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  1. Nick Taro was the lead guitarist for the Rambling Blues.

  2. where can I get a copy of the Tanglewood, Kyffin, stober, album

  3. hi, just seen your comments on the 60s band the shevells, I am brian daies the original bass player that was with the band, we were from Cardiff playing the local scene, entered a all wales group competition in the Sophia gardens with the prize of a recording contract with oriole records.
    after winning the final { beating tom jones and his band the bystanders) we knew tony sheveton who was with oriole records as he was from Cardiff
    a&r man for oriole johnny shroder thought it might be good idea for the band to team up with tony, which we did, and turned pro, the band was nothing to do with the gary Edwards combo which we knew from Cardiff, tony went on to go solo with a hit record in austrailia and I moved on
    to join a band put together by manager larry page in London called “the riot squad” with drummer mitch michell recording on the pye label.

    brian davies

    • Thanks Brian – Will add your comments to the listing – I believe if you look at the other comments relating to the Shevells you will see a couple of past mates who are looking to get back together for a chat – Thanks again

  4. quite impressed with your posts. Consider doing a piece on Gary Morris, strong Denver connections, terrific performer and wonderful capacity. enjoy.
    music is the fabric of my life

  5. I am finishing up a book about George Cory and Douglass Cross, who wrote “I Left My Heart in San Francisco.” But I want to make sure I’m not missing something. Might you have anything to contribute about these songwriters and the evolution of their song? Many thanks. Bill Christine 310 489-1701

  6. The artist pictured as Gar Bacon is actually George Young, a Detroit recording artist and performer

  7. I’m trying to locate a musician by the name of Mark Strauss who was in a band called The Chosen Few back in 1968 in or around the Denver, Colorado Springs, Co area. It is my understanding he would’ve been the drummer for this Band but I could be mistaken. Any information would be ever so helpful. I’ve looked everywhere…Thanks

  8. In the early 70s, a pal at U of Iowa had a tape of KLZ-FM fakes advertising. One opened with “December 25th…at Rock Rocks. You’ve talked about him in church. Now he’s back. JESUS CHRIST, December 25th !

  9. Did anyone ever see a Scareo copy of Zachere’s Monster Mash LP on Parkway??

  10. FYI —- THE “1950S” Cyclone image on this site is NOT the Lakeside Cyclone. In reality it is the Cyclone at Palisades Park, New Jersey. That ride was sadly closed with its home park in 1971 and destroyed in 1972.

  11. Joyce Harris info:;colorradio.com many record labels joyce Harris and sister judy Harris

  12. how do I obtain a poster of “The In Crowd” “Big Cities” ?

  13. Great website! I’d never heard of Band Box Records…..it predates me, and our band The Rock Advocates. We made 3 self-produced 45’s between 1980 and 1985.

    What an amazing story, thanks for sharing it.

    Bob Swanson

    • Thanks Bob – If you have images of the recordings fro the 80’s send them over and I will get your band posted on the roster pages – Also – who was in the band?

    • PS – I did find a sleeve listing on 45 Cat which I see is your band! “Electric Man” and “Waited Too Long”

  14. Does anyone have a recording of the 1979 Colorado H.S. All – State Jazz Band? David Caffey – Director

  15. The photo you have posted for a “young Randy Meisner” is not Randy, but is a picture of Timothy B. Schmit who replaced Randy.

  16. If you don’t mind me pointing it out, I noticed an error on the picture you posted of The Pixies Three. The member on the left is Bonnie Long, not Debra Swisher.

  17. Penny’s worth of now, was Eddie Pitts on drums, Andy Rohas on bass, Mike Chaffin on Hammond organ, and Rick Rivero on guitar. l US Male was Kent Buroki on bass, Renae Ulibarri on drums, Tim Stephenson on guitar, and Brett Tuggle on Keyboards.. One band I noticed left off was Rock Candy, Jerry Barlow on guitar, Jim Thomas on bass, Jim Blackledge on drums, and Harpo Schneider on keyboards, and horns.

    • Thanks for the updates – Will get them included!

    • Harpo – If you have any photos or more information on these bands – would love to Post it with their listings – especially your band “Rock Candy”. Do you know if any of these groups ever recorded?
      Thanks – Craig

  18. i am looking for information on Carlin Lark I know it had record in 1963 with The Trial Dusters and I believe another song sang by someone else. I’ve looked his name on google and not much there .I would like to get any information about him. living? anything or someone I can find more info on him and his guitars. thank you BJ

  19. anything on Carlin Lark I could get please feel free to email me. or is any of The Trail Dusters out there? Carlin Lark and The Trail Dusters 45 on Boxed Records thanks again Bruce please respond to this one so it will come to my email

  20. Amazing site. Musician Memorial true honor to many well known and just as important others that have contributed to the world of music I was searching for info since I just found a copy of Tubby Chess the Twist LP. I could not believe the compendium of Twist songs and artist!!!!.

  21. Hi, Ive been looking at your site because this morning I found a record in a charity shop (your side of the pond called a thrift store I think) that I had to do a little research on. It’s by Larry Steele and called ‘My Own True Love’ . From what I can gather it seems to be quite uncommon and a little sought after. I noticed that for your listing you don’t have a photo whereas you do for most of the records you list. Would you like me to email you a couple of images for you to add to your page on him? Best wishes, Paul, Bexhill-on -Sea, England

    • Yes – thanks for contacting me – would love to get the images – Always on the lookout to add more and bring things up to date!

      Best regards


  22. My sister and I attended the Sweetwater concert that Fetal Pig opened for – and still talk about it all these years later. I was class of ’72 at DU. She was visiting from Minnesota.

  23. That Corvair full of kids posted on your page “Around Town – Part 2 under the title “Lincoln High School is my brother Joe’s.” His face is barely visible almost behind the wheel–you can see his smile but his eyes are hidden by the shade tint in the windshield. My brother never got a ticket from Buster Snider but I did–while cruising 16th street on a Saturday night–where else?

  24. Great compilation of the early Denver bands. Thanks for doing this. I see your mention of my old blues band, the Nickel Matchbox. If you would like it, I can send you a pic of the band and a few more details of that period, Aug-Dec 1966, when we were the house band at the Exodus. I can’t see a way to attach it here

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