan in 1964!  They disbanded in 1965.

Colin Sandland – lead guitar
Eddy Gilbert – drums
John Boulden – rhythm guitar
Pete Yerrell – bass

1964 – XX

The Soft Machine

Soft Machine

The Soft Machine formed in 1966 and enjoyed a very long run with a fairly stable line-up. In 1967 guitar player Andy Summers joined. He would go on to perform with a later lineup of The Animals, Dandelion’s Chariot and Stone the Crows.

Robert Wyatt – Drums Formerly with The Wilde Flowers (65); then to Matching Mole (71)
Kevin Ayers – Bass Formerly with The Wilde Flowers (65) – See Wilde Flowers for all the Kevin Ayers bands
Mike Ratledge – Keyboards
Daevid Allen – Guitar Went to Gong (67)
Larry Nolan – Guitar Departed 1965
Andy Summers – Guitar Arrived 1967; went to Eric Burdon & the Animals (68); Also with Dantalion’s Chariot; later Stone the Crows

1968 – XX

Probe 4500 – “The Soft Machine” – Charted December 21st, 1968 – #160 – 9 Weeks on Hot 200




Probe 4505 – “The Soft Machine – Volume 2” – Released 1969 – Did Not Chart

Soft Machine - Probe - Vol 2SOFT MACHINE 02 COV BACK

Bobby Solo (Italy)

Ed Soloman (Invasion Novelty)

The Somebodys (Germany)


Sonia (Spain)

A mid 1960’s “Ye Ye” singer during the Beat Era – Her real name is Pilar Espi


Full name is Sonjo Kristina Linwood – a British Beat Girl

The Sons of Fred

Sons of Fred

The Sons of Fred out of Great Yarmouth were a short lived project releasing a couple of Beat recordings before Mick departed.

Pete Sears – with Hot Tuna; Jefferson Starship; The Jorma Kaukonen Trio; Les Fleur De Lys; Moonalice; Silver Metre; Steamhammer; Vamp; Zero
Ray Redway
Alan Bowling
Tim Boyle
Mick Hutchinson Went to Sam Gopal’s Dream; Vamp; Clark-Hutchinson

Sooner or Later (Sweden)


Sophie (France)


The Sopwith Camel (Italy)

Not to be confused with America’s west coast group of “Hello, Hello” fame.  Have to wonder if they weren’t British judging by the last names??


Alex Ligertwood
Dave Summer
Martin Fisher
Pete Huish

The Sorcerers

The original group formed in 1965 until April 1968.  The group later became Youngblood.

Ken Aston – Vocals
Cozy Powell – Drums Departed for Casey Jones & The Engineers; later to The Ace Kefford Stand (68); then to Big Bertha (69-71); The Jeff Beck Group (71-72); Bedlam (72-74); Cozy Powell’s Hammer (74-75); Strange Brew (75); then Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow (75 and on)
Dennis Ball – Drums Went to The Ace Kefford Stand (68); then to Big Bertha (69-71); and to Bedlam
Pete Ball – Keyboards
Roy Black – Guitar


Ann Sorel (France)


The Sorrows

The Sorrows: 1965 – 1967

Don Maughn (alias Don Fardon) – Vocals Departed 1967 –
Philip Whitcher – Lead Guitar
Wez Price – Rhythm Guitar
Philip Packham – Bass Departed 1965
Bruce Finley – Drums
Roger Lomas – Lead Guitar Arrived 1967
Chris Fryer – Organ Arrived 1967

1965 – DJX/O

The Soul Agents

The original group formed in November 1964 until June 1965. The group formed in Southampton migrating to London.

Tony Good – Guitar
Roger Pope – Drums Later with The Loot; Hookfoot; The Elton John Band; and Kiki Dee band; China
Don Shinn – Organ – with Dada; The Meddy Elvis
Jim Sachs – Bass
Rod Stewart – Vocals Formerly with the Raiders, the Jimmy Powell & the Five Dimensions (60), Steampacket, the Shots – Later with the Jeff Beck Group, Brian Auger & Trinity, Shotgun Express, the Faces
Pete Hunt – with Iguana; The Jess Roden Band
Ian Duck – with Hookfoot; The Mickey Jupp Band; The Loot; The Final One

1964 – XX

1964 – Cameo 350 – Let’s Make It Pretty Baby b/w The Seventh Son (Need Images)

The Soul Sisters (Germany)


Sound LTD Set (Sweden)

The Sounders (France)


The Sounds (Finland)


Jussi Raittinen
Kaj Westerlund
Johnny Liebkind
Martin Brushane

The Sounds of Blue

The original group formed in March 1964 until March 1963.

Christine Perfect (Christine McVie) – Vocals Went to Chicken Shack (67; then to Fleetwood Mac in 1970s
Stan Webb – Guitar Went to Chicken Shack (67); later on with Savoy Brown (74)
Andy Sylvester – Bass Went to Chicken Shack (67); later on with Savoy Brown (74)
Chris Wood – Sax Formerly with Locomotive, went to Traffic; Later with Dr. John – Also with Mason-Wood-Capaldi-Frog (the Wooden Frog)
Rob Elcock – Drums Went to The Montanas

Sounds Incorporated

This was a London-based group and backed many U.K. artists such as Cilla Black, Tommy Quickly and others.  They formed around 1961 and performed into the late 1960’s.

Griff West (Sax)
John St. John (Guitar)
Barrie Cameron (Keyboards/Sax)
Wes Hunt (or Hunter)  (Bass)
Tony Newman (Drums Later with Jeff Beck – then later backing David Bowie, finally onto Boxer (1975); May Blitz; T-Rex; The Soporifics; The Three Man Army
John Gilliard (Guitar)
Alan Holmes (Sax) – with Brian Bentley & The Bachelors; The Kinks
David Glyde – with The Daly-Wilson Big Band
Terry Fogg – with Christie; Taggett
Trevor White

1965 – XX

1964 – XX

1965 – XX

1965  – Liberty 55844 – I’m Comin Thru b/w On the Brink (Need Images)

Sounds Inc. – November 62

The Sovereigns (Germany)


The Space-Makers (Denmark)

1965 release

Krista Sparbow (Norway)

Cash Box March 11th, 1967

The Sparks (Holland)


The Sparrow (with John Kay) (Canada)

John Kay fronted the group “Steppenwolf” from Canada

Sparrow: Dennis Edmonton, Goldy McJohn, Jerry Edmonton, Joachim Krauledat, Nick. St. Nicholas

LP – Columbia 9758 – John Kay & The Sparrow – 1969

45 – Columbia 43755 – Isn’t It Strange/Tomorrow’s Ship 1966

45 – Columbia 44769 – 1969

The Spectres

The original group formed in June 1962 until May 1967.
Francis Rossi – Guitar Formerly with The Scorpions (62); went to Traffic Jam (May 67); to Status Quo (Aug 67)
Alan Lancaster – Bass Formerly with The Scorpions (62); went to Traffic Jam (May 67); to Status Quo (Aug 67)
Jess Jaworski – Organ Departed April 1962
Barry Smith – Drums Departed 1962
John Coghlan – Drums Formerly with The Cadets (Sep 62); Arrived September 1962; went to Traffic Jam (May 67); to Status Quo (Aug 67)
John Rushden – Guitar Arrived September 1962
Roy Lynes – Organ Arrived April 1965; went to Traffic Jam (May 67); to Status Quo (Aug 67)

The Spectrum (U.K.)


Anthony Judd
Bill Chambers
Colin Forsey – with The Methods
Keith Forsey – with 18 Karat Gold; Amon Duul II; Hallelujah; Me and You; The Motherhood; Niagra; The Ralf Nowy Group; Sugar Bus; The Heat; The Methods; The Rhythm Machine; Trax; Udo Lindenburg
Tony Atkins

RCA 4080 – “The Bliss of Mrs. Blossom” (soundtrack) – Released 1968 – Did Not Chart




45 – RCA Victor 9268 – Samantha’s Mine/Saturday’s Child – August, 1967


The Speeders (Germany)



Group out of Bedford in the U.K. – They only had a single test pressing from their only recording session


Dave King
Chris Bagnall
Mick Rimmer

Don Spencer (Australia)

Don Spencer – January 63

1963 – XX

The Spice

The original group formed in 1965 until 1969. Some members were previously with The Stalkers.

Mick Box – Guitar Went to Uriah Heep (69)
David Byron – Vocals Went to Uriah Heep (69); Rough Diamond (76-77)
Paul Newton – Bass Formerly with The Gods (68); then Uriah Heep (69)
Alex Napier – Drums Went to Uriah Heep (69)

1969 – Imperial 66353 – What About the Music b/w In Love (Need Images)

The Spiders – Japan

Cash Box May 6th, 1967

Bernd Spier (Germany)

Columbia 2399 –  “Danke Schoen” – 1965 – Did Not Chart

SPIER BERND - COL 2399 (1) SPIER BERND - COL 2399 (2)

SPIER BERND - COL 2399 (3) SPIER BERND - COL 2399 (4)

The Spinners/Liverpool Spinners


Cliff Hall
Hughie Jones
John McCormick
Mike Groves
Tony Davis

Philips International 6382 – “The Singing City” – Released 1965 – Did Not Chart



Spirit of John Morgan


Don Whitaker
John Morgan
Mick Walker
Phil Curtis – with Arthur Brown’s Kingdom Come; The Invisible Opera Company; The Kiki Dee Band; Vapour Trails
Trev Thoms – with The Atombods; The Inner City Unit; Iron Maiden; Mother of All Bands; The Opal Butterfly; The Steve Gibbons Band

The Splectors (France)


Spooky Tooth

Spooky Tooth formed in October of 1967. Four members came from the group The VIP’s. Member Luther Grosvenor would later appear with Stealer’s Wheel and Mott the Hoople..

Gary Wright – Organ Later to Wonderwheel (71); back to Spooky Tooth (72)
Greg Ridley – Bass Formerly with VIPs (67); then to Humble Pie (70)
Mike Harrison – Piano Formerly with VIPs (67); then Junkyard Angel (70); then Chris Stainton Band (74)
Mike Kellie – Drums Formerly with VIPs (67); later Parish-Gurvitz Band (70); Art; Balls; The Distractions; The Granite Shore, The Only Ones
Luther Grosvenor Formerly with VIPs (67); later Stealer’s Wheel – Mott the Hoople; Art; Deep Feeling; Verden & Luther; Widowmaker
Alan Spenner – with Charge; Kokomo; The Chris Stainton Band; The Grease Band, Wynder K. Frog
Andy Leigh – with Denny Laine’s Electric String Band; Mathew’s Southern Comfort
Byron – Graham – with Girl; Mainhorse; Neo; Wonderwheel, Zen Attack
Chris Stainton – with Boxer; Chris Stainton’s Tundra; George’s Band; The Grease Band; The Singing Rebel’s Band
Chris Stewart – with Eire Apparent; The Frankie Miller Band
Henry McCullough – with Chips; Eire Apparent; Gene & The Gents; The Henry McCullough Band; Roy Harper & The Black Sheep; Sweeney’s Men; The Frankie Miller Band; The Grease Band; Wings
Mick Jones – with Foreigner, Nimrod; State of Micky and Tommy; The Blackbirds; The J & B; Leslie West Band, Wonderwheel
Mike Patto – with The Bo Street Runners; Boxer; Centipede; Chicago Line, Patto; Timebox

1968 – XX

1968 – O

1968 – XX

1969 – O

1969 – XX

Bell 6019 – “Spooky Tooth” – Released 1968 – Did Not Chart

Spooky Tooth - Bell - Spooky Tooth


A&M 3124 – “Spooky Tooth Two” – Charted August 16th, 1969 – #44 – 19 Weeks on Hot 200

Spooky Tooth - A&M - Two


LP – A&M SP-4225 – Ceremony 1969

The Spotnicks (Sweden)

The group started off in 1961 as The Frazers – The group put out a ton of long plays throughout the 1960’s.


Arne Osterlindth
Bjorn Thelin
Bo Maniette
Bo Starander
Bo Winberg
Derek Skinner
Hakan Mjornheim
Jimmie Nicol
Johan Dielemans
Jurl Wiik
Magnus Hellsberg
Mats Bjorklund
Matz Nilsson
Ove Johansson
Peter Winsnes
Stephan Moller
Tommy Tausis

Cash Box May 21st, 1966

1962 – DJO/X (Need Image)

1963 – O

1964 – XX b/w Endless Sleep (Need Image)

1964 – XX

1965 – XX

1966 – XX

The Spotnicks – October 62

Dusty Springfield

Visit the Spingfields/Dusty Springfield Page

Dusty Springfield – September, 1964

Dusty Springfield October 64

The Springfields

Visit the Spingfields/Dusty Springfield Page


The Springfields formed in 1960

Dusty Springfield (Mary O’Brien) Formerly with The Lana Sisters
Tom Springfield (Dion O’Briean) Became a writer for The Seekers
Tim Field
Mike Hurst – Vocals Went to Mike Hurst & the Method (64)

The Springfields – September 63

The Square Four


Alan Weighall – with The Square Four; The Nashville Five
Big Jim Sullivan – (deceased October, 2012) – with Marty Wilde & His Wildcats; Bullfrog; The Krew Kats; Tiger
Ivor Raymonde – with The Rainbow Choir
Ronnie Verrell (deceased February, 2002)

The Squires


Bill Parkinson – with The Circles
Chris Slade – with AC/DC; Damage Control; Miwa; Terra Nova; The Firm; Uriah Heep; Vengeance
Mickey Gee – with Plum Crazy; Shakin’ Stevens & the Sunsets; Willie and the Poor Boys
Vernon Hopkins
Vic Cooper – with Johnny Kidd & The Pirates

Anna St. Clair (France)


Bonny St. Claire/Bonnie St. Claire  (Holland)

Bonny was also with the Dutch Group Unit Gloria for a time

1969 – XX

Barry St. John (Scottland)

In the 1970’s she was with Les Humprhies Singers out of Hamburg, Germany and she worked with Roger Glover in 1974

1969 – XX

Tammy St. John

1964 – XX

1965 – XX

1966 – XX

The St. Louis Checks

Terry Kenna – L Guitar To the Terry Hines Sextet (Feb 65); then to The Fix (Nov 65)
Eric Savage – Vocals
Triff David – Drums
Julius David – Bass Formerly with The Smokestack Blues Band
Dave Carr – Piano Formerly with The Smokestack Blues Band
Albie Donnelly – Sax Arrived June 1964; To the Terry Hines Sextet (Feb 65); then to The Fix (Nov 65); also with The Clayton Squares (66); then to Sinbad (68)

The St. Louis Union

Group Members:

Alex Kirby
Dave Tomlinson – with Magazine; The Angel Brothers; Visage
Dave Webb
John Nichols
Keith Miller – with Sniff n The Tears
Tony Cassidy

1966 – XX

St. Michael Sect (Sweden)


Crispian St. Peters & The Puppets



Chrispian St. Peters – Vocals (Peter Smith) Formerly with Formula Three; The Hard Travellers; Country Gentlemen; Beat Formula Three; Peter & The Wolves
Des O’Reilly – Drums Formerly with The Rebels (obscure group); Bobcats; Rory Storm & the Hurricanes (62)
Jim Whittle – Bass Formerly with The Thunderbeats
Dave Millen – L Guitar Formerly with The Bobcats

1965 – XX

1966 – DJX/O

1966 – DJX/O RED & GOLD

1966 – O

1966 – DJX/O

1967 – XX

1968 – O

Jamie 3027 – “The Pied Piper” – Released 1966 – Did Not Chart



Jamie 3031 – “Old ‘N Golden” – Released 1967 – Did Not Chart




Cecilia Stam (Sweden)


The Standells (Invasion Novelty)

1964 – XX

Freddie Starr & The Midnighters

The original group formed in November, 1962 continuing until April of 1964.

Freddie Starr – Vocals Formerly with The Ventures (1962); also Howie Casey & the Seniors (59) as Freddy Powerll,  then The Kansas City Five (63); also with Freddie Starr & The Flamingos; Later with Freddie Starr & The Delmonts (Jul 65)
Dave Carden – Guitar Departed Apr 1964 for The Pressmen
Johnny Kelman – R Guitar Departed 1964 for Four Just Men; Later with Wimple Witch (66); and Pete Mclaine & The Clan
Brian Woods – Bass Departed 1964 for Heinz
Ian Broad – Drums Departed for Howie Casey & The Seniors 1964; Later with The Johnny Gus Set 1964
Keef Hartley – Drums Arrived 1964; Departed 1964 for The Artwoods; later in The Ice Blues (64); and John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers; Dog Soldier; Rory Storm & The Hurricanes; The Academics; The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, Vinegar Joe

May, 1963

Lucille Starr (Canada)

1964 – DJX/O Blue

1964 – XX

1965 – XX

1965 – XX (Need Image)

1966 – XX – A&M 799 – When I Stop Dreaming b/w Dominique (Need Images)

1967 – XX (Need Image)

1967 – XX

1967 – XX

1968 – XX

1968 – XX b/w Cajun Love (Need Image)

1968 – XX

1969 – XX

The Starlets (Invasion Novelty)

The State of Micky & Tommy


Mick Jones
Tommy Brown


The Status Quo

This group evolved from the British bands The Spectres, The Scorpions and Traffic Jam coming together in 1967


Francis Rossi – Guitar Formerly with the Scorpions (62), the Spectres (62), Traffic Jam (67), Quo Vadis; Band Aid
Rick Parfitt – Guitar Formerly with the Spectres (62-67), Quo Vadis; Band Aid
Rod Lynes – Organ Formerly with the  Spectres (65-67), Traffic Jam (67), Quo Vadis
Alan Lancaster – Bass Formerly with the Scorpions(62), the  Spectres (62-67), Traffic Jam (67), Quo Vadis; The Bombers; The Party Boys, Traffic Jam
John Coughlan – Drums Formerly with the  Spectres (62-65),Traffic Jam (67); The Bombers; Partners in Crime; The Rockers
Andy Bown – with The Herd; Judas Jump
Jeff Rich – with 3 Minutes; The Climax Blues Band, Stretch
John Edwards – with The Climax Blues Band; The Midnight Runners, Rhino’s Revenge, The Spamm Band; Dexy’s Midnight Runners
Leon Cave
Matthew Letley – with Flint
Pete Kircher – with Honeybus; The Liverpool Express, The Noel Redding Band, The Original Mirrors, Shanghai; The Loving Kind

Cash Box August 24th, 1968

1968 – O

1968 – O

1968 – XX

1969 – XX

1969 – Cadet Concept 7017 – The Price of Love b/w Little Miss Nothing (Need Images)

1968 – UK

1969 – Netherlands (SLV ONLY)

Cadet 315 – “Messages From the Status Quo” – Charted April 17th, 1968 – #148 – 7 Weeks on Hot 200.

Status Quo - Cadet Concept - Messages FromSTATUS QUO 01 CB




Steamhammer was from Worthington, England formed in 1968 with Kieran White, Martin Quittenton (with Pilot), Martin Pugh (with The 7th Order, Armageddon), Steve Davy and Michael Rushton (there were many others).

LP – Epic 26490 – “Reflection” – 1969

LP – Epic 26552 – “Steamhammer” – 1969


Steampacket 1965 – 1966

Long John Baldry – Vocals Formerly with the Five Dimensions,  Long John Baldry & the Hoochie Coochie Men, the Cyril Davis R&B All Stars, Alex Korner’s Blues Incorpated – Later with Bluesology – Formed Long John’s All Star Band
Rod Stewart – Vocals Formerly with the Raiders, the Jimmy Powell & the Five Dimensions (60), Soul Agents, the Raiders, the Shots – Later with the Jeff Beck Group, Brian Auger & Trinity, Shotgun Express, the Faces
Julie Driscoll – Vocals Later with Brian Auger and the Trinity
Brian Auger – Organ Later with Brian Auger & Trinity, Obilivion Express, the Roland Kovc New Et
Vic Briggs – Guitar Later to the New Animals
Mickey Waller – Drums Formerly with the Mickey Finn/Mickey Finn & the Blue Men, Shotgun Express, Georgie Fame & Blue Flames,  – Later with BrianAuger & Trinity – Also with Cyril Davies & the R&B All Stars, Jeff Beck
Ricky Brown – Bass Formerly with Cyril Davies R&B All Stars – The Rising Suns, Sean Buckley & the Breadcrumbs; Later with Steampacket, and Screaming Lord Sutch & His Savages, Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames,  John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers,  Brian Auger and Trinity

Tracy Steel (Invasion Novelty)

1964 – XX

Tommy Steele & The Steelmen

See the Tommy Steele U.S. Discography Page

Steele (real name Thomas William Hicks) definitely was born to be “Broadway” – but in spite of those leanings he was anointed as Britain’s “first rock and roller”.  He started off with the skiffle group The Vipers before fronting his own Steelmen

Tommy Steele – Vocals (Tommy Hicks) Formerly with The Cavemen; The Vipers
Ronnie Scott
Wally Whyton – Guitar Formerly with The Vipers
Lionel Bart (deceased)
Mike Pratt (deceased)

Steff (Switzerland)

45 – Epic 5-9870 – Where Did She Go/Others – November, 1965

45 – Epic 5-10015 – She’s All Right/I’ll Never Let You Go – April, 1966

45 – Epic 5-10105 – Had A Dream/I Follow the Drums – November, 1966

Stella (France)


The Stellas (Germany)


Step by Step with Lea



Steppenwolf (Canada)

Steppenwolf formed in 1967 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with John Kay, Gordy McJohn, Jerry Edmonton, Michael Monarch and Rushton Moreve.  Some members had been with “Jack London and the Sparrows”.

LP – Dunhill 50029 – “Steppenwolf” – 1968

LP – Dunhill 50037 – “Steppenwolf The Second” – 1968

LP – Dunhill 50053 – “At Your Birthday Party” – 1969

LP – Dunhill 50050 – “Early Steppenwolf”  – 1969

LP – Dunhill 50066 – “Monster” – 1969











Cat Stevens

Cat Stevens (real name Steven Georglou) would find more fame after the Invasion Era as one of the burgeoning singer-songwriters. “Matthew & Sons” was released in the U.S. as both a single and a double set LP.

1966 – DJO/X

1967 – DJX/O

1967 – DJO/X

1967 – XX

1968 – XX

Deram 16005 – “Matthew & Son” – Released 1967 – Did Not Chart

Stevens, Cat - Deram - Mathew & Son 1 LP


Deram 18010 – “New Masters” – Released 1968 – Did Not Chart

Stevens, Cat - Deram - New Adventures


LP – Deram 18005/18010 – Double LP – Mathew and Son/New Masters – 1971

Al Stewart

Al Stewart was born in Glasgow, Scotland Alastair Ian Stewart.

LP – Epic 26564 – “Love Chronicles” – 1969

Andy Stewart (Scottland)

Not much of a Invasion Era anything but what the heck

Cash Box December 26th, 1964

John Stewart & Scott Engel

See the Walker Brothers U.S. Discography Page

Rod Stewart

Rod was a member of The Faces; The Jeff Beck Group; Jeffrey Rod; Jimmy Powell & the Five Dimensions; Shotgun Express, The Rod Stewart Group; Steampacket

LP – Mercury 61237 – The Rod Stewart Album – 1969

1964 – XX

Lee Stirling and the Bruisers

Lee Stirling & The Bruisers – October,1962

The Stoics


A late 1960’s British group


Frankie Miller – with The Frankie Miller Band
Hugh McKenna – with The Sensational Alex Harvey Band
James Dewar (deceased 2002) – with Lulu and Luvvers; Robin Trower; Stone the Crows

The Stoke Set (Denmark)


Stone (France)


Stone Circus

LP – Mainstream 6119 – “Stone Circus” – 1969

Stone’s Masonry

Immediate 52006 – “An Anthology of British Blues” (with other artists) – Released 1968



Stop (France)


Rory Storm & The Hurricanes

Storm & Hurricanes

The original group formed in August 1959 continuing on until 1967. Early on they were Al Storm & The Hurricanes.

Rory Storm – Vocals (Alan Caldwell) Formerly with The Raving Texans (57-59)
Johnny Guitar – L Guitar (John Brynes) Formerly with The Raving Texans (57-59)
Ty Brian – Guitar Died in 1967
Ringo Starr – Drums Formerly with The Eddie Clayton Skiffle Group (58); Departed for The Beatles (Aug 62)
Lu Walters – Bass Departed the group in 1961 and returned 1962
Bobby Thompson – Bass Arrived from Kingsize Taylor & The Dominoes (Mar 62); Formerly with The James Boys ((58); Departed to return to The Dominoes (Sep 62); Later with The Rebel Rousers (Jul 64)
Gibson Kemp – Drums Arrived September 1962 from The Memphis 3; Formerly was with The Night People
Keef Hartley – Drums Arrived June 1963; Departed November 1963 played with The Artwoods, Later with John Mayall; formed the Keef Hartley Band in 1968
Ian Broad – Drums Arrived Nov 63 for one month; went to Heinz & The Wild Boys
Trevor Morais – Drums Arrived December 1963 and Departed January 1964
Jimmy Tushingham – Drums Arrived January 1964; Departed for The Connoisseurs (67)
Vince Earl – Bass Arrived Feb 65; Departed for The Connoisseurs (1966); was also with Vince Earl & The Talismen; and Vince Earl & The Zeros
Dave May – Bass Arrived 1966; Departed later in the year for The Night People
Karl Terry – Bass Arrived in 1967; formerly with Karl Terry & The Cruisers; also with The Delameres (1963); The TTs with Karl & Amos (1964), The Squares, Capricorn, Shooby Doo
Carl Rich – Drums Arrived 1967
Adrian Lord – Guitar Arrived 1967

Columbia 5172 – “The Exciting Liverpool Sound” (with others) – Released 1965 – Did Not Chart



Robb Storme and the Whispers


Robb Storme – with the Robb Storme Group
Lewis Collins – with Stu James & the Mojos; The Eyes

1965 – XX

1966 – XX

The Stormers

The original group formed in May 1960 until October 1960.

Billy Grey – Vocals
Chas Hodges – Bass Went to The Outlaws (60); then to Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers (Jun 65); then to The Roy Young Band; later on with Black Claw
Reg Hawkins – R Guitar Went to The Outlaws (60)
Billy Kuy – L Guitar Went to The Outlaws (60); then to MIke Berry & The Innocents (61); later on with The Houseshakers
Bobby Graham – Drums Went to The Outlaws (60)

The Stormies (Greece)


Demis Roussos
Lucas Sideras
Zwn Koupoukan

The Strangers


The original group formed in 1960 until December 1962.

Brian Johnson – Drums Went to Rory Storm & The Hurricanes (Feb 63)
Joe Fagin – Guitar
Harry Hutchings – L Guitar
George Harter – Bass

The Strangers (Australia)

Beat group out of Melbourne formed in 1961


John Farrar – with Marvin Welch & Farrar; The Shadows
Peter Robinson – with The Seekers

The Strangers


UK band formed in early 1960’s

Brian Ferguson
Fred Funnel
Tony Collier – with Wishful Thinking

The Strawbs

The original Strawbs evolved from The Strawberry Hill Boys in about 1966


Dave Cousins – Guitar/Banjo
Tony Hooper – Guitar with The Ah-Koo Stiks
Arthur Philips – Mandolin
Sandy Denny – Vocals Departed for Fairport Convention in 1969
Andy Richards
Blue Weaver – with Fair Weather, Mott the Hoople; Amen Corner
Brian Willoughby – with The Monks
Chas Cronk – with Cry No More; The Gordon Giltrap Band; Steve Hackett Band
Chris Parren – with Forever Amber; J. J. Jackson’s Dilemna; Locust; Midnight Flyer; The Rocky Horror Band; The Contenders
Dave Cousins – with The Strawberry Hill Boys
Dave Lambert – with Fire; King Earl Boogie Band
John Ford – with Elmer Gantry’s Velvet Opera; Hudson-Ford; The Monks
John Hawken – with The Illusion, Renaissance, The Nashville Teens; The Third World War, Trifle; Vinegar Joe
Richard Hudson – with Elmer Gantry’s Velvet Opera; Hudson-Ford; The Monks
Rike Wakeman – with Dib Cochran & The Earwigs; Junior’s Eyes, The Rick Wakeman Band; Yes
Rod Coombes – with Juicy Lucy; Ro Ro; Stealer’s Wheel; Trifle
Rod Demick – with Bees Make Honey; Paul Lamb & The King Snakes; The Bucks; The Wheels; The Yardbirds
Tony Fernandez – with Ross; Smoke
Rod Chesterman – (deceased 2007)

1968 – XX

1968 – O

The Streaplers (Sweden)


Benny Borg
Bo Mollberg
Kjetil Granli
Towe Widerberg
Gert Lengstrand
Curt Borkman

The Streams (Netherlands)


String Driven Thing (Scotland)

Scottish band formed in 1967


Alun Roberts
Billy Fairley
Pauline Adams
James Exell
Kim Beacon
Colin Wilson
Chris Adams

The String Tones (France)


The Strollers (France)

The Mike Stuart Span

They formed in 1967 out of Brighton


Brian Bennett – with Tony’s Defenders
Gary Murphy
Stuart Hobday – with Leviathan

The Subjects (Germany)

Formed around 1967.

Sue and Sunny

They were also known as “Sue and the Sunshine”, “Pat and Penny” and “The Stocking Tops”

1969 – XX

The Sugar Shoppe (Canada)


Laurie Hood
Lee Harris
Peter Mann
Victor Garber

45 – US 1968 – Let Truth Come Out b/w Skip A Long Sam

45 – US 1968

45 – 1969

US LP 1968

The Summer Set

They started off as Peter and the Headlines


Rocky Browne
Vic Gillam – with The Sheikhs
Dave Green – with The Vampires

John  Summers

1966 – XX

The Sun Dragon


Bob Freeman – with High Noon; Sands; The Cruisers; The Others
Ian McLinktock – with High Noon; Sands; The Cruisers; The Others

The Sundae Times


Wendell Richardson
Calvin Samuel
Conrad Isidore

45 – 1968

The Sundowners

1964 – Jamie 1271 – Come On In/A Shot of Rhythm and Blues – 1964



Erika Eigen
Freya Hogue
Terry Tucker – with Terry Tucker’s Orange Clockwork

The Sunlights (France)


Serge Gogoni
Bruno Cogoni
Aldo Cogoni
Jean-Paul Vanhoutte

The Sunset Combo/Sunset Four (Austria)


Horst Chmela

The Sunset Four (Germany)


The Super-Jets (France)


Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages

Sutch & Savages

The original group formed in February of 1960.  They were originally called The Savages.

David Sutch Departed 12/66 to join The Roman Empire, Reformed the Savages in April 1967 and headed on down the road once again. Later formed (for one time gig) Lord Sutch & His Heavy Friends

Nicky Hopkins: Departed in 1960; Returned 9/61; Departed May for Cyril Davies All Stars; Also in The Crusaders

Bernie Watson: Departed 1960; Returned 9/61; Departed 5/62 for Cyrial Davies All Stars; Then to Cliff Bennett & Rebel Rousers; Next to John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers

Ricky Brown: Departed 1960; Returned 9/61; Departed 10/62 to Cyril Davies R&B All Stars; Returned 6/63; Also in Brian Auger & Trinity; Georgie Fame & Blueflames – Also with John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, the Rising Suns, Screaming Lord Sutch & His Savages, Sean Buckley and Breadcrumbs and Steampacket

Carlo Little: Departed in 1960; Returned 5/61; Departed 10/62 for Cyril Davies R&B All Stars; Returned 6/63; Departed 5/64 for Long John Baldry’s Hoochie Coochie Men; Next to Buddy Britton & Regents – Also appeared in The Flowerpot Men; Hurricane and Chris Lamb & Universals; also The Roman Empire (66); The Crusaders (67)

Bobby Woodman – Drums: Joined 6/60; Departed 4/61 – Later in The Gladiators

Tony Harvey – Guitar: Joined 6/60 – Departed 4/61 – Later in The Gladiators

Johnny Vance – Bass: Joined 6/60 – Departed 4/61 – Later in The Gladiators

Alan LeClaire – Keyboards: Joined 6/60 – Departed 4/61 – Later in The Gladiators

Andy Wren – Keyboards: Joined 5/61; Departed 9/61; Returned 9/62; Departed 10/62

Ken Payne – Bass: Jointed 5/61; Departed 9/61

Roger Mingay – Guitar: Joined 5/61; Departed 9/61

David Wendells – Guitar: Joined 5/62; Departed 10/62

Ritchie Blackmore – Lead Guitar: Joined 5/62; Departed 10/62 for Houston Wells & the Outlaws; Returned 2/65; Departed 5/65 for The Three Musketeers; Next to The Roman Empire – Also appeared in Neil Christian & Crusaders; Mandrake Root (67); Bailey Buzz and Sixshooters (63); Heinz; The Lancastrians (65); Mike Berry & Outlaws; Roundabout; Deep Purple (68); Beyond 1968: Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow

Derek Sirmon – Drums: Joined 10/61; Departed 6/63

Danny McCullough – Bass: Joined 10/62; Departed 6/63 to The New Animals

Pussy Mew – Guitar: Joined 10/62; Departed 6/63; Returned 5/64; Departed 2/65

Freddie Lee – Keyboards: Joined 10/62 – Departed 6/63

Stuart Taylor – Guitar: Joined 6/63; Departed 1/64 for The Tornadoes

Paul Dean – Keyboards: Joined 6/63; Departed 1/64; Returned 5/64; Departed 2/65

Pete Phillips – Bass: Joined 6/63; Departed 8/63; Returned 5/64; Departed 2/65

Tony Dangerfield – Bass: Joined 1/64; Departed 5/64 for Tony Dangerfield & Trills; Returned 7/66; (also appeared in Circles during this time); Departed 12/66 for The Roman Empire – Also appeared in Neil Christian & Crusaders; The Houseshakers; Rupert’s People; Crispian St. Peters; Episode Six; Alan Bown

John Gilbey – Guitar: Joined 1/64; Departed 5/64 – Also with John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers

Tony Marsh – Keyboards: Joined 1/64; Departed 5/64 for Neil Christian & Crusaders; Returned 10/66; Departed 12/66

Ron Harwood – Bass: Joined 5/64; Departed 2/65

Four Saxes (yes that is a name) – Sax Joined 2/65; Departed 5/65

Avid Andersen – Bass: Joined 2/65; Departed 5/65 for The Three Musketeers

Tornado Evans – Drums: Joined 2/65; Departed 5/65 for The Three Musketeers

Paul Raymond – Keyboards: Joined 7/66; (was also in Circles during this time) Departed 9/66 for The Plastic Penny

Brian Keith – Horns: Joined 7/66; (was also in Circles during this time); Departed 9/66; later in Chris Lamb & Universals (67)

Bill Parkinson – Guitar: Joined 7/66; Departed 9/66; later in Chris Lamb & Universals

Johnny Bedder – Guitar: Joined 10/66; Departed 12/66 for The Roman Empire

Peter Green – Sax Joined 10/66; Departed 12/66

Mathew Fisher – Keyboards: Joined 12/66; Departed for The Roman Empire; Next to Procol Harum; Also appeared in The Downliner’s Sect

Mitch Mitchell – Drums Also with The Riot Squad – The Pretty Things – The Things – Georgie Fame and the Blueflames – Later with The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Derry Wilkie – Vocals Formerly with Derry Wilkie & The Pressmen; Derry Wilkie & The Others

Nick Simper – Bass Also with The Flowerpot Men – Deep Purple

1963 – XX

1964 – Cameo 341 – She’s Fallen in Love With a Monster Man b/w Bye Bye Baby (Need Images)

The Svem Ingers (Scandinavia)

Cash Box July 24th, 1965

Suzie (Holland)


The Swallows (Belgium)


The Swans (Invasion Novelty)

1964 – DJX/O

Benice Swanson

1965 – O

Sweeney’s Men (Ireland)

They formed as a folk-rock band in 1967


Terry Woods – mandolin with Steeleye Span, The Bucks, The Pogues, The Woods Band
Andy Irvine – guitar with LAPD; Patrick Sweet; Planxty
Johnny Moynihan – tin whistle with Planxty, The Fleadh Cowboys
Al O’Donnell
Henry McCullough with Chips; Gene & The Gents, Then Henry McCullough Band; Roy Harper & the Black Sheep, Spooky Tooth, The Frankie Miller Band, The Grease Band; Wings
Joe Dolan with The Capitol Showband

Sweet Pain


Annette Brox
Dick Heckstall-Smith
John O’Leary – with The John Dummer Blues Band
Junior Dunn (This is Aynsley Dunbar)
Keith Tillman
Sam Crozier
Stuart Cowell – with Titus Groan; Australia Too; Jon; Mungo Jerry; Paul Brett’s Sage

As the title implies – “England’s Heavy Blues Super Session the band included Dick Heckstall-Smith (Graham Bond, Alex Korner, John Mayall, etc.)

Mercury 61231 – “England’s Heavy Blues Super Session” – Released 1969 – Did Not Chart



The Sweeties (Germany)


The Swing Cats (Germany)


The Swinging Blue Jeans

Visit the Swinging Blue Jeans U.S. 45 Discography Page

The Swinging Blue Jeans: All original group members were with the Bluegenes which ranged from 1958 until early 1963.  They briefly re-formed in the early 1970’s.

Spud Ward – Bass Departed 1957
Ray Ennis – Lead Guitar Later with the Music Motor (69)
Norman Kuhlke – Washboard/Drums Later with the Music Motor (69)
Bruce McCaskill – Guitar Departed and later with The Kansas City Five
Tommy Hughes – Banjo Departed and later with The Kansas City Five
Les Braid – Bass/Keyboards Arrived mid 1958; Later with the Music Motor
Johnny Carter – Vocals Arrived 1959; Departed 1963
Paul Moss – Banjo Arrived 1959; Departed 1963
Ralph Ellis – Guitar Arrived 1958; Departed 1966 – Formerly with the Ralph Ellis Skiffle Group 1957
Jimmy Hudson – Bass Arrived 1958 and departed soon after
Terry Sylvester – Guitar Arrived Feb 1966 – Formerly with The Escorts – Later with the Hollies
Mike Gregory – Bass Arrived Jul 1967 – Formerly with The Escorts
Colin Manley – with The Remo Four
Jeff Bannister – with A Band Called O; The Alan Bown Set, The John Barry Seven
Les Braid
Peter Oakman – with Brown’s Home Brew; Country Fever; Harley Quinne, Joe Brown and The Bruvvers
Ray Ennis – with The Racing Cars

The Swingin’ Blue Jeans – September, 1964

Swinging Blue Jeans – September 63

The Symbols

The band began as Johnny Milton and the Condors


John Milton – with Sparrow
Mick Clarke – with The Rubettes; The Tremeloes
Shaun Corrigan
Clive Graham
Stuart Calver – with Infinity; Sparrow; The Cymbaline; The In-Sect
Chaz Wade

1965 – MGM K13348 – One Fine Girl/Don’t Go – May, 1965

1966 – XX

1966 – XX

1967 – XX

1968 – XX

MGM 4306 – “British Go-Go” – Released 1965 – Did Not Chart



Metro 577 – “Mickie Most Presents English In-Groups” – Released 1966 – Did Not Chart
(This is a budget release of MGM 4306)



The Syn


The original group formed in 1967 out of London.  They were originally called The Selfs

Pete Banks – Guitar Went to Mabel Greer’s Toy Shop (68); then to Yes (68); then Blodwyn Pig (68)
Chris Squire – Bass Went to Mabel Greer’s Toy Shop (68); then to Yes (68)
Steve Nardelli – Vocals
Ray Steele – Drums
Andrew Jackman – Organ
Chris Allen – Drums

1967 – XX


A late 1960’s London band


Dennis Holmes
Jim Fraser
Leslie Cook

The Syndicats


The original group formed in 1963 out of London and ran until August 1965.

Steve Howe – Guitar Went to The In Crowd (65); Tomorrow (67); Bodast (68); Yes (70); Asia (81)
Kevin Driscoll – Vocals – with Honcho Overload
John Melton – Drums
Tom Ladd – Bass
Johnny Lamb – Bass
Ray Fenwick – Guitar – with After Tea; Fancy; Forcefield; The Ian Gillan Band; South Coast Ska Stars; Steve Howe’s Remedy; The Tee Set; The Murgatroyd Band; The Spencer Davis Group; Wizard’s Convention
Jeff Williams
John Truelove
Paul Holm – with The Downliners Sect; F.U.2
Peter Banks – with Empire; Flash; The Devil’s Disciples; The Neat Change; Yes (Deceased 2013)


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