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Beatles’ Mainstream U.S. Long Plays

The Beatles debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 charts via Vee Jay – just edging out powerhouse Capitol Records by a few days.  “Introducing the Beatles” would be Vee Jay’s most successful long play chart-wise – supplanting the Four Seasons’ “Sherry” which reached number 6 in 1962.

The Beatles wouldn’t hang around Vee Jay for long – but the label would recycle their tracks over and over again in creative ways – with none approaching anything like Top Ten success.  After the Vee Jay challenge, Capitol Records flexed their industry muscle and squeezed out all the others (MGM – Atco and Swan).  Only United Artists would have access to Beatles’ compositions via their motion picture rights on “A Hard Day’s Night” – The UA LP cashed in in a big way at the height of early ‘Beatlemania” landing firmly in the Hot 200 Charts at number 1 and remaining there for 14 weeks.  Only “Sgt. Peppers” a few years later would best that showing – logging in 15 weeks at the top spot.

“Sgt. Peppers” would enjoy a 175 week chart run – but amazingly that would earn it a number 48 best all-time – The undisputed longevity champion was/is Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” at 741 weeks on the Hot 200.  For Pink Floyd it was quality not quantity when it came to being numero uno – with only a single week at number 1.  Can you name the next two longevity long plays?  Hint:  Both soundtracks.

Beatles Mainstream Long Play U.S. Discography

This is primarily the charting Beatles’ LP’s listed in chronological order with chart position.

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