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The California In-Crowd DJ and Song Writer

christian-photoRoger Christian was a charter member of that California Hot Rod & Surfin’ Set that included Bruce Johnston, Terry Melcher, Don Altfeld, Gary Paxton, Brian Williams, Jan Berry, Gary Usher, P.F. Sloan and others.

Roger was born in 1934 in New York, migrated to California in 1959 and became solidly positioned in Southern California as a prominent DJ working on many of the city’s prominent radio stations during the Golden Age of rock ‘n roll.  In parallel to his on-the-radio persona, Roger became a prominent composer of lyrics primarily for hot rod and drag strip music, but slid comfortably into the role of surf song composer, working often with the Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson but many others from the ‘In-Crowd’.


Roger Christian passed away on July 11th, 1991.

Discography – Roger Christian Compositions

Roger Christian Singer

“Last Drag” – “Big Band Hodad” – “Little Mary Christmas” – “Aries” – “Aries Introduction”

christian-13-a christian-13-b christian-14 christian-15-a christian-15-b

Frankie Avalon by Roger Christian (with Gary Usher)


The Beach Boys by Roger Christian (with Brian Wilson)

“Don’t Worry Baby” – “Little Deuce Coupe” – “Shut Down” – “The Spirit of America” – “Car Crazy Cutie” – “Cherry, Cherry, Coupe” – “Ballad of an Old Car” – “Ballad of Ole’ Bettsy”

christian-01-a christian-01-b christian-02-a christian-03-a christian-04-a christian-05 christian-06

The California Suns by Roger Christian

“Masked Grandma”


The Competitors by Roger Christian


Dick Dale & His Del-Tones by Roger Christian

“Surfin’ and A’Swingin'” b/w “Secret Surfin’ Spot”

christian-09 christian-10

The Four Speeds by Roger Christian (with Gary Usher)

“Four on the Floor” – “Cheater Slicks”

christian-16-a christian-16-b

The Go-Go’s by Roger Christian

“The Wild One”


The Hondells by Roger Christian

“You’re Gonna Ride with Me” & “Hot Rod High”


Jan & Dean by Roger Christian

“Honolulu Lulu” – “Drag City” – “Dead Man’s Curve” – “The New Girl” – “The Little Old Lady (From Pasadena)” – “Ride The Wild Surf” – “The Anaheim Azusa & Cucamonga Sewing Circle, Book Review & Timing Association” – “When It’s All Over” – “Freeway Flyer” – “You Really Know How to Hurt a Guy” – “A Beginning From an End” – “Folk City” – “Bucket T” – “Schlock Rod”


The Knights by Roger Christian

“Hot Rod High”


1 Jan 1 by Roger Christian


The Rally-Packs by Roger Christian

“Move Out, Little Mustang” (with Brian Wilson)


The Rip Chords by Roger Christian

“Three Window Coupe”


Ronny & The Daytonas by Roger Christian

“Bucket T”


Bobby Sherman by Roger Christian

“Give Me Your Word”


The Sunsets by Roger Christian

“My Little Surfin’ Woodie” & “My Little Beach Bunny”

christian-20-a christian-20-b

The Surfaris by Roger Christian

“Black Denim”


Gary Usher by Roger Christian

“The Beetle” & “Jody”

christian-22-a christian-22-b

Gary Usher & The Usherettes by Roger Christian

“Three Surfer Boys” & “Milky Way”

christian-19-a christian-19-b

David Watson by Roger Christian

“How Much I Care” & “Please Won’t You Stay”

christian-30-a christian-30-b

Beach/Teen Movies & Roger Christian

Roger was often tapped to contribute to the soundtracks of many teen genre motion pictures from the 1960’s.  Illustrated below are some of the more “prominent” flicks which contain Christian tracks.

1963 – Beach Party

Roger Christian Tracks: “Beach Party” performed by Frankie Avalon & Annette Funicello – “Secret Surfin'” & “Swingin’ & Surfin'” performed by Dick Dale


1964 – Muscle Beach Party

Roger Christian Tracks: “Muscle Beach Party” & “My First Love” performed by Dick Dale – “Runnin’ Wild” performed by Frankie Avalon – “Muscle Bustle” performed by Donna Loren – “Surfin’ Woodie” performed by the Cast – “Surfer’s Holiday” performed by Frankie Avalon & Annette Funicello –


1964 – Bikini Beach

Roger Christian Tracks: “Bikini Drag” performed by studio musicians – “Record Run” performed by The Pyramids


1964 – Ride the Wild Surf

Roger Christian Track: “Ride the Wild Surf” performed by Jan and Dean


1965 – Beach Blanket Bingo

Roger Christian Tracks: “Cycle Set” performed by The Hondells – “I’ll Never Change Him” performed by Annette Funicello


1965 – Ski Party

Roger Christian Tracks: “Ski Party” performed by The Hondells, Frankie Avalon – “The Gasser” performed by The Hondells


1965 – Beach Ball

Roger Christian Track: “My Buddy Seat” performed by The Hondells


1967 – Catalina Caper

Roger Christian Track: “Book of Love” performed by Carol Connors (formerly of The Teddy Bears)


Colorado Connection

When Colorado’s Moonrakers found their way onto the California based Tower label, many of their tracks were composed and/or produced by Roger Christian.  He was working closely at the time with co-producer Richard Russell.

The Tower singles shown here all have Roger Christian involvement.

Tower 157 – “I Was Wrong” – Roger Christian Composer/Producer


Tower 180 – “Come On, Let’s Move” – Roger Christian Composer/Producer


Tower 222 – “Trip and Fall” b/w “Time and Place” – Roger Christian Producer

christian-29-a christian-29-b

Tower 239 – “Baby Please Don’t Go” b/w “I Don’t Believe” – Roger Christian Producer

christian-18 christian-28

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