From the Land of Band Box Records


American Radio History – This has more information on pop publications, charts, radio publications than you could digest in a lifetime – and far and away not limited to America!

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ARSA Local Radio Surveys Okay – this is one of the best with local surveys being submitted all the time

ASCAP Artists Index

Australian Charts

Beach Boys’ Gigs

Billboard Top 100 Search Engine


Cashbox Charts Unlike Billboard – you can access full fledged archived charts here

Music VF Music Chart Site by Artists, Year, Etc – The Best Chart Site Ever

Oldies Loon Music Surveys from 1950’s/60’s from major cities




Top 40 Data Base One of my favorites and it goes way beyond Top 40 – Lyrics, writers, chart positions and discographies

Top 40 Hits by Year 1930 thru 1998

Tune Charts 1940’s till present



45 RPM Db (a data and pictorial database of “every single to hit the national charts between 1955 and 1999!

World Chart Histories Broad listing of world Charts (US and UK)


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