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Chess 7-Inch Extended Plays/Picture Sleeves

The Chess family of labels released very few seven-inch extended plays and picture sleeves concentrating on long play art instead.

Cadet PS 5618 – Marlena Shaw – “Looking Through the Eyes of Love” b/w “Anyone Can Move a Mountain”

Cadet Concept PS 7019 – Friend and Lover – “Hard Lovin'” b/w “Colorado Exile”

Checker EP 1479 – Howlin’ Wolf – “Howlin’ Wolf”

Checker EP 5118 – Chuck Berry – “After School Session/Head Over Heels”

Checker EP 5119 – Chuck Berry – “Rock and Roll Music”

Checker EP 5121 – Chuck Berry – “Sweet Little 16”

Checker EP 5122 – The Moonglows – “Look! It’s The Moonglows”

Checker EP 5125 – Bo Diddley – “Bo Diddley”

Checker EP 5126 – Chuck Berry – “Sweet Little Rock and Roller”

Chess Picture Sleeve 1795 – “Theme From the Devil’s Hand”

Chess Picture Sleeve 1883 – Chuck Berry – “Nadine” b/w “O’ Rangutang”

Chess Picture Sleeve 1898 – Chuck Berry – “No Particular Place to Go” b/w “You Two”

Chess Picture Sleeve 1906 – “You Never Can Tell” b/w “Brenda Lee”

Chess Picture Sleeve 1912 – Chuck Berry – “Little Marie” b/w “Go, Bobby Soxer”

Chess Picture Sleeve 1926 – Chuck Berry – “Promised Land” b/w “Things I Used To Do”

Chess Picture Sleeve 1927 – Benice Swanson – “Lying Awake” b/w “Baby I’m Yours”

Chess Picture Sleeve 1943 – Chuck Berry – “It Wasn’t Me” b/w “Welcome Back Pretty Baby”

Chess Picture Sleeve 2020 – Wayne Cochran – “Some-A’ Your Sweet Love” b/w “When My Baby Cries”

Chess Picture Sleeve 2075 – The Chicago Cubs – “Sing”

Checker PS 931 – Bo Diddley – “Say Man” b/w “The Clock Strikes Twelve”

Checker PS 944 – Dale Hawkins – “Poor Little Rhode Island” b/w “Every Little Girl”

Checker PS 950 – The Cwazy Wabbits – “The Bunny’s Easter Song” b/w “Who Says It’s Puppy Love”

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