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We Need Your Help!

We are looking for information regarding any of these local bands Colorado bands:  All should be from the decade of the 1960’s.  Most of these are drawn from Colorado rock ‘n roll historian-Mike Stelk’s extraordinary web site documenting the 60’s bands primarily from around the Colorado Front Range communities.  Lisa Wheeler also does a great job with her exhaustive research on her two local sites Pueblo City Limits and North of Pueblo.

Active Support (Colorado Springs)
Acy Acy (Colorado Springs)
Aftermath (Colorado Springs)
Ange & the Wild Turkeys
Ascots (USAF Cadets)
Avantis (northern Colorado)
Blues Agency (Pueblo)
Blues Syndicate (Greeley)
Boy Trap (Colorado Springs)
Catalinas (Denver)
Coachmen (Boulder)
Dueces Wild (Colorado Springs)
Foxx (Denver)
Frogs (Denver)
Gerry & The Bluetones (Durango)
Golden Gate Doorknob (Denver)
Half Doesn’t (with Jerry Corbetta)
Jim Perry & The Hesitations
Justice (Southern Colorado)
Bernie Lucas & Golden Boys/Sapphires
Luv Revolution
Marc & The Mystics
McCoys (Denver)
Mersey Beats (Aurora)
Morning Rain – Colorado Springs (1967 KIMN Battle of Bands)
Mother’s Children
Mystic Blue with Joe Marquez
New World Blues Dictionary
No Names
Ouds (Colorado Springs)
Paper Taxi (Colorado Springs)
Penetration (Denver)
Penny’s Worth of Now (Boulder)
Pheffernuzy (Colorado Springs)
Pleasant Street Blues Band (Denver)
Post War Baby Boom (Denver)
Psychedelic Syndicate (Denver)
Riot (Colorado Springs)
Rockin’ Rhythm Kings (w/Gary Stites)
Satin Subway (Colorado Springs)
Three Dimensions
Time System
Uncalled Four
Voices of Mute (Corbetta)
Wowie Zowie


  1. I was the drummer in a band called “the timetravelers” 1964 battle of the bands .we came in 11th. Out of denver. Anyone remember? Winners were wild bluetones.

    • Thanks for the comment Clint. Now I am curious – I knew a “Clinton” Morehouse from West High School who graduated in 1964. Any relation or???

    • PS – I will add the timetravelers to my site – Can you provide me with names of band members and instruments? Also did you guys record and where did you appear? Thanks

    • Wayne Jones
      Drummer with the LEATHER SOULS
      bob Yaezel lead Guitar
      roger BryanT Bass
      Harvey Richardson Rythm
      Wayne Jones Drummer


      Wayne Jones
      Jerry Corbetta

  2. See you are looking for info on White Lightnin(g) in your Colorado Vanished list.

    You can link to my White Lightnin’ story (as you have my others) http://www.pueblocitylimits.com/2010/06/white-lightnin.html

    ALSO – I too did an extensive interview with Monty Baker (Trolls,) if you want to include that too on your Trolls notation: http://www.pueblocitylimits.com/2011/12/monty-baker.html

    Thanks for adding my stories (and crediting me, as so many other sites just rip me off….)

    • Thanks Lisa! I’ve begun updating for these groups with links! I need to explore your site again – just chock full of golden nuggets!

  3. Just a trivia note about US Male – Brett Tuggle (guitar / keyboards for US Male, Phaedra, Head First) left Denver to play with Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels, then did session and live work with Rick Springfield, David Lee Roth (Van Halen), Chris Isaak, Stevie Nicks, and Fleetwood Mac. Is still currently touring with Fleetwood Mac, and when not on the road sits in with the Waddy Wachtel band at the Joint in L.A.


  4. Hi. Great information. I was the bass player for Fetal Pig. It was formed by Steve Oas the drummer and myself. Scott Segal was on guitar and we all were students at DU. The band played all around Denver, were the house band at a bar called the 8th Infinity and our largest gig was in the fall of 69 with Vanilla Fudge and Sweetwater at the DU Arena. I would be curious if anyone remembers us and even better if anyone has any photos ? Peter Chapel

    • Thanks for getting in touch – I will put your comments up in the hope of someone responding with photos or more comments

    • I was told my Mike from Black and Read Records in Arvada that the Denver Library has archives on their 5th floor which include some Denver University student publication/s which often covered the various bands – and it well could be that your Band may have received coverage – I am searching around the internet for more links beyond mine and Mike’s. Will keep in touch and in the meantime if you have any photos would love to post them!

    • Peter — I remember “Fetal Pig’s name, and likely saw you, as I was a musician in the DU area at that time. One question – Do you remember (I have forgotten) where exactly the 8th Infinity was? I usually remember everything about the ’60s-’70s Denver music scene, but I have forgotten where that club was.
      Trivia – did you ever have a pizza at Straight Johnsons? =D Jim Morrison did (me too)

  5. Denver Rock History from 1966 to 1976… Hannigan’s Greenhouse was a Wash Park South High Band. Big backstory involving Zephyr, The Family Gog, Canned Heat’s Set up pot Bust,
    Foxx was my friend Jeff Lund’s band, The drummer Stewart was Ex Nazz ,
    Also there was Stargazer With Eddie Ulibarri,
    Aphrodite with Snuffy Walden, Randy Reeder and Al Roberts on bass, I have information on all three bands and their history… ,
    and probably a connection to share of someone from each of them, and plenty more. Message me on facebook …. https://www.facebook.com/chazz.warriner

    • This is great! Visiting you FB page as we speak – Will be in touch!

    • Chuck – I knew those guys (Hannigan’s Greenhouse) and saw them a few times. At the time (summer ’67) their thing was reproducing Sgt. Pepper note-for-note. I know David Brown was later doing guitar tech stuff for Tommy Bolin before he “died.” I’m curious as I was a regular at the Dog on West Evans – what did Hannigan’s Greenhouse have to do with Canned Heat’s bust? I thought John Gray had an informer set ’em up. Would love to hear the story, as that time was huge in my life.

      Not a big fan of facebook. no security. will check back here occasionally.

  6. I was lead guitar for the Basements in the 60’s.

  7. Electric Canary. Kenny Perkins, vocals and guitar, Bruce Bouck, vocals, guitar and harmonica, Adrian Rylatt, drums, Ron West, keyboards and vocals and Jay Shelton, bass and vocals.

    We played at the Exodus mostly and other clubs in Denver and Colorado Springs. Did a 3 month tour on the east coast.

  8. I played trumpet and then bass for the band “Blues Syndicate” in Greeley CO back in ’67 through ’70. In 69, the band changed names to “Another Way” and we played in Loveland, Estes Park, Boulder. Some of the members I knew were, Ted Worth, drums, Rod Seeley, organ, Harry Booker, vocals, Eddie, vocals and Mike Osborne, guitar.

  9. My friend NICK SPICER (not his real name) was in the Electric Canary, as well as many other local bands. He has even driven me by the Electric Canary band house over in Sheridan, Colorado, not too far from Hampden and Federal

    Nick was also in a band called Copper Train. Copper Train was featured in Tiger Beat magazine. That band was featured in the “Groovey Sounds From The Midwest” segment of the magazine. I helped him track down a copy of the magazine on eBay. If my memory serves, it was the June or July 1969 issue of the magazine.

    Nick was also in the backup band for Hal and Charley. He played behind their comedy act at local clubs, and also played occasional live comedy gigs with them on the air on KHOW.

    He was also in one of those faceless pickup touring bands that backed up famous people. He said he toured as the Archies, the 1910 Fruit Gum Co., and several other one hit wonders. Some local promoter managed these one hit wonders and would use local bands to tour with these wonders around the region. Sugar, Sugar!!!

    Nick still plays around the Denver-Boulder area and does an occasional gig in Georgetown. He mostly does jazz and pop tunes with a female singer and sax player.

    Nick, his wife, and I went to the see the Moonrakers reunion gig at the Soiled Dove earlier this year. That was cool. It was cool to see Kenny Passarelli sit in, too.

    I will ask Nick if would like to personally contribute to this comment page.

    I also know Chuck Warriner (who has posted here) and Allen Brown, of Hannigan’s Greenhouse.

    In the 1990’s I was pretty close to Bob Yeazel of Sugarloaf. But, after the bust, I lost contact with him. We were friends on FaceBook. But, I got off of FB.

    I am also well acquainted with Gary Duncan of Quicksilver Messenger Service.

    You can check out music I have contributed to by looking up GREGORY EGO on BandCamp, Jeff Wirtzfeld on ReverbNation, Clarinet Plunger on ReverbNation, Reverend Lead Pipe and His Pipe-Wielding Swingers on BandCamp, and MC Malthus & Genre 136 on ReverbNation. I also have produced and engineered Nick Spicer’s CD entitled “Old Guy Fables” and local Denver punk legend Little Fyodor’s most recent release “Truly Rejected.” Both are available by contacting me, or, Little Fyodor for his.

    There has also been a book published recently about the Denver punk rock scene of the very late 1970’s through the very early 1990’s. The title is DENVOID AND THE COWTOWN PUNKS. One of my bands is referenced in the book (Ski Vietnam) and a poster for one of my other bands (Lobotomy Council) appears in this book. The author of the book is Bob Rob Median and they have/had it at the Tattered Cover.

    If any local musicians are interested in recording, you can contact me through this website and I’m sure that they will put you in touch with me. I do not have a website and only do recording work by word of mouth.

    Sorry about the shameless plug of my music; but, al least I’m keeping the tradition going.

    Yours, very truly,

    MC Malthus

    Long time Denver music fan, musician and recording producer/engineer

    • MC – Quite a bit of history packed into this Post – Will sift through it and place info into the site in all the right places – Will get back in touch with more questions. The “Denvoid and the Cowtown Punks” book will certainly be worthy pursuing

      Thank Again for the input

    • Wayne Jones
      Drummer with the LEATHER SOULS
      bob Yaezel lead Guitar
      roger BryanT Bass
      Harvey Richardson Rythm
      Wayne Jones Drummer


      Wayne Jones
      Jerry Corbetta

  10. Doppler Effect definitely performed in Denver at The Exodus. I’m thinking late 1966 and into 1967. The one single I know they recorded is God Is Alive In Argentina (http://www.45cat.com/record/1626us). Lead singer was Lance Leconn, guitar was Clark Wayne. They had a very good female singer named Brooke??? Last I heard they left for LA. I saw them many times at the Exodus, also Superband as well.

    • Thanks John – Great information – I’ve added it to the Doppler Effect’s listing – Mike at Black and Read will be happy to learn this as he has attempted to track them.

  11. A couple of bands originated at at Thomas Jefferson High School in the mid to late 60’s: The Outriggers (Bob Inman, Roger Maul, Buz Binkin, Paul Reginelli and a Dave Entsminger) and The Livin’ Ends (Dave Sondrup, Bob Miller, Irving Andrews and ?)

    • Thanks Steve – What was your relationship to Bob Inman? Also would be nice if you have access to any other band photos of either of these Jefferson HS groups.

  12. Hi, was wondering if there is anything on a group called The Starliners? From Pueblo.
    Know of. Fermando Martinez
    Drummer :Ted Chavez

  13. Craig,

    The “Blue Angels” were a band from the North side of Denver. I knew them well, and saw them at multiple venues in the late 60’s The members were Eddie Uliberri (Keyboards) Rick (Rocket) Rivera (guitar), Jeff Whatney (bass) and Anthony Chic (Drums). I hope that helps.

    Pete Luthman

  14. Eigth Penny Matter shows:
    05/29/68 17th St Bluegrass Band, 8th Penny Matter, Jazz Trio, Conal Implosion, Alfred Klayhouer Helen Bonfills Theatre Complex
    12/21/67 American Standard, Eighth Penny Matter Family Dog, 1601 W Evans St.
    01/12/68 Beggars Opera Company, American Standard, Eighth Penny Matter Family Dog, 1601 W Evans St.
    01/13/68 Beggars Opera Company, American Standard, Eighth Penny Matter Family Dog, 1601 W Evans St.
    09/08/67 Blue Cheer, Eighth Penny Matter (1st House Band), Big Brother & Holding Company (9/8/67 – 9/9/67) Family Dog, 1601 W Evans St.
    10/06/67 Buffalo Springfield (#2: 9/1967-5/1968), Eighth Penny Matter (Two Shows, 10/6/67 – 10/7/67) Family Dog, 1601 W Evans St.
    01/19/68 October Country (1960’s), Eighth Penny Matter (1/19/68 – 1/20/68) Family Dog, 1601 W Evans St.

  15. 11/27/65 Fuzz (1965-1969) – Kimn – 1st Annual Teen Music Talent Show Auditorium Arena, 1385 Curtis Street

  16. High John Shows in Boulder
    09/01/65 High John Unknown Venue(s)
    09/19/69 High John (Fri 9/19/69 – Sat 9/20/69) Tulagi, 1129 13th St.
    02/26/71 High John Giuseppe’s
    02/14/74 High John Hidden Valley Ranch, NW of Bldr on Hwy 36

  17. Kandy Store Show
    03/10/67 Boenzee Cryque, Fantastic Zoo, Kandy Store Prophets, Northside Moss, Soul City Auditorium, 221 E. Kiowa St.

    Leather Souls Denver Show
    06/01/66 Leather Souls (1960’s in Denver, Co) LA Pitcher Club

    McCoy’s Denver Show
    11/11/65 Boenzee Cryque, Beau Brummels, McCoy’s (1960’s, Denver Band), Freddie & Dreamers, Galaxies – afternoon show Denver Auditorium Arena Denver, Co

    New World Blues Dictionary Colo Springs Show:
    01/26/68 Last Friday’s Fire, New World Blues Dictionary (1964 in Colo Springs, Co-1968, Two Shows, 1/26/68 – 1/27/68) Family Dog, 1601 W Evans St. Denver, Co

    Nomads Band:
    06/01/65 Nomads (1960’s in Boulder/Denver, Co) Tulagi, 1129 13th St. Boulder, Co
    06/01/67 Nomads (House Band at Galaxy) Galaxy Denver, Co

    Northside Moss:
    03/10/67 Boenzee Cryque, Fantastic Zoo, Kandy Store Prophets, Northside Moss, Soul City Auditorium, 221 E. Kiowa St. Colo Springs, Co
    06/01/65 Northside Moss (1960’s) Unknown Venue(s) Boulder, Co

    06/01/62 Viscounts Galaxy Denver, Co

  18. I wonder if anyone knows of a band called Spooner who contributed an absolutely sparkling track to the KBPI LP in 1976 called “The Other Man.” Someone found a participant or two around Denver, but I forget the details. I also wonder if they had any other recordings. (It is not the band from Madison, WI, from the late ’70s-early ’80s.) Thanks!

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