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February 19, 2020

Discovering Otis – the ‘Colorado Connection’

Back a few years ago I explored a claim which was made in a Denver Post article – a feature related to Denver’s Morris “Morey” Bernstein.  That article put forth a few startling claims:  Namely that Bernstein “discovered” Jan and Arnie and more surprisingly Otis Redding!

Morey was an interesting character and locating information about his past and career is a little difficult.  He was born in the southern Colorado town of Capulin and resided in east Denver for a good period of time.

Morris Bernstein

Bernstein was the owner of a downtown Denver nightclub “Morey’s Baby Grand” which I believe became the “Piano Lounge”.

Regular performers at the “Piano Lounge” included Charlie Burrell and Leon”Rags” Ragsdale.  Burrell was one of two pioneer black musicians in the Denver Symphony Orchestra.  Leon Ragsdale performed with an incarnation of the Ink Spots while residing in Denver.

Morey also became the owner of the “Keyboard Lounge” out on West Colfax – probably a follow up project to the downtown venues.

During Morey’s lifetime he is cited as having composed more than 600 songs.  His days in the music recording industry originate back to his brief partnership with Al Kavelin who was the founder of Lute Records in California (see my “Kavelins” page here).

Al was the founder of the Lute Records and also Trans-World.  Lute would most famously be the label that enjoyed the monster 1960 hit “Alley Ooop” by the “Hollywood Argyles” namely Gary Paxton and Kim Fowley, two very interesting characters to say the least – both now deceased (Fowley below left – Paxton right – Visit my Kim Fowley Page Here & my Gary Paxton Page Here)

In the early days of these labels, Bernstein indeed was involved and it was probably during that period that Morey would have possibly come into some contact with both Jan and Arnie as well as Otis Redding – but as the son of Al Kavelin relates on my Kavelin page – not anything approaching a “discovery”.

Back to Otis Redding

Otis traveled from Georgia to Los Angeles in search of a musical beginning and found the going very rough when he arrived.  There is a great book out now – considered the official biography of Otis Redding, published in 2017 “Otis Redding An Unfinished Life” by Jonathan Gould the author of the Beatles’ narrative “Can’t Buy Me Love”.

To sum up the Bernstein/Redding story: While in search of a recording opportunity in L.A. Redding was brought to the attention of Al Kavelin who was flush with money resulting from “Alley Ooop’s” tremendous success.  And so Otis was brought on board – directed to the famous Gold Star recording studio – was reinforced with a formidable army of supporting musicians – and then laid down his first tracks ever.

Backed by Earl Palmer, Rene Hall, Ernie Freeman, Plas Johnson and the vocal group “The Blossoms” with Darlene Love.  Otis would record three tracks and one by upstart R&B singer Jackie Alton Avery.  After the session was done, Kavelin elected to release his first Otis Redding/Avery single with “She’s Alright” on one side by “The Shooters Featuring Otis” and with “Tuff Enuff” on the flip side by Avery and the Shooters.

The name “Shooters” was selected taking a lyric line out of “Tuff Enough” – being “just a shootin'”.  The record would come out on Kavelin’s Trans-World label in October of 1960.

The composer was Jimmy “Mack” McEachlin who had taken Redding under his wing to locate a record label.  McEachlin would go on to some acting roles – most notably Clint Eastwood’s “Play Misty For Me” in 1971 and continue to dabble in the recording industry.

Jimmy Mack

The other two tracks featuring Redding from the Gold Star session were “Gamma Lama” and “Gettin’ Hip”.  Those tracks would later surface in Spain and France in 1967 and 1968 but not on a U.S. label.

Al Kavelin was excited about his Redding/Avery session and rushed out to cut a $100 dollar check for both artists.  Avery eagerly accepted his but Otis was nowhere to be found.  After a little investigation Kavelin, and MeEachlin (and others) would learn that young Otis had promptly purchased a one way ticket with his $100 back to his home in Macon where his girlfriend Zelma was expecting a child.

To pay the bills Otis would join a local Macon group called the Pinetoppers and bide his time in the background.  His day in the limelight would eventually arrive.  He would sign on with the Stax-Volt record family in 1962 and would land his first charting single on his first try; “These Arms of Mine” going number 20 R&B and number 85 Hot 100.

The Pinetoppers (Otis in the back on microphone

A string of charting singles would follow 30 in all – 12 of those coming after his tragic death in an airplane crash on December 10th, 1967 – His highest charting recording ever was the first release after his death “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay” which went number 1 – his only number 1 – both Hot 100 and R&B.

Number One – February, 1968

Crafty Morey

Morey Bernstein was very capable of pulling a shenanigan here and there and he would with Otis and Al Kavelin.

According to Al’s son Frank (who continues today to operate the Lute Record Label, “Morris Bernstein was my father’s partner in Lute Records and its affiliated label, Trans-World. My father was the founder and president of these and other labels. It is our home address that appears on these labels (8601 W. Olympic and 164 N. LeDoux Rd). I never knew what role Bernstein played, other than perhaps promotion. The partnership did not last long, nor did it end well.”

Not well at all.  Morey headed back to Denver where he would re-form the Finer Arts record label.  While packing up his belongings in Los Angeles, his travel bag would apparently include some material from the Kavelin vault including two of the Redding tracks as well as material from the early Finer Arts label in California including the “Hollywood Argyles”.

NOTE:  Morey at one time also claimed to have composed the words to “Alley Ooop” as well as discovering Jan and Arnie and Otis Redding.

So in 1966, in Denver, Bernstein must have felt it was safe to re-issue the Otis Redding tracks since Otis was flying high on the nation’s charts.  This was when he released Finer Arts FA-2016 – but with this single crediting Otis on both sides vs. Jackie Avery.

The Glencoe address listed on the Finer Arts recordings was apparently the east Denver home of Bernstein.

Bernstein on Glencoe Street

Feeling confident, Bernstein took out a couple of advertisements in Billboard and Cash Box magazines both in the respective November 12th, 1966 issues for the Redding single.  To my knowledge, this single never charted on any local radio station survey.  Otis would appear in Denver on April 19th, 1966 – not sure of the venue.


What About the Hollywood Argyles? And Jan and Arnie? (and Morey?)

A did the Hollywood Argyles come to Denver to record for Finer Arts?  One band member recalls swinging through Denver after a performance in one of the southern states but I contacted group founder Gary Paxton before he passed away and he told me he had never been in Denver.

He did say that Bernstein had offered him some production jobs and so on but that he worked on those from afar.  Notice that the “B” side of the Hollywood Argyles’ record shown below released in December of 1961 was composed by Paxton.  Both sides were produced by Paxton.

These tracks were no doubt recorded in Los Angeles but probably pirated once again by Bernstein.

This from Al Kavelin:

“My father recorded Jan and Arnie who had a minor hit with “Jenny Lee.” This was before my father started Lute Records and before he ever met Bernstein. Jan replaced Arnie with Dean, got a major label deal and the rest is history. If Bernstein ever met them, it would have been through my family. My sisters ran with the same crowd as Jan and Dean.”

Colorado’s Terry Miller

And finally, interestingly, a Colorado singer, Terry Miller, had strong Bernstein ties.  Most of the tracks on his six singles were composed by Bernstein.  Further in February of 1960, Miller had a single “I’m Available” released by Kavelin’s Lute label.

Then, Miller’s final two singles, both on Reveille Records, had three of the four tracks produced by Gary Paxton.  All in the family it seems!

Miller – I have been told by a pioneer Denver rock and roll musician, left Denver broke after living for a time in the musician’s family’s home – where he was not so kindly asked to depart after occupying the living room couch with his girl friend for several nights!


The Frantic Frantics/Frantic

December 16, 2019

Psychedelia Comes to the Rockies! – The Frantics Colorado Connection

The Frantics – Colorado Springs Days

The original Frantics’ lineup from 1966:

  • Max Byfuglin ~ Vocals, Tambourine
  • Don Kingery ~ Drums
  • Bill Koglashak ~ Bass
  • Doan Moak ~ Rhythm Guitar
    Kim Sherman ~ Lead Guitar

The 1970 lineup as “Frantic”:

  • Max Byfuglin ~ Vocals, Tambourine
  • David Day ~ Bass (Wanderers – 1966 Montana Group – joined The Frantics in 1967 – later to “Whitehorse”)
  • Dennis Devlin ~ Guitar
  • Jim Haas ~ Keyboards
  • Phil Head ~ Drums
  • Kim Sherman ~ Lead Guitar

This group came out of Billings, Montana to establish themselves in Colorado.  The band is cited as being an early pioneer of psychedelic music.  They made their way around the country – for a time in New York City and then a stint in New Mexico before finally finding a base in a Colorado Springs nightclub called “Kelker Junction”.

During their time in New York they would mingle and jam with east coast musicians – one in particular of note – Jimi Hendrix!  I am thinking  that during their stay in New York they somehow hooked up with the Sunco Records label and this is where they released their Sunco single probably in 1966.  Another group who transplanted to Denver around this same time – and who also recorded three singles for Sunco was the “Fantabulous Jags”.

Denver’s Fantabulous Jags – On Sunco Records

Like many Colorado-based bands, the Frantics would find their way into Norman Petty’s studio in New Mexico.  The band had two sessions in Clovis, the first in the summer of 1968 and the second in December of that year.  They were working with Petty on recording a full long play.  Two members of the Frantics composed a few songs which Petty recorded with other bands.  One of these was titled “Think About It”, but the effort lacked the power of the Frantics’ version and went nowhere.

The tracks that the Frantics laid down for their LP eventually first surfaced in 1994 with the release of the “Relax Your Mind” CD on the Collectibles label (below).

In 1966 and 1967 the group performed on the same billing as many prominent touring acts including England’s “Yardbirds” and “The Who”,  “The Young Rascals”, “The Everly Brothers” and the “McCoys” to name a few.

Eventually the group would relocate to Los Angeles modifying their name slightly to “Frantic” in 1970. During that time the lineup underwent nearly total overhaul with Byfuglin and Sherman being joined by four new members.  One of their first appearances out west was as the famed “Whiskey-A-Go-Go”.

Frantic – circa 1970

They would finally get to take a shot at a long play when they signed on with the “Lizard” record label and one resulting 45 rpm release (both shown below).  By 1971, things were cooling off and several members moved on while others continued playing around Los Angeles.

Fortunately, the Frantics’ “Route 66” from Clovis made it onto a couple of releases from the “Garageland” label (shown below).

Montana’s “Wanderers” pictured with Chan Romero (David Day in this group)

Image result for chad romero singer

Montana’s Chan Romero

The Wanderers were from Billings, Montana and first formed in 1965.  They won Montana’s 1966 “Battle of the Bands”.  They recorded one single on the Warrior record label which was owned by Chan Romero.  A handful of singles were released on Chan’s label – very obscure – including one by the Pueblo, Colorado garage band “The Trolls”.

Wanderers Photo Teen Town 66

Frantics/Frantic Discography

45 – Sunco SR 1008 – The Frantics – Route 66 b/w La-Do-Da-Da  Released most likely 1966 late or early 1967

(If this record came out in 1967 that would indicate that the Frantics re-recorded the “A” side in Clovis with Petty in 1968)

45 – Lizard 21002 – Midnight to Six Man b/w Shady Sam – Released 1970

LP – Lizard A20103 – Conception – Released 1970

45 EP – Garageland EP 5 – “Punk Classics Presents: Vol. 5 Six Wild Covers! – Released 1987

(with “Route 66” by the Frantics)

CD – Collectibles COL-0570 – The Frantics – Relax Your Mind – Released 1994

CD – Garageland #13 – “Punk Classics” – Released 1995

(with “Route 66” by the Frantics)

CD – UK Big Beat Records CDWIKD 262 – The Frantics and Others – “Get Ready To Fly: Pop-Psych From the Norman Petty Vaults” – Released 2007

(Contains “Just For A While” and “Think About It” by the Frantics – Also contains tracks by three other Colorado-based groups, “White Lightning” from Pueblo, “The Livin’ Ends”, from Denver Cherry Creek High School and “The Daniel Paul Revelation from Loveland, Colorado)

LP – Lost Sounds Montana – The Frantics (& Others) – “Long Time Comin’ (Lost Sounds From the Treasure State Vol. 1 – 1958-1969 – with “Route 66” and “La Do Da Da” by the Frantics – Released 2015

(Interesting: Chad Romero was a friend of “The Wanderers” and he too made his way to Colorado for a time during the 1960’s – Also, this CD contains a track by The Wanderers – “”Don’t Pity Me”)

LP – Lost Sounds Montana LSMT002 – The Frantics – “Birth” – Released 2018

CD – Nor-Jak-Music NVJCD11 – The Frantics – “Birth” – Released 2018

(This collection came via the guys who acquired the Petty tracks Shawn Nagy and Greg Walker – the Clovis recordings were released directly from original master tapes)

Related Releases by Frantic Members

David Day

(David Day’s real name is David Merril Havlicek)

45 – Chrislon AC 102 – David Day – Dance Her By Me (One More Time) b/w A Lifetime of Missing You – release date unknown

45 – Christ 122 – David Day – Bobby (Played Guitar in A Dance Band) b/w If You Really Want Me To I’ll Go – release date unknown)

45 – Warrior L-140 – Wanderers with David Day – Don’t Pity Me b/w Give Me All You Got – Released 1966

Jimmy Haas

45 – United Artists UA-XW553 – Jimmy Haas – Love Is Loving You b/w Ridin’ On a Rainbow – Released 1974

45 – United Artists UA-XW696 – Jimmy Haas – “I Don’t Believe In Miracle” (promo issue)

Denver’s Rock ‘n Roll Royalty

December 14, 2019

A Good Day for Rock and Roll

(December 12th, 2019)

Left to Right: Myself – Royalty: Ray Sekera – Pete Tracy – Larry Higgin – Joe Holonbek

Had a great mid morning meet-up with my good friends on Thursday this week!

Had the pleasure of joining up with Larry Higgins, Joe Holonbek, Ray Sekera and Pete Tracy – getting caught up on who is doing what – and just general chit chat about music now and back then.

Joe Holonbek

Joe Holonbek has played guitar for decades – an original member of the “Saints” and “Freddie and the Hitch-Hikers” – both groups who recorded on Band Box Records.  Joe is still performing around town in small venues and at private gatherings.  “I tried retiring one time,” Joe told me. He concluded, “I couldn’t do it.  I was born to play music.”  Beyond rock and roll, Joe has given us a wealth of country music and is an inductee (and one-time president) of the Colorado Country Music Hall of Fame.

The Original Saints - 1959

Joe Holonbek’s with the Saints

Joe had some great memories to share recalling his time with Wayne Thompson, son of Odie and Olivia Head, transplants to Denver who recorded and performed as “Shorty and Sue Thompson” primarily on the Denver “Ace”.  Their son Wayne would play for a time with “The Saints” as well as “Freddie and the Hitch-Hikers” before moving on to national fame primarily as a composer (he did release more than 40 singles on his own or with groups).


According to Larry, the Thompson’s resided for a time somewhere in Arvada, just off of 44th Avenue near Wadsworth.  I wondered aloud if Wayne may have attended Wheat Ridge High School or possibly Arvada, and Pete Tracy replied “No, he went to George Washington” (in Denver).  Must have moved to central south Denver.

Wayne became “Wayne Carson” and (as Posted previously in my Blog) wrote the national charting songs “The Letter” and “Neon Rainbow” for “The Box Tops”.  (Visit my Thompson Post Here)

Carson - 1943 - 2005

The late Wayne Head/Thompson/Carson

Ray Sekera

Daleks Left to Right: Joe Aparicio – Ray Sekera – Larry Higgins

Ray Sekera is a well-traveled veteran of the Colorado rock and roll scene.  Along the way he was a member of “The Checkmates” in the 1960’s fronted by Denver’s Frankie Rino, “The Daleks”, who performed often at “Sam’s” on Lookout Mountain, “The Pete Tracy Trio”, “Triangle” and “The Syndicate”.

After hearing Joe’s comment about being unable to retire from music, he stated flatly, “It’s a disease”.  I asked him what was a disease and he responded, “Playing music.  You never get over it.”

I threw out a comment to Ray and Larry, who both played up at Sam’s.  “I can’t even imagine what they were thinking when they opened a 3.2 joint (3.2 beer being legal back in the 1960’s in Colorado) high atop Lookout Mountain with it’s treacherous hairpin curves leading up to the summit.”

Ray responded that he couldn’t recall a single fatal accident during the nearly seven years he played at Sam’s.  But Joe chirped in that he remembers many mangled automobiles littering the steep hillsides having gone over either by accident or intentionally pushed.  “Those wrecks just remained where they crash landed”, Joe recalled.  “They just couldn’t get to them to remove them.”

Today Ray is playing solo around Denver’s venues.  He bills himself as “Uncle Ray – Familiar Music”.  Give him a call!

Larry Higgins

Hitch-Hikers 01

The Fabulous Hitch-Hikers

My good friend Larry Higgins is a true Colorado Rock n’ Roll pioneer.  He too played with Ray in the “Daleks”, “The Pete Tracy Trio”, “The Syndicate” and “Triangle” all with Ray, and earlier with groups that recorded on Band Box, “Freddie & the Hitch-Hikers”, “The Gigolos” and “The Valiants” and “Milt Watson’s Wildest Clan” – His appearances on the Band Box label, in my mind, earn him the title “Mr. Band Box”.

Larry is a walking-talking encyclopedia of the early Denver music scene and I would be lost on these pages without his recollections and great memory!

Larry related a tale from the past when the Hitch-Hikers appeared in Commerce City at the high school – The sponsors inadvertently headlined Larry as the group leader due to his being the contact person for the group – Larry was a bit worried on how leader Freddie Aldridge would react – but all was well.  Freddie took it in stride and the “Rock ‘N’ Roll” dance was a success!

Pete Tracy

It was a special treat to have Pete Tracy join our group once again.  Pete has had his health challenges but maintain’s a great attitude.  He always provides great memories and contributes insightful comments making our meet-ups very special.  Pete fronted the “Pete Tracy Trio” with Larry and Ray – and earlier was a member of the Band Box recording group “Dean Carr and the Corvettes”.

Pete Tracy with the Corvettes on this Band Box Subsidiary

I asked Pete if he knew of or had a photo of the “Corvettes” and he said he knew of one that was taken back in the day at City Park in Denver – The group posed in front of – yes – a sparkling – boss – shiny Corvette!  Got to find that photo….

Our conversations on Thursday covered the gamut, and have me scrambling to locate additional information for these pages.  Potential topics”

  • Drummer Ray Anderson (“Buck Shot Andy”) and his Gene Krupa connection
  • Wayne Thompson (Wayne Head/Carson)
  • Superb musician Bill Dyker (Dean Carr Corvettes)
  • Dean Carr (apparently still alive and well in Denver – We will look for him)
  • The mysterious Bobby Miller (from the Hitch-Hikers)
  • Mike McAdams
  • Tony and Ray Romero (not brothers)
  • The Broncos
  • Sam’s
  • Frankie Rino
  • and more!

It was truly a great day for Colorado Rock ‘n Roll!  As always – nothing could be better than seeing my friends – the guys who got it all started and who continue to spread the spirit!

The Clinger Sisters & The Colorado Connection

December 3, 2019

Remembering the Adorable Clingers!

…. and Peggy Clingers’ sad tale from Boulder, Colorado

I once owned a single by a group of which I new exactly nothing – “Shoop Shoop De Doop Rama Lama Ding Dong Yeah Yeah Yeah” – I am certain I picked it up due to the “yeah, yeah, yeah” reference along with the possible British Invasion novelty connection and certainly due to appearing on Vee Jay’s Tollie Label.

The Clinger sisters’ story begins in their birthplace in their hometown of Orem, Utah – four daughters born into a Mormon family with an age span of six years, singing together for the first time in 1956 when Peggy (age 8), Melody (age 10) , Debra (age 4) and Patsy (age 6) kicked off their musical career performing locally covering King Sisters and McGuire Sisters songs.

The girls are often cited as “the first rock girl group” and seeing how they were performing as early as 1956 – this just might get them the qualification for the title.

Other Clinger siblings would join in along the way but the group was always anchored by Peggy, Debbie, Melody and Patsy – sometimes joined by  Leesa and Jeanette Clinger.

Seven Clingers!

Clingers on Hollywood A-Go-Go with Host Sam Riddle

Hollywood a Go Go (1964)

Hollywood A Go Go Ran Two Seasons – 1965-1966

The Clinger family would relocate to Brea, California located southeast of Los Angeles, the move, no doubt, providing greater access to the entertainment world.  The Clinger Sisters first big break came when they were invited to appear on the Andy Williams television show which led directly to becoming ‘regulars’ on the Danny Kaye TV show starting in 1963, and remaining with him for three seasons.  During that time they released one long play recording singing along with Kaye and a few tracks.

Interestingly Brea, California’s Wikipedia page citing “notable people” does list vocalist Norma Zimmer of the Lawrence Welk Show, but no mention of the Clingers. For that matter, Orem, Utah’s listing of “notables” includes a couple of “So You Think You Can Dance” finalists (gag me with a spoon) but excludes the Clingers who performed for 4 decades!  Marie Osmond is also listed – having moved to Orem at some point – I can accept Marie.

From there they landed many television appearances performing or singing along with the Smothers Brothers, Glen Campbell and accompanying Bob Hope for a couple of his ‘entertaining the troops’ programs.  The Cash Box article below from August of 1964 attests to a busy summer  touring schedule of State fairs including Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and New York.

In 1967 it appears that the Clinger Sisters had signed a contract with Terry Melcher’s Equinox Records and even had a song scheduled for release “Quick, Close the Door Before They Find Us” but I don’t believe it saw the light of day.

The Clingers Sign with Melcher

Clingers at the “Riv”

Starting in 1964 the sisters would release a series of recordings (five total) placing them firmly within the ‘girl group’ genre of the times.  I have included a video below of their 1964 appearance and interview on the TV show “Hollywood A-Go-Go” back in 1964.  The sisters were simply darling and worked their harmonies extremely well.

Many sources site Patsy as being an original member of the group but often Leesa Clinger is referenced instead.  Not sure exactly who Leesa was but she does not appear to be with the later 1969 “Clingers” lineup reference below.  I have an idea that “Lessa” may have been the oldest sister “Melody”.

Clinger Punk and Beyond

Garage Punk Clingers

In the 1969 the sisters took a dramatic turn in musical direction, working under the influence of the always adventurous and extreme Kim Fowley.  The results were definite Fowley influenced – a single on Columbia Records which has become a much sought-after and difficult-to-find ‘garage-punk’ classic “45 –  “Gonna Have A Good Time b/w And Now You Know Me”.  I’ve included a live appearance video below – sound quality not the best but you can enjoy a good version on YouTube.

Clingers Sign With Columbia – December, 1968

The Clingers would release one single on the Forward label in 1969 which contains a very nice rendition of the Beatles’ “Blackbird” – with great sister harmony!.

Their final U.S. release as a foursome would come in 1970 on MGM Records.  From there the girls would pretty much go their separate ways, with Debbie, and Peggy sticking pretty much to the world of music and entertainment.

Clinger Sisters Scrap Book

Clingers Documentary DVD and Feature In “Ugly Things” Magazine Spring/Summer Issue 2015

Visit the Clinger Sisters Web Site

(Click On Image)

Debra Clinger

Mattel Living Dolls and the Rock Flowers

Debra had an interesting career – quite wholesome it appears – A Few years after the Clingers parted, Debra would join a trio called “Rock Flowers”.  Other members were Rindy Dunn and Ardie Tillman.  The “Rock Flowers” were interesting as their persona was picked up on by Mattel Toy Makers.

Not sure which concept came first, but Mattel Toys would create an entire line of dolls which closely approached the appearance of the rock group members.  When you explore the world of the Mattel version you will see there were more than three dolls created.  In the Mattel world – Ardie became “Rosemary”.  Rindy was aligned with “Heather” and Debra would become “Lilac” more or less.

Mattel’s Rock Flowers

The three Rock Flowers – with Rindy being replaced by Jacquie Wiseman, would back Tom Jones on his 1972 U.S. tour.  The recordings on the “Wheel” label shown below were actually distributed exclusively with the Mattel dolls and accessories.  A complete CD set was released with an 8 page booklet by Mattel as well in 2018.

Cash Box November, 1971

Debra and The Cattanooga Cats

Debra Clingers’ involvement with the 1969-1970 television program was to be one of the two voices behind the scenes along with Michael Lloyd.  This was a Mike Curb production.  The program was intended to provide competition for the children’s TV program by Hanna/Barbera “The Banana Splits”.  Debra’s sister Peggy contributed to song writing for the series as well.

Debra with Kaptain Kool and the Kongs

Debra would next move onto another creation created by Sid and Marty Krofft titled “The Krofft Supershow” in 1976 running for three seasons.  The “Kongs” Michael Lembeck (Kaptain Kool), Debra Clinger (Superchick), Mickey McMeel (Turkey) Louise DuArt (Nashville) and for the first season only Bert Sommer (Flatbush).

The Kongs would appear for the first two seasons and then would be replaced by England’s Bay City Rollers in season three.

Kaptain Kool and the Gang (The Kongs) – Debra Clinger on the left

Debra Clinger in “Midnight Madness”

This 1980 film would feature Michael J. Fox making his motion picture debut.  The plot was a bit wacky with five teams to compete in “The Great All Nighter” – Debra Clinger is “Laura” of the “Yellow Team”.  It would be five more years before Fox would star in “Back to the Future” and two years before he would be cast in “Family Ties” – a TV series that ran for eight seasons.

Debra on “American Girls” TV Show

This was a short lived series which lasted for only a part of one season.  Eleven installments were filmed but only six made it onto screen before it was cancelled.  The show depicted to television journalists “Rebecca Tomkins” portrayed by Prisclla Barnes and “Amy Waddell” by Debra Clinger.

After the show was cancelled, Priscilla would move on to take Suzanne Somers place on “Three’s Company” in 1981 as “Terri Alden”.

Debra Clinger and Priscilla Barnes – “American Girls” All The Way!

Peggy Clinger – Colorado Connection

Now we come to Peggy Clinger and her sad story.  Peggy – as can be seen from the discography below – was a talented and versatile composer and singer.

Peggy and Johnny Cymbal

Johnny Cymbal of “Mr. Bass Man” fame and later of “Cinnamon” fame as “Derek”, met and fell in love with Peggy Clinger in the late 1960’s.  The two would team up on many compositions (below) working initially for the Chelsea Record label.

Cash Box October, 1972

Cymbal was born in Scotland in 1945 John Hendry Blair.

At some point during their relationship, Peggy would find her way to the Colorado town of Boulder, most likely in 1972 or possibly 1973.  The pair would not only compose but traveled together performing around the U.S.  At some point Cymbal must have come through or spent time in Boulder to visit or be with Peggy – and in 1973 he released a single “Boulder Colorado” under his last name “Cymbal”.  Peggy is listed as the co-arranger on this single.

Sadly, Peggy Clinger would pass away as the result of a drug overdose while residing in her Boulder home.  Peggy’s death sent Cymbal into the lowest point of his life.  The couple had broken up before her death but this didn’t lessen the impact on Johnny.  He, in turn, went into a deep depression and also fell into the control of drug addiction.

He eventually emerged – cured – and turned to Christianity and eventually back into music in the Nashville scene.  He still had his struggles, divorcing twice during his Nashville years – and then suffering a fatal heart attack at age 48.

I can only imagine the sadness that the Clinger family experienced at the loss of sister Debbie.

The Clinger Sisters Selected Discography

The Clinger Sisters’ first several singles (three on Tollie) were definite shots at the ‘girl group’ sound as well as a little take-off on the arrival of the Beatles on their first 45.

LP – Peter Pan Records – Danny Kaye with The Clinger Sisters,” etc. – Released 1963

45 – Tollie 9020 – Shoop Shoop De Doop Rama Lama Ding Dong Yeah Yeah Yeah b/w The Lipstick Song – Released August, 1964

45 – Tollie 9035 – Golly Mom b/w Puppet – Released November, 1964

45 – Tollie 9038 – What Can I Give Him b/w Jingle Dingle Do – Released December, 1964

45 – Jo-Bee 1001 – How About Him b/w Lean Back Baby – Released 1965

45 – Jo-Bee 1002 – Children Laughing b/w Bread and Butter – Released 1965

45 – Columbia 4-44766 – Gonna Have A Good Time b/w And Now You Know Me – Released January, 1969

45 – Forward 107 – Something Here In My Heart b/w Blackbird – Released July, 1969

45 – MGM K 14110 – Round Round Round b/w Mean It – Released February, 1970

Peggy Clinger Discography

45 – Marina 502 – The Mookie Mookie Man b/w The Pool Shooter – with Johnny Cymbal – Released September, 1971

45 – Chelsea 78-0106 – God Bless You Rock ‘n Roll b/w Forever and Ever – with Johnny Cymbal – Released October, 1972

45 – Chelsea 78-0112 – The Dying River b/w A Little Bit No, A Little Bit Yes – with Johnny Cymbal – Released November, 1973

LP – Chelsea 1002 – Cymbal and Clinger – Released 1972

45 – Forward 123 – Cattanooga Cats – Mother May I/Johnny Johnny Jump Up – Released September, 1969

(Peggy Clinger co-wrote this along with her sister Debra while still together as the Clinger’s and provided vocals)

45 – Forward 142 – Merry-Go-Round b/w Country Carnival – Released 1970 – vocals in-part by Debra Clinger

45 – MGM K-14166 – Bill Cowsill – Wish I Could Say the Same About You – Released September, 1970

45 – American International 151 Judd Hamilton – Rules b/w Someday Morning – Released 1970

Judd Hamilton began his musical life working for the Ventures and then became a member and lead vocalist for the studio group “The T-Bones” of “No Matter What Shape” fame.  His brother was Dan Hamilton of “Hamilton, Frank & Reynolds”.  Dan Hamilton would also join the T-Bones with Judd in a second line-up.

45 – American International 163 – Judd Hamilton – Sunshine Man – Released 1970

45 – Bell 45,260 – David Cassidy – Rock Me Baby – Charted Number 38 Hot 100 – co-writer with Johnny Cymbal –  Released August, 1972

45 – His Master’s Voice – Johnny Farnham (Australia) – Rock Me Baby – Released September, 1972

45 – Bell 45,336 – The Partridge Family – Something’s Wrong – co-writer Peggy Clinger – Released March, 1973

45 – A&M 1605 – Keith Hampshire (Canada) – Forever and Ever (Baby I’m Gonna Be Yours) Released 1974

45 – MCA 40273 – Cher – I Hate To Sleep Alone – composed by Peggy Clinger – Released July, 1974

Image result for cher bono

Debra Clinger Discography

The Rock Flowers were Debra Clinger with Rindy Dunn and Ardie Tillman

45 – Wheel 32-0032 – Number Wonderful b/w Mother You, Smother You – “A” Side Charted Number 95 Hot 100 Charts – Released October, 1971

45 – RCA Germany 74-16143 – Number Wonderful b/w Mother You, Smother You – Released 1972

45 – RCA Brazil WHS-4001 – Number Wonderful b/w Mother You, Smother You – Released 1972

45 – Wheel 32-0033 – You Shouldn’t Have Set My Soul On Fire b/w Sunday Dreaming – Released March, 1972

45 – Wheel 32-0037 – See No Evil b/w Image Of You – Released 1972

45 – Wheel 32-0039 – Double Scoop – Released 1972  (Stereo/Mono Shown)

Composers Johnny Cymbal and Peggy Clinger

45 – Wheel 32-0042 – Put A Little Love Away b/w Always Call Me Up When You’re Lonely – Released 1973

LP – Wheel 1001 – “Rock Flowers” – Released 1971

LP – Wheel 1002 – Naturally – Released 1972

LP – Peter Pan 8221 – Kaptain Kool and the Kong’s – Released 1978

LP – Epic JE 35447 – Kaptain Kool and the Kongs – Released 1978 (Promo)

LP – Epic Canada 35477 – Kaptain Kool and the Kongs – Released 1978

45 – Epic 8-50627 – And I Never Dreamed b/w Crazy Girl – Released 1978

CD – Area 251 – Rock Flowers In Bloom 1971-1973

(This was a special project in 2018 which conducted a campaign to raise funds to make it happen – Not sure if this CD and booklet was ever released)

BACK and FRONT CD digipak

CD artwork for June 2018 release

The Clinger Sisters Shoop Shoop De Doop Rama Lama Ding Dong Yeah Yeah Yeah – 1964

The Clingers “Gonna Have A Good Time Tonight” – 1969


Colorado Springs Record Show Coming Soon!

October 30, 2019


Christopher Davis of the ‘Springs’ has announced his first collectors’ record show event coming soon:


Colorado Springs Record Show
November 10, 2019
Venue: The Masonic Center
1130 Panoramic Drive, 80904

(Located “just five minutes up the road from I-25 and Exit 145” Christopher Reports


Early Bird Admission: 9 am – $10.00 Ticket
General Admission: 10 am – $3.00 Ticket
Show Hours 10 am until 4 am

Sellers Tables: $55.00 each (6′ Tables)

Click on the image above to visit the Colorado Springs Record Show Event – Christopher has posted a PDF file with additional information for vendors including a sign-up sheet, etc.






Double Header Colorado Record Expos Coming Soon!

October 6, 2019

Denver & The Springs: Big Vinyl Events on the Way!

Colorado vinyl and music collectors will be excited to have two events coming this Fall – About Time!

Denver Record Collectors FALL Expo 2019


Ramada Plaza Northglenn
10 E, 120th Avenue
Northglenn, CO 80233

Times & Costs

General Admission: 10 am – $2.00 Ticket
Show Hours 10 am until 4 am

Sellers Tables: $70.00 each (6′ Tables)

Click on the image above to visit the Denver Record Expo – to access Seller Info and General Show Information

Web Site:



Big K Productions, LLC.
35 S. Russell Court
Lakewood, CO 80401
fax: (303)393.1529
email: karen@bigk.com

Colorado Springs Record Show

Christopher Davis of the ‘Springs’ has announced his first collectors’ record show event coming soon:


Colorado Springs Record Show
November 10, 2019
Venue: The Masonic Center
1130 Panoramic Drive, 80904

(Located “just five minutes up the road from I-25 and Exit 145” Christopher Reports

Times & Costs

Early Bird Admission: 9 am – $10.00 Ticket
General Admission: 10 am – $3.00 Ticket
Show Hours 10 am until 4 am

Sellers Tables: $55.00 each (6′ Tables)

Click on the image above to visit the Colorado Springs Record Show Event – Christopher has posted a PDF file with additional information for vendors including a sign-up sheet, etc.

Web Site:





Vinyl Show Coming to Colorado Springs November 10th!

October 2, 2019

Save the Date Vinyl & Music Collectors!

Christopher Davis of the ‘Springs’ has announced his first collectors’ record show event coming soon:


Colorado Springs Record Show
November 10, 2019
Venue: The Masonic Center
1130 Panoramic Drive, 80904

(Located “just five minutes up the road from I-25 and Exit 145” Christopher Reports

Times & Costs

Early Bird Admission: 9 am – $10.00 Ticket
General Admission: 10 am – $3.00 Ticket
Show Hours 10 am until 4 am

Sellers Tables: $55.00 each

Click on the image above to visit the Colorado Springs Record Show Event – Christopher has posted a PDF file with additional information for vendors including a sign-up sheet, etc.

Web Site: