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Garage Groups in the Mile High State

Below is an alphabetical listing of all known (by me) vintage 1950’s and 1960’s ‘Garage’ groups from our fine State!  Known members are listed – Several of these bands have more comprehensive information including cross references to other bands in which they played are presented below the header tab “Colorado Local” then via sub tabs under “Colorado Musician Index”.

My listings under “Colorado Musician Index” contain many links to Lisa Wheeler’s excellent blog sites: “Pueblo City Limits” and “North of Pueblo” where informative stories about many of these groups along with interviews and photos are presented . (click on the links) – Pueblo and points south of Denver had a very rich tradition in ‘Garage’ bands – via a tight knit community.

Abraxas (Pueblo)

Dave Vega; Rudy Gutierrez; Carlos Crull

The Action Brass (Denver)

Action Brass 2

John Gray – trombone ; Gene Brown – trumpet; Doug Winegar – drums; Larry Greene – guitar; Jim Johnson – bass; Marc Greene – trumpet

The Active Support (Colorado Springs)

Acy Acy (Colorado Springs)

Aftermath (Colorado Springs)

Ange & The Wild Turkeys

American Mercury (Colorado Springs)

This group was formerly “The Livin’ Ends” – They recorded in Norman Petty’s Clovis studios three unreleased tracks in October of 1969:

Am0s (Littleton)

Dave McDonald – guitar; Doug Heath – bass; Phil Carter – drums; Kenny Vaughan – guitar

ASSOCIATED BANDS:  The Inner Sounds; Spox Creation

Armageddon (Colorado Springs)

Formed in the late 1960’s and disbanded in the early 1970’s

Jim Allen (lead guitar) – Brian Berry (guitar) – Mike DeLong (bass) – Dave Kopplin (drums) – Ken Lawyer (bass) – Edward Smith (bass)

The Ascots (USAF Cadets)

The Astronauts (Boulder)

They started off in high school in Boulder as The Stormtroupers

The Avantis (Northern Colorado)

Baby Magic (Pueblo)

Formed in late 1960’s

Gary Cannell (keyboards) – Phil Head (drums) – Doug Rymerson (lead guitar) – Ernie – (bass)

Richard Baca and the Rebels (Pueblo)

Richard Baca (guitar); Juan Ortega (bass); Steve Acosta (drums); Eddie Aragon (guitar)

Bad Habits (Pueblo)

Dave Vega; Rudy Gutierrez

The Bakersfield Charter (Denver/Boulder)

This group formed in about 1967

John “Ace” Essman – (drums) ; Hal “Diamond Jim” Burdick – (guitar); Oliver Frascona (keyboards); Tom Hobbins; Charles Reasoner

Band X (Pueblo)

Formed in October 1968 until 1969

John Grove – sax; John Macklem – guitar;  Bob McConnell – guitar; Lou Sciortino – drums; Mike Webb – organ

The Barons (Boulder)


Formed in 1964 and ran until about 1967 – Several members attended the University of Colorado.

John Essman – drums; Tom Hobbins – lead guitar;  Dick Moore – organ ; Don Palmer – rhythm guitar;  Bob Pian – bass

The Basements (Denver)

Sammy Hernandez – vocals; Sonny Sedillo – guitar, keyboards and vocals;  Danny Munoz  – bass; Eddie Barela – drums;  Ed Gallegos – lead guitar

The Batmen


Beast 01

The group formed in 1968.

Dominick Todero (trumpet); Ken Passarelli (bass); Robert Yeazil (guitar); David Raines (guitar); Gerry Fike (keyboards); Michael Kerns (sax); Larry Ferris (drums); Roger Bryant (bass)

Beggar’s Opera Company (Denver)

Dennis Flannigan  (keyboards); Bob Webber (guitar);  Bob Macvittie (drums);  Gene Chalk (guitar)

Larry Bell and the Continentals (Greeley)

Formed in 1963

Larry Bell; Jack Herbst

The Birmingham Balloon Company (Colorado Springs)

Formed in 1967

Tom Finn – drums; Rich Maio; Greg McLean – guitar; Tom Ingerick; Mike Keliher

Black Sheep

One member grew up in Cannon City – They recorded on Columbia Records

The Blue Angels

They were an entry in KIMN’s 1967 Battle of the Bands.

The Blues Agency (Pueblo)

The Blues Syndicate (Greeley)

Erv Trujillo – bass; Ted Worth – drums; Rod Seeley – organ – Harry Booker – vocals; Mike Osborne – guitar

The Bluetones (Denver)


The group won KIMN’s famed “Battle of the Bands” in 1965

Richard Velasquez – keyboards;  Charlie Vigil – guitar; Mike Weingarten;  Larry Ferris – drums

The Blues Agency (Pueblo)

John Macklem – guitar; Lou Sciortino – drums; Mike Webb – organ

Bob and Shirley & The Valiants (Denver)

The Boenzee Cryque (Denver)


Boenzee Cryque

Bob and Shirley Christy recorded on Band Box backed by The Valiants and also The Saints

This Denver group was very active around the Denver teen-scene in the mid 1960’s participating in radio station KIMN events and contests.

Sam Bush – bass; Bill de Lugt – keyboards; Jim Jenson – guitar;  Tad Miller – drums; Dan Nash – guitar; Joe Neddo – sax; Terry Jones – lead guitar; Jim Jensen – guitar; Rusty Young – pedal steel; Malcolm Mitchell – guitar; George Grantham – drums

The Bossmen (Denver)


Formed in 1962 and played at The Exodus, The Galaxy and Lemon Tree in Denver.

Bill Alexander – keyboards; Ken Baker – bass; Greg Betinger – lead guitar; Tim O’Shea – harmonica; John Van Stelten – drums

The Boy Trap (Colorado Springs)

The Brambles (Denver)


Formed in 1965 – In 1967 became The Voices of Mute

Jerry Corbetta – drums; Dave Genzel; Denny Palz; Rick Peterson; Bill Sanders

The Brain Police (Pueblo)

Phil Dirt (bass)

Broadway Muse (Colorado Springs)

(The Ceeds)

The Bubble Puppy (Colorado Springs)

Formed around 1969

Mike Saulsbury – guitar; Clay Stultz – keyboards; Joe Yates – drums

C.A.A.B (Colorado Springs)

The Capricios (Denver)

Jeff Olivas – lead guitar; Jimmy Peritos; Bill Martinez – drums; John Maul – sax – A Band Box publicity photo but no known releases on that label

The Carpetbaggers (Denver/Boulder)

Dave Barnhardt – rhythm guitar; George DeGrazio – lead guitar; Jim Krug – drums; Todd Lowther – rhythm guitar; Doug Luban – bass; Paul Perry – bass; Glenn Wilson – keyboards

Dean Carr & The Corvettes

Visit the Band Box Discography Page

The Catalina’s (Denver)

This from Kenny Vaughn – April 30th, 2018:

“The Catalinas became The Uncalled 4. Their lead guitarist, Dennis Fria was my first guitar teacher in 1966. He now lives with his wife, Donna, in Panama. He has extensive records of both bands engagements, including money earned. He knows a lot about the 1964-1967 scene.”

The Ceeds/Seeds (Colorado Springs)

Jeff Smith – harmonica – Clark Davis – bass – Rick Warden – drums – Todd Ballantine – guitar – Chet Carmen – drums

Chance (Pueblo)

Chandells (Pueblo)

Marty Spritzer – guitar; Steve Crockett – guitar; Anthony Zamora – vocals; Ronnie Chandler – drums; Steve Yamamoto – drums; Dave McBee – guitar; Gus Trujillo; Roger Uyeda – keyboards

Lee Chandler & The Screamers (Denver)

This group evolved into the Blue Rhythms – a gentler and kinder edition – recording on Band Box Records

Charity (Colorado Springs)

Debbie Goodson – vocals – Randy Gross – drums – Jon Hudek – keyboards – Steve Raider – guitar – Chuck Warner – bass

Chasers (Colorado Springs)

Richard Frase – drums; Dave Myers – vocals; John Rivera – guitar; Troy Valdez – bass; Doug Rymerson

Checkmates (Denver)


Johnny Jones (John Paul Jones) – vocals; Ray Sekera (guitar); Curt Fisher (drums); Dave Adams (guitar) – Backed Frankie Rino

Cheeks (Pueblo)

Timothy Vigil; Marc Gonzalez

Chevelles (Pueblo)


Fabian Chacon (bass); Dave Trujillo (drums); Joey Rodriguez (keyboards); Nick Sineros (guitar); Dave Vega (guitar) 

ASSOCIATED BANDS: Fabulous Fremonts

The Children (Boulder)


Chocolate Hair (Denver)

Myron Pollack (drums); Bob Webber (guitar) – Jerry Corbetta (keyboards) – Bob Raymond (bass);  Bob Macvittie (drums)

The Chosen Few (Pueblo)


Mark Strauss; Jim Phillies; John Rivera; Jimmy Jones; Dave McBee; Troy Valdez; Doug Rymerson

Classics/Surfin’ Classics (Denver)


Joe Brand/Joel Brandes – guitar; Doug Dolph; Veeder Van Dorn; Bob MacVittie; Bob Webber

ASSOCIATED BANDS: Moonrakers – The Poor – Sugarloaf – Vaqueros – Beggar’s Opera Company – Chocolate Hair – Brother Sun

The Classmen (Denver)


Mike Aluise – drums; Ray Baiocco – lead guitar, sax; Terry Ewbank – organ; Mark Hickman – rhythm guitar; John Rankin – bass


Members from this Colorado group went on to form a 1968 revised line-up of The Electric Prunes. They were recommended by former Astronaut Rich Fifield.

Richard Whetstone – guitar; John Herron – organ; Mark Kincaid – guitar

Fred E. Cole and The Northsiders (Denver)

Visit the Band Box Discography Page

Skip Cole and His Fabulous Hi-Spots (Denver)

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The Comets (Security)

The Corkers


Formed in Northern Colorado about 1969

George Bryan – rhythm guitar; Jim Cidlik – keyboards; Gary Reeves – bass; David Trupp – drums; Bill Childs – drums

Sonny Covington & The Original Valiants

Visit the Band Box Discography Page

The Countdowns (Manitou Springs)

Formed in the mid 1960’s

Jock Bartley

The Crypt Kickers (Boulder)


Group formed in mid 1960’s

Hal Burdick – guitar; Oliver Frascona – keyboards; Roy Fuller – guitar; Eddie Pitts – drums; Chuck Reasoner – bass

The Crystal Palace Guard (University of Denver)

Rob Rose (vocals); John Henry Brown (bass); Michael Kilmartin  (guitar); Mike Handler (harp); (first name unknown) Buss (harp-vocals); Jeff Manville; Cris Williamson  (vocals)

The Daleks

Daleks syndicate

The Daleks played Sam’s on Lookout Mountain

Larry Higgins – drums; Joe Elkins; Ray Sekera – bass; Rick Robinson – guitar; Joe Apricio – guitar

The Daniel Paul Revelation (Loveland)

Arden Fennell; Sam Haughland; Jim Dykeman; Randy Tiley; Norman Doug Roberts

The Daniels (Denver)

Daniels 01

The Daniels played at Sam’s on Lookout Mountain

Mike Cooper – drums; Dave Hardy – bass; Brian O’Meara – guitar; Rick Newton – lead guitar

Dave & The Saints

Visit the Band Box Discography Page

Dee & The Majestics

Tom Uharriet

Deep Rock (Northern Colorado)

Formed in 1969

Jon Floth – guitar; Rich Sallee – bass; Peter Johnson – vocals

Deep Steam (Colorado Springs)

Denver’s Tremmors


This group formed in the mid 1960’s.

Ken Burnham – bass; Dennis Graves – rhythm guitar; Clayton Hill – guitar; Todd Houghton – lead guitar; Steve Milford – drummer

The Dimensions (Denver)


This group formed in 1965.

Mark Fisher – guitar; Kent Borucki – bass; Tim Stephenson – guitar; Rene Ulibarri – drums; Brian O’Meara – guitar; Brett Tuggle – guitar/keyboards

The Divinity of Pure Sound (Denver)

The group formed in 1967 and ran until 1970 – formerly known as Fat Friar & Friends)

Tim McMillian – drums; James Townsend – drums; Nathan Warner – lead guitar; John Quincy Adams III – guitar; George Gardine – bass

Chuck Dockery and the Hi Lighters

Dockery recorded on Band Box Records

Doppler Effect


The Colorado band performed around 1967/1968

Lance Leconn – guitar; Clark Wayne – lead guitar

Double Doug and the Boom Booms

This group was the forerunner to the Band Box group – The Saints

Dragonfly (Durango)

This group was essentially The Lords of London from Colorado’s Western Slope



Terry Adams – bass; Rick Anchatz – keyboards; Bob Hamilton – drums; George Kawamoto – lead guitar; Shawn Shea – rhythm guitar

The Electric Canary

Played at the Exodus in Denver

Kenny Perkins (vocals & guitar); Bruce Bouck (vocals, guitar & harmonica); Adrian Rylatt (drums); Ron West (vocals & keyboards); Jay Shelton (vocals & bass)

The Elopers (Manitou Springs)

Randy Weatherington; Jay Ridge Jr.

The Emeralds (Denver)

Formed in 1960 until 1961

John Sunderland (guitar); Jack Chiddini (guitar); Dave Morris (guitar); Larry Showalter – (electric stand-up bass)

The Esquires – 1964 – Denver

This group played the Galaxy on West Alameda and in short order became Denver’s Soul Survivors.

Bob Raymond (bass); Alan Kemp (guitar); Pat Shanahan – (drums); Gene Chalk (guitar); John Day (keyboards); Denny Flannigan (guitar)

The Fabulous Cyclones (Denver)

Band Box - Fabulous Cyclones

The Fabulous Cyclones recorded for Band Box Records

The Fabulous Fremonts (Pueblo)



Irenez Chavez; Henry Garcia; Vic Macheto; John Rivera; Jose Ortega; John Trujillo

ASSOCIATED BAND:  Soulmen – Burnt Mill Road – The Gents – The Chevelles – Sugar n’ Spice – Ortega Brothers

The Fabulous Raindrops (Denver)

Spike Martinez; Ricky Martinez

The Fabulous Roadrunners (Brush)

Formed in the mid 1960’s in Brush, Colorado.

Bob Britton – rhythm guitar; Randy Buchanan – drums; Tony Hernandez – bass; Ray Hymen – lead guitar; Roger Liston – drums

The Fantabulous Jags (Denver)

Fantabulous Jags 02

Dolph Ybarra – sax; Bud Dorman – bass; Harold Little – drums; Jack Potucek – guitar

Played at The Pussycat A-Go-Go and other Denver venues

Fargo (Grand Junction)


This group began out of Grand Junction in a  group called “The Garfield Air Mattress”.

Tony Decker; Dean Wilden; Daryll Cooper; Pete Frease; Randle Potts; Bob Holman

The Fender Benders

Another “discovery of Frank Slay – frequent music executive visitor to the Colorado area

The Finders Keepers (Denver)

Formed around 1965 and ran until the end of the 1960’s.

Mike Kicklighter – guitar; Jim Lochman – drums; Charlie Nicola – lead guitar; Rush Rhoads – rhythm guitar; Jim Taylor – bass

The Flameouts (Colorado Springs USAF)

Flameouts - USAF 66 - 66 - PS

Dan Eikleberry – guitar; Tom Mravak; Jerry Becker; Bill Berry; Gary Mueller – drums; Mason Botts – bass; Dan Lavrich – bass

Flying Wheel (Manitou Springs)

Blaine Reininger

The Fogcutters (Denver)


They formed while students at Denver University in the mid 1960’s.

Eric Karl; Don Cameron; Bill Casper; Mike Jouette

The 4 Nicators (Denver)

This 1960’s group played at the nightclub “The Bull and Bush” among other venues

The Four M’s/The Martinez Brothers (Denver)

The Foxx (Denver)

Freddie and the Hitch-Hikers

Hitch-Hikers 07

Larry Higgins – drums; Freddie Alridge – guitar/vocals; Bobby Miller – guitar; Jerry Spiva – bass; Bobby Leo – sax; Fred Underwood – guitar; Wayne “Carson” Thompson – guitar

ASSOCIATED BANDS: Gigolos – Daleks – Valiants – Saints – Pete Tracy Trio – Milt Watson’s Wildest Clan

The Frogs

The Fuzz (Denver)

Gary Seastone – lead guitar; Don Sterkel – keyboards; Peter Taylor – drums; Henry Vera – rhythm guitar; Don Yamamoto – bass

The Fuzz (Trinidad)

Murray Watson – drums

The Galaxies (Denver)


Mick Emerson – lead guitar; Bill Nichols – bass; Myron Pollock – drums; Dan Smyth – keyboards

The Garfield Air Mattress (Grand Junction)


Daryll Cooper; Bruce Lambert; Pete Frease; Terry Tezak; Tony Decker; Dean Wilden

The Gents (Pueblo)

Jose Ortega

ASSOCIATED BANDS: Fabulous Fremonts

Gerry & The Bluetones

The Gigolos with Don May (The 4 Gigolos)

Gigolos 03

Don May – Larry Higgins

Ginger Blu (Colorado Springs

Bob McConnell – guitar

Johnny Green and the Green Men

The Grouse (Colorado Springs)

The Half Doesn’t (Denver)

Formed around 1968

Jerry Corbetta

The Henchmen (Pueblo)

The Hi Blues (Pueblo)

Formed 1967

Kent Able – organ; Tom Bowman – trumpet; Dave Flores – sax; John Grove – sax; Pat McCown – guitar; Al Volpe – drums; Dominick Todero – trumpet

High John (Boulder)

The High Seas

The Higher Elevation/T.H.E. (Greeley)

Higher Elevation

John Floth – lead guitar; Rick Hull – bass; Peter Johnson – keyboards; Bob Saunar; Tim McDonald; Peter Saunar; Jim Krug; John McDonald

The Hound Dogs (Denver)

The Hound Dogs were actually Denver’s Blue Rhythms recruited to perform for a premier showing of Fabian’s motion picture “Hound Dog Man” which was shown at Denver’s Centre Theater.


The Imperials IV

The Inner Sounds (Littleton)

Dave McDonald – guitar; Doug Heath – bass; Phil “Flip” Carter – drums; Kenny Vaughan – guitar

ASSOCIATED BAND: Amos; Spox Creation

Jade (Pueblo)


Monty Baker – bass; Marty Spritzer – guitar; Murray Watson; Cabell Shepard – keyboards; Jerry Suthers; Ernie Watta – guitar


Japetus appeared at Sams on Lookout Mountain



Jinx performed at Roller City in Alameda and the Bastille

Robin Owen – vocals;  Greg Pflucker – guitar; Randy Pabst – guitar; Rick Peny – guitar; Mike Brierley – drums

The Joint Session

Formed in 1969 until 1971

John Grove – bass; Dan Krall – vocals/guitar; Brad Rice – guitar; Craig Stilson – guitar; Scott Thomas – drums; Mike Green – drums; Bobby Montoya – guitar; Murray Watson; Joe Yates – drums

Justice (Southern Colorado)

The Kandy Store Profits (Denver)

Recorded on the Infal Record label

Kemikol (Pueblo)

John Grove (bass)

King Louie & The Laymen (Boulder)


Formed around 1964 and appeared at Boulder’s Tulagi’s and in Aspen, Colorado

King Louie – guitar, keyboards; Chuck Prewitt – bass; Ed Wunsch – guitar; Bill Gullette – drums; Bob Schmidt – guitar, sax

The Lamplighters (Boulder)


Bill Berkhimer – guitar; Mike Chaffin; Jim Nelson – bass; Tom Bailey – rhythm guitar; Steve Skeels – drums

The Laughing Wind (Colorado Springs)

Bob Markley.jpgImage result for michael lloyd record producer

Danny Harris; Shaun Harris; Bob Markley; Michael Lloyd

The Leather Souls (Denver)

Were 1960’s regulars at La Pitchet

Jerry Corbetta; Wayne Jones – drums; Bob Yeazel – guitar; Roger Bryant – bass; Harvey Richardson

The Legend/Jimerfield Legend (Durango)

Jerry Jimerfield (guitar); Jack Duncan (drums); Barry Davis (guitar); Randy Russ (guitar); Ernie McElwaine (keyboards)

The Lidos (Aurora)

The Lidos recorded on Band Box Records

The Lime (Pueblo)

Blaine Reininger – bass; Mike Green – drums; Don Debay; Ed Chapman

Little Ricky & The Roosters (Pueblo)

Member: John Grove (bass)

The Livin’ Ends (Denver)

The Livin’ Ends were from Thomas Jefferson Highschool

Dave Sondrup; Bob Miller; Irving Andrews

The Lords (Pueblo)

John Macklem – guitar; Lou Sciortino – drums; Mike Webb – organ

The Lords of London (Durango)

Lords of London 01

Rodger Jones; Tommy Beuton – guitar; Jerry Schoenfield; Jerry Jimerfield – lead guitar; Sid Leavell – drums

The Love Revolution (Colorado Springs)

Bernie Lucas & The Golden Boys/The Sapphires (Commerce City)

The Luv Revolution

The Magic Mice

(Mountain Music Web Site - Michael Stelk)


Maibe Handle (Colorado Springs)

(The Ceeds)

The Manderins (Denver)

See the Band Box Record Label Discography

Mando & The Chili Peppers

This Texas rooted group ended up in Denver for some time before moving on

Marc & The Mystics


Markley included two Colorado Springs brothers Dan Harris and Shawn Harris – who played with many area bands and eventually in a version of the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band as did other Colorado musicians

The Masons

Played at Sams’ on Lookout Mountain

The Mastertones (Denver)

Mastertones 01

This was another Band Box Records recording group

Milt Watson; Sonny Covington; Jessie Garcia; Larry Higgins; J.D. Scott

ASSOCIATED BANDS: Freddie and the Hitch Hikers – Milt Watson’s Wildest Clan – The Original Valiants – Daleks – Pete Tracey Trio

Maul & The Cutups (Denver)


From band member Tom Uharriet:

Played the Pussy Cat A-Go-Go, Tiger A-Go-Go, The Merry Go-Round and more

John Maul – sax, vocals; Bob Pickett – guitar; Tom Uharriet
Bill Martinez – drums, horns

Don May & The Venusares

They played the Venue Lounge located in Aurora near Fitzsimmons Hospital on Colfax

ASSOCIATED BANDS: The Gigolos; The Mastertones

The Maybe Handle (Colorado Springs)

The McCoys (Denver)

The Mersey Beats (Aurora)

Chuck Mills & The Monarchs (Denver)

Chuck Mills recorded with The Mastertones and the Nu-Sett – Early Chuck Mills group shown above

The Miserlous

The Monocles (Greeley)

The group formed in 1964.

John Floth – lead guitar; Don Hirschfield; Rick Hull – bass; Gary McMahon – drums; Kevin McIlhenny – drums; Robb Casseday; Tom Behm – drums; Peter Johnson – keyboards; Bobby Saunar

The Moonrakers (Denver)

Joel Brandes (bass); Veeder Van Dorn (guitar); Dennis Flannegan (guitar); Bob Webber (guitar); Bob Macvittie (drums)

ASSOCIATED BANDS: Classics – Surfin’ Classics; The Poor; Sugarloaf; Beggar’s Opera Company; Chocolate Hair – Vaqueros

The Morning Rain (Colorado Springs)

The Morning Rain competed in radio station KIMN’s 1967 Battle of the Bands

Mother’s Children


Mother’s Children appeared at the RUG-ged Room on Alameda just next to Roller City

Corky Young – Harvey Richardson

Mystic Blue (Denver)

Mystic Blue recorded for Infal Records

Joe Marquez; David Case

The New World Blues Dictionary

The NG’s (Walsenburg)

The Nickel Matchbox (Denver)

They played at the Exodus in 1966 – Kincaid went on to the Electric Prunes

Members: Steve Cassells, Mark Kincaid

The Night Beats (Denver)

The Night Caps (Greeley)

Formed around 1962

Jack Herbst; Carl Meyer Jr.; Larry Roth; Walt Wiley

The Nomads (Denver/Boulder)

The Nomads played all the major Denver venues including being one of the house bands at the Galaxy in Denver.

Dennis Spear – lead guitar; Dave Thorne – keyboards; Pat McCormick – bass; Bruce Wolfe – drums

The No Names

The Northside Moss

The Obvious (Durango)

Jerry Jimerfield – guitar

Offspring (North Denver)

Ed Gallegos; Marc Gonzalez – bass; Mike McKern; Ron Smith; Scott Gillam; Charley Vigil

Orlie and The Saints (Denver)

Band Box - Orlie and Saints

This was Orlie Trujillo who recorded on Band Box Records backed by the house band The Saints

The Other Side Of Time

(Mountain Music Web Site - Michael Stelk)

The Ouds (Colorado Springs)

Our Gang (Colorado Springs)

Our Gang were regulars at The Hullabaloo located at 3200 North Nevada Avenue in the Springs.

Rick Foushee; Alex Asbury; Lawrence Asbury; Mike Lawrence

The Outcasts

Need more information on this 1960’s Colorado garage band.

The Outriggers – Denver


They formed in 1965 and all went to high school at Thomas Jefferson

Roger Maul – lead guitar; Bob Inman – drums; Buzz Binkin – guitar; Dave Entsminger – bass

The Pacesetters (Fort Collins)

The Pacesetters were the house band in the mid 1960’s at the 3.2 joint – the Red Garter located in old town Fort Collins.

Gary Reeves – bass (later with Cotton)

The Paper Taxi (Colorado Springs)

Paxton’s Back (Colorado Springs)

Penetration (Denver)

They recorded unreleased songs “The Longer You Hang Around” & “My Mind Goes High”

Penny’s Worth of Now (Boulder)

Need more information on this 1960’s Colorado garage band

The Pheffernuzy (Colorado Springs)

Lee Picket & The Screamers

Lee is Lee Chandler who fronted the Blue Rhythms

The Pleasant Street Blues Band (Denver)


Not really a garage band but firmly rooted in the genre with Rusty Young and George Grantham emerging from the Colorado Garage Band scene


The Polaras (Denver)

This Denver area group recorded on the same label as the local area Nomads

The Police (Denver)

These guys appeared at the west Denver 3.2 night spot The Galaxy kicking off each set with a red light and siren!

The Poor

(Mountain Music Web Site - Michael Stelk)

Veeder Van Dorn (guitar); Allen Kemp (guitar); Pat Shanahan (drums); John Day (keyboards); Randy Meisner (bass); Randy Naylor (guitar)

ASSOCIATED BANDS:  The Moonrakers; Soul Survivors; Poco and many more

The Poor Boys

The Post War Baby Boom (Denver)

The Psychedelic Syndicate (Denver)

The Radiants (Pueblo)

Richard Northrup – Doug Rymerson – Ryan Carter – Monty

They were a Minnesota based band who made their way to Colorado

The Rainy Daze (Denver)

Tim Gilbert – guitar; Kip Gilbert – drums; Mac Ferris – lead guitar; Sam Fuller – bass; Bob Heckendorf – keyboards

The Raisin Kane

Appeared at Sams on Lookout Mountain

The Ramblin Blues (Denver)

The Ramblin Blues were all from George Washington High School

Don Scott – guitar; Robbie Chamberlain – drums; Nick Taro – Lead Guitar

The Ravens (Denver)


Rick Ortega – lead guitar; Rich Pacheco – rhythm guitar; Paul Garcia – drums; Claude Garica – guitar

The R&B Travelers (Denver)

The Regents

The Riot (Colorado Springs)

The Rising Sons (Denver)

This band formed in 1965

Sam Fuller (bass); Mac Ferris – lead guitar; Tim Gilbert – rhythm guitar; Kip Gilbert – drums; Bob Heckendory – electric organ

Tim Gilbert would go on to the University of Colorado in Boulder where he and roommate John Carter would pen “Incense and Peppermints” for The Strawberry Alarm Clock as well as “That Acapulco Gold” for Denver’s Rainy Daze as well as many other songs for local bands i.e The Higher Elevation and Hardwater

The Road Runners (Denver)

(Not the same group as Denver’s Roadrunners with Bobby Swanson and John Sunderland – This group recorded “Road Runnah” released on the Felsted label and an LP on the London label)

Dave Scheibach; Jerry Schillinger – guitar; John Youngblood; Charlie Casper

The Roadrunners (East Denver)

Formed by Bobby Swanson in 1964 – This group, with many personnel changes, kept going under the leadership of Bobby Swanson for over 25 years.

Mike Corrigan (drums); Bobby Swanson; John Sunderland (guitar); Tony Hernandez (bass)

Jimmie Roberts

Appeared at the Theatre Lounge on Glenarm Place in 1960

The Rockin’ Rhythm Kings

Apparently this 1950’s group included Denver recording star Gary Stites according to the book “Colorado Rocks”

The Rockits

Lead guitar player (left) would join Lee Chandler in the Blue Rhythms and also The Screamers

The Rogues (Colorado Springs)

The Rogues were primarily Shaun and Danny Harris – Colorado Springs natives along with Michael Lloyd

Royal & The Shades

See the Band Box Record Label Discography

The Runaways (Denver)


Formed in 1965 the group performed at The Acosatic in Estes Park, The Tiki in Boulder and appeared at KIMN Radio events. Most members were from Ranum High School

Jim Toto – lead guitar; George Clemetti – keyboards; Rick Willet; Jeff Olivas – guitar; Gary Osborne – bass

The Saints (Denver)

The Saints (or sometime Dave and the Saints) were practically the “house band” at Band Box Records

Dave Barhite – guitar; Joe Holenbek – lead guitar; Rich Kimble – sax;  Daryl Kennedy drums;  Clinton Brown – bass; Ray Anderson drums; Doug Hole – sax; Doug Balterson – guitar; Balterson’s cousin – accordion; Joe Marisco – drums


The Satellites

This was the backing group for Gary Stites out of Wheat Ridge

Sam Severin – vocals; Bob Prose – lead guitar; Donnie Stites – drums; Jimmy Acker – guitar; Tommy Sherman – guitar

The Schillings (Boulder)


The Schillings formed in 1964 in Boulder they had a strong connection to the Boulder based Astronauts who’s Jim Gallagher was the brother of Schilling Tim Gallagher.  Members were from Boulder High and Boulder Fairview

Kimm Singer – bass; Tim Gallagher – rhythm guitar; Donn Zarina – guitar; Eric Hansen – lead guitar; John Danville – drums


This group formed in the mid 1960’s – Their name changed between The Ceeds, The Trip, Maibe Handle, Broadway Muse, and The Shell Band – all in the course of a couple of years.

Jerry Ahlbert – bass; Todd Ballantine – lead guitar; Chet Carman – guitar; Ellen Dahl; Clark Davis – bass; Jack Gallupe – guitar; Ray Hall – guitar; Geoff Smith – keyboards; Rick Worden – drums

The Shell Band (Colorado Springs)

(The Ceeds)


See the Band Box Discography Page



The Showmen formed in 1963.

Lynn Porter – guitar; Rick Malm – guitar; Doug Hays – drums; Gary Reed – bass (Boulder High School); Ray Burroughs – vocals, percussion; Crick Streamer – keyboards

The Sixth Edition (Loveland)

Arden Fennell; Sam Haughland; Jim Dykeman; Randy Tiley

THE SNOW MEN (Colorado Springs)

The Snow Men included Shaun and Danny Harris – Colorado Springs natives


Soothsayers - Acropolis 6601 - PS - 66

This group was from Northern Colorado. They were formerly known as The Statesmen.

John Gibson – lead guitar; Rick Irvine – keyboards – (Colorado State College now University of Northern Colorado); Steve Jaynes – drums (Greeley West High School); Rich Sallee – bass – (Greeley West High School) – (Catfish Cray Blues Band) (Images); Dave Van Omen – guitar – (Colorado State College)


Released one known single recorded at Summit Studios in 1967



Soul Survivors 2

The Soul Survivors started off as Denver’s Esquires. They were a staple act at the Galaxy 3.2 club on West Alameda during the mid 1960’s.

John Day (keyboards); Gene Chalk (guitar); Allen Kemp (guitar); Pat Shanahan (drums); Bob Raymond (bass)

Spox Creation (Littleton)

Dave McDonald – guitar; Doug Heath – bass; Phil Carter – drums; Kenny Vaughan – guitar

ASSOCIATED BANDS: Amos; The Inner Sounds


The Squires were a backing band for Frankie Rino formed in about 1965.

Frankie Rino – vocals; Jack Skinner – bass; Eddie Everret – lead guitar; James Woods – drums; Gary Stephens – keyboards

The Star Tones (Denver)

The Star Tones were from Regis College and played at Sam’s on Lookout Mountain – They released one single on the Denver Band Box record label.

The Statesmen (Greeley)

This group was from Northern Colorado. They were formerly known as The Soothsayers)

John Gibson – lead guitar; Rick Irvine – keyboards – (Colorado State College now University of Northern Colorado); Steve Jaynes – drums (Greeley West High School); Rich Sallee – bass – (Greeley West High School) – (Catfish Cray Blues Band) (Images); Dave Van Omen – guitar – (Colorado State College)


Formed in 1965 out of Aurora, Colorado. They played at The Silver Slipper in Central City, Sam’s on Lookout Mountain, and the Baby Doll Lounge in Aurora.

Styles Adamson – bass (Aurora Central High School) ; Tom Behm – drums (Monocles) – (Aurora Central High School); Peter Johnson – keyboards – (Aurora Central High School); Wayne Street – lead guitar (Aurora Central High School)


Stingreys pueblo 01

This group formed around 1963 in Pueblo.

Carl Finnegan – guitar; Gilbert Razo – bass; Larry Montoya – keyboards (Rudy Gutierrez Orchestra); Ronnie Houston – drums

The Stonebreakers – Denver


Jerry Barlow – lead guitar ; Jim Blackledge – drums (Denver South High School); Stuart Gray – rhythm guitar; Geoff Ibbott – bass (George Washington High School)

The Stormtroupers (Boulder)

Formed in Boulder in 1958 first as a trio then expanding before becoming the Astronauts. Visit the Astronaut page for additional group involvement – Brad Leach became the Boulder County Sheriff for a time

Jim “Stormy Patterson – rhythm guitar; Bob Demmon – guitar; Jim Gallagher – drums; Dick Sellars – guitar; Brad Leach – drums


The Superband

Superband formed in 1967

Bob Yeazel (guitar); Roger Bryant (bass); Jimmy Greenspoon (keyboards); Ron Morgan (guitar); Myron Pollock  (drums)

ASSOCIATED BANDS: Chocolate Hair – Sugarloaf – Beast – The Wild Ones

The Surf-Riders


Rich Novak – drums; Nick James – guitar; Charlie Van Ausdall – lead guitar; Tim Novak – guitar; Larry Sferra – bass


Larry Higgins – drums; Ray Sekera – bass; Joe Apricio – guitar

ASSOCIATED BANDS:  Freddie & The Hitchhikers – Gigolos – Dalaks – Saints – Pete Tracy Trio – Checkmates

Tabernash/Contents (Westminster)

This band came to settle in Colorado from Iowa  in 1969 after changing their name from “The Contents”

Mike Orton – bass; Dave Neumann – lead guitar; Craig Hute – lead guitar; Paul Staack – drums

The Teardrops/Patti Jo & The Teardrops (Pueblo)


The group formed around 1964 in Pueblo – The traveled to the Norman Petty studio in Clovis, New Mexico to record.

Ron Myers – bass
Angelo Rotondo – drums; Ernie Watta – lead guitar; Rick Witcowich – guitar; Patti Jo Martinez – vocals; Mike Elias – bass

ASSOCIATED BANDS: Guys and Doll – Chuck Spurlock Band – Crushed Velvet – Jade

The Time System


The Tinkers appeared often at the Baja Club in Denver



The Pete Tracy Trio

Pete Tracy; Larry Higgins (drums); Ray Sekera; Jerry Willy

ASSOCIATED BANDS: Daleks; Checkmates, Freddie and the Hitchhikers, Saints, Gigolos, Milt Watson’s Wildest Clan

The Trip (Colorado Springs)

(The Ceeds)

The Trolls (Pueblo)


Pueblo’s Trolls recorded two tracks with Norman Petty in November of 1966.

Richard Gonzales – guitar; Doug Rymerson – lead guitar; Monty Baker – bass; Phil Head – drums; Fred Brescher – organ

ASSOCIATED BANDS: White Lightning – Radiants, Baby Magic – Jade – New World Blues Dictionary – Frantics – Waco


“The Tryb” were yet another Arden Fennell fronted group formed in 1965 with Jerry Lawson, Ralph Gonzalez, Bill Shuster, brother Leroy Shuster and Tim Rock.

They worked with Petty in the summer of 1965 recording “Maybe Baby” and “No Time to Lose” – Both went unreleased.

The Tuesday Club (Grand Junction)


This group out of Grand Junction, Colorado started off as “The Garfield Air Mattress” formed in 1967 while most members were attending Mesa College.  This group would later become Fargo

Bruce Lambert – Grand Junction High; Tony Decker; Terry Tezak; Daryll Cooper; Pete Frease; Randle Potts – drums; Bob Holman – drums; Dean Wilden

The Philips single managed to chart for a time on Grand Junction’s KEXO radio station Top 40 weekly survey in August of 1967.  Lambert and Tezak departed returning to Colorado,  Dean Wilden came in from a group called “Maudz Only” out of Utah – an earlier garage group which included Tony Decker at the time when he was growing up in Salt Lake City.  Next, Cooper and Frease departed to be replaced by Randle Potts on drums for a time then he gave way to another drummer, Bob Holman.

Fargo finished out their time together as a trio with Decker, Holman and Wilden returning to their roots in Utah.

In short order the group would become “Fargo” releasing one single on Capitol Records and cutting a 1969 LP on the RCA label titled “I See It Now” with all the songs on that LP being composed by Decker, Wilden and Cooper.


The Tycoons formed in 1965.

Blaine Reininger ; John Pagnotta (guitar); Roger Calloway (guitar); Steve Calloway; Sammy Lucero (guitar)

ASSOCIATED BANDS: Tuxedo Moon – Sands of Time – Lime – Wheat – Ellis Brothers – Flying Whale – Sweet Life

Tyler & The Bandits – Denver


They formed in 1964 and played at The Brown Palace and The Cosmopolitan hotels in Denver

Tyler Plotzke – drums; Steve Adler – keyboards (Hill Junior High School); Mike Ziskin – bass; Wayne Brown – lead guitar (George Washington High School); Harold Coggan – rhythm guitar

The Tymes & Places


They began as the Calientes in the Spring of 1965.

Jim Burg – rhythm guitar; Bob Holsworth – drums; Bob Bennett – keyboards; Fred Buerger – lead guitar; Gary Buzick – bass


This band was previously called “The Catalinas”

From Kenny Vaughn on April 30th, 2018:

“The Catalinas became The Uncalled 4. Their lead guitarist, Dennis Fria was my first guitar teacher in 1966. He now lives with his wife, Donna, in Panama. He has extensive records of both bands engagements, including money earned. He knows a lot about the 1964-1967 scene.”


The U.S. Mail competed in Denver radio station KIMN’s 1967 Battle of the Bands. Need more information on this 1960’s Colorado garage band.


Members included four very young Denver area musicians who formed in 1962 and would split off to form two of Denver’s best “The Soul Survivors and The Moonrakers”.

Bob Webber (guitar); Bob Raymond (bass) – Esquires; Bob MacVittie (drums); Alan Kemp (guitar);

ASSOCIATED BANDS: Moonrakers – Soul Survivors – The Poor – Surfin’ Classics – Beggar’s Opera Company – Chocolate Hair – Sugarloaf – Esquires – Stone Canyon Band – New Riders of the Purple Sage

The Vanguard V (Boulder)

Visit Lisa Wheeler’s “Pueblo City Limits” blog site to view this poster and more! (click here)

Bob Webber (guitar) – Bob MacVittie (drums)

The Villagers (Colorado Springs)

They also appeared in the “Battle of the Bands” as shown in the above poster as they did in the “Summer Swing-Ding” – Visit Lisa Wheeler’s site “Pueblo City Limits” for more

The Viscounts (Denver)

Nick Vitale & The Echos

See the Band Box Discography Page

Voices of Mute (Colorado Springs)

This group was first called The Brambles in 1967

Jerry Corbetta – drums; Dave Genzel; Denny Palz; Rick Peterson; Bill Sanders

Waco (Pueblo)

This southern Colorado band had ties to White Lightning and The Trolls out of Pueblo

Warm (Colorado Springs)

Milt Watson’s Wildest Clan (Denver)

See the Band Box Discography Page


Blaine Reininger – bass; Brian Ritchie; Donovan McNeilly

ASSOCIATED BANDS: Tycoons, Sands of Time, Lime, Wheat, The Ellis Brothers, The Flying Whale, The 25th Hour


White Lightning formed in the late 1960’s. This group is documented by local Blogger Lisa Wheeler on her interview with band member Ron Ellis. The band worked with and recorded at Norman Petty’s studio in New Mexico for the Sandoz release.

Ron Ellis – guitar; Richard (“Speedy”); Leroy Gonzalez – drums; Joe Ellis – bass

ASSOCIATED BANDS: Tangerine Dream – local group – The Ellis Brothers – Waco – The Cows – Blues Highway – Trolls

The Wild Ones

The Wild Ones featured guitarist extraordinaire Ron Morgan who played with Three Dog Night

Ron “Mickey” Morgan – lead guitar; Mark Bretz – guitar; Cary Thiel; Roger Liston; Danny Clapper; Dan Johnson

ASSOCIATED BANDS:  Superband – Shelltones – Astronauts – Sunshine Ward

The Wowie Zowie


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