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Crown Records – The Fazzio’s
(From the Bihari Family – Los Angeles)

Where did Fazzio come from?  What did he look like?  Did he have a last name?  Surely the owners of Crown Records, the Bihari family must know the secrets.  In in this day and ago of on-line cyberspace research – what the heck!!!

This Post was stimulated from Brian Mc Fadden’s newest book on budget label records, “Rare Rhythm & Blues on Budget LP’s”.  You must get a copy of this great informative and fun book!  The R&B budgets were obviously filled with scare and wonderful tracks – preserved thanks to the budget label entrepreneurs.

From “Cvinyl”

“Fazzio as a cover artist remains a big mystery as there is very little information out about him that is actually verifiable today. We don’t even know his full (real) name, nor do we have any idea why he stopped designing album covers in 1965 and what happened to him afterwards.

What we do know is that he created about 50 album covers in 1963 and 1964, mostly for the cheapo budget label Crown Records, and that these records find a lot of collector’s interest, more for Fazzio’s covers than for the actual musical content.”

From “Music by the Pound”

“This much we know about Fazzio: He bought frames and canvases at Turner’s frame shop on 7th in what was formerly an arts district, near the Chouinard Art Institute (the original Cal Arts). The Fazzio covers started out a photographic images on fiber board that were painted over. The fiber board texture is often evident on the faces which Fazzio colored.  He filled in backgrounds with prominent brush strokes while clothes and other features ended up blurred and messy. All were signed by Fazzio’s now famous signature.”

A Response to “Music by the Pound”

“Great to hear there are more Fazzio fans out there. During my research, I met a record collector whose family owned an art supply store in the McArthur Park area of Los Angeles & he recalled that Fazzio purchased his canvases at the store. In Music By The Pound I reveal finding the original canvases for the LP covers at a vintage store in Lomita, CA. I am not sure if they are still for sale but at the time the art was pricey. Google “Cheap Vintage” Lomita, CA and give them a call!”

Beyond the above, it seems “Fazzio” simply vanished off the face of the earth!  Oh well – He had a nice run.

The Fazzio Covers

Nearly all the Fazzio long play covers were released on Crown Records with a few exceptions, shown first here.

Audio Fidelity 703 – Jacqueline Kennedy

Diplomat 10000 – John F. Kennedy

Emscos Corona – Guitarra Encantadora

Everest 1228 – Gloria Lynne – “Gloria”

Everest 1230 – Gloria Lynne – “After Hours”

Crown 321 – Al Terry/Johnny Tyler – “Country Music Stars”

Crown 325 – Sonny James & Eddie Willis – “Country Style”

Crown 327 – Hank Williams/Johnny Williams and the Playboys – “The Era of Hank Williams”

Crown 329 – Jimmy Newman/Billy Carson – “Guest Star of the Grand Ole Opry”

Crown 331 – Rusty & Doug/Jerry & Glenn – “Guest Stars of the Grand Ole Opry”

Crown 332 – Whitey Pullen – “Country Music Star”

Crown 333 – Ray Stevens/Hal Winters – “Ray Ahab  the Arab Stevens”

Crown 334 – Casey Clark and Evelyn Harlene ‘ “In Memorial To Lonnie Barron”

Crown 335 – “Ral Donner/Ray Smith/Bobby Dale”

Crown 338 – Joe Reagan – A Tribute to Grand Ole Opry Star Cowboy Copas”

Crown 339 – Pearl Bailey/Sylvia Lynn

Crown 340 – Wade Holmes – “A Tribute to Grand Ole Opry Star Hawkshaw Hawkins”

Crown 342 – Holly Lane – “A Tribute to Grand Ole Opry Star Patsy Cline”

Crown 343 – Vic Damone/Johnny Cole

Crown 345 – Johnny Desmond/Norman Brooks

Crown 347 – Mel Torme/Robert Alda/Cesar Romero

Crown 349 – Trini Lopez/Johnny Tores

Crown 350 – Brook Benton/Jessie Belvin

Crown 352 – The Isley Brothers/Marvin and Johnny

Crown 353 – John Lee Hooker – “The Great John Lee Hooker”

Crown 354 – Chuck Jackson/Young Jessie

Crown 355 – The Don Gardner Trio featuring Jimmy Smith/Bill Davis

Crown 356 – The Flairs

Crown 357 – Dave ‘Baby’ Cortez and Jerry’s House Rockers

Crown 358 – The Phantom Surfers and Dick Dale

Crown 358 – Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland/Jimmy Soul/Johnny Guitar Watson

Crown 360 – Etta James

Crown 360 Version 2 – Etta James

Crown 362 – Little Richard – “Sings Freedom Songs”

Crown 365 – Chuck Cabot and His Orchestra – “Dance with Chuck Cabot”

Crown 366 – Neil Sedaka/The Tokens/Coins

Crown 367 – Ike Turner – “Rocks The Blues”

Crown 368 – The Del Vikings/The Sonnets

Crown 369 – Lightning Hopkins

Crown 371 – Richard Berry and the Dreamers

Crown 372 – The Jacks

Crown 373 – The Teen Queens

Crown 374 – Hadda Brooks – “Sings and Swings”

Crown 375 – Gene Phillips and the Rockers

Crown 376 – Jimmy Gilmer/The Fireballs/The Sugar Shackers

Crown 380 – Billie Holiday

Crown 381 – Marvin and Johnny

Crown 383 – Joe Turner/Jimmy Nelson

Crown 387 – Jimmy Gilmer and the Fireballs – “Sensational”

Crown 396 – Eddie Fisher – “An Evening with Eddie Fisher”

Crown 400 – The Dave Clark Five/The Playbacks – “The Original Recording From London England”

Crown 404 – Erroll Garner/The Maxwell Davis Trio – “Mr. Erroll Garner”

Crown 411 – Gerry Mulligan/Chet Baker/Chico Hamilton/Buddy Collette/Gerald Wiggins

Crown 412 – Nat King Cole/Lester Young – “Collector’s Item”

Crown 417 – Vince Guaraldi/Conte Candoli All Stars

Crown 418 – Ray Charles/Jimmy Witherspoon – “Mr. Ray Charles”

Crown 422 – Jonah Jones/Etta Jones/Earl “Fatha” Hines/Rodney Jones – “Jonah Jones Swings Etta Jones Sings”

Crown 469 – Jimmy Smith/Don Gardner Trio – “Jimmy Smith Plays”

Crown 481 – Trini Lopez – “Plays and Sings Only In My Dream – Rosita and Sinner Man”

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