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Following are popular cartoons from back in the day which enjoyed some vinyl success – primarily in the children’s records market.  Most were also featured in animated films before making their way onto recordings and comic books.

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Any ‘boomer’ will recall heading off to the local neighborhood movie theater (only one screen back then) and pouring in to joins hundreds of our peers for a parade of non-stop cartoons on Saturday mornings.  The inside of one these local movie theaters must have been our parent’s idea of a living hell.

Running, shouting, screaming when the next cartoon title would come up on the screen – sailing flat empty popcorn boxes through the air – soda pop running freely down the theater inclined floor – so sticky – didn’t matter – candy ju ju bees and candy coated licorice bits used as ammunition.

Image result for saturday matinee movie children crowd in the 1950

There was no set time for the neighborhood movie showings – Just walk in at whatever point – stay as long as you wished – leaving when ‘this is where we came in’ or simply allowing our parents to search through the wild youthful crowd to find their hatchlings.

In West Denver it was the “Comet”, and the “Westwood” – Sometimes we ventured out to other neighborhoods – the “Lakewood Theater” being the next most popular.  The Comet building burned down in the 1970’s – it closed in 1957.

Image result for the westwood theater denver

First Class Cinema at the Westwood

I believe and the Westwood became a porno flick house for a time – the Lakewood became a motorcycle retail outlet.  The original Westwood opened during the 1930’s and was forced to close it’s doors in the 1960’s when television took over.

Comet Theatre

The Comet was located right in the heart of Barnum and so – yes you guessed it – you had to be on lookout outside for the Barnum Gang who wouldn’t have blinked twice about relieving us of our movie money – and they certainly wouldn’t have hesitated to pound us!

Image result for comet theater barnum colorado

The “Comet” in Barnun – West Denver

Casper The Friendly Ghost

Created in 1939 by Joe Oriolo and Seymour Reit – Reit worked on tons of children’s books Oriolo worked on many projects as well including two Gulliver’s Travels motion pictures – His other big Cartoon success was as co-creator of “Felix the Cat”.

Seymour Reit httpswwwnysocliborgsitesdefaultfilesstyleImage result for joe oriolo

1958 Issue

Image result for casper the friendly ghost comic book

1951 – 78

1963 – 45 and Long Play

1966 – 45

1973 – 45 and Long Play

Felix The Cat

Created in 1919 as “Feline Follies” by Pat Sullivan from Australia – Felix faded away for a long time but was successfully revived in 1953 at which time Joe Oriolo took over the comic strip.

Pat Sullivan - Apr 1920 EH.jpg

Comic Book – Year Unknown

Image result for felix the cat comic book

1928 78

1958 45

Heckle & Jeckle

Heckle and Jeckle was created in 1919 by Paul Terry and he also created Mighty Mouse and worked for Terry Toons.

Image result for paul terry cartoonist

1966 Comic Book

Image result for heckle and jeckle comic book

Little Lulu

Little Lulu was created by Margorie Henderson Buell in 1935  – John Stanley wrote the first comic books where he continued until 1959.


Comic Book 1948

Image result for little lulu comic book

1948 78

1951 78

1954 78

Year Unknown 45

Mighty Mouse

Mighty Mouse was created in 1942 by Paul Terry – The first film voice for Mighty Mouse was Roy Halee Sr.  – There would be five additional Mighty Mouse voice overs up through 1961 when the little fellow mad his last film appearance.

Related image

1955 Comic Book

Image result for mighty mouse comic book

Year Unknown – 78 RPM

Year Unknown – 78 RPM

1970 – 45

Popeye The Sailor

Popeye was the creation of E.C. Segar – the feature first appeared in 1929 in a comic strip called “Thimble Theater”.  “Popeye” became the title a few years later.  Segar had earlier created comic strips titled “Charlie Chaplin’s Comic Capers (1917) and the “Barry the Boob” (1918).

Image result for elzie segar and popeye

The first primary characters in “Thimble Theater” were Olive Oyl, Castor Oyl and Ham Gravy.  “Popeye” came along when Olive required a boat captain – Popeye was followed quickly in the strip by “Wellington Wimpy” who absolutely loved hamburgers!

Popeye-meets-ali-baba crop.jpg

Wimpy and Olive

Image result for wimpy eating hamburgers

“I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today”

I would be amiss if I didn’t mention Popeye’s usual nemesis “Bluto” another sailor – The generally went at it pretty good but I recall cartoons which the duo sorted of aligned against some other evil.  Very disturbing was all the grunting and mumbling which emerged from Bluto during fight scenes – Popeye as well.

On another note – the voice of Bluto was non other than Pinto Colvig – the voice of Bozo the Clown and also the bark of Pluto the dog!


And then there was Popeye and his magic formula – Spinach!  Not sure if the cartoonist was receiving a kickback from Del Monte or what but Spinach!!!

Image result for popeye and spinach

Image result for popeye comic book

Children’s 45 – “Popeye”

Children’s 45 – “Popeye Songs of Safety”

Children’s EP 45 – “Popeye”

Children’s 45 – Captain Paul and the Seafaring Band – “I’m Popeye the Sailor Man”

45 – The Nomads – “I’m Popeye The Sailor Man” – February, 1961

Group out of Michigan City, Indiana. Band members were: Ron Hinshaw (sax), Ken Noveroske (guitar), Ed Swanson (piano), John Cleveland (bass) and Steve Hornyak (drums).

45 – Huey Smith and the Clowns – “Pop-Eye” – Charted Number 51 Pop – January, 1962

Image result for huey smith and the clowns

45 – Wardell and the Sultans – “The Original Popeye” – January, 1962

45 – Ernie K-Doe – “Popeye Joe” – January, 1962

Image result for ernie k-doe

45 – Lloyd Price – Popeye’s Irresistible You” – February, 1962

Image result for lloyd price

45 – Leroy Jones – “Check Mr. Popeye” – February, 1962

45 – Joe Tex – “Popeye Johnny” – February, 1962

Image result for joe tex

45 – George Hudson – “I’m Popeye The Sailor Man” – March, 1962

King Curtis was on this session – George Hudson was a New York DJ

45 – B.B. King – “Mashing the Popeye” – May, 1962

Image result for b.b.king

45 – Shelton Dunaway with the Cup Cakes – “Mary Lou Doin’ The Popeye” – May, 1962

Image result for shelton dunaway singer

45 – Chubby Checker – “Popeye” – Charted Number 10 – August, 1962

Several episodes of “Popeye the Sailor” featured Popeye and Olive participating in dance contests

45 – Ray Stevens – “Popeye and Olive Oil” – August, 1962

Image result for young ray stevens

45 – The Sherrys – “Pop Pop Pop-Pie” – Charted Number  35 – August, 1962

Co-writer David White was a former Junior of “Danny and the Juniors”

45 – The Tornados – “The Popeye Twist” – November, 1962

45 – Sugar Beat – “Popeye (The Hitch Hiker) – November, 1962

45 – Don Covay – “The Popeye Waddle” – December, 1962

45 – The Robins (not the later Coasters) – “Doing the Popeye” – 1962

45 – Little Caesar and the Romans – “Popeye One More Time” – 1962

Image result for little caesar and the romans

45 – The Orlons – Pop Pop Pop-Pie

Image result for the orlons

45 – Hughie Garrity and the Hollywood Playboys – “Too Pooped to Popeye” – January, 1963

45 – The Buttons – “Popeye Does The Mashed Potatoes” – February, 1963

45 – Jerry McCain and His Harmonica – “Turn the Lights On Popeye” – March, 1963

45 – B. G. Ramblers – “Hey Mr. Popeye” – 1963

45 – Joy Vendors – “Popeye Line” – 1964

45 – Robin Williams – “I Yam What I Yam” – November, 1980

Popeye Movie Poster

Woody Woodpecker

Woody Woodpecker was created by Walter Lantz in 1940 – Lantz was the creator of many strips and animations including “Oswald the Lucky Rabbit”, “Andy Panda”, “Pooch the Pup”, “Homer Pigeon”, “Chilly Willy”, “Hickory, Dicory and Doc” and many more.

Image result for walter lantz and woody woodpecker

Image result for woody woodpecker comic book

78 – Glenn Miller – “Woodpecker Song” – Charted Number 1 – 1940

Image result for glenn millerandre

78 – The Andrew Sisters – “Woodpecker Song – Charted Number 7 – 1940

Image result for andrew sisters woodpecker songImage result for andrew sisters

78 – Kay Kyser – “Woody Wood-Pecker – Charted Number 1 – 1948

Image result for kay kyser

78 – The Sportsmen and Mel Blanc – “Woody Wood-Pecker” – Charted Number 2 – 1948

Related image

78 – Danny Kaye and the Andrew Sisters – “Woody Wood-Pecker” – Charted Number 18 – 1948

45 – The Baja Marimba Band – “The Woody Woodpecker Song” – May, 1964

Image result for baja marimba band


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