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Sugarloaf Discography

Sugarloaf Brut 805 45 Round and Round Colorado Jones
Sugarloaf Brut 815 45 I Got a Song Myra Myra
Sugarloaf Brut 6006 LP I Got a Song 1973
Sugarloaf Claridge 402 45 Don’t Call Us Texas Two Lane
Sugarloaf Claridge 405 45 Stars in My Eyes Myra Myra
Sugarloaf Claridge 408 45 I Got a Song Boogie Man
Sugarloaf Claridge 415 45 Have a Good Time You Set My Dreams to Music
Sugarloaf Claridge 422 45 Last Dance Take a Chance Satisfaction Guaranteed
Sugarloaf Claridge 1000 LP Don’t Call Us We’ll Call You 1975
Sugarloaf Liberty 7640 LP Sugarloaf
Sugarloaf Liberty 11010 LP Spaceship Earth 1971
Sugarloaf Liberty 56193 45 Green Eyed Lady West of Tomorrow
Sugarloaf Liberty 56216 45 Tongue in Cheek Woman
Sugarloaf Post 1 LP WKBW Klassics Vol 11 (Also Judy Collins)
Sugarloaf United Artists 62 45 Green Eyed Lady West of Tomorrow
Sugarloaf United Artists 50784 45 Medley Mother Nature’s Wine
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