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KIMN 1959 – March 2nd, 1959

Pogp Poge

Just taking a look back at some early Denver radio station KIMN weekly survey sheets – picked out a March 2nd, 1959.

Now I have to say, something strange was going on at “950” (I think).  First thing I noticed was the invitation at the bottom of the survey inviting listeners to mail in their ballots with “10 favorites” directly to the KIMN studio in Edgewater.  The incentive to do so was being entered into a drawing to received KIMN’s  “Five Star Pick of the Week”.

So I am trying to imagine that the teenager’s who responded could have possibly have been as diverse an audience to come up with some of the records and artists appearing on the survey.

Now positions 1 through 13 are solid – boss (well, maybe not “Nola” by Billy Williams – his name is spelled incorrectly).

Then we start off with “Midnight Oil” by Charlie Blackwell.  Not a bad tune but number 14?  And then The Mark IV’s “I Got a Wife” at number 19.  Now I owned a copy of that novelty song.  Have to admit after about three plays I was done with it.

England’s Cyril Stapleton and his orchestra come in at number 25 with “The Children’s Marching Song”.  I suppose it was very possible that Denver’s elementary grade level kids were casting ballots.  Where did they get the money for stamps?  But it was from a very popular motion picture.

Then there is a very encouraging number 27 entry by the Flamingos “Lovers Never Say Goodbye”.  This would be their moderate hit coming just ahead of their big one “I Only Have Eyes For You” which followed in June.  Very intuitive of Denver’s teens and placing this one on KIMN’s “Top 50”!  A few weeks later – it was gone!

There is a very obscure “Catch a Moon Beam” by the Rinky Dinks on Capitol coming in at number 38.  This is not Bobby Darin’s Atco group and I can’t really find any information on them other than this single bombed everywhere except the Mile High City.

We have “Comic Book Crazy” by “Little Sammy Yates” who is actually Sammy Hagan or “Count Hagan” who had been a member of the West Coast R&B group “The Premiers”.

But all of these pale to the number 47 entry – a true “KIMN Comer”!  It is the Matsys Brothers rocking out on their accordions and laying down a Led Zeppelin like rendition of the “Rummy Polka”!

Perhaps I have just become a cynic over the years – but noticing that two singles appear on the KIMN’s Top 50 from the First record label – Johnny October’s “Promise” and “The Ballad of a Girl & Boy” leads me to believe that the First record’s local distributor must have paid the KIMN Boss Jocks a visit.  Is that possible?  First Records had a very short life – releasing a handful of singles – one was by The Five Satins.

I believe that only Paul Payton can clear up what was going on back then…..  I bet anything that he can….  I bet he played lots of records on the First label…

950 A.M. KIMN Radio Selected Discography – March 2nd, 1959

Charlie Blackwell – Warner Brothers 5031 – “Midnight Oil” – Number 14 KIMN’s Top 50 – Charted Number 56 Billboard Hot 100

Buchanan and Goodman (with Count Dracula – Novelty 301 – “Frankenstein of ’59 (Part 1) – Number 46 KIMN Top 50 – Did not chart nationally

The Flamingos – End 1035 – Lovers Never Say Goodbye – Number 28 KIMN Top 50 – Charted Number 52 Billboard Hot 100 – Number 25 R&B

Marie and Rex – Carlton 502 – “I Can’t Sit Down” – Number 30 KIMN Top 50 – Charted Number 94 Billboard Hot 100

Rex Garvin backed up the female R&B group “The Hearts” singing bass in the 1950’s – He also composed Johnnie and Joe’s “Over The Mountain, Across the Sea” in 1957 – He later formed “The Cravers”.

The Matys Bros. – Sunnyside 3102 – “Rummy Polka” – Number 47 KIMN Top 50 – Did Not Chart Nationally

Nicola Paone – ABC-Paramount 45-9993 – “Blah, Blah, Blah” – Number 35 KIMN Top 50 – Charted Number 57 Billboard Hot 100

Johnny October – First 103 – “Promise” – Number 49 KIMN Top 50 – Did Not Chart Nationally

Real name Johnny B. Ottobre – He was the lead vocalist for the “Four Dates” shown below – They were from Philadelphia and often backed Frankie Avalon and Fabian

The Four Dates

The Question Marks – First 102 – “Ballad of a Girl & Boy” – Number 36 KIMN Top 50

The Question Marks also released this single on the Shan-Todd record label in 1959 as “The Graduates” and it charted on Billboard reaching number 74.

Rinky Dinks – Capitol F4146 – “Catch a Little Moonbeam” – Number 38 KIMN Top 50 – Did Not Chart Nationally

Cyril Stapleton – London 45-1851 – “The Children’s Marching Song” – Number 25 KIMN Top 50 – Charted Number 13 Billboard Hot 100

From the motion picture “Inn of the Sixth Happiness”

Little Sammy Yates – Genie 45-103 – Comic Book Crazy – Number 39 KIMN Top 50 – Did Not Chart Nationally

Yates with “The Premiers” below


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