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Fab Four Collectibles

I quit collecting Beatles memorabilia many years ago simply because with the flood of bogus and counterfeited items saturating the market – well, it was time to give it a rest.

Likely that I do have some fake items shown here – at least I know they were purchased more than 35 years ago, so if any of these are fakes, they at the very least are original fakes!

Beatles Brooches (June 1964)

Beatles Fan Club Badge (July, 1964)

Beatles Book (November, 1964

Beatles Calendar (January, 1964)

Beatles Remco Dolls

Image result for beatles remco dolls

Beatles Balloon Dolls

Image result for beatles blow up dolls

Beatles Bobbing Head Dolls (Eight Inch)

Image result for beatles bobbing head dolls

Beatles Forever Dolls

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Beatles Lunch Box and Thermos

Image result for beatles lunch box

Beatles Yellow Submarine Lunch Box and Thermos

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Beatles Posters

As advertised in Cash Box Magazine January, 1968

Beatles Medal

As advertised in Cash Box Magazine 1964

Beatles Pins – George Harrison – Flasher

Beatles Pin – Ringo Starr – Flasher – Red

Beatles Pin – Ringo Starr – Flasher – Blue

Beatles Pin – Paul McCartney – Flasher

Beatles Pin – The Fab Four – Flasher Red

Beatles Pin – The Fab Four – Flasher Yellow

Beatles Pin – Yellow Submarine

Beatles KDCO Denver Radio Pin – 1982

Beatles Small Pins

Beatles “I Heart Pins”

Beatles Pin – Yellow Submarine

Beatles Guitar Pin

Beatles Official Fan Club Pin

Beatles Official Fan Club Pin (with store card)

Beatles Official Pins with Original Card

Beatles Party Cake Decorations in Original Package

Beatles Medallion (front and back)

Beatles Necklace (front and back)

Beatles Ring (part of above necklace set)

Beatles Flasher Rings

Beatles Flasher Ring – Silver Plastic – George Harrison

Beatles Plastic Medallions

Beatles “Watch Them Grow Their Own Hair Live In Your Own Room!” Ad – 1964

The Beatles Cloth Banner

Beatles Bubble Gum Wrapper

The Beatles Nylon Stockings in Original Package – Vroom & Dreesmann

The Beatles Flip Your Wig Board Game

Denver Post – 1964 August – Beatles at Red Rocks

1964 Tour Program Book – Red Rocks Denver (from my wife Janet who attended the concert)

Beatles 1965 Concert Program (with fake ticket)

Beatles 1966 Concert Program (with fake ticket)


Actual Ticket (not torn) from 1964 Denver Red Rocks Concert

(The gates were overwhelmed by female fans rushing in to claim unassigned seating for the Beatles’ concert – and so my wife held on to her ticket – a hefty 6.60 with Federal Tax!)

Closed Circuit Telecast – March 14th, 1964 – Denver Theater Ticket

Jelly Babies

(As was the custom at Beatles concerts, adoring fans tossed “Jelly Babies” (jelly beans) due to a remark from one of the Beatles – My wife collected these from the area in front of the stage at the 1964 Denver Beatles Red Rocks Concert – They’ve held up quite well over these past 53 years)

Beatles Golden Oldies Cut Out Record Packaging – I Want to Hold Your Hand

The Beatles “A Hard Day’s Night” Movie Advertisement – 1964 – Denver Post

(Only the Fox Aurora Theater on east Colfax Avenue remains today in 2017, and only as a live stage venue)

Full Sheet of  Beatles Stamps

Beatles Diary

Beatles Horoscopes

Beatles Jig Saw Puzzle

(has come apart behind the sealed plastic it came in)

Beatles Cake Figures

Beatles Play Money

Beatles Pencils

Beatles Record Trinket – 1965

1964 Beatles Fan Magazine

The Original Beatles Book – 1964

Beatles Serving Tray – Worcester Ware England

Lowell Toy Mfg (U.S.) “The Only Authentic Beatles Wig” – 1964 – Sealed in original package

Beatles Pillow – 1964

Beatles Yellow Plastic Megaphone

Beatles Scarfs

Beatles Hair Brush in Original Packaging

Beatles Fabric Patch (Rubber Soul)

Beatles Post Card Set

The Beatles Pictures for Framing Magazine – 1964

The Beatles Talk! Magazine – 1964

The Beatles Songs Publication – 1964 – Two Editions

“The Longest Cocktail Party” Paperback

The Beatle Book – Photographs

Beatles Actual Hair 20 Years Later

(Most likely very fake)

Life Magazine Paul McCartney Post “McCartney is Dead” – November 7th, 1969

Saturday Evening Post Magazine – Beatles with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Issue

(This didn’t go too well with the old Yogi hitting on some of the fine entourage chicks)

Beatles Ruler

Beatles Miniature Replica Drink Coasters (1990’s)

The Beatles Musical Pop-Up Book – Early 2000’s (fun)

The Beatles Decal Sheet

Apple Records Promotional Booklet Pages

Record Store Promotion Display for the release of the Beatles Rock n Roll LP

(To be hung overhead in the store from a “clothesline” per these instructions)

Beatles Calendar – 1997 Year In A Box

Beatles Calendar 2011 (Japan) with Pop Out Display

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