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Colorado Punk Bands – from the late 1970’s into the Mid 1990’s

What I know about the Colorado Punk scene could fill a thimble and so for this page I rely on Bob Rob Medina’s book “Denvoid and The Cowtown Punks – A Collection of Strories from the 80’s Denver Punk Scene”.  Get his book for the background stories behind these bands. Quote marks denote punk names. Some of these may be considered “New Wave”,  “Hardcore” or “Gothic” – who knows? – To learn everything about the Colorado Punk scene go get a copy of Bob Rob Medina’s “Denvoid and the Cowtown Punks” published in 2015.


“Punk” popped up in the U.S. in 1974 or so according to WikipediaNew Wave is defined as emerging in the mid 1970’s and running through the mid 1980’s.  But of course it had a much earlier foundation via garage bands.  But it is comfortable to say that the with the arrival of the Ramones out of Queens in New York that Punk had arrived.  “Hardcore” or “Hardcore Punk” is also attributed to a form overlapping with both early “Punk” and “New Wave”.  The difference – What does it really matter?

Now to mix things up even more, “Gothic Rock” or “Goth Rock” is attributed as a “Post Punk” genre, but is also documented as emerging in the late 1970’s.  To top it all off – “Industrial Rock” popped up in the mid 1980’s but is not to be confused with “Industrial Metal”.  And what about “Heavy Metal” and it’s predecessor “Death Metal”?

That’s enough of that…. So forgive and forget if some of these groups precede, transcend or supersede “Punk”.

Denvoid and the Cowtown Punks by “Rob Bob Medina”

Click on the image below to visit the “Denvoid” web site to read about the author and to locate retail or on-line outlets for purchasing the book – Very reasonably priced!


16 Horsepower


David Eugene Edwards
Jean-Yves Tola
Jeffrey Paul
Pascal Humbert
Stephen Taylor

57 Lesbian – 1988-1995

Matt Bischoff (with Fluid – Mad House – Frantix – White Trash)
Chanin Floyd
Dave Stewart (with Frantix – Tronfils)

Acid Pigs – 1984-1993

Bart Howell (with Lost Cause)
Travis Kenny
Jerome Piccoli
Jack Sutter
Dave McGrew

punk-acid-pigs-01 punk-acid-pigs-02

Acid Ranch – 1984-1987

Johnny Meggitt (with Child Abuse – Primmies – Brother Rat)
Andy Monley (with Primmies)
Jeff Ross (with Primmies – Endgame – Blacklist – Pounding Limbo)
Mike Serviolo (with The Core – Peace Core – Problem Youth – Local Threat)
Chris Steel (with Primmies – Peace Core – Core)
Need Windham


Bo Pogue
Dave Clifford
Jared Poley
Devon Rogers

All – Fort Collins – 1987 to present


(Formed in California – migrated to Fort Collins, Colorado)

Karl Alvarez – bass (with Descendants, California)
Stephen Egerton – guitar (with Descendants, California)
Bill Stevenson – drums (with Descendants, California)
Scott Reynolds – lead vocals (with Pavers – Goodbye Harry)
Chad Price – lead vocals


Angel Hair

Angel Hair | Skramz Wiki | Fandom

Paul Iannacito
Todd Corbett
Andy Arahood
Sonny Kay (Savalas)
Josh Hughes

Ante Bellum – 1984-1986

Patrick Barber (with Expatriate)
Sean McDonough
Dennis McPherson (with Expatriate)
Pete Fruh

Anti-Scrunti Faction (ASF) – 1984-1986 (Boulder)

Leslie Mah
Tracie Thomas
Eric Vavleuven
Sarah Bibb
Kathy Parker


Atomic Dilemma – 1988

Atonement – 1981

Group recorded on the Wax Trax Record label – Local Anesthetic

Auggie Rocks & The Lipstick Gunfighters

Auggie Rocks (with Mad House)

The Aviators – late 1970s’


The Bad Brains

Bad Circus – 1984

Piggo – alias for Bob McDonald (with Problem Youth – Bum Kon – Pagan)
Jughead – alias for Johnny Meggit (with Brother Rat – Dog Bite)

Basic Black

“Spike” – (with Idiot’s Revenge)
“Big John” (with Horror Show – Idiot’s Revenge – Uberfall)
“Jet Black”
“Toledo Pat”

The Big If

Birthday Party

Black List – early 1980’s (Fort Collins)

Jeff Ross (with Endgame – Pounding Limbo – Acid Ranch – Primmies)

Blood Axis


Annabel Lee
Michael Moynihan
Robert Ferbrache (with Human Head Transplant – Soul Merchants – Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – Haters – UNX – We Never Sleep)

The Broadcasters

Brother Rat

John Meggitt – vocals (with Dog Bite – Bad Circus – Child Abuse – Primmies)
Steve Shiramizu – drums (with Dog Bite – Legion of Doom – Rope)
Michael Anderson (with Dogmeat)
Larry Denning (with Bum Kon – Burnt Fase – Soak)
Tom Kennedy (with Dog Bit)

Bum Kon – 1982-1986


Mark Thorpe and Larry Denning met Bob McDonald and Erik Oberhausen and they formed Bum Kon.

Bob McDonald (with Pagan – Problem Youth – Bad Circus)
Erik Oberhausen (with Soak – Church and State)
Larry Denning (Reagan Youth)
Mark Thorpe (Reagan Youth; Burnt Fase – Soak – Sisters of Sodom – Butcherz – Slaughter Haus 5 – Denco Dogs)

Group recorded on the Wax Trax Record label – Local Anthestic

bum-kon-1981-01 bum-kon-1981-02

bum-kon-1981-05 bum-kon-1981-06

bum-kon-1981-03 bum-kon-1981-04

Burnt Fase – 1985-1986

Larry Denning (with Soak)
Mark Thorpe (with Denco Dogs – Sisters of Sodom – Slaughter Haus 5 – Butcherez)
John Douchette
Jim Hale (with Soak)
David Lee Muriz (with Children of Denial)

punk-burnt-fase-01 punk-burnt-fase-02

Butcherz – 1983-1984

Arnie Beckman (with Trontils – Shamed Hatred)
Tom Headbanger (with Slaughter Haus 5)
Doug Tefft (with Slaughter Haus 5)
Mark Thorpe (with Denco Dogs – Sisters of Sodom – Slaughter Haus 5 – Burnt Fase  – Soak))

The Butt Corx

The Cells – 1979 (Boulder)


Formerly known as “The Noise”

John Neulin – guitar
Andy Heermans – bass
Kelly Clear – drums
Warren Ryder – keyboards


The Chelsea Girls

Child Abuse – 1982-1983

Tom Kennedy (with Legion of Doom)
Johnny Meggitt (with Primmies – Brother Rat – Dog Bite – Bad Circus)
Jason Smith (with Primmies – Core)
Andy Horan – (with Legion of Doom)
Pete Haines (with Primmies)

The Children of Denial – 1985

Martin Day (Denco Dogs)
Chris Kieft
David Lee Muniz (with Burnt Fase)
Mart Metz (with We Never Sleep)

The Choosey Mothers – 1988-1994

Arnie Beckman (with Trontils – Butcherz – Shamed Hatred)
AJ Beckman
Darol Tucclarelli

Church & State – 1981

Andrew Monely (with Primmies – Acid Ranch)
Erik Oberhausen  (with Bum Kon – Soak)
Matry Carlstom
David Sussman

The Core – 1985

Jason Smith (with Child Abuse – Primmies)
Chris Steel (with Primmies – Peace Core)
Mike Serviolo (with Peace Core – Local Threat – Problem Youth – Acid Ranch)

Corpses As Bed Mates

The Corvairs – 1978 (Boulder)


Phil Gammage – (with Joey Vain & Scissors)
Miles Syken (with Mutilators – Defex)
Steve Kupla – bass (with Defex)
Bill Van Dusen – drums (with Violators – Defex)

The Crank Call Love Affair – 1981-1982


Randy Walters – guitar (with Mau Mau 55 – Voltage Rot)
Lin Esser – bass
Mark Fuller – drums


The Creeps – 1983-1990

Danny Stewart
Fred Farrey
Shannon Flynn
Dan Alvarez

The Dancing Assholes – late 1970’s (Boulder)

David Berkowitz – guitar
Connie Clit – drums (with The Prophylactics)

Dead Silence – 1984-1994 (Boulder)

Ted Linroth
Lorn Potter
Adam Johnson
Joel Schneider
Steve Bovery
Kevin O’Dea

punk-dead-silence-01 punk-dead-silence-02

punk-dead-silence-03 punk-dead-silence-04

Defex (Boulder)


Chris Murdock – bass (with Mutilators)
Ricky Sonkin – drums (with Mutilators)
Scott Bracken – guitar (with Mutilators)
Steve Kulpa (with The Corvairs)
Bill Van Dusen – drums (Violators – Corvairs)

Denco Dogs

Nate Butler (with Unnatural Sex Acts – Happy World – Sisters of Sodom – XEQ)
Mark Thorpe (with Slaughter Haus 5 – Butcherz – Sisters of Sodom)
Jimmy West (with Rok Tots)
Kristi Wilson (with Rok Tots

Die Miegraines – 1983

Joni Carin Rossi (with Your Funeral)
Mary Frembgen
Linda Derschang (with Pagan Cowboys)
Susanne Lewis


Dog Bite – 1988-1990

Dan Zelinkoff – guitar (also with Rope – Legion of Doom)
John Meggitt – vocals (with Brother Rat – Bad Circus – Child Abuse – Primmies)
Steve Shiramizu – drums (with Rope – Brother Rat – Legion of Doom – Signal 30)
Tim Beckman – bass (also with Rope)
Tom Kennedy (with Brother Rat)

Dog Meat – 1981-1982

Mike Anderson (with Brother Rat)
Tommy Dogmeat
Billy Dogmeat

Endgame – early 1980’s – Fort Collins

Jeff Ross (with Blacklist – Pounding Limbo – Acid Ranch – Primmies)


Expatriate – 1986-1988

Patrick Barber (with Ante Bellum)
Dennis McPherson (with Ante Bellum)
Pete Schroll

punk-expatriate-01 punk-expatriate-02


Steve Lobdell – guitar (with Problem Youth)

Fluid 1985-1993


Garrett Shavlik (with Mad House – White Trash)
James Clower (with Mad House)
John Robinson
Matt Bischoff – bass (with Frantix – 57 Lesbian – White Trash – Mad House)
Rick Kulwicki – guitar (with Frantix – Mad House)

The Frantix – 1981-1983


Davey Stewart – drums (with Trontils – 57 Lesbian)
Mark Deaton – vocals
Matt Bischoff  – bass (with Fluid – 57 Lesbian – Mad House – White Trash)
Rick Kulwicki – guitar (with Fluid – Mad House)
Paul Katopodes

Group recorded on the Wax Trax Record label – Local Anthestic

frantix-82-01 frantix-82-02

frantix-82-04 frantix-82-05

frantix-83-01 frantix-83-2

frantix-83-04 frantix-83-05


The Front – 1977


Steve Knutson – vocals (worked at Wax Trax Denver) (with The Weasils)

The Gluons – 1981

Kenny Vaughn
Lannie Garrett
Mark Frye
Mike Chappelle
Ted Wahl

Backed beat poet Allen Ginsberg during a Denver recording session.


Group recorded on the Wax Trax Record label – Local Anthestic


ginsberg-1983-04 ginsberg-1983-05

The Guys – 1979


Aleta Haas – guitar (with S.T.A.B.)
Cherri Morris – bass
Cleo Ortiz – drums
Jo Ann Gogue – vocals (with Varve – Impending Doom – S.T.A.B)


The Happy World – 1983-1991


Gant Frink
Shane Frink (with Sisters of Sodom)
Dave Saull (with Unatural Sex Acts – Sisters of Sodom)
Nate Butler (with Sisters of Sodom – Unatural Sex Acts -XEQ)



Robert Ferbrache (with Human Head Transplant – Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – Blood Axis – Haters – Soul Merchants – We Never Sleep – UNX)



Horror Show – 1985-1986

Robin Crawford
Jonathan Martinez (with Uberfall – Idiot’s Revenge)
Rick Woodson (with UTI)
Mark Yarboroug

“Big John” (with Basic Black – Idiot’s Revenge – Unberfall)

Human Head Transplant – 1984-1992


Bob Ferbrachie – guitar (with Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – Blood Axis – Haters – Soul Merchants – We Never Sleep – UNX)
Kelly Cowan
Robert Beaudin
Sheri Van Decar Cowan
Bert Beaudin


Idiot’s Revenge – 1983-1986

Robert “Bob Rob” Medina
Charles Robert “CR” Smith  – guitar
Jimmy Lopez
Ken Neubert
Mark Putt
Rob Wallach (with Immoral Attitude)

Immoral Attitude – 1983-1986

Tommy Caldwell
“Big John” (with Basic Black – Horror Show – Uberfall)
Chris Clayton
Fred Knight
Rob Wallach (with Idiot’s Revenge)
Chad Rusch
Dave Baden
Scott Zufelt

Impending Doom

Jo Ann Gogue – vocals (with Varve – S.T.A.B)

The Instants – 1979

Transplant band from California

Andrew Sharpe
John Trujillo
Jon E. Risk
Joseph Pope

Joey Vain & The Scissors – 1977

Jerry Kunkel
Marsh Kunkel – bass
Jerry Budwig – guitar
Phil Gammage – guitar
Peter Roos – drums (with Nightflames)

Jonny III – 1978

The Jonny III

Kenny Vaughan – guitar
Leroy X (with Leroy X & the Citations) – real name Leroy Smith
Nic Leuthauser

From Kenny Vaughan – April, 2017:
“Hello, I was in Band Box Studio on a Saturday morning with my father sometime in late 1966 or 1967. We’d gone there to investigate recording my neighborhood band that started in the fall of 1966 in Littleton. The band went through several names, The Innersounds, Spox Creation, and Amos. The members were Dave McDonald on guitar, Doug Heath on Bass, Phil “Flip” Carter on Drums and myself, Kenny Vaughan on guitar.

We all sang. The thing that I most remember about the brief visit was a very cool, well dressed gentleman that looked like a cross between Ronnie Kae and Eddie Cochran came in, sporting a nice top coat, cool relaxed pompadour, nice suit, carrying a guitar case that could have been a Gretch 6120 style, and also carrying an Echoplex. He spoke with the engineer about what he was going to record.

Years later, I worked with Dewey Knight and Sammy Cee at the Club Corner. I’ve enjoyed reading all of your info, and I remember a good deal of the names mentioned. Great work! I’m still in the music biz. I live in Nashville and record there regularly. I am a member of Marty Stuart’s Fabulous Superlatives. We released our latest album, Way Out West, on March 10th”

Kenny (far right) with Marty Stuart

(I asked if Kenny learned the identity of the guitar player)

“I don’t think that we talked to the guitar player. I’ve never been able to figure out who he was. He looked like a star from the early 60s. I vaguely remember my Dad talking with the lady who ran the place, but mostly I remember that there was a guy who seemed to be an engineer conversing with the guitarist, and I remember the Ampex tape machine and the tube power amplifier that powered the monitor speakers. I wish that we had recorded there!

I believe that Sammy Cee passed quite awhile ago. I knew a lot of the people that you’ve mentioned. I played at Club Corner, The Caravan West, and Ollie’s Roundup a lot in the very early 80s. I also played out at The Four Seasons before it became an oldies place. I saw Buck Owens there in 1968.

I went to a ton of rock n roll shows from 1966 through 1976. Lovin Spoonful, Stones, both Cream Shows, all 3 Hendrix shows, many Dead shows, Doors, Big Brother, Howlin Wolf, Little Feet, Mad Dogs & Englishmen, Allman Bros, The Who, Procol Harum, many Zappa shows, King Crimson, Ramones, The Nerves, ZZ Top, Joe Cocker & The Grease Band w/ Free and Ten Years After at Roller City(!), Deep Purple in Greely, Junior Wells & Buddy Guy in Boulder, saw the Astronauts at Euclid Jr High(!), Moonrakers, The Galaxies, Crystal Palace Guard, Holden Caufield, many Zephyr shows, John Mayal, The Jefferson Airplane, The Animals, lots of small jazz shows, life was good in Denver!

I had a band called the Jonny III from 1976-1979 that played around Denver, Boulder, Chicago, the Midwest and NYC a lot. We played mostly songs that we wrote, and the audience was mostly the Alt Punk and alternative crowd. We had a fairly loyal following. I moved to Nashville in 1987.”

Jux County

The Kamikazi Klones


A.J. Coon
Jimy Murphy
Mark Hagen
Mark Hopkins
Mike Lenz

Keep In Mind (Englewood) – 1988-1990

Grant Guthrie
Pat Swanson
Rich Jacobs
Tim Williams

Legion of Doom – 1984

Dan Allen (with Dog Bite)
Steve Shiramizu (with Signal 30- Brother Rat – Rope)
Andy Horan (with Child Abuse)
Tom Kennedy (with Child Abuse)
Dan Zelinkoff (with Dog Bite – Rope)

The Lepers – 1982-1985


Alan Smith
Laz Beeken
Brad Carton
Roger Morgan


Leroy X & the X-Citations

(Also Leroy’s Dance Band in 1981)

Leroy X – real name LeRoy Smith (with Jonny III)

punk-leroy-01 punk-leroy-02

 Local Threat – 1982-1983

Dan Dhonua (with Problem Youth – Peace Core – Bad Circus)
Jeff Kray (with Peace Core)
Carl Frank (with Unberfall)
Chris Steel (with Peace Core – Primmies – Acid Ranch)
Mike Serviolo (with Peace Core – The Core – Problem Youth – Acid Ranch)

The Lost Cause – 1986

Graham Bush
Johnny Kailinsrud
Dan Begakis
Burt Howell (with Acid Pigs)

Mad House – 1984

Matt Bischoff (with Frantix – Fluid – Lesbian – White Trash)
Rick Kulwicki (with Frantix – Fluid)
Augy Rocks (with Auggie Rocks & The Lipstick Gun Fighters)
Garrett Shavlik (with Fluid – White Trash
James Clower (w Fluid)

The Malibukens

Mau Mau 55 – 1984-1985

Mike Savage (with Voltage Rot – Crank Call Affair)
Bob Drake – drums (with Metrotones – Voltage Rot)
Patrick Bauer – bass
Wolfgang – bass
Randy Wallace (with Crank Call Love Affair)

The Metrotones

Bob Drake – drums (with Voltage Rot – Mau Mau 55)

The Minutemen


The Mutilators – late 1970’s (Boulder)


Scott Bracken – guitar (with Defex)
Miles Syken – bass (with the Corvairs)
Ricky Sonkin – drums (with Defex)
Chris Murdock – bass (with Defex)

The Nails

Nig Heist


Steve “Mugger” Corbin
Dave Classen (with Tom Troccoli’s Dog)
Robin Henley
Tom Troccolli (with Tom Troccoli’s Dog)


punk-nig-heist-3 punk-nig-heist-4

The Nightflames – 1978

Peter Roos (with Joey Vain & Scissors)
Bobby Goldstein (with Driver)
Eddie Turner – guitar
Ludwig – bass (with Silver Armadillo Band)

The Pagan Cowboys – 1985

Bambi Lee Savage
Bob McDonald (with Bum Kon – Problem Youth)
Cynthia Papendick
Linda Serschang (with Die Migraines)

Peace Core – 1983-1984

Dan Dhonua (with Local Threat – Bad Circus – Problem Youth)
Carl Frank (with Uberfall)
Jeff Kray (with Local Threat – Problem Youth)
Chris Steel (with Core – Primmies)
Mike Serviolo (with Problem Youth – Core – Acid Ranch – Local Threat)

Pounding Limbo – early 1980’s (Fort Collins)

Jeff Ross (with Endgame – Blacklist – Acid Ranch – Primmies)

Primmies – 1984

Jason Smith (with Core – Child Abuse)
Jeff Ross (with Acid Ranch – Endgame – Pounding Limbo – Blacklist)
Chris Steele (with Peace Core – Core – Local Threat – Acid Ranch)
Andy Monley (with Acid Ranch)
Johnny Meggitt (with Child Abuse – Acid Ranch – Brother Rat – Bad Circus)

Problem Youth – 1980

Steve Lobdell – guitar (with Faust)
Dan Dhonua (with Local Threat – Peace Core – Bad Circus)
Jeff Kray
Bob McDonald (with Pagan – Bad Circus – Bum Kon)
Keith Olson
Mike Servlolo

The Prophylactics – late 1970’s (Boulder)

Connie Clit – drums (with Dancing Assholes)
Carolyn Crampton
Sue Digby

Psychodrama – 1985-1986

Duane Lance Bodenhemier
Neil Rogers
Michael Lankton

Psychotic Reaction – 1986

Craig Mills
Brett Lashwely
Cassandra St. Onge
Geoff McLain

The Ravers – 1975

(Formerly the Nails)


Marc Campbell
Dave Kaufman – keyboards
Jon Cormany
Tim – guitar

Rectifier – 1981

Group recorded on the Wax Trax Record label – Local Anthestic


Reagan Youth – 1981-1982 (Littleton)


  • David Skari – lead vocals
  • Mark Thorpe – drums (Bum Con – Burnt Fase – Soak – Sisters of Sodom – Butcherz – Slaughter Haus 5 – Denco Dogs
  • Larry Denning – rhythm guitar (Bum Con

The following (including the logo) was submitted on February 8th, 2019 by Reagan Youth vocalist David Skari

“Good Morning Craig,

I stumbled onto your Colorado Punk Bands – From the late 1970s and 1980s web page the other day and was very impressed.  Wow!  Finally someone mentioned the band “Reagan Youth”.  You have it spelled Regan Youth, but it was indeed spelled “Reagan Youth.”  But wow, nonetheless, its there!

I can fill you in on the complete story.  In 1981 I met Mark Thorpe through my brother.  We were all into punk music and told Mark I wanted to form a band as I had just purchased a drum set.  Mark, I believe, had a bass guitar then.  Mark introduced me to Larry Denning.  The three of us started the band Reagan Youth.  After the first practice it was evident I wasn’t cut out to be a drummer.  So Mark took over playing the drums, Larry on Rhythm guitar and I moved to lead vocals.  We were constantly searching for a bass guitarist.  It wasn’t easy trying to find and keep a bass player who wanted to play punk in Littleton.

I told Mark and Larry if we stay together I promised them a record.  Due to an upcoming trip, I decided it was time to go to the recording studio in January (maybe early February 1982).  We were between bass players at the time.  Matt Bischoff and James Clower (White Trash) came down from Boulder to the recording studio to play bass and lead guitar respectively during the recording session.

The short business trip turned into a job offer and I had to leave Denver.  Sometime after February 1982 Reagan Youth was disbanded when it was discovered there was another band by the same name in New York.  Sometime in 1982 (I believe it was) Mark Thorpe and Larry Denning met Bob McDonald and Erik Oberhausen and they formed Bum Kon.

That’s the background to Reagan Youth and its connection to Bum Kon.

For you web page to be entirely accurate, I was never part of Bum Kon and Bob McDonald and Erik Oberhausen was were never part of Reagan youth.”

Rok Tots – 1980-2005

Jeff Reifsteak alias “Jif Jiper”
Jerry “Jimi” West – guitar (with Children of Denial)
Toby Rat Tit – drums
Ronnie Roktot – bass
Kristi Wilson – bass (with Denco Dogs)
Martin Day – drums (with Children of Denial)
Good Alan




Tim Beckman – bass (also with Dog Bite)
Steve Shiramizu – drums (with Brother Rat – Dog Bite – Signal 30)
Dan Zelinkoff – guitar (also with Dog Bite – Legion of Doom)



Brian Gathy – bass
Bob Rob Medina – guitar
Sonny Kay – vocals
Paul Lannacito – drums

Shamed Hatred

Arnie Beckman (with Butcherz – Trontils – Choosy Mothers)
Joel Dallenbach (with Butcherz – Trontils)
Jim Barnes

Signal 30 – 1982-1993

Bart Bolston
Shawn Haus
Steve Shiramizu (with Legion of Doom – Dog Bite – Legion of Doom )
Chris Hagen

The Sisters of Sodom – 1985

Aaron Arnold
Nate Butler (with Happy World – Unnatural Sex Acts – Denco Dogs – XEQ)
Shane Frink (with Happy World)
Dave Saull (with Happy World – Unnatural Sex Acts)
Mark Thorpe (with Butcherz – Slaughter Haus 5 – Denco Dogs – Soak – Burnt Fase)

The Slaugher Haus 5 – 1982-1983

Tom Headbanger (with Butcherz)
Doug Tefft (with Butcherz)
Mark Thorpe (with Butcherz – Sisters of Sodom – Denco Dogs –  Soak)

Slim Cessna’s Auto Club


Robert Febrache – guitar (with Human Head Transplant – Soul Merchants – Blood Axis – Haters – UNX – We Never Sleep)
Danny Pants
Dwight Pentacost
Frank Hauser Jr.
Ian O’Doughtery,
Jay Munly
John Rumley
Judith Ann
Ordy Garrison
Shane Trost
Reverend Glasseye
Peeler Moore
Whiff Cessna
Tim Maher
Tod Peeler
Rebbeca Vera

The Small Appliance Orchestra

Jeri Cain Rossi (with Your Funeral – Die Migraines)
Duane Davis (co-owner Wax Trax Record Store Denver)


Soak – 1988-1995

Eric Oberhausen (with Bum Kon – Church and State)
Jim Hale (with Burnt Fase)
Larry Denning (with Burnt Fase – Bum Kon)
Mark Thorpe (with Burnt Fase – Denco Dogs – Sisters of Sodom – Slaughter Haus 5 – Butcherez)

The Soul Merchants – 1984-1986


Robert Ferbrache – guitar (with Human Head Transplant – Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – Blood Axis – Haters – UNX – We Never Sleep)
Jerry Cuba
Malcolm Black
Michael Moore – guitar
Paul Ciciora



Aleta Haas (with The Guys)
Shawn McNary (with Violators)

The Thinking Plague

Tom Troccoli’s Dog

Dave Claasen (with Nig Heist)
Tom Troccoli (with Nig Heist)
Greg Ginn


The Transistors 1979 (Boulder)


Ricky Ritardo – vocals
Keith Murdock – guitar (with Willie Cruz & the Dreamboats)
Karen Sony – bass


Trash is Truth

The Trontils – 1984-1988

Arnie Beckman (with Choosey Mothers – Butcherz – Shamed Hatred)
Joel Dallenbach (with Shamed Hatred)
Dave Stewart (with Frantix – 57 Lesbian)

Uberfall – 1984-1986

Mike Lee
Pete Flye
“Big John” (with Basic Black – Horror Show – Idiot’s Revenge)
Carl Frank (with Peace Corp)

The Unatural Sex Acts – 1982-1983

Nate Butler (with Happy World – Sisters of Sodom – Denco Dogs – XEQ)
Bruce Chocette
Dave Saull (with Sisters of Sodom)
Scott Ray
Tony Yantomo

UNX – 1983

Robert Ferbrache – guitar (with Human Head Transplant – Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – Blood Axis – Haters – Soul Merchants)
Chris Swank – bass (Owner of the Bluebird Theater in Denver and several restaurants in the Capitol Hill Area)
Miguel Swank – drums
Rusty Williams

UTI – 1984-1985

Eric Erikson
Lisa Geyer
LJ Miller
Rick Woodson (with Horrorshow)

The Varve – 1979 (Boulder)


Jo Ann Gogue – vocals/sax (with Impending Doom – S.T.A.B.)
Carolyn Crampton – guitar (with Prophylactics)
Sue Digby – bass (with Prophylactics)
Kelli Kozak – keyboards
Anne Brent – drums


punk-varve-02 punk-varve-03

The Violators – 1978


Shawn McNary – guitar (with S.T.A.B.)
Tom Pop – vocals
Richie Barry – bass
Bill Van Dusen – drums (with Defex – Corvairs)
Steve Dryer – drums

The Visitors – 1981


Gale McGaha – bass
John Ulvang – drums
Paul Schmeltzer – lead guitar
Glenn Miller – rhythm guitar

Voltage Rot

Randy Walters – guitar (with Mau Mau 55)
Bob Drake – drums (with Mau Mau 55 – Metrotones)

Walls of Genius – 1983-1985

Dave Lichtenverg (Little Fyodor)
Evan Cantor


The Warlock Pinchers


Mark Brooks alias “3KSK”
Derek van Westrum alias “Drok”
Eric D. Erickson alias “Feerok”
Andrew Novick alias “Kasey Kasem”
Dan Wanush alias “King Scratchie”

We Never Sleep – 1985-1991

Mark Metz (with Children of Denial)
Paul Dickerson
William Montague
Robert Ferbrache (with Human Head Transplant – Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – Blood Axis – Haters – Soul Merchants)

White Trash – 1982-1983

Louie Largesse
Granville Cleveland Jr.
Matt Bischoff (with Frantix – Mad House – Fluid – 57 Lesbian)
James Clower (with Mad House)
Brad Keith
Garrett Shavik (with Mad House – Fluid)

Group recorded on the Wax Trax Record label – Local Anthestic

white-trash-ep-1983-01 white-trash-ep-1983-02

XEQ – 1986

Nate Butler (with Sisters of Sodom – Happy World – Unnatural Sex Acts – Denco Dogs)
Doug Conlon
Mike Kellim
Rudy Monroe

The Young Weasels – 1982

Steve Knutson – vocals (with The Front)

Your Funeral – 1982-1983


Cleo Tilde (Cleo “Ramone”)
Jeri Rossi (with Die Migraines)
Karne Sheridan

Group recorded on the Wax Trax Record label – Local Anthestic


your-funeral-82-03 your-funeral-82-04

Zebra 123

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