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Holly and Company in Recording Sessions

Buddy’s short life was not short in creativity.  He entered the recording studios often between 1956 up until his untimely death on February 3rd, 1959.  And then, far beyond that date, Norman Petty continued to produce and sometimes over-produce Holly’s catalog with voices, strings, new arrangements and quite often vocals.  Jimmy Gilmer’s Fireballs – who also recorded with Norman Petty, provided many vocals backings to Holly tracks via the Norman touch.

Following is a date-by-date listing of Holly’s recording dates accompanied by locations and participating musicians.  Holly’s most productive and lucrative sessions occurred in 1957 in Clovis, New Mexico with Norman Petty at the controls and with his most-constant companions, drummer Jerry Allison, bass player Joe Mauldin – sometimes Niki Sullivan, and great backing vocals with “The Picks” who were the furthest thing from a rock and roll ensemble but added a memorable touch to classic Holly songs.

The session listing is accompanied by a corresponding track listing as well.



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