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Colorado 1960’s Garage Groups Part 1 – 3.2 Blues to Go thru The Esquires

Below is an alphabetical listing of all known (by me) vintage 1950’s and 1960’s ‘Garage’ groups from our fine State!  Known members are listed – Several of these bands have more comprehensive information including cross references to other bands in which they played.

I am always looking for additional information, corrections, photos and stories – Send them my way! (crayger244@gmail.com)

3.2 Blues To Go (Denver)

Marc Gonzales, Eddie Gallegos, Buz Perry, Nick Garcia and Allen Jimenez

Abraxas (Pueblo)

  • Dave Vega (Chevelles – Fabulous Fremonts
  • Rudy Gutierrez  – Steel City Band – Uptown Jam Band – Bad Habits)
  • Carlos Crull (The Crew)

The Accents (Denver)

A Denver rock and roll group who appeared at Taylor’s Supper Club among other venues.

  • Gordon Close (guitar)
  • Corky (drums)
  • Jimmy Acker (bass)

Gordon Close is the proprietor of Elite Sound in Denver located at 3555 South Platte River Drive in Englewood.

The Accents

  • Jim Pennetta (Five to Many Band)
  • Jim Scavo

The Action Brass (Wheat Ridge)

  • John Gray – trombone
  • Gene Brown – trumpet
  • Doug Winegar – drums
  • Larry Greene – guitar
  • Jim Johnson – bass
  • Marc Greene – trumpet

Back Row L-R: Jim Johnson, Larry Greene, Doug Winegar, Marc Greene, John Gary Front: Gene Brown

Denver, Colorado group – Charted with this single in Denver – Made the Top 20 for a few weeks on local radio KIMN – They were more like a “drum and bugle corp” than a rock and roll band – but what the heck. They were clean cut and boasted that image as their calling card at the time.

The group formed in 1966 when they represented Governor Love of Colorado as his official “campaign band”. They went on to compete in Denver “Battle of the Bands” competitions and winning in 1967. They were selected from finalist bands The Blue Angels, The U.S. Mail, The Miserlou, and The Morning Rain.

They completed nationally as well  – representing Colorado in 1967 and placing 2nd. Five members of the group were from Wheat Ridge High School just west of Denver (same school attended earlier by Gary Stites (Carlton Records) and Dean Reed (international star in the late 1950’s – early 1960’s.) Trumpet player Gene Brown was from Denver Manual High School.


Action Brass 2

45 – Cartay 5335 – Livin’ The Good Life/When The Spirit Moves Me

Action Brass R 01 Action Brass - Cartay - When the Spirit

Action Brass R 03 Action Brass R 04

LP – Normandy Records  – Battle of the Bands at the 1967 National Finals

Action Brass performed “Morning of Carnival” and Muscrat Ramble”

The Active Support (Colorado Springs)

Acy Acy (Colorado Springs)

Aftermath (Colorado Springs)

Ange & The Wild Turkeys

American Mercury (Denver)

This group was actually Denver’s Livin’ Ends.  They were close to changing their names in the late 1960’s while recording for Norman Petty in his Clovis studios but then decided to not change their name.  See the Livin’ Ends page.

“Keep On Runnin’ / Momma, Gotta Help Me / Hippie’s Lament”

Amos (Littleton)

  • Dave McDonald – guitar
  • Doug Heath – bass
  • Phil Carter – drums
  • Kenny Vaughan – guitar

ASSOCIATED BANDS:  The Inner Sounds; Spox Creation

Andy & The Manhattons

This group was from Omaha, Nebraska – They were formerly called “Andy & the Live Wires” and then “Andy and the Pla-Boys” – Found their way onto this Colorado label. They also recorded on the national label “Musicor”. Very early on in 1959 Andy fronted a group called “The Rolling Stones”. Robertson took his own life.  The Cardon single was likely cut in Jim Ward’s CLW studios in Edgewater – How and why that came to be needs some exploration.

  • Andy Robertson (performed as “Andy Anderson”) – (deceased)

45 – Cordon 1000 – Double Mirror Wrap Around Shades/Tell Yourself – 1964

Andy & Marathons - Cardon 1000 - 64 - A w 45 cat link Andy & Marathons - Cardon 1000 - 64 - B

Armageddon (Colorado Springs)

Formed in the late 1960’s and disbanded in the early 1970’s

  • Jim Allen (lead guitar)
  • Brian Berry (guitar)
  • Mike DeLong (bass)
  • Dave Kopplin (drums)
  • Ken Lawyer (bass)
  • Edward Smith (bass)

The Ascots (USAF Cadets)

The Astronauts (Boulder)

Colorado Music Hall of Fame Inductee

They started off in high school in Boulder as The Stormtroupers


Colorado’s “big time” 60’s group. These guys made some national dents on the chart but not much. Their recordings are considered vital to surf and hot rod collectors. They made several national appearances and found their way into a few motion pictures. And they were huge in Japan! Wikipedia documents their sufficiently but an entire web site would be better. Band Box artist (drummer with Dayleks) Larry Higgins recalls appearing around the Denver area when the group was in it’s formative years – as the Stormtroopers out of Boulder High School. The group was inducted into the Colorado Hall of Fame.

Visit The Astronauts Page

The Avantis (Northern Colorado)

Baby Magic (Pueblo)

Formed in late 1960’s

  • Gary Cannell (keyboards)
  • Phil Head (drums)
  • Doug Rymerson (lead guitar)
  • Ernie – (bass)

Richard Baca and the Rebels (Pueblo)

  • Richard Baca (guitar)
  • Juan Ortega (bass)
  • Steve Acosta (drums)
  • Eddie Aragon (guitar)

Bad Habits (Pueblo)

  • Dave Vega (Chevelles – Fabulous Fremonts
  • Rudy Gutierrez – Steel City Band – Uptown Jam Band – Abraxas)

The Bakersfield Charter (Denver/Boulder)

This group formed in about 1967 – and as recently as 2014 performed once again as shown below.

  • John “Ace” Essman – (drums – Barons)
  • Hal “Diamond Jim” Burdick – (guitar Crypt Kickers)
  • Oliver Frascona (keyboards – Crypt Kickers)
  • Tom Hobbins – (lead guitar – Barons)
  • Charles Reasoner – (bass – Crypt Kickers)

Band X (Pueblo)

Formed in October 1968 until 1969

  • John Grove – bass (The Hi Blues – Joint Session – Kemikol – Little Ricky & The Roosters – Aloha )
  • John Macklem – guitar (see The Blues Agency – The Lords)
  • Bob McConnell – guitar (see Ginger Blu)
  • Lou Sciortino – drums (see The Blues Agency – The Lords)
  • Mike Webb – organ (see The Blues Agency – The Lords)

The Barons (Boulder)


Formed in 1964 and ran until about 1967 – Several members attended the University of Colorado.

John Essman – drums (Bakersfield Charter) – Attended East High School
Tom Hobbins – lead guitar (Bakersfield Charter)
Dick Moore – organ
Don Palmer – rhythm guitar
Bob Pian – bass

The Basements (Denver)

Received from lead guitar player Ed Gallegos – January 2016:

“My memory is fuzzy as this band was one I joined in my early high school years.  We did not record.  We played to a mostly Chicano audience.  We were the house band at a 3.2 bar called the Sands Lounge in downtown Denver which I’m sure is a parking lot now.  I was with the band for about 2 years.  They continued on with another guitar player who had formerly played with the Bluetones.  As I recall the members were:”

  • Sammy Hernandez – vocals
  • Sonny Sedillo – guitar, keyboards and vocals
  • Danny Munoz  – bass
  • Eddie Barela – drums
  • Ed Gallegos – lead guitar (Offspring, Distance, Mestizo, Genesis)

The Batmen


Beast 01

The group formed in 1968 into the early 1970’s. Their first performance was in Grand Junction. Read all about Beast at guitarist Bob Yeazel’s web site.  The group recorded exclusively at Norman Petty’s studio in Clovis, New Mexico travelling to Clovis on numerous occasions starting in late 1968.

Original Group Members:

Dominick Todero (trumpet) – Cordova Rock (Deceased)
Ken Passarelli (bass) – Joe Walsh Band – Elton John Band
Robert Yeazil (guitar) – Superband 1968 – Sugarloaf 1971 – Brother Sun – Did some work with the West Coast Pop Experimental Band
David Raines (guitar)
Gerry Fike (keyboards)
Michael Kerns (sax)
Larry Ferris (drums) Sugarloaf 1973 (Deceased)

Later Member:

Roger Bryant (bass) – Superband 1968

45 – Evolution 1028 – Move Mountain (You Got It)/Communication – 1970

Beast - Evolution 1028 - A Beast - Evolution 1028 - B

LP – Cotillion 9012 – Beast – Charted September 13th, 1969 – 2 Weeks – Peaks #195

Beast - Cotillion LP - 1969BEAST - COTILLION 9012 - RBA (2)


Poster released in conjunction with the Cotillion LP


LP – Evolution 2017 – Higher and Higher – 1970

Beast - Cotillion LP - 1970


Beggar’s Opera Company (Denver)

Formed in the mid 1960’s

Dennis Flannigan  (keyboards) – Formerly with Outcasts & Welshires – Moonrakers 1964 – Worked solo
Bob Webber (guitar) – Vaqueros 1962 – Surfin’ Classics 1963 – Moonrakers 1964 – Chocolate Hair 1969 – Sugarloaf 1970 – Worked with Gene Chalk a duo 1976
Bob Macvittie (drums) – Vaqueros 1962 – Surfin’ Classics 1963 – Chocolate Hair 1970 – Sugarloaf 1971 – Brother Sun
Gene Chalk (guitar) – Esquires 1964 – Soul Survivors – Worked as a duo with Bob Webber 197645 – Tower 357 – “Strange True Love” b/w “Flashing Sun Things”


This group from 1967/68 was a combination of Moon Rakers and Soul Survivors. The single they released is extremely rare.

Image from Lisa Wheeler’s Colorado Blog – North of Pueblo

Larry Bell and the Continentals (Greeley)

Formed in 1963

Larry Bell; Jack Herbst

The Birmingham Balloon Company (Colorado Springs)

Formed in 1967

Tom Finn – drums
Rich Maio
Greg McLean – guitar
Tom Ingerick
Mike Keliher

Black Sheep (Canon City)

One member grew up in Cannon City – They recorded on Columbia Records

45 – Bellcor 102 – I Told You b/w Baa Baa – May, 1965

45 – Vision 464-440 – It’s My Mind b/w Arthur – April, 1966

45 – Columbia 4-43666 – It’s My Mind b/w Arthur – May, 1966

45 – Columbia 4-43974 – Suzanne b/w Feeling Down – January, 1967

The Blue Angels (Lakewood)

They won KIMN’s 1967 Battle of the Bands.

L-R: Randy DeAlba, Mike Brianza, Bruce Lee Buazier, Jeff Wayne, Rick Rivero and Eddie Ulbarri

The Blue Rhythms (Denver)

Visit the Band Box Discography Page

Band Box - Blue Rhythms

Marvin Ross and Lee “Pickett” Chandler are Pop Bop Rock Honor Roll Inductees

  • Lee Chandler Pickett – guitar
  • Marvin Ross – lead guitar
  • Paul Jennings – bass

The Blues Agency (Pueblo)

Information courtesy of Pueblo’s John Grove:

Louie Scirotino (drums)
Bobby Salardino (guitar)
Victor Alphonso (bass)
Mike Webb (organ)
John Macklem (guitar)

The Blues Syndicate (Greeley)

(The following was sent in by Blues Syndicate bass player Erv Trujillo in September, 2016):

“I played trumpet and then bass for the band “Blues Syndicate” in Greeley CO back in ’67 through ’70. In 69, the band changed names to “Another Way” and we played in Loveland, Estes Park, Boulder. Some of the members I knew were, Ted Worth, drums, Rod Seeley, organ, Harry Booker, vocals, Eddie, vocals and Mike Osborne, guitar.”

The Bluetones (Denver)

  • Richard Velasquez – bass (Soul Explosion)
  • Dave Raines – vocals (Beast)
  • Charlie Vigil – guitar (Genesis, Maul & The Cutups) – deceased
  • Mike Weingarten
  • Larry Ferris


Read more about The Blue Tones at Bob Yeazel.

KIMN Battle of the Bands Champs

The Blues Agency (Pueblo)

Group Members:

John Macklem – guitar (see The Lords – Band X)
Lou Sciortino – drums (see The Lords – Band X)
Mike Webb – organ (see The Lords – Band X)

Bob and Shirley & The Valiants (Denver)

Bob and Shirley Christy recorded on Band Box backed by The Valiants and also The Saints

  • Bob Christy
  • Shirley Christy
  • Don May – guitar
  • Joe Lopez – sax
  • Hank Lovato – bass
  • Larry Higgins – drums

Visit the Band Box Discography Page


Some members of Denver’s Fogcutters were with Bodine

45 – MGM K14088 – Easy to See b/w Keep Lookin’ Through My Window – 1969

The Boenzee Cryque (Denver)

Inductees into the Colorado Music Hall of Fame

Boenzee Cryque

Boenzee Cryque Original Lineup – 1965

  • Sam Bush (bass) – New Grass Revival
  • Bill de Lugt (keyboards)
  • Dan Nash (guitar)
  • Terry Jones (guitar)
  • Tad Collier (drums)
  • Joe Neddo

Boenzee Cryque 1966 Lineup

  • Sam Bush
  • Joe Neddo
  • Rusty Young
  • George Grantham
  • Jim Jansen

Boenzee Cryque 1967 Lineup

  • Sam Bush
  • Joe Neddo
  • Rusty Young
  • George Grantham
  • Malcolm Mitchell

This Denver group was very active around the Denver teen-scene in the mid 1960’s participating in radio station KIMN events and contests. Here is a short biography of Boenzee Cryque (name derived from a local Denver business sign “Benzie-Kricke”). Here is an interesting site with more information on the band and Rusty Young – where you can learn how a city kid was influenced to play pedal steel. Rusty attended South High School. Several members attended the University Of Colorado in Boulder.

(Colorado Music Hall of Fame)

The group made many appearances around the Denver and Colorado Springs area – They finally called it quits in 1968.

KIMN Radio Survey – June 13th, 1966

Boenzee Cryque September 26th, 1967 KIMN Beat Magazine

Chicory 406 – Still In Love With You Baby/Sky Gone Gray – 1967

Boenzee Cryque - Chicory 406 - 67 - A Boenzee Cryque - Chicory 406 - 67 - B

Uni 55012 – Still In Love With You Baby/Sky Gone Gray – 1967

UNI 55012 - 5-67 - aUNI 55012 - 5-67 - B

Uni 55022 – Watch The Time/You Won’t Believe It’s True – 1967

UNI 55021 - 55022 - 7-67 A UNI 55021 - 55022 - 7-67 B

Other Recorded Tracks Not Released from the 1960’s

“I’ve Never Known A Girl”

“Candy Coated Lady”

LP – KIMN 2015 – 21 KIMN Classics (contains “Still In Love With You Baby”)

KIMN - Take 2015 - KIMM - Classics F KIMN 21 CLASSICS RBA (1)

The Bossmen (Denver)


Formed in 1962 and played at The Exodus, The Galaxy and Lemon Tree in Denver.

Bill Alexander – keyboards (Attended George Washington High School)
Ken Baker – bass (Attended East High School)
Greg Betinger – lead guitar
Tim O’Shea – harmonica
John Van Stelten – drums

The Boy Trap (Colorado Springs)

The Brain Police (Pueblo)

Phil Dirt (bass)

The Brambles (Denver)


Formed in 1965 – In 1967 became The Voices of Mute – Here is a biography of the Band at Bob Yeazel.

Jerry Corbetta – drums – (The Leather Souls – Corkers – McCoys/Denver – Voices of Mute – The Half Doesn’t – Chocolate Hair – Sugarloaf )
Dave Genzel
Denny Palz
Rick Peterson
Bill Sanders

Brass Monkey (North Denver)

Visit the late Bob Yeazel Site Here

  • Ed Gallegos (Genesis – Offspring , Distance, Mestizo)
  • Marc Gonzalez – bass (Genesis – Offspring)
  • Sam Kortnicki
  • Nick Carranco
  • Tony Nuanes
  • Zeke DeLeon
  • Phil Tamez
  • Joe Lopez

The Bravados

Visit the Band Box Discography Page

Broadway Muse (Colorado Springs)

(The Ceeds)

The Bubble Puppy (Colorado Springs)

Formed around 1969

  • Mike Saulsbury – guitar
  • Clay Stultz – keyboard
  • Joe Yates – drums

Joey Buffalo & the Sonics (Pueblo)

Joey Buffalo on Pueblo City Limits Blog – Information on group lineup below is in question as Lisa Wheeling explains in her Blog.

  • Angelino DeHerrera – guitar
  • Jose Martinez (Joey Buffalo) – drums
  • Fernando Martinez (deceased)
  • Leroy Valdez – rhythm guitar
  • Lee Mestas
  • Bob Welborn – drums (Colorado Beetles) (There are at least two groups called “The American Beetles” on three other labels)\
  • Fred Brescher – (Colorado Beetles)
  • Leroy Brego – bass (Colorado Beetles)

45 – Vanity Label 114-115 – “No Credit/Ladder of Happiness

45 – Innotimate 100 – “I Found a New Love” (both sides promo)

C.A.A.B (Colorado Springs)

The Calientes

This group would become “Tymes and Places)

The Carpetbaggers (Denver/Boulder)

  • Dave Barnhardt – rhythm guitar
  • George DeGrazio – lead guitar
  • Jim Krug – drums
  • Todd Lowther – rhythm guitar
  • Doug Luban – bass
  • Paul Perry – bass
  • Glenn Wilson – keyboards

The Capricios (Denver)

This is a different group than the Denver band who recorded on the Inn-Timate label.  Although Band Box moved ahead with a publicity photo, apparently no tracks were recorded by The Capricios at the North Denver label.

From East Denver – If someone can verify the spelling for Jimmy or Jeff please do so.

  • Jeff Olivas – lead guitar
  • Jimmy Peritos – Attended East High School
  • Bill Martinez – drums
  • John Maul – sax

The Capricios

Both Buddy Brown and Scotty Roberts were members of the Nu-Sett – joining Chuck Mills of the Monarchs and Rod Jenkins who was in a later version of The Astronauts.

  • Buddy Brown – multiple instruments (Steppin’ Brothers – The Nu-Sett)
  • Scotty Roberts – bass (Sierras – the Nu-Sett)

45 – Inn-Timate 100 – “I Found A New Love” b/w “Tink” – 1968


Dean Carr & The Corvettes (Denver)

  • Dean Carr – vocals
  • Pete Tracey – lead guitar
  • Mike McAdams – drums
  • Bill Dyker – bass
  • Bobby Swanson – guitar (Sonics, Roadrunners)

Visit the Band Box Discography Page

The Catalina’s (Denver)

This from Kenny Vaughn – April 30th, 2018:

“The Catalinas became The Uncalled 4. Their lead guitarist, Dennis Fria was my first guitar teacher in 1966. He now lives with his wife, Donna, in Panama. He has extensive records of both bands engagements, including money earned. He knows a lot about the 1964-1967 scene.”

Bobby Swanson & Peter Tracey are Pop Bop Rock Honor Roll Inductees

The Cavemen (Pueblo)

L-R: Chuck Corsentino, Al Volpe, Greg McCaulley Front: Rick Bratina

The Ceeds/Seeds (Colorado Springs)

The Ceeds formed out of Colorado College in the Springs

  • Jeff Smith – harmonica
  • Clark Davis – bass
  • Rick Warden – drums
  • Todd Ballantine – guitar
  • Chet Carmen – drums (replaces Warden)

Visit Lisa Wheeler’s Pueblo City Limits Blog site to read about this historic poster and more (ceeds)

45 – Emlar – “You Won’t Do That” b/w Too Many People” – 1966

CEEDS B SIDECeeds - Ember 1001 - 66 A

Other recorded songs not released from the 1960’s:  “Louie, Come Home” – “Motherless Children”

Chandells (Pueblo)

The Elk’s Bugle Blog by Lisa Wheeler provides an excellent account of The Chandells with it’s interview with Marty Spritzer.

The Chandells out of Pueblo, Colorado recorded two tracks in the Norman Petty studio in the summer of 1966.  Members in that session included Dave McBee, Marty Spritzer and Gus Trujillo (perhaps others).

  • Marty Spritzer – guitar (Radiants – Jade – Ange & The Wild Turkeys – later group One Night Stand)
  • Steve Crockett – guitar
  • Anthony Zamora – vocals
  • Ronnie Chandler – drums

Additional Members

Steve Yamamoto – drums (replaces Chandler)
Dave McBee – guitar (replaces Crockett)
Gus Trujillo
Roger Uyeda – keyboards

Visit Lisa Wheeler’s “Pueblo City Limits” Blog to read about these newly discovered posters (click here)

Images courtesy of Lisa Wheeler

45 – Chanteur 102 – Little Girl, Pretty Girl/We Are The Ones

Chandells - Chanteur 102 - B

Lee Chandler & The Screamers (Denver)

This group evolved into the Blue Rhythms – a gentler and kinder edition – recording on Band Box Records

  • Lee Pickett (Chandler)
  • Marvin Ross
  • Paul Jennings

Visit the Band Box Discography Page

Charity (Colorado Springs)

Formed around 1969

  • Debbie Goodson – vocals
  • Randy Gross – drums
  • Jon Hudek – keyboards
  • Steve Raider – guitar
  • Chuck Warner – bass

Chasers (Colorado Springs)

This group formed in 1962 recorded on Jim Ward’s CLW records located in downtown Edgewater. CLW primarily featured country artists but managed to capture a few of the local rock ‘n roll bands on vinyl.  The group was the house band at The Ladybug in the Springs and appeared often at The Veterans of Foreign Wars Lodge also in the Springs.

See the CLW Records Label Page

  • Richard Frase – drums
  • Dave Myers – vocals
  • John Rivera – guitar (The Chosen Few)
  • Troy Valdez – bass (The Chosen Few)
  • Doug Rymerson (Classmen – The Chosen Few)

Visit Lisa Wheeler’s Pueblo City Limits Blog to Read about this Historic Poster Find (click here)

45 – Top Ten 2299 – Let Me Kiss Away Those Teardrops/Unchain My Heart – 1967

TOP TEN 2299 - CHASERS 1967 A TOP TEN 2299 - CHASERS 1967 B
45 – Round and Round 4504 – Believe Me/Rainy Duffy’s Blues – 1967

Chasers - Round 4504 - Believe Me - 67ROUND & ROUND 4504 - CHASERS - 1967 B

Checkmates (Denver)

Frankie Rino and the CheckmatesThe Checkmates were a Denver-based band who started off in 1962 as “Johnny and the Checkmates”.  Members were:

  • Johnny Jones (John Paul Jones) – vocals
  • Ray Sekera
  • Curt Fisher (drums)
  • Dave Adams (guitar)

Johnny was replaced by singer and guitar player Frankie Rino.  One of the first venues for the Checkmates was the west Denver venue “The Epic” on West Alameda – a 3.2 nightclub that would become “The Galaxy”.

Ray Sekera is a Colorado Country Music Hall of Fame Inductee – Frankie Rino is a Pop Bop Rock Honor Roll Inductee

Cheeks (Denver)

Late 1960’s into the 70’s band

  • Timothy “Job” Vigil – keyboards
  • Jim Robischon – guitar
  • George Brangoccio – drums
  • Mike Duncan – gutiar
  • Marc Gonzales – bass

Job Vigil was Charlie Vigil’s cousin and grew up in Pueblo, trained as a classical musician but was the bus driver for Offspring but played in Cheeks.

Chevelles (Pueblo)

  • Fabian Chacon (bass) – deceased
  • Dave Trujillo (drums)
  • Joey Rodriguez (keyboards
  • Nick Sineros (guitar)
  • Dave Vega (guitar) – Replaced Sineros (Fabulous Fremonts
  • Rudy Gutierrez – Abraxas – Steel City Band – Uptown Jam Band – Bad Habits)

From Lisa Wheeler’s Interview:  The group was from Pueblo Central High School – forming in 1965 and continuing on until 1969

ASSOCIATED BANDS: Fabulous Fremonts

The Children (Boulder)


  • Mark Kincaid (The Pleasant Street Blues Band – The Electric Prunes)
  • Mick Durbin (The Pleasant Street Blues Band)

Chocolate Hair (Denver)

This group was formed by Jerry Corbetta in 1968 drawing talent from other local bands. Read a full account on the Yeazel web site. This band was to evolve directly into Sugarloaf in about 1970.

  • Myron Pollack (drums) – Sugarloaf 1974
  • Bob Webber (guitar) – Vaqueros 1962 – Surfin’ Classics 1963 – Moonrakers 1964 – Beggar’s Opera Company 1966 – Sugarloaf 1970 – worked as a duo with Gene Chalk 1976
  • Jerry Corbetta (keyboards) – Sugarloaf 1970 – worked as a solo act
  • Bob Raymond (bass) – Vaqueros 1962 – Esquires 1964 – Soul Survivors 1965
  • Beggar’s Opera Company 1966 – Sugarloaf 1970 – Worked as a duo with Gene Chalk 1976

Later member: Bob Macvittie (drums) – Vaqueros 1962 – Surfin’ Classics 1963 – Moonrakers 1964 – Beggar’s Opera Company 1966 – Sugarloaf 1970 – Brother Sun

The Chosen Few (Pueblo)


  • Mark Strauss
  • Jim Phillies
  • John Rivera (The Chasers)
  • Jimmy Jones
  • Dave McBee
  • Troy Valdez (The Chasers
  • Doug Rymerson (The Chasers – The Classmen – The Chasers)

Chosen Few

Classics/Surfin’ Classics (Denver)


The Classics were an early version of The Moonrakers. They first performed as the Surfin’ Classics and then shortened it to The Classics.

Group Members:

  • Joe Brand/Joel Brandes – guitar (Moonrakers – Beggar’s Opera Company)
  • Doug Dolph – guitar (Moonrakers)
  • Veeder Van Dorn – guitar (Moonrakers – Sugarloaf)
  • Bob MacVittie – drums (Moonrakers – Sugarloaf)
  • Bob Webber – (Moonrakers – Beggar’s Opera Company)

ASSOCIATED BANDS: Moonrakers – The Poor – Sugarloaf – Vaqueros – Beggar’s Opera Company – Chocolate Hair – Brother Sun

The Classmen (Denver)


Formed in the mid 1960’s in Denver. The Classmen performed in The KIMN Teen Music & Dance Festival in November, 1965.

  • Mike Aluise – drums (Attended South High School)
  • Ray Baiocco – lead guitar, sax (Attended Mullen High School)
  • Terry Ewbank – organ (Attended Englewood High School)
  • Mark Hickman – rhythm guitar (Attended Alameda High School)
  • John Rankin – bass (Attended South High School)

Clear Light

Members of Clear Light were from the Denver area including Denver natives Dallas Taylor and Doug Lubahn. The group started off as The “Garnerfield Sanitarium” then became the “Brain Train” before settling on “Clear Light” in 1967. They enjoyed a good run in the San Francisco area as a “psychedelic” band appearing often. Later in 1969 the group breaks up. Taylor goes on to play with John Sebastian, then Crosby, Stills and Nash as their drummer. Later he would drum for Stephen Still’s Manassas and on and on it goes.

Clear Light sang in the 1967 motion picture “The President’s Analyst” along with Barry McGuire.

Here is their complete story on “Garage Hangover”.

LP – Elektra 74011 – Clear Light – 1967




45 – Elektra 45626 – The Ballad of Freddie and Larry b/w They Who Have Nothing – 1967

clear-light-the-ballad-of-freddie-and-larry-elektra clear-light-they-who-have-nothing-elektra

45 – Elektra 45622 – Black Roses b/w She’s Ready To Be Free – 1967

clear-light-black-roses-elektra-2 clear-light-shes-ready-to-be-free-elektra-2


Clear Light Filmography


Clement Adder’s Aviation Band (Colorado Springs)

Formed in 1969 out of Colorado Springs

  • Kelly Bryarly – guitar
  • Randy Bryarly – bass
  • Ron Lee – drums


Members from this Colorado group went on to form a 1968 revised line-up of The Electric Prunes. They were recommended by former Astronaut Rich Fifield.

  • Richard Whetstone – guitar (The Electric Prunes)
  • John Herron – organ (The Electric Prunes)
  • Mark Kincaid – guitar (The Pleasant Street Blues Band – The Electric Prunes)

The Coachmen (Boulder)

Bob, Jode, Terry, Fran and Mike

LP  – Director X4RS-2960 – The Best of the Coachmen


Fred E. Cole and The Northsiders (Denver)

Visit the Band Box Discography Page

Skip Cole and His Fabulous Hi-Spots (Denver)

Visit the Band Box Discography Page

The Colorado Beetles (Pueblo)

  • Angelino DeHerrera (Joey Buffalo & the Sonics)
  • Joey Buffalo – vocals  (deceased) (Joey Buffalo & The Sonics)
  • Fred Brescher – (Joey Buffalo & Sonics)
  • Leroy Brego – bass (Joey Buffalo & Sonics)

45 – Vanity Label 114-115 – “No Credit/Ladder of Happiness

45 – Innotimate 100 – “I Found a New Love” (both sides promo)

The Comets (Security)

Visit Lisa Wheeler’s “Pueblo City Limits” Blog site to view these historic Colorado Posters and more (click here)

The Congress of Soul (Monte Vista)

L-R: Doug Sharp, Mark Green, Bill Cannon, Ken Widger and Eddy Miller

The Contrasts (Boulder)

Contrasts 02

Finished second place in KIMN’s 1965 Battle of the Bands

An interesting item on this group is the post-Contrast history of one of the band members – Don Robertson. He journeyed to Hollywood and landed many television roles as an actor and a major motion picture “The Hunt for Red October”. Read the short bio (posted by Don Robertson) and listen to “On Green Dolphin Street” on You Tube. Note the “Valjean” credit on the track “Monkey ‘Round” – ‘Valjean” a Band Box publishing moniker. Rod Jenkins also played with Chuck Mills in the Nu-Sett.

  • Don Robertson – guitar
  • Lee Durley – organ
  • Rod Jenkins – drums (Nu-Sett – Astronauts – Sunshineward)

Contrasts 04Contrasts 05

Contrasts 01Contrasts 03



45 – Contrast 001 – Summertime/More

Contrasts - Contrast 1 - 65 - PS

Contrasts - Contrast 1 - 65 - A w utube bio Contrasts - Contrast 1 - 65 - B

Contrast 007 – On Green Dolphin Street/Monkey ‘Round

Contrasts - Contrast 7 - 65 - PS

Contrasts - Contrast 7 - 65 - A Contrasts - Contrast 7 - 65 - B

The Corkers


Formed in Northern Colorado about 1969

  • George Bryan – rhythm guitar (Zager & Evans/70’s)
  • Jim Cidlik – keyboards (LJV & Heartmurmers/70;’s)
  • Gary Reeves – bass (Pacesetters)
  • David Trupp – drums (Johnny Green & The Green Men – Zager & Evans/70’s)
  • Bill Childs – drums (Cotton)

The Countdowns (Manitou Springs)

Formed in the mid 1960’s

  • Jock Bartley (Westminsters)

Visit Lisa Wheeler’s “Pueblo City Limits” Blog Site to view these great posters and more! (click here)

Sonny Covington & The Original Valiants

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Crushed Velvet (Pueblo)

  • Scott Thomas (Joint Session – Starr)
  • Ernie Watta (Teardrops)

The Crypt Kickers (Boulder)


Group formed in mid 1960’s

  • Hal Burdick – guitar (Bakersfield Charter)
  • Oliver Frascona – keyboards (Bakersfield Charter)
  • Roy Fuller – guitar
  • Eddie Pitts – drums
  • Chuck Reasoner – bass (Bakersfield Charter)

The Crystal Palace Guard (University of Denver)

  • Rob Rose (vocals)
  • John Henry Brown (bass)
  • Michael Kilmartin  (guitar)
  • Mike Handler (harp)
  • (first name unknown) Buss (harp-vocals) – replaced Handler
  • Jeff Manville
  • Cris Williamson  (vocals) – replaced Buss

(The following with photos was received from band vocalist Rob Rose in June, 2016)

“John Henry Brown was an original bassist for the Crystal Palace Guard.  He is now an attorney of some repute in civil and tort law.  I think he may be based in Southern CA now but not sure. Haven’t seen him since about 1969.  In the others (photos below), that were taken during a recording session in Aspen. Michael Killmartin was the lead guitar on my left.  I believe Mike is now deceased but possibly has a son of the same name who still resides near San Jose CA. If that is truly his son, he may have other pictures of Mike and the bands because Mike was the band’s leader.

All in all, we’d been on stage, jammed and partied with many eventual greats of the era.  Janis Joplin had a couple of rides on my chopper. (Others included) Jimi Hendrix, Grateful Dead, Three Dog Night, Doors, Jethro Tull, a few others.  I do not remember who rhythm guitar was in these photos. The original harp man was Mike Handler (not pictured) who still plays with “Country Blues Review” and has a radio show in Santa Fe, NM moviemike15@msn.com. Mike Handler and I were in the same fraternity as was Eric Karl of the Fogcutters.  Eric is now an attorney in Texas somewhere I think.

Buss (last name not remembered was mouth harp and vocals) replaced Handler and Cris Williamson replaced Buss.  Buss played my traps when I was singing lead. We cut one demo album for some unknown label before I left the group.  I have no idea if any copies of those studio cuts still exist.  I do not know who replaced me (in the group).”


The Crystal Palace Guard – Aspen – 1967


Vocalist Rob Rose



Rob Rose – Still Ridin’!

The Daleks

Daleks syndicate

  • Larry Higgins – drums (Freddie & Hitchhikers – Four Gigolos – Saints – Pete Tracy Trio – The Syndicate)
  • Joe Elkins
  • Ray Sekera – bass (Pete Tracy Trio – The Syndicate)
  • Rick Robinson – guitar (not shown above)
  • Joe Apricio – guitar (The Jokers – The Syndicate) – joined later (deceased)

The Daleks played Sam’s on Lookout Mountain – The lineup below was around 1964/65 – Other members carried on into the later 1960’s. The photo above includes three members all formerly of the Daleks. Drummer Larry Higgins recalls that for a very short time they performed as The Syndicate. Band members are rifling through their scrapbooks in order to provide me with a photo of the original Daleks. The group name “The Daleks” was taken from the motion picture “Doctor Who” according to drummer Larry Higgins.

The photo below was provided by Larry Higgins – The late Joe Apricio – passed 2014


Drummer Larry Higgins is a Pop Bop Rock Honor Roll Inductee

The Daniel Paul Revelation (Loveland)

These guys were from Loveland, Colorado and were formerly called “The Sixth Edition”. – Arden Fennel came from the northwest Colorado town of Sterling – He later cut a few singles released on the Evolution record label)

  • Arden Fennell (vocals – rhythm guitar) – The Sixth Edition – The Tryb
  • Sam Haughland (organ)
  • Randy Tiley (lead guitar)
  • Rich Tiley (bass guitar)
  • John Kerns (drums)
  • Jim Dykeman
  • Norman Doug Roberts from “The Fireballs”

They recorded on two occasions in Clovis with all tracks going unreleased which included:

“In Chicago, Widow Jones, Love Everybody, That’s My Song Reflections Of Mine, L.B. Kingston, You Sure Took Me By Surprise and By Myself” – Recorded in two sessions first in June of 1968 the second in August of 1968.

The Daniels (Denver)

Daniels 01

Were a regular band at Sam’s on Lookout Mountain

  • Mike Cooper – drums
  • Dave Hardy – bass
  • Brian O’Meara – guitar (Dimensions/Denver – U.S. Male) – later O’Meara Ford fame
  • Rick Newton – lead guitar

Dave & The Saints

  • Dave Barhite – guitar
  • Doug Hole – sax
  • Doug Balterson – guitaar
  • Joe Marisco – drummer
  • Joe Holonbek – lead guitar
  • Rich Kimble – sax
  • Daryl Kennedy – drums
  • Clinton Brown – bass
  • Ray Anderson – drums

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Dawn & The Twilights (Boulder)

L-R: Melvin Grant, Jerry Miller, David Wilson, Gerald Morris, Mike Morris

45 – Finer Arts FA 2017 – Cry Em Out/Do It

Dee & The Majestics

  • Tom Uharriet (Maul & The Cutups)

Deep Rock (Northern Colorado)

Formed in 1969

  • Jon Floth – guitar (Monocles – Higher Elevation) – deceased
  • Rich Sallee – bass
  • Peter Johnson – vocals

Deep Steam (Colorado Springs)

Del Toro & The Rockers (East Denver)

Denver’s Tremmors (Denver)


This group formed in the mid 1960’s.

  • Ken Burnham – bass
  • Dennis Graves – rhythm guitar
  • Clayton Hill – guitar
  • Todd Houghton – lead guitar
  • Steve Milford – drummer

The Dimensions (Denver)


This group formed in 1965.

  • Mark Fisher – guitar (U.S. Male)
  • Kent Borucki – bass
  • Tim Stephenson – guitar (U.S. Male)
  • Rene Ulibarri – drums (U.S. Male)
  • Brian O’Meara – guitar – replaces Fisher (The Daniels – U.S. Male)
  • Brett Tuggle – guitar/keyboards (U.S. Male – Phaedra – Head First)

This comment from Chimpydork:

“Just a trivia note about U.S. Male – Brett Tuggle (guitar / keyboards for US Male, Phaedra, Head First) left Denver to play with Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels, then did session and live work with Rick Springfield, David Lee Roth (Van Halen), Chris Isaak, Stevie Nicks, and Fleetwood Mac. Is still currently touring with Fleetwood Mac, and when not on the road sits in with the Waddy Wachtel band at the Joint in L.A.”

The Dimensions (Lakewood)

Often played at The Galaxy on West Alameda.

  • Craig Powell – lead guitar
  • John Pryor – bass
  • Terry Peacock – rhythm guitar
  • Carl Bailey – drums

The Divinity of Pure Sound (Denver)

The group formed in 1967 and ran until 1970 – formerly known as Fat Friar & Friends)

  • Tim McMillian – drums
  • James Townsend – drums
  • Nathan Warner – lead guitar (Nathan-Marcus/70’s
  • John Quincy Adams III – guitar – deceased
  • George Gardine – bass

Chuck Dockery and the Hi Lighters

  • Chuck Dockery
  • Tom Jagleski
  • Jeff Burch
  • Don Stabile
  • Preston Jones

Visit the Band Box Discography Page

Doppler Effect

  • Lance Leconn – vocals
  • Clark Wayne – guitar
  • Brooke – vocals

This Colorado band performed around 1967/1968

This received from John Porter May, 2017:

“Doppler Effect definitely performed in Denver at The Exodus. I’m thinking late 1966 and into 1967. The one single I know they recorded is “God Is Alive In Argentina”.  Lead singer was Lance Leconn, guitar was Clark Wayne. They had a very good female singer named Brooke??? Last I heard they left for LA. I saw them many times at the Exodus, also Superband as well.”


45 – Ego Production 1626 – God is Alive in Argentina b/w Memphis Woman – 1966



LP – Archive International AIP 10027 – Highs in the Mid Sixties (Various Colorado Groups)

various-highs-mid-sixties-1 various-highs-mid-sixties-2

Double Doug and the Boom Booms (Denver)

This group was the forerunner to the Band Box group – The Saints

Dragonfly (Durango)

This group was essentially The Lords of London from Colorado’s Western Slope – See “The Lords of London” discography

LP – Megaphone MS-1202 – Dragonfly – 1968

The Driving Dynamics

Randy Meisner 3rd from left – Cassells on Keyboards

Competed in KIMN’s 1965 Battle of the Bands – This band came from Scottsbluff Nebraska to compete – Members included:

  • Randy Meisner (3rd from Left)
  • Bobby Soto
  • Steve Cassells (On Keyboard)
  • Larry Soto
  • Dave Margheim
  • Paul Asmus

While competing in the Battle – Meisner was approached by members of the Soul Survivors who talked into moving to Denver where he would eventually join “The Poor” before going onto Poco – The Stone Canyon Band and the Eagles



Formed in mid 1960’s

  • Terry Adams – bass
  • Rick Anchatz – keyboards
  • Bob Hamilton – drums
  • George Kawamoto – lead guitar
  • Shawn Shea – rhythm guitar

The Echoes (Limon)

L-R: Bill Green, Tommy Thomas, Jim Grabow, Rick Weidner, Willie Clark, Martin Haines

Eddy & The Centuries

Eddy De Silva recorded this with the Centuries in 1962 in New Mexico – They played for a time in Colorado. De Silva would later move to New Jersey and front a band called “The Shadows”.

45 – Sherry 1521 – My Girl b/w I Don’t Love You Anymore – 1962


The Eighth Penny Matter (Denver)

This from Colorado Music historian Mike Stelk:

“The Eighth Penny Matter opened the Family Dog, it was their demo tape that lead Barry Fey to the San Francisco offices of the Family Dog on June 7th 1967.  Barry was on his honeymoon (and out of work, having just left the employ of Denver Promoter Ed Weimer), so he decides to drop by the Family Dog office after seeing their Billboard ad in which they’d sought new acts (with original material) for the club.

He then makes an appeal on behalf of the band, friends from his earliest days in Colorado, with a 4 song reel recorded in Denver. Chet and Bob then invite him to the Avalon Ballroom that night and give Barry another view of the local scene, with the light show.

Barry returns to Denver, and after hearing of the closing of The Bird, he sees on opening for the Family Dog to expand to Denver, so he calls Bob Cohen, who soon flys out.”

The group became the house band for the Family Dog during it’s abbreviated run.

Eighth Penny Matters Reunion photo by Mike Selick

Eighth Penny Matter Reunion photo by Mike Selick

Appeared at the Helen Bonfills Theater Complex on 17th Street with the St. Bluegrass Band, The Jazz Trio, The Conal Implosion and Alfred Klayouer – May 29th, 1968 (Thanks to Karen Eifler Feb 13th, 2020)

Other recorded songs not released from the 1960’s

“The Rain”

“Moment in Time”

1601 West Evans, Denver CO 9/8-9/67

Eighth Penny Matter – Family Dog 1967

1601 West Evans, Denver, CO 10/6-7/67

Family Dog 1967

The Electric Canary (Denver)

Played at the Exodus in Denver

March, 2016 from band member Adrian Rylatt:

“We played at the Exodus mostly and other clubs in Denver and Colorado Springs. Did a 3 month tour on the east coast.”

  • Kenny Perkins (vocals & guitar)
  • Bruce Bouck (vocals, guitar & harmonica)
  • Adrian Rylatt (drums)
  • Ron West (vocals & keyboards)
  • Jay Shelton (vocals & bass)

The Electric Prunes

Yes Colorado does have a link to this nationally charting group (“I Had to Much Too Dream Last Night” – 1966 #11 and “Get Me to The World On Time” – 1966 #27) – all joining as a 1968 revamped Prunes lineup – which also included the addition of Colorado guitar player Ron Morgan. All but Morgan came recommended to the Electric Prunes by former Astronaut Rich Fifield who was heading up the band Hardwater. The three (minus Morgan) were performing in a Colorado band called Climax. Richard Whetstone had previously managed a Denver band from George Washington High School “The Ramblin Blues”.

Colorado Members of The Electric Prunes:

  • Richard Whetstone – vocals, guitar (Climax)
  • John Herron – organ (Climax)
  • Mark Kincaid – guitar (Climax – Pleasant Street Blues Band)
  • Ron Morgan – lead guitar (The Wild Ones – a Colorado Group – The West Coast Pop Experimental Band – Three Dog Night backing band – Deceased – died in an automobile accident

The Ellis Brothers (Pueblo)

  • Blaine Reininger – bass (Tycoons, Sands of Time, Lime, Wheat, The Ellis Brothers, The Flying Whale, The 25th Hour) – performed as an “Blaine Ellis”
  • Ron Ellis (White Lightning)

The Elopers (Manitou Springs)

  • Randy Weatherington
  • Jay Ridge Jr.

LP – Archive International AIP 10027 – Highs in the Mid Sixties (Various Colorado Groups)

various-highs-mid-sixties-1 various-highs-mid-sixties-2

45 – RLW 1286 – Music To Smoke Bananas By b/w Peak Beat – 1286 – 1967

The Emeralds (Denver)

Formed in 1960

  • John Sunderland (guitar) – also with Bobby Swanson & The Sonics and The Roadrunners – Attended Cathedral High School
  • Jack Chiddini (guitar) – deceased
  • Dave Morris (guitar) – deceased – attended Cathedral High School
  • Larry Showalter – (electric stand-up bass) – Attended Denver East High School

John Sunderland is a Pop Bop Rock Honor Roll Inductee

The Esquires – 1964 – Denver

This group played the Galaxy on West Alameda and in short order became Denver’s Soul Survivors.

  • Bob Raymond (bass) – Vaqueros 1962 – Soul Survivors 1965 – Company 1966 – Chocolate Hair 1970 – Sugarloaf 1971
  • Alan Kemp (guitar) – Vaqueros 1964 – Soul Survivors 1965 – The Poor 1966 – Stone Canyon Band – New Riders of the Purple Sage (Deceased)
  • Pat Shanahan – (drums) – Soul Survivors 1965 – The Poor 1966 – Stone Canyon Band – New Riders of the Purple Sage
  • Gene Chalk (guitar) – Soul Survivors 1965 – Beggar’s Opera Company 1966 – worked as a duo with Bob Webber 1976-1977 (Deceased)
  • John Day (keyboards) – The Poor 1966

Additional Members:

Denny Flannigan (guitar) – Formerly with The Outcasts & The Welshires – Moonrakers 1964 – Beggar’s Opera Company 1966 – Solo Work

KIMN Radio Survey – April 4th, 1965

KIMN Radio Survey – May 31st, 1965

45 – Delft M1264 – “Profit” b/w “That’s Why I’m Blue”


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