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Glenn Miller – Colorado Music Hall of Fame Inductee

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Fort Morgan Boy Makes it Big!

MILLER GLENN BIO PHOTOGlenn Miller was born in 1901 in Iowa.  The Miller family moved to Fort Morgan when Glenn was 17 years of age and where he completed high school.   Glenn was an outstanding football player and was named to the Colorado All-State team.  He formed his first dance band while still in high school.

He would next attend the University of Colorado for a time.  But the call of big band music was too strong for him.  He often missed classes and would soon drop out to play with Boyd Senter’s band from Denver, Colorado.  He would work his way to California in the 1920’s and would hook up with Ben Pollack and then Victor Young where he was the featured trombone player.  He continued to work his way across the United States playing along with the Dorsey Brothers, Red Nichols, Bing Crosby, Gene Krupa, Coleman Hawkins and so many more.

Glenn nailed the Glenn Miller “Sound” in the late 1930’s by combining four saxophones with a strong clarinet (played by saxophonist Wilbur Schwartz originally).  From there it was a signing with RCA Victor’s Bluebird records and the rest is history.  Miller would enter the pop charts on a torrid pace up until entering the armed forces in 1942.  Glenn Miller was on a flight to Paris from England to entertain troops on December 15th, 1944.  His plane went down somewhere over the English Channel and was never located.

Miller’s recordings entered the U.S. Charts 116 times – with 72 Top 10 Hits and 22 Number One recordings making him one of the premier recording acts of all time.

The Bluebird record label owned by RCA Victor was started up in the early 1930’s to counter a competitor’s budget line.  The label was on again – off again during the 1930’s and finally settled in for a nice long run which came to an end after World War II ended.  The Bluebird artists including Glen Miller then were released on the company’s primary RCA Victor Label.

Glenn Miller Home Fort Morgan - 1939

Glenn Miller Home Fort Morgan – 1939

Visit the Glenn Miller 78 RPM Single Page

Visit the Glenn Miller 45 RPM Extended Play Page

Visit the Glenn Miller 45 RPM Single Page (under construction)

Visit the Glenn Miller 33 1/3 RPM Long Play Page


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