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TOP OF THE CHARTS ON KIMN 1965-66-68-69 AND 1970

Scott Lancelot of Denver kindly provided these great KIMN end-of-year tally sheets for the top hits including a KIMN All-Time Top 300!

Great stuff! Lots of memories.  “The Greatest Hits Ever Since Elvis” listing (which would place it from about 1956 up through 1966 and deem it as a 10-year collection which seemed like forever looking back into 1966) has “I Want To Hold Your Hand” in the top spot – followed by “Satisfaction”, “Louie, Louie” and “Gloria” making this a rock and roller’s dream.  The Beatles edged out The King – seven tracks to five – not bad considering the Beatles still had three or four pretty decent years ahead of them at the time.

Local Colorado bands/musicians that made the Top 300 include:

  • The Astronauts – Baja – Number 36
  • The Soul Survivors – Can’t Stand To Be In Love With You – Number 141
  • Jody Reynolds – Endless Sleep – Number 158 (born in Colorado – departed to Oklahoma at early age)
  • The Moonrakers – You’ll Come Back – Number 230
  • Bob Lind – The Elusive Butterfly – Number 292

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