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KLZ AM 560 and FM 106.7 Denver

These guys were located right down town in the same building as the TV station leader. They were truly a pioneer FM station – one of the nation’s first – broadcasting initially in the 1940’s.

KLZ – Wauhaillau LaHay 1940’s

KLZ-FM started off in the 1940’s and became a pioneer in the U.S. as one of the very first radio stations to feature rock and roll.  The station featured long play versions of hits and geared itself more towards the underground format.

My Internship at KLZ

In 1967 I interned at KLZ TV News in Denver as a Colorado State University journalism student.  The TV regular news anchors didn’t really have much time for us once a week, especially “Starr” Yelland and to a lesser degree John Rayburn.  So they would often have us (Art Levy being the other student) write short news items from feeds of the news wire machines and then take them up to the FM jocks on the upper floor.

Those guys would thank us and then usually just throw the copy aside not bothering with any news.  So we started writing from less mainstream feeds and then would sometime get the FM jock’s attention long enough to read them and comment in their spaced out way.

One side benefit for me was an invitation from the jocks to help myself to the box of promotional 45’s piled up outside their studio – 45’s that didn’t make the cut.  These all seemed so very obscure to me back then.  I would take them back to my room in Fort Collins tossing most aside.  Wish I had that to do over!

KLZ Radio – June 20th, 1966


KLZ Radio – March, 1968



KLZ Radio – October 9th, 1970

KLZ-FM_1970-10-09_2[1] KLZ-FM_1970-10-09_1[1]

KLZ Radio – February 27th, 1971

KLZ 71-02-27 A

KLZ Radio – June 19th, 1971

KLZ-FM_1971-06-19_2[1] KLZ-FM_1971-06-19_1[1]

KLZ Radio – September 25, 1971

KLZ_1971-09-25_1[1] KLZ_1971-09-25_2[1]

KLZ Radio – December, 1971 – “The Best of 1971”


KLZ Radio – January 8th, 1972

KLZ 72-01-08 AKLZ 72-01-08 B

KLZ Radio – March 11th, 1972

KLZ 72-03-11 A KLZ 72-03-11 B

KLZ Radio – July 13th, 1972

KLZ_1972-07-13_1[1] KLZ_1972-07-13_2[1]

KLZ Radio – August 3rd, 1972

KLZ 72-08-03 A

KLZ Radio – August 10th, 1972


KLZ Radio – January 8th, 1972

KLZ-FM_1971-06-19_2[1] KLZ-FM_1971-06-19_1[1]

KLZ Radio – January 22nd, 1972

KLZ-FM_1972-01-22_2[1] KLZ-FM_1972-01-22_1[1]

KLZ Radio – March 4th, 1972


KLZ Radio – April 14th, 1972



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