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The Brothers Kasen & S.P.C. 45’s

Image result for Synthetic Plastics Company Kasen brothersThe Synthetic Plastics Company out of Newark, New Jersey started off making plastic buttons – of all things –  in the 1920’s – By the 1940’s the company – owned by Daniel and Louis Kasen – had moved into the realm of children’s records – with the “Peter Pan” (which every baby boomer is familiar).

Next step was to form the “Prom” label which became “Promenade” creating sound-a-like recordings.  Finally, in the early 1960’s the budget LP labels Guest Star and Diplomat were formed.  All of this and much more is fully outlined and narrated in two books, both written by collector and music historian Brian McFadden, “Rock Rarities for a Song”, and his latest “Rare Rhythm and Blues on Budget LP’s”.

During my reading of these two fine volumes I have been sent on several record collecting ‘side trips’.

One of these are the interesting series of 45 rpm releases which Specialty Plastics Company (SPC) produced.  If you are a collector of 45 picture sleeves you have undoubtedly ran across many of the SPC releases – perhaps making a purchase but thinking something alone the lines of “these are sort of strange – not the real deal”.

So in an effort to take advantage of hit singles, SPC launched into the production of many singles – not all with picture sleeves – attempting to cash in on that market.

Following are a listing of the SPC 45 rpm family of releases (12 labels in all – all with cute little snappy names).  Fun Stuff:

S.P.C. Big 9 – The Glitters/The Song Spinners

S.P.C. Big 14 – Richard Deane/Bob Mitchell

S.P.C. Big 17 – The Mexikans/Sam Wright Group

S.P.C. Big 23 – The Glitters/A. Starr

S.P.C. Big 28 – The Song Spinners/The Glitters

S.P.C. Big 7001 – Steve Lawrence

S.P.C. Big Kat 7008 – Frankie Lymon

S.P.C. Bonus 7009 – Joey Dee

S.P.C. Bonus 7018 – Roy Clark

S.P.C. Bonus 7019 – Ray Charles/Phil Flowers

S.P.C. Bonus 7041 – The Mark 4’s

S.P.C. Curio 3 – Dick Stetson/Bill Baron

S.P.C. Curio 5 – Sam Wright Group/Billy King and the Jacks

S.P.C. Curio 10 – Michael Reed/A. Starr

S.P.C. Curio 15 – John Logan/Jack Grey & Andrew Jacks

S.P.C. Curio 20 – Pat Vale/John Logan

S.P.C. Curio 26 – Jack and Jackie/The Glitters

S.P.C. Curio 31 – Tootsy Baron/Rob Robbins (need images)

S.P.C. Curio 7020 – George Jones/Melba Montgomery

S.P.C. Curio 7029 – Dave Dudley

S.P.C. Curio 7038 – Julius La Rosa

S.P.C. Curio 7039 – Lloyd Price

S.P.C. Kasey – Bill Haley and the Comets/Phil Flowers

S.P.C. Kasey 7022 – Al Hirt (need record images)

S.P.C. Kasey 7028 – Homer & Jethro

S.P.C. Kasey 7040 – Ritchie Valens

S.P.C. Logo – Chuck Jackson

S.P.C. Logo 7005 – Bill Haley and the Comets/Boots Randolph

S.P.C. Maze 7025 – AL Martino

S.P.C. Maze 7034 – Melba Montgomery

S.P.C. Peak 7 – Sam Wright Group/Jimmy Grant

S.P.C. Peak 12 – Sugar Beat/Billy King

S.P.C. Peak 19 – Jennie Feathers/Ginny Starr

S.P.C. Peak 25 – Al Freed/John Logan

S.P.C. Peak 30 – Al Freed/Jimmy Grant

S.P.C. Peak 7011 – Jimmy Rodgers

S.P.C. Peak 7035

S.P.C. Peak 7042 – The Blue Belles

S.P.C. Peak 7043 – The Manchesters

S.P.C. Power 8 – Dick Stetson/Rob Robins

S.P.C. Power 13 – Jennie Feathers/Pat Vale

S.P.C. Power 16 – The Glitters/Diddle De Dum

S.P.C. Power 21 – A. Starr/Michael Reed

S.P.C. Power 22 – Michael Reed/Ginny Starr

S.P.C. Power 27 – The Song Spinners/Michael Read

S.P.C. Power 338 – Frankie Stein & His Ghouls

S.P.C. Power 563 – The Platters

S.P.C. Power 565 – The Platters

S.P.C. Power 7012 – The Platters

S.P.C. Power 7023 – The Penguins

S.P.C. Power 7024 – The Standells

S.P.C. Power 7025 – The Arrows

S.P.C. Power 7026 – Max Frost and the Troopers/Ian Whitcomb

S.P.C. Tap 7027 – The Crescendos

S.P.C. Tap 7031

S.P.C. Tap 7033 – John Gary

S.P.C. Wham 7036 – Maxine Brown

S.P.C. Wham 7037 – The Hollywood Argyles

S.P.C. Yes 6 – The Glitters/Al Freed

S.P.C. Yes 11 – Bill Baron/Michael Reed

S.P.C. Yes 18 – Al Freed/Bill Baron

S.P.C. Yes 24 – Bill Baron/The Song Spinners

S.P.C. Yes 29 – John Logan/A. Starr

S.P.C. Yes 7002 – Julie London

S.P.C. Yes 7014 – Dick Dale

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