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Jaye P. Morgan

Mary Margaret Morgan was born to perform!

Mary from Mancos

Billboard Spotlight  – February, 1959

While putting together my Big Band Vocalists page I came to discover that Mary was born in Colorado, in the southwestern town of Mancos – located very near the ‘four corners’ region of the State.

Downtown Mancos

Mancos is located about 12 miles west of Durango and is situated just north of Mesa Verde National Park.  Today, the town boasts fewer than 1,400 residents.

The Wondrous Mesa Verde National Park

The Morgan family resided near Mancos back in the early days of the depression – with a large family residing in a log cabin.  The entire family was musically oriented with father Morgan, five boys and two girls all just starting to perform around Mancos but the tiny town couldn’t hold them

With show business calling and with limited opportunities around Mancos and the West, the family picked up and moved in 1935 to where opportunity was calling – Los Angeles naturally.  The family team would perform around Los Angeles during the school year and then take to the road – touring the western states in the summer.

During Mary’s high school years attending Verdugo Hills High School she would acquire the nickname “Jaye P.” as a nod the billionaire financer of the time – due to her election to the position of ‘class treasure’.

Jaye P. Morgan Swirl Magazine – May, 1955

Recording Success

Jaye P. would join up with Frank De Vol’s orchestra shortly after high school as his featured singer and would remain with him for three years.  After departing from DeVol it would not be long before she made her mark on the pop charts.  Her very first recording to chart “That’s All I Want From You”, backed by the Hungo Winterhalter Orchestra went all the way to number 3.

Image result for jaye p. morgan with frank devol

Frank DeVol

Number 3 with a Bullet!

The article shown below was published in the short-lived “Record Swirl” magazine in May of 1955 as Jaye P.’s career was taking off.

Jaye P. Recorded and released the song “Are You Lonesome Tonight” a full three months ahead of Elvis Presley!

Show Business

Jaye P. would host her own program in 1956 at the young age of 25 “The Jaye P. Morgan Show” and would often join her four brothers on her program and other variety shows as well.

All In the Family!

The name would stick beyond high school into Mary’s professional career.  And what a career it was!  Besides becoming very popular singer and hit maker Jaye P. would make many appearances on television program including The Jackie Gleason Show, The Ford Show Starring Tennessee Ernie Ford, The Pat Boone show, General Electric Theater, My Three Sons, The Odd Couple and on and on.

Away We Go! Withe Jackie

Image result for jaye p. morgan on joey bishop show

With Joey Bishop 1962


Kermit and Jaye P. The Rainbow Connection – 1976

Jaye P. became a regular on the wacky “Gong Show” – a gig which ended rather abruptly for her after she exposed a little too much of herself during one of the episodes – (an infraction which would be entirely overlooked today).  She was very popular on that game show and it would not be long before it went off the air lacking Ms. Morgan.

Image result for jaye p. morgan on Jackie Gleason

The Spirited Jaye P. on the Gong Show

Jaye P. lives on today hosting her biographical web site – Click on the image below to visit and read an entire biography!

Recording Publicity Music Magazine Trade Advertisements for Jaye P. Morgan

January 29th, 1955

February 12th, 1955

December 10th, 1955

December 24th, 1955

March 13th, 1956

April 28th, 1956

June 23rd, 1956

September 1st, 1956

October 10th, 1956

October 20th, 1956

January 26th, 1957

March 16th, 1957

June 22nd, 1957

March 3rd, 1958

July 25th, 1959

July 13th, 1959

January 30th, 1960

August 22nd, 1960

Jaye P. Morgan Selected Discography

Jaye P. would place 20 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 starting in early 1955.  Here are her nine top hits:

45 – RCA Victor 47-5896 – That’s All I Want From You – Charted Number 3 – November, 1954

45 – RCA Victor 47-6016 – Danger! Heartbreak Ahead/Softly, Softly – Double Sided Hit – Charted Numbers 12 Both Sides – March, 1955

45 – RCA Victor 47-6137 – Chee Chee-Oo Chee (Sang the Little Bird)/Two Lost Souls (with Perry Como) – Double Sided Hit Charted Numbers 12 and 18  – June, 1955

45 – RCA Victor 47-7182 – The Longest Walk/Swanee – Double Sided Hit – Charted Numbers 6 – Both Sides – August, 1955

45 – RCA Victor 47-6282 – You Don’t Want My Love/Pepper-Hot Baby – Double Sided Hit – Charted Numbers 12 and 14 – November, 1955

Jaye P. Morgan Extended Plays

45 EP Royale EP 380 – Jaye P. Morgan Sings

45 EP – Decca 2284 – Showcase – Released 1955

45 EP – RCA Victor EPA 922 (Elvis Side One) – Released December, 1956

45 EP – RCA Victor EPB 1155 – Jaye P. Morgan – Released 1956 (Double Pack)

45 EP – RCA Victor EPA 4046 – Jaye P. Morgan – Released 1957

Jaye P. Morgan Long Plays

LP – RCA Victor 1155 – Jaye P. Morgan – Released 1955

LP – RCA Victor 1682 – Just You and Me – Released 1958

LP MGM 3774 – Slow and Easy – Released 1959

LP MGM 3830 – Up North – Released 1960

LP MGM 3867 – Down South – Released 1960

LP MGM 3940 – That Country Sound – Released 1961

LP P.R.I. – Jaye P. Morgan One Of 9 Top Artists – Released 1962

LP Beverly Hills 24 – What Are You Doing For the Rest of Your Life – Released 1970

LP Candor 1001 – Jaye P. Morgan – Released 1976

The Morgan Brothers Discography

45 – RCA Victor 47- I Know, I Know, I Know/I Love You So Much It Hurts – Released May, 1958

RCA Victor 47- 7326 – Stardust (with Jaye P. Morgan)/Easy Does It  – Released August, 1958

45 MGM K12747 – Nola/Guiding Star – Released December, 1958

45 – MGM K12795 – Kissin’ On the Red Light/Milk From The Coconut – Released May, 1959

45 – MGM K12867 – Let’s Make Memories/When You Go Out (Go With Me) – Released March, 1960

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