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There Were Hippies and then there Were Hippies!

I received the following email this past week from Lynne Parker Poyer:

“Hi Craig,

In reference to The Showmen, a 60’s garage band from Boulder, the person identified as Lynn Porter was actually Lynn Poyer. Lynn went on to be one of the founders of Magic Music as well as several other groups in the 60’s and 70’s.   A documentary about Magic Music and 1970’s Boulder was  produced last year. Although Magic Music was not a garage band  you might find the documentary interesting. There is a fb page about Magic Music and I believe the movie is available on Amazon and iTunes.
I really enjoyed looking at your list!  
Lynne Parker Poyer (sister-in-law)”

I nice surprise to learn about this Colorado-based band who sort of had the jump on the ‘gathering of tribes’ that occurred in the early 1970’s in the area west of Boulder including the Sugar Hill Road community and of course Nederland and famed Caribou Ranch scene – as well as in and around many Colorado mountain towns and communities.

“Magic Music” had it’s formative roots through band founder and Boulder resident Lynn Poyer who had been a member of Boulder’s “Showmen”.  Poyer, along with Marty Trigg, Will Luckey, George Cahill, Rob Galloway and Kevin Milburn would make-up the original lineup.  Poyer would depart and Chris Daniels would come join up in 1972 and Bill Makepiece replaced Galloway on bass – when Rob joined up with Carol King and Navarro who recorded at the Caribou. – Daniels would go onto Colorado music fame being inducted into the Colorado Music Hall of Fame.  Daniels later formed “Chris Daniels and the Kings” and he would eventually record more than 15 albums.

Magic Music at Telluride Early 1970’s

Although Magic Music did not leave us with a long play album or a recording history, the did come close – flirting with large record labels but just not quite nailing it down.  (They did receive offers from Columbia , Asylum and Flying Fish).  The band was true to their ‘hippie image’ which was much more than an image – they were the real deal.  Initially they resided out of a converted school bus located up in El Dorado Canyon – a true hippie enclave – and then later migrating to Aspen Park outside of Evergreen.  One of their first local gigs was at the legendary “Sink” located ‘on the hill’ adjacent to the University of Colorado.

They opened for some big names at local concerts including Richie Havens

Thanks to record producer and TV program script writer Lee Aronsohn, Magic Music has returned to life in a 2018 award winning documentary titled “40 Years in the Making – The Magic Music Movie”/  Aronsohn, who wrote for television’s “The Big Band Theory” and “Two and a Half Men” garnered a handful of motion picture awards.

The movie is available on-line and is well worth getting a hold of – giving us a glimpse and listen to a significant time in Colorado’s musical past.  Aronsohn attended the University of Colorado and saw Magic Music perform live.  He carried around his memories of the band for nearly four decades before deciding to see if he could make the music happen once again.

Film Producer Aronsohn – CU Campus 1972

Getting in touch with Chris Daniels set the wheels in motion.  He tracked down original members and eventually it all came together.  The group reunited and the award winning film was the result.  A soundtrack film included some very early tape – set down between the years of 1970 and 1976.

Founding member and Showman garage band member Lynn “Flatbush” Poyer passed away in 2011.

Boulder’s Showmen – 1960’s

Click on the Magic Music banner below to visit their web site and to learn more

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