From the Land of Band Box Records

The Roots of Rock and Roll
on Long Play in the U.S. – Cor thru F

Earliest long plays selected when possible to obtain images from these iconic founders from the world of Rock ‘n Roll.

1957 – Sam Cooke – Keen 2001 – “Songs By Sam Cooke”

Sam Cooke was born in January, 1931 Samuel Cook – Died December 11th, 1964 (Shooting Mishap) – Sam Cooke is a 1986 Inductee into the Rock Hall of Fame.

1963 – Calvin Cool & The Surf Knobs – CRC Charter 103 – “The Surfer’s Beat”

Who knows who these guys are?  Does it matter?

1962 – Les Cooper – Everlast 202 – “Wiggle Wobble”

Les Cooper was born in March of 1921 in Norfolk, Virginia – Died August 3rd, 2013 – His backup band were the “Soul Rockers”.

(From Paul Payton – June 2017): Les Cooper was the house band at The Three Roses in New Rochelle, NY, a couple of blocks from where I lived until I was five. Unfortunately, I was too young to get in – and besides, I probably would have been the only white face in the place. (The Three Roses was right across North Avenue from where Clyde McPhatter owned a record shop.I DID go in there and have a few 45s to prove it!)

1963 – The Cornells – Garex GA-100 – “Beach Bound”

The Cornells were Bob Linkletter, Jim O’Keefe and Peter Lewis who were also known as “The Surf Riders”.  Bob was son of TV personality Art Linkletter.  Peter Lewis was later in the San Francisco group “Moby Grape”.

1969 – The Corporation – Capitol ST 175 – “The Corporation”

The Corporation formed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1969 evolving from a band named “Eastern Mean Time”.  Members were Vincent Pell, Gerard Jon Smith, John Alexander Kondos, Nicholas Alexander Kondos, Kenneth Berdoll and Patrick Daneil McCarthy. They broke up in 1970.

1959 – Dave “Baby” Cortez – RCA Victor LPM-2099 – “The Happy Organ”

Dave “Baby” Cortez was born in August of 1938 in Detroit, Michigan David Cortez Clowney – Cortez performed with the group “The Pearls” and “The Valentines”

1966 – The Count Five – Double Shot LP 5001 – “Psychotic Reaction”

The Count Five formed in 1964 in San Jose, California – The group evolved from “The Citations” and then “The Squires”.  Members were John Michalski, Roy Chaney, John Byrne, Kenn Ellner and Craig Atkinson.  Byrne and Atkinson are both deceased.

1966 – Don Covay – Atlantic 8120 – “See Saw”

Don Covay was born in March of 1934 in Orangeburg, South Carolina Donald James Randolph – He died January 31st, 2015

1967 – The Cowsills – MGM 4498 – “The Cowsills”

The Cowsills formed in 1965 in Newport, Rhode Island and were brothers Bill, Bob, Barry and John Cowill.  Soon sister Susan joined along with younger brother John and rounded out with their mother, Barbara Cowsill.

1964 – Billy Crash Craddock – King 912 – “I’m Tore Up”

Billy Craddock was born in June of 1939 in Greensboro, North Carolina Billy Wayne Craddock.  He was with a group called “The Four Rebels” as a teen.  After a prolonged break from music, Craddock returned as a country musician.

1964 – The Craftsmen – Zap 3009 – “What Can We Say”

The Craftsmen were from Hopedale, Ohio – Members unknown other than first names.

1961 – Hank Crawford – Atlantic SD 3156 – “More Soul”

1962 – Johnny Crawford – Del-Fi DFLP 1223 – “A Young Man’s Fancy”

Johnny Crawford was born in March of 1946 in Los Angeles John Ernest Crawford – Star of “The Rifleman” along with Chuck Connors – who by the way was one of only 12 athletes to have played in both the NBA and in Major League Baseball.

1969 – Crazy Elephant – Bell 6034 – “Crazy Elephant”

1968 – Creation of Sunlight – Windi WS 1001 – “Creation of Sunlight”

Creation of Sunlight was fromed in 1968 in Long Beach, California – they were first known as the “Sunlight Seven” – Members were Gary Young, Carl Estrella, Don Sain, Steve Montague, Jerry Griffin, Bob Morgan and Ron Clark.  Prices guides put a big dollar amount on their one LP but in reality it can be found for under $100.

1968 – Creedence Clearwater Revival – Fantasty 8382 – “Creedence Clearwater Revival”

Creedence Clearwater Revival formed in 1967 out of El Cerrito, California – evolving from first “The Blue Velvets” and then “The Golliwogs.  Original members were Junior High classmates John Fogerty, Doug Clifford and Stu Cook.  They began by backing John’s brother Tom and he soon joined their band.

1958 – The Crescendos – Guest Star – “Sweet Dreams About”

The Crescendos formed in 1957 in Nashville, Tennessee – Original Members: George Lanius, James Lanius, Ken Brigham, Tom Fortner and Jim Hall

1959 – The Crests – Coed – “The Best of the Crests”

The Crests formed in 1957 in New York City – Original Members: J.T. Carter, Talmadge Gough, Harold Torres and Patricia Van Dross – Lead singer Johnny Maestro was soon added to round out the line-up.

1961 – Bob Crewe – Warwick 9008 – “Kicks”

Bob Crewe was born in November of 1930 in Newark. New Jersey Robert Stanley Crewe – He died on September 11th, 2014 – Crewe was a major force behind The Four Seasons.

1957 – The Crickets – Brunswick 54038 – “The Chirping Crickets”

The Crickets formed in Lubbock, Texas in 1957 led by the fabulous Buddy Holly – Original Members: Niki Sullivan, Jerry Allison and Joe Maudlin along with Holly.  The Crickets are a 2012 Inductee into the Rock Hall of Fame.

1960 – The Crickets – Coral 75320 – “In Style with the Crickets”

The Crickets recorded this 1960 LP without their leader, Buddy Holly – The three performing here were Jerry Allison, Joe Mauldin and Sonny Curtis.

1966 – The Critters – Kapp KL-1485 – “Younger Girl”

The Critters formed in 1964 New Jersey with Don Ciccone, Bob Podstawski teaming up with former “Vibratones” members Jim Ryan, Ken Gorka and Chris Darway.  Ciccone later joined with “The Four Seasons” and also toured with “Tommy James and the Shondells”.

1968 – The Crome Syrcus – Command RS 925 – “Love Cycle”

The Crome Syrcus were Dick Powell, John Gaborit, Lee Graham, Rob Pilloud, and Ted Shreffler.  They formed in 1966 out of Seattle, Washington.  Shreffler and Graham both passed away in 2000.

1969 – Crow – Amaret 5002 – “Crow Music”

Crow formed out of Minnesota in 1967 – They evolved from a group called “South 40” – Original members were David Wagner, Dick Wiegand, Larry Wiegand, Kink Middlemist and Harry Nehls.

1962 – Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup – Fire FLP 103 – “Mean Ole Frisco”

Arthur Crudup was born in August of 1905 in Forest, Mississippi Arthur William Crudup – He had been a member of the”Harmonizing Four” – He died on March 28th, 1974 at age 68.

1963 – The Crystals – Philles 4001 – “He’s a Rebel”

The Crystals formed in 1960 out of New York City – Original Members: Barbara Alston, Mary Thomas, Dolores Kenniebrew, Myrna Giraud and Patricia Wright – In short order Darlene Love of “The Blossoms” would assume vocal duties – She was backed by other singers other than the original Crystals.  Lead singer Darlene Love is a 2011 Inductee into the Rock Hall of Fame.


1969 – The Cuff Links – Decca DL 75160 – “Tracy”

The Cuff Links were basically a studio group formed in 1969 with singer Ron Dante providing lead vocals (Dante was also the voice behind the “Archies” and involved with “The Detergents”) – The Cuff Links did a second album with Dante giving way to Rupert Holmes and Joey Cord on vocals.  The Cuff Links toured as recently as 2016.  Wonder where the darling girl on the cover is today?

A band had to be put together for touring purposes and they were Bob Gill, Dave Lavender, Andrew Denno, Rich Dimino, Pat Rizzo, Joe Cord and Danny Valentine.

1963 – The Customs – Vault 104 – “Hot Rod City”

This particular assembly of “Wrecking Crew” studio musicians released this same LP also as by “The Quads” and “The Customs” to get the biggest bang from their buck during the Hot Rod music craze in 1963 and 1964 for the most part.

Musicians were Gary Usher, Paul Johnson, Dick Burns, Randy Thomas and Dennis McCarty – all produced by Gary Usher.

1969 – Cykle – Label S9-261 – “Cykle”

The Cykle started off as “The Glory Cykle” – Members were Jeff Hardin, Rick Wilson, Grady Pope, Ralph Stevens and Ken Allen.

1963 – Johnny Cymbal – Kapp 1324 – “Mr. Bass Man”

Johnny Cymbal was born in February of 1945 in Scotland John Hendry Blair – Cymbal performed later on as Derek of “Cinnamon” fame.

1966 – The Cyrkle – Columbia CL 2544 – “Red Rubber Ball”

The Cyrkle formed in 1961 out of Easton, Pennsylvania originally called “The Rhondells”.  Brian Epstein picked them up and renamed the group – Members included Don Dannemann, Tom Dawes, Earle Pickens and Marty Fried – “Red Rubber Ball” was co-penned by Paul Simon.  – Dawes was the composer of Alka-Seltzer’s “plop, plop, fizz, fizz” jingle as well as 7-Up’s “Uncola” song – Pickens went on to become a surgeon.

1963 – Don Dailey – Crown CST 314 – “Surf Stompin'”

This long play was first issued by “Billy Boyd” titled “Twangy Guitars” and was reissued to accommodate the surfing craze.

1962 – Dick Dale & His Del-Tones – Deltone LPM 1001 – “Surfer’s Choice”

Dick Dale was born in Boston, Massachusetts in May of 1937 Richard Anthony Monsour – In short, he gave us Surf Music.  Early members of the Del-Tones included Bill Barber, Ray Samra, Jack Lake, Nick O’Malley and Lee Farrell.

1963 – Dale and Grace – Montel MLP 100 – “I’m Leaving It Up to You”

Dale Houston (Dale Robert Houston born April of 1940 in Covington County, Mississippi) and Grace Broussard (born in 1939 in Prairieville, Louisiana).  Houston died on September 27th, 1940.

1966 – Dan & Dale – Tifton 78003 – “Batman and Robin”

These were musicians in part from “The Blues Project” – with Andy Kulberg, Danny Kalb, John Gilmore, Laurdine Patrick, Marshall Allen, Roy Blumenfeld, Steve Katz and Sun Ra. – Weird!

1961 – Dante & The Evergreens – Madison MA-LP 1002 – “Dante and the Everygreens”

Dante and the Evergreens formed out of Santa Monica, California in 1959 – Original members included Donald Drowly, Frank Rosenthal, Bill Young and Tony Moon.  The were first discovered by Jan and Dean.

1958 – Bobby Darin – Atco 33-102 – “Bobby Darin”

Bobby Darin was born in May of 1936 in New York City Walden Robert Cassotto – He Died December 20th, 1973 of heart disease.  He is a 1990 Inductee into the Rock Hall of Fame.

1959 – James Darren – Colpix CP 406 – “Album No. 1”

James Darren was an actor singer who was born in June of 1936 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania James William Ercolani.  The teen movie “Gidget” sent him on his way to fame.

1963 – The Dartells – Dot – “The Original Hit Hot Pastrami”

The Dartells formed in Oxnard, California in 1962 – Members included Doug Phillips, Dick Burns, Gary Peeler, Randy Ray, Rich Piel, Corky Wilkie and Galen Mills

1963 – The Darts – Del-Fi DFLP 1244 – “Hollywood Drag”

The Darts were also “The Deuce Coupes” and “The Defenders” created by Del-Fi label owner Bob Keene.  Members were Glen Campbell, David Gates of “Bread”, Bill Pitman, Tommy Tedesco, Larry Bright, Ray Pohlman, Jimmy Bond, Dale Hallcom, Mike Rubini, Leon Russell, Plas Johnson, Jay Migliori, Jim Horn, Roy Caton, Earl Palmer and Hal Blaine.

1968 – The Daughters of Albion – Fontana SRF 67586 – “Daughters of Albion”

The Daughters of Albion are Greg Dempsey and Kathy Yesse – also known as Kathy Dalton.

1967 – The David – VMC VS 124 – “Another Day, Another Lifetime”

The David were from Los Angeles, California formed in 1966.  Members included Tim Harrison, Warren Hansen, Mike Butte, Chuck Spieth and Mark Bird.  Spieth died in a fire in the early 1970’s.

1961 – Meyer Davis – Cameo 1014 – “Meyer Davis Plays the Twist”

1963 – Skeeter Davis – RCA Victor LP 2699 – “The End of the World”

Skeeter Davis was born in December of 1931 in Dry Ridge, Kentucky Mary Frances Penick.  She started off her career with Betty Jack Davis singing as a duo.  Betty was killed in an automobile accident and Skeeter carried on hitting it big with the teen crowd for a time and then continuing on with her roots in country music until her death on September 19th, 2004 at the age of 72 from cancer.

1969 – Tim Dawe – Straight STS 1058 – “Penrod”

(Need information on Tim Dawe)

1959 – Bobby Day – Class 5002 – “Rockin’ with Robin”

Bobby Day was born in July of 1930 in Fort Worth, Texas Robert James Byrd – He died July 27th, 1990 – Bobby was Bob of “Bob and Earl” and earlier had been with “The Satellites”.

1969 – Day Blindness – Studion 10 – “Day Blindness”

Members were Gary Pihi, Felix Bria and Dave Neuman – The group formed in 1968 meeting in high school in San Mateo, California – During the recording session for this LP they were visited by both Bob Dylan and Janis Joplin both of whom offered advice.  And that was about it for Day Blindness.

1964 – The Deadly Ones – Vee Jay VJLP 1090 – “It’s Monster Surfing Time”

What can I say? No hints of who might be involved here on the albums’ back cover.

1969 – Bill Deal and the Rhondels – Heritage HTS 35,003 – “Vintage Rock”

Bill Deal and the Rhondels formed in 1959 out of Portsmouth, Virginia – Early members were Bill Deal (died December 10th, 2003), Ammon Tharp, George Bell, Ronnie Hallman and David Williams.

1961 – Joey Dee & His Starliters – Roulette – “Hey Let’s Twist!”

Joey Dee formed in 1958 in Passaic, New Jersey – Members included Joey Dee, David Brigati, Larry Vernieri, Carlton Lattimore, Sam Taylor and Willie Davis.  Brigati would to form the “Young Rascals” –

1966 – The Deep – Cameo Parkway SP-7051 – “Psychedelic Moods (A Mind Expanding Phenomena)”

The Deep formed in 1966 breaking up in the same year out of New York City.  The Deep was a very early psychedelic endeavor with main player Rusty Evans (deceased), who had later joined “The New Christy Minstrels”, and noted musician David Bromberg, Mark Barkan,  among others.

1963 – The De-Fenders – Del-Fi DFLP 1242

Del-Fi put so many of these type of albums out – most likely using the same musicians to cash in on the hot-rod music phase.

1957 – The Del Vikings – Luniverse LP 1000 – “Come Go With the Del Vikings”

Members: Clarence Quick; Kripp Johnson; Don Jackson, Samuel Patterson, Bernard Robertson and Clarence Harvey Ringo.  – They formed while active members of the U.S. Armed Forces.

1968 – The Delfonics – Philly Groove LP 1150 – “La La Means I Love You”

The Delfonics formed in 1965 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – The group had it’s roots in “The Four Guys”, “The Four Gents”, “The Orphonics”  Members included William Hart, Randy Cain, Donald Cannon and Stanley Latham.

1959 – The Dells – Vee Jay VJLP 1010 – “Oh, What a Nite”

The Dells formed in 1952 in Harvey, Illinois – Original Members: Marvin Junior, Verne Allison, Johnny Funches, Chuck Barksdale, Mickey McGill and Lucius McGill – The Dells are a 2004 Inductee into the Rock Hall of Fame.

(From Paul Payton – June, 2017): As I mentioned in Part 7 (what, me take things in order?) that Don Bronstein photo on The Dells’ “Oh What a Night” album is still gorgeous. I’ve always had a thing for the girl in the photo; maybe it’s the high heels and the way she’s looking at the guy….

1963 – The Demensions – Coral CRL 57430 – “My Foolish Heart”

The Demensions formed in the Bronx, New York  in 1961 – Members included Lenny Dell, Phil Del Giudice, Howie Margolin and Marisa Martelli.

1963 – Jackie DeShannon – Liberty LST 7320 – “Jackie DeShannon”

Jackie DeShannon was born in August of 1941 in Hazel, Kentucky Sharon Lee Myers – She recorded as “Sherry Lee” and “Jackie Dee”.

1965 – The Detergents – Roulette R-25308 – “The Many Faces of The Detergents”

The Detergents were a studio concoction involving Ron Dante, Danny Jordan and Tommy Wynn.  They were sued by “Leader of the Pack” composers, Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich and Shadow Morton – which was settled out of court.  Ron Dante (Carmine John Granito born in August of 1945) fronted other groups including the studio cartoon group “The Archies” and sang lead for “The Cuff Links”.  He also produced most of Barry Manilow’s long plays.

1968 – The Detroit City Limits – Okeh OKS 14127 – “98 Cents Plus Tax and Other Great Hits”

A studio group??

1963 – The Deuce Coupes – Del-Fi DFLP 1243 – “Hotrodder’s Choice”

The Deuce Coupes were also “The Darts” and “The Defenders” created by Del-Fi label owner Bob Keene.  Members were Glen Campbell, David Gates of “Bread”, Bill Pitman, Tommy Tedesco, Larry Bright, Ray Pohlman, Jimmy Bond, Dale Hallcom, Mike Rubini, Leon Russell, Plas Johnson, Jay Migliori, Jim Horn, Roy Caton, Earl Palmer and Hal Blaine.

1967 – The Devil’s Anvil – Columbia CS 9464 – “Hard Rock from the Middle East”

This group was from New York City and was mentored/discovered by Felix Pappalardi.  Felix played with the band along with Steve Knight, Jerry Satpir, Elierzer Adoram and Kareem Issaq.  Knight would join Pappalardi in the group “Mountain”.

1964 – The Dials – Time 5/2100 – “It’s Monkey Time”

Studio musicians all – a budget label project.

1966 – Neil Diamond – Bang BLP 214 – “The Feel of Neil Diamond”

Old Neil was a pretty decent rocker in the early days – born in January of 1941 in Brooklyn, New York Neil Leslie Diamond.  He started off with Jack Parker in a duo called “Neil and Jack”!  Neil joins the elite group of writers working out of New York’s “Brill Building”.  Some of his tunes included “Red, Red Wine” (Jimmy James and others), “Kentucky Woman” (Deep Purple), “A Little Bit Me A Little Bit You” (Monkees), “Sunflower” (Glen Campbell), “The Boat That I Row” (Lulu), “I’m a Believer” (Monkees)

1957 – The Diamonds – Mercury 20309 – “America’s No. 1 Song Stylists”

The Diamonds formed in  1953 out of Canada: Original Members: Dave Somerville, Ted Kowalski, Phil Levitt and Bill Reed.  They obtained a rap as a cover group but they could sing and many of their singles excelled in the world of Doo-Wop.

1962 – Dick and Dee Dee – Liberty LP 3236 – “Tell Me – The Mountain’s High”

Dick and Dee Dee formed in 1960 in California – birth names being Mary Sperling and Richard Gostling.  – They changed their names to Dick St. John and Deedee Phelps.

1960 – Dicky Doo & The Don’ts – United Artists UA 6097 – “Teen Scene”

Dicky Doo is Gerry Granahan (“Dicky Doo”) He was a member of the early Southwest rock group “The Orchids” along with Buddy Knox and Jimmy Bowen.  The “Don’ts” were Harvey Davis, Al Ways, Ray Gangi and Dave Aldred who had also been with “The Orchids”.

1958 – Bo Diddley – Chess LP 1431 – “Bo Diddley”

Bo Diddley was born in December of 1928 in McComb Mississippi Ellas Otha Bates – Died June 2nd, 2008 – He is a 1987 Inductee into the Rock Hall of Fame.

1963 – The Dillards – Elektra EK-7232 – “Back Porch Bluegrass”

The Dillards formed in 1963 in Salem, Missouri with brothers Douglas and Rodney Dillard and Dean Webb, and Mitchell Franklin.  Doug would go on to be part of “Dillard and Clark.  He passed away on August 2nd, 2010.

1960 – Mark Dinning – MGM 3828 – “Teen Angel”

Mark Dinning was born in August of 1933 in Manchester, Oklahoma Max Edward Dinning – Dinning passed away in 1985 from a heart attack at age 52.

1965 – Dino, Desi and Billy – Reprise R-6176 – “I’m A Fool”

Dino, Desi and Billy formed in 1964 – Dean Paul Martin (son of Dean Martin), Desi Arnaz, Jr., (Ricky and Lucy) and Billy Hinsche – all three grammar school mates in Hollywood, California.  Dean Paul Martin was killed while flying a military jet in 1987.  He was married to skater Dorothy Hamill at one time.  Their hit, “I’m a Fool” was recorded by Colorado’s Astronauts nearly a year before the reprise release.

1958 – Dion and the Belmonts – Laurie LLP 1002 – “Presenting Dion and The Belmonts”

Dion and the Belmonts formed in 1957 in New York City (The Bronx) – Original Members: Dion DiMucci, Carlo Mastrangelo, Fred Milano and Angelo D’ Aleo.

1961 – Dion – Laurie LLP 2009 – “Runaround Sue”

Dion was born in July of 1939 in The Bronx Dion Francis DiMucci – He had earlier been the lead singer for the “The Belmonts”. Dion is a 1989 Inductee into the Rock Hall of Fame.

1965 – The Dixie Cups – Red Bird 103 – “Iko Iko”

The Dixie Cups formed in New Orleans, Louisiana first as “Little Miss and the Muffets”.  Members were Barbara Ann Hawkins, Rosa Lee Hawkins and Joan Marie Johnson.

1963 – The Dixiebelles – Sound Stage 7 SSM 5000 – “Down at Papa Joes”

The Dixiebelles formed in 1963 and were all studio singers – members of Anita Kerr’s ensemble.  The ladies shown below were put together for touring purposes.  They were in fact members of a group called “The Charmers”.  Members of the touring group were Mary Hunt, Mildred Pratcher and Shirley Thomas.

1960 – Willie Dixon (with Memphis Slim) – Folkways FA 2385 – “Songs of Memphis Slim and Willie Dixon”

Willie Dixon was born in July of 1915 in Vicksburg, Mississippi William James Dixon – He died on January 29th, 1992 – Dixon worked with iconic rockers Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry

1965 – Doctor Ross – Testament T-2206 – “Call the Doctor”

Doctor Ross was born in October of 1925 in Tunica, Mississippi Charles Isaiah Ross – He died on May 28th, 1993 at age 67.

1956 – Bill Doggett – King 531 – “Everybody Dance the Honky Tonk”

Bill Doggett was born in February of 1916  in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania William Ballard Doggett – He died November 13th, 2013.

1956 – Fats Domino – Imperial LP 9004 – “Rock and Rollin with Fats Domino”

Fats Domino was born in February of 1928 in New Orleans, Louisiana Antoine Domino Jr. Still going strong!  Fats Domino is a 1986 Inductees into the Rock Hall of Fame.

1966 – Don and the Goodtimes – Wand WDM 679 – “Where the Action Is!!”

Don and the Goodtimes formed in Portland, Oregon in 1964 – Original members were Don Gallucci who had been with “The Kingsmen”, Bobby Holden, Dave Child, Don McKinney.  Another Kingsmen member – Jack Ely – was with the group for a brief period of time.

1961 – Ral Donner – Gone 5012 – “Takin’ Care of Business”

1967 – Donnie & The Del Chords – Taurus T-1000 – “Sing Along with Donnie & The Del Chords & The Neons”

Donnie and the Del Chords were formed out of Brooklyn, New York in around 1961 – Members were Donnie Bartolomeo, Al Barbariano and Santo Barbariano.

1967 – The Doors – Elektra EK-74007 – “The Doors”

The Doors formed in 1965 in Los Angeles, California with Jim Morrison, Ray Manzarek, John Densmore and Robby Krieger.  Manzarek was with “Rick and the Ravens” with his two brothers.  Densmore started off with “The Psychedelic Rangers”.

The original doors included Jim Morrison, Ray Manzarek, Patty Sullivan, Rick Manzarek and Jim Manzarek.

1962 – Lee Dorsey – Fury FULP 1002 – “Ya! Ya!”

Lee Dorsey was born in December of 1926 in New Orleans, Louisiana Iriving Lee Dorsey – He died on December 1st, 1986.

Image result for lee dorsey ya ya lp

1965 – Jim Doval and The Gauchos – ABC-Paramount 506 – “The Gauchos Featuring Jim Doval”

Need information on The Gauchos)

1965 – Ronnie Dove – Diamond 5004 – “I’ll Make All Your Dreams Come True”

Ronnie Dove was born in September of 1935 in Herndon, Virginia – He started off with a group called “The Belltones” in 1959 – He hosted a one season local TV show in 1966.

1962 – The Dovells – Parkway 7021 – “Hully Gully”

The Dovells formed in 1957 as “The Brooktones” before becoming “The Dovells” out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Original members were Arnie Silver, Len Borisoff, Jerry Gross, Mike Freda and Jim Mealey.  Len Barry joined when they started cutting records replacing two members.

1961 – Joe Dowell – Smash MGS 27000 – “Wooden Heart”

Joe Dowell was born in January of 1940 in Bloomington, Indiana – His first record “Wooden Heart” sold over 3 million copies – The organ player on the record is none other than musician/comic Ray Stevens.

1962 – The Bobby Doyle Three – Columbia CL 1858 – “In a Most Unusual Way”

Not a rocking group but had to include it here – with Bobby Doyle and future First Edition leader and superstar Kenny Rogers.  Doyle also was with “Blood, Sweat and Tears” for a short time.  He died on July 30th. 2006.

1967 – Mike Doyle – Fleetwood FLP 3018 – “The Secrets of Surfing”

This is a narrated long play by Mike Doyle “World Champion Surfer 1965, 1966 and 1967

1967 – Gene Dozier & The Brotherhood – Minit 24010 – “Blues Power”

Gene Dozier was a staff member for Gamble and Huff Productions – He died in 2007.

1962 – Dr. Feelgood & The Interns – Okeh OKM 12101 – “Dr. Feelgood & The Interns”

Dr. Feelgood was Willie Lee Perryman (known as “Piano Red”) born in November of 1911 in Hampton, Georgia – He died on July 25th, 1985 at age 73.  Apparently the Interns were not a major fixture in the career of Dr. Feelgood.

1968 – Dr. John – Atco SD 33 270 – “Babylon”

Dr. John was born in November of 1940 in New Orleans, Louisiana Malcolm John Rebennack  – Dr. John is a 2011 Inductee into the Rock Hall of Fame.

1968 – Dragonfly – Megaphone MS-102 – “Dragonfly”

This is a creation of Jerry Jimmerfield from Durango, Colorado who fronted a group called “The Lords Of London”.  This highly sought after LP most likely backed when recorded in Los Angeles by studio musicians.

1964 – The Dragsters – Wing MGW 12269 – “Hot Rod Hits”

One member of “The Dragsters” was Todd Novak – He was in a group called “The Schramms” much later on.  Earlier he was with a country band called “Ronald Koal and the Trillionaires”.

1963 – The Dreamlovers – Columbia CL 2020 – “The Bird and Other Golden Dancing Grooves”

The Dreamlovers formed in 1956 out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Early members were Morris Gardner, Don Hogan, James Dunn, Clifton Dunn, Tommy Ricks and Cleveland Hammock.  They were first known as “The Romancers” and then as a backing group for Chubby Checker “The Midnighters”.

1968 – Dreams & Illusions – Verve Forecast FTS 3040 – “Dreams and Illusions”

(Need information on this group)

1958 – The Drifters – Atlantic  8022 – “Rockin’ & Driftin'”

The Drifters started off in 1953 in New York City – Many singers have passed through group – The original members are: Clyde McPhatter, William Anderson, Charlie White, David Baldwin and James Johnson – – Later notables were Bill Pinkney, Ben E. King, Rudy Lewis, Bobby Hendricks and Johnny Moore – The Drifters are a 1988 Inductee into the Rock Hall of Fame.

Driftin’ Slim and His Blue Band – Milestone MSP 93004 – “Somebody Hoo-Doo’d The Hoo-Doo Man”

Driftin’ Slim was born in February of 1919 in Keo, Arkansas Elmon Mickie.  He died on September 15th, 1977.

1968 – The Druids of Stonehenge – UNI 73004 – “Creation”

The Druids of Stonehenge formed in 1965 in New York City – first called “The Druids” – Original lineup was Dave Budge, Carl Hauser, Billy Tracy, Tim Workman and Steve Tindall.

1961 – The Duals – Sue LP 2012 – “Stick Shift”

The Duals formed in 1961 in Los Angeles – Members were Henry Bellinger and Johnny Lagemann – Sonny Bono produced the hit version of “Stick Shift” – The duo failed to receive any royalties for their effort until 2004!

1962 – The Dubs – Josie JOZ 4001 – “The Dubs Meet The Shells”

The Dubs formed in 1956 in Harlem, New York.  Original members included Richard Blandon, Cleveland Still, Billy Carlisle, James Miller and Thomas Gardner.

1962 – Tommy Dugan & The Hot Rodders – Grand Prix K-417 – “Hot Rod Lincoln”

Members unknown – Charlie Ryan performers one track “Hot Rod Lincoln” – Ryan was born in December of 1915 in Graceville, Minnesota Charles Ryan – He died on February 16th, 2008 at age 92.  Ryan composed “Hot Rod Lincoln” which was recorded by many.

1969 – Okie Duke – Ovation 14-01 – “The Songs and Singings of Okie Duke”

Okie also performed as Farley Parkenfarker!

1965 – Patty Duke – United Artists UAS 6452 – “Don’t Just Stand There”

Patty Duke was born in December of 1946 – a first wave baby boomer – in Queens, New York Anna Marie Duke – She died on March 29th, 2016.  Patty won an Best Supporting Actress Oscar in 1962 as a 16 year-old for portraying Helen Keller in “The Miracle Worker” and then hosted in a dual role “The Patty Duke Show”.

Champion Jack Dupree – Atlantic SD 8019 – “Blues From the Gutter”

Champion Jack Dupree was born in July of 1910 in New Orleans, Louisiana William Thomas Dupree. – He gained his nickname by becoming a Golden Gloves champion fighting in 107 bouts.

1962 – The Duprees – Coed – “You Belong to Me”

The Duprees came out of Jersey City, New Jersy forming in 1960 – Original Members:  Michael Amone, Joe Santollo, John Salvato, Tom Bialoglow and Joey Canzano

1967 – Dyke & The Blazers – Original Sound OSR-LPS 8876 – “The Funk Broadway”

Dyke and the Blazers were formed in 1965 in Buffalo, New York.  Dyke was Arlester Christian – Other members were Alvester Jacobs, J.V. Hunt, Bernard Williams, Rich Cason and Rodney Brown.  Arlester was shot to death in Phoenix on March 13th, 1971 at a young age of 27.

1962 – Bob Dylan – Columbia CL 1779 – “Bob Dylan”

Bob Dylan was born in May of 1941 in Duluth, Minnesota Robert Allen Zimmerman – He played a couple of dates in his early years with Bobby Vee and The Shadows.  While in High School he was a member of a school band “The Golden Chords”.  He is a 1988 Inductee into the Rock Hall of Fame.

1969 – The Dynamics – Cotillion SD 9009 – “First Landing”

The Dynamics formed in 1963 in Detroit, Michigan – Members were Isaac Harris, George White, Fred Baker, Samuel Stevenson, Zerben Hicks.

1964 – The Dynamics with Jimmy Hanna – Seafair Bolo LP 8001 – “The Dynamics with Jimmy Hanna”

This group of dynamics formed out of Seattle, Washington in 1959 – primarily an instrumental group consisting of Dave Williams, Harry Wilson, Jeff Afdem, Jimmy Hanna, Larry Coryell, Mike Mandell, Pete Borg, Ron Woods and Terry Afdem.  Coryell went on to become a noted jazz musician fronting several jazz combos.  He died on February 19th, 2017.

1966 – The Dynatones – Hanna-Barbera LP 8509 – “The Fife Piper”

This was a Hollywood-based instrumental group featuring Eddie Evans, Gary Van Scyoc, Jack Wolfe and Ray Figlar.

1963 – The Earls – Old Town 104 – “Remember Me Baby”

1968 – Earth Opera – Elektra EKS 74016 – “Earth Opera”

Earth Opera formed in 1967 in Boston, Massachusetts with Peter Rowan, David Grisman, Paul Dillon, Bill Stevenson and John Nagy.

1968 – Eden’s Children – ABC 624 – “Eden’s Children”

Eden’s Children were Jimmy Sturman, Richard Schamach and Larry Kiley

1958 – Duane Eddy – Jamie 3000 – “Have Twangy Guitar – Will Travel”

Duane Eddy was born in April of 1938 in Corning, New York – He was backed by a group of essentially studio musicians, “The Rebels”.  Duane Eddy is a 1994 Inductee into the Rock Hall of Fame.

1958 – Tommy Edwards – MGM – “It’s All in the Game”

Tommy Edwards was born in February of 1922 in Henrico County, Virginia Thomas J. Edwards – He died on October 22nd, 1969.  Tommy was a bit of an “old soul” who hit it big with a song that resonated well with teens, “It’s All in the Game”.

1965 – Billy Ekstine – Motown 632 – “The Prime of My Life”

Billy Ekstine was born in July of 1914 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania William Clarence Eckstine.  Included here due to his appearance on the Motown label – Ekstine died on March 8th, 1993 at age 78.

1960 – The El Dorados – Vee Jay 1001 – “Crazy Little Mama”

The El Dorados formed in 1952 first as Pirkie Lee and the Five Stars” out of Chicago, Illinois – Original Members: Pirkie Lee Moses, Louis Bradley, Arthur Basset, Jewel Jones, James Maddox and Richard Nickens.

1959 – Donnie Elbert – King  629 – “The Sensational Donnie Elbert Sings”

1961 – The Electras – ELT 201 – “The Electras”

The Electras were formed in Ely, Minnesota in 1962 with Bill Bulinski, Earl Bulinski, Gary Omerza, Fred Gorzac, Len Erickson and Kaye Spalj.

1968 – The Electric Flag – Columbia 9597 – “A Long Time Comin'”

The Electric Flag formed in 1967 in Chicago, Illinois – Original members were Mike Bloomfield, Barry Goldberg, Harvey Brooks and Buddy Miles who was backing Wilson Pickett.  Next Peter Strazza and Larry Coryell.

1967 – The Electric Prunes – Reprise R 6248 – “The Electric Prunes”

The Electric Prunes were formed in 1965 in the Los Angeles area of California.  The group evolved from “The Sanctions” with James Lowe, Mark Tulin, Ken Williams, and Michael Weakley.

1967 – The Electric Underground – Premier PS 9060 – “Guitar Explosion”

Information needed.

1969 – Elephant’s Memory – Buddah BD 5033 – “Elephant’s Memory”

Elephant’s Memory formed in 1967 in New York City with Stan Bronstein, Rick Frank, Jr., John Ward, Chester Ayers, Myron Yules, R. Sussman, Michal Shapiro, Guy Peritore and David Cohen.  For a short period of time – Carly Simon provided vocals.  The group hooked up with the Beatles’ Apple label.

1964 – The Eliminators – Liberty LP 3365 – “Liverpool, Dragsters, Cycles & Surfing”

Well, that just about took it all in for the hot topics in 1964!  The Eliminators were – once again  – members of “The Wrecking Crew” – Leon Russell, James Burton, Jerry McKenzie, Buzz Cason, Tommy Allsup, Bob Morris, Keith Allison, Stan Farber, Ron Hicklin, Bob Zwirn adn Gary Paxton.

1966 – The Elgins – VIP 400 – “Darling Baby”

The Elgins formed in 1962 in Detroit, Michigan with original members being Robert Fleming, Johnny Dawson, Cleo Miller and Norman McLean.  The group had earlier been called “The Sensations” (not the “Let Me In” group), “The Five Emeralds” and “The Downbeats”.  A new lead vocalist – Sandra Miller – to sing on their VIP releases.

1968 – Ellie Pop – Mainstream 6115 – “Ellie Pop”

Bill Long was the driving force behind “Ellie Pop” a group out of Roseville, Michigan.

1968 – Cass Elliot – ABC/Dunhill D-50040 – “Dream a Little Dream”

Mama Cass Elliot was born in September of 1941 in Baltimore, Maryland Ellen Naomi Cohen – Cass had been with a group called “The Big Three” and “The Mugwumps”.  She died of a heart attack while in England – and no – a sandwich or any food was not involved.  Cruel!

1965 – Shirley Ellis – Congress 3003 – “The Name Game”

Shirley Ellis was born in January of 1929 in The Bronx, New York Shirley Mare O’Garra  – She died on October 5th, 2005.  She started off with a group called “The Metronomes”.

1966 – Lorainne Ellison – Warner Bros. W 1674 – “Heart & Soul”

Lorraine Ellison was born in March of 1931 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Marybelle Luraine Ellison – She was first in a gospel group called “The Ellison Singers” and then “The Golden Chords” – She died on January 31st of 1983 from cancer.

1960 – Preston Epps – Original Sound 8851 – Bongo Bongo Bongo”

Preston Epps was born in 1931 in Oakland, California best known for “Bongo Rock”.

1965 – The Embers – JCP 2006 – “The Embers Roll Eleven”

The Embers were formed in North Carolina and are credited with being the founders of “Beach Music”. Members included Andy Swindell, Clay King, Bobby Tomlinson, Johnny Hopkins, Jeff Grimes, Mark Black, Stephen Pachuta and Wayne Free.

1968 – Erica – ESP Disk 1099 – “You Used To Think”

Erica is Erica Pemerance who was born in Canada who as a documentary film maker – Musicians on this LP include Dion Grody, Gail Pollard, Ron Price, Craig Justen, Trevor Koehler, Don Coopersmith, Richie Hessler and Tom Moore.

1959 – Esquerita – Capitol 1186 – “Esquerita”

Esquerita was born in November of 1935 in Greenville, South Carolina Eskew Reeder, Jr. – He met Little Richard early on during Richard’s boyhood years and obviously exerted an influence – He died October 23rd, 1986.

Image result for esquerita capitol lp

1967 – The Esquires – Bunky 300 – “Get On Up And Get Away”

The Esquires formed in 1957  as “Betty Moorer & the Esquires” out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Original members were Gilbert Moorer, Jr., Alive Moorer, and Betty Moorer.  – With Betty’s departure Sam Price came in.

The Essex – Roulette 25235 – “A Walkin’ Miracle”

1968 – Eternity’s Children – Tower 5123 – “Eternity’s Children”

Eternity’s Children formed in 1965 in Cleveland, Ohio – Original members were Bruce Blackman, Roy Whittaker (both had been members of “The Phantoms”) with Jerry Bounds, Charlie Ross and Johnny Walker.

1960 – Paul Evans – Guaranteed 1000 – Paul Evans Sings the Fabulous Teens”

Paul Evans was born in March of 1938 in Queens, New York.

1964 – Betty Everett – Vee Jay VJS 1077- “It’s In His Kiss”

Betty Everett was born in November of 1939 in Greenwood, Mississippi – She died on August 19th, 2001.  Before going solo, Betty performed with Calvin Carter.

1969 – Ever-Green Blues – Mercury 61157 – “7 Do Eleven”

The Ever-Green Blues included Kenny Walther, Steve Lawrence and Tommy Bray

1958 – The Everly Brothers – Cadence CLP 3003 – “The Everly Brothers”

The Everly Brothers are Donald and Phillip Everly born February of 1937 and January of 1939 respectively – Don was born in Brownie, Kentucky and Phil in Chicago, Illinois – Phil passed away on January 3rd, 2014 – The Everly Brothers are 1986 Inductees into the Rock Hall of Fame.

1967 – Every Mother’s Son – MGM 4471 – “Every Mother’s Son”

Every Mother’s Son formed in 1966 in New York City in Greenwich Village – Members were Larry Larden, Dennis Larden, Bruce Milner, Christopher Augustine, Schuyler Larson and Don Kerr.  Dennis went on to join Rick Nelson’s “Stone Canyon Band”.

1969 – Everything is Everything – Vanguard VD 6512 – “Everything is Everything”

Members were Chic Waters, Chris Hills, Columbus Baker, James Zitro, Jim Pepper and Lee Reinoehl – The group evolved from 1960’s band “The Free Spirits”.

1964 – The Exciters – Roulette 3264 – “Tell Him”

The Exciters formed out of Queens, New York in 1961 – starting off as a girl group before adding Herb Rooney – Original members were Brenda Reid, Carolyn Johnson, Lillian Walker and Sylvia Wilber – first calling themselves “The Masterettes”.  Herb Rooney had been a member of their “brother group” “The Masters”.

1962 – Shelley Fabares – Colpix – “Shelly” – “The Things We Did Last Summer”

Shelley Fabares was born in January of 1944 in Santa Monica, California Michele Ann Marie Fabares.

1959 – Fabian – Chancellor CHLS-5003 – “Hold That Tiger”

Fabian was born in February, 1943 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Fabiano Anthony Forte

1969 – The Fabulous Counts – Cotillion 9011 – “Jan Jan”

The Fabulous Counts formed in 1968 out of Detroit, Michigan – They changed their name in 1969 to “The Counts” – Members were Mose Davis, Leroy Emmanuel, Demo Cates, Jim White, Raoul Keith Mangrum

1968 – Fabulous Farquahr – Verve Forecast FTS 3053 – “Fabulous Farquahr”

(Fabulous) Farquahr formed in Branford, Connecticut in the late 1960’s with Bobby McGowan, Frank McGowan, Dennis, McGowan, Doug Lapham and Jim Ricker.  They were initially known as “The McGowan Brothers”.

1968 – Scott Fagan – ATCO SD 33-267 – “South Atlantic Blues”

Scott Fagan  was born in New York in 1945.

1967 – The Fallen Angels – Roulette 25358 – “The Fallen Angels”

The Fallen Angels formed in Washington, D.C. in 1966 starting off as “The Disciples”.  Members were Wally Cook (“The Young Rabbits”), Charlie Jones and Jack Bryant.

1968 – The Family Tree – RCA Victor 3955 – “Miss Butters”

The Family Tree formed in California evolved from “The Brogues” with Bob Segarini, Bill Whittington, Newman Davis and Mike Olsen.  Segarini was later in “The Wackers” out of Canada.

1964 – The Fantastic Baggys – Imperial 9270 – “Tell Em I’m Surfin'”

The Fantastic Baggies formed in California more or less as a studio group in California in 1963 in response to the surfin’ music craze.  Members included P.F. Sloan and Steve Barri – with the others being solid studio musicians.

1966 – The Fantastic Dee-Jays – Stone 4003 – “The Fantastic Dee-Jays”

The group was formed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – formerly known as “The Larks”.  Members were Denny Nicholson, Dick Newton and Tom Junecko.

(Back cover shown is 1984 French reissue)

1969 – The Fantastic Four – Soul 717 – “Best of the Fantastic Four”

The Fantastic Four were formed in 1965 in Detroit, Michigan and included James Epps, Ralph Pruitt, Joseph Pruitt and Wallace Childs.

1967 – Fapardokly – UIP 2250 – “Fapardokly”

Fapardokly were from California – Members included Jim Furguson, John Oliver and Merrell Frankhauser.

1969 – Fat City – Probe CPLP 4508 – “Reincarnation”

Fat City was a husband and wife team Bill Danoff and Taffy Nivert – who later became the writing team (sometimes for John Denver) and vocal group “The Starland Vocal Band).  Danoff wrote “Take Me Home, Country Roads”, and “Afternoon Delights”.  As a couple they wrote Denver’s “I Guess He’d Rather Be In Colorado”.  The two divorced in 1981.

1969 – Faun – Gregar GG 70000 – “Faun”

Another studio group which included former Frumious Bandersnatch members George Tickner and Ross Valory.  Both would later become members of “Journey”.

1968 – Feat Itself – Dot LP 25942 – “Fear Itself”

Fear Itself formed in the late 1960’s in Atlanta, Georgia with Ellen Mcllwaine, Chris Zaloom, Steve Cook and Bill McCord.  At a young age in Greenwich Village, Ellen performed with an unknown Jimi Hendrix and others.

1969 – The Feminine Complex – Athena 6001 – “Livin’ Love”

The Feminine Complex emerged in 1966 in Nashville, Tennessee – all having met while in a Nashville high school.  They were Mindy Dalton, Judi Griffith, Lana Napier, Pame Stephens and Jean Williams.  Four of them had played on the high school basketball team together and named their group “The Pivots” initially”.  The group was short-lived – breaking up when school commenced in the fall of 1968.

1960 – The Fendermen – Soma 1240 – “Mule Skinner Blues

The Fendermen formed in 1960 in Madison, Wisconsin – The Fendermen were Jim Sundquist and Phil Humphrey – Sundquist died June 4th, 2013 and Humphrey passed away on March 29th, 2016.

1960 – Ernie Fields – Rendezvous 1309 – “In the Mood”

Ernie Fields was born in August of 1944 in Nacodoches, Texas Ernest Lawrence Fields.  – He started off with “The Royal Entertainers” working in conjunction with Bob Wills.  Fields would go to Los Angeles and join a group of studio musicians included Ernie Freeman, Plas Johnson, Rene Hall and Earl Palmer – all “Wrecking Crew” members.  Fields died on May 1st 1997 at the age of 92.

1969 – The Fifth Avenue Band – Reprise 6369 – “The Fifth Avenue Band”

The Fifth Avenue Band was Peter Heywood, Jon Lind (White Horse, Howdy Moon), Jerry Burnham (Jake and the Family Jewels), Kenny Altman (White Horse), Murray Weinstock and Peter Gallway (Ohio Knox).

1967 – The Fifth Estate – Jubilee JG 8005 – “Ding, Dong! The Witch Is Dead”

The Fifth Estate formed in 1963 in Stamford, Connecticut riding the bubble gum band craze of the time.  They began as the “D-Men”  – Members were Rick Engler, Ken Evans, Doug Ferrara, Wayne Wadhams, Bill Shute, Chuck LeGros and Bob Klein.

1968 – The Fifty Foot Hose – Limelight – L 86082 – “Cauldron”

The Fifty Foot Hose formed in 1967 in San Francisco, California beginning with founder Louis Marcheschi from the Burlington, California group “The Ethix”.  The other original members were David Blossom and spouse Nancy Blossom, Kim Kimsey and Larry Evans.

1966 – Fire And Ice Ltd. – Capitol 2577 – “The Happening”

Fire and Ice Ltd. was Daniel Western, Mildred Richards, Paris Sheppard, Dorothy Erwin, John Green. Joseph Connolly, and Roy Durkee.

1967 – The Fire Escape – GNP Crescendo GNP 2034 – “Psychotic Reaction”

This group was an assemblage of musicians known as “The Cajuns” from Los Angeles – Members were Robert Safir, Rob Hunter, Ty Rebol, Ted Anderson, and Ty Rebol.


1960 – The Fire Flies – Taurus 1002 – “The Swingin’ Fire Flies”

The Fire Flies formed in the late 1950’s in Long Island, New York – Members who appeared on the hit single “You Were Mine”: Paul Giacalone, Ritchie Adams, Lee Reynolds, John Viscelli and Carl Girsoli.  Lead singer Adams passed away on March 6th, 2017.

1960 – The Fireballs – Top Rank RM 324 – “The Fireballs”

The Fireballs formed in 1958 in Raton, New Mexico – Original Members: George Tomsco, Chuck Tharp, Stan Lark, Eric Budd and Dan Trammell – Singer Jimmy Gilmer joined the group  in the early 1960’s.

1969 – The Firebirds – Crown 589 – “Light My Fire”

A studio group on the Crown budget record label who also recorded in 1969 as “31 Flavors”

1967 – The First Edition – Reprise 6276 – “The First Edition”

The First Edition formed in 1967 in Los Angeles, California – Original members were Kenny Rogers, Mickey Jones, Terry Williams, Mike Settle and Thelma Camacho.  Kenny Rogers was born in August of 1938 in Houston, Texas Kenneth Ray Rogers.  He was a member of “The New Christy Minstrels” and “The Bobby Doyle Trio”.

1960 – Toni Fisher – Signet WP 509 – “The Big Hurt”

Toni Fisher was born in January of 1924  – Reportedly “The Big Hurt” was the first song to featuring “phasing” – I like it.  She died on January 11th of 1999 from a heart attack./

1966 – The Five Americans – Abnak ABST 2069 – “The Five Americans”

The Five Americans formed in 1965 in Durant, Oklahoma – Original members were Mike Rabon, John Durrill, Norm Ezell, Jim Grant and Jimmy Wright – They were first known as “The Mutineers”

1965 – The Five Emprees – Freeport FR 3001 – “Little Miss Sad”

They were also known as “The Five Empressions” – Members were Bill Scheuneman, Don Cook and Mike DeRose among others.

1960 – The Five Keys – King 692 – “Rhythm and Blues Hits”

The Five Keys formed in 1948 in Newport News, Virginia first as “The Sentimental Four” – Original members were Rudy West, Bernie West, Ripley Ingram and Raphael Ingram.

1957 – The 5 Royales – King 580 – “Dedicated to You”

The 5 Royales formed in 1951 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina – Original Members:  Lowman Pauling, Jimmy Moore, Obadiah Carter Johnny Tanner and Otto Jeffries – They started out as a gospel group the “Royal Sons Quintet”.

1957 – The 5 Satins – Ember ELP-100 – “The 5 Satins Sing”

1967 – The Five Stairsteps – Windy C 6000 – “The Five Stairsteps”

The Five Stairsteps formed in 1965 in Chicago, Illinois with Alohe Jean Burke, Clarence Burke Jr., James Burke, Dennis Burked and Kenneth Burke.

1960 – The Flairs/Flares – United 7800 – “Rock & Roll Hits of the 50’s”

The Flairs formed in 1952 in Los Angeles originally known as “The Debonaires” – Original Members: Arthur Lee Maye, Pete Fox, Obediah Jessie, Joe Winslow and A.V. Odom – Another later notable member was Richard Berry who was also a member of the “Robins” forerunner to “The Coasters”.

1968 – The Flamin’ Groovies – Snazz 2371 – “Sneakers”

The Flamin’ Groovies formed in 1965 in San Francisco, California with Cyril Jordan, Roy Loney, Tim Lynch, George Alexander and Danny Mihm.

1959 – The Flamingos – Checker LP 1433 – “Flamingos”

The Flamingos formed in 1953 – another “Bird” group in Chicago, Illinois – Original members were Jacob Carey, Ezekial Carey, Paul Wilson, John Carter and early on – Earl Lewis – The group was known as “The Swallows” then the “El Flamingos” and the “Five Flamingos”.  The Flamingos are a 2001 Inductees into the Rock Hall of Fame.

1968 – Flat Earth Society – Fleetwood LP 3027 – “Waleeco”

Members were Curt Girard, Paul Carter, Jack Kerivan, Phil Dubuque and Rick Doyle.

1959 – The Fleetwoods – Dolton 8001 – “Mr. Blue”

The Fleetwoods formed in 1958 out of Olympia, Washington – Members: Gary Troxel, Gretchen Christopher and Barbara Ellis

Wade Flemons – Vee Jay LP 1011 – Wade Flemons – 1959

Wade Flemons was born in September of 1940 in Coffeyville, Kansas Wade Herbert Flemons – He died on October 13th, 1993. Later in his career he sang with Earth, Wind and Fire.

1961 – Shelby Flint – Valiant LPS 401 – “Shelby Flint”

Shelby Flint was born in September of 1939 in North Hollywood, California.

1969 – The Floating Bridge – Vault 124 – “Floating Bridge”

This group was from Seattle, Washington forming in 1967 – Band members included Michael Marinelli, Rich Dangel and Joe Johnson.  Dangel had been a member of Washington’s “Wailers”

1967 – Eddie Floyd – Stax 714 – “Knock On Wood”

Eddie Floyd was born in June of 1937 in Montgomery, Alabama Edward Lee Floyd.  He was a member of Detroit’s “Falcons”.

1969 – The Flying Burrito Bros. – A&M 4175 – “The Gilden Place of Sin”

The Flying Burrito Bros formed in 1968 in Los Angeles – with founders Gram Parsons and Chris Hillman joined by Chris Ethidge, Sneaky Pete Kleinow and Eddie Hoh.  Parsons and Ethridge were both formerly with the “International Submarine Band”.

1963 – The Folkswingers – World Pacific 1814 – “12 String Guitar Vol. 2”

This studio ensemble was headed up by Harihar Rao – whoever he is??

1969 – Food – Capitol 304 – “Forever is A Dream”

Food was Barry Mraz, Bill Wukovich, Erick Scott Fillpowitz, Steve White and Ted Ashford.

1959 – Frankie Ford – Ace 1005 – “Let’s Take A Sea Cruise”

Frankie Ford was born in August of 1939 in Gretna, Louisiana Vincent Francis Guzzo – Died September 28th, 2015 – Early on he was a member of a Louisiana group “The Syncopators”.

1963 – Johnny Fortune – Park Ave P 1301 – “Soul Surfer”

Musicians unknown

1967 – The Forum – Mira 3014 – “The River is Wide”

The Forum were a trio out of Pasadena, California with Phil Campos, Rene Nole and Riselle Bain.  Campos had been with Les Baxter.

1959 – The Four Knights – Coral 57221 – “The Four Knights”

The Four Knights formed 1943 in Charlotte, North Carolina with original members Clarence Dixon, John Wallace, Gene Alford and Oscar Broadway.  This lineup stayed together for years. They started off as “The Southland Jubilee Singers”.

1955 – The Four Lovers – RCA Victor 1317 – “Joyride”

The Four Lovers formed in 1954 in Newark, New Jersey and of course would evolve into the immensely popular “Four Seasons” – Original Members: Frankie Valli, Tommy DeVito, Henry Majewski, Frank Cattone and Billy Thompson. The group was initially known as “The Variatones”.

1962 – The Four Seasons – Vee Jay VJLP 1053 – “Sherry & 11 Others”

The Four Seasons evolved from “The Four Lovers” in 1960 – Original Members: Frankie Valli, Bob Gaudio, Tommy DeVito and Nick Massi – Gaudio was a successful hit writer and had been with “The Royal Teens” of “Short Shorts” fame.  The Four Seasons are a 1990 Inductee into the Rock Hall of Fame.

1964 – The Four Tops – Motown MT-622 – “Four Tops”

The Four Tops formed in 1953 as the “Four Aims” in Detroit, Michigan with original members Levi Stubbs, Abdul Fakir, Renaldo Benson and Lawrence Payton. They plodded along without success for nearly seven years before signing on with Motown.  Levi Stubbs passed in 1995. Benson died on July 1st, 2005 and Payton died on June 20th, 1997. The Four Tops are a 1990 Inductee into the Rock Hall of Fame.

1969 – The Fourth Way – Capitol 317 – “The Fourth Way”

Members of this jazz/fusion/rock group were Eddie Marshall, Michael White, Mike Nock and Ron McClure.

1967 – Kim Fowley – Tower 5080 – “Love is Alive and Well”

Kim Fowley ws born in July of 1939 in Los Angeles, California Kim Vincent Fowley – Fowley was a classmate of Jan and Dean (and Arnie) at University High School along with Nancy Sinatra, Bruce Johnston, Ryan O’Neal and Sandra Dee.  One of his earliest forays into rock and roll was producing the duo of “Skip and Flip (“Cherry Pie” and “It Was I”) and worked with many other successful acts as well as migrating to England for a time working with P.J. Proby.

Fowley died on January 15th, 2015 at the age of 75.

1963 – Inez Foxx – Symbol SYM 400 – “Mockingbird”

Inez Foxx was born in September of 1942 in Greensboro, North Carolina – Early on she recorded as Inez Johnston before teaming up with her brother Charlie Foxx.

1967 – Inez and Charlie Foxx – Dynamo DM 7000 – “Come By Here”

1958 – Connie Francis – MGM E3686 – “Who’s Sorry Now”

Connie Francis was born on December 12th, 1938 in Newark, New Jersey Concetta Rosa Maria Franconero.

(From Paul Payton – June, 2017): I could have lived without Connie Francis’ middle-road sound, but when she wanted to, the lady could rock. Check out this early track, “Eighteen” (and forgive the backing chorus – I do): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-fj3q35IuY. This is my favorite Connie Francis record ever – and like Brenda Lee, the sexuality of her voice is not backed up by how they looked….

1961 – Aretha Franklin – Columbia CL 1512 – “Aretha”

Aretha Franklin was born on March 25th, 1942 in Memphis, Tennessee Aretha Louise Franklin – Franklin released many Columbia long plays before skyrocketing to fame on the Atlantic label.  Sisters Erma and Carolyn also enjoyed modest musical recording success.

1969 – Carolyn Franklin – RCA Victor 4160 – “Baby Dynamite”

Carolyn Franklin was born in May of 1944 in Memphis, Tennesse Carolyn Ann Franklin sister of Aretha and Erma.  She often composed songs – with some being recorded by Aretha.  She died on April 25th, 1988 at the age of 43 from cancer.

1969 – Erma Franklin – Brunswick 75147 – “Soul Sister”

Erma Franklin was born in May of 1938 in Shelby, Mississippi Erma Vernice Franklin – the oldest of three Franklin sisters.  She died on September 7th, 2002 at the age of 64.  She often backed sister Aretha on tour.

1968 – The Fraternity of Man – ABC 647 – “The Fraternity of Man”

The Fraternity of Man formed in 1968 in California with Elliot Ingber (Mothers of Invention/ The Gamblers/The Magic Band), Lawrence Wagner, Martin Kibbee (The Factory), Richard Hayward (Little Feat/The Factory/Four on the Floor) and Warren Klein (The Factory).

1967 – The Freak Scene – Columbia 9456 – “Psychedelic Psoul”

The group also performed as “The Deep” – Rusty Evans was a member.

1967 – John Fred & His Playboy Band – Paula 2197 – “Agnes English”

John Fred and His Playboy Band formed in 1956 with John Fred as a 15 year old – They were first known as John Fred and the Playboys before a 1966 name change.  Other members were Andrew Bernard, Billy Johnson, Charlie Spinosa, Hal Ellis, Jimmy O’Rourke, Leseter Doge, Ronnie Goodson and Tommy DeGeneres.

John Fred Gourrier was born in May of 1941 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana John Fred Gourrier – He died on April 14th of 2015 at the age of 63.

1969 – The Free Band – Vanguard 6507 – “The Free Band”

(Information needed)

1967 – The Free Spirits – ABC 593 – “Out of Sight Out Of Mind”

This group formed in 1965 and members would to on to form “Everything is Everything” in 1969.  Members were Bob Moses, Chris Hills, Columbus Baker, Jim Pepper and Larry Coryell.  They are cited as the “first ever jazz-rock group”.

The Freeborne – Monitor 607 – “Peak Impressions”

The Freeborne were out of Boston Massachusetts formed in 1966 – one of the “Bosstown Sound” bands with Bob Margolin, Nick Carstoiu, Dave Codd, Lew Lipston and Mike Spiros. – The evolved from “The Missing Links” and “The Indigos” – Margolin went on to play with Howlin Wolf.

Alan Freed – Coral 57177 – “Go Go Go Alan Freed’s T.V. Hop”

Alan Freed was born in December of 1921 in Windber, Pennsylvania Albert James Freed. He died on January 20th, 1965 at the age of 43 from causes stemming from alcohol use.

1958 – Bobby Freeman – Jubilee JLP 1086 – “Do You Wanna Dance”

Bobby Freeman was born in June of 1940 in San Francisco, California Robert Thomas Freeman – He died on January 23rd, 2017 – He began his career as a member of “The Romancers” and then “The Vocaleers”

1958 – Ernie Freeman – Imperial LP 9057 – “Jivin’ ‘O’ Round”

Ernie Freeman was born in August of 1922 in Cleveland, Ohio Ernest Aaron Freeman – He died on May 16th, 1981 – He was a member of the “Evelyn Freeman Swing Band with his sister.  Freeman was a member of the notorious “Wrecking Crew” in Los Angeles.

Friar Tuck – Mercury 61111 – “Friar Tuck and His Psychedelic Guitar”

Friar Tuck was Mike Deasy – a Los Angeles, California session musician backed on this LP by other session musicians,

1968 – Friend and Lover – Verve Forecast 3055 – “Reach Out of the Darkness”

Friend and Lover were husband and wife Jim and Cathy Post – Jim born in Houston and Cathy born in Chicago, Illinois.  They were back by Ray Stevens and Joe South on their hit song.

1969 – The Friends of Distinction – RCA Victor 4212 – “Highly Distinctive”

The Friends of Distinction formed in 1968 in Los Angeles, California with Harry Elston, Floyd Butler, Jessica Cleaves and Barbara Jean Love.  Cleaves would later sing with Earth , Wind and Fire and Funkadelic.  Butler and Elston had been in a group called “The Hi-Fi’s” with future Fifth Dimension members Marilyn McCoo and Lamont McLemore.

1969 – The Frost – Vanguard 6541 – “Rock and Roll Music”

The Frost was an American psychedelic rock band from Alpena, Michigan in 1968 led by singer-guitarist, Dick Wagner, who went on to play with Ursa Major, Lou Reed, Alice Cooper, David Bowie, Dan Page and Kevin Ulgenalp in the 1970s. The rest of the band consisted of Gordy Garris (bass guitar), Bob Rigg (drums), and Don Hartman (guitar)

The band formed from the remains of The Bossmen.

1966 – The Fugs – ESP 1028 – “The Fugs”

The Fugs were a band formed in New York City in 1965 by Ed Sanders and Tuli Kupferberg, with Ken Weaver on drums. Later that year they were joined by Peter Stampfel and Steve Weber of The Holy Modal Rounders.

1965 – The Bobby Fuller Four – Mustang 901 – “I Fought the Law”

The Bobby Fuller Four formed in 1962 in El Paso, Texas – Original members were Bobby Fuller, Randy Fuller, and Gaylord Grimes as “Bobby Fuller and the Fantatics”.  Grimes departed and Jim Reese and Dalton Powell joined to form the Four.

Bobby Fuller was born in October of 1942 in Baytown, Texas and died on July 18th, 1966 and was apparently a murder victim.

1965 – Lowell Fulsom – Kent KLP 5016 – “Soul”

Lowell Fulsom was born in March of 1921 in Atoka, Oklahoma – He died on March 7th, 1999.

1966 – Fun and Games – Uni 73042 – Elephant Candy”

The Fun and Games formed in Houston, Texas first known as “The Six Pents” – Members include Rock Romano – trumpet, vocals, Joe Romano – bass, vocals, Paul Guille – guitar, vocals, Joe Dugan – keyboards, vocals, Sam Irwin – tambourine, vocals. Carson Graham – drums, vocals. D.J. Greer – piano, John T. Bonno – bass, Mike Cemo – drums, and Richard Bain – vocals


1969 – The Future – Shamley 703 – “Down That Country Road”

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