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Colorado 1960’s Garage Groups Part 2 – Fabulous Cyclones thru The Young Savages

The Fabulous Cyclones (Denver)

Band Box - Fabulous Cyclones

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The Fabulous Fremonts (Pueblo)


  • Irenez Chavez
  • Henry Garcia
  • Vic Macheto
  • John Rivera
  • Jose Ortega; John Trujillo

ASSOCIATED BANDS:  Soulmen – Burnt Mill Road – The Gents – The Chevelles – Sugar n’ Spice – Ortega Brothers

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The Fabulous Raindrops (Commerce City)

Another Infal Records band from Commerce City, little is known of this group.

  • Spike Martinez
  • Ricky Martinez

The Fantabulous Jags (Denver)

Fantabulous Jags 02

Fantabulous Jags 03

Not merely fantastic nor fabulous – but Fantabulous! That was the Kansas-come-to-Denver band The Fantabulous Jags – and they were! I had the pleasure of watching them perform a few times at the Pussy Cat A-Go-Go along the Platte Valley in Denver. They put out a haunting sound rich with echo vocals and reverb. I recall seeing various band members in West Denver coming and going from Arlan’s Department store which was located on Sheridan Blvd., right next to radio station KIMN.

They must have resided near-by. My wife worked as a cashier there as a young girl and saw band members often entering the store. Their presence there may be explained by a conversation I had with fellow Denver West High Cowboy – Bill Ponikivar (Class of ’64) – He relates that a couple of the Jags resided at the Bugs Bunny Motel on West Colfax in Lakewood which was mere blocks away from Arlans. Now how in the world would Bill know that I wonder?


(Above: The old “Bugs Bunny” Motel and today’s version “modern” version of the “Bugs Bunny” Motel sign now the “Big Bunny” – Probably had a lawsuit with Looney Toones Cartoons or Mel Blanc or something.)

The hair! Nothing quite like those hair-do’s! Denver vinyl record store employee and local expert Mike Stelk told me that The Jags recorded on the New York Sunco label which was more of a vanity label – There are very few known artists with releases from Sunco – I have only located one by The Frantics -Sunco 1008 – “La-Do-Da-Da” b/w “Route 66”. Here is the best narrative I could locate regarding The Fantabulous Jags.

Denver's Fantabulous Jags - Pussy Cat A-Go-Go Regulars

Denver’s Fantabulous Jags – Pussy Cat A-Go-Go Regulars

  • Dolph Ybarra – sax
  • Bud Dorman – bass
  • Harold Little – drums
  • Jack Potucek – guitar (Comancheros/Kansas)

45 – Sunco 1003 – Matilda/Hitch Hike

Sunco 1003 - Fantabulous Jags - MatildaSunco 1003 - Fantabulous Jags - Hitch Hike
45 – Sunco 1006 – Be My Baby/Magic Wand

Sunco 1006 - Fantabulous Jags - Be My Baby Sunco 1006 - Fantabulous Jags - Magic Wand
Sunco 45 – 1oo7 – My Babe/My Heart Cries

Sunco 1007 - Fantabulous Jags - My Babe Sunco 1007 - Fantabulous Jags - My Heart Cries

The Fantastic Zoo

Members of this band had been with Denver’s Fogcutters in the mid 1960’s.

Appeared in Colorado Springs at the Soul City Auditorium on March 10th, 1967 with the Boenzee Cryque, The Kandy Store Prophets  and the Northside Moss (Thanks to Karen Eifler Feb 13, 2020)

45 Double Shot 105 – Midnight Snack/This Calls For a Celebration – 1966

Fantastic Zoo - Double Shot 105 - 66 - A
45 – Double Shot 109 – Light Show/Silent Movies – 1967

Fantastic Zoo - Double Shot 109 - A - 67

Fargo (Grand Junction)

This group has it’s roots with a Grand Junction group called “The Garfield Air Mattress”.  The group evolved into “The Tuesday Club” releasing one single on the Philips label and then finally becoming “Fargo” and releasing one single on Capitol Records.  Their Capitol recording was produced by Coloradoan and national recording artists/composer Marty Cooper.

In 1969 the group released an LP on the RCA Label titled “I See It Now”.

  • Tony Decker
  • Dean Wilden
  • Daryll Cooper
  • Pete Frease.
  • Randle Potts
  • Bob Holman.

45 – Capitol 2149 – “Sunny Day Blue” b/w “Robins, Robins” – 1968


LP – RCA – LSP 4178 – “I See It Now” – 1969

fargo-rca-lp-a fargo-rca-lp-b


Fat Frier & Friends (Denver)

(see “The Divinity of Pure Sound)

The Fender Benders

Another “discovery of Frank Slay – frequent music executive visitor to the Colorado area

  • Jack Van Horn – guitar

45 – Vermillion V-1926 – “XKE/Drag Strip – 1964

45 – Chicory 403 – “Scooter” b/w Head’n’ Shoulders One Two Three – 1966

Fetal Pig

“Hi. Great information. I was the bass player for Fetal Pig. It was formed by Steve Oas the drummer and myself. Scott Segal was on guitar and we all were students at DU. The band played all around Denver, were the house band at a bar called the 8th Infinity and our largest gig was in the fall of 69 with Vanilla Fudge and Sweetwater at the DU Arena. I would be curious if anyone remembers us and even better if anyone has any photos ? Peter Chapel”

  • Peter Chapel – Bass
  • Steve Oas – Drums
  • Scott Segal – Guitar

From Karen Westrall – April 7th, 2020:

“My sister and I attended the Sweetwater concert that Fetal Pig opened for – and still talk about it all these years later. I was class of ’72 at DU. She was visiting from Minnesota.”

The Finders Keepers (Denver)

Formed around 1965 and ran until the end of the 1960’s.

  • Mike Kicklighter – guitar
  • Jim Lochman – drums
  • Charlie Nicola – lead guitar
  • Rush Rhoads – rhythm guitar
  • Jim Taylor – bass

The Five Hearts

45 – Delft M-863 – “I Cry For You” – (blank back side) – 1963

The Five To Many Band (Denver)

This band evolved from a band called “The Accents”  – They played at the “Red Dog” 3.2 club among other venues

  • Jim Pennetta (The Accents)

The Flameouts (Colorado Springs USAF)

Not likely that a group of Air Force Cadets could be accepted as ‘garage rockers’ but that is exactly what these guys did. Garage Hangover Blog Spot tells more. They formed at the Academy near Colorado Springs in 1966. Their single on the Columbia subsidiary label in Hollywood and was issued with a picture sleeve sold for just over $100 in the summer of 2013. The song was backed by the Academy who decided later not to sponsor any more recording sessions. Most of the band members went on to become combat pilots.

  • Dan Eikleberry – guitar (Chandells/Nebraska – Coachmen/Nebraska)
  • Tom Mravak – deceased
  • Jerry Becker
  • Bill Berry
  • Gary Mueller – drums
  • Mason Botts – bass
  • Bill Todd – bass (Hollywood studio musician – not a Cadet)
  • Dan Lavrich – bass

45 – Columbia/USAF 66 – I Won’t Cry/Fun Girl – 1966

Flameouts - USAF 66 - 66 - PS Flameouts - USAF 66 - 66 - PSB

Flameouts - USAF 66 - 66 - A USAF 66 - FLAMEOUTS - ADD B

The Flintstone Bros. (Pueblo)

Tony Martinez was part of this group – He was from Trinidad, Colorado and released a Mexican single on the Musica Del Corazon label out of Trinidad.

45 – Bed Rock 2962 – “Tortured Mind” b/w “Hungry Hungry Hungry”

Flying Whale (Manitou Springs)

  • Blaine Reininger – bass (Tycoons, Sands of Time, Lime, Wheat, The Ellis Brothers, The Flying Whale, The 25th Hour)

From Blaine: March, 2020: “Hi. My name is Blaine Reininger. I happened upon your blog listing all Colorado garage bands and was amazed to see that you had listed all of my bands! Even my grade school band The Tycoons. Wow. Thanks. Now the link between The Tycoons and Tuxedomoon can be seen.

I lived on the east side, so went to Fountain Elementary, Risley Jr. High, and East High, from which I graduated in 1971. I attended two years at USC (SCSC, whatever name it is known by now). I played in the Pueblo Symphony in 1972 and 1973. Also, you have one of my bands being called “Flying Wheel”, where it was actually “Flying Whale”. I didn’t see “The 25th Hour” listed in your bands, except as related to me. It featured the great Gary Fowler who was better known for other bands he was in later.

So many bands. It was really a wonderful scene in Pueblo in its heyday. The excitement of the live bands at the State Fair convinced me that that was what I wanted to do, play music, be in a band.”

The Fogcutters (Denver)


They formed while students at Denver University in the mid 1960’s. I only saw them once – during college days at CSU on College Avenue probably in 1966. Listen to their local smash hit – “Cry, Cry, Cry” – A few members went on in 1966 to form The Fantastic Zoo who recorded on the national Double Shot record label.

Group Members:

  • Eric Karl (Fantastic Zoo – Bodine)
  • Don Cameron (Fantastic Zoo)
  • Bill Casper
  • Mike Jouette

KIMN Radio Survey – May 31st, 1965

KIMN Radio Survey – June 13th, 1966

45 – Carthay 777 – Cry, Cry, Cry/You Say – 1965

Fogcutters - Carthay 777 - A 65 Fogcutters - Carthay 777 - B 65
45 – Liberty 55793 – Cry, Cry, Cry/You Say – 1965

Fogcutters - Liberty 55793 - A Fogcutters - Liberty 55793 - B
45 – Charter 1217 – I Want Your Love Again/Casting My Spell – 1966

Fogcutters - Charter 1217 - A Fogcutters - Charter 1217 - B

45 – Charter 1218 – It’s My World/That’s Where I’ll Be – 1966

The 4 Nicators (Denver)

This 1960’s group played at the nightclub “The Bull and Bush” among other venues

The Four M’s/The Martinez Brothers (Denver)

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45 – Infal 160 – Create a Disturbance/Serca De Me (Near Me)


Four M's - Infal 160 - A Four M's - Infal 160 - B

The Foxx (Denver)

Freddie and the Hitch-Hikers

Hitch-Hikers 07

  • Larry Higgins – drums
  • Freddie Alridge – guitar/vocals
  • Bobby Miller – guitar
  • Jerry Spiva – bass
  • Bobby Leo – sax
  • Fred Underwood – guitar
  • Wayne “Carson” Thompson – guitar

ASSOCIATED BANDS: Gigolos – Daleks – Valiants – Saints – Pete Tracy Trio – Milt Watson’s Wildest Clan

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The Frantics/Frantic (Colorado Springs)

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The Frogs

The Fugitives

(Need more information on this group – They appeared at the Denver Auditorium as shown here in the Spring of 1965)

KIMN Radio Survey – April 4th, 1965

The Fuzz (Denver)

Performed between 1965 and 1969

  • Gary Seastone – lead guitar
  • Don Sterkel – keyboards
  • Peter Taylor – drums
  • Henry Vera – rhythm guitar
  • Don Yamamoto – bass
  • Joe Mascaranas – bass

Appeared at the KIMN 1st Annual Teen Music Talent Show Auditorium Arena 1365 Curtis Street (Thanks to Karen Eifler Feb 13th, 2020)

The following came in from Fuzz drummer and lead vocalist Peter Taylor:

“We were playing at the Denver Buddhist Center in that picture (below). The one band member not in the picture was the keyboard player, Don Sterkel – you can see the edge of his piano on the far right of the photo. We all attended Thornton High School, except senior year, when a couple of us went to the brand new Northglenn HS which just opened (class of 1967).

None of us played in another band before Fuzz, nor after (during that period of time). I’ve been playing in bands over the last 10 years, but nothing since Fuzz till now. I was drummer and lead singer then and am now harp and guitar and vocals.

My most memorable event from that most amazing musical time was playing the Denver coliseum for the KIMN battle of the bands. As I recall bands were selected by number of votes turned in by fans. We had vote signing events in our high school gym where boxes and boxes of ballots were turned in by our loyal fans (what fun!).

I’ve never played before so many people in my life and probably never will. We opened with “Feel a Whole Lot Better” by the Byrds and it felt great!! Again, hoping memory serves me, I recall both Thrush and our band Fuzz were selected to cut a record as part of the “win”. Don Whitley (sp?) out of LA, I think, was to fly back to the coast and we would hear later on how to proceed with record contract. We later heard that his small plane had crashed on the way back to Calif. and he was killed.

If any of this is verifiable, I would sure love to find out for sure. After a lot of time, stories can become fuzzy when never hearing anyone else tell the same story. I haven’t been in touch with the guys to reaffirm this. Our lead guitar player, Gary Seastone died a few years ago (I miss him). Don Yamamoto, bass guitar, is living in California, near San Francisco. Henry Vera, rhythm guitar still lives in Northglenn. I believe Don Sterkel, keyboard, is living in Boulder or Denver but I’ve not been able to contact him.

I’m Peter Taylor, drummer and lead vocals and I live now in Crestone, CO where lots of music is to be found, including the Crestone Music Festival (Crestfest.org). I’ll see if I can track down a photo or two for you.”

And this comes in from a high school classmate – Rod Martin: (March, 2016)

“Pete, I went to Northglenn and remember you and the band very well. I missed the last reunion a few years back but I heard you all played again. I remember your duet in the assembly with Gayle and the battle of the bands.  All the times I saw the Fuzz, it was you, Gary, Henry, and Joe Mascaranas played bass.  Thanks for the memories and here’s to making many more.  Rod Martin”

Peter Taylor: January, 2018 “I love seeing these stories about the bands back in the day. I still consider those times as the best of my life … yes, the best! I played in a period band, “Fuzz” and had the time of my life … living the dream. (there is a mention of us here on this fabulous blog, under “Colorado Local”, I believe. Rock on!”


The Fuzz (Trinidad)

  • Murray Watson – drums

The Galaxies (Denver)


Formed around 1965 – Visit the Denver Eye to read more about this Denver foursome (photo above from The Denver Eye).

  • Mick Emerson – lead guitar (The Pleasant Street Blues Band – also recorded solo on the Crested Butte record label)
  • Bill Nichols – bass
  • Myron Pollock – drums
  • Dan Smyth – keyboards

Appeared on November 11th, 1965 at the Denver Auditorium with The McCoys, Freddie and the Dreamers, and The Boenzee Cryque –  (Thanks to Karen Eifler Feb 13th, 2020)

The Galaxies appeared at the Chilton Lounge in Pueblo in the 1970’s

Finished sixth place in KIMN’s 1965 Battle of the Bands

The Gallery – Boulder

45 – Mira 252 – “Little Boy Blue” b/w “Little Balloon Lady – 1968

MIRA 252 - GALLERY - 2-68 NEW (1) MIRA 252 - GALLERY - 2-68 NEW (2)

The Garfield Air Mattress (Grand Junction)


  • Daryll Cooper
  • Bruce Lambert
  • Pete Frease
  • Terry Tezak
  • Tony Decker
  • Upon the departure of Tezak and Lambert, Dean Wilden joined from Utah.

Most members of the group attended Mesa College in Grand Junction with the exception of Bruce Lambert who was attending Grand Junction High School when they formed in 1966.  They would later become “The Tuesday Club” signing a national recording contract with Mercury and with a release on the Philips record label in 1967.

After “Tuesday Club” the group would become “Fargo”.  (See the Tuesday Club listing for more on this group).


Genesis (Denver)

Formed around 1969.

  • Marc Gonzales – bass – (The Mergers – Offspring, Brass Monkey – 3.2 Blues to Go)
  • Ed Gallegos – lead guitar & vocals (The Basements – Founder Offspring, Distance, Mestizo)
  • Charlie Vigil – vocals – (Bluetones – Offspring – Maul and the Cutups) – deceased
  • Albino Cordoba – guitar & vocals
  • Gil Cordoba – keyboards & vocals (The Ravens)
  • Nick Garcia – drums & vocals (3.2 Blues To Go)
  • Paul Garcia – Drums
  • Sam Kortnicki – Trumpet (Brass Monkey)
  • Steve Webber – Tenor Sax
  • Lloyd “Buttons” Trujillo – Keyboards
  • Richard Velasquez – Keyboards
  • Jim Quintana – Percussion / Background Vocals

45 – Rayo 107 – Time is All We Need b/w Follow the Sun

Rayo 107 - Genesis - Time is All We NeedRayo 107 - Genesis - Follow the Sun

The Geneva Convention (Fort Morgan)

L-R: Dick Walker, Gary Sagel, Mike Williams, Jon Wacker, George Sears

The Gents (Pueblo)

  • Jose Ortega

ASSOCIATED BANDS: Fabulous Fremonts

Gerry & The Bluetones

The Gigolos with Don May (The 4 Gigolos)

Gigolos 03

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Ginger Blu (Colorado Springs)

  • Bob McConnell – guitar (Band X)

Giuseppe’s Fabulous Delrays

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The Golden Gate Doorknob

The group is from out of state recording on this local label – Need more information on this 1960’s Colorado garage band

45 – Coroa 101 – “Grass Roots” b/w “All You People” – October, 1969


45 – Philips 40640 – “Grass Roots” b/w “All You People” – October, 1969


Johnny Green and the Green Men

Appeared at Denver University Stadium with Herman’s Hermits and Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders

The Green Men

The Green Giants

“The band called The Green Giants was originally formed in Southwest Iowa by two musicians from Shenandoah and two from Bedford.

  • Bob Biers – lead vocalist
  • John Gibson – bass guitar
  • Jim Hutson – lead guitar
  • Bill Leacox. – drums

45 – Round & Round 4501 – “You’re Going to Lose That Girl”/”Pity Me” – 1966


The Grouse (Colorado Springs)

The Half Doesn’t (Denver)

Formed around 1968 – Here is Bob Yeazel’s fine account of Jerry Corbetta.

  • Jerry Corbetta – Keyboards (McCoys/Denver – Brambles – Voices of Mute – Chocolate Hair – Moonrakers* – Sugarloaf)
    *played a short recording stint with The Moonrakers

The Henchmen (Pueblo)

Henry & The Montereys (Pueblo)

  • Henry Gonzalez

The Hi Blues (Pueblo)

Formed 1967 – Bob Yeazel’s web site tells all about The Hi Blues via John Grove.

  • Kent Able – organ
  • Tom Bowman – trumpet – departed 1968
  • Dave Flores – sax
  • John Grove – bass – (Band X – October 1968 then Joint Session in 1969 – Kemikol – Little Ricky & The Roosters – Tractor – Starr 1972 – Aloha)
  • Pat McCown – guitar
  • Al Volpe – drums
  • Dominick Todero – trumpet – arrived 1968 (The Beast – Karma)

High John (Boulder)

Formed in the fall of 1964

Appeared at Tulagi 3.2 Night Club Boulder, Colorado September 19th and 20th, 1969; Appeared at Giuseppe’s February 26th, 1971; Appeared at the Hidden Valley Ranch – Northwest of Boulder on Highway 36 – February 14th, 1974 (Thanks to Karen Eifler Feb 13th, 2020)

The High & Mighty (Pueblo)

The High & Mighty formed in the mid 1960’s with members attending Denver’s East High School – They disbanded in about 1969

Visit Lisa Wheelers’ Blog Entry Here


  • Larry Shuford
  • Scott DeTurk
  • Bill Blackburn – bass
  • Milton Fender
  • Larry Duran

The High Seas

45 – DMG 4000 – Sunday Kind of Love/We Go Together – 1960


The Higher Elevation/T.H.E. (Greeley)

Higher Elevation


The Higher Elevation evolved from Greeley’s Monocles in the Summer of 1967. According to Bob Yeazel’s web page – The Higher Elevation passed on both “Incenses & Peppermints” and “Acapulco Gold” by Colorado composers Tim Gilbert and John Carter (University of Colorado students).

That seems like a stretch because Frank Slay sent the audio track for “Incense and Peppermints” to Carter/Gilbert for lyrics with The Strawberry Alarm Clock already targeted for the release. But who knows. But the band did follow Colorado bands The Rainy Daze and The Boenzee Cryque onto the local Chicory Record label and then went national with Liberty Records.

  • John Floth – lead guitar – (The Monocles – Deep Rock) – deceased
  • Rick Hull – bass (The Monocles)
  • Peter Johnson – keyboards (The Monocles – The Status Seekers – Fat Emma Brother Song)
  • Bob Saunar
  • Tim McDonald (The Avantis)
  • Peter Saunar
  • James Krug
  • John McDonald

45 – Chicory 408 – The Diamond Mine/Crazy Bicycle – 1967

45 – Liberty 56016 – Here Comes Sunshine/Thoughts of Lila

45 – Liberty 55035 – Country Club Affair/Summer Skies

45 – Liberty 56094 – Odyssey/Highway 101

Monocles - EL - Here Comes Sunshine Monocles - EL - Thoughts Monocles - EL - Wizard of Love Monocles - El CB Affair Monocles - El Good Time

45 Extended Play Set Bootleg (with one track by The Higher Elevation) – Raxco Records – 002 – The Diamond Mine

The Hound Dogs (Denver)

The Hound Dogs were actually Denver’s Blue Rhythms recruited to perform for a premier showing of Fabian’s motion picture “Hound Dog Man” which was shown at Denver’s Centre Theater.


(All members of the Blue Rhythms)

  • Paul Jennings
  • Marvin Ross
  • Lee Chandler

The Imperials IV

The Inner Sounds (Littleton)

  • Dave McDonald – guitar
  • Doug Heath – bass
  • Phil “Flip” Carter – drums
  • Kenny Vaughan – guitar

(See The Jonny III listing in the Colorado Punk section)

“Hello, I was in Band Box Studio on a Saturday morning with my father sometime in late 1966 or 1967. We’d gone there to investigate recording my neighborhood band that started in the fall of 1966 in Littleton. The band went through several names, The Innersounds, Spox Creation, and Amos. The members were Dave McDonald on guitar, Doug Heath on Bass, Phil “Flip” Carter on Drums and myself, Kenny Vaughan on guitar.

Today Kenny Vaughan lives in Nashville and is a member of Marty Stuart’s band “The Fabulous Superlatives”.

Intensive Soul (Denver)

Nick Carranco, Johnny Carranco, Lonnie Sailas and Joey Cruz

The Intrigues

Finished eighth place in KIMN’s 1965 Battle of the Bands

Jade (Pueblo)

This group formed in 1969 in Pueblo. Read the entire Jade story on the Pueblo City Limits Blog site. This is a very difficult single to find.  Below is a photo taken May, 2016 of Jade guitarist Marty Spritzer with Colorado DJ/Historian Lisa Wheeler just after signing her discovery of a rare copy of “That Was Yesterday “.

  • Monty Baker – bass (Trolls – New World Blues Dictionary)
  • Marty Spritzer – guitar (Ange & The Wild Turkeys – Radiants/MN – Chandells – One Night Stand/later group)
  • Murray Watson (The Fuzz – Joint Session)
  • Cabell Shepard – keyboards (New World Blues Dictionary)
  • Jerry Suthers
  • Ernie Watta – guitar (Teardrops – later band Crushed Velvet) – deceased

45 – Jade 769 – That Was Yesterday b/w I’m Leaving You – 1969



Japetus appeared at Sams on Lookout Mountain

Jessie & The Juveniles

See The Band Box Discography Page



Jinx performed at Roller City in Alameda (West Denver area) and the Bastille among other venues around Denver

  • Robin Owen – vocals
  • Greg Pflucker – guitar
  • Randy Pabst – guitar
  • Rick Peny – guitar
  • Mike Brierley – drums – writer

The Joint Session

Formed in 1969 until 1971

  • John Grove – bass (Hi Blues – Band X – Kemikol – Little Ricky & the Roosters – Tractor – Starr – Aloha)
  • Dan Krall – vocals/guitar
  • Brad Rice – guitar
  • Craig Stilson – guitar
  • Scott Thomas – drums (Starr)
  • Mike Green – drums
  • Bobby Montoya – guitar
  • Murray Watson – drums – replaces Thomas (Jade)
  • Joe Yates – drums – replaces Watson

Joplin Forte (Aspen)

The “Original Joplin Forte” a late 1960’s group who performed out of Aspen, Colorado in the Jerome Hotel.  The LP below is from 1968.  Two members of the group – Dennis Coats and Gary Carlson later joined the Canadian group “The Original Caste” who had earlier charted with “One Tin Soldier” in November of 1969 (#34).  Coats and Carlson joined the Caste in 1972.  Before departing, Dennis Coats composed the two Dunhill tracks shown here.

Two Shamley 45’s were released by the group in late 1969, nearly at the very same time period when Denver’s Moonrakers were recording for Shamley (during their Christian Era) when they released several 45’s and an LP.  The “Sing Along with Bonnie & Clyde” LP is a curiosity appearing on George Garabedian’s novelty oriented “Mark56” company.

Image result for jerome hotel aspen colorado

Aspen’s Jerome


  • Dennis Coats (banjo)
  • Gary Carlson (lead guitar)
  • Pat Ball (rhythm guitar)
  • Monte Papke (acoustical bass)

LP – Shamley 702 – “Ain’t Misbehavin” – 1969



45 – Mark 45 – 904 – Imagining b/w Halloween

LP – Mark56  – “Live Oak and Terry with The Original Joplin Forte – Sing Along with Bonnie and Clyde”

(Produced for Phillips 66 Petroleum)

45 – Shamley 44010 – “Ain’t Misbehavin’ b/w “You Might Be The One To Change My Mind”


45 – Shamley 44014 – “This Time” b/w “Changing Woman”


45 – Dunhill D-4226 – “The Ballad of Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid” b/w “Special Kind of Woman”

Justice (Southern Colorado)

The Kandy Store Profits (Denver)

They apparently recorded at least one single on Denver’s Infal Records.

Appeared in Colorado Springs at the Soul City Auditorium on March 10th, 1967 with the Boenzee Cryque, The Fantastic Zoo and the Northside Moss (Thanks to Karen Eifler Feb 13, 2020)

Nancy Kaye & The Echoes (Denver)

See The Band Box Discography Page

Kemikol (Pueblo)

  • John Grove (bass)
  • Gary Fowler (lead vocals – guitar) – 25th Hour
  • Steve Calloway (guitar)
  • Leon Salazar (drums) replaced by Phil Head
  • John Withers (Hammond B-3 Organ) replaced by Dave Wilson (bass)

The Kicques (Northglenn)

L-R: Ron Suzuki, Max Watkins, Charlie Lyons, John Scifurt and Steve Suzuki

King Louie & The Laymen (Boulder)

Formed around 1964 and appeared at Boulder’s Tulagi’s and in Aspen, Colorado to name a few venues. Some members attended the University of Colorado.

  • King Louie – guitar, keyboards
  • Chuck Prewitt – bass
  • Ed Wunsch – guitar
  • Bill Gullette – drums
  • Bob Schmidt – guitar, sax


Formed around 1964 and appeared at Boulder’s Tulagi’s and in Aspen, Colorado

The Kiwis (Pueblo)

Information courtesy of bass player John Grove:

The band won the 1966 “Battle of the Bands” at Pueblo Memorial High School

  • Sam Cortese (guitar)
  • Dave Mihelich (guitar)
  • Sam Sandoval (bass) Replaced by John Grove (bass)
  • Leroy Gonzales (drums) – his brother was ‘Speedy’ from Pueblo’s Trolls – Replaced by Doug Rigirozzi (drums)
  • Kent Abel – (organ)

The Lamplighters (Boulder)


  • Bill Berkhimer – guitar
  • Mike Chaffin – (Boulder Fairview High School)
  • Jim Nelson – bass – (Boulder Fairview High School)
  • Tom Bailey – rhythm guitar – (Boulder Fairview High School)
  • Steve Skeels – drums

Last Friday’s Fire

Appeared in Colorado Springs with The New World Blues Dictionary – 1964

The Laughing Wind (Colorado Springs)

Bob Markley.jpgImage result for michael lloyd record producer

  • Danny Harris
  • Shaun Harris
  • Bob Markley
  • Michael Lloyd

The Laughing Wind formed in 1965 with brothers Shaun and Danny Harris (who were born in Colorado Springs and moved to California in 1962), Bob Markley, Michael Lloyd and John Ware.  – They were also members of “California Spectrum”, “Markley”, “Brigadune”, “The Rogues” and “The Snow Men” – They would eventually become members of “The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band”.

45 – Tower 266 – “Don’t Take Very Much To See Tomorrow” b/w “Good to Be Around”  – 1966

45 – Tower 315 – “The Bells” b/w “John Works Hard” – 1967

The Leather Souls (Denver)

My high school friend Bill Pinickavar informed me that the Leather Souls were fronted by Jerry Corbetta later of Colorado’s “Sugarloaf” and they were the house band at Denver’s “Pitcher” 3.2 night club.

Other Members:  Wayne Jones – drums, Bob Yeazel (later of Sugarloaf and Beast) -guitar, Roger Bryant – bass, Harvey Richardson

Appeared at “The Pitcher” on June 1st, 1966 – (Thanks to Karen Eifler Feb 13, 2020)

This from Leather Soul drummer – Wayne Jones: “When I wasn’t working, I was at Corky Young’s house and we were jamming. We played all the old standards of the times.  Mustang Sally, Midnight Hour, Johnny B Good, etc, it seemed like we always had an audience. One of our friends, Ron Morgan would come down and jam with us.  He was in a band called the Wild ones and they played all over Denver. There was a group called the Astronauts, the lead singer was Rich Fiefield they were a Surfer Group and Played at the Baja Club in downtown Denver.  A 3.2 bar. Denver had a drinking law that allowed 18 year olds to drink 3.2 beer but the bars had to close by 12:00 pm. But they could stay open on Sunday’s.  The whisky bars had to close on Sundays so the teen bars would fill up with adults on Sundays.”

And: “Don Fleisher the owner of Galena Street East liked our band and he took us on as a Manager.  He began booking us all over Colorado.  We stayed busy as a group and the more we played the tighter we became. We were making money playing.  That was fantastic. When in Denver we played at JB’s 3.2 nightclub in Littleton but wanted to play some of the other clubs in Denver and the surrounding area. We played at JB’s in Littleton when we were in town.  We had a great following and would pack the place.  The Manager Barry Sebastian wanted to manage our group instead of Don Fleischer and we all agreed to give it a try.  It wasn’t long before he tried to dress us up like the Beatle’s or the Monkee’s and we had a real problem with that. We were not interested in dressing the same. We wanted to play.”

Ron Morgan Story from Wayne Jones (2012)

“I was engaged to Sheila Morgan, Ron Morgan’s sister when I was drafted in 1964. I had not seen her since my leave in July of 1965 and had lost track of her and Ron Morgan. I knew he was in California but that is all I heard.  I was living with Corky Young when I was in town.  He had a house in East Denver and I rented a room from him.  He was playing in The Mothers Children and doing well with his nightclub gigs.  One night when I came home Ron Morgan was there. He was staying there for awhile with Corky and had just returned from California where he was doing studio work. He worked with the Standell’s, The Association, Moby Grape, The Electric Prunes, and did studio work for Three Dog Night and the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band.  He was out of money and needed to go to work.  I told him about the Leather Souls and how I would like to get rid of Bob Yaezel and get a new lead guitar player.  I invited him down to JB’s to sit in with us.

When Ron Morgan was in California he was a member of Moby Grape, and a couple of other bands.  He also did the studio work for Three Dog Night with Jimmy Greenspoon the red headed organ player. Jimmy and Ron also did the studio work for an attorney named Bob Markley that called his album The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band. Ron had come back to Denver broke and when I saw him he asked if I could use him in The Leather Souls.  I helped him out.  We did not make any more money with him in the band and we all had to divide our payments five ways instead of four which was okay.

Ron asked if the band wanted to tour as the Wet Coast Pop Art Band.  Bob Markely had called and was looking for a group to learn the album and do the Teenage Fair Tour. I talked to Bob Markley several times about taking the name and touring as the West coast Pop Art Band and I asked him to provide me a contract, which I wanted from anyone we worked for.  I wanted a contract from him regarding payment for the show schedules, payment for practice to learn the album, travel expenses and all the essentials that you want included as a band and he never wanted to do that.  I guess it was to business like and he was a attorney.  He wanted to be a musician and run up and down the aisles rattling a tambourine.  That’s all he could do. He couldn’t sing and he couldn’t play and instrument he was like a male groupie.”

Some additional great 1960’s accounts of “The Leather Souls” at Wayne’s Web Site Here

The Legend/Jimerfield Legend (Durango)

  • Jerry Jimerfield (guitar)
  • Jack Duncan (drums)
  • Barry Davis (guitar)
  • Randy Russ (guitar)
  • Ernie McElwaine (keyboards)

This group was an evolution of the Durango Group, The Lords of London led by Jerry Jimerfield (now deceased). Jimerfield also headed up The Lords of London from Durango and recorded as The Obvious as well. The Megaphone LP below is very rare and it depicts likenesses of the group (with no identification of the five musicians on the backside cover. There is speculation that only studio musicians may have appeared on the actual recording (not verified), performing mostly cover numbers. Mystery also links The Legend with the mysterious “Dragonfly” LP (See The Lords of London entry).

The Megaphone single shown below does not appear on the Megaphone Legend LP – and none of the tracks on the LP were composed by Legend members and many are “covers”. Megaphone 701 however lifts two tracks from the Megaphone LP.

Megaphone 701 – The Kids Are Alright b/w Baby Blue – 1968

Megaphone 703 – Portrait of Youth b/w Enjoy Yourself – 1968




The Lidos (Aurora)

See the Band Box Record Label Discography

Lidos vs Status Seekers

LP – Archive International AIP 10027 – Highs in the Mid Sixties (Various Colorado Groups)

various-highs-mid-sixties-1 various-highs-mid-sixties-2

The Lime (Pueblo)

  • Blaine Reininger – bass (Tycoons, Sands of Time, Lime, Wheat, The Ellis Brothers, The Flying Wheel, The 25th Hour)
  • Mike Green – drums (Junk Yard Band – The Crew)
  • Don Debay
  • Ed Chapman

Little Ricky & The Roosters (Pueblo)

1960’s band from Pueblo, Colorado

Band members courtesy of bass player John Grove

  • John Grove (bass) – Grove was with many local bands including: The Hi-Blues – Band-X – Joint Session – Kemikol – Arizona Nightingales – Rocky Rat Review/Aloha (backing band for Jan and Dean revival tours)
  • Steve Montoya (guitar)
  • “Little” Ricky Terlep (guitar)
  • Scott Thomas (drums)
  • John Withers (Hammond B-3 organ)

The Livin’ Ends (Denver – Cherry Creek and Thomas Jefferson High School)

Visit the Livin’ Ends Garage Group Page Here

The Lords/Lenny and the Lords (Pueblo)

Information courtesy of bass player John Grove:

  • John Macklem – guitar (The Blues Agency – Band X)
  • Louie Scirotino – drums (The Blues Agency – Band X)
  • Scott Moore – (bass)
  • Bobby Salardino (guitar)
  • Mike Webb – (organ) (The Blues Agency – Band X)
  • Lenny Jimenez (vocals) – deceased

The Lords of London (Durango)

Lords of London 01

  • Rodger Jones – (ala Benjamin Stone) bass (Gerry and the Bluetones)
  • Tommy Beuton – guitar
  • Jerry Schoenfield
  • Jerry Jimerfield – lead guitar (Gerry and the Bluetones – The Bundys – The Legend – The Jimmerfield Legend – The Obvious – Dragonfly) deceased
  • Sid Leavell – drums

The Lords of London went through to distinct stages. The original lineup formed somewhere in the mid 1960’s – most likely in 1964. Rodger reports that they did visit Hollywood and recorded while there. The group at some point disbanded but apparently was reformed by leader Jerry Jimerfield. The new group made their way out to Hollywood and most likely this resulted in an much sought after LP called “Dragonfly”.

Controversy surrounds the recording of this LP (which occurred in 1968). Was there a group called “Dragonfly” or were they the reincarnated Lords? Read all about it here. – Also – the group was possibly also called “The Bundy’s” and may have recorded “Stay Away” under both names. “Stay Away/She Belongs To Me” was first release on Stop Records 1001 then on the Shot label.

I was going through a box of memorabilia that I kept through the years and decided to scan several pieces. I came across this postcard which I kept because it is from the old Family Dog days in Denver and makes reference to The Soul Survivors (not the Denver group but the “Expressway to Your Heart” group) appearing with the Box Tops.

Then I was looking closer and noticed the third group on the bill “Jimmerfield Legend” which absolutely has to be the reformed Lords! (Click on the backside of the card for a great Family Dog piece of art).

Jimerfield’s name is misspelled on the Family Dog postcard shown below.

Denv Scene Gen 09A Denv Scene Gen 09B

I am a collector of all things British Invasion as is evident by my British Invasion habit (Blog) – Always on the lookout for the obscure groups from that time period – 1964 – 1968.  And so I was delighted when I came across a group called The Lords of London!

I posted them as Invaders but it was soon brought to my attention by a “45 Cat” subscriber (“TokenHippie”) that I had discovered a Canadian group – which was okay by me.  They after all are cousins with the Brits.  Then Token followed up and sent me to YouTube where a discussion was going on about an entirely different group of Lords.  These Lords – it seems – were from the Western Slop town of Durango, Colorado – and pre-dated the Canadian Lords by a few years.


Now the confusion sets in.  Up pops a Blog post from a site call Psychedelicized – presenting a long drawn out narrative about a group called Dragonfly – or better – a group that was not really called Dragonfly.  Seems that the group behind this very collectible LP was a group called sometimes The Legend and sometimes the Jimerfield Legend – but were in fact the Durango group – The Lords of London!  This was around 1968 or so.  The group apparently found their way to the Colorado front range (Eastern Slope) and played venues in the late 1960’s including the famous Family Dog.

But at YouTube – there is a single being played by The Lords of London – “Little Lonely Summer Girl” and a discussion from a member of the band – the original bass player – Rodger Jones who went by “Lester Lukefodder”.  I managed to get in touch with him and he kindly sent me the photo of the original Lords shown above which included Tommy Beuten (standing in back), group leader Gerry Jimerfield (guitar), Sid Leavell (drums) and Rodger on the right side.

Rodger has no knowledge of the Dragonfly LP or any of the members of the group who played on that LP.  According to the Psychedelicized Blog site – Legend (or The Lords) consisted of Jimerfield, along with Barry Davis, Jack Duncan, Randy Russ and Ernie McElwaine.  Davis, Duncan and Russ had their roots in Texas bands.

But Rodger is not aware of any of these members – who appear to be a second rendition of The Lords.  Rodger reports “We were the original members, forming the band after Gerry and the Bluetones, a beer joint band we had in Durango in the early ’60’s. After I left, the bass player was Jerry Shoenfield – not sure of the spelling. We had no keyboard man in the original Lords of London. I did not know Barry, Jack or Ernie. In 1964-65 we recorded under the Lords of London name.”

The Psychedelicized article talks at length about the Lords time out in California in the late 1960’s.  I asked Rodger about that and he told me “We lived in Hollywood and North Hollywood and recorded at Wally Heider, Sunset Sound and Moonglow as well as a studio in El Monte – the name escapes me.  I left in 1966 and we did not record any LP prior to that.  As for the Dragonfly LP – I looked at it on-line and have no knowledge about it.”

Psychedelicized makes reference to the Dragonfly lineup working with Motown Records arranger Gene Page.  But the original Lords’ recordings of “The Sit Down Place” on Domain Cat #1421 was recorded in 1965 in California and was arranged by – Gene Page!

Collectors today pay 100’s of dollars for the Dragonfly LP.  Gerry Jimerfield has since passed away and no one knows where the other Dragonfly members might be.  Tommy and Sid both reside today in Durango.  My theory is that the Lords were reformed by Gerry in the late 1960’s and may or may not have used the name again – but might have opted for other names such as The Legend.

Here is the entire Psychedelicized Post.  Sort it out if you can.

Domain 1421 – Broken Heart C.O.D./The Sit Down Dance – 1965

Lords - Domain 1421 - 65 - A Lords - Domain 1421 - 65 - B
Domain 1423 – Little Lonely Summer Girl/The Cowboy – 1965

Lords - Domain 1423 - 65 - B Lords - Domain 1423 - 65 - A

Valiant 725 – On The Road Again/She Belongs To Me – 1965

Valiant 725 - Lords of London - On the road again

Shot 1001 – Stay Away/She Belongs to Me – 1966

Domain 1410 – Stay Away/I Don’t Need You – (as The Bundys)

Recordings – LP’s (as Dragonfly):

Lothar and the Hand People

Visit the Lothar and the Hand People Page


  • Paul Conley – keyboards (played along with Zephyr)
  • John Emelin (Lothar) – Theremin
  • Rusty Ford – bass
  • Kim King – guitar
  • Tom Flye – percussion

The Love Revolution (Colorado Springs)

Jackie Lowell with Duane Diamond & the Astronauts

See the Band Box Record Label Discography

45 – Cactus Cac 45-003 – “Rocket Trip”


45 – RMA 1013 – “Rocket Trip” (UK)


Bernie Lucas & The Golden Boys/The Sapphires (Commerce City)

Most likely the “Lucas” label was probably a spinoff of the Infal label in Commerce City. The Lucas single has sold on EBay for over $100. The Lucas label below is most likely an Infal release.

45 – Infal 135 – Positively 4th Street/Blue Feeling

Golden Boys - Infal 135 - A Golden Boys - Infal 135 - B
45 – Lucas 1009 – You Better Change Your Ways/Nature’s Boy

Lucas & Sapphires (1) Lucas & Sapphires (2)

Jimmy Luevano & The Five Lords (Denver)

Appeared at Amoto’s Capri Lounge on Broadway in 1960 – Notice the “Capri” label no doubt affiliated with the Venue!

45 Capri – Chittlin Pie b/w All Night Long


The Luv Revolution


Need more information on this 1960’s Colorado garage bands

Recorded song not released on vinyl:


The Magic Mice

(Mountain Music Web Site - Michael Stelk)

Maibe Handle (Colorado Springs)

(The Ceeds)

The Manderins (Denver)

See the Band Box Record Label Discography

Mando & The Chili Peppers

The Chili Peppers shown with legendary musicians Ray Charles and Larry Williams – Photo from collection of Larry Higgins – drummer for Freddie and the Hitchhikers)

This Texas group made their way into the Denver area sometime around 1957 according to Mike Selek of Black and Read Records in Arvada, Colorado. “I have no idea why they landed here” Mike stated. Their bio page says they left Texas in 1957 and went on tour in the western states which corresponds to their time here in Denver.

Local radio personality and Band Box recording artist Dick Dedrick told me that he believes that Denver activist Rodolpho “Corky” Gonzalez was associated with the group. Dedrick states “Corky was a great guy. I remember back in the mid-50s, he brought a record to the station where I was working, by Mondo and the Chili Peppers. He was their manager, I think. Also remember him from “Festival Espanol”, a TV show I worked on.”

A member of the Band Box group The Master Tones – Jessie Garcia – joined up as a member during their time in Colorado.

Here is what the Denver Eye says about their Denver connection:

“While technically a San Antonio band, Mando and The Chili Peppers played Denver so much that many fans thought they were from here. All-Hispanic rock and roll bands weren’t the norm back in the ’50s, and for the band to put an album out, and it’s a great album, in 1957 no less, seems like a miracle! And just look at that album cover! Golden Crest’s head honcho Clark Galehouse discovered the band in Denver while stuck here in a snowstorm. He also released local jazz-tenor great Phil Urso’s album The Philosophy of Urso shortly after the Chili Peppers LP, so he must have spotted Phil around the same time.”


The Marauders

Finished tenth place in KIMN’s 1965 Battle of the Bands

Marc & The Mystics


Markley was the last formation of “The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band”.  Members were Michael Lloyd, Bob Markley along with the brothers Danny and Shaun Harris – who both came from Colorado Springs.  Markley died on September 9th, 2003.  Lloyd had been with many groups including “Boystown”, “Friends”, “Raw Edge”, “The Chattanooga Cats”, “The Smoke”, “The Rogues” and more.

Danny Harris was with “Brigadune”, “The Laughing Wind”, “The Rogues”, and “The Snowmen”. Danny died on October 1st, 2012.  Brother Shaun Harris was also with “Brigadune”, “The Rogues”, “The Snowmen” with his brother Danny as well as “California Spectrum”, and “The Laughing Wind”.

LP – Forward ST-F-1007 – “Markley, A Group” – 1965

The Masons

Played at Sams’ on Lookout Mountain

The Mastertones (Denver)

Mastertones 01

See the Band Box Record Label Discography

This was another Band Box Records recording group

  • Milt Watson
  • Sonny Covington
  • Jessie Garcia
  • Larry Higgins
  • J.D. Scott

ASSOCIATED BANDS: Freddie and the Hitch Hikers – Milt Watson’s Wildest Clan – The Original Valiants – Daleks – Pete Tracey Trio

Maul & The Cutups (Denver)


From band member Tom Uharriet:

“This band started in 1960. They played in many venues including The Pussy Cat A-Go-Go, The Tiger A-Go-Go, The Merry Go-Round, The Seahorse in Greeley and others. They were one of Denver’s “big hair” bands aka The Fantabulous Jags who came into the Denver area from Kansas and migrated to Las Vegas.”

Played the Pussy Cat A-Go-Go, Tiger A-Go-Go, The Merry Go-Round and more

  • John Maul – sax, vocals
  • Bob Pickett – guitar
  • Tom Uharriet
  • Bill Martinez – drums, horns
  • Charlie Vigil – vocals (Bluetones, Genesis) – deceased

Don May & The Venusares

They played the Venue Lounge located in Aurora near Fitzsimmons Hospital on Colfax

ASSOCIATED BANDS: The Gigolos; The Mastertones

Don May also fronted “Don May & The Gigolos who recorded on Band Box records.  Drummer Larry Higgins does not recall this group (Venusares) but believes they formed after the Gigolos.

See the Band Box Record Label Discography


The Maybe Handle (Colorado Springs)


The McCoys (Denver)

See The Brambles with Jerry Corbetta. Need more information on this 1960’s Colorado garage band.

The Mergers (Denver)

  • Marc Gonzales

The Mersey Beats (Aurora)

Chuck Mills & The Monarchs (Denver)

Chuck Mills recorded with The Mastertones and the Nu-Sett – Early Chuck Mills group shown above

See the Band Box Record Label Discography

Band Box - Chuck Mills

45 – Toppa 45-1099 – “How Lonely Is Lonesome” b/w “Play Your Part, Broken Heart” – 1963

45 – Toppa 45-1116 – “What a Place To Call a Home” b/w “You Name It (The Time, The Place)” – 1966

The Misirlou’s (Aurora)

L-R: John Libundgut, Jamey Philips, Skip Knittle, Dave Brainard and Jack Purdie

Recorded songs not released from the 1960’s:

“Barney Oldfield”

“Who Killed The Goose That Layed the Golden Egg?”

The Mixed Emotions (Sterling)

L-R: Mike Carr, Bill Dowis, Randy Frey and Bill Wigham

The Monocles (Greeley)

Here is a an extensive biography on Bob Yeazel’s site.

  • John Floth – lead guitar – (The Higher Elevation – Deep Rock) – deceased
  • Don Hirschfield
  • Rick Hull – bass (The Higher Elevation)
  • Gary McMahon – drums
  • Kevin McIlhenny – drums – replaced McMahon – deceased (Attended Aurora Central High)
  • Robb Casseday
  • Tom Behm – drums (The Status Seekers)
  • Peter Johnson – keyboards (The Status Seekers – The Higher Elevation – Fat Emma – Brother Son) (Attended Aurora Central High)
  • Bobby Saunar – replaced Behm

Norman Petty Studios (demo) – Let Your Lovin’ Grow/You Don’t Know (not released) – 1965
Denco 926 – Psychedelic (That’s Where It’s At)/Boogie Man – 1966

Denco 926 - Monocles - Psychedelic Denco 926 - Monocles - Boogie Man
Chicory 407 – The Spider and the Fly/On the Other Side of Happiness – 1967

Monocles - Chicory 407 - 67 A CHICORY 407 - MONOCLES (1)

LP – Released in 2015 – High Fidelity Label


LP – Archive International AIP 10027 – Highs in the Mid Sixties (Various Colorado Groups)

various-highs-mid-sixties-1 various-highs-mid-sixties-2

The Moonrakers (Denver)

Joel Brandes (bass); Veeder Van Dorn (guitar); Dennis Flannegan (guitar); Bob Webber (guitar); Bob Macvittie (drums)

ASSOCIATED BANDS: Classics – Surfin’ Classics; The Poor; Sugarloaf; Beggar’s Opera Company; Chocolate Hair – Vaqueros

Visit the Moonrakers Page

The Morning Rain (Colorado Springs)

The Morning Rain competed in radio station KIMN’s 1967 Battle of the Bands

L-R: George Garrison, Jim McClellan, Greg McLean, Albie Urban and Mike Keliher

Mother’s Children


  • Corky Young

Mother’s Children appeared at the RUG-ged Room on Alameda just next to Roller City – Members included Corky Young

This from The Wayne 21 Blog:

“When I was discharged and went home to Denver I took my old job back and started to catch up with my friends. Corky Young was in a group called the Mothers Children and he was playing every night at the LePichet 3.2 bar on Mississippi Ave in Denver.  Ron Morgan was in California recording with the Association and was doing studio albums.

One night when I was at the LePichet listening to Corky young I met a guitar player named Harvey Richardson from Westminster Colorado that was looking for a drummer.  He was a part of a group with Bob Yaezel and Roger Bryant both from Westminster. Harvey played the keyboard and rhythm guitar, Bob played lead guitar and Roger played Bass. Harvey asked me if I wanted to try out for the band.  It was called The Leather Souls after the Beatles Rubber Soul album. “

Mystic Blue (Denver)

  • Joe Marquez
  • David Case

45 – Infal 154 – Queen of the Night/How Can It Be

Infal 154 - Marquez, Joe - Queen of the Night R Infal 154 - Marquez, Joe & Case, David- How Can it Be R

The New World Blues Dictionary

Appeared in Colorado Springs with Last Friday’s Fire – 1964;  Appeared at the Family Dog 1601 West Evans- January 26th/27th, 1968 (Thanks to Karen Eifler February 13th, 2020)

The NG’s (Walsenburg)

The Nickel Matchbox (Denver)

Visit the Nickel Matchbox Page

The Night Beats (Denver)

The Night Caps (Greeley)

Formed around 1962

  • Jack Herbst
  • Carl Meyer Jr.
  • Larry Roth
  • Walt Wiley

See the CLW Records Label Page

Night Walker

  • Steve Hacker – bass (Pleasant Street Blues Band)
  • Karl Isberg – drums (Pleasant Street Blues Band)
  • Nancy (last name?) vocals

The Nomads (Denver/Boulder)

“The Nomads played all the major Denver venues including being one of the house bands at the Galaxy in Denver. We regularly also played the Honeybucket and Tulagis in Boulder. We were contemporaries with the Astronauts, The Soul Survivors, Moonrakers.” Dave Thorne on Mountain Music – “San Francisco Bay Blues” was recorded by Peter, Paul and Mary in 1965 as well as The Brothers Four, The Au Go Go Singers, Glen Yarbrough, Noel Harrison and others.

  • Dennis Spear – lead guitar
  • Dave Thorne – keyboards
  • Pat McCormick – bass
  • Bruce Wolfe – drums

Appeared at Tulagi 3.2 Club 1129 13th Street in Boulder – June 1st, 1965; Appeared at the Galaxy in West Denver – June, 1967 as house band – (Thanks to Karen Eifler – Feb 13th, 2020)

45 Pharos 101 – San Francisco Bay Blues/Oh Jennie – 1964

The No Names

The Northside Moss (probably Boulder based)

Appeared in Colorado Springs at the Soul City Auditorium on March 10th, 1967 with the Boenzee Cryque, The Fantastic Zoo and the Kandy Store Prophets (Thanks to Karen Eifler Feb 13, 2020)

The Obvious (Durango)

  • Jerry Jimerfield – guitar (The Lords of London – Jimerfield Legend – The Legend – Dragonfly)

45 – Cheetah 1001 – “Here I Stood Before You” b/w “I Don’t Believe” – 1966

Offspring (North Denver)

  • Ed Gallegos (Genesis – Brass Monkey, Distance, Mestizo)
  • Marc Gonzales – bass (Genesis – Brass Monkey)
  • Mike McKern
  • Ron Smith
  • Scott Gillam
  • Charley Vigil (Genesis) Deceased

Orlie and The Saints (Denver)

Band Box - Orlie and Saints

This was Orlie Trujillo who recorded on Band Box Records backed by the house band The Saints

See the Band Box Record Label Discography

The Ortega Brothers (Pueblo)

See the Band Box Record Label Discography

The Other Side Of Time

(Mountain Music Web Site - Michael Stelk)

45 – Daisy 003/004 – Ivan’s Comic Rock Opera In G Minor b/w This Is The End – 1967

45 – R.S.D. 1 – What Ya Gonna Do? b/w What’s On Your Mind? – 1967

The Ouds (Colorado Springs)

Our Gang (Colorado Springs)

Our Gang were regulars at The Hullabaloo located at 3200 North Nevada Avenue in the Springs.

  • Rick Foushee
  • Alex Asbury
  • Lawrence Asbury
  • Mike Lawrence

45 – Round N Round 4503 – “Rapunzel” b/w “Here Today Gone Tomorrow” – 1967

LP – Archive International AIP 10027 – Highs in the Mid Sixties (Various Colorado Groups)

various-highs-mid-sixties-1 various-highs-mid-sixties-2

The Outcasts

Need more information on this 1960’s Colorado garage band.

The Outriggers – Denver


From Bob Inman July 13th, 2017:  “A couple of bands originated at at Thomas Jefferson High School in the mid to late 60’s: The Outriggers (Bob Inman, Roger Maul, Buz Binkin, Paul Reginelli and a Dave Entsminger) and The Livin’ Ends (Dave Sondrup, Bob Miller, Irving Andrews and ?)”

They formed in 1965 and all went to high school at Thomas Jefferson

  • Roger Maul – lead guitar
  • Bob Inman – drums
  • Buzz Binkin – guitar
  • Dave Entsminger – bass

(Poster courtesy of Lisa Wheeler)

The Pacesetters (Fort Collins)

The Pacesetters were the house band in the mid 1960’s at the 3.2 joint – the Red Garter located in old town Fort Collins.

  • Gary Reeves – bass (later with Cotton)

At The Shapes 1967

The Paper Taxi (Colorado Springs)

Paxton’s Back (Colorado Springs)

Poster courtesy of Lisa Wheeler

Penetration (Denver)

They recorded unreleased songs “The Longer You Hang Around” & “My Mind Goes High”

Penny’s Worth of Now (Boulder)

  • Eddie Pitts – drums
  • Andy Rohas – bass
  • Mike Chaffin – Hammond organ
  • Rick Rivero – guitar

Perfect Strangers (Arvada)

Back Row: Mike Dinkel, Don Kamneywell Front Row: Gary Davis, Jim Davis (standing not identified)

Phalanx Mass (Fort Collins)

Standing L-R: Jim Dyekman, Buz Dicks, Ken Williams, Scott Johnson Sitting: Randy Tiler

The Pheffernuzy (Colorado Springs)

Lee Picket & The Screamers

See the Band Box Record Label Discography

Lee Pickett is of course Band Box recording artist Lee Chandler of the Blue Rhythms. The “Dee Jay” release is a reissue and I don’t believe the Rhythms have benefited from it’s sale. Future Blue Rhythm Marvin Ross was also a member of The Screamers and played on the “Fatty Patty” single. The Hollywood label – Jolt – placed this name on the release in spite of the group being already named the Blue Rhythms.


45 – Dee Jay Jamboree 45-105 – “Fatty Patty” b/w “She Left Me with the Blues” (Germany)


The Pleasant Street Blues Band (Boulder)

  • Mark Kincaid (The Children – The Electric Prunes – Climax) – deceased
  • Mick Durbin (The Children) – deceased
  • Grady Waugh – guitar – (Janis Joplin) deceased
  • Steve Hacker – bass (Night Walker) – deceased
  • Karl Isberg – drums (Night Walker)
  • Micky Emeson – guitar (replaced Mark) – (The Galaxies) – deceased
  • Neal Jordan – guitar (came in with Micky) – deceased

“Siberia With a View”

I came across a very interesting Blog Post recently relating to a band I had not heard of previously – The Pleasant Street Blues Band out of Boulder, Colorado.

The Blogger is Karl Isberg who has been posting since 2014 on his site “Siberia With a View” of which he tells us here in Colorado:

“My name is Karl Isberg. I live in a place I call Siberia With a View.  Siberia With a View is located near the Continental Divide, in the southern San Juan Mountains, in Colorado.  At 8,000 feet above sea level.  There’s not a lot of oxygen up here.  That explains a lot.  I have been here 27 years, an exile, removed from the city, and the many things that likely would have killed me long ago.”

Karl goes on to tell us about his career as a newspaper reporter, editor and also as an artist – painting being his mode of expression.  His posts are creative – intriguing – and beg to be shared.  I’ve spent some time perusing through his monthly contributions (he averages about four or five comprehensive Posts a month – so I have a lot of perusing ahead of me.

The Band

Luckily, I came across a Post from February 24th, 2015 titled “Waiting for the still point, the end of the set”.  This Post was a sobering tale relating to a Colorado ‘garage band’.  His Post commences:

“They’re all gone, but me.  I have a photo, a black and white pastogram.  A group of five young men gather atop a pile of rubble, in front of a single-story brick structure in Boulder, Colorado. A sign fixed to the building indicates the place is occupied by Rolands Beauty Salon.  It is late winter, 1966.”

The young men pictured above were – Standing Left: Mark Kincaid, Mick Durbin, Grady Waugh and Steve Hacker.  Karl kneels in front – all posed in front of Rolands Beautify Salon (long gone) back in 1966.  The band took its name from Pleasant Street of course, a street which appropriately enough runs directly through the famous “Hill” district adjacent to the University of Colorado.

Kincaid and Durbin had both played with a Boulder band called The Children.  Kincaid went on to join another Colorado band called “Climax” around 1968.  Kincaid, along with John Herron and Richard Whetstone would go on to a revised version of the Electric Prunes of “I Had Too Much To Dream” fame.


The Children

Mark and Mick would be replaced by guitar players Neal Jordan and Micky Emeson – who had been with Denver’s Galaxies.  Karl and Steve – according to Karl “were debris cast from one of the worst wrecks in music history of music: The Night Walker”.  The band played Denver’s Exodus and Galena Street East.  They were run out of small towns, locked spurs with Cowboys in Greeley and Cheyenne, escaped a near small airplane disaster, paid their dues in eastern U.S. city venues.  Drugs were prominent and destructive.  Micky and Steve later on formed a Beatles’ cover group in Denver.

Mick would head west and befriend Joni Mitchell.  Grady would do the same and would play behind Janis Joplin.  Emeson recorded one single for the Crested Butte label which – yep – was composed by the University of Colorado students Tim Gilbert and John Carter.  Gilbert was a guitar player and composer for The Rainy Daze and along with Carter composed “That Acapulco Gold” and “Incense and Peppermints” for the Strawberry Alarm Clock.

Sadly, of the seven members of the Pleasant Street Blues Band, all but Karl have passed on.

Here is the entire tale as related by Karl at “Siberia With a View”

Visit the Karl Isberg Blog Site “Siberia With a View” for an excellent and sad tale from the 1960’s


Not really a garage band but firmly rooted in the genre with Rusty Young and George Grantham emerging from the Colorado Garage Band scene


Visit the Poco Page

The Polaras (Denver)

This Denver area group recorded on the same label as the local area Nomads – Pharos – but little is yet known about them.

Pharos 100 – Cricket/Breaker – 1964

Polaras - Pharos 100 - 64 A Polaras - Pharos 100 - 64 B
Western Cine – Polara 500/Keep ‘a Knockin’ (test pressing shown)

Polaras - WC A Polaras - WC B

The Police (Denver)

These guys appeared at the west Denver 3.2 night spot The Galaxy kicking off each set with a red light and siren!

The Poor

(Mountain Music Web Site - Michael Stelk)

The Poor were sort of a Colorado’s poor man’s all star band never receiving the attention which they certainly warranted.

  • Veeder Van Dorn (guitar) – Surfin’ Classics 1963 – Moonrakers 1964 – Worked with Sugarloaf on sessions
  • Allen Kemp (guitar) – Vaqueros 1962 – Esquires 1964 – Soul Survivors 1965 – Stone Canyon Band – New Riders of the Purple Sage (Deceased)
  • Pat Shanahan (drums) – Esquires 1964 – Soul Survivors 1965 – Stone Canyon Band – New Riders of the Purple Haze
  • John Day (keyboards) – Esquires 1965
  • Randy Meisner (bass) – Stone Canyon Band – Poco – Eagles – solo work
  • Randy Naylor (guitar)

Randy’s brother Chris was in the 1970’s group called “Whiterock”.

45 – York 402 – “Love is Real” b/w “She’s Got The Time”

York 402 - Poor - She's Got the Time DJ 1967 R

45 Test Pressing “She’s Got the Time”

45 – York – 404 – “Knowing You, Loving You” b/w “My Mind Goes High”

York 404 - Knowing You Loving You 1967 RYork 404 - Poor - My Mind Goes R
45 – Loma 2062 – “Once Again” b/w “How Many Tears”

LOMA 2062 - 11-66 A LOMA 2062 - 11-66 B

LOMA 2062 - POOR - A (1) LOMA 2062 - POOR - A (2)

45 – Decca 32318 – “Feelin’ Down” b/w “Come Back Baby”

DECCA 32318 - POOR (1) DECCA 32318 - POOR (2)

LP – Archive International AIP 10027 – Highs in the Mid Sixties (Various Colorado Groups)

various-highs-mid-sixties-1 various-highs-mid-sixties-2

The Poor Boys

The Post War Baby Boom (Denver)

The Precious Few (Greeley)

L-R: Lee Kendrick, Bill Hokenson, Mike Jones Kneeling: Gene Savard

The Psychedelic Syndicate (Denver)

The Pussycats

Finished seventh place in KIMN’s 1965 Battle of the Bands

The Radiants (Pueblo)

  • Richard Northrup
  • Doug Rymerson
  • Ryan Carter
  • Monty

They were a Minnesota based band who made their way to Colorado

The Raindrops

Competed in KIMN’s 1965 Battle of the Bands

The Rainy Daze (Denver)


Rainy Daze

The group formed in the mid 1960’s – Tim Gilbert penned their big hit “That Acapulco Gold” along with his C.U. roommate John Carter. The duo also penned “Incense and Peppermints” which was recorded by label mates The Strawberry Alarm Clock. Like their fellow Colorado band – The Boenzee Cryque – they were signed to the small Chicory label by Frank Slay – who attended Colorado Battle of the Bands events – as did many record executives from around the country. He produced songs for both groups. Fred Bronson in his book “The Billboard Book of Number 1 Hits” relates a great story about “Incense and Peppermints”. While still students – they were approached by Slay to provide words for the tune. Carter said the words to the song were simply “meaningless” but rhyming nouns. The song sailed to the top of the charts to number 1 in November of 1967.

They were managed by Denver DJ Dave Diamond


  • Tim Gilbert – guitar
  • Kip Gilbert – drums (Viscounts)
  • Mac Ferris – lead guitar
  • Sam Fuller – bass (Viscounts)
  • Bob Heckendorf – keyboards (Viscounts)

Cash Box – April 1st, 1967

Chicory 404 – That Acapulco Gold/In My Mind Lives a Forest – 1967

Rainy Daze - Chicory 404 - 66 A Rainy Daze - Chicory 404 - 66 B
Uni 55002 – That Acapulco Gold/In My Mind Lives a Forest – Charted March 11, 1967 – 4 Weeks – Peaks #70

Rainy Daze - Uni 55002 - 67 - A Rainy Daze - Uni 55002 - 67 - B
Uni 55011 – Good Morning Mr. Smith/Discount City – Charted May 6th, 1967 – 4 Weeks – Peaks #118

Rainy Daze - Uni 55011 - 67 A Rainy Daze - Uni 55011 - 67 B
Uni 55026 – Blood of Oblivion/Stop Sign – 1967 White Whale 279 – My Door is Always Open/Makes Me Laugh – 1968

Rainy Daze - Uni 55026 - 67 - A Rainy Daze - Uni 55026 - 67 - B

Uni 55045 – If We Stick Together/Early October – 1967 (by Rainy Daze member Tim Gilbert)

Rainy Daze - Uni 55945 - 67 A Rainy Daze - Uni 55945 - 67 B

White Whale 279 – Make Me Laugh/My Door Is Always Open

Rainy Daze - White Whale 279 - 68 - A Rainy Daze - White Whale 279 - 68 - B

45 – IP 100 – Acapulco Gold b/w What Are You Holdin’ (Besides Me) with King Toke

rainy-daze-claridge-100-a rainy-daze-claridge-100-b

45 – Quality 1869 – That Acapulco Gold (Canada)

LP Uni 3002/73002 – That Acapulco Gold – 1967 (Mono and Stereo)

Rainy Daze - Uni LPRAINY DAZE

RAINY DAZE - UNI 3002 - RA RAINY DAZE - UNI 3002 - RBA (1)

The Raisin Kane

Appeared at Sam’s on Lookout Mountain

The Ramblin Blues (Denver)

I learned about this group from a Post relating to the Moonrakers reunion concert in Denver in August, 2015. The Ramblin Blues were all from George Washington High School. They were managed by Richard Whetstone when they were in High School. Whetstone went on to join the national group – The Electric Prunes.

  • Don Scott – guitar
  • Robbie Chamberlain – drums (later with Zephyr)
  • Nick Taro – Lead Guitar

The Ravens (Littleton)

L-R: Gil Cordoba, Rick Ortega, Claude Garcia and Paul Garcia

Gil Cordoba was in the Denver group Genesis

Additional Member- Rick Pachecho


The R&B Travelers (Denver)

Image courtesy of Lisa Wheeler

The Regents

It has not been verified that this group had any Colorado direct ties other than recording this single on Denver’s Century label. Love the sound they put out and would love to know more about them. The test pressing shown here was placed on Ebay by a Pueblo, Colorado resident and it seems that this adds credence to the Regents being a legit Colorado band.


Regents - Century 17935 - A Regents - Century 17935 - B

The Restless Ones (Lafayette)

L-R: Don Rice, Randy Bukey, Don Marvin and Doug Husa

Frankie Rino & the Squires

Visit the Frankie Rino Page

REUNION - 11-5-14 02

Visit the Frankie Rino Page

The Riot (Colorado Springs)

The Rising Sons (Denver)

This band formed in 1965

  • Sam Fuller (bass)
  • Mac Ferris – lead guitar
  • Tim Gilbert – rhythm guitar
  • Kip Gilbert – drums
  • Bob Heckendory – electric organ

Tim Gilbert would go on to the University of Colorado in Boulder where he and roommate John Carter would pen “Incense and Peppermints” for The Strawberry Alarm Clock as well as “That Acapulco Gold” for Denver’s Rainy Daze as well as many other songs for local bands i.e The Higher Elevation and Hardwater.

The Road Runners (Denver)

(Not the same group as Denver’s Roadrunners with Bobby Swanson and John Sunderland)

There is some controversy as to whether or not these guys actually were a legitimate group from Denver but that should now be expelled with the update entry below. The record “Road Runnah” was first released on the Felsted label and the record charted on KIMN in Denver in 1963. A scout from Felsted has been documented as coming through Denver by Band Box artist Dave Barhite (see entry below) and attempting unsuccessfully to sign another Band Box artist – Cee Cee Carol away from Band Box. There is a possibility that this group was brought to his attention but perhaps I can located Mr. Schillinger who apparently is doing well in Boulder.

Secondly, the LP was produced by California’s Gary Paxton who had ties to the Denver record scene via Finer Arts label owner Morey Bernstein, producing many of the label’s early sides when the company was located in Hollywood. (Paxton was the creator and main force behind The Hollywood Argyles of “Alley Oop” fame.

An Update from the Web Site in Erie, Colorado “Yellow Scene Magazine”:

“In 1959, just as rock ’n’ roll started to sweep the nation, Jerry Schillinger decided to pick up the guitar. Flash forward to 1963: Schillinger has just joined Denver rock band, The Roadrunners. That year, the group was hired to cut a surf-tinged promo album for the 1964 Ford Mustang and, a few months later, they opened for Chuck Berry and Peter & Gordon at Red Rocks. After the show, the group’s befittingly titled single, “Road Runnah,” grooved to the top of local charts. Schillinger gave up his rock lifestyle once he was drafted into Vietnam, but he never stopped playing music. Today, at age 71, he still teaches guitar lessons and performs songs at various memory care clinics around the metro area.”

  • Dave Scheibach
  • Jerry Schillinger – guitar
  • John Youngblood
  • Charlie Casper

LP – London PS 381 – “The New Mustang & Other Hot Rod Hits”



45 – Felsted 8692 – Road Runnah b/w Quaimoto (This record charted on Denver’s KIMN Radio)

Felsted 8692 - Road Runners - Road RunnahFelsted 8692 - Road Runners - Quasimoto

The Roadrunners (Fabulous Roadrunners) (Brush and East Denver)

Formed in the early 1960’s in Brush, Colorado, the founder – Tony Hernandez and guitarist Bob Britton (perhaps others) made their way to Denver at which time they were most likely calling themselves “The Roadrunners”.

  • Bob Britton – rhythm guitar
  • Randy Buchanan – drums
  • Tony Hernandez – bass
  • Ray Hymen – lead guitar
  • Roger Liston – drums

Now in Denver, this group would evolve into the “Fabulous Roadrunners” adding the “Fabulous” designation due to the existence of another group in Denver called “The Road Runners”.  That group recorded one locally charting single on the Felsted label which managed to chart on Denver radio station KIMN.

The new “Fabulous Roadrunners included:

  • Bob Britton – rhythm guitar (he would so depart)
  • Tony Hernandez (bass)
  • Mike Corrigan (drums)
  • Bobby Swanson (guitar)
  • John Sunderland (guitar)

Bobby Swanson and John Sunderland had both been together in Swanson’s Sonics.  Bobby enjoyed some national success recording for Igloo Records and Bob Keane’s Donna record label

Click Here to Visit the Bobby Swanson & Sonics Page

The “Fabulous Roadrunners” appeared at many venues around Denver including “The Rathskeller” in south Denver and they made regular appearances at the KIMN DJ Pogo Poge’s Saturday Night Teen Dances in 1960 and 1961

Formed by Bobby Swanson in 1964 – This group, with many personnel changes, kept going under the leadership of Bobby Swanson for over 25 years.

This was Bobby’s first gig with The Fabulous Roadrunners backing Kenny Jay – a soul singer – Photo at the Le Bistro A-Go-Go

L-R: Bobby Swanson, Mike Corrigan. Tony Hernandez and John Sunderland

L-R: Hernandez – Swanson – Sunderland – Corrigan

L-R: Hernandez – Corrigan – Sunderland – Swanson

The Rockin’ Rhythm Kings

Apparently this 1950’s group included Denver recording star Gary Stites according to the book “Colorado Rocks”

The Rockits

Lead guitar player (left) would join Lee Chandler in the Blue Rhythms and also The Screamers

The Rogues (Colorado Springs)

The Rogues were primarily Shaun and Danny Harris – Colorado Springs natives along with Michael Lloyd.  They were also members of “California Spectrum”, “Markley”, “The Laughing Wind”, “Brigadune” and “The Snow Men” – They would eventually become members of “The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band”.

45 – Living Legend 723 – “Wanted: Dead or Alive” b/w “One Day” – 1965

Royal & The Shades

See the Band Box Record Label Discography

The Runnaways (Westminster)

Formed in 1965 the group performed at The Acosatic in Estes Park, The Tiki in Boulder and appeared at KIMN Radio events. Most members were from Ranum High School

L-R: Lee Sutherland, Rick Chalmers, Rick Willet and Jeff Olivas

Photo from Gary Osborne Collection


Formed in 1965 the group performed at The Acosatic in Estes Park, The Tiki in Boulder and appeared at KIMN Radio events.

  • Jim Toto – lead guitar (Westminster High School)
  • George Clemetti – keyboards (Ranum High School)
  • Rick Willet – drummer (Ranum High School)
  • Jeff Olivas – guitar – (Lake Junior High School)
  • Gary Osborne – bass (Ranum High School)

Here is a great photo of a 1960’s Denver band – sent into me by Runaways’ band member Gary Osborne…  The photo was taken in Denver’s Western Cine studio – and the older gentleman standing with the group is none other than Mike Curb!  (2nd from left) – Yes – that Mike Curb – who had a diverse career in California composing songs, producing groups and artists, performing – and serving as Lt. Governor and Acting Governor (for Jerry Brown)

Denver’s Runnaways with Mike Curb at Western Cine

The Saints (Denver)

The Saints (or sometime Dave and the Saints) were practically the “house band” at Band Box Records

  • Dave Barhite – guitar
  • Joe Holenbek – lead guitar
  • Rich Kimble – sax
  • Daryl Kennedy drums
  • Clinton Brown – bass
  • Ray Anderson drums
  • Doug Hole – sax
  • Doug Balterson – guitar
  • Balterson’s cousin – accordion
  • Joe Marisco – drums

See the Band Box Record Label Discography

The Sands of Time (Pueblo)

  • Blaine Reininger (Tycoons, Sands of Time, Lime, Wheat, The Ellis Brothers, The Flying Wheel)

The Sands of Tyme (Glenwood Springs)

L-R: Tony Kavaric, Paul Bilansky, Jim Smedley and Wayne Eastland

The Satellites

Another D-M-G label Colorado recording act (joining the Hi Seas) – This is a group fronted by Gary Stites brother and Gary’s former backing band.

Group Members:

Sam Severin – vocals
Bob Prose – lead guitar
Donnie Stites – drums

Two more possible members at one time or another:

Jimmy Acker – guitar
Tommy Sherman – guitar

May 9th, 1960 Billboard Ad

Recordings – 45’s:

D-M-G 4001 – Each Night/Dark Town Strutter’s Ball – 1960

Satellites - DMG 4001 - 60 A Satellites - DMG 4001 - 60 B

The Satin Subway (Colorado Springs)

The Schillings (Boulder)


The Schillings formed in 1964 in Boulder they had a strong connection to the Boulder based Astronauts who’s Jim Gallagher was the brother of Schilling Tim Gallagher.

  • Kimm Singer – bass (Boulder High School)
  • Tim Gallagher – rhythm guitar
  • Donn Zarina – guitar (Boulder Fairview High School)
  • Eric Hansen – lead guitar (Boulder High School)
  • John Danville – drums

The Seeds/Ceeds (Colorado Springs)

This group formed in the mid 1960’s and underwent multiple name changes according to Mountain Music – a Colorado music site. Names included The Ceeds, The Trip, Maibe Handle, Broadway Muse, and The Shell Band – all in the course of a couple of years. Their single on the Emlar label goes for high dollars. I sold one over 10 years ago – Found it in the Mile High Flea Market for 25 cents. I received phone calls from Europeans asking me to play it over the phone. I sold it for around $400!

  • Jerry Ahlbert – bass – deceased
  • Todd Ballantine – lead guitar
  • Chet Carman – guitar
  • Ellen Dahl
  • Clark Davis – bass
  • Jack Gallupe – guitar – deceased
  • Ray Hall – guitar
  • Geoff Smith – keyboards
  • Rick Worden – drums

45 – Emlar 1001 – Too Many People/You Won’t Do That – 1966

Ceeds - Ember 1001 - 66 ACEEDS B SIDE

The Shell Band (Colorado Springs)

(The Ceeds)

The Shelltones – DENVER

See the Band Box Discography Page

45 – Band Box Records – 1964

The Showmen (Boulder)


The Showmen formed in 1963.

  • Lynn Poyer – guitar (Magic Music)
  • Rick Malm – guitar
  • Doug Hays – drums
  • Gary Reed – bass (Boulder High School)
  • Ray Burroughs – vocals, percussion
  • Crick Streamer – keyboards

The Sierras

The Silver Streak

Veeder Van Dorn put a New Moonrakers group together after coming back from California and quickly renamed them Silver Streak – before finally returning back to The Moonrakers.

  • Veeder Van Dorn (Moonrakers/New Moonrakers – and others)
  • Bob Webber
  • Denny Flannigan
  • Joel Brandes

The Sixth Edition (Loveland)

  • Adren Fennell (guitar)
  • Sam Haugland (keyboards)
  • Jon Kerns (drums)
  • Cass Vickers (bass).

The group recorded in Norm Petty’s Clovis, New Mexico studio in May of 1957 laying down two unreleased tracks “Still In Love with You Baby” and “Beggar Man”.

They would later change their name to “The Daniel Paul Revelation”.

The Snow Men (Colorado Springs)

The Snow Men included Shaun and Danny Harris – Colorado Springs natives.  This band would evolve into “The Sun Rays” without the Harris brothers.  The Harris brothers were also members of “California Spectrum”, “Markley”, “The Laughing Wind”, “The Rogues” and “Brigadune” – They would eventually become members of “The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band”.

45 – Challenge 59227 – “Ski Storm” b/w “Ski Storm – Part II” – 1964

The Sonics (Pueblo)

From the Grandson of Angelio DeHerrera:

“Hello, My grandfather was in a band in Pueblo Colorado called ‘The Sonics’ 

Fred Brescher used to play in the band as well until the band split and Fred joined the Trolls.
I have a picture attached of the Sonics if you’re interested.”
  • Lee Mestas (Bass Guitar)
  • Joe Martinez (Vocals/Drums)
  • Angello DeHerrera (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar)
  • Fernando Martinez (Lead Guitar)
  • Fred Brescher (Departed for Trolls)

The Soothsayers (Greeley)

This group was from Northern Colorado. They were formerly known as The Statesmen.

  • John Gibson – lead guitar
  • Rick Irvine – keyboards – (Colorado State College now University of Northern Colorado
  • Steve Jaynes – drums (Greeley West High School)
  • Rich Sallee – bass – (Greeley West High School) – (Catfish Cray Blues Band) (Images)
  • Dave Van Omen – guitar – (Colorado State College)

45 – Acropolis 6601 – Please Don’t Be Mad/I Don’t Know

Soothsayers - Acropolis 6601 - PSB - 66

Soothsayers - Acropolis 6601 - A - 66 Soothsayers - Acropolis 6601 - B - 66
45 – Acropolis 6612 – Black Nor Blue/Do You Need Me? – 1966



The Soul (Colorado Springs)

45 – Summit Studios – “Have It All Your Way” b/w “But Not You” – 1967

The Soul Explosion (Denver)

  • Rich Velasquez – organ/horns (Bluetones)
  • Bobby Dee – vocals
  • Friz Sedillos – drums – deceased
  • Monet Rhym – guitar
  • Lee Shipman – sax
  • John Carrion – bass

Additional members:  Gil Cordova – bass

The Soul Pak (Pueblo)

Image courtesy of Lisa Wheeler

The Soul Survivors (Denver)

Soul Survivors 2

The Soul Survivors started off as Denver’s Esquires. They were a staple act at the Galaxy 3.2 club on West Alameda during the mid 1960’s. They later became the Soul Survivors after signing with Dot Records. Two members – Alan Kemp and Patrick Shannahan would go on to join Rick Nelson’s Stone Canyon Band for a time – a band that for a while featured Randy Meisner of the Eagles and Tom Brumley of the Buck Owen’s band – The Buckaroos. Both Kemp and Shanahan performed on the early 70’s Nelson hit “Garden Party”. The Denver Eye talks about the Soul Survivors.

  • John Day (keyboards) – The Poor 1966
  • Gene Chalk (guitar) – Beggar’s Opera Company 1966 – worked as a duo with Bob Webber 1976 (Deceased)
  • Allen Kemp (guitar) – Vaqueros 1962 – Esquires 1964 – The Poor 1966 – Stone Canyon Band – New Riders of the Purple Sage (Deceased)
  • Pat Shanahan (drums) – Esquires 1964 – The Poor 1966 – Stone Canyon Band – New Riders of the Purple Sage
  • Bob Raymond (bass) – Vaqueros 1962 – Esquires 1964 – Beggar’s Opera Company 1966 – Chocolate Hair 1969 – Sugarloaf 1971

KIMN Radio Survey – October 18th, 1965

KIMN Radio Survey – November 15th, 1965

KIMN Radio Survey – November 22nd, 1965

KIMN Radio Survey – March 28th, 1966

KIMN Survey April 11th, 1966

KIMN Survey June 13th, 1966

45 – Dot 45-16830 – Hung Up On Losin’/Snow Man – 1965

45 – Dot 45-16793 – Look At Me/Can’t Stand To Be In Love With You – 1966

Spox Creation (Littleton)

  • Dave McDonald – guitar
  • Doug Heath – bass
  • Phil Carter – drums
  • Kenny Vaughan – guitar

ASSOCIATED BANDS: Amos; The Inner Sounds

“Hello, I was in Band Box Studio on a Saturday morning with my father sometime in late 1966 or 1967. We’d gone there to investigate recording my neighborhood band that started in the fall of 1966 in Littleton. The band went through several names, The Innersounds, Spox Creation, and Amos. 

Today Kenny Vaughan lives in Nashville and is a member of Marty Stuart’s band “The Fabulous Superlatives”.

The Squires (Denver)

The Squires were a backing band for Frankie Rino formed in about 1965.  In November of that year the Squires headed south to the famed Norman Petty Studio in Clovis, New Mexico – home base for Buddy Holly and the Crickets as well as many others including Jimmy Gilmer and the Fireballs.  They cut two tracks, “Maybe The Last Time” and “We Belong Together” both of which were not released at the time.

  • Frankie Rino – vocals
  • Jack Skinner – bass
  • Eddie Everret – lead guitar
  • James Woods – drums
  • Gary Stephens – keyboards

The Star Tones (Denver)

The Star Tones were from Regis College and played at Sam’s on Lookout Mountain – They released one single on the Denver Band Box record label.

See the Band Box Discography Page

The Statesmen (Greeley)

This group was from Northern Colorado. They were formerly known as The Soothsayers)

John Gibson – lead guitar; Rick Irvine – keyboards – (Colorado State College now University of Northern Colorado); Steve Jaynes – drums (Greeley West High School); Rich Sallee – bass – (Greeley West High School) – (Catfish Cray Blues Band) (Images); Dave Van Omen – guitar – (Colorado State College)

The Status Seekers (Aurora)

Formed in 1965 out of Aurora, Colorado. They played at The Silver Slipper in Central City, Sam’s on Lookout Mountain, and the Baby Doll Lounge in Aurora.

  • Styles Adamson – bass (Aurora Central High School)
  • Tom Behm – drums (Monocles) – (Aurora Central High School)
  • Peter Johnson – keyboards (Monocles – The Higher Elevation – Fat Emma – Brother Son) – (Aurora Central High School)
  • Wayne Street – lead guitar (Aurora Central High School)

Status Seekers 02

Lidos vs Status Seekers

The Sting Reys (Pueblo)

Stingreys pueblo 01

This group formed around 1963 in Pueblo. Read Lisa Wheeler’s full account of this 1960’s band at Pueblo City Limits Blog Site.

  • Carl Finnegan – guitar (Middle of the Road (in California)
  • Gilbert Razo – bass
  • Larry Montoya – keyboards (Rudy Gutierrez Orchestra) – deceased
  • Ronnie Houston – drums

45 – Crazy Town 101 – When You Wish Upon a Star/You’re Looking Good – 1963

45 – Crazy Town 102 – Let Them Talk/Alli Alli Auks in Free – 1963

45 – Crazy Town 104 – Just a Gigolo (Ain’t Got Nobody)/Sick and Tired – 103


Gary Stites and the Satellites (Wheat Ridge)

Gary Stites & Rockin Rhythm Kings - 1958

See the Gary Stites Discography Page

The Stonebreakers – Denver


  • Jerry Barlow – lead guitar
  • Jim Blackledge – drums (Denver South High School)
  • Stuart Gray – rhythm guitar
  • Geoff Ibbott – bass (George Washington High School)

The Stormtroupers (Boulder)

Formed in Boulder in 1958 first as a trio then expanding before becoming the Astronauts. Visit the Astronaut page for additional group involvement – Brad Leach became the Boulder County Sheriff for a time

  • Jim “Stormy Patterson – rhythm guitar
  • Bob Demmon – guitar
  • Jim Gallagher – drums
  • Dick Sellars – guitar
  • Brad Leach – drums

The Stratocasters

The Street Carnival (Colorado Springs)

Image Courtesy of Lisa Wheeler

SunshineWard (Boulder)

This was a one recording gig out for the 1967 version of the Astronauts

  • Rich Fifield – guitar (Spartans – Astronauts – Sunshine Ward – Hardwater – Climax)
  • Ron “Stormy” Patterson – guitar (Astronauts – Stormtroupers)
  • Mark Bretz – drums – deceased (Astronauts)
  • Rod Jenkins – guitar (Astronauts – Nu-Set)
  • Robert McLerren – guitar (Astronauts – Hardwater)

RCA 9227 – Sally Go ‘Round the Roses/Pay the Price – 1967


The Super Band

45 – Capricorn CA-100 – I Ain’t Got Nobody/Acid Indigestion – 1967


Formed in 1967 – Here is ‘Bob Yeazel’s account of Super Band

  • Bob Yeazel (guitar) – Beast 1968 – Sugarloaf 1971 – Later did some work with The West Coast Pop Experimental Band – deceased
  • Roger Bryant (bass) –  Beast 1968 – West Coast Pop Experimental Band – Diamondhead
  • Jimmy Greenspoon (keyboards) –  West Coast Pop Experimental Band – Three Dog Night
  • Ron Morgan (guitar) – The Wild Ones – West Coast Pop Experimental Band, The Electric Prunes, Three Dog Night

Myron Pollock  (drums) (Chocolate Hair, Sugarloaf)

The Surfin’ Classics (Denver)

  • Joel Barndes (bass) – Moonrakers 1964
  • Veeder Van Dorn (guitar) – Moonrakers 1964 – The Poor 1966 – did some work with Sugarloaf in studio
  • Doug Dolph (guitar)
  • Bob Webber (guitar) – Vaqueros 1962 – Moonrakers 1964 – Beggar’s Opera Company 1966 – Chocolate Hair 1969 – Sugarloaf 1970 – worked with Gene Chalk as duo 1976
  • Bob MacVittie (drums) – Vaqueros 1962 – Moonrakers 1964 – Beggar’s Opera Company 1966 – Sugarloaf 1970 – Brother Sun

The Surf-Riders


  • Rich Novak – drums
  • Nick James – guitar
  • Charlie Van Ausdall – lead guitar
  • Tim Novak – guitar
  • Larry Sferra – bass

Bobby Swanson & The Sonics

Visit the Sonics Page (click here)

  • John Sunderland (rhythm guitar/keyboards) – also with The Emeralds – The Roadrunners
  • Bobby Swanson – (lead singer/guitar) – Also with The Roadrunners – Dean Carr & Corvettes – Performed also with drummer Ronnie Kae
  • Lonnie Nantz (drums) – deceased
  • Thom Sorenson (upright electric bass)

From Sonics member John Sunderland – January, 2018:

Hello.  I came across the PBR website this evening and loved scrolling through all of the 50’s and 60’s bands that I knew and sometimes played with.  There was one listing that caught my eye … The Sonics.  I was one of the original Sonics and joined the group in late 1959.  The band was actually called Bobby Swanson and the Sonics and we played regularly for the KIMN radio dances at Mammoth Gardens (it was a roller skating rink at the time).  

Bobby Swanson is in his mid-70’s and is retired in Buena Vista, CO.  Lonnie Nantz passed away a few years ago..  I have looked for Tom Sorenson over the years, but no luck – and I am the retired Director of Photography at the Denver Post.

The Syndicate


  • Larry Higgins – drums (Freddie & the Hitchhikers – Four Gigolos – Saints – Daleks – Pete Tracy Trio – Triangle)
  • Ray Sekera – bass (The Checkmates with Frankie Rino, Pete Tracy Trio – The Daleks – Triangle)
  • Joe Apricio – guitar (Daleks) – (deceased)

Tabernash/Contents (Westminster)

This group (formerly “The Contents Are”) migrated to the mile high state as the 1960’s gave way to the 70’s where they performed for a brief time. Members had evolved from an Iowa garage band call “The Contents Are”who released two 45’s in 1967 and 1969 respectively on the ROK label in Iowa.

In Colorado, they changed their name to “Tabernash” whose members included Mick Orton on bass, Dave Neumann on lead guitar, Craig Hute on second lead guitar and Paul Staack on drums. All but Orton were original members of “The Contents Are”. Orton provided this information to the “Garage Hangover” web site:

“By the time we moved to Colorado, we were trying to emulate Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, The Allman Brothers and Steely Dan. All of the band but me wanted to do “non-commercial” stuff. My feeling was, if it’s non-commercial, who is going to buy it?

When we moved to Westminster, Colorado, our first house, we all lived under one roof: Craig, Marianne, their young son Aaron, Dave, Paul and me. Eventually the girlfriends from Davenport came out; Teresa for Dave and Pam for me. Paul met Dave’s cousin, Donna. Everyone split up to have their own households.

We didn’t play much, so I had to get a job working in factories. Lange Skis was hiring, so I ended up running a bunch of riveting machines and met our eventual road guy, John Zimmer (now deceased). He introduced us to his friend, Clay who also helped out. There also was Colin who did our sound.

We were playing very little when Jon Ludtke called me to join Silver Laughter. I guess my leaving broke up Tabernash. We never recorded any music, I am sorry to say.”

Ortin and Stacck found their way back to Iowa where, in the mid 1970’s, they would join a group called “Silver Laughter” which did manage a recording contract on the “Fanfare” label, releasing two long play albums and three 45’s the last being released in 1978.

45 – ROK 6709 – “I Don’t Know” b/w “Direction of MInd” – 1967


The Teardrops/Patti Jo & The Teardrops (Pueblo)


The Teardrops were from Pueblo, Colorado joining several Pueblo groups who made their way to Clovis, New Mexico, cutting four tracks with Norman Petty. first trip was in the Spring of 1966 and the second in the Summer of the same year.

Teardrops 03

  • Ron Myers – bass
  • Angelo Rotondo – drums (70’s & Beyond: Guys and Doll – The Sundowners – Chuck Spurlock Band)
  • Ernie Watta – lead guitar (Jade – 70’s & Beyond: Crushed Velvet) – deceased
  • Rick Witcowich – guitar (Guys and Doll/70’s) – deceased
  • Patti Jo Martinez – vocals – joins band
  • Mike Elias – bass (replaces Myers) – deceased

Visit Lisa Wheeler’s “Pueblo City Limits” blog site to view these great historic posters and search the site for an-depth story about The Teardrops and Patti Jo who went solo.

004 – 004 – Sweet, Sweet Sadie/You Go Your Way – 1966



004 – 101 – Armful of Teddy Bear/Who Are You? – 1966



Crazy Town 103 – Whispering Your Love/Sixteen Tons

Teardrops 04 Teardrops 05

Solly 931 (Patti Jo solo) – Heading for a Heartbreak/I’ll Sleep Tonight


The Teeny Titans

45 – Amber 218 – Don’t Cry Girl b/w Don’t Miss The Boat – 1968


Three Dimensions (Denver)

According to Larry Higgins of the Hitchhikers the Three Dimensions played May’s for about six months.

  • Pete Tracey – guitar
  • Adolph Jarmillo – drums
  • Gerry Willey – bass

The Thrush

Little is known of this Denver area band – According to Fuzz drummer Peter Taylor – They were entered in the KIMN Battle of the Bands

  • Peter Taylor – drums

The Time System

The Time Travelers

Finished eleventh place in KIMN’s 1965 Battle of the Bands

The Tinkers (Denver)

The Tinkers appeared often at the Baja Club in Denver

Images courtesy of Lisa Wheeler

The Torquays (Pueblo)

Visit Lisa Wheeler’s “Pueblo City Limits” blog site to view these historic promotional posters and more (click here)

The Pete Tracy Trio

  • Pete Tracy – guitar
  • Larry Higgins – drums
  • Ray Sekera
  • Jerry Willy

ASSOCIATED BANDS: Daleks; Checkmates, Freddie and the Hitchhikers, Saints, Gigolos, Milt Watson’s Wildest Clan

The Trip (Colorado Springs)

(See the “Seeds”)

The Trolls (Pueblo)


Pueblo’s Trolls recorded two tracks with Norman Petty in November of 1966.

Read a combined band biography here from Garage Hangover and Mountain Music. Also visit Lisa Wheeler’s Colorado Blog site to read her interview with band member Monty Baker. And Lisa has begun to post some great photos she obtained from the family of the late Monty Baker.

  • Richard Gonzales – guitar (White Lightning)
  • Doug Rymerson – lead guitar (Radiants/MN – Baby Magic)
  • Monty Baker – bass (Radiants/MN – New World Blues Dictionary – Jade) – (deceased)
  • Phil Head – drums (Baby Magic – The Frantics – Waco)
  • Fred Brescher – organ (played with Sonics) – deceased

Visit Lisa Wheeler’s “Pueblo City Limits” blog site to view these wonderful historic posters and more and search the site to learn all about Pueblo’s premier 1960’s group – the Trolls! (click here)

Warrior 173 – I Don’t Recall/Stupid Girl – 1965

Trolls - Warrior 173 PS F Trolls - Warrior 173 PS B

Trolls - Warrior 173 A Trolls - Warrior 173 B

Ruff 1010 – That’s the Way Love Is/Into My Arms – 1966

Trolls - Ruff 1010 ARUFF 1010 - TROLLS - B

The Tryb

Formed in 1965

  • Arden Fennell
  • Jerry Lawson
  • Ralph Gonzalez
  • Bill Shuster
  • Leroy Shuster
  • Tim Rock.

They worked with Petty in the summer of 1965 recording “Maybe Baby” and “No Time to Lose” – Both went unreleased.

The Tuesday Club (Grand Junction)


  • Bruce Lambert
  • Tony Decker (Maudz Only)
  • Terry Tezak
  • Daryll Cooper
  • Pete Fease – drums
  • Dean Wilden (Maudz Only)
  • Randle Potts – drums
  • Bob Holman – drums

This group out of Grand Junction, Colorado started off as “The Garfield Air Mattress” formed in 1967 while most members were attending Mesa College.

The original lineup was Bruce Lambert (who was attending Grand Junction High School at the time), Tony Decker, Terry Tezak, Daryll Cooper and Pete Frease.

The group would depart Colorado for a time moving to Amarillo, Texas where they would cut their Philips single with the services of Coloradoan Marty Cooper who produced, composed and performed nationally (see the Marty Cooper listing in this site).

The Philips single managed to chart for a time on Grand Junction’s KEXO radio station Top 40 weekly survey in August of 1967.  Lambert and Tezak departed returning to Colorado,  Dean Wilden came in from a group called “Maudz Only” out of Utah – an earlier garage group which included Tony Decker at the time when he was growing up in Salt Lake City.  Next, Cooper and Frease departed to be replaced by Randle Potts on drums for a time then he gave way to another drummer, Bob Holman.

In short order the group would become “Fargo” releasing one single on Capitol Records and cutting a 1969 LP on the RCA label titled “I See It Now” with all the songs on that LP being composed by Decker, Wilden and Cooper.

45 – Philips 40478 – “A Godess In Many Ways” b/w “Only Human”



Tuxedo Moon

  • Blaine Reininger (Tycoons, Flying Whale, 25th Hour)

The 25th Hour

  • Gary Fowler (Kemikol)
  • Blaine Reininger (Tycoons, Tuexedomoon, Flying Whale)

The Twilighters (Boulder)

(submitted by Mary Villalba)

  • Bill Golliher
  • Chod Biggs
  • John Morison
  • Denny Boydstun

(looking for the name of a fifth member)

The Tycoons (Pueblo)

The Tycoons formed in 1965.

  • Blaine Reininger (Flying Whale, 25th Hour, etc)
  • John Pagnotta (guitar)
  • Roger Calloway (guitar)
  • Steve Calloway
  • Sammy Lucero (guitar)

ASSOCIATED BANDS: Tuxedo Moon – Sands of Time – Lime – Wheat – Ellis Brothers – Flying Wheel – Sweet Life

Tyler & The Bandits (Lakewood)

They formed in 1964 and played at The Brown Palace and The Cosmopolitan hotels in Denver

Finished ninth place in KIMN’s 1965 Battle of the Bands

L-R: Jim Stallings, Mike Ziskin, Sitting L-R: Tyler Plotzke, Steve Adler, Wayne Brown


Other Member: Harold Goggan

Tyler attending Hill Junior High School – Wayne attended George Washington High School

The Tymes & Places


They began as the Calientes in the Spring of 1965.

  • Jim Burg – rhythm guitar
  • Bob Holsworth – drums
  • Bob Bennett – keyboards
  • Fred Buerger – lead guitar
  • Gary Buzick – bass



Visit the Umbra Garage Group Page Here

The Uncalled Four

This band was previously called “The Catalinas”

From Kenny Vaughn on April 30th, 2018:

“The Catalinas became The Uncalled 4. Their lead guitarist, Dennis Fria was my first guitar teacher in 1966. He now lives with his wife, Donna, in Panama. He has extensive records of both bands engagements, including money earned. He knows a lot about the 1964-1967 scene.”

  • Dennis Fria – guitar

At the Lugano Lounge – December 1972

The Union Harmonizers

45 – UH 1 – I’m On the Right Road Now b/w Give Me A Song

45 – UA 2 – Mother Lejft Standing b/w Precious Lord

The U.S. Male (Englewood)

Standing: Rene Ulibarri Sitting L-R: Tim Stephenson, Kent Borucki and Mark Fisher

The U.S. Male competed in Denver radio station KIMN’s 1967 Battle of the Bands.

The Valiants

See the Band Box Discography Page

(See “Bob and Shirley and the Valiants)

The Vanguard V (Boulder)

Visit Lisa Wheeler’s “Pueblo City Limits” blog site to view this poster and more! (click here)

  • Bob Webber (guitar)
  • Bob MacVittie (drums)

The Vaqueros (Aurora)

Formed in 1962 – Members included four very young Denver area musicians who would split off to form two of Denver’s best “The Soul Survivors and The Moonrakers”. This information comes from Colorado Blogger Doc Krieger.

  • Bob Webber (guitar) – Surfin’ Classics 1963 – Moonrakers 1964 – Beggar’s Opera Company 1966 – Chocolate Hair 1969 – Sugarloaf 1970
  • Bob Raymond (bass) – Esquires 1964 – Beggar’s Opera – Soul Survivors 1965 – Company 1966 – Chocolate Hair 1970 – Sugarloaf 1971
  • Bob MacVittie (drums) – Vaqueros 1962 – Surfin’ Classics 1963 – Moonrakers 1964 – Beggar’s Opera Company 1966 – Chocolate Hair 1969 (Deceased)
  • Alan Kemp (guitar) – Esquires 1964 – Soul Survivors 1965 – The Poor 1966 – Stone Canyon Band – New Riders of the Purple Sage (Deceased)

The Villagers (Colorado Springs)

They also appeared in the “Battle of the Bands” as shown in the above poster as they did in the “Summer Swing-Ding” – Visit Lisa Wheeler’s site “Pueblo City Limits” for more

Images courtesy of Lisa Wheeler

The Viscounts (Denver)

  • Kip Gilbert – drums (The Rainy Daze)
  • Sam Fuller – bass (The Rainy Daze)
  • Bob Heckendorf – keyboards (The Rainy Daze)

Appeared at the Galaxy in West Denver – June 1st, 1962 – a very early Galaxy appearance (Thanks to Karen Eifler – Feb 13th, 2020)

Nick Vitale & The Echos

See the Band Box Discography Page

Voices of Mute (Colorado Springs)

See The Brambles with Jerry Corbetta – Need more information on this 1960’s Colorado garage band.

  • Jerry Corbetta – drums
  • Dave Genzel
  • Denny Palz
  • Rick Peterson
  • Bill Sanders

Waco (Pueblo)

This southern Colorado band had ties to White Lightning and The Trolls out of Pueblo

Wakefield (Pueblo)

Formed in 1969

  • Ron Struther on sax, flute, keyboards and vocal
  • Bobby Barth on guitar and vocals
  • Carl Marcon bass and vocals
  • Mike Carroll trumpet, guitar, keyboards and vocals
  • Paul Zamucen, congas, timbales and vocals
  • Charlie Ferrill on drums.

The following came in from Wakefield drummer Charlie Ferrill in April of 2018

“My name is Charlie Ferrill I was in the Colorado band Wakefield from 1969 thru 1974. We started in Pueblo at Southern Colorado State College. We played in Pueblo, Colorado Springs, several clubs in the Denver area, Mr Lucky’s, Fridays and Saturdays, Dirty Johns, La Pichet, The Psychiatrist/My Sweet Lass and Skunk Creek Inn in Boulder.

We also played in Ft Collins and Greeley and the ski areas, Vail, Steamboat Springs, Aspen and other mountain towns. Wakefield’s manager was Allen Roth who managed the Skunk Creek Inn back then, now owns Herman’s Hideaway. Wakefield was Chuck Berry’s back up band for several shows in Boulder in 1971 and opened for WAR in both Boulder and CSU. We relocated to Seattle, WA in 1973 and played all around the Northwest.

In Idaho, Several cities in Washington and British Columbia and Alaska. In Seattle we played many time at a club called the Aquarius, which was a very large venue that brought in national and international acts. There would be two shows per night, usually on the weekend. Wakefield would open the show with a set, the headliner would follow with a set. The club would clear out and a second audience would come in, and we would do it all over again.

Most national acts would play one or two nights but there were a few acts that played several nights in a row. When no national act was performing, Wakefield would play 4 set each night. During the 5 years Wakefield was active we played in most of the states west of the Mississippi River and in Michigan, Illinois and Wisconson. Wakefield did several recording sessions in both Denver and Seattle.

A compilation of these recording is available on CD from Gear Fab Records and on vinyl from Guerssen Records. Both found on Amazon.com”

Christine Walevska

Warm (Colorado Springs)

Poster courtesy of Lisa Wheeler

Milt Watson’s Wildest Clan (Denver)

See the Band Box Discography Page

The Wellshires

The Westminsters (Manitou Springs)

  • Jock Bartley (The Countdowns)

Wheat (Pueblo)

  • Blaine Reininger – bass
  • Brian Ritchie
  • Donovan McNeilly

ASSOCIATED BANDS: Tycoons, Sands of Tyme, Lime, Wheat, The Ellis Brothers, The Flying Wheel), The 25th Hour

White Lightning (Pueblo)

White Lightning formed in the late 1960’s. This group is documented by local Blogger Lisa Wheeler on her interview with band member Ron Ellis. The band worked with and recorded at Norman Petty’s studio in New Mexico for the Sandoz release.

  • Ron Ellis – guitar – (Tangerine Dream – local group – The Ellis Brothers – Waco – The Cows)
  • Richard (“Speedy”) Gonzalez – guitar (The Trolls)
  • Leroy Gonzalez – drums
  • Joe Ellis – bass (The Ellis Brothers – Waco – Blues Highway)

45 – Sandoz 101 – “Blue Man (Peace of Mind)” b/w “Leaves”

The Wild Ones

  • Ron “Mickey” Morgan – lead guitar (West Coast Pop Experimental Band – Superband – Three Dog Night – The Electric Prunes) deceased – died in an automobile accident
  • Mark Bretz – guitar (Shelltones – Astronauts – Sunshine Ward)
  • Cary Thiel
  • Roger Liston
  • Danny Clapper
  • Dan Johnson

From the Wayne 21 Blog by Wayne Jones: “I was engaged to Sheila Morgan, Ron Morgan’s sister when I was drafted in 1964. I had not seen her since my leave in July of 1965 and had lost track of her and Ron Morgan. I knew he was in California but that is all I heard.  I was living with Corky Young when I was in town.  He had a house in East Denver and I rented a room from him.  He was playing in The Mothers Children and doing well with his nightclub gigs.  One night when I came home Ron Morgan was there. He was staying there for awhile with Corky and had just returned from California where he was doing studio work. He worked with the Standell’s, The Association, Moby Grape, The Electric Prunes, and did studio work for Three Dog Night and the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band.  He was out of money and needed to go to work.   I invited him down to JB’s to sit in with us.”

Here is an extract of some of the information on guitars Ron Morgan from Tim Forestor’s on-line story about the West Coast PEB: (Ron Morgan pictured)

“Like many classic albums (and, no doubt, many more deservedly forgotten) ‘A Child’s Guide To Good And Evil’ was recorded by a group in a state of crisis. Effectively, the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band had now been reduced to a trio. The same newspaper article quoted above listed the personnel for the LP as: “Ron Morgan on lead guitar, Shaun Harris on bass, and Markley on percussion instruments – all sing”.

Danny’s involvement was either minimal or non-existent. As Shaun recalls: “By this time Danny had become ill. He had a sort of manic depressive illness”. The photo on the reverse of the album reflected the same line-up, showing (from front to back) Shaun, Markley and – at last – the elusive Ron, in apparently heavy disguise. According to his brother, after moving to LA from Denver in 1965 Morgan had swiftly immersed himself in the local music scene, recording a demo with two future members of the Iron Butterfly and playing with the early incarnation of Moby Grape, Peter and the Wolves.

It was probably through his studio work that he became involved with the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band. “After the first Reprise album he flew back to Denver and he was real happy with that. But he wasn’t very happy with the singing. He wasn’t a solo singer himself – he just did a little back up – but he was always disenchanted with the vocals. Ron kept coming back and forth from LA and Denver and that was how he missed the photo shoot for the second album. It seemed like the band wasn’t organized at all – it was just a case of throwing stuff together whenever they could – and Ron was always out of time.

When he got disenchanted with something, he got flaky. I remember that bit about him not getting out of bed to catch a flight. He didn’t want to go back to LA because he knew what he was going into. I think he really wasn’t into it at that time and just wanted to stay in Denver. He said that he would go into the studio where they would have laid down a lot of stuff and he would try and over-dub, but it would have just been awful – it almost had to be done again.

To him the musicianship just wasn’t up to snuff. A lot of people had trouble keeping up with Ron – it was quite funny to watch some times. But by the time of the third Reprise album, he told me that the whole thing was just a total embarrassment – it was pieced together so haphazardly. By this time Ron was heavily involved with Three Dog Night so when it came to the photo for the back of the LP he shaved differently and wore these silly glasses and I think it actually worked!”

Appeared a Lakeside Amusement Park and D.U. Stadium in the 1960’s

Wowie Zowie

The Young Savages (Commerce City)

Bottom L-R: Mike Gallegos, Larry Lavato and Lonny Lovato Top: L-R: Dick Martinez, Ralph Garcia and Tom Archuleta

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