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Colorado Musician Index

These pages are dedicated to the Colorado bands and sometimes solo artists who gave us local pop, rock ‘n roll, folk, blues, classical and much more throughout vinyl history in Colorado.

Colorado Musician Index: A Thru Carmichael

Colorado Musician Index: Carpetbaggers Thru Eddy & Centuries

Colorado Musician Index: Eddie Y Eldon thru Randy Handley

Colorado Musicians Index: Hardrock Gunter thru Doug Lenard & Private Stock

Colorado Musician Index: Adolph Lesser thru Johnny Neill

Colorado Musician Index: Bonnie Nelson Thru Alan Russell & The Overland Express

Colorado Musician Index: Gianni Russo Thru The Tune Twisters

Colorado Musician Index: Bob Turner Thru Z

Long Lost Colorado Artists


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  3. My name is John Grove from Pueblo. Bassist with many southern Colorado bands. In 1978, four Pueblo musicians hit the road with the legendary Jan Berry of Jan & Dean fame. We were the band that performed at their first historic reunion concert at The Palladium in New York City, along with The Four Tops, The Ronnettes, Jay & The Amrticans and the Skyliners. Show was promoted by Ron Delsner, the Bill Graham of the east coast. It was hosted by “Murray the K”. Some other great stories about Southern Colorado bands I’ve had the pleasure of being in.

  4. My name is Charlie Ferrill I was in the Colorado band Wakefield from 1969 thru 1974. Wakefield was Ron Struther on sax, flute, keyboards and vocal, Bobby Barth on guitar and vocals, Carl Marcon bass and vocals, Mike Carroll trumpet, guitar, keyboards and vocals, Paul Zamucen, congas, timbales and vocals and Charlie Ferrill on drums. We started in Pueblo at Southern Colorado State College. We played in Pueblo, Colorado Springs, several clubs in the Denver area, Mr Lucky’s, Fridays and Saturdays, Dirty Johns, La Pichet, The Psychiatrist/My Sweet Lass and Skunk Creek Inn in Boulder. We also played in Ft Collins and Greeley and the ski areas, Vail, Steamboat Springs, Aspen and other mountain towns. Wakefield’s manager was Allen Roth who managed the Skunk Creek Inn back then, now owns Herman’s Hideaway. Wakefield was Chuck Berry’s back up band for several shows in Boulder in 1971 and opened for WAR in both Boulder and CSU. We relocated to Seattle, WA in 1973 and played all around the Northwest. In Idaho, Several cities in Washington and British Columbia and Alaska. In Seattle we played many time at a club called the Aquarius, which was a very large venue that brought in national and international acts. There would be two shows per night, usually on the weekend. Wakefield would open the show with a set, the headliner would follow with a set. The club would clear out and a second audience would come in, and we would do it all over again. Most national acts would play one or two nights but there were a few acts that played several nights in a row. When no national act was performing, Wakefield would play 4 set each night. During the 5 years Wakefield was active we played in most of the states west of the Mississippi River and in Michigan, Illinois and Wisconson. Wakefield did several recording sessions in both Denver and Seattle. A compilation of these recording is available on CD from Gear Fab Records and on vinyl from Guerssen Records. Both found on Amazon.com

    • Charlie – this is great stuff! Happy to now have the information to add Wakefield to the site. If you have a photo of the band in the early days you could send my way I would like to include that as well.

      Thanks again for the entertaining Bio!

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