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‘Mr. Lee’ Composer Extraordinaire!

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Catching those Falling Stars…

Lee Pockriss isn’t in the Songwriters Hall of Fame and not much has been written about him – But for me, Lee is the kind of pop composer who I would imagined being if given a choice – Not for fame or money or recognition – but just a guy who left a mark – some fun stuff – some nice moments.

Lee was a composer of music – not a lyricist – not the word guy but the one who captures the sound.

Lee Julian Pockriss was born January 20th, 1924 in – where else – Brooklyn, New York.  Besides these pop ditties, Lee also dabbled in Broadway musicals  and motion pictures – No blockbusters – but a nice living aside from his hit compositions.  And how could he not have been one of the composers for the great “Sesame Street” television series.

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Pockriss composed with many partners but his go-to-guy was Paul Vance – Paul wrote lyrics for many songs including the Johnny Mathis hit “What Will My Mary Say”, the Tokens’ “She Lets Her Hair Down”, and “The Playground In My Mind” by Clint Holmes.  The two as a song writing team composed songs selling in excess of 50 millions records!

Paul Vance

Paul Vance

Lee just plugged away  – pretty much out of the limelight – delivering the goods…  For my money “Johnny Loves Me” was one of the most nostalgic melodies from my growing up days – just right!

Lee Pockriss Selected Discography

Johnny Mercer – “No Baby No” – April, 1956

(A nice way for a young composer to start off – writing a song covered by the great song writer Johnny Mercer!)

The Four Barons – “Old Enough To Know” – 1957

Perry Como – “Catch a Falling Star” – Number 1 for 1 Week – January, 1958

Gloria Lambert – “Will I” – July, 1958

Lee and Paul – “The Chick/Valentina, My Valentina” – February, 1959

(Yes, this is Paul Vance and Lee Pockriss stepping up to the microphone)

Carl Dobkins Jr. – “My Heart is An Open Book” – Number 3 – April, 1959

The Kirby Stone Four – “Red Shoes” – April, 1959

The Playmates – “What is Love?” – Number 15 – July, 1959

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The Four Lads – “Got a Locket In My Pocket” – August, 1959

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Paul Evans – “Seven Little Girls Sitting in the Back Seat” – Number 9 – September, 1959

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Annisten Allen – “Sweet William” – October, 1959

The Curls – “Imaginez Vous/Why Didn’t I Go?” – November, 1959

Paul O’Keefe – “A Baby In a Basket” – December, 1959

Cathy Carr – “A Little Time”/”What Do I Do Now” – April, 1960

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Johnny Mathis – “Hey Love” – May, 1960

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Tommy Edwards – “Unloved” – May, 1960

Jo Ann Campbell – “A Kookie Little Paradise” – August, 1960

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Anita Bryant – “In My Little Corner of the World” – Number 10 – July, 1960

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Brian Hyland – “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini – Number 1 for 1 Week – July, 1960

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The Kittens – “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Do Bikini” – July, 1960

Jane Morgan – “Lord and Master/Where’s The Boy (I Never Met)” – September, 1960

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Oliver Cool – “Oliver Cool/I Love Girls” – September, 1960

The Playmates – “Wait for Me” – Number 37 – October, 1960

Brian Hyland – “That’s How Much”/”The Clickity Clack Song Four Little Heels” – Numbers 74 and 73 – October, 1960

Johnny Tillotson – “Jimmy’s Girl” – Number 25 – January, 1961

Eileen Rodgers – “Wait Till Tomorrow/The Nightingale Who Sang Off Key” – January, 1961

The Playmates – “Little Miss Stuck Up” – Number 70 – March, 1961

Barbara Evans – “Charlie Wasn’t There” – April, 1961

Amelia – “Voodoo Doll” – January, 1962

Shelley Fabares – “Johnny Angel” – Number 1 for 2 Weeks – March, 1962

The Detergents – “Leader of the Laundromat” – Number 19 – December, 1964

Ronnie Dante – “Look At Me (You Did It)” – January, 1965

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The Detergents – “Double-O-Seven” – Number 89 – March, 1965

Theodore Love – “I’m In Love With Mary (A Love Song)” – June, 1965

Derrik Roberts – “There Won’t Be Any Snow (Christmas in the Jungle)”/A World Without Sunshine” – November, 1965

The Detergents – “I Can Never Eat Home Anymore” – January, 1966

Verdelle Smith – “I Don’t Need Anything/If You Can’t Say Anything Nice (Don’t Say Nothin’ At All)” – September, 1966

2 of Clubs – “Walk Tall Like a Man” – Number 97 – November, 1966

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Robie Porter – “I Haven’t Got Anything Better To Do” – March, 1967

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Fran Jeffries – “Life Goes On” – July, 1967

(Fran was an actress and appeared in the “Pink Panther” – She also performed the title song from “Sex and the Single Girl” – She passed away at age 79)

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Tasha Thomas – “The Unexpected Experience of Michael D. Tippet In An Unspecified Part of San Francisco Last July/Sittin’ and Waitin’ (For Something to Happen)”  – April, 1969

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The Cuff Links – “Tracy” – Number 9 – September, 1969

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The Cuff Links – “When Julie Comes Around” – Number 41 – December, 1969

The Illusive Fog – “In My Room” – 1969

The Cuff Links – “Run Sally Run” – Number 76 – March, 1970

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