From the Land of Band Box Records

The Roots of Rock and Roll
on Long Play in the U.S. – P thru SK Artists

Earliest long plays selected when possible to obtain images from these iconic founders from the world of Rock ‘n Roll.

1968 – The Packers – Imperial LP-12408 – “Hitch It Up”

The Packers were a sort of session group out of Memphis, Tennessee that included members Charles Axton from “The Mar-Keys” and Steve Cropper – Leon Haywood also played with the group.

1959 – Paragons & Jesters – Paul Whitley 102 – “The Paragons Meet The Jesters”

The Paragons formed in 1955 in Brooklyn, New York – Members”  Julius McMichaels (deceased June, 1981 – motorcycle accident), Al Brown, Ricky Jackson, Donald Travis and Gable Frazier

From Paul Payton – June 9th, 2017: Also, Paul Winley (not Whitley) was a major player in the Harlem r&b/group harmony scene in the ’50s and ’60s, mainly with his label Winley, although he also used several other imprints. The Paragons Meet The Jesters was one of the seminal albums of the era, at least for the large number of us New York-area kids who knew what real street corner harmony was; it was originally released on Jubilee. Also recommended: the compilations Rumble, Boppin’ and Whoppers, also on Jubilee, with several songs with Winley involvement. All four albums – and others of the era – had covers shot by celebrity photographer Charles Varon. The amazingly beautiful unity of style created a gorgeously idealized version of juvenile delinquency!

1966 – The Paris Sisters – Unifilms ULP-505 – “The Paris Sisters Sing ‘The Glass House'”

The Paris Sisters formed in 1954 in San Francisco, California – They brought one of Phil Specter’s earliest endeavors to life with the recording of his “I Love How You Love Me” in 1961 – a song which peaked at number 5 – sounding much in the tradition of The Teddy Bears’ “To Know Him, Is To Love Him” from 1958.  The Sisters were Priscilla, Albeth and Sherrell – Priscilla died from an accidental fall while in Paris, France on March 5th, 2004. Albeth died on December 5th, 2014.

1962 – Little Junior Parker – Duke 76 – “Driving Wheel”

Little Junior Parker was born in March of 1932 in Bobo, Mississippi Herman Parker – He died on November 18th, 1971 while undergoing brain surgery.

1966 – Robert Parker – Nola 1001 – “Barefootin'”

Robert Parker was born in October of 1930 in New Orleans

1963 – Paul and Paula – Philips PHM 200-089 – “We Go Together”

Paul and Paula formed in Brownwood, Texas in 1962 – Paul was born in December of 1940 Ray Hildebrand and Paula was born in May of 1942 Jill Jackson.

1966 – Freda Payne – MGM E-4370 – “How Do You Say I Don’t Love You Anymore”

Freda Payne was born in September of 1942 in Detroit, Michigan Freda Charcillia Payne

1967 – Peaches and Herb – Date TES 4004 – “Let’s Fall in Love”

Peaches and Herb formed in 1966 with Herb Fame (born in October of 1942) and Francine Hurd Barker (born in April of 1947 – died on August 13th, 2005).  Six more “Peaches” would follow Francine over the years including Mariene Mack, Linda Greene, Patrice Hawthorne, Miriamm Wright and Meritxell Negre!  You can simply just never have too many Peaches!

1958 – The Penguins – Doota DTL 242 – “The Cool Cool Penguins”

The Penguins formed in 1953 – a “Bird” group of sorts – in Los Angeles, California – Original members were Cleveland Duncan, Curtis Williams, Dexter Trisby and Bruce Tate.  Only Tribsy is living today.  Williams had been with “The Hollywood Flames”.

1957 – Carl Perkins – Sun 1225 – “Carl Perkins”

Carl Perkins was born in April of 1932 in Tiptonville, Tennessee Carl Lee Perkins – Perkins ranks right at the top with the all-time earlier founding rockers. He died on January 19th, 1998.  Carl is a 1987 Inductee into the Rock Hall of Fame.

1963 – Little Esther Phillips – Lenox LX 227 – “Release Me”

Little Esther Phillips was born in December of 1935 in Galveston, Texas Esther Mae Jones – She died on August 7th, 1984.

Esther Phillips – May 1966

1965 – Wilson Pickett – Atlantic 8114 – “In the Midnight Hour”

Wilson Pickett was born in March of 1941 in Prattville, Alabama – He died on January 19th, 2006.  He started off in gospel music with “The Soul Stirrers” and then the “Swan Silvertones” before joining “The Falcons”.  Wilson Pickett is a 1991 Inductee into the Rock Hall of Fame.

1962 – Gene Pitney – Musicor MM 2003- “Only Love Can Break a Heart”

Gene Pitney was born in February of 1940 in Hartford, Connecticut Gene Francis Alan Pitney – He died on April 5th, 2006 in the U.K. after a performance.  Pitney composed “He’s a Rebel” for the Crystals, “Rubber Ball” for Bobby Vee, and “Hello Mary Lou” for Ricky Nelson.  Gene Pitney is a 2002 Inductee into the Rock Hall of Fame.

1964 – The Pixies Three – Mercury MG-20912 – “Party with the Pixies Three”

The Pixies Three formed in 1955 they signed on as the Pixies in 1963 out of Hanover, Pennsylvania.  Original members were Midge Bollinger, Kaye McCool and Debra Swisher.

1956 – The Platters – Mercury 20146 – “The Platters”

The Platters rose to fame in 1954 out of Los Angeles, California – Original members were Cornell Gunter, Joe Jefferson, Gaynel Hodge, Alex Hodge and Herb Reed.- They reigned supreme with 40 chart records making them for a time the top vocal group in the world.  Gunter would depart early on to be replaced by lead singer Tony Williams.  Gunter would go on to join “The Flairs” and the “Coasters”.  The Platters are a 1990 Inductee into the Rock Hall of Fame.

The Classic lineup for The Platters was Williams, Reed, Zola Taylor, Paul Robi and David Lynch.

1958 – The Playmates – Roulette R 25043 – “At Play with the Playmates”

The Playmates formed in about 1957 out of Waterbury, Connecticut – Original Members were Donald Claps, Carl Cicchettie and Morey Cohen – Not rockers by any stretch, they still impacted the teen charts with a great tune “Jo-Ann” in 1958 to be followed by the silly “Beep, Beep” and two more I was fond of – “What is Love” and “Wait for Me” – to be followed for “Little Miss Stuck-Up” which was sort of fun as well.

From Paul Payton – June 9th, 2017: One more for the trivia files: speaking of The Playmates (not the Playboy ones), I never knew that Carl was the first name of Mr. Chichetti (no “e”), who was always credited as “Chic Hetti” on their LP covers.

1964 – Joey Powers – Amy 8001 – “Midnight Mary”

Joey Powers was born in December of 1934 in Washington, Pennsylvania Joseph S. Ruggiero – He died on January 20th, 2017.

1964 – The Premiers – Warner Bros. W 1565 – “Farmer John Live”

The Premiers formed in 1962 in San Gabriel, California.  Original members were Lawrence Perez, John Perez, George Delgado and Frank Zuniga.

1963 – Billy Preston – Soul City SCM-002 – “16 Yr. Old Soul”

Billy Preston was born in September of 1946 in Houston, Texas – He died on June 6th, 2006.  As a teenager he played with Little Richard’s band.  Later he became aligned and recorded with The Beatles in London.

1958 – Johnny Preston – Mercury MG -20592 – “Running Bear”

Johnny Preston was born in August of 1939 in Port Arthur, Texas John Preston Courville – He died on March 4th, 2011.  He was discovered by The Big Bopper when he was a member of a Texas group called “The Shades”.

1959 – Lloyd Price – ABC Paramount ABC-297 – “Mr. Personality”

Lloyd Price was born in March of 1933 in Kenner Louisiana and continues on today!  Lloyd Price is a 1998 Inductee into the Rock Hall of Fame.

1967 – James and Bobby Purify – Bell 6003 – “James and Bobby Purify”

1962 – Doug Quattlebaum – Prestige 1965 – “Softee Man Blues”

Doug Quattlebaum was born in January of 1929 in Florence, South Carolina Eijah Douglas Quattlebaum -He died on March 1st, 1996 – Early on he was a member of “The Bells of Joy”.

1966 – ? & The Mysterians – Cameo Parkway SC-2004 – “96 Tears”

? & The Mysterians formed in 1962 out of Bay City, Michigan – Original members included Robert Martinez (“?”), Larry Borjas and Bobby Balderrama – They would later add Frank Rodriquez and David Torres.  For a brief time other members were called “X”, “Y” and “Z” which was probably a bit too much

1963 – The Raindrops – Jubilee 5023 – “The Raindrops”

The Raindrops were in reality Brill Building husband and wife team Ellie Greenwich and Jeff Barry – composers of billions of hit rock and roll records.  The “Raindrops” project’s success may have surprised them – Their hit records were great foot stompin’, big-beat hits during the 1963 to 1965 time-period.

With the success of “What a Guy” they had to scramble to hit the road and perform and so sister Laura Greenwich.  Singers Beverly Warren and at times Bobby Bosco would occasionally work on the recordings and sometimes appear as fill-ins for Ellie and Jeff.

1962 – Teddy Randazzo – ABC Paramount 421 – “Teddy Randazzo Twists”

Teddy Randazzo was born in May of 1935 in New York City Alessandro Carmelo Randazzo – He died on November 21st, 2003.  He started off with “The Three Chuckles”


1957 – The Ravens – Regent 6062 – “Write Me a Letter”

The Ravens formed in 1946 – one of the noted “Bird Groups” from the very early years – out of Harlem in New York City, New York – Original Members: Jimmy Ricks, Warren Suttles, Leonard Puzey and Henry Oliver Jones.

1963 – Lou Rawls – Capitol ST 1824 – “Black and Blue”

Lou Rawls was born in December of 1933 in Chicago, Illinois Louis Allen Rawls – He died on January 6th, 2006.  Rawls was with “The Teenage Kings of Harmony” with Sam Cooke for a short period of time.  He was later with “The Chosen Gospel Singers” and then “The Pilgrim Travelers”.

1964 – Otis Redding – ATCO 33-161 – “Pain in My Heart”

Otis Redding was born in September of 1941 in Dawson, Georgia Otis Ray Redding, Jr. – He died in a plane accident on December 10th, 1967.  Redding is a 1989 Inductee into the Rock Hall of Fame.

1958 – Jimmy Reed – Vee Jay 1003 – “I’m Jimmy Reed”

Jimmy Reed was born in September of 1925 in Dunleith, Mississippi Mathis James Reed – He died on August 29th, 1976.  Jimmy Reed is a 1991 Inductee into the Rock Hall of Fame.

1964 – The Reflections – Golden World GW LPM 300 – “Just Like Romeo & Juliet”

The Reflections formed in Detroit, Michigan in about 1963.  Original members were Tony Micale, John Dean, Joey Finazzo, Gary Benovetz and Sal Prado.

1961 – The Regents – Gee SGLP 706 – “Barbara-Ann”

The Regents formed out of New York City – The Bronx in 1959 – Originally called “The Monterays” first members were Guy Villari, Sal Cuomo, Chuck Fassert and Ernie Maresca who would to on to solo fame.

1960 – Charlie Rich – Phillips International PLP 1970 – “Lonely Weekends”

Charlie Rich was born in December of 1932 in Colt, Arkansas Charles Allan Rich – He died on July 25th, 1995 – He stared off working at Sun Records as a session musician and graduated to solo artist rocker and then a giant in the Country Music realm.

Jimmy Ricks – Signature SM 1032 – “Jimmy Ricks”

Jimmy Ricks was an original member of “The Ravens” (see above) – He was born in Adrian Georgia.  He died in 1974.

1963 – The Righteous Brothers – Moonglow 1001 – “Right Now!”

The Righteous Brothers were Bill Medley and Bobby Hatfield who emerged out a California group called “The Paramours” in 1962. Bobby Hatfield was born in August of 1940 Robert Lee Hatfield in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin and died on November 5th, 2003.  Bill Medley was born in September of 1940 in Santa Ana, California.  The Righteous Brothers are a 2003 Inductee into the Rock Hall of Fame.

1963 – Billy Lee Riley – Mercury 20985 – “Whiskey A-Go-Go Presents Billy Lee Riley”

Billy Lee Riley was born in October of 1933 in Pocahontas, Arkansas – He died on August 2nd, 2009 – Riley was yet another of the Sun Records artists.

1962 – The Rivingtons – Liberty LST-7282 – “Doin’ The Bird”

The Rivingtons started off as “The Sharps” in 1957 out of Los Angeles, California – Original members were Carl White, Al Frazier, Sonny Haris and Turner Wilson, Jr.  – They did a little back-up vocal work for Paul Anka and Thurston Harris – and provide the yelps on Duane Eddy’s “Rebel Rouser”.

From Paul Payton – June 9th, 2017: The Rivingtons were also The Untouchables (“Raising Sugar Cane” on Madison – an early rock protest song of sorts) and Africa on Ode in the late ’60s, as well as a couple of others which I forget. (They had more names than Philip and Elizabeth on “The Americans” TV series!)

1956 – Marty Robbins – Columbia CL 2601 – “Rock n Roll’n Robbins” (Canadian cover shown)

Marty Robbins was born in September of 1925 in Glendale, Arizona Martin David Robinson – He died on December 8th, 1982 – Not a rocker by any means Marty was nonetheless a big part of the early teen sound with monster hits in his early days before moving on solidly to a country and western career.

1958 – The Robins – Whippet WLP 703 – “Rock ‘n’ Roll with the Robins

The Robins were formed in Los Angeles, California in 1955 and evolved into “The Coasters”.  Original members included Carl Gardner and Bobby Nunn.

1960 – The Rock-A-Teens – Roulette – “Woo-Hoo”

The Rock-A-Teens formed in 1956 out of Richmond, Virginia – A true rock-a-billy group – the group remains obscure since their lone 1959 hit instrumental record “Woo Hoo”.  Members: Vic Mizelle, Bobby Walke, Bill Cook, Eddie Robinson, Paul Dixon and Bill Smith.  They began while in high school as “Boo Walker and the Rockets”.  Not long after the success of “Woo Hoo” they split – none apparently continuing on in the world of rock and roll.

From Paul Payton – June 9th: More on the Rock-A-Teens: https://www.styleweekly.com/richmond/the-story-of-woo-hoo/Content?oid=1379727. The detailed chronicle of another hose job perpetrated upon a motley group of kids (and young adults) who both wanted and needed to rock out. At least they got their two-and-a-half minutes of fame, even if it took decades to get paid – well, some of them, at least. Well worth reading, in my opinion, and the comments by Boo Walke’s kids are fascinating. (By the way, that’s the correct spelling.) .

1961 – Rockin’ Rebels – Swan 509 – “Wild Weekend”

The Rockin Rebels/Rebels came out of Buffalo, New York – Original members: Jim Kipler, Mick Kipler, Tom Gorman and Paul Balon. – They added “Rockin'” to their name to avoid confusion with Duane Eddy’s “Rebels”.

1957 – Jimmie Rodgers – Roulette R-25020 – “Jimmie Rodgers”

Jimmie Rodgers was born in September of 1933 in Camas, Washington James Frederick Rodgers – Jimmie was definitely a part of the early music teen scene although not in a rocking vein – He survived a mysterious serious head injury which has been attributed as being administered by police during a traffic incident in San Diego – This story has never been fully resolved.  Rodgers certainly looked like a bonafide rocker.

1962 – Tommy Roe – ABC Paramount ABC-432 – “Sheila”

Tommy Roe was born in May of 1942 in Atlanta, Georgia – Roe made the transition to 50’s rocker into a bubble gum mainstay in the 1960’s.

1964 – The Ronettes – Philles 4006 – “Presenting the Fabulous Ronettes”

The Ronettes formed in 1959 in Spanish Harlem in New York City – Original Members were Veronica Bennett, Estelle Bennett and Nedra Talley.  They began as “The Darlings” before becoming “Ronnie and The Relatives” recording for Colpix Records – Then it was on to Phil Specter and the Big Time.  Estelle passed away on February 11th, 2009.  The Ronettes are a 2007 Inductee into the Rock Hall of Fame.

1961 – Rosie – Brunswick BL 754102 – “Lonely Blue Nights”

Rosie was born in July of 1945 in Klamath Falls, Oregon Rosalie Mendez Hamlin.  She penned “Angel Baby” at the age of 14.  She teamed up with “The Originals” on “Angel Baby” – Members included Noah Tafolla, David Ponce, Tony Gomez, Carl Von Goodat and Alfred Barrett.

1964 – Jackie Ross – Chess 1489 – “Full Bloom”

Jackie Ross was born in January, 1956 in St. Louis, Missouri Jaculyn Bless Ross

1963 – The Routers – Warner Bros. W1490 – “Let’s Go! With the Routers”

The Routers formed in 1961 in Los Angeles, California.  The group was primarily a group of session musicians organized by Michael Gordon.  Other members were Al Kait, Lynn Frasier, Scott Engel (of the Walker Brothers) and Randy Viers.  Gordon would also start the group “The Marketts”.

1969 – The Royal Teens – Musicor 3186 – “Newies But Oldies”

The Royal Teens formed in 1956 out of New Jersey – Original Members: Bob Gaudio, Billy Crandall, Billy Dalton and Tom Austin (Diana Lee vocals on “Short Shorts”.

1965 – The Royalettes – MGM E-4322 – I’ts Gonna Take a Miracle”

The Royalettes formed in 1962 in Baltimore, Maryland.  Members were Sheila Ross, Veronica Brown, Anita Ross and Terry Jones.

1963 – Ruby and the Romantics – Kapp KL-1341 – “Till Then”

Ruby and the Romantics formed in 1962 from Akron, Ohio.  Original members included Ruby Nash, Leroy Fann, Ed Roberts, George Lee, and Ronald Mosley.

1969 – David Ruffin – Motown 685 – “My Whole World Ended”

David Ruffin was born in January of 1941 in Meridian, Mississippi David Eli Ruffin – David was a member of “The Temptations”‘ classic lineup – brother of Motown singer Jimmy Ruffin. He performed early on as “Little David Bush” and also sang with “The Dixie Nightengales” and “The Soul Stirrers”.  David may have been murdered – his death coming on June 1st, 1991.

1967 – Jimmy Ruffin – Soul 133 – “Jimmy Ruffin Sings Top 10”

Jimmy Ruffin was born in May of 1936 in Collinsville, Mississippi James Lee Ruffin bother of Temptation David Ruffin.  He died on November 17th, 2014 at age 78.

1969 – Soupy Sales – Motown 686 – “A Bag Of Soup”

Soupy Sales was born in January of 1926 in Franklinton, North Carolina Milton Supman – One of a handful of novelty acts he found his way onto the Motown label.  Soupy died on October 22nd, 2009 at the age of 83.

1966 – Sam and Dave – Stax SD 708 – “Hold On, I’m Comin'”

Sam Moore and Dave Prater formed in 1961 in Memphis, Tennessee as the duo “Sam and Dave”.   Sam and Dave are 1992 Inductees into the Rock Hall of Fame.  Dave Prater died on April 9th, 1988.

1967 – The San Remo Golden Strings – Gordy 923 – “Hungry For Love”

This was a group of studio musicians out of Detroit, Michigan formed in 1965 – Some members were also musicians in the “Detroit Symphony Orchestra”.  The group actually charted twice on the U.S. singles charts.

1957 – Tommy Sands – Capitol T 848 – “Steady Date with Tommy Sands”

Tommy Sands was born in August of 1937 in Chicago, Illinois Thomas Adrian Sands – He was a Capitol Records effort to bring a young singer into the rock and roll genre.

1959 – Santo and Johnny – Canadian American CALP 1001 – “Santo & Johnny”

They were Santo Anthony and John Steven Farina out of Brooklyn, New York born In October, 1937 and April, 1941 respectively – The sibling duo were quintessential 1950’s all the way.

1964 – The Sapphires – Swank LP 513 – “Who Do You Love”

The Sapphires formed in 1963 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Members included Thom Bell, Bobby Eli, Joe Macho and Bobby Martin.

1963 – Freddie Scott – Colpix 461 – “Freddie Scott Sings”

Freddie Scott was born in April of 1933 in Providence, Rhode Island  – He died on June 4th, 2007

1969 – Peggy Scott & Jo Jo Benson – SSS International SSS 1 – “Soulshake”

Peggy Scott and Jo Jo Benson formed in the late 1960’s – Peggy was born in June of 1948 in Pensacola, Florida – Jo Jo Benson was born in April of 1938 in Phenix City, Alabama – He died on December 23rd, 2014.

1958 – Jack Scott – Carlton STLP 12/107 – “Jack Scott

Jack Scott was born in January of 1936 in Windsor, Ontario Canada Giovanni Domenico Scafone, Jr. – As a teenager he fronted “The Southern Teenagers”.

1961 – Linda Scott – Canadian American SCALP 1005 – “Starlight, Starbright”

Linda Scott was born on June 1st, 1945 in New York City Linda Joy Sampson – She first came to the attention of record labels via her 1959 successful debut on the Arthur Godfrey show. She penned her hit “Don’t Bet Money Honey”.

1959 – Neil Sedaka – RCA Victor LSP 2035 – “Neil Sedaka”

Neil Sedaka was born in March of 1939 in Brooklyn, New York  – Neil was an original member of “The Tokens” before they enjoyed chart success.

1963 – The Sensations – Argo LP 4022 – “Let Me In/Music, Music, Music”

The Sensations formed in 1954 as “The Cavaliers” out of Philadelphia, Pennyslvania.  Original members were Alphonso Howell, Yvonne Mills Baker, Richard Curtain and Sam Armstrong.

1958 – David Seville & His Friends – Liberty LRP 3092 – “The Witch Doctor”

David Seville was born in January of 1919 in Fresno, California Rostom Sipan Bagdasarian of Armenian parents.  He died on January 16th, 1971.  The Witch Doctor preceded his immensely popular “Chipmunks” which brought him and his son to follow lasting fame.

1966 – The Shadows of Knight – Dunwich S 667 – “Back Door Men”

The Shadows of Knight formed in 1965 in Chicago, Illinois – Members included Warren Rogers, Roger Spielman, Norm Gotsch, Wayne Pursell, Tom Schiffor and Jim Sohns.

1965 – The Shangri Las – Red Bird 101 – “Leader of the Pack”

The Shangri-Las formed in New York City in 1963 becoming the quintessential ‘girl group’ – Members were Mary Weis, Elizabeth Weis, Marquerite Ganser and Mary Ann Ganser. Mary Ann Ganser died of a drug overdose on March 15th, 1970.  Her twin sister Marge Ganser died from cancer on July 28th, 1996.

1961 – Del Shannon – Big Top 12-1303 – “Runaway with Del Shannon”

Del Shannon was born in December of 1934 in Grand Rapids, Michigan Charles Weedon Westover – He died on February 8th, 1990 – taking his own life.

1963 – Ralph Sharon – Gordy – “Modern Innovations on Country & Western Themes”

Seems that Berry Gordy Jr. was up for about anything – and so Ralph Sharon on the Gordy label.  Ralph Sharon was born in September of 1923 in London.  He died on March 31st, 2015 at age 91 in Boulder, Colorado.  He had earlier retired in Boulder and performed in the Colorado Front Range at “The Dazzle Restaurant & Lounge” as well as other venues.

1962 – Dee Sharp – Cameo 1018 – “It’s Mashed Potato Time”

Dee Dee Sharp was born in September of 1945 in Philadelphia, Pennyslvania

1960 – Ray Sharpe – Award – “Welcome Back/Linda Lou”

Ray Sharpe was born in February of 1938 in Fort Worth, Texas Edward Ray Sharpe – He started off with his own group “Ray Sharpe and the Blues Whalers” – “Linda Lou” was produced by Lee Hazelwood and featured Duane Eddy on guitar.

1962 – The Shells – Josie JOZ 4001 – “The Dubs Meet the Shells”

The Shells formed in 1956 out of Brooklyn, New York: Members included Nate Bouknight, Randy Alston, Bobby Nurse, Danny Small, Gus Geter and Alphonse Merkman.

1961 – Roscoe Shelton – Excello LP 8002 – “Roscoe Shelton Sings”

Roscoe Shelton was born in August of 1931 in Lynchburg, Tennessee – He died on July 27th, 2002.  He had been a member of “The Fairfield Four” a gospel group.

1962 – Shep & The Limelites – Hull LP 1001 – “Our Anniversary”

Shep and the Limelites formed in 1960 in Queens, New York.  Members included James Sheppard, Clarence Bassett and Charles Baskerville.

1961 – The Shirelles – Scepter SLP 5002 – “The Shirelles Sing To Trumpets and Strings”

The Shirelles formed in 1957 out of Passaic, New Jersey and were one of the earliest and most successful ‘girl groups’.  Members were Shirley Owens, Doris Coley, Addie Harris and Beverly Lee.  Coley died on February 4th, 2000.  The Shirelles are a 1996 Inductee into the Rock Hall of Fame.

1956 – Shirley & Lee – Aladdin LP-807 – “Let The Good Times Roll”

Shirley and Lee were Shirley Lee Goodman who was born in June of 1936 in New Orleans, and Lee Goodman (Leonard Lee) who was born in June of 1935 also in New Orleans.  Shirley died on July 5th, 2005 and Lee died on October 23rd, 1975.

1962 – Troy Shondell – Everest – “The Many Sides of Troy Shondell” & 1967 – Sunset – “This Time”

Troy Shondell was born in May of 1939 in Fort Wayne, Indiana Gary Wayne Schelton and died on January 7th, 2016.

1968 – The Silhouettes – Goodway GLP 100 “Get a Job”

The Silhouettes formed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1956 – Original Members were Richard Lewis, Bill Horton, Earl Beal, Raymond Edwards and John Wilson – All but Beal have passed away.  The group started as “The Thunderbirds”.

1964 – Jumpin’ Gene Simmons – Hi – “Haunted House”

Jumpin’ Gene Simmons was born in August of 1949 in Tirat Camel Israel

1959 – The Skyliners – Calico – “The Skyliners”

The Skyliners formed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1958.  Original members were Janet Vogel, Wally Lester, Jackie Taylor, Joe Verscharen and lead singer Jimmy Beaumont.  The group started off while in high school and co-composed the classic hits “Since I Don’t Have You”, “This I Swear” and “It Happened Today”.  Janet Vogel took her life in 1980.

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