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Just imagine the hoops  that the 60’s bands went through to arrive at ‘The Name’!  Brainstorming in their parent’s homes, a dorm room, after school…. Well, these which follow didn’t all literally emerge from the garage – (although it is fun to imagine that they might have – And the Queen only knows from whence the UK combos arose (the Cavern?  An Art School? A Skittle Session?) – Doesn’t really matter does it?  Thanks to our British cousins – for so much of what followed in the 1960’s and beyond, we are truly in debt…  Bless you mates!

So many bands – so little time – all of these well known and much lesser known groups are presented here.  Perhaps you had the opportunity somewhere along the way to have witnessed this heritage.


Garage Listings – A through C Groups

Garage Listings – D through J Groups

Garage Listings – K through P Groups

Garage Listings – Q through Z Groups

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