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The Bihari Family
The Modern Record Label

Modern Records was formed in 1945 by the four Bihari brothers out of Los Angeles, California (see earlier Posts “Brian McFadden’s Budget LP Guide” and “He’s Got The Blues – This Boy” (a follow on budget LP’s).

Their family came from Hungry and landed in Tulsa, Oklahoma before making a move to Los Angeles where Jules Bihari – the second oldest of the four siblings – entered the music business as a juke box serviceman and operator, placing jukeboxes and keeping them stocked.

In order to more readily obtain records for his business – he joined up with two of his brothers – Joe and Saul and formed Modern Records.  Their first recording was released in May of 1945 – Hadda Brooks singing “Just a Little Bluesie” backed with “Swingin’ The Boogie”.

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Hadda Brooks

Within a few years the brothers – now joined by Lester – the oldest – had expanded the ventures by adding several more labels Flair, RPM and Meteor”. The Bihari business fell into troubled times and declared bankruptcy – next moving the entire catalog under the Kent Records umbrella with new company management- where the label was able to draw upon it’s vast (primarily rhythm & blues) catalog.

Eventually, as the Bihari’s passed away – the entire catalog would find it’s way to Ace Records in the UK – where material would continue to be made available.

The Modern Long Play Discography

Following are many of the Modern Record label long play releases which mainly took on the look and feel of the budget series on other labels with a few exceptions in the genre of rhythm and blues and a bit of rock and roll.  The recordings are not chronological but presented in descending catalog number.

The first image is the most common Modern long play backing cover used when there were no liner notes or any information relating to the contents of the LP.

Modern LP 1208 – “Jazz Supreme”

Modern LP 1209/5009 – The Modern Jazz Stars – “Jazz Masquerade”

Modern LP 2007 (10 Inch) – Hadda Brooks – “Volume 1”

Modern LP 2009 (10 Inch) – Ben Pollack and His Pick-A-Rib Boys – “Volume 9”

Modern LP 2010 (10 Inch) – Nappy Lamare/Kid Ory – “Volume 10”

Modern LP 7001 – Benny Goodman (Members of the Benny Goodman Orchestra)

Modern LP 7006 – The K.C. Bearcats – “Play Dixieland”

Modern LP 7008 – “Honky Tonk Piano”

Modern LP 7012 – Jose Martinez And His Orchestra – “Cha Cha Cha”

Modern LP 7014 – Don and Eddie – “Rock and Roll”

Modern LP 7017 – Percussion All Stars – “Progressive Percussion”

Modern LP 7021 – Percussion All Stars – “Dynamic Percussion”

Modern LP 7022 – Luis Mendoza – “Mambo”

Modern LP 7023 – The Ink Spots – “The Fabulous”

Modern LP 7024 – Rene Amont and the Internationals – “Continental Cocktails”

Modern LP 7027 – The Jazz All Stars

Modern LP 7032 – “Just for Dancing”

Modern LP 7036 – Tomasa Giovanni – “Mama Mia Italian Folk Songs”

Modern LP 7037 – Tex Carmen – “Country Caravan”

Modern LP 7038 – Goldie Fields – “The Golden Voice Of”

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