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Bobby’s Girl!

Marcie’s Second & Last Hit

Marcie Blane turned 74 in 2018 – born in May of 1944 in Brooklyn, New York.

In 1963 she made her mark in riding onto the charts with her “girl group” sound with “Bobby’s Girl”.  The song was a big success released on the Seville record label, and climbing all the way to number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 racking up sales of over one million copies.

Marcie was born Marcia Blank and was raised in a musical family.  In high school she played both flute and violin while serving as well as head cheer leader as well as well as a senior class officer.  In her private time she learned and played both guitar and piano and loved nothing more than presenting mini performances for her family.

Then, in 1962, almost as an afterthought, Marcia was asked to sing a demonstration song by a friend.  According to her she thought it would just be a simple singing exercise and that would be that.

But Seville’s A&R executive at Seville Records, Marv Holtzman,  was intrigued by what he heard on the demo.  He liked the style and sound of the young girl’s voice and suddenly she found herself signing a recording contract.  She continued on with her usual activities – attending summer camp as a counselor.  The song was garnering air-play but none of the campers or any others realized they were listening to Marcia Blank!

Most of Marcia’s tracks were composed by the team of Henry Hoffman and Gary Klein – who’s total output was pretty much dedicated to the teenage singer.  The test pressing shown below must have been her first effort in the studio noting the use of her birth name.

Marcia was 18 years old at the time and for a 20 week period – the top girl singer in the land.  A string of Seville releases would follow but only one would dent the charts “What Does A Girl Do?” stalled at number 82.  In short order, Leslie Gore and Little Peggy March would nudge Marcia out of the spot light.

Song writer and soon to be super star Neil Diamond would pen a 1964 song for Marcia “Bobby Did”.  But Bobby didn’t.  There would be one final attempt in 1965 “She’ll Break The String” and that would mark the end of the hit record road.

Marcie Makes the Cover of Cash Box January 3rd, 1963

To fulfill her recording contract she continued on in the recording studio but opted not to promote her songs or make appearances turning instead to continuing her education and getting on in life.  Marcia never jumped on the oldies revival band wagon and declined interviews.  Not bitter, just not comfortable as a girl group era singer – Marcia slid comfortably into her life working in education and on her own terms fondly looking back at what was a nice run as the girl who only wanted to be “Bobby’s Girl”.

Marcie Later On

Marcie Blane Discography

45 – Seville 120 – August, 1962

45 – Seville 123 – January, 1963

45 – Seville 126 – May, 1963

45 – Seville 128 – September, 1963

45 – Seville 130 – December, 1963

45 – Seville 133 – September, 1964

45 – Seville 137 – April, 1965

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