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Got to Wondering if the Guitar Guy….

… ‘starring’ in the motion picture “Mad Max Fury Road” was perhaps a proper guitar player.

Turns out that “Doof Warrior” is not only a proper guitar player, but a singer, recording artist and an actor to boot.  Doof Warrior in real life is iOTA who in a further back in real life is/was Sean Hape born in Australia in either 1968 or 1969 – guess he’s not really sure which year – probably doesn’t matter much.

Sean Hape

I say “starring” in Mad Max with a bit of a qualifier since as “Doof Warrior” his total time on screen is less than a total of two minutes.  No speaking parts, just wailing away strapped (bungied) to the front of the “Doof Wagon” equipped with a double neck guitar which doubles as a flame thrower – surrounded by a wall of mega speakers – and supported by a cast of drumming boys!

Prior to his role in Fury Road iOTA has garnered some attention a version of “The Rocky Horror Show”, “Smoke & Mirrors” and some others.  Since 1998 he has released a handful of long play albums and several singles.

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Flame Throwing for Rocky Horror

iOTA desperately wanted to appear in “Fury Road” and came the audition dressed to impress:  In a 2015 interview he told the interviewer at “Vice” “There were leather pants, there were all these belts I put on and I had feathers on my shoulders and a black leather gimp mask turned backwards on my head. I had my eyes blacked out, brown on my teeth, my nails were blacked. I had chains and jewelry and stuff all over me. I thought I looked the part so I just went, “Hey guys, this is mine, give it to me.””

Rock On iOTA

His biggest challenge was holding onto the custom double neck-guitar which was constructed in part from metal bed pans and weighed over 132 pounds.  The guitar was nearly impossible to hold up in it’s proper playing position and thus the use of the bungies.

iOTA was given much direction – all of the furious vehicle activity around him – the dust – the smoke – the explosions – just sort of left him to his own devices and so he explained “I was just screaming my head off and being kind of like an animal, I guess. The character is supposed to be a really great musician who is a bit mute and a bit deaf, and quite blind. I think of him as sort of a Quasimodo-like character.”

The Doof Mobile – Well Amplified

Did he actually play the flame throwing guitar?  “Yeah, the guitar wasn’t… it wasn’t a great guitar. It spent a lot of time out in the desert, you wouldn’t want to record with it. Most of the time, I’d just try to make noise. I pulled out some AC/DC, some Soundgarden, some Zeppelin, but after eight hours, you do just start thumping on it for a while.”

In spite of his two minutes of action – iOTA post Fury Road became a very popular focal point of “Mad Max” fans as an integral member of the “War Boys”.

Crazy Stuff…. Flame on my Friend!

Flame On…..

1999 LP – The Bone Connection


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